Hot Shots: Rita Ora Channels ‘Thug Life’ In Zurich

Rita Ora embraced her ‘inner G’ yesterday, during a promo run in Zurich yesterday.

Channeling her inner Tupac, the ROC star’s intimate snaps surfaced online days before she joins Rihanna, Drake and Nicki Minaj at this year’s ‘Wireless Fest’ in London.

More below…

Live in the US? Download Rita’s ‘How We Do (Party)’ here.

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  1. LoDiddy July 3, 2012

    Oh Gurl..

    • Lax July 3, 2012

      Rita this is who you favor the most…..

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      This is who you or trying to be on the down low, rita.

  2. Auntie_Jackie July 3, 2012

    She’s cute, looks like she’s having fun.

  3. speaks truth July 3, 2012

    Omg she as cornrows!! She is soooo gangsta and about ‘that life’…wonder how many drive bys she done….thanks for playing up to the stereotype tgj…us blacks appreciate it masser

    • DUH July 3, 2012

      its not even that serious….

  4. chase July 3, 2012

    ok she looks cool but inner G as a black man in 2012 im offened she anit black!!!

    • Lax July 3, 2012

      She’s white and that is why i know it isn’t Rih that
      shes trying to be like and besides that what in the
      hell or we going to do with two Rihanna’s when the
      haters think that Rih is talentless and besides that …

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      Height:5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
      Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
      Full Name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty
      Marital Status: Single
      Children: None
      Education: Combermere High School,C.F.B Memorial 1° School
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      She dated R&B singer Chris Brown until February of 2009, when she called police and accused him of beating her in their car after a pre-Grammy Awards party. Brown later pleaded guilty to a charge of felony assault in exchange for a sentence of five years of probation.

      • Benron July 3, 2012

        126 pounds as of when, as of early 2012 she was apparently an estimated 140 so…… But she id get skinny ow!

    • KANG !!! July 3, 2012

      Rihanna is that you ?

      • kelly July 3, 2012

        Of course not. Rihanna looks young. This thing has lines and wrinkles. It claims to be 21.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 3, 2012

      hahahahahaha yes for the GIF.

    • D.Strock July 3, 2012


    • Meh July 4, 2012

      perfect gif LOL

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 4, 2012

      that c*** was SO STIFF

  5. This B**** July 3, 2012

    This b**** needs to find her own identity.

    • Lax July 3, 2012

      Yes she does and if it was anybody else biting off
      another artist the loosers would be giving them
      hell hey rita this is another Gansta shes griving her
      granny now funny “The Grape” MUST BE TAKING MY ADVICE
      and not posting on her loss when the sun, mirrow, ny times and other outlets did give Rihanna’s granny a mention this lets me know that they hate rihanna ror real and that is so
      dam sad…..The navy will survive bytches.***-grammy-dress-pics/#photo-1

      • Lax July 3, 2012

        And so will Rihanna because you all or known
        for kicking Rih Rih harder but this too shall Pass…
        Keep kissing Rita ass because she’s going to need it.
        Trust shes not wired with hard wires like Rih is wired

  6. HottieHellYeahh July 3, 2012

    Rita Whora is the biggest swagga jackin’ b**** on Planet.

    Honey, Rihanna shits all over you.

    • Ugh July 3, 2012

      why is she a w**** though? you mentioned Rihanna in the same post….LOL

      • kelly July 3, 2012

        She is a w**** because it is evident she fuxx for tracks, rolex watches and chanel. I am convinced she fuxx’d Jay Z .

  7. soulmusiclover July 3, 2012

    yoo!! rita wants to be rihanna so bad!! she really is a stalker!! too bad, she will never have her level of success even though she s more talented

    • karla July 4, 2012

      Single white female. Rihanna better watch out for this stalker.

  8. Suicide Blonde July 3, 2012

    She has no future.

  9. King yolk July 3, 2012

    Lol she really wants to be rhianna ,rhianna is a icon because she is rhianna she never tried to be like beyonce ketty Kelly Rowland Ciara she carved her own swagg but I guess everybody wants to rhianna take a walk threw the. City even team breezy girls look like baby rhiannas.rita take time out m b u

    • TeamBreezy July 3, 2012

      well said

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 3, 2012

      Oh Please!!! Rihanna Jacked Fefe Dobson that is not developing ur own style. Back off of Rita! Stop Judging her.

