Hot Topic: Are Lasting Artists On The Decline?

Published: Monday 25th Jun 2012 by David

In 2008, Tina Turner launched “Tina!:50th Anniversary Tour” in honor of five decades spent atop the music industry.

Four years after Turner graced 40 cities across the North America and Europe, Lionel Richie watched his 9th studio album ‘Tuskegee’ rocket to #1, 20 years after the release of his self titled debut album ‘Lionel Richie‘.

Both rare feats, their successes 10, 20, 30 years or more after their debut is both a testament to their talent and their ability to ‘hold on’ to audiences, against a number of industry induced odds.

The question is though, how many of today’s performers could follow in Lionel and Tina’s suit?

How many of them could bring in audiences long after their initial hype has died, respected enough to command major numbers in an industry with an ever growing age bias.

In short, we want to know?

Do today’s acts have what it takes to stand the test time of time?

Weigh in below…

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  1. chase June 25, 2012

    thanks for adding rihanna man down performance cause the shade you gave about it been embrassing was wrong, cuz that perfromance was her best to date, she still has a long way to go compare to BEYONCE but that performance at HACKNEY was everything minus a few pitch issues !!!!

  2. Frachella June 25, 2012

    Mariah bought to log 23 years in the game.. Last Diva standing..
    Memoirs certified gold, platinum top 10 single on the billboard charts. Not bad for someone still hanging in there…

    MC Summer 2012!

  3. BEYNATION June 25, 2012

    I think that some performers will have a long career people like Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Usher and Gaga if she quits the gimmicks. Now people like Katy Perry and Riri I have doubts because they seem to be hot right now but once the next b**** comes their over I can bet money that Nicki will become irrelevant in the next 10 yrs. just like Kim. Some people have it and some dont.

    • Ashley June 25, 2012

      I agree with you 100% that artists such as Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Usher, GaGa, and I’m adding Christina Aguilera will have longevity in the music industry. I feel like rihanna releasing albums every year, and sometimes a few months apart (Loud and Talk That Talk) is overkill, and sooner or later her time will be up.

      • Stephen June 25, 2012

        GaGa’s name shouldn’t be put in the same sentence with Usher, Beyonce, Xtina, Alicia. She is not of their generation.

    • Smh June 25, 2012

      Nicki Will ALWAYS Remain Relevant In Female Hiphop Just Like Kim..

      • Lax June 25, 2012

        Rihanna has dual citizenship and shes from the Caribbeans
        and shes the next best thing to her country to Sugar, well shes just right next to sugar in popularity , shes not going any place any time soon. Keep doing what many of you do best try to put numbers on Rihanna’s days in the industry, not
        so fast Boo, Boo! Plus shes American now Duuuuuuh!

      • BNATION June 25, 2012

        Just like Kim, LIl Kim hasant had a hit since her Keisha Cole duet she cant even release an album cuz nobody checkin for her. Nicki will suffer the same fate cuz she wants to be a pop star not a rapper.

    • Os June 25, 2012

      only time will tell,because who will think won’t make it they always do,and who we think will make it they are always the first to fall off,so diggin holes for nicki,s grave is wrong only time will tell if she will still be around in 10 years are not,so for you to be betting money you don’t have on nicki,s down fall is wrong you see,how much artist is up there but you choose to fling nicki under the bus it,s cool though it, just your opinion.

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Soooooo perhaps getting 11 # 1 hits sooner then Mariah
      could be good in staying the course for Rihanna, rih reached this milestone at a younger age then Mariah, worth noting.

      Nicki & Rihanna don’t let them caribbeans fool you they
      too or here to stay!

    • mobwife June 25, 2012

      What? I like how you threw Lil Kim in there but listen up. Lil K is 15 years in the game and is still relevant. She birthed Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azaelia, Azaelia Banks & everyone of these so-called rap chicks of today!

      • TK July 2, 2012

        Kim has been “in the game” 15 yrs but when was the last time she had a hit or an album? So basically as long as Nicki is alive in 10yrs, and she spits a rap every few years (doesn’t have to be a successful one) she’ll still be “in the game” & “relevant”?
        Kim didn’t birth anyone, whether Kim existed or not female rappers would exist.

    • Lax June 26, 2012

      Rihanna “Distrubia” in 2008 vma’s

  4. ALONZO June 25, 2012


    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Rihanna the “HBIC” Though!

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      @ALONZO Then i wonder why the Baddest B****
      is not the #1 Digital Seller in the US, Ever?
      And how did the Baddest B**** let the “HBIC” song
      “wfl become her 11th #1 and her 20 top Tens, that
      should count for something toward Longevity.
      And may i add Rihanna is a global sensation just like
      Lady Ga ga & Katy Or.

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Watch what you say to Beyonce if you don’t want your ass kicked…

      According to reports Jay Z’s entourage bum rushed this guy at the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend after he insulted Beyonce.

      Witnesses claim the backstage brawl got out of control after Jay’s pals joined the bodyguards in the beat down.

      • I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON June 26, 2012

        That sound like some b*******.

      • DB October 31, 2012

        Well done on contributing to a racist stereotype.

        I’m certain that many black people would not ‘beat down’ Lady Gaga, just like some white people probably hate Beyonce. And if your answer to success is a group of people willing to beat someone up because they don’t like her that says more about you and your preconceptions than it does a about who is successful.

        In short, your an idiot.

  5. Miao June 25, 2012

    True talents (B. and Gaga) will have its longevity.. The rest, not that sure!

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Welllllllll only time will tell and one thing i know and that
      is RIHANNA will with stand the test of time as far as BASHING GOES, Because no other artist dead or alive
      has been treated shitty the way the grape treats her. But its good because it shows that she and her navy can fight back, and talk shyt too, when they want to…time will tell whats, whats and from the side line this race is not going to be won by the fastest runner but by those who Endures to the End. And from the looks of things its not going to be won by the one who can sing the best because since theres more to singing then being a belter as compared to being say RIhanna showing that theres a place for all of them even though they tries to write RIHANNA off before she even run in the Race.


    • Lax June 25, 2012

      @MIAO,,,Really child!

      • ZEROFUCKSGIVEN June 25, 2012

        And u mist be a drag queen or a f**!

  6. chase June 25, 2012

    rihanna will have a long career she will be the GREATEST

    • rihannaNAvy June 26, 2012


  7. Bobby June 25, 2012

    Beyonce is 16 years in the game already, and her rellevancy will surely not fade within the next 4 years, giving her a 20 year career.

    Honestly, Rihanna and Katy Perry might always be known but they’ll be the Cyndi Laupers while Beyonce will be the Madonna .. if you understand what I’m saying.

