Rihanna Reigns On Billboard Social 50

That Rihanna reign just won’t let up.

Say what you will about Rihanna and her ‘voice’,but there’s no denying her popularity on and off the stage.

For, in response to the release of her debut movie ‘Battleship’ and the iTunes debut of her new single ‘Where Have You Been’,she is currently the Queen of the Billboard Social 50.

Details below…

Beating ‘Born This Way’ diva Lady GaGa to the top spot, Not Beyonce reigns supreme despite ‘Battleship’s well publicized thud on the US Box Office,breaking the record for being the lowest generating project for a movie with a budget over $200 million or more.

However,thanks to a stream of remixes recorded in aid of ‘Where’ and an alleged Twitter war between ex boyfriend Chris Brown and alleged friend Meek Mill, the model has seen her social star rise, as the cut does the same on the Hot 100 by two spots (now #11).

This is because the Social 50 chart ranks the most popular artists on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.

It works by using a formula that blends weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays, allowing the likes of Rihanna to dominate it without having the #1 single in the country.

This comes hours after the nocalist shot scenes for her new movie ‘End Of The World’ in New Orleans and two weeks after Roc rival Rita Ora watched her single ‘RIP‘ surpass sales of ‘Where Have You Been’ in the UK.

Placing her at #1, this made Ora the first ROC female to score a debut #1  in the country, as Rihanna was only able to top the chart with ‘Umbrella’ in 2007, two years after her launch.


Your thoughts?

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  1. truth June 1, 2012

    FIRST B******!!! #DEAD AT nOCALIST

  2. LIFE June 1, 2012


    • Ugh June 1, 2012

      i don’t get this social media chart thing. it’s so stupid. I thought Billboard was about music. Rihanna is smart that why she stays talking s*** on twitter and posting those instagram pics. she knows how to keep her name in the press. she loves the attention.

  3. wtf June 1, 2012

    Your posts about Rihanna are insane!!!!! what is wrong with you??? they dont even make sense its just a weird excuse to attack Rihanna, its not good or bad its just weird, the way you do your links have no flow whatsoever. Im starting to find this site a bit creepy.

    example template of the s*** journalism ” Rihanna covers esquire… this comes a week after RITA ORA (HER “WORST” NIGHTMARE) LANDED A HALF DAY TRIAL ON XFACTOR”

    Stop trying to make rita happen, its NOT going to happen!

    • WOLFC (We Only Live For Chris) June 1, 2012

      Oh po baby! Mad because Rita and Beyonce are slaying and the only #1 rihanna can get is on a social chart?

      • LIFE June 1, 2012


      • wtf June 1, 2012

        um… excuse me I live in the UK, trust me Rihanna is far more popular here than Rita and Beyonce, they have her face on Topman tshirts and just about every guy in the country has one! who cares about talent, Rihanna has star quality and shes a bigger star in the UK than beyonce and rita combined. Wow, Rita had a #1 debut, much like other uk females ala pixie lott alexandra burke etc big deal! no ones going to buy her album, THERES NO BUZZ!!! “How we do” might have had lukewarm airplay but its not even in the US top 100!

      • Benron June 2, 2012

        Hold on, if we look back, Beyonce and Rita have not had U.s number 1’s frequently (Rita ever.) Wasn’t Beyonces last number one in like 2008?

    • RitasLipStick June 1, 2012

      The link makes sense because their touted as rivals. But clearly Rita is the one whose winning out here as the UK charts prove. ZONT BE MOD LOVE!

      • YouCouldNever June 1, 2012

        @WTF Did you just say “who cares about talent” 0_o?

      • wtf June 1, 2012

        Your argument has no weight at all! Rita has had ONE number 1 single… youre seriously comparing that to Rihanna’s career? Are you even from UK?
        were you here when Umbrella was #1 for 11 weeks? its one of the biggest songs ever here! Likewise “We Found Love” , Rihanna is a freaking megastar! Rita has had ONE song

    • RitasLipStick June 1, 2012


      Oh sweetie I’m from the UK too and your hating ass can KEEP hating. You sit on your ass wishing bad on someone who’s just living their dream.
      Rita is klling it and everyone knows it. People will buy her album because by the time it comes out she’ll be a household name,

      Dont be mad because you thought she would flop but are having to watch her rise on the charts. S***.

