Epic: Lil Kim Recreates ‘Ladies Night’ With Da Brat Live

Published: Thursday 14th Jun 2012 by David

Rap history was re-written in LA last night when Lil Kim invited Da Brat on stage to perform their 1997 hit ‘Not Tonigt (Ladies Night Remix)’.

Well received by Kim’s audience, the set makes Brat the latest Femcee to join her on ‘Return Of The Queen’ Tour, which enjoyed guest appearances by Missy Elliott and Eve last month.

Peep the iconic MCs do their thing below…

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  1. Rondo June 14, 2012

    Kim is the s***

    • TALES FROM THE KRIMBERLY June 14, 2012


  2. Resolution June 14, 2012

    Whud up, Queen Bee? 😉

  3. QB June 14, 2012

    Love IT f*%king amazing!!!!!!!!!
    Keepin on hatin and she will keep on shining.
    QB for ever b*%$h

  4. Bobby June 14, 2012

    Whichever your preference …. Kim is the better performer than Nicki. Azealia though takes the cake … Rude B**** All Day Uptown Broadwayyyyy

  5. Haterzstaypressed June 14, 2012

    Wow! I love watching the history channel! Seriously tho, it’s a 15 year old song and I guess it’s all good. I just don’t know what to say lol. Major props to Da Brat tho… my girl can spit that crack in a hot second. I really hope Da Brat comes with something new!

    • Lisa June 14, 2012

      When will Roman Reloaded go Gold?

      • QueenOfTheNavy June 14, 2012

        Sweedie your a** is latye. It’s BEEN Gold. Question is, why has hardcore only sold 2 million albums since 1996

      • UnderRated Artist Lover June 14, 2012

        album sales aint s***…lyrical content

      • Haterzstaypressed June 14, 2012

        Lisa come on now… You can do betta than that! All these old, washed up female rappers coming out on her show says one thing to me… that they are a part of history and that this show is nothing more than a relic, old school hip hop revue.

        Plus I ain’t even mention Nicki Minaj. Why should you? 😀

      • SLAYANNA June 14, 2012


        You give props to Brat then you call her old and washed up? *confused face*

        Either way Azealia Banks is taking Nicki’s place, that new girl is FIYAHH!

  6. Lil KIm is God June 14, 2012

    Lil Kim is the best.

    • TALES FROM THE KRIMBERLY June 14, 2012


  7. meeko June 14, 2012

    yesss sheee ripped it last night.. you all forgot to add in the Lady of Rage !!!

    • UnderRated Artist Lover June 14, 2012

      And Shawnna from DTP

  8. WILEY SHOW June 14, 2012


  9. JER June 14, 2012

    this tour is doing wonders for Kim’s career. She just needed to start right back from the bottom and work her way back up

  10. ROMANHOLIDAY June 14, 2012

    Love it wish Nicki and Kim could see all this bs going on with drake & chris and all these other rappers and hold a press conference and drop the s*** nothing has been said or done that cant be taken back after that do a hot ass song together Nicki, Kim, Azeaila, Missy, and Eve chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee when i tell you my ears just got erect

  11. Iconic Iggy June 14, 2012

    Yes!!! Love it!!

  12. MichaelAngelo June 14, 2012

    Love lovde love it! this is organic hip hop. Classic moments are made.

  13. Jelly June 14, 2012

    Who is that a pic of…I know it’s not Kim, is it? If so, WOW! (and not the good wow) Nevertheless, I still like her. Kim is the nastiest (both good and bad LOL)…the incomparable…the original…THE S***! There will NEVER be another. Her sound, her flow was flawless and effortless. Love you Kim; just PULEEEEZE stop with the plastic surgery. It’s not necessary unless you are going into the witness protection program.

  14. nickiminaj June 14, 2012

    wash up h**

  15. BOO BOO June 14, 2012


    • paul June 15, 2012

      Someone needs to tell her that her NaNa is no longer ill! Fat and desperate the only rap broad who’d step on staghe with Nicki Minaj and you know why coz Kim don’t wanna know her…no LEGENDS in the game respect Minaj apart from Foxy who givge her her due is one of the best to do it but she can’t flow no more probably another reason that piece of trash Minaj wanted to share a stage with her. Azealia Banks tho that girl is the new Kim!

      Kimmy’s coming and when has she made a bad album. The Naked Truth shits on anything Minaj has put out and it isn’t even her best album… *plays shut up b**** and Dirrrty***

      • LOL June 15, 2012

        lil kim still is the only female rapper to ever have 5 mics for her album which was the naked truth.

  16. antertain June 15, 2012

    That was fire
    Its Da B R A T!!!

  17. Dlux June 15, 2012

    I was there and KIM had it ROCKIN!!!!! The energy she brought to the room was amazing. A great performer connects with their audience and Kim did just that! and for those bringing Nicki into this…. Lets keep in mind that with out Kim there would be NO Nicki……. Carry on.

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