    • Mika June 25, 2012

      it’ll be the other way around! Rih will be the new Madonna 🙂

      • OH_GREAT_ITS_HER June 25, 2012

        That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I do hope Rihanna will be in it for the long haul. If she wants to be.
        Beyonce will be around for a long while yet. But her relevancy is not assured. Her last album sales confirm this for us. However, there will always be an audience for her. Though, whether it’s on the scale she’s accustomed to in say, 10 years time. I don’t know.

    • Lax June 25, 2012


      • RoyalKev June 25, 2012


        Does anyone really sell the way they did at their peak 25 years later? I think being relevant and still having a following after 15, 20 years in the game is incredible.

  8. joker June 25, 2012

    they all have their special audience who makes them live long. so…

    irrelevant question.

    • OH_GREAT_ITS_HER June 25, 2012

      It really is. The recording industry is a different beast than 50 years, heck even 20 years ago. For example artists like Pitbull and Flo-rida can flourish and have producers falling over themselves to work with them on the basis that they shift millions of singles rather than albums, This is not the industry of old when the long player album is King. Now artists, major and independent have to sign 360 deals. Meaning that record companies get a slice of ALL artist revenue and not just music sales. The recording industry is said to be run by accountants. Basically money men/top tier bankers have infiltrated the industry to bank roll it. The real musos and creative’s have been phased out. What this means that artists as a whole are less about artistry and more about getting a product out to sell.

      • Shioniedoo June 25, 2012

        you betta say that.

      • joker June 25, 2012

        tell me something i don’t know or can rhyme together. 😀

        tho… hey. there’s alyways an alternative. they’s still artists with unique style. not alyways popular but really cool. 😉

  9. Suicide Blonde June 25, 2012

    Tina Turner is a force of nature, she has amazing live performances, a unique voice, that hoarse voice is out of this world, an amazing talented woman, Lionel in the other side has always been an artist with luck, because he has always managed to have a great relationship with his audience, answer your question thatgrapejuice: Do today’s acts have what it takes to stand the test time of time?

    No all of them but some, artists like lady Gaga, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Usher and Pink have what it takes to have a wonderful career even in their 50’s. talent doesn’t count when it comes to have longevity in the Music business but consistency, a lots great musician from the past are still touring, people like Prince and Bruce Springsteen even if they’re not in the Billboards charts anymore, a chart that it seems to be made it for the new generation of kids, charts does not defines a star, Cher has never have a US #1 album but she is a legend in every possible way, today’s artists can only aspire to have records on the Billboard charts but out of that, they can’t top the old Musicians who brokes records in hard times when each one of them has some talent in one way or another, i mean it was hard to have a #1 song in the Billboard charts even for Michael Jackson due to the hard competition with other legends like Stevie Wonder, since the 2000 the Music has suffered a decline no only in the quality of the Music but in the credibility of the people, it’s hard these days to find a song that makes you believe that you can fly, like in the old times, anyway as long as i have my old records from my greatest musician i’m happy, i can listen to alot of new artist but after a while i get tired and i go back to listen to my old treasures.

    • Stephen June 25, 2012

      This is the best comment on this post. For all those that’re saying talent=longevity, I don’t agree with them, though they are partly right and partly wrong. If longevity was based on talent alone, artists like Toni Braxton and Boyz 2 Men and Eric Benet would still have been very relevant today, in place of artists like Madonna who isn’t as vocally talented as Toni, Eric or Boyz 2 Men.
      Generally though, it seems like singers have a better chance at longevity than rappers

      • soulmusiclover June 25, 2012

        AMEN to that!!!!

      • Suicide Blonde June 25, 2012

        Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 25, 2012

      U deserve a standing Ovation for this one paul 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde June 25, 2012

        Thanks to all of You.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 25, 2012

      WOW omg best comment ever! Agree 100%

      • Suicide Blonde June 25, 2012

        Muchas gracias John.

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      @SUSIDE BLONDE, Right On.

      • Suicide Blonde June 25, 2012

        Thank you Lax.

    • mobwife June 25, 2012

      Cher is not a legend neither is Bruce! They are merely media favorites who have aged in the public eye! I’ve never liked Tina Turner and could never understand her appeal? “Ms. Lionel” cut her teeth as part of the LEGENDARY Commadores! He is a legit act! LOL, Gaga & Pink will have careers well into their 50s? Careers as what exactly? 0_O

      MJ, Prince, Stevie Wonder, The Cult, The Cure, etc are legends with a provenn record of success! Today’s artists can only work within the constrants provided by a CONTROLLED MUSIC & MEDIA MONOPOLY that’s only geared toward making quick hits that generate a lot of fast cash!

    • chocolatebox June 25, 2012

      Wow! U should have wrote this article instead of the no brain reporter that conceived it. U were right on point…

  10. Ugh June 25, 2012

    Talent = Longevity

    People like Bey, Usher, Pink, Alicia, Christina have already clocked in 10 or more years. None of them have to sell anymore records. However if they are truely talented they can always come back.

    Mariah/Janet/Madonna = Legends

    I’m not sure about Gaga/Rih/Katy Perry. Gaga hit too fast IMO. Katy And Rihanna are the definition of trendy artists, if the tide changes will they survive?

    • OH_GREAT_ITS_HER June 25, 2012

      I agree to a point but Janet hasn’t released relevant music for some years. Still a legend but doesn’t one have to be active professionally? I’m not a major Madonna fan but she is never inactive. Always tries to remain current and re-invent herself.

      With regards to Rihanna, I do understand that people see
      her fame as fleeting. I can’t even begin justify the one album every year. However, she not alone in excessive output. We need to remember in another 3 years, Rih would of clocked 10 years in the industry. Although, not quite legend status, not bad for someone who was gonna be dropped by her label after one album.

      • Ugh June 25, 2012

        I agree you have to remain relevant, but Janet’s name is already in the books. That’s why she’s a great but not as great as Madonna/Mariah etc.

        And i’m not sneezing at Rih’s career, she’s done well for herself. I just don’t know how much longer her lack of talent can drive her.

      • Stephen June 25, 2012

        Yeah, to some extent, one has to be professionally active(regardless of whether his current album sales are as strong as they were when he was a lot younger and in his prime) to have longevity.
        Rihanna will enjoy some form of longevity(regardless of her level of talent) and will be an icon of sorts.
        As for Beyonce, she will also have some form of longevity, but it won’t be in terms of album sales and single sales(when she is in her 50s-70s), her longevity will be in terms of touring

    • Stephen June 25, 2012

      Longevity isn’t solely based on talent though. And you didn’t mention any other male acts aside from Usher.

