Major: Kelly Rowland Teams With Bacardi / Shoots New Video

Published: Thursday 14th Jun 2012 by Sam

Grammy winner Kelly Rowland continues her brand hustle by teaming up with alcohol juggernaut Bacardi.

The ‘Motivation’ singer is helping the company celebrate their 150th anniversary, jetting out to Barcelona recently to shoot a promotional video for the campaign. There, she dazzled in a Maria Grachvogel summer dress as she aptly performed ‘Summer Dreaming’.

Peep more pics, as well as a video interview below. The later was particularly interesting, with the 31 year old dishing on the status of her 4th studio album.

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  1. Alex Thomas June 14, 2012

    KELLY <3

  2. ILOVEKELLY June 14, 2012

    i respect your hustle Kelly…they know who you are now and that Kelly Rowland one of the greats

  3. said so June 14, 2012

    I love Kelly. Bring that 4th album quickly and make sure you promote it this time. More videos as well!

    • THE REAL TYLER* June 14, 2012






      • #4 LEGGO June 14, 2012

        Well she had no choice but to wait 6 months because motivation wouldn’t DIE! no she shouldn’t wait 2 months. Those are Rihannas and gagas microwave hits. She needs to make classics and give them time to make their peak and she needs to promote! WE AS FANS NEED TO SUPPORT! Buy singles on iTunes! He’ll buy anything with Kellys name tied to it. Video cameos, features, magazines! Request on radio! Not to mention the album! J U S T S U P P O R T !

  4. Lax June 14, 2012

    Talented, beautiful and as humble as ever, love this look on
    her and her hair and make up is all beautiful kelly keep up
    the great work….

  5. #Sweat June 14, 2012

    YESS Ms Kellly you better snatch wigs! Love that whole outfit

  6. 80s Baby June 14, 2012

    Kelly on her grind!! She looks amazing as always!!

  7. hood_star_06 June 14, 2012

    YASS MS KELLY – BUILD THAT BRAND – cant wait for the 4th album – i wonder what its title will be

  8. ENOUGH ONIKA June 14, 2012

    Good for her, now drop Trey Songz, put out a new single and you’d be 100%!

  9. sweetdiva June 14, 2012

    She’s almost done recording her album already?! Well danm…. good for her! Looking forward to her new project! I wanna see more performances, tv appearances and videos this time around. Plz… do a tour as well by yourself performing songs off all your albums.

  10. hood_star_06 June 14, 2012

    I like the fact that she is pushing forward thru it all – she has a good team behind her and she is cementing herself as a solo artist and ppl are finally taking notice that she is Ms Kelly Rowland – cement that brand mama and keep taking checks to the bank – BRING ON ALBUM 4!

    • Steph June 14, 2012

      Love your comment! Yes Ms Kelly keep taking those checks to the bank! build that brand, that’s where the money’s at!XO

  11. poshhh June 14, 2012

    weerrrkkk miss kelly… she is working hard every corner.. wish her all the best..
    behind u girrrlll

  12. Truth tela June 14, 2012

    Kelly needs to promote her work. Do a tour by yourself Kelly and do not sing Destiny’s Child songs on your tour. Maybe only one or two. Kelly has enough songs from all her albums. Now stop talking too much, give us videos and don’t let people wait for too long. Also, when doing interviews, don’t talk about Beyonce! Sing less when dancinng, they all do that eg Gaga and Beyonce. Just sing when not dancing and do your dance routine. That will help with your breathing! Love you! Get serious though and drop that boy before people get fed-up, unless you are in a relationship with him.

    • Alluse June 14, 2012

      100% Co-sign….! I feel her breathing is weird, like she is having a hard time, which is weird, because she can definitely sings, she masters how to use her voice, and she has great technical skills, but I can’t shake that feeling that when it comes to breathing, something is …just weird…! anyway! I am waiting for album#4! Here I Am (which I bought) was Great ^^ <3

  13. Steph June 14, 2012

    GO KELLY!!!!

  14. set up June 14, 2012

    Put out music when nobody is interested. Yeah that’s the way to do it…….
    Create a buzz first , hell find your lane 1St.

  15. Godyonce Godnaj June 14, 2012

    Regardless. It will flop and she will still remain in the Queen’s shadow… As she has her entire life

    • #4 LEGGO June 14, 2012

      F*** you. People in “the queens” shadow don’t get #1s and win awards on their own. Now have a seat,

    • Latrell4Bey June 14, 2012

      kelly is stepping out and getting noticed! its bey stans like you that has everyone not liking her! Beyonce is my favorite singer of all time but damn she aint no god n im sure she would not appreciate u callin her GODYONCE or BEYSUS! KELLY DO YO THING MA!! i always supported all the girls!

  16. TM June 14, 2012

    First of all it’s not going to flop haters! Second Kelly is making paper! Got more than u so don’t hate!

  17. BOOMBASTIC!!! June 14, 2012

    Woo! Look at Kelly pose man. Look at her throw that pose in the top pic lol. GO KELLY! I know she prepping for that upcoming album. Bring it Kelly, bring it I’ll take it.

  18. Rowldawg June 14, 2012

    yes kelly!!!!!!!!!! work it mama.

  19. DIGGER BEY June 14, 2012

    Good Lord! I let out a Joyus Scream, when I saw this post! I CANT WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM! My girl is heading towards Greatness!

  20. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 14, 2012

    her style is really ON POINT in those recent photoshoots.

    she looks amazing 😀

  21. DIGGER BEY June 14, 2012

    Damn! Kelly is looking RIGHT! She’s it! Shes just that Chick rite now! She is so F*cking S***! Kelly is getting ready to kill the game! @ Godonyce & Set Up Shut Up Pressed Haters! U bishes will Definitely B Checking for the New Great Diva!

  22. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 14, 2012

    Yes Barcelona baby 🙂
    Kelly is so hot

  23. Koodzi June 14, 2012

    Go Kelly! Still rooting for you. Keep it as fierce as Girls Generation in Paparazzi –

  24. MISHKA June 14, 2012

    And they say she’s a flop SMH

    This lady is EVERYTHING! You go, Kelly Row!

  25. latifa June 14, 2012

    wow she looks hot! and thank the lord my prayers were answered and she got rid of that fringe!

  26. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) June 14, 2012

    Yes kelly !! work it girl …

    luv her …

  27. muni June 14, 2012

    I love this woman, my FAVE!!!

  28. Latrell4Bey June 14, 2012

    YESSSS KELLY!!! she always had it in her!!! im happy the world is seeing what i seen in DC3!!!

  29. williNalli June 15, 2012

    #TeamKelly 4 life

  30. williNalli June 15, 2012

    Even from the back this chick is betta than anyone’s fav. DAMN

  31. Lyon June 15, 2012

    kelly looks good

    but she hustle,s hard men no joke first the perfume with p.diddy then she was on tour now she is on some s*** hahah im glad that they choose her to promote bacardi i knew that she wasnt only there to just have vacation Lol

    go kells

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