Katy Perry Performs At Macy’s 4th Of July ‘Fireworks Spectacular’

Published: Thursday 5th Jul 2012 by David

In celebration of  US Independence Day yesterday, singer/songwriter Katy Perry hit the stage on Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, welcomed by hoards of adoring fans.

Using the gig as promo platform for her recently released ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’ flick, Perry served  live helpings  of ‘Part of Me’ and the smash hit ‘Firework’, dressed in a festive take on the US national flag.

Her patriotic set below…

‘Part of Me’



Many thanks to our friends over at Neon Limelight.

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  1. the real xoxo July 5, 2012

    wow, that part of me performance was DIRE.
    and at her best she is still an average singer. just goes to show you dont need talent to be successful in the music industry, you just need to know the right people.

  2. Lax July 5, 2012

    And with taxes high, food, medical and dental i feel
    like average would be good for me and my friends
    right now especially if we could net over 40 million
    like katy has done two years straight, eaisly.

    • Lax July 5, 2012

      Being able to be a Belter don’t matter it seems because many or known to not be good and they or still getting paid, bank like these people right here are….

      Rank Name Pay Money Rank TV/Radio Rank Press Rank Web Rank Social Rank
      Jennifer Lopez
      $52.0 M 30 10 22 13 19
      Oprah Winfrey
      $165.0 M 1 1 13 19 18
      Justin Bieber
      $55.0 M 24 4 9 9 3
      $53.0 M 27 23 11 5 2
      Lady Gaga
      $52.0 M 30 3 1 8 1
      Britney Spears
      $58.0 M 20 26 34 15 11
      Kim Kardashian
      $18.0 M 77 5 35 6 16
      Katy Perry
      $45.0 M 36 21 18 7 4
      Tom Cruise

      • Lax July 5, 2012

        So whos good, better or best is Subjective!

      • Lax July 5, 2012

        There’s loretta lynn, d pardon, porter wagner, beyonce,
        katy, mariah, jennifer, rihanna, monica, kelly, gaga, madonna, jay, em, dre, lil wayne, and they all have
        their own fans who will follow their ASSES to the four
        corners of the Universe!!!

  3. JER July 5, 2012

    Katy Perry can’t sing live to save her life. I’m so over her shoved down everybody’s throats. This whole movie thing is just beyond the beyond.

    • LTM July 5, 2012

      Your so sick of her being showed down your throat but you clicked on her post at your own free will. Im positive that counts as being pressed

  4. Lax July 5, 2012

    Katy’s ass looks Great!

  5. KINGB July 5, 2012

    good performances

  6. skintightjeans July 5, 2012

    B**** think she is Madonna in the Truth or Dare movie….ain’t nobody interested except 13 year old losers who want to wear blueberry muffin wigs…..sit!

    • LTM July 5, 2012

      Her movie will slay and you will deal

  7. Gilberto July 5, 2012

    She’s still milking this era. OMG! Her album is barely 2x Platinum after 2 years, an intensive promotion, a re-release, several hit singles, etc. DEAD. She can’t sing, doesn’t have any stage presence, her songs sound like s***. Only 10-year-old girls and f*** listen to her crap.

    • LTM July 5, 2012

      Keep hating sweetheart while Katy keeps winning

      • LORD July 6, 2012

        and WHAT KIND of WINNING?????

      • LORD July 6, 2012

        and Do you say that “Y” after “Cat” with a straight face?

    • Queen Brit Brit July 5, 2012

      Floponce should take notes from Katy tbh. If she did 4 wouldnt have flopped hard

      • fresh July 5, 2012

        dont be stupid… beyonce needs not take advice from perry on beyonce’ second album she sold twice as much as katy did with just 2 number 1’s sooo please get it together,

        katy is trying and its an admirable attempt but she and this era needs to sit,…. its a RAP

      • LORD July 6, 2012

        Why didn’t Britney take notes from FLOPonce to save Femme Fatale then?

        another thing, well, No!

        FLOPonce has sold over 70M albums and over 50M singles during the past 16 years.

        She doesn’t need to take notes from a 17yrs old teenager like Kandy-Tits Perry who has sold like 10M albums.

        Beyonce is the full package, you and that FLOP b**** will deal

    • ITSVERRYPERRY July 5, 2012

      go watch the movie then talk b**** …… no stage presence hahahahha did u even watch the vids???

      • LORD July 6, 2012

        We don’t support FLOPS. That’s why!

        Other than King B, we don’t support anyone but Queen Adele and Lady GaGa.

        Not Kandy-Tits Perry.

        Our King B is so fierce, so cheerful, and has it all!!!

      • ITSVERRYPERRY July 6, 2012

        out of QUEEN B ( not kings she’s not a t*****) lol, Adele and Madonna number 2. NO ONE had their tour film in cinemas WORLD WIDE…so u can carry on “not supporting” becasue clearly that doesn’t make a difference what so ever

    • ITSVERRYPERRY July 5, 2012

      p.s note there is no such thing as “milking”, ur seeing katy everywhere because people WANT katy everywhere. LOL its not a matter of katy pleading and begging people..its the people that plead and beg her to do the shows. so deal with it! and like i said if u have any issues watch the film, then we can talk ..trust me u won’t be sick of her no more

      • theman July 5, 2012

        Beyonce’s second album sold 3.3 million units, Katy’s latest album has sold nearly 2.3 milion, that is not twice as much.

  8. F*** YOU July 5, 2012

    Ya’ll are such haters. Shes not the BEST singer and her songs are pure fluff, but so what?

    Those performances were MORE than adequate. I thought she sounded pretty great by her standards.

    You’re telling me she “can’t” sing? Please. Not everyone has a powerful Beyonce voice

  9. Aaronomical July 5, 2012

    I’m also trying to figure out why Katy Perry is still promoting “Teenage Dream.” It’s been two years now.

    • Queen Brit Brit July 5, 2012

      She did a re-release

      • F*** YOU July 5, 2012

        Yea she’s promoting the re-release and her movie, not the original teenage dream album

  10. LTM July 5, 2012

    Yes! Queen Katy did her thing and has the haters pressed

    • LORD July 6, 2012

      What KIND of HATERS?

      Who HATES Kween Kandy-Tits????

      Who doesn’t like Ice Cream?!!!!!

  11. ITSVERRYPERRY July 5, 2012

    AMAZING!!! lol its so funny all people do on that grape juice is hate. which is weird cause katy is the most successful artist right now in the biz…people just can’t get enough. so grape juice readers,,just deal with it and focus on ur “less successful” faves. P.S b4 u judge the movie, watch it first THEN TALK

  12. theman July 5, 2012

    She did a good job. Katy is atleast a competent vocalist.

  13. LORD July 6, 2012

    So, Kandy-Tits is PERFORMING!!!!!!!!

    GO KANDY-TITS!!!!!


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