      • Sheltop June 25, 2012

        In Janet’s defense, she has been very active. Over the last 3 year Janet jackson has. 1)filmed and started in 2 movies, 2)released a greatest hits album featuring 2 new songs, 3)played around with and released new music for fun and for the fans *heartbeat luv*4)Just wrapped a extremely successful world tour. 5)been booking endorsement deals *blackglama, Nutri-system* and 6) Released a NY times best selling book *true you*…. She’s currently producing a film set to release soon and is in the studio cooking up a new album… IS IT THAT SHE’S NOT RELEVANT OR DO YOU JUST WANT TO IGNORE THE WORK SHE’S DOING??

      • Ugh June 25, 2012

        @Stephen you’re right it’s also versatility, and for male artists, CB maybe? Kanye/Jay, does Timberlake still make music?

  11. Benron June 25, 2012

    Oh please, he just needed his daily Rihanna post because he is a fuckign closet stan. Notice how the original title for her performance clips wa “Rihanna Tries her best” when it was ignored it turned into e exaggeration “RIHANNA EMBARRASES HERSELF”

    Yes, is my answer, Beyonce fans are delusional thinking she will last, nope, she may be remembered though, and There is already Madonna, there will be a new Gaga in about 2 years…

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      @Well stated….

    • rihannaNAvy June 26, 2012


  12. diob June 25, 2012

    I will say Christina, Beyonce, Pink, Usher have all had longevity. They are This generations legends I may not be too fond of Beyonce but she is going to be around for a long time because her talent speaks for itself. Christina is the one that is always looked over in the music industry and it is sad because she is extremely talented (when she is not doing the most vocally) people always tend to leave her out of the bunch.

    • Stephen June 25, 2012

      You’re right, even though Usher is the ONLY male artist you mentioned. And even though sales doesn’t necessarily make an artist a legend, you didn’t mention Britney Spears, who made a greater impact(saleswise) than Beyonce, Usher, Pink and Christina

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 25, 2012

      CHRISTINA IS OVERLOOKED because she’s a nasty b**** , a lot of people have addressed her bitchy ass. “despite being a super talented Vocalist when not trying too hard”

      • Stephen June 25, 2012

        Actually, Christina can outsing every artist under age 35. Beyonce, Brandy, Fantasia, J-Hud, Usher, Bruno, Chris Brown etc can sing on her level

  13. likane June 25, 2012

    Sat you are not god to All Clips rihanna if no longer in the 20 years
    and is a fan of Beyonce so stop saying its a can
    Now if there’s one thing I realized with the navy is that rihanna love for his attitude and not his talent so yes I think what will all the days, unfortunately for our ear lol

  14. bored June 25, 2012

    Here is a better topic, Does That Grape Juice have what it takes to open their minds and discuss more things other than peoples down fall? I go to other sites and learn more about fresh new acts along with the acts that have been around. I come here its the same thing about the same artist. Who will fall? Who is washed up? Blah blah blah. You know there are other things in the music industry to focus on. You guys are the worst roll models for the gay community . Its not all about the glitter the glam and faggotry.

    • Stephen June 25, 2012

      One of the best comments. Not only is Sam so obviously gay, he seems to focus mainly on female artists(gays are said to be obsessed with female stars), and seems to be hellbent on exaggerating Rihanna’s bad performances, some of his posts are so pointless.
      And to think that the gay Sam is of Nigerian origin!

      • OH_GREAT_ITS_HER June 25, 2012

        He is gay and Nigerian?? That made me laugh more than it should have.

      • Benron June 25, 2012

        He must live alone

      • Lax June 26, 2012

        bored, stephen oh_great,benron cosign!
        please there other artist and so mannnny interesting things we could get a discussion going on about. Post something about world events, world news the election, immirgation
        the economy, the lack of good education for children, killings in these hoods, black on black crime in the industry…

      • jamilaa June 26, 2012

        u r very stupid for saying THAT……black lost monkey…[email protected] nigerians hv an identity !! what about u?? son of a slave….lmao

  15. Tha One June 25, 2012

    I would like to have Rihanna’s career becuase she does not have to sing or dance, manly because she can’t do neither, but people still buy her music! She is milking the game and her delusional fan base!

    • Stephen June 25, 2012

      Not necessarily delusional fanbase. Every artist has what is expected of him. For acts like Usher and Beyonce, people expect to get good vocal performances. For acts like Rihanna and Britney and Chris Brown and Jason Derulo, pple expect to be entertained by catchy songs

    • Lax June 26, 2012

      tha one but she have people who love her for what she brings to the table and she has 7 years behind her and i dare you to place her by some of the vetrans like for example the “Ex Destiny childs” artist compare rihanna to any of them and look at that highest paid females of 2011 and tell us if you can find rih’s name on there, go ahead and check it out, carry on with that she can’t dance or sing keep trying to believe your own hype, son.

  16. NaturalBeauty June 25, 2012

    TALENT is what longevity is all about. Do you know how much slander poor Whitney got when she went on tour & obviously didn’t sound her best. Now imagine some of the artists we have today who can barely hold a note, imagine them 20 years from now trying to sing a simple ballad. Artists who posses genuine talent have the biggest upper hand when it comes to longevity. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Pink, Usher, Adele, & Xtina will have longevity. Madonna is one of the ONLY not so talented artist who will continue to have #1 albums & tours without the excess use of talent. Let us all picture Rihanna at age 60 on the mic singing California King Bed, I rest my case.

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Natural you can write Rihanna off and try to imagine
      her trying to sing at 60, but what make you think that rih at 60 would even want to sing again? You know talent is not the only thing for them to have going for them you know. There or many things to take into count, Popularity, Likeability, Marketability, work ethics and of course we all know that Rihanna for one do not mind working and she do not mind going off into the ground down under shes a rist taker she has songs that is far ahead of many of the seasoned artist with grown up contents and less face it Every one in the industry who wants it bad enough has a chance at Longevity, Deery! I’D like to see Rih Singing “Rude Boy” at 60 My self!

      • Lax June 25, 2012

        Rihanna loves Uncharted Territories, she is not affraid to try different things and different concepts weather its Music,
        fragrances, or Film and she has said she wants to try them all and that is exactly what shes doing.

        The only person who knows for sure whos going to last and whos not going to last is the good Lord! He has the master plan but we can see what the artist or doing and just look around you at whos doing what? who covering these magazines, and endorsements whos working on building their “Brands”?Rihanna is doing her best to keep building her brand with or without the Blessings of Many!
        Everyone has a shot at Longevity, if they want it!

  17. Benron June 25, 2012

    Oh and for the people saying Rih releases an album every year, her manager said her first three albums were released in a period of 21 months, not even 3 years!

  18. Facekick June 25, 2012

    How can people say Floptina has lasted??? She flopped so hard her last album which didn’t even go GOLD!! Plus she couldn’t sell concert tickets if her life depended on it. No one is checkin up on that b**** anymore. She’s done, that’s fosho

    • Ugh June 25, 2012

      She had 10 successful years. If she maintains her voice she can continue to put out records.