      • kelly July 3, 2012

        Fefe dobson was never a mega star. You can do it, if the perosn is unknown. Rihnanna is one of the most famous women – that is what makes the swagger jacking stupid. Who steals from an A lister?

      • Lax July 5, 2012

        Where if fe fe’s ass now? what has she done
        here lately, Sucker?

  10. monstarebel July 3, 2012

    smh f***** pathetic wanna be black b****

  11. monstarebel July 3, 2012

    b**** you’ll never be rihanna!!!

  12. karla July 3, 2012

    I’m offended this Whitey think its cute to wanna be black. Girl get an identity. They don’t look like that in Albania. She is such a fraud.

  13. TeamBreezy July 3, 2012

    I like her but why does she KEEP Swagga Jackin Riri?? …dare I say Gwen Stefani as well…

  14. Speaks Truth July 3, 2012


  15. D.Strock July 3, 2012

    *channels Rihanna
    Like doesn’t she have “thug life” tattooed on her knuckles. Anybody else pick up on that shade?

  16. Rita ora is the future July 3, 2012

    Yawn. Pressed haters. Go Rita.

    • Lax July 4, 2012

      Rita is the fut….keep trying to convince others
      of how smart you really are,,,,because if shes
      yo future that shows many that you really or
      riding the hell out of that Short Bus…lol

  17. kelly July 3, 2012

    Look at this ugly elderly looking wrinkle white girl trying to act black AND like Rihana. Rihann was the first one to do the thug life for a female…then this white biaatch tries it. She has been dressing like 2PAC all week.

    Jay Z is a c***. He did not sign Rita because of talent, he signed her cos she is white. If he wanted Talent, why not push melanie Fiona – who, BTW sand the blood out of her veins at the BET awards. In fact every woman at the BET awards sings Rita to hell.

    It is not just the black blogs, even the white blogs are calling this thing a Rihanna wannabe. I have been saying from day one, Rita Ora does not want to be an artist, she wants to be Rihanna and the glamorous famous A list life Rihanna has.

    She is not gonna make it. No one likes blatant carbon copies of huge acts. Whether Rih can sing or not – she is A list. All the britney spears wannabes flopped; all the N sync and backstreet boys wannabe flopped; Jessie J tried to be katy perry – flopped – in the USA.

    She cannot sing – Singing to me is Monica.
    She is ugly and old looking – even Carly Jae looks better and fresher
    She is swagger jacking the hell out of Rih
    She has a flat, stodgy, shorty, dumpy white girl body
    She has lines and wrinkles and looks 35

    • Lax July 4, 2012

      @KELLY PREACH, Its the truth anyway and the bee hive
      is all making themselves look like the stark dam fools
      they always or because its very clear that they try and
      go after any one or anything that they think can beat Rihanna’s wheels off. Its clear that rihanna dances to
      the beat of her own drums and it makes the grape, bee
      hive and rih’s haters mad as hell always. They low rate rih and call her name and as everyone can see rihanna has
      shown them over and over again that she came to win and
      if rihanna hasn’t been set on the side lines by the likes of
      the big girls white and black, like britney, beyonce, gaga ,
      mary j and willow smith and the ex destiny girls then i know dam well that on a half assed day rihanna is still
      holding her own and if jay did not know that rihanna is a bander then he would have stopped MANGING her years ago since beyonce’s ass is as jealous as ohuck over rihanna’s sisteen minutes has passed and rihanna is still standing its going to take rita, beyonce and the haters to out gunn and out pace the “Caribbean”, Rihanna!

      • Lax July 4, 2012

        Friends of mine has been really getting a kick out of
        the Fact that Rihanna one single “WFL” has out sold all of
        beyonce’s singles all put together and the bee hive is still trying to have their claim to the race by bey’s LacK LUSTER SALES There has been articles about how is rihanna’s career, dah, dah, dah and if others went to number 1 in the Uk and is doing great with singles like Rita went in the Uk that was front page News here at the grape but Rihanna
        song “wfl” going platium has never been mentioned, sounds like some one is bitter and if rihanna’s singles ain’t jack then why is beyonce and rita’s singles hitting number one NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!Or anyone else for that matter!!!!

