Rap Beauty : Lil Kim Strips Off For Fans

Published: Wednesday 6th Jun 2012 by David

What a beauty.

Get into this snap of Rap Royal Lil Kim, uploaded on Twitter days ago.

Snapped for her fans, the shot arrived with the caption:

Lil’ Kim ‏@LilKim
Goodnight #TeamLilKim #MEOW #HelloKitty  !!!!!!!

This, two nights after she performed for her remaining fans in Nebraska as part of her ‘Return Of The Queen’ Tour, which has been welcomed by positive reviews since its launch last month.


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  1. Blah June 6, 2012

    OMG leave this women alone DAMN yall really starting to look crazy & obsessed with this lady its so pathetic -_-

    • Layla June 6, 2012

      Sam follows Lil Kim on twitter but bashes her every day.

  2. Monsterhive June 6, 2012

    Wait isn’t this photo like over a week old? I will not comment on her appearance, I shall not.

    • ///?? June 6, 2012

      i will though,that,s a fvcking female troll,i don’t care what anyone says,thumb me down all yall want,this is my opinion and that,s a female troll i am looking at in that pic right now,what a ugly b1tch i actually feel sorry for her and the sad thing is she is the one who fvck her self up,if it was an a car accident are something like that i would have understand,but this is what obsess do to people,she is addicted to the knife…sigh she is so busted.

  3. WILEY SHOW June 6, 2012


  4. NATURALBEAUTY June 6, 2012

    She’s decked out in Hello Kitty attire cause she looks like a damn feline after all that surgery done to her face. Deal.

  5. Shawn June 6, 2012

    Minutes ago? This picture was taken about a week ago. So late. Anyway, Lil’ Kim stays winning. Can’t wait to see her in New Orleans.

    • Jayla June 6, 2012

      Well New Orleans CAN wait to see this joke…. We dont f*** with her down here

      • Viciousss June 6, 2012


  6. O.L.B June 6, 2012

    She looks so young and adorable. Gotta love the Queen Bee

    • ///?? June 6, 2012

      lol something is wrong with you,turning over and meeting face to face with that face in bed would mess up anyone in the head.

  7. KUNTYWEST June 6, 2012

    Why are you all lying? She looks a Hello Kitty mess & y’all know it! We get on everyone from Beyonce, Nicki, to Rihanna when their wardrobe is not cute. But we gotta be around the bush with Lil Kim, the makeup is too heavy, the weave is nappy, & the pajamas look horrible! Stop being biased, she looks awful!

    • LTM (Wide Awake) June 6, 2012

      Its not a night on the town, a red carpet event, or a damn photo shoot. Heaven forbid she look a hot mess behind closed doors

      • kuntywest June 6, 2012

        Behind closed doors with 3 layers of makeup & a weave that must weigh at least 10 pounds, she looks a mess! No way around it.

    • uhh okaii June 6, 2012

      i agree..n she dont only look a hot mess behind doors..she sometimes look a hot mess in the spotlight the hell

      • ///?? June 6, 2012

        Co-Sing she is busted.

    • Kissy_Minaj June 6, 2012

      Umm KuntyWest, TGJ is throwing all sorts of shade Kim’s way with this article.

  8. Romeo June 6, 2012

    I don’t understand why you guys would go into her Twitter and get an OLD picture of her just to post it on your blog when you could actually be posting about something worthwhile and not just a picture or the QUEEN BEE like let’s say her TOUR VLOG…This site is becoming pathetic to be honest.

  9. QueenOfTheNavy June 6, 2012

    This picture is not old. She uploaded it in the last week of May and we are now in the first week of June, so not even 10 days have passed. Anyway, whether she took the picture yesterday, tomorrow or the day before she still looks a hot Joan Rivers tribute act mess.

    She looks almost as low as her combined worldwide sales. Not even 3 million tbh.

    • TARBABY RANGER June 6, 2012

      F** Have a seat. Even if we just counted what she sold in america it would be STILL 5 Million. We wont even talk singles. I get it, you’re pressed, just like how rihanna’s face was pressed against that wall as chris brown punched that YAMP in the jaw.

      • uhh okaii June 6, 2012

        the last part of your statement was so unnecessary..smh

    • truth(slayer of dahotnig) June 6, 2012

      b****! go kimmie!!

    • LTM (Wide Awake) June 6, 2012

      You clearly failed math in school

  10. Suicide Blonde June 6, 2012


    • KUNTYWEST June 6, 2012


  11. Givan June 6, 2012

    She looks like Pinky $ Perky lmffao

  12. catnipbitch June 6, 2012


    • Lea June 6, 2012

      Lil Kim is a small person.That’s why Biggie put the Lil in front of her name.Everybody knows that.

      • catnipbitch June 6, 2012

        her calf is like non existant
        that is not short that is scary

    • Kissy_Minaj June 6, 2012

      She’s like 4’11

  13. JuanR June 6, 2012

    A MESS!

  14. YUMADTHO June 6, 2012

    Her legs blacker than Akon.

    • Lisa June 6, 2012

      It’s the lighting dumb@**.

      • YUMADTHO June 6, 2012

        B**** looks like a panther, suck a c***.

  15. coco June 6, 2012

    why are her legs darker than the top parts?? nasty i tell ya about ppl that only bleach their face, wut about the legs………..huh hhhh!

    • Keisha June 6, 2012

      The room is dark.Only the flash from the camera is lighting the room.Geesh,y’all are stupid.

  16. Don’t Bother June 6, 2012

    So Lil Kim has to look like a BILLION bucks when she’s getting ready to rest after performing? I mean I know she’s the Queen but damn GrapeJuice y’all looking awfully pressed.

    • Kia June 6, 2012

      Thank you.She’s about to go to bed.This is not a glam shot for a magazine.People stay hating on Kim.