  19. WHYBhi5 June 25, 2012

    RIHSUSSSS BABY! To coin a phrase from Pres. Obama, “built to LAST!” RIHSUS is like EVEREADY battery, just keeps on going.

  20. likane June 25, 2012

    but all the same it’s still an embarrassment to the Navy Tina Terner could be the great mother of rihanna but what ensures the show more
    This single provision that sam has done post rihanna’s career has ccoté its the show that rihanna did yesterday is a joke

  21. monsterhive June 25, 2012

    Longevity. Beyonce, Xtina, Alicia, Gaga, Usher, & Pink all posses genuine talent & all will have the power to have careers well beyond their peers. (Beyonce, Xtina, Usher, & Pink all have careers older than 15 years) Britney will be the only artist from our generation who will have longevity with almost no talent, she will continue to put out albums & tours without strong vocal ability.

    • Ugh June 25, 2012

      Yep. Britney’s the Madonna of our generation. Neither Rihanna or Katy could compete with her reign as the non-talented sweetheart. I honestly don’t know about Gaga.

      • Lax June 25, 2012

        So what is katy and rihanna supposed to do? since Tina Turner was a great dancer and entertainer and Beyonce can step every step Tina can step is beyonce supposed to get losed because she came after Tina? then what ever yo answere is just remember that if beyonce didn’t go away because tina could dance better then she could then Rihanna and katy isn’t going any plkace just because others or deemed more talented then they or, stupid!
        Beyonce wearing a body chais and she COPIED it from Rihanna

    • Stephen June 25, 2012

      Ehm, Usher debuted 18yrs ago, so he is the only one who has a fifteen year career in music, Beyonce as well. Xtina and Pink haven’t been in music for up to 15yrs

  22. macfac2012 June 25, 2012

    Dear Sam & the staff at,

    I’ve been a long time reader and visitor of your blog site, usually excited about reading up on the newest developments in music culture, ie. new music, concert reviews, music videos, and interviews. There are few sites on the web that truly contribute to shedding light on the current state of urban music and I find that to be one of the best attributes of your site: is a fully functional and unique site online.

    Your site also has its “flaws”, as most blogs do. They range from a sort of lack of control with commenting from the various readers all the way to the top with extremely biased reporting and streamlined opinionated viewpoints. I believe that some drama or controversy from the way an article is written is needed to drum up readership and comment frenzy for any respective article. Those facets are what make blogs special and keep them current. However, the one thing that continues to make your blog a guilty pleasure for me and countless other readers is your persistence in biased reporting. For example, many times your reports are slanted toward a certain superstar, who in her own right deserves her praise, however at the detriment of another equally famous superstar. Your facts will be convoluted, numbers exaggerated, and rumors written as fact.

    I don’t claim that, or any other blog for that matter, be seen as the pinnacle for true, integral journalistic reporting. That is what the BBC or our American straight news networks are for. But in America, we also have tabloids that are widely considered inaccurate, gossip-laden, and at times even dangerous. Your site has been teetering on the line between the two sides for way too long. It seems lately as though instead of reporting on them music industry as a whole, you’re a Beyonce fansite cloaked as a music news blog.

    Being an artist, music producer, and writer with several credits to his name, I look forward to one day having my music or an artist who’s recorded my music featured on various internet mediums. As they say, all press is good press. However, when I look at the disdain that you give an artist such as Rihanna, who evidently did SOMETHING right to garner the record deal she has, and call it simply bringing a perceived “truth” to your readers, I can’t but shake my head. I am an immense fan of Beyonce’s just as the next person but can equally appreciate the room there is for all different types of talent.

    As opposed to what your site has written about Rihanna, my company has a close relationship with one of Rihanna’s discoverers who worked formerly at Capitol Records. His view of her was not one of “let’s just make a quick buck” but one of seeing lasting potential. You see, whether we like Rihanna or not, or feel she struggles as a vocalist or not, she is a modern legend. Her numbers prove that fact. Beyonce is also a legend. But let us not forget that years ago, artists like these two and countless other present day stars would’ve never had the chance to be as famous and renown given the much higher standards of the past. An amazing singer like Mariah would’ve had to mimic her mother’s voice in order to garner attention from composers like Beethoven or Mozart. The church would’ve ran Fantasia right out had she sung the first minor note of a riff upon the believe that minor notes were demonic.

    I could go on but there’s no need. We all love watching parodies like the “Got 2 B Real” series on YouTube that satirizes the fan-made feuds between artists like Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, and the like. We love to get a good laugh because we know that a round-table shade-fest like that is far from likely to happen. But then, when we read posts claiming that “Lasting Artists are on the Decline” with a picture of Rihanna as the heading (a picture from what I and many others claim to be one of her most moving and show-stopping performances from this year’s Hackney concerts) it begs to question not only the relevancy of the article as well as the sentiment in which it was written.

    My feeling is that yes the music industry needs a change. But where will that change come from? It definitely includes the labels putting out better quality artists and music, the artists becoming more creative and innovative in their approach, the consumer being more selective and subjective about who they put their money behind. There is still one piece missing from this equation though. The media, sites like and other forums, must begin to give either flat news or qualitative information. With social media on the rise in the form of immediate consumer opinion, it’s easier for everyone to now form an opinion and have thousands of people lean on every word. Such a dangerous responsibility that can be when at some point, those opinions are uncovered as purely biased and self-serving. For examples of this, I’ll just list the following names: Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston. The media pummeled these artists to a pulp before their untimely deaths. Maybe it’s time to stop that trend, especially with artists so young as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, and others.

    If you’ve read this, I definitely thank you for your time and I do hope that my words haven’t fallen on deaf ears. I still enjoy coming to your site for the various articles and such. I just felt the need to truly point this out to you as a long-time reader of your site.



    • BeyoncesWig June 25, 2012

      Please. The Media does not force anyone to take drugs.
      Beyonce comes under just as much scrutiny as Rihanna does but does not crack under pressure.

      • MotherMonstrosity June 25, 2012

        You wasted your time writing this letter.

        You have the nerve to compare Rihanna to MJ and Whitney who for all their flaws gave THEIR ALL to their craft. Rihanna is a tabloid junkie who THRIVES off of the attention you posit she hates.

        Lady GaGa devotes herself to her career which is why she’s rarely in the tabloids, the same goes for most artists in the charts.

        So please, save your speech.

      • OH_GREAT_ITS_HER June 25, 2012

        What you mean to say is, there are no visible signs of Beyonce cracking under pressure. What she gets up to behind closed doors or what she may use to cope with the insane pressure, none of us have a clue. Also, assuming B happily glides through life and career without a care, she has been in music almost double the time Rihanna has. Possibly being older and having more time to adjust means she can handle things well. Besides, it is ALL speculation Rihanna is ‘cracking’. And even if she is how do you know PERSONAL things she is might be going through? You know f*** all. Like the rest of us.