    • Beyhive June 1, 2012

      i get the vibe that you don’t like rihanna but HATE rita and so will do anything todefend your feelings toward her.
      why are you acting like she isn’t the breakout girl of this year and that she has the potential to beat a few of rihannas records.

      You’re a basic hater baby, get over it!

      • wtf June 1, 2012

        I actually like Rita, i really like party&b******* , i just dont think you can compare her to Rihanna after one song! And please refrain from calling me a s*** with a name like “Ritas Lip Stick” you should definitely take a seat, when you say Rita what do you actually mean? is that a reference towards your love for corination street? who knows. Anyway, its a bit aimless to call someone a s*** over a blog, theres only so much you can do with words and f****** every letter in the alphabet isnt one of them.

  4. MISHKA June 1, 2012

    It makes sense. She won the Billboard for best…steamer (whaaat?) or whatever, so…yeah.

  5. Speechless June 1, 2012

    social 50? is this a new chart?

    • Ugh June 1, 2012

      it’s ridiculous!!!

      • darren June 2, 2012

        Next they will have a chart for the most sexual partners you had in the industry and Rihanna will get that one too. lol. Other note Beyonce’s Clint Eastwood movie.

  6. RitasLipStick June 1, 2012

    number one where?
    Social chart?
    Story of your life heaux!

    • El Santo June 1, 2012

      In the social chart and 9 times in the Billboard Chart,… can someone tell me in USA where is “How we dow”? I cant see it…

  7. Gilberto June 1, 2012

    Good for her. Hm, but what’s the point of having millions and millions of followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook if they aren’t buying your records? See Battleshit, Talk That Flop and her singles… They all flopped.

    • truegirl June 1, 2012

      beyonce not making no money what happen to her big comback zzzzzzzzz still waiting by the 4 day nobody was checking on her LOL

      • 0_o June 1, 2012

        Beyonce made 43 million without a tour, so sit. Rihanna could never make that kind of money if she did what Beyonce did, which was basically sit on her ass for most of the year. Check the networth boo, Rihanna 75 million, Beyonce 300 million.

      • truegirl June 1, 2012

        she never made the forbes list this year i bet 200 million of it is jay Z money girl have not made no money sense 2008

      • 0_o June 1, 2012

        @TrueGirl See now, Beyonce has made more money then Jay-Z (check Forbes 2009) don’t speak nonsense when you can’t even spell ‘since’ you’re an idiot. Beyonce did make Forbes list, obviously not as high considering she had a child & didn’t tour. If you think Beyonce only has money cause of Jay you’re even more delusional then I thought. Beyonce has multi million dollar endorsements with L’Oreal, her own fragrance that earned her 2 awards, & a production company. Not to mention she makes 1 million per show. You’re reaching.

      • WhySoStupid? June 1, 2012

        @TrueGirl You’re a f****** idiot lmao! Forbes only counts the amount of money an artist makes on their own, just cause Jay-Z makes 50 million doesn’t mean they’ll count it as Beyonce’s money. In that case Beyonce would be a billionaire. They count the sales, endorsements, & overall revenue of the artist. So yes Beyonce is worth 300 million. You’re just too stupid for logic.

      • Gilberto June 1, 2012

        Beyoncé made over $4 million on Revel’s four-night concerts. It was critically and commercially successful. It was so successful that they added new dates. Oh! I forgot. They were all SOLD OUT. Do you know the meaning of “sold out”? Of course you don’t, you stan to a flop. Everyone in the industry is saying that Beyoncé is one of the best performers of all time and the best of her generation. Aren’t you reading the articles? You can can only read tweets! YOU’RE BASIC. BASIC B****. LMFAO.
        P.S. Obama family was there. Your fave could never.
        P.S.2. I slayed you and your fave.
        P.S.3. Call me teacher, b****! ‘Cause I’m schooling you ho!

      • :) June 1, 2012

        @Truegirl LMAO B**** YOU GOT DRAGGED!

    • WHUT June 1, 2012

      The more POIGNANT Question is how much money did YOU MAKE in your PAUPER CUP making rounds on the STREET CORNER!!!!!! Which BTW also Happens to be the NUMBER 1 STOCKING SITE for Fossil-yonce’s LATEST ALBUM!!! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

      • WhySoStupid? June 1, 2012

        I made 34 cents, kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Your sarcasm isn’t to be taken serious when your gravitar is a picture of a cat.

