Pink Announces New Single

Published: Tuesday 19th Jun 2012 by Sam

“Go, Go, Go”. All systems are indeed “go” for Pop rebel Pink‘s chart comeback – a year after giving birth to daughter Willow Sage.

Merely hours after sharing a shot of herself on the set of her new album packaging, the singer has announced the title of her new single.

Find out what the lead release from the 32 year old’s first traditional album since 2008’s ‘Funhouse’ after the jump…

‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’


Yes, yes, and yes! Bring on July 9th! We’re amped…are you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sad sad June 19, 2012

    I’ve never checked for her she was always just there BUT I’m looking forward to this

  2. Suicide Blonde June 19, 2012

    She’s true artist, i’m a fan of her Music, she rocks.

  3. credits June 19, 2012

    Pink is cool, i loved when she had an urban sound during her debut, but it was hard to not listen to her pop music.

  4. I Judge Flops June 19, 2012

    In a world where EVERYONE has flopped in the past 2 years except for Adele,
    I expect Pink to follow the same tragedy.

    I’m sure her song will go at least 2X Platinum , but the album will probably struggle to reach GOLD.

    It’s getting hard out here for a a artist, when you trying to sell albums, all the promo and budget spent. YOU GOT A WHOLE BUNCH OF B****** JUMPIN SHIP

    • FP June 19, 2012

      P!nk never flopped, she always makes around 6 millions. The US is minimal… who cares.

      • Theman June 19, 2012

        No Pink’s album’s do well. Her last one is basically 2x platinum & her Gh’s album is platinum. She doesn’t flop. She has a very loyal following. What are you talking about……

      • B. Hill July 4, 2012

        The US isn’t minimal. It’s the biggest and most important music market. If your album flops in the states, then your album has flopped — period.

  5. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy June 19, 2012

    NOW! This is Pop’s real badass here.. Love her and looking foward to this single…its F****** PERFECT. lol

  6. kijano June 19, 2012

    Real deal here, P!nk never disappoints

  7. forevermia June 19, 2012

    what.a.babe. !!! how can one not adore her?

  8. Teacher June 19, 2012

    PINK!!!! I’m glad her baby knows it’s mother…

    • Noel June 19, 2012

      Nice try with the shade. You fail.

  9. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 19, 2012

    YESSS, P!nk is here to snatch wigs. I’m expecting an epic slaying of the charts.

    • B. Hill July 4, 2012

      Who cares what you expect?! I expect you to always say something stupid or annoying, and you never disappoint.

  10. Theman June 19, 2012

    She’s amazing !!!!!

  11. Roman June 20, 2012

    Yassss 1 of the few genuine artists left! I’m reeeaddddy 😀

  12. Mad-On-Her June 20, 2012

    Anyone predicting Pink will flop knows nothing about her career, nothing about her fans, nothing about her albums and definitely nothing about her tours. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has one of this year’s biggest sellers.

  13. Dennis June 20, 2012

    I think Pink is one of the most underrated artist out there at the moment. She never scores the big, big hits or receive lots of awards, while she really deserve it. She’s one of the most genuine, pure and talented artist I know!

  14. virtuoso intellect June 20, 2012

    you guys cant understand how much im looking forward to Pink’s new album ….. i said ALBUM not LEAD SINGLE. she’s an album artist !!!!!!

  15. CAREERERENDER June 20, 2012

    Since Adele punched Gaga out of the game, Pink must re-punch that t***** gimmick!

  16. Tbozfan10 June 20, 2012

    Nice pic. Reminds me of Madonna’s “True Blue”.

  17. Legendtina June 20, 2012

    If its anything like her last two songs I won’t be checking. I need the Pink before she started having Dr. Luke produce her hits.

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