    • Stans Make Me LOL July 4, 2012

      Why does everyone on this site wish failure on other people with such passion?
      Rita will be fine, just leave her be, focus on your own career and stop living for/ though celebrities.

      Plus you are aware that Rihannas’ change of style every era is not just because she likes to change her look, it’s because she swagger jacks new UP and COMING artists!

      -Girl Like Me (Beyonce/ Christina Milian Successfully SWAGGER JACKED)

      – Good Girl Gone Bad (Fefe Dobson Successfully SWAGGER JACKED)

      – Rated R (Lady Gaga Successfully SWAGGER JACKED)

      – Loud (I have a feeling this was the true Riri, hence her most successful era)

      – Talk the Talk (MIA/ Rita Ora Successfully SWAGGER JACKED with CONVICTION)

      Anyone who changes their style so often doesn’t have original swagger for anyone the Jack so stop the foolishness.

      Home girl needs to remove those braids though, I don’t like white people trying be black by being gangster, not all of us are about that life.

      • kelly July 4, 2012

        Rated R swagger jacked lady Gaga? She has a song rudebwoy….I never knew lady Gaga was west indian. I never knew lady gaga had short edgy cut.

      • kelly July 4, 2012

        Linda Evangelista – the iconic supermodel changed her look. IT IS CALLED BEING A chameleon.

      • kelly July 4, 2012

        And yet Rih is bigger than all the acts you excuse her of swagger jacking. EVEN GAGA. Rih swagger jacked Gaga? LOL LOL LOL You are a joker!

      • Benron July 4, 2012

        Sos, Unfaithful and break it off were the singles, sound nothing like either of the artist you named so girl like me copied nothing.

        Fefe dobson’s fans compared RATED R to her, nto Good girl gone bad, cuz that had no similarities, B**** BYE!

        Rated R sounded nothing like Gaga

        and what swagger did Rita have in september 2011 when talk that talk was recorded and shot, STFU U WILL DEAL!

      • Stans Make Me LOL July 5, 2012

        LOL. WOW. U guys are as slow as f***!

        Did I say anything about swagger jacking music? I am clearly talking about style/fashion. Look at the Style of Riri’s Rated R era compared to Gaga’s Fame era, You will see swagger jacking.
        Rihanna steals from her lessors to kill their game before they come up and kill her reign. Anyone who studies or knows business will be familiar with this strategy. Nothing is wrong with it, it’s very smart in fact, but lets not be delusion, just call a spade a spade.

      • Lax July 5, 2012

        @STAN MAKE ME….BYTCH Why don’t yo ass
        practice what you preach?

  18. kelly July 3, 2012

    If u go on her twitter page and read the tweets from her WHITE friends that are mocking blacks in a patronising manner. They even use the N word. This is what makes Jay Z a slave c*** – here he his using his money on this white girl, and yet her WHITE friends look down their noses and MOCK blacks.

    Do you really think Jews or ASians WILL promote any race that mocks or looks down their race?

    • Lax July 4, 2012

      Hell to the naaaaah, kelly preach kelly.

  19. Benron July 3, 2012

    Oh please, he is trying to stir up hits. P.S. Her forhead looks the same size as Rihanna’s/Anyone with their hair pinned back! ….

    • Lax July 4, 2012

      @BENRON True

  20. kelly July 3, 2012

    You know what makes this whole thing tragic? Jay Z sat at the BET awards on sunday and watched Melanie Fiona, Chante Mooore ( for 2 mins ) Monica, Brandy sing the blood out of their veins…..and all he does is c*** and pour millions over this wanna be Rihanna / black fly girl.

    That just sums up self hating black men. If he wanted a white girl, why could he not find the next Spice girls? Why go for something black and gloss it over with this white girl?

    Before anyone mentions elvis – that was white people who pushed him as the king of rock and roll, and Elvis has more talent in his left finger than this thing. Plus Elvis was a genuine friend of Jackie Wilson and the black legends who taught – If he was alive, he would never tweet disrespectful ish like ” hatin ASS biaatch. Who comes in the game as a rookie – unproven and tweets that about a Mega star who you are trying to be? Then all of Rita white friends re tweeted it too.
    Rita is so jealous to see a black woman reign over her.