  8. MONSTERHIVE June 1, 2012

    Bey stan or not, if you’re not following Rihanna on Twitter, delete your Twitter. Yes she’s a hotmess, but she does the up most, like posting photos of strippers. She’s probably the most entertaining celeb to follow. I love she on Twitter & Instagram, keeping being a mess Riri, you like it I love it!

    • MONSTERHIVE June 1, 2012


  9. FixThatFace June 1, 2012

    You mean to tell me with 20 million followers you can’t get a number 1 album?! The Navy should be ashamed, she has released 6 albums, that’s 6 chances for you to gather your coins & support your fav, & you guys failed 6 times!? No wonder she has so many #1 singles, they cost $1.29, an album costs $10. #CHEAPNAVY

  10. haterzstaypressed June 1, 2012

    Samm boo boo… just to let you know. Rita Orka is a non mothafuckin’ factor in the United States and elsewhere. You can have the UK Charts but we all know here in the states is what counts. Is the b**** even on the BB100? iTunes? Her s*** is not hitting here because no one likes her look or how she sounds. If I wanted to hear Rita Ora, I’d listen to Jessie J or Neon Hitch or every other UK import. Not amused.

    And I’m not necessarily a Rihanna fan. Blah to them all. 😆

  11. NATURALBEAUTY June 1, 2012

    This is almost as pathetic as when people were trying to break Vevo records.

  12. ChristophersNoseRing June 1, 2012

    Millions of followers.
    Millions of ‘fans’.
    Countless number singles.
    But no number one albums?

    Ken you shay payeuluh!

    • RihannasHairFlick June 1, 2012

      Oh… but… Fame… hasn’t….even sold… a million copies yet.

      And you….want to….talk about…sales?

      Eat…my….billboardhot 100 slaying c****** and thank whoever it is that you worship that my Queen was gracious enough not to send your glorified dancer to jail for what he did to her.

      • darren June 2, 2012

        But who’s talking about FAME which was a #1 album. So what if did not sell 1 million copies it’s still the #1 album.And what did he do to her that she did not do to him. All of that story has yet to come out and until it does I’m not paying those photoshop pictures any attention.

        Beyonce’s Clint Eastwood movie coming soon

  13. sashay June 1, 2012

    why do the same people come on Rihanna’s thread every freaking day and say the same ole tired s***. If you don’t like her (which obviously you don’t ) skip the post. aren’t you tired typing the same message daily.

  14. Suicide Blonde June 1, 2012

    Thatgrapejuice……Shades and more shades, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are the big deal right now, get over it, Beyonce never had a big impact on Pop Culture, don’t lie to yourself, big impact in Music in the past 14 years, only two, Britney Spears (1998) and Lady Gaga (2008), Rihanna and Gaga are the most acclaimed female singer of this generation, Rita WHO?.

    F*** You! if you think i should be sorry.

    • ty June 1, 2012

      haahah u so deluded rihanna most acclaime female singer this genaration r u on crack

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2012

        No, like Whitney Houston say crack is whack. I use cocaine.

    • YUMADTHO June 1, 2012

      Let’s talk about pop culture, cause Beyonce didn’t have the biggest song of the decade “Crazy in Love” ask VH1 & NME magazine & countless references to that one song. Cause Single Ladies wasn’t one of the biggest dance phenomenon’s of the decade (even the president did it), cause she didn’t break a Twitter record when she announced her pregnancy when she didn’t even Tweet. I usually agree with you but not on this one. If anything Rihanna is known more for her scandals than her talents or music.

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2012

        YUMADTHO, I don’t say Rihanna has the same impact of LADY GAGA or Britney Spears, i say Britney and Gaga and yes! is truth, Beyonce didn’t had a big impact, Crazy in Love was voted by those fans of her, i don’t care about that, Single Ladies was the parody of all songs, Twitter record i don’t even have a twitter account, i don’t care for celebrities, i don’t even follow Rihanna on Facebook or any other celebrity except for Madonna and some Rock Bands and Music Legends like Bruce Springsteen.

      • YUMADTHO June 1, 2012

        Fans couldn’t vote on VH1 or the magazine dear, otherwise Justin Bieber would have taken it.