      • mobwife June 25, 2012

        The longstamding pressure that artists can feel by an unforgiving media is what the author is referring to! MJ & Whitney enjoyed many years of success and media favor before it all went bad for them! They were much older and a bit more experienced than the likes of say Rihanna or Chris Brown who are constantly scrutinized, lied upon and castdown by the media! I do think the constant criticism that MJ & WH suffered was a large contributing factor in their substance abuse problems.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 25, 2012

      i see the comments are getting better and better in TGJ LAND.

    • OH_GREAT_ITS_HER June 25, 2012

      Great post. Perhaps too articulate for the Grape team to comprehend.

    • mobwife June 25, 2012

      Very well said!

      I’ll say it again, THE BIASED CONTROLLED” MEDIA & MUSIC INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX” will be the death of artist creativity and ultimately the music industry! Why try to expand & grow when what ever you do will only be criticized and ridiculed?

  23. Monstarebel June 25, 2012

    Rihannna has a long career ahead of her! I honestly think GaGas days are number the radio bearly plays her music and if they do its something off the fame! People are sick of the gimmicks she’s pulled its sad cause she has so much talent but truth be told people kno more about her crazy outfits then her music!!! As for katy perry hmmm I think she’ll have a pretty nice LONG career she’s americas sweet heart she can do no WRONG!!! RIRI&KATY SLAY!!!!!!!

    • Ugh June 25, 2012

      Rihanna’s already burning out. Katy Perry was the Britney replacement but she was never as charismatic.

    • Stephen June 25, 2012

      GaGa won’t outlast Rihanna or Katy Perry in the industry, even though she is more talented than them

  24. Monstarebel June 25, 2012

    And for Nicki Minaj um will just say time will tell

  25. Shioniedoo June 25, 2012

    I believe we have potential long lasting artists not rising up to the occasion. To busy trying to be liked for today instead of being acclaim for tomorrow. We’re living in a short-sighted generation. Sign O’ the Times

  26. Ugh June 25, 2012

    For people mentioning Adele, her next album could flop. People have to prove longevity first and she nor Gaga has (10 years plus).

  27. likane June 25, 2012

    I also think that rihanna has a long career as someone here said it will soon be 10 years which is if his career should have taken his fien was rated r or the period it was dominated by the Concurrency and beyoncé gaga but excess return a winning return
    yes it makes the music so generic it did not but she has talent to build an extra fan with a low output of the album which comes out every year keep it above his name on the stage so yes I think what will be a long career but again we are not god laisson has its god alone know our future is all

  28. Auntie_Jackie June 25, 2012

    There are only a few artists with potential to sustain careers. They are too worried about being popular, current and all over social media.

    Adele can.

    Rihanna has been around for a long time and had a really impressive run, but she’s running on fumes.

    Gaga peaked way too quickly. I think she’s already over.

    Lana Del Rey belly flopped in the U.S., but she has a chance to have a longer careers globally.

    Kay Perry won’t last unless she reinvents herself, and goes back to a more acoustic sound, but don’t count her out. She could.

    Iggy Azaelia, if she makes it, won’t last long. She isn’t quite attached enough to the community she’s trying to play to.

    Azaelia Banks can have a long career, if she focuses, and stops worrying about social media.

    Ke$ha will disappear.
    Bruno Mars will disappear.
    Justin Bieber will disappear (he isn’t Justin Timberlake, no matter what they say).
    Nicki Minaj will disappear.

    • Smh June 25, 2012

      Even If Nicki Disappeared, She Made Her Mark On The Music Industry… She’s The Most Sucessful Female Rapper Of All Time. She Came In And Showed All these rap b****** how to do it. She Will Forever Be Remembered in Hip-Hop History for reigniting a Sub-Genre (Female Rap) #StayMadBum.

      • Auntie_Jackie June 25, 2012

        Like Slim said, Nicki Minaj is not a female rapper, she’s a pop star that happens to rap. Nicki’s fans always fall back on that, and its crap! The most successful female rap artist? Not by a long shot.

        She’s to be compared to her pop contemporaries, like she WANTS to be.

        She’s great, but she won’t last.

      • Smh June 25, 2012

        If She Was Going To Dissapear She Would Have Never Dropped An Album Back in 2010… The Fact That She Ran BBHot100 For 4 Straight Summers Proves That She Has Some Sort Of Staying Power =)

    • kelly June 25, 2012

      Bruno mars is a talented songwriter and musician . He will do shows and write for ever.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 25, 2012

      this !!!

      one of the few commenters i care to check their comments regularly. always keeping it real without stanning and s*** most of the times like others.

    • mobwife June 25, 2012

      I think there is less individual control and less freedom to express oneself & craft today than in the past. Social media has helped launch & revive many a career! Social Media didn’t exist in its present form when MJ, Tina or “Mrs ‘Lionel Richie‘ were in their hayday! MJ of course was always current/relevant however! Social media offers an opportunity for artist-fan interaction that use to be served by the mainstream media. Once the biased began to show within the media it became a real need for acts to connect to their fans to clear up nonsense spread by the controlled media! #i’mustsaying 🙂

      I would agree about alomost everyoneyou listed except BRUNO MARS! I think this kid is wonderful and really could be an artist with staying power!

      I’M NOT EVEN SURE WHY YOU BOTHERED TO MENTION THESE 3 🙂 –> Iggy Azaelia, Azaelia Banks, Ke$ha! Are they even established? I’ll also add Rita Ora to the mix. She is getting a great deal of press today due to her S****-Z connection but will it last without his constant aid, I just don’t know?

      • Auntie_Jackie June 25, 2012

        It’s interesting that a few of you think Bruno Mars will last. He’s talented, but his audience is sooo fickle!

      • kelly June 25, 2012

        I do not think Azaliea , Rita Ora will last or even blow up.

    • LTM June 25, 2012

      Intresting list. I wouldnt count Bruno or Ke$ha out just yet though

  29. Monstarebel June 25, 2012


    • rihannaNAvy June 26, 2012


  30. Darius June 25, 2012

    Funny none of y’all hatin bastards mentioned Mary j blige who by the way sold over 600,000 copies in the us with my life 2 and has been in the industry 20 plus years and is still doing it

    • monsterhive June 25, 2012

      We’re not hating, we just forgot about her, oop.

      • China July 2, 2012


  31. Benron June 25, 2012

    Rihanna is the definition of a girl who knows which songs to record, she chased UMBRELLA, and usually chooses her hits! (If not co-writing them) She will continue to churn out hits till SHE wants to stop and only then!

