Must See : Misha B Takes ‘Home Run’ To Ustream

Published: Sunday 22nd Jul 2012 by David

For fans of Brit Pop belle Misha B, the last few weeks have been fruitful- to say the very least.

Enjoying the launch of her MNEK produced single ‘Home Run‘ and an intense social media campaign which saw push the number on Twitter, this week saw Ms. B take to her cause to Ustream.

Serving up an interview and impressive performance of the song, catch the rising star in action below…

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  1. partyboi July 22, 2012

    misha b is cool, but no is checking for her

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      I agree with you. I know you do not mean that comment in a hater way. In terms of how the UK pushed Rita Ora, and Tulisa Single, which went number 1…….then yes, the UK is not checking for her. I mean, only on wed’ she just got added to Radio 1 A list playlist . Rita Ora and Tulisa song’s are on Radio 1’s A list playlist from day dot.

      • partyboi July 22, 2012

        im not a hater and im glad you understand. why people arent checking for her i don’t know, but hey thats the game

  2. Misha B US July 22, 2012

    talented, smart, s*** but the dumb ass b**** above wants to hate. Freehana done clogged your brain b****.

  3. Scott July 22, 2012

    People need to post facts and not just talk. Misha will get her first UK hit in the charts today, so many people are checking for her.

  4. trey July 22, 2012

    kelly rowland knows how to spot talent………….she even put little mix together…..i miss kelly on xfactor

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      NO, Tulisa, put little mix together. That is why Tulisa still has her job on xfactor and kelly’s ass was fired. And she will not get the American xfactor job.

      • trey July 22, 2012

        you clearly didnt watch the auditions… little mix didnt qualify so kelly put them in a group in order for them to qualify because she spotted talent…gtfoh

    • zoebuggie July 25, 2012

      it was Tulisa

  5. kelly July 22, 2012

    I waiting to see where Misha B song goes in the UK. I expect it to go number 1 or at least top 3. It better than RITA ORA’S SONG

  6. Scott July 22, 2012

    Pleas find another site Kelly you loon. There is no room for crazy people who live obsessed with being bitter.

  7. kelly July 22, 2012

    Pleas find another site Scott you loon. There is no room for crazy people who live obsessed with being bitter

    The sad thing, is, the only person looking crazy…..IS YOU!

  8. kelly July 22, 2012

    Misha B DID NOT MAKE THE TOP 10. SHE CAME IN AT 11. EVEN THOUGH THE SONG WAS ON SALE FOR ONLY 59p. Sony dropped the ball. They did not do for like what ROC nation done for Rita ORA. SHE HAD NO PROMO.

    She was not on This morning – like Rita Ora

    She was not on Jools Holland on BBC – LIKE RITA ORA

    SHE DID NOT perfrom at GAY ( NOT SURE why that is important ) like Rita ora

    She did not have a launch / brunch at a glitzy department store in central london – like Rita Ora

    She did not do all these industry showcases like Rita Ora –

    She was not on the front cover Sunday Times, Style magazine – like Rita Ora

    She was not in any fashion magazine – like Rita Ora.

    She did not have youtube VEVO artist to watch – like Rita Ora.

    She did not perfrom at wireless, Hackney weekender , T in park Lovebox or any leading festival – like Rita Ora.

    She never made appearances at movie premieres or London fashion week – like Rita Ora.

    I am not shocked that she failed to make the UK TOP 10.

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      She should of had one of those MTV live session and Countdown – like Rita Ora

      Also it did not help that Radio 1 THE BIGGEST RADIO STATION IN THE UK. Only added her to the A LIST PLAYLIST ON WED. IT SHOULD OF BEEN THERE FROM THE START.

    • zoebuggie July 25, 2012

      She did perform at GAY but I appreciate what you are saying, some acts do get better promoted.

  9. kelly July 22, 2012

    THere were people in the UK who said that even if the music is good, they will not buy her music because she is an EVIL BULLY.

  10. kelly July 22, 2012

    yay! nas made the UK TOP 10, AND RIH TTT IS AT 6 – STILL TOP 10 AFTER A YEAR OUT.

  11. What Would Rita Do July 22, 2012

    She looks nasty. Just like her dark skinned overly sexual mentor Kelly Flopand!!! King Rita owns the UK and this cocky FLOP will deal!!

    • trey July 22, 2012

      because of f**** like you, people dont even like reading comments..

    • kelly July 22, 2012

      What you have is harsh, But I think you reflect what a lot of people think. Let us be real: Skin color / colorism affects more black women than racism.

      You only have to look at the top black singers in the UK – FROM THE UK. Emeli Sande, Lianne La havas, Two girls from the the saturdays , Rebecca Ferguson, Leona Lewis , Stooshe – all top 5 and all mixed race.

      IF misha was mixed, she would not have been labeled a bully and would of gone number 1 or at least top 3

  12. kelly July 22, 2012

    And so the story continues in 2012. Misha B continues the legacy of black women, born in England with PURE, RWA TALENT. Unlike Rita Ora, Jessie J, Amy Winehouse and even Adele, they do not go to expensive performing arts school.

    THESE BLACK women have pure raw god given talent. But, like Desiree, Kele Le roc, terri walker, Eternal, Beverly Knight, Estelle, Cleopatra Alexandra Bukre , Jamelia and now Misha have all been kicked to the curb by the UK music industry and have being replaced by mixed women and white girls with swag.

    ttp:// Read all about it

    I come with FACTS, that is why some people do not want be on TGj. The truth burns them

  13. F MISHA B-ULLY HAHAHA July 22, 2012

    Char Lloyds black sister haha

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