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2012

        YUMADTHO, still is not the best song of the 00’s.

      • darren June 2, 2012

        100% agree @Yumadtho

        Rihanna known for her Scandals

    • Stephen June 1, 2012

      Yes, Rihanna and Lady GaGa have had a larger impact than Beyonce in terms of pop culture, but you can’t say Rihanna and Lady GaGa are the most acclaimed female singers of their generation when they both can barely sing and are passable vocalists at best

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2012

        Stephen, Beyonce is not from this Generation, this is the generation of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Kesha. the star of the past generation were Britney, Christina, J.Lo, Beyonce, Pink ect, ect…and Britney was the most successful among them.

    • mobwife June 1, 2012

      LOL Rihanna wouldn’t have any impact if she hadn’t spent 3 yrs being propped up by the feminist psychopaths of A-merr-i-ca *George W, Bush voice* pushing her up the music/media ladder at ever turn. I wonder where she would be if she had not thrown the 1st punch 3 yrs ago? ummm I know, she would be back in her country selling rotten fruit out of a push-cart next to her crack addicted father!

  15. sashay June 1, 2012

    Furthermore tgj you’re ridiculous, petty and plain messy for keeping this crap going..someone has a hit record in their home country and you are comparing them to someone who has international #1..dumbass!!

  16. WHUT June 1, 2012


    Has Steve Wonder LENT me his EYE BALLLLSSSSSS FOR THE EVENING?????????

    This CANT be LIFE!!!!!!!!! This F****** CANNOT be LIFE!!!!!

    Have I REALLY waltzed into this thread and BORE WITNESS to a Fossil-yonce stan with the FAT HAIRY BALLS to call Talk that Talk singles flops??????

    BETCHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GET ME A RESPIRATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GET ME A F****** RESPIRATOR NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    These b****** talking SINGLES???


    WHEN the BUMS stan for the OLDEST P**** POPPER ALIVE, a ol ass b**** who was there when MOESES PARTED the red sea THEN P****-POPPED ha fossil ass through the PATH and hasn’t seen TOP TEN single in WHAT NOW….55-65 years???????????

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! and that is DESPITE releasing EVERY SINGLE LAST TRACK on ha flop as album with an ACCOMPANYING VIDEO!!!!!!!! NOT TO MENTION dragging ha QUOTE pregnant END QUOTE fossil puss to 50 BACK TO BACK shows an HOUR to promote them!!!!!!!! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

    I MEAN the muppet performed Run the World of Flops-Fossils APPROXIAMTELY 900 times in a FIVE MINUTE TIMESPAN and STILL couldn’t see the INSIDE of a top 10 ANYWHEREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! KI KI KI KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

    • Yourmom June 1, 2012

      6 chances no number 1 album kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

      30 is old now?!! Now that’s a bigger kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

      A platinum album that sold 320K first week & debuted at #1 is a flop? Now that is THE biggest

      • WHUT June 1, 2012

        First off BUM!!!!

        Seeing has you just SHITTED yourself out of Fossil-yonces A*** to come into MY REPLY BOX!!!! I will have you WIPE your FAT disgusting hooves on the mat if you PLEASE. THANKS MUCH!!!!

        SECONDLY! What did that Number 1 album do for you huh boo????

        If I’m not mistaken we have OVERTAKEN no 4oreign appeal/ 4closed/ un4tunate in HALF OF THE TIME!!

        and YES clown you stan for a OL ASS B**** TRYING TO BE YOUNG KIIIIII!!!

        I suppose the Fossil clown sang who run the world WOMEN?? OH WAIT NOOOOOO???? she sang “GIRLLSSSS???”

        WHAT PART OF a near 500 year old fossil is a GIRL hmmmmmmmmmm?????


      • Yourmom June 1, 2012

        I swear on my life I have no idea what you said, it makes no sense, specially the last 3 lines. All those #1 singles & yet the album hasn’t even sold over 900K in the US mean while 4 has went platinum & sold over 1.2 million in the US with no #1 single. & if you don’t think it’s pathetic that Rihanna who is one of the BIGGEST stars doesn’t have a #1 album after 6 releases then you’re just delusional, & yes it does matter. Kiiiiiiiiiiiiii f****** kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii b****!!!!!!