  32. CCMC June 25, 2012

    IDK, but I just rewatched that Tina Turner performance like 10 times!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Benron June 25, 2012

    Beyonce NEXT album “5” will be a LEGEND, if not then u fake-ass b****** BETTER wait for 6!

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      @BENRON LIKE WHUT would say i am typing from the floor
      ROTF….LMAO “5” “6” LMAO….
      Funny how they tries so hard to forget who the “HBIC” Is!
      The Caribbean Queen! Makes them sweat Bullets! and clae
      themselves away trying to Discredit her Domination see them biggggging everybody up yet shes the Hits maker and has proven it
      Shes the digital seller and has proven it
      Their asses or holding their breath for any body and any one’s
      Pet to out do her so they can brag on them. lol!
      They know she is holding it down and its Killing them inside.

      • Lax June 25, 2012

        Beyonce ‘s ass haven’t seen a hit since the Rooster laid a Egg!

  34. Lala June 25, 2012

    Nicki Minaj will not last 10 years.

    • Smh June 25, 2012

      She’s On Year 4.. Only Time Will Tell..

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      @LALA Nicki will last as long asd god says she will long and of course Kim has already stood the test of time she and beyonce so why in the phuck is their names mentioned? Oh yes because Tina Turner was mentioned and she 70 i forgot and oh well mary, gladys, jayz, eminem, dr dre, usher oh i forgot they or all gone away the article only mentioned Lionel,,,ooooops…

  35. Os June 25, 2012

    everyone is actually betting there lives that nicki won’t last= and others will,like i said only time will tell no one knows what the future holds only thing i see from you all is wishful thinking, and hopefuls.

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      not me i want bet my life because i know that tomorrow isn’t promised to none of us and the Grape could be gone tomorrow any of us could be gone. The future is only known and that is by the man who placed the stars in the sky and gave all of us life, Including Rihanna LOL.

  36. Gaaglooo! June 25, 2012

    F*** This Stupid Question!
    You Already Asked Us About This, You Just Change The wording!
    F*** Recycling Posts!!!

  37. jojo June 25, 2012

    how can you say rihanna is a trendy artis when she has been a big artist since 2007….its 2012 almost 2013 and she just keeps getting bigger, katy been big since 2010…trendy, see the difference, rih will last because although that grape juice hates to admit it rihanna is the #1 female artist out right now overall then gaga then beyonce…….beyonce will always be a legend but rih is bigger at the moment so yea

  38. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 25, 2012

    NO , they Don’t have what it takes. nothing is new anymore , everything is recycled from the past and it is just bad.

    that’s why i started listening to 80’s artists. since 2008 and it’s been shitty. creativity is on declining and most of the mainstream artists bother no more about making good music , they are busy about charts ” remixes for #1’s ? ” ” 0.99$ offers” , etc …

    But i really exclude people like ‘Beyonce” from all of this , she has her loyal fans who , i am sure won’t leave her and will be there for her when her hype dies. this is what differantiate an “icon” from a player , for example ppl like ” britney” , “beyonce” , “shakira” , ” insert the name of a talented diva who is a force and don’t care about charts” ….

    can’t say the same about people like “nicki minaj” and Mainly “Rihanna” , cuz they depend on gimmicks which have an expiration date. “gaga” got me confused also.


    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 25, 2012

      i also forgot to add :

      longevity = VERSATILITY . you don’t have to be super-talented to last the longest.

      Ask Madonna.

      • mobwife June 25, 2012

        This is so TRUE! But Madonna was a “game changer” who has spawned many a clone (see Gaga, Brtiney, Xtina etc)!

  39. jojo June 25, 2012

    and she will have longevity cause i will still wants to see her in 50 years, and so will many other fans, and as long as her fan base keeps growing like it is she will last….. like she has been since umbrella, this argument is slick dumb cause just having a hit like umbrella dosent garentee a big carrer like rihanna has had, leona lewis had bleeding love in 2008 and that album sold very well but no one cares anymore, nelly furtado had hella hits on loose and it sold better than gggb yet no one cares anymore, same with kelly clarkston so rih keeps proving herself and yall just cant get over it……GET OVER IT

  40. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 25, 2012

    Omg TINA!!!
    My first idol when I was 4! haha
    I´ve been watching and listening to her concert in Barcelona 1990 – Foreign Affair World Tour for the last couple of days and I just can´t. That´s realness and epicness. Best concert ever to me, People need to watch that and then make an attempt of justifying a certain copycat superiority (in their opinion). That would be hilarious
    Oh and yeah Rihanna is laughable in every possible way. Terrible

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      So john that make you 66 Right, you go me too, lol.

  41. kelly June 25, 2012

    TGJ, funny you make an article about long tern artist….LOL LOL your face , Rita ora will not even around by the end 2012.

    I have been reading all the comments from the largest UK newspapers AKA the british public. The sun / daily mail.

    White british are beginning to turn on Rita Ora. Everything, from calling her a man in drag; she being shoved down our throats ; she is only has one number 1 and yet she acting like she a big star ; she is copying rihanna ( she wore the exact same outfit rih wore yesterday ) she is ugly; she wont be around ……..

    Rita wont even have 7 yrs like rih.

    • OH_GREAT_ITS_HER June 25, 2012

      Rita seems like a nice enough lady. She just wants to be famous and sing etc.. But she needs to hold on and cherish these moments. At the moment her career is based on Rihanna comparison. The so called feud/Rita replacing Rih drama/stealing Rihanna’s swagga etc. See the connection? Roc nation are lazy as hale. Meanwhile, the girl Rita can really sing but with no star aura (See what I did there?) , I don’t see where she will go from here.

      • kelly June 25, 2012

        Well, by the stuff that British people are saying ( 1000 voted that Rita is garbage, in UK site ) Rits will be a rap. Her new single How we do, is released in August in the UK. Let see how it does.

        As for the usa…….no one knows or cares who she is. She was in NYC last week. No 1 currr as Rihanna says!

  42. Caz June 25, 2012


    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Yep we know….

  43. Carl June 25, 2012


  44. FP June 25, 2012

    These people wish to have the carreer of Queen Of R&B MJB !

  45. aishaaguilerakeys June 25, 2012

    Another post dedicated to the greatness of Beyonce…

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      That’s their closest thing to God himself, remember God is a Jealous God and he don’t play that, but they don’t know this.

  46. haterzstaypressed June 25, 2012

    Beyonce, Usher, Britney Spears, Xtina, Justin Timberlake… they all came out in the 90’s, so they are vets and well established in the game now. They’ve been out for 12 to 15 years so they are not considered to be an artist of today – not in the 2000’s. Now the new artists of today are:

    Alicia Keys
    Chris Brown
    Nicki Minaj
    Azelia Banks
    Katy Perry
    Trey Songs
    Childish Gambino
    Lady GaGa
    Janelle Monet


    Out of the above mentioned I only see one – maybe two that will last and that is Lady GaGa and Alicia Keys.