    Even Rita talks about beyonce, like she is small time…she had the nerve to say Beyonce does not faze me, I just see her as the bosses wife…..and who is she?

    • I Judge Flops July 3, 2012


    • Lax July 4, 2012

      Beyonce had bettwr watch this rita chick and stop
      trying to spend her time here lately on trying to
      out dress, and out look Kimmy cakes,,,lol.

      Behonce has been so set on trying to make Rihanna
      seem like the out side chick and rihanna has proven
      that she has “Staying Powers” and she don’t give
      a fat phuck if the bossssse wife is beyonce or
      green leaf tea. To rihanna she is just as hipped,
      schooled and as read bread if not better then the
      camels wifey who wants it all still to this day, and
      beyonce will spring out on rita’s ass in lickey split
      because beyonce flaunts the fact that shes jay’s
      wife to all of his girls he has hired and not hired, lol
      and don’t kniw one give a ohuck about her being the
      wife because from the looks of things jay and bey
      deservse each other,,,lol. they or two peas and a pod.
      Beyonce was all pissy with rih and trying to give her a
      hard time as quiet as its kept but thank goodness beyonce came to realize that she is the only one for jay
      shyt thank goodness because beyonce was and is still
      planning to show rihanna up each and every chance she gets watch.

  21. kelly July 3, 2012

    Rita is rock solid jealous of Rihanna. She cannot believe that a black girl can be that famous. Rita was on T4 on sunday and the presenter asked her question and mentioned Rihanna being gorgeous and fly. The look on Rita’s face: She was seething, angry and trying ti hide her disgust her when the presenter put up a picture of Rihana.

    She always talks about Rihanna interviews , even saying, ” Rihanna is part of the roc nation family, always has been, always will be ” You could tell SHE is not happy about that.

  22. I Judge Flops July 3, 2012


    • kelly July 3, 2012


    • kelly July 3, 2012

      A B**** ! And get some botox around your eyes and mouth area.

  23. Jer July 3, 2012

    Yes. I love that look. Shes serving Rihanna realness.

  24. xedos July 3, 2012

    even the watch is like rihanna’s all of a sudden she ‘s into tupac next thing she’s going o say she’s black. i would be surprise maybe her mama had an affair i with a UN soldier. i still don’t think she knows who her dad is .

  25. chase July 4, 2012

    COPY CAT I hate ppl that copy get your own IDENTITY

  26. Lax July 4, 2012

    No matter what this rita chick accomplish or do we will
    never ever want another Rihanna we or happy with rihanna
    being rihanna and rita just need to find her own idenity, period.
    And the more she bites off rih the harder it is going to be for her
    to get her Own Identity. Because with all of the blondes in the
    game and xtina coming back, pink, gaga, katy, taylor, and the rest
    of the MICROWAVE music as the grape calls rihanna’s music this
    chick had better find herself her Own.
    OOOOOPS, Not any of the others do pop corn, micro wave music it’s only
    rihanna now ain’t that something, as long as rihanna can get a single to
    churn out platium 8 times in this climax of the music business i say to hell
    with those talking about rihanna’s singles at least RIHANNA IS GOOD FOR
    RIHANNA’S SONG “UMBRELLA ALONG”. And since it’s only rih and calvin
    on “WFL” i know that their cuts of that BANGER IS GREAER THEN GREAT.

  27. commanderofthedancefloor July 5, 2012

    ok, so rihanna goes blonde and aparently she is copying rita. but rihanna will sooner copy beyonce than rita, im just saying.

    but rita is going thug, which rihanna is the only current pop artist to do that, and you say nothing? rihanna has been doing this and obviously rita jacked it, hunny come with something more original.

  28. Myra July 7, 2012

    Rita was born in yugoslavia/kosovo and grew up in the UK. I cant believe that they actually want us to believe that this Albanian girl is black. Do the really think that a we are that stupid. I agree with people when they say she has a style extremely similar to rihanna, but thats not what bothers me most. Its that they are blatantly trying to pass her off as black as if we are that stupid.

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