      • WHUT June 1, 2012

        You couldn’t understand? Ever thought it was because you’re a dim-witted semi-functional r*****?


        and I think it’s PATHETIC when a Fossil’s who her band of slobbering bum b****** DEEM the KANG of the ENTIRE MUSIC INDUSTRY produces an album with songs that COULDN’T PIN themselves to a CHART even if they had TALONS!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!

        BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH muppet!!! WE have OUTSOLD YOU!!! GOT THAT???? OUT SOLDDDDDDDD!!!! Slice and dice any which way you please FACTS ARE your KANG who YOU dummies deem the NEXT MJ has been OUTSOLD in HALF of the time HALF OF THE TIME.


      • Liquid June 1, 2012

        @WHUT I find it really hard to believe you don’t think it’s the least bit weird that Rihanna is so popular yet she has no #1 album. Conspiracy theory?

      • WHUT June 1, 2012

        Would that tie in with the conspiracy theory of a certain fossil writing all of her songs?

      • Liquid June 1, 2012

        Oh you got the WRONG one today, I am not a Beyonce stan or fan at all. My fav is dead so it’s irrelevant, now answer the question. Don’t dodge it dear, tell me why she doesn’t have a #1 album after 6 attempts. Don’t be scared, I’m open for explanation, cause I find it rather odd. When my fav was as popular as Rihanna he slayed everything including the charts & had numerous #1 albums. Now answers the damn question.

      • WHUT June 1, 2012

        Sureeeeeeeeeee you aren’t a Fossil-yonce stan YET you JUST HAPPENED to NOT be pressed in the LEAST bit so as to sashay ur ass into my post’s reply section for NO REASON at all.

        I dont blame though you boo I would “Judas” that flop ass criminal disaster if people thought I was a fan too.

    • Liquid June 1, 2012

      Lmao b**** please! My fav had genuine talent, Rihanna doesn’t have any! Which is why I don’t understand why she’s so famous! Keep thinking I’m a Beyonce stan. Now answer the question. STOP DODGING IT! I Don’t use Beyonce as an excuse, now answer!

      • WHUT June 1, 2012

        YES SIMPLETON!! LOWER the veil from your snout!!!

        So we see with this last grunt that you’re a clear Rihanna hater and what’s more a PRESSED hater at that.

        What did you SNORT again??? Oh RIGHT!!!!!!


        LOLOLOLOL!!! Muppet this is the sort of bleating synonymous with the most pressed of the pressed, and the most pressed of the pressed are NON OTHER than…..wait for it….. FOSSIL-YONCE STANS!!!

        To which you ARE!!!!

        You can “Peter” deny your fave more than 3 times but your clown ass isn’t fooling a soul here. My question still stands as well muppet. Forgot about that huh.

    • Meh June 1, 2012

      I see the Moses line TGJ stole they take like their favorite lol

    • Lax June 1, 2012


      • ohreally June 1, 2012


        They will not answer you, they are delusional and can’t except the fact that TTT is a flop smash number yet 4 has sold more with all its “flop” singles in the US. They are pressed that battleshit has flopped harder than RR lol haha that first day they were on here sayin how the movie was number 1 every where it opened and here we are 50mil in the US. They are mad that Bey can go do a four night concert and make 4 mil, and not have to sell her tickets as a 2 for 1 groupon special for $10.00. They will accept the fact that the navy are some broke ass b******, all these followers and bookers yet the b**** cant get a successful movie and only had 2 1/2 successful eras out of 6, f****** shame.

      • ohreally June 1, 2012

        Oh and @lax Bey is outdated but she can move better than Rihanna. Hell at this point Madonna can move better than Rihanna, so it sounds like she is the one outdated.

      • Lax June 2, 2012

        Yeaaaaah we know beyonce can move better than Rihanna with her fat
        bix built ass. I bet she ride jay’s old ass better too. There or many who can move better than rihanna can, Soooooooo Phucking what, is that all you bumb bytche have got???
        Rihanna moves good enough to drive Chris Brown ass Nutts.

        Beyonce pops her pu**y better then all of the diva’s dead and alive, so whaaaaaaat?

      • darren June 2, 2012

        What does Chris Brown have to do with Rihanna sucking his d*** or any other industry artist’s d***. Who was the one that called Chris to be on Birthday Cake remix? We are here about Rihanna post and I believe none of Chris fans are even here like dude XYZ.

