Sugababes’ Amelle Opens Up On Original Line Up Reunion

Published: Saturday 23rd Jun 2012 by David

Earlier this year,the Sugababes faced reports that the group’s original line up were to reunite, months after former lead Keisha Buchanan was booted from the trio.

Sparking a legal battle which saw original member Mutya Buena win a number of rights to the band’s name, this week saw Amelle Berrebah weigh in on the reunion, which is set to launch a comeback LP later on in the year.

Her comments below…

Speaking to Maximum Pop she explained:

Do you know what, yeah I am! I’ve got no bad blood; I’m not someone who’s like that.

No, I think they’re all very talented.

It’s interesting ‘cos I haven’t heard anything from Siobhan in so long – I’m quite intrigued because she’s so talented, her songwriting ability is amazing and she’s done a lot of songwriting for other artists.

I’ve been following her silently for a while. Mutya’s obviously got one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. And Keisha, a very talented person who’s also got a great voice. I’m intrigued, I’m intrigued…in a good way!

Amelle’s niceties arrive before the release of her solo LP, due out in the first week of September. It also comes after she revealed fellow band mate Jade Ewen was also crafting a solo release, while Heidi continues to pursue a career in presenting.

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  1. NoNo June 23, 2012


  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 23, 2012

    I actually really wanted to hear what Heidi, Amelle and Jade had been working on for the past 2 years. I’m in the minority here, but I thought ‘Freedom’ was an amazing pop song, one of the band’s best since ‘Push The Button’. These 3 girls were never given a chance tbh. ‘Sweet 7’ was a concept that Keisha condoned, but apparently Amelle and Heidi weren’t really sure about it and Jade was rushed in the studio to record her vocals, so no real connection with the material whatsoever. I wish they had been given the chance to release the music THEY had recorded.

    • bips June 23, 2012

      @ asap i could be interested to listen to what they got in store if they decide to change their name!!!!
      when they decide to get rid of keisha why don’t they put their s*** together and record new stuff if rihanna can record an album in 1 month i’m sure they can ….sweet 7 has been released one month after keisha ‘s been booted so they had time….. actually i think that jade is talented amelle had a nice voice but she’s always been a girl who likes trouble…i could care less of heidi i find her boring

  3. bips June 23, 2012

    that h** knows she had nothin to say…..she knows that when the originals will release their stuff nobody will remember that carbon copy that she tries to create with jade and heidi…… b**** ruins one of the best girl band ever!!!smh

  4. i’m not throwing shade, but… June 23, 2012

    This is stupid, she was hardly going to say “i cant stand those’s b******, i hope they flop and burn” She hopes to remain in the business so she has to be nice, the problem is that not many people really liked her. If she treated the Sugababes as a business she would still be in the industry now

  5. kelly June 23, 2012

    When Keisha was kicked out from the group she formed by this ARAB girl…… That was really the start of the end for black women in the English music industry.

    In Typical British fashion against black women….they tagged Keisha, teh same thing they did Misha B, Kelly Rowland : A bully!

    I am not even sure that the Brit public will take the sugababes back – a lot has changed in the music industry. It is not black girl friendly – unless you are American / Light skin looking.

    As Amelle is good looking and exotic, i she will probably signed by these theirsty black american men who dont mind linking up with white girls who make black women life hell . Cheryl Cole / Tulisa

  6. Martyn June 23, 2012

    She needs to shut her chavvy little cake hole.

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