    • the real xoxo June 25, 2012

      i would put alicia keys up there with beyonce usher etc, she came out 11 years ago!

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Well since they mentioned Tina who’s 70 Years Young, and Lionel whos 62 i though that perhaps they was going to name the over the hill gang about whos going to last anywhoo, no one can make that call because when you really think about it who would have thought that the ones who or passed on would have passed? So no one knows we can hash it and rake it over the coals all we want. But a telling factor is look at what they or doing right now if they or sitting around doing nothing. Whos making the most noise,
      whos raising kane, whos talked about all of the dam time good and bad? whos in the news even if their asses or out of the country? whos making Hits? whos charting? who do you/we hear on the radio? whos Popular? Who’s
      being talked about in the national news? Whos giving Back? Whos having concerts and donating the cash to help others? Look at whos International and Whos world
      wide and doing business and performing around the globe? Who alwasy working even if they or supposed to be on Vacations? There it is whos who of tomorrow’s future in Intertainment and Music!

      This post only saw Lionel and excluded all of the men folk, Therefore i suppose all of the other men or supposed to Bite the Dust,,,,*COUGHS***

      • Lax June 25, 2012

        I know one thing many want’s Rihannas ass out of the Music and entertaining Industry really bad, and they only want two or three people on the earth, Amazing…Dam Idiotic Air Heads!

      • Lax June 25, 2012

        Out of 13 people named the poster can only see two of that 13 alicia and gaga where in the hell is the rest of them supposed to be?
        And the poster who says that they can imagine Rihanna singing at 60 years of age Rihanna isn’t planning on being working at 60 dammmmmm! Dream on….

      • Stephen June 26, 2012

        Tina Turner is going to be 73 this year

  47. mobwife June 25, 2012


    Dearheart, today’s music industry and DOGMATIC biased media makes it next to impossible for any of today’s artists – let along the many industry gimmicks – to see longevity in the music industry as a viable option!

    The industry and equally controlled media dictates which acts we see & hear, AND which acts we are to “love” & “loath”. I can turn on a pop station and hear the same 5 – 6 acts played every hour. These acts are played to the exclusion of everyone else. Same can now be said of many R&B and Jazz stations! I can stroll past a NEWS STAND and see 1 act grace the cover of 10 – 15 magazines! Who in the hell needs to only read about 5 or 6 acts? What could the same person be saying 15 to 20 different magazines that anyone needs to hear?


    • Vegas Girl June 25, 2012


  48. the real xoxo June 25, 2012

    you just cant predict who will remain.
    in the early 90s everyone thought madonnas career was over after the s** book and all that.

    Justin bieber will disappear by 2015
    Nicki Minaj could last another 5 years or so if she makes the right moves.
    new artists/gamechangers will come into the industry replacing the old, kinda like the way gaga, katy and the refurbished rihanna did back in 08.

  49. Beyonce June 25, 2012


    • Lax June 25, 2012

      beyonce is and antique by now let the others live
      beyonce is old news others or building themselves up let them all be great .
      What would the world be like with just a hand full of Musicians, anyway?

  50. Nichole June 25, 2012

    Todays artists like who? If you’re referring to acts like GaGa, Rihanna Bruno, Katy, Adele, etc, then yeah.

    Mariah, Usher, Britney, Alicia, Christina are not of todays generation of singing acts, therefore, I don’t know why folks are mentioning them.

    Out of those acts, I can only see Adele having some longevity beyond 20+ years. Gaga is desperate, and seems too much like a fad. Rihanna doesn’t seem like she gives a s*** and Katy Perry won’t last. She has absolutely nothing to offer aside from blue, and purple wigs.

    Justin Bieber won’t last cus as soon as he loses his boyish looks, his female supporters will be on to the next pretty boy. Justin T has real talent to say the least.

    In the music biz, these acts of today cannot make it off of talent alone. 20 years ago they could, but not today. Times have changed.

    The proof is right in Leona Lewis, and Kelly Clarkson. Both are vocally gifted, but career wise, for some reason they fell off.

    • Benron June 25, 2012

      Kelly is doing Ok, but COSIGN!

    • mobwife June 25, 2012

      Kelly Clarkson wanted more creative control over her product. When she wrote songs for a pervious CD, the last one she did before she “vanished”, THE POWERS THA BE shut her down. They wanted her to be a singing puppet that allod them to keep 90% of her earnings by arranging songwriters, producers etc. That’s the real reaco n Kelly fell off!

  51. DIGGER BEY June 25, 2012

    I wouldnt say Alicia is a new artist. She debuted bac n 01. Thats a decade n the business and still going strong. The rest are pretty much new, ranging from 3 – 5 years. Except for Rihanna. Who’s clocking @ 8 years. Only time will tell about her. I see her burnin out ie Britney. @Lax Yeah. Riri mite have achieved more #1s than Mimi n a shorter time. Thats because she releases all her albums bac to bac. Im pretty sure any pop female could of done that. Releasing albums bac to bac. Echoing what everybody else is saying, Beyonce, Pink, Usher, Christina and even Britney have what it takes. Every generation has those most important longevity artist. And they are it.

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      @DIGGER BEY While i respect what you said but all way up and down this board they or trying to write Rihanna and others off, It will not work first of all in the Grapes haste they forgot to mention the men, okay . Thye or in the game too and next none of us and i mean not a single one of USSSSSSS can say who’s going to be around when the sun goes down tomorrow. Theres a lot of changes going on in the world and i mentioned Rihannas number 1’s to change the tide since some one was talking about Mariah’s number
      1’s and if Mariah’s # 1’s count then Rihanna’s coiunt. If others accomplishments counts then Rihanna’s count, You DIG!
      Like i said the men was left off so this was/is a fun post anyways even if beyonce was pulled up and rihanna and others was DRAGGGGGED AS USUAL!

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      You mentioned the best of these generations then what generation is beyonce in? all of them? because her ass got clobbered by others these last couple of years and or you
      trying to make me believe that the only folks whos going to get a CHANCE AT LIFE, FAME AND FORTUNE OR THE ONES MANY HAS NAMED LEAVING ALL THE REST OF THEM TO BITE THE DUST INCLUDING THE MEN AND LIONEL IS GOING TO BE THE ONLY SERIAL DI*K SWINGING, Dammmmmmmmm Don’t be so hard on all of the others, i believe if it was left up to many of [email protected] bey,,,MANY OF THE BEE HIVE WOULD BE HAPPY IF THERE WAS NO ONE ON EARTH BUT beyonce and jay and blue….real talk!