  17. mobwife June 1, 2012


    It’s not about talent or entertainment just free media outlets that ANYONE CAN MAKE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS & USE! I was out down when it was reported that Rihanna and Lady Gaga purchased 10,000 liked for 7,000 dollars on faceBook! PURCHASING LIKES 0_o??? Okay, yeah congrats!! I guess she will give Justina Babble a run for her money at next year BBMAs for this award ! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • darren June 2, 2012

        I would have sent that to Rihanna too being that she lift the restraining order and they did their remixes together for the world to see that Rihanna has forgiven Chirs.

        I don’t believe that gossipcop blog anyway. They are like M**

      • darren June 2, 2012

        Also was this s*** on N. Bitchie blog? That is one of the most truthful blogs out.

    • Benron June 2, 2012

      Um, ur a liar!

  18. Auntie_Jackie June 1, 2012

    This isn’t an accomplishment, but okay.

  19. Gilberto June 1, 2012

    Who cares about it? 1 million followers =/= 1 million records sold! It’s a fact. R****** is the best example of this. Her millions of “fans” didn’t buy ‘Talk That Flop’. It failed to peak at #1. AGAIN. Where are all these “fans” at? I know for sure that they aren’t on the movies theaters watching Battleshit. LOL. ULTIMATE SHADE.
    Social 50 is a J O K E.

    • Lax June 1, 2012

      Yo ass cares AND EVERY ONE WHO TAKE THE TIME To click
      on a rihanna post to try and s*** talk the navy. No matter
      what come what may rihanna is still in the game and there
      is not a dam thing yo asses can do about it but bytche and you will
      be bytching till yo dying day because no matter how beyonce pops her pu**y rihanna will still be standing, hide and watch, bee hive.

  20. TwighlightInParis June 1, 2012

    Yoooossssss or the navy getting steam pressed because this is the only place she can she get a number one.
    Bey’s out here breaking records and killing stages and this bipolar wig wearing tabloid h** out here getting number ones on the POPULARITY chart.

    We’ll see how popular she’ll be when her looks start to fade.

    • Gilberto June 1, 2012

      Stream is for free. Don’t you know Rihtards can only afford $1 products? That’s why R******’s albums and movie tickets flop, but her singles do well. Actually, even her singles have been flopping lately. LMFAO. It’s time to Def Jam to sell her singles for 40 cents. She had done this before, so it won’t be a problem.

    • Lax June 1, 2012

      Hmmmm funnnny how beyonce’s ass has not
      made a hit since the goose laid a egg, LMAO!

      • ohreally June 1, 2012

        @Lax Her CD was a hit..#1, plat, and still sold more than TTT off of these same Billboard charts, the hive will spend $10 for the whole CD, because we believe in the total project….so you were saying? exactly please go help battleshit now 50mil in the US thats worst than John Carter….f**k me (in my jayz voice from TTT)

  21. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 1, 2012

    Irrelevant chart
    Billboard has messed up too much these last years. They need to do like the grammys, eliminate a few of their charts, too many.
    At least now old albums can return to the main Billboard 200 (albums) and hot 100 (singles) like we saw with Whitney Houston these last months. That was a good decision. If an old album is slaying the current ones, let it slay. Most of nowadays are average at best

  22. So So DEF June 1, 2012

    Beyonce and her family are so pathetic. Uneducated greedy fools that will soon be disposed of my their bosses as they ain’t moving no major units of anything, except lies and shade.

    • ohreally June 1, 2012

      I know Bey is wrapped around your mind but umm the post is about Rihanna topping the social billboard chart, not Bey.

  23. ratedxxx(you mad because?) June 1, 2012

    Some of these comments I be reading, are like wow

    First of all rihanna is not worth any where near 75 million…beyonce 300 million either

    Do u people believe every Damn yall read? Oh I forgot Forbes is the bible when it comes to celebs money

    • ohreally June 1, 2012

      oh girl here you go again with this….And people are suppose to believe you? Girl have several seats…Forbes is a credible source and pretty sure they know how to take a persons assets less their liability and get you their worth. Along with the countless amount of documents of financial records and statements.

  24. Gaaglooo! June 1, 2012

    Really?! Oookayyyy!!