      • uhh okaii June 6, 2012

        ohhh she’s going to bed..with a face full of make-up..um okaii..dang glad you cleared that up

  17. dee June 6, 2012

    one word ‘ho-rri-ble!’….neva lyk her

  18. dee June 6, 2012

    one word ‘ho-rri-ble!’…neva lykd her.

  19. ClevelandBoi June 6, 2012

    You guys are straight up b******. Seriously get off her back, if she’s so irrelevant and she supposedly “fell off” like yall keep saying then why the f*** are you finding old pics and posting s*** to fuel her fire. So what she had surgery, this chick can rap hands down. Yes she’s older too, but damn get off her d*** already.

  20. truth June 6, 2012


    • uhh okaii June 6, 2012

      why u mad though?

    • Kissy_Minaj June 6, 2012

      Cause there are so few of them lol.


    Latoya jackson’s mini-me?

  22. heavyrotation June 6, 2012

    she looks a hot hello kitty mess from lace to toe

  23. DaHotNig June 6, 2012

    She look like Danny Devito lmao

  24. Nope June 6, 2012

    Did you write about her upcoming single and success of the tour or do you just work on bashing her, and trying to bring her down with every chance you get? God, you people are pathetic and I can’t believe you earn money by being this way.

  25. uhh okaii June 6, 2012

    my mother said if you dont have anything nice to say..dont say anything..so im silent -.-

    • NO1CUR June 6, 2012

      Your mother is a lying h**.

      • LAX June 6, 2012


  26. LAX June 6, 2012

    Damn Shame Ru”Paul as a woman looks better than this WOMEN!!!!! S.m.H

  27. ///?? June 6, 2012

    that,s a fvcking female troll,i don’t care what anyone says,thumb me down all you want,this is my opinion and that,s a female troll i am looking at in that pic right now.

  28. Seriously June 6, 2012

    Guys, this picture is photoshopped.. I mean just look at it. Also, Sam you need a life, all you do is post negative things about Kim and when you post something positive about her you throw shade.

    • Kissy_Minaj June 6, 2012

      Oh yea, another photoshopped pic of Kim that she tweeted herself! Right? Okkkkk

      • Seriously June 7, 2012

        Kim tweets pictures that are photoshopped all the time, sit down.

  29. My Name Is Roman!! June 6, 2012


    Two: Kim fans, STFU! Ain’t nobody worried about nor obsessed with lil Kim. The b**** is dead, done, ADIOS, Abra cadabra valoosh!! It’s clearly obvious that she needs Nicki Minaj so keep her blood flowing these days because WHO wants to interview Lil Kim it doesn’t involve Nicki? Like forreal? What is there to talk about? Her last CD 7 years ago? When she does get interviewed, y’all can’t say they not ask’n about Nicki Minaj.

    Three: if ya ask me, Nicki brought a different type of rap to the rap community. NOBODY had these crazy voices when the laid lyrics. NOBODY bucked their eyes or cocked their heads. But she does all that while spitting some of the most hardest lyrics out today, better than Drake, better than Wanye, better than Kanye (killed him on his own song “monster”) Azealia, and of course *cough cough CHOKE, drinks water* ahhh, KIM! I mean her lyrics are fire “b****** ain’t s*** and they ain’t say nun” “is this the thanks I get for Put’n you b****** on” “if you wasn’t so ugly, I’d put my d*** on yo face” “h*** so busted, h*** so crusty, these b****** is my sonz and I don’t want custody” LMFAO #HilariouslyDissed

    Four: pop? Who gives a s***? It makes her money, cash cha Ching cha Ching! (super bass, turn me on, starships) lets not forget that being a rapper/singer/model/actor is a CAREER/JOB, so your gonna take whatever role gets you that money. You guys call her a pop star but don’t act like she lost sight of her hip hop on RR (Beez in the Trap, Stupid H**, Champion, Come on a Cone, I Am Your Leader, HOV Lane) and not to mention her features like A$$, Out of My Mind, M********* Up, Make Me Proud, Get Low, Take It To the Head…she knows she’s hip hop but she experiments…it’s like a poor kid in a museum, you take a step out of your element explore a little but you always know where you came from and go back. OK now that’s all, Kim, your ugly ass f*** and need to pull it together.

    Roman would say “This b**** is f****** ridiculous, I’ll put this hyena in the freak’n zoo!!!”

    • LOL June 7, 2012

      ” Nicki brought a different type of rap to the rap community. NOBODY had these crazy voices when the laid lyrics. NOBODY bucked their eyes or cocked their heads”.
      OMFG you dumb b**** this whole f****** statement proves that you don’t know s*** about hip hop just be quiet “HUSH”.

      • My Name Is Roman!! June 7, 2012

        oh, your ABSOLUTLEY correct you f****** c** hustle’n w****. i knw nothing about hip-hop but i knw about RAP!! TWO DIFFERENT THINGS! CHECK IT! Now sit there & finish your bowl of i dont give a f***! i aint even gonna go in detail.
        Roman would say, “B****, go chew on a d***”

  30. Charlie June 7, 2012

    Did anyone else notice the underlying shade when they crossed out the s in fans? Lmao this site is too much!

  31. my name is name June 8, 2012

    First off all u team clown minaj fans prolly uglyazz hell, while she running around lookin like bozo da clown, got all the crusty nappyheaded h*** thinkin they barbies lmao have a seat plz, cause erything she’s doing kimmie has done. B**** 30yrs old talkin bout barbs. Nicki is a joke clown physo b**** that can’t rap. No she’s not blessed the h** is lucky, she slobbed on a few knobs to be where she at. Lil wayne an the whole dam crew. She crusty!! Lmfao

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