    • whatsmyname June 29, 2012

      How exactly Is Rihanna burning out?The music industry is nothing without Rihanna

  52. DIGGER BEY June 25, 2012

    And yeah Kelly Clarkson also. A lot of people look over Kelly Rowland. People are gonna b real shocked with her next release! When she tear this mutha up!

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Wellll we or waiting i like kelly but others or tearing it
      up while kelly is getting ready, though! touring performing
      and doing things just a thought.

  53. Nick June 25, 2012

    The Artist that will have Longevity of this Generation

    Lady Gaga
    Bruno Mars

    • kelly June 25, 2012

      Yep. They are the only newbies…..that can push for a longer career

  54. Jer June 25, 2012

    Im sorry but ima have to put on my reading glasses. 50 years on top for Tina Turner? Im sorry but Tina Turner had a few classic hits in the 60s and 70s, one hit album in the 80s and a few hits in the early 90s. Thats not exctly the flawless “on the top” yer trying to make it out to be. And no shade because my point is TINA TURNER DOESNT NEED THATFLOPJUICE EXAGGERTING her accomplishments like yal do all your faves.

    Dont put Legendry Tina f****** Turner in the same boat as your 4lop faves FOAMING T THE MOUTH to hype them up. Keep Tina and Donna and Janet out your mouth.

    That4lopJuice should be ashamed even having the nerve to name check legends then post b******* hyping up Kreshawn, Cher Lloyd, those Danity Kane hos, Rita Ora and all your flop faves. Leave it to theae fat faceless black BeYAWNce stans hiding behind the internet to throw shade and talk s*** about every female then turn around and name check legends. As always apparently nobody can hold a candle to your un4tunate fave but then when a legend dies you give props. Yal mentally ill its disgusting like you know two things about talent. As you pimp out Iggy Azalia or whoever the f*** Azelia b****. F*** you Samantha take your fake ass blogger job down to the welfare office and have all all the seats.

    • Lax June 26, 2012

      @JER great read ROTF..LOL!

    • China July 2, 2012


  55. LTM June 25, 2012

    Heres my opinion:
    Rihanna – Almost 7 years in the game and still going strong. Rihanna makes music that people want to listen to. She can adapt to any new style of popular music as we’ve seen already. Sorry haters, but shes not going anywhere

    Adele – Im not sure to be honest. Before 21 happened 19 was a moderate success. 21 has slayed everything and everyone but who knows how her next two albums will do.

    Lady GaGa – She peaked with The Fame and now she has know where to go but down. TFM wasnt as successful as TF and BTW cant compete with either two. I dont see her lasting another 10 years, talented or not. Plenty of talented artist have fallen off early in their careers.

    Katy Perry – I dont see her lasting 10 years because I feel like she will take a break from music and settle down with a family. If she doesnt I can see her having a career similar to Pink’s, still putting out hits but not really on the scene and competing with other acts. Lets face it, Katy knows how to write hits and connect with her fans.

    Nicki Minaj – Wont last another 2 years. Roman Reloaded along with most of its singles have flopped. I think most people are tired of her fakeness. She lost alot of urban fans and only a few mainstream fans are checking for her pop hits like Super Bass and Starships. And by pop standards of today, both songs performed at a basic level.

    Justin Bieber – Depends on how he plays his cards. He can end up like the Jonas Brothers (remember them?) or he can end up like Justin Timberlake. Hes pre-teen fans might grow up with him or they might out grow him. If he can transition into mature music he will last.

    Ke$ha – Too early to tell. She might find her niche in that 70s rock style shes trying to do or she might lose all her fans who came to her because of her electro sound. She has the most successful debut by a female solo act since GaGa so who knows.

    Bruno Mars – He knows how to write songs that women love to hear plus hes cute and talent. I hope he lasts long

    Jessie J, Rita Ora, and Lana Del Rey – Going no where.

    Azealia Banks & Iggy Azalea – IDK why they were mention when neither have careers yet. Azealia only has an EP that flopped and Iggy only has a mixtape. Way too early to tell.

    • Guest June 25, 2012

      As soon as you mentioned that Rihanna isn’t going anywhere I automatically knew that you don’t know what you’re talking about and didn’t bother reading the rest…

      • Lax June 26, 2012

        @LTM cosign and beside that at least you gave more then one a chance to “Exhale”. but in all honesty no one knows for certain what tomorrow will bring to the Fore front, none of them or us or above the Law and we know things can happen over night to change our world, for ever! See how many bash others for their thought process and thinks its their way or the Highway while others or real and knows that life is a up and down roller coaster and can loose itself over a period of time and tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us!

  56. Shaytan June 26, 2012

    Missy said on twitter if someone isn’t relevant you don’t talk about them. Kim hasn’t had a song out on the charts in nearly 10 years solo yet people still talk about her. Whitney MJ Janet Sade hadn’t released an album in years and people still talked about her. Kids these days don’t understand. A legend a icon an artist could not make music and 20 years and when they come out people still stand to their feet , Sade for example. Kim is touring with no label no album no singles just a name.. That’s something that only someone concreted in the music industry can do. So since you kids look everything else up look that up and educate yourself

    • JER June 26, 2012

      true. Especially about Kim. People like to laugh and throw shade but my girl Nicki shows that Kim was 15 years ahead of her time

  57. Lewis June 26, 2012

    Longetivity is not something that we all know, we’re no music experts, however we all all take into account an artist’s career as of now and make assumptions.
    So “Let me spill the true tea:D”

    Rihanna- She’s done exceptionally well for a career spawning 7 years. However, people will possibly soon in the far off future start to get tired of Rihanna who seems to be shoved down the general publics throats. 6( 7th one currently being cooked at McDonalds) in 7 years. With Jay-z Now focusing on “Ora”, who knows what’s bound to happen. One thing is for sure, I highly doubt Rihanna will have reverence let’s say 20 years from now, singing the songs she does now(which is what basically keeps her revelant).

  58. LA BABY! June 26, 2012


    Before you make fun of some f***** s*** like “Beyonce not having a HIT since your mamaw had hair on her balls,” just remember that Rihanna, with the help of 3 rappers, is yet to achieve more than the number of Grammys that Beyonce won in a single night, with no featured artists. and I think that should tell you if Beyonce is still giving a rat’s ass about her singles being “hits” or not.

    So let’s keep it nice and NOT make fun okay?

  59. whatsmyname June 29, 2012

    Here is the real truth Rihanna gonna slay every last one of their careers.when will y’all learn Rihanna is a force

  60. Darianna Jones July 2, 2012

    Honestly, I don’t give a damn. I just want good music. Idc at this point who pushes it out. Just bring it!

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