  25. 100% REAL June 1, 2012

    People still don’t seem to get it. What makes Rihanna popular is her personality. As much as I like her, even I can agree that she’s not the best vocalist or performer around. But, she’s not the worse either. Regardless of all of that, people are drawn to her because she has “IT”. Being a singer or actress is not just about your skills, but people want to be able to know that they can relate to you. That would eventually show in a person’s personality. This is what wins and keeps fans. And, that’s what Rihanna has. That’s what makes her so appealing. So, if people are scratching their heads and asking, “What do people see in her?” Now, you know why.

  26. Lax June 1, 2012

    @ratedxxx i heard that!

  27. WHIPYPURA$$ June 1, 2012

    Rihanna is undeniable.

  28. Lax June 1, 2012

    Since Rihanna is often DOGGGGGGGED from sun up to sun down
    the NAVY will settle for each and every little thing we can achieve,
    because in this dog eat dog world of show business its hard to get
    and keep traction with all of the fish swimming in the water.

    We know and Rihanna know that beside the fish in the water there or
    sharks and Rihanna knows how to thread the waters carfully. Rihanna has
    learned very well how to fly and swim above and beyond the sharks and buzzards
    who stalks and lurk after her many achievements , no matter how big or how small
    theres always some one trying to beat her wheels off, amazing the power in her name.

  29. Lax June 1, 2012

    People can talk about her popularity and how shes this or that but there
    isn’t anything that let the public know about yo ass better than a 100 million
    dollar law suit like the one beyonce have got logged aganist her.
    I hope Rihanna learn how to keep it on the low with them mother law suits like that
    because that do not look or read very well at all , no matter how much money you or worth.

    • ohreally June 1, 2012

      The law suit is from pulling out of doing a video game. A VIDEO GAME ABOUT DANCING. SMH….Lets not forget Rihanna just got sued and had to pay up for STEALING. have a seat, thank you.

      • Benron June 2, 2012

        Lies, it didnt go thru!

  30. Lax June 1, 2012

    We shall see what rihanna is going to be worth when she has been in the business as long as beyonce has. Beyomce has many movies, soundtracks and many endorsements and royalties coming in and when she was rihanna’s age she did not have as much as rihanna has, read the credits. Rihanna is a work in Progress and for her age and the time she has been on the scene shes cooking with gas, bytches.

  31. Remey June 2, 2012

    I hate TGJ….

    They left out so many factors for why things are a bit more easier for Rita to claim a #1. Yes, I’m a Rih Stan, but I am never one to put Rih in check.

    However, the music scene has changed so much since 2007, especially with the aid of social media and the shift in technology. In 2007, it was harder to climb the charts as a new artist, which is why labels invested in an artists even if they didn’t spring high sales out the gate!

    Rita belongs to a time where social media and BLOG like THAT FLOP JUICE spread her name like wildfire. It’s a different time. And to be honest, the UK charts are not anything to flip out over. If you make it big in the U.S…..you have made it.

    So Rita has yet to impress me with numbers….let me see that #1 in the U.S. or in Rihanna’s case…let me see those GLOBAl #1’s. Either one will do.

  32. PrettigurlrockD June 2, 2012

    Who cares. Rihanna is garbage and she’s been losing steam since the before the album dropped. Let’s talk about other entertainers now cuz it’s obvious we will never get anything worth talking about from little miss fast food queen except nude pics on instagram.

  33. Lax June 2, 2012

    @PRETTIGURL,,,What ever she has been called more fancy names then garbage, like s****, untalented this and that but to many Rihanna is just as IMPORTANT AS YOU AND YO ENTIRE FAMILY. You can call her names till yo b*** fall off and we will still love and support her just like you support yo own, sweets! Stay bitter, broke and busted because at the end of the day RIHANNA IS LOVED!

    And once she get to the place where she can drop 4-6 albums and press, iron and squeeze double that many cd’s out of them then she will be doing it like BEYONCE is doing it. and according to ACHARTS beyonce has gotten all of the juice out of every album she has ever dropped. And with the power of beyonce i’d say that RIHANNA is a solid power house who can still “GET IT UP” so to say.
    With beyonce domination and trying to CONTROL THE MEDIA theres a wonder
    RIHANNA AND OTHERS names or even mentioned at all.

