Behind The Scenes: JoJo’s ‘The Other Chick’ Video

Published: Wednesday 11th Jul 2012 by Sam

While the status of JoJo‘s ‘Jumping Trains’ LP remains an unsolved mystery, new footage from the video of the set’s intended first single ‘The Other Chick’ has surfaced.

Originally slated to usher in the album (before ‘Disaster’ was serviced instead), few knew a video was commissioned for the Pop anthem too.

Peep the behind the scenes footage below and join us in prayer in the hope that the finished product actually sees the light of day…someday, one day.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ny July 11, 2012

    Jojo needs to come back and slay, she is a great example of foul play, she is so talented, but she aint on the charts, jojo was the s*** back in the day, i need a new album now

    • Navy July 11, 2012

      she’s so underrated

      • Lala Sis July 11, 2012

        true! and she’s beautiful
        13Yr Old Girl Says Her & Lil Wayne Got a LOT in Common, “We Both Kiss Our Daddy B4 He Go to Work” ..this ish was TOO funny.

  2. Mr R July 11, 2012

    Love me some Jo Jo…but she needs to sort out how her project is handled! DELAYED DELAYED DELAYED #Fail

  3. Ernest July 11, 2012

    Things are finally about to take off. You can tell she is so excited and it seems like she’s a happy place right now. Wish her well.

  4. Eric July 11, 2012

    This video had plenty more to offer than “Disaster” and they blew it!! They even had Richie as her choreographer and didn’t run all the way with it?! You can even tell that JoJo was in a much better place for the video and her styling was on point too. A very shameful waste!!!

    • Kathy July 11, 2012

      Your comment is the truth. I agree so much.

  5. July 11, 2012

    She looks HOT In the Video. Btw anyway, JoJo’s Manager said if we liked JoJo’s Version of Marvin’s Room, We will like her 2nd single then. 😀

  6. the real xoxo July 11, 2012

    ive been waiting too long for this album. im not here for delays.

  7. Libra July 11, 2012

    I didn’t like the Other Chick when it was out but I think the video would have made me like that song. That videos looks so good. I want to see the whole thing. Now that’s what you call pop on anger management. Not that Disaster redneck plaid shirt video mess. If her new song is similiar to Marvin’s room that must mean they are finally gonna let her come out with an R&B single which is a long time over due. Can’t wait!!

  8. JoArmy July 11, 2012

    OMG this is my girl to the end. But blackground is f****** around and doing alot of s*** to this girl…..this era is so messy its a shame and it aint even jojo’s fault but at least disaster made #29 on pop charts whereas cassie and others didnt even make it.

  9. ShadyBitch July 11, 2012


  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 12, 2012

    I can’t believe how mistreated she is by her label! ‘Disaster’ got some decent airplay and it debuted in a good enough spot on the Hot 100 and so did her promo single! Some artists that the labels are funding and promoting can’t even crack the bubbling under the Hot 100, yet JoJo charted with no promotion and she still has no release date.

    I’m going to need them to get it together, because JoJo has potential and talent.

  11. Oggie ‘Singer’ July 12, 2012

    Keep praying for Jojo and keep supporting her, I loved Disaster, and thought considering how much lack of support she gets the track did well enough with her constantly pushing it, however, i think the other Chick would have been a perfect first single as it combined Rock and R&B and what have appealed to both sets of fans that love her music or there should have been an R&B part 2 version of Disaster cos Marvins Room was so massive! People also need to remember JoJo is an international artist also, record label, managment, recognise that you have a global act who is so talented she appeals to all audiences, put some money behind her man, realise what you have, it should not be left to her to be pretty much prmoting her own products on her own

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