  34. Lax June 2, 2012

    All rih has to do is keep working she do not need for her haters to
    love her , the haters can keep doing what they do best and that is
    hate on her, the more the merrier, Prettigurl & haters because time
    will tell the true tells of a “MEGA STAR” Watch!

    Beyonce bagged this endorsement and money deal when she was 28 and Rihanna is still at the ripe old age of 24 and RIHANNA still have time on the clock thanks to the “ALMIGHTY” and theres not a thing her haters can do about it but Bytch like they always do best.

  35. Lax June 2, 2012

    @Gilberto & Natural Beauty its all good because hey that is the way things go….
    And even with her many drops she has to do what a girl has to do to keep
    up and its still all okay, sweets. Because for the many times that others has dropped
    music i would rather have the albums out there then not. All of them has to do what they can to stay aflooat and compared to manyyyyyy shes still “Standing Tall”, sweets!!!!!!

  36. Lax June 2, 2012

    @Bee Hive & Haters i wonder why is it that RIHAnna has dropped 6 albums
    and has a totsl of 8 albums according to ACHARTS
    some of them sound tracks etc therefore it don’t mattet if you droppen ten or a dozen it is still all about sales , sales sales. How many albums has kelly, mischelle,
    them dropped? And whos fault is that. Rihanna know that if at first you don’t succeed then you try and try again, Deery!
    Beyonce has nine albums and no one cares if they went #1 or #2 it is still all about Hits & Sales.

    • Gilberto June 2, 2012

      You just throw shade at your fave. Sorry! You’re really a basic b****. I have a lot to teach you. So call me teacher and read this:
      Dangerously In Love, B’Day, I Am… Sasha Fierce and 4 are studio albums. Music of The Flop, A Flop Like Me, Good Girl Flop Bad, Rated Flop, Flop and Talk That Flop are also studio albums. Get it?
      Beyoncé’s Live At Wembley, I Am… Yours and I Am… Tour are DVDS. BUT they included audio CDS of the live performances on their deluxe editions, so they’re allowed to chart as an album. But they aren’t studio albums, they are DVDS. LIVE PERFORMANCES FROM TOUR. Picture the difference? They aren’t albums, but DVDS.
      Above And Beyonce is a REMIX ALBUM and includes a DVD with music videos of IASF. R****** released two remix albums, Good Girl Flop Bad Remix and Rated Flop Remix. But they were a big flop and didn’t chart anywhere. In other hands, Above and Beyonce sold over 200k only in US, which it’s amazing for a remix album.
      R****** released a DVD as well. Good Girl Is Bad Live, but it was another failure. They didn’t include an audio CD of the live performances, so it wasn’t allowed to chart on album charts.
      P.S. Beyoncé is a massive DVD seller. She has sold over 1 million DVDS only in US. All her DVDS got multi-platinum certifications.

      I’m schooling h***!!!

      • Gilberto June 2, 2012

        And please, let’s stop using these bootleg charts. I’m here for official stuff.

    • darren June 2, 2012

      What’s is it with you. Why is Chris Brown so damn important on a Rihanna post? Do you want them back together? If not stop posting him wanting her which is nonsense. That tweet from Meek,Chris & Drake prove that, and this was recent and your Hollywoodlif is dated January 2012. Another M** blog

  37. Lax June 2, 2012

    @GILBERTO Why don’t you STFU……you or a hater in the worst way
    yo dumb ass think this world belongs to beyonce and it do not. No
    matter how good beyonce is theres alwasy some one else who is good, better or best, and if you don’t believe me then just ask “Adele”. Rihanna is on her own
    level and she is keeping shop with the likes of Gaga, kesha, who sold 12 million copies of “Tic Tok” more than any of beyonce’s songs has sold. not to mention that Gaga has sold circles around beyonce and has made more than beyonce ass has for three years straight.

    You lame bytches can Huff & Puff all you dam well pleases and you still will never be able to blow Rihanna, gaga, kesha and others houses down, Never. I know you or pissy as hell and want to see Rihanna and others take a back seat to beyonces Booty Pads but that shyt will never happen, Never. These “New Kids
    On The Block” or here to stay and they or fast becoming “Staples” in the Music Fabric of our lives and there isn’t a dam thing you bitter bytches can do but keep throwing them rocks and trying to down play their careers just like you have been doing for a while now.

    • darren June 2, 2012

      Don’t care about anything else but Rihanna looks nice in that s*** costume

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