New Song: JoJo – ‘Demonstrate’

Published: Tuesday 17th Jul 2012 by David

Get very excited!

Tonight, JoJo released a brand spanking new song ‘Demonstrate’, a released teased by the belter earlier on in the week.

Without further delay, get into ‘Demonstrate’ below…


From her vocals run to its overproduction ‘Demonstrate’ serves up the skill and talent we here at TGJ remain in awe of.

For this reason, we hope the jam is flung onto iTunes with the swiftness and pushed as the lead single for whatever project the starlet has lined up next.

Your thoughts?

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  1. David July 17, 2012

    Luv it…25sec in…lol

    • Reality101 July 17, 2012


    • Trev July 18, 2012

      AGREED! and if anyone says they don’t like this song, I’m gonna assume you don’t like the R&B genre…i just couldn’t see how you like R&B and not love this

  2. KAKA July 17, 2012

    yass JOJO

  3. China July 17, 2012

    Do you JoJo!!!

  4. Tasha July 17, 2012

    Yesss! JoJo! But check out Midian song Bitter! She kilt that s***!

  5. Noel July 17, 2012

    Now this song is …Hot!!

  6. dermot July 17, 2012

    it kills me she is not more succesful such talent

  7. bob July 17, 2012

    AAAMazzzzzinnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! the feeling i got when i heard kellys motivation but betterrrrrr ha!!!!

  8. JJFan1814 July 17, 2012

    Wasn’t gonna check it, until I saw Drake’s producer made the beat.

    I like though.

  9. DIOB July 17, 2012

    WOOOWW this has to be the best song I have heard from her. its that R&B that I love.

  10. johanna July 17, 2012

    BANGER!!! Jojo has the ability to snatch many wigs if branded correctly!

  11. christinastherealtalent July 17, 2012

    A more grown, mature Jojo. They need to release this song immediately to itunes and film a video. No more f****** around with Jojos career blackground. They need to get the ball rolling on the JT era. Jojo about show all these lesser b****** how its done.

  12. Joya July 17, 2012

    So glad it’s not pop.

  13. grrreatt1 July 17, 2012

    This song is hot! She needs to start promoting the hell out of it!!

  14. xtina2012 July 17, 2012

    Xtina and Beyoncé

    Now I’m getting excited for Xtinas upcoming album! Yeah! Read the article from Rouge below>
    Christina reported working a song with Beyoncé

    by Angelic | July 17, 2012 13:04 EDT

    AceShowbiz is reporting that Christina Aguilera has teamed up with Beyoncé on a track that will reportedly be included on her forthcoming album due out later this year.

    “Beyoncé reportedly has wanted hook up with Christina Aguilera on a ‘killer’ ballad,” the e-zine writes. The duet is rumored to have been recorded in Christina’s home studio in Los Angeles, and the pop singer is said to be excited at the prospect of releasing the track some time this year,” adds the report.

    Aguilera has been hard at work on the album, and we are told that the project is very near completion, and that her lead single from the ‘yet to be named’ album will premier of the third season of The Voice this fall, where she’s a judge/mentor on the panel.

    An unnamed inside source confirms the above for AceShowbiz. Admittedly, there’s a lot of pressure for Christina to deliver an album that sells like her previous releases, blowing competition out of the water.

    • bob July 17, 2012


  15. gio88 July 17, 2012

    kelly rowland has teached her something…releasing a slowjam as lead single like her!

  16. I Judge Flops July 17, 2012

    JoJo better slay with this song.

    I love it

  17. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 17, 2012

    Love it. You better weeerrrrkkk guuurrrlll. This is awesome, slay.

  18. TC23 July 17, 2012

    YAAAAASSSS JOJO!!! This is where I’ve been waiting to for her to go!! Her voice is made for rnb!! FIYAHHH!!

  19. Vincent Ko July 17, 2012

    The artwork is misleading… I thought it was going to be a pop song. This needs to be released on iTunes ASAP!!

  20. sam July 17, 2012


    • Beck July 17, 2012

      Negative…but definitely better than Rihanna.

      • Yeezy July 18, 2012

        @sam…. haha! Beyonce’s speechless shits on this song. lets not mention that thats about 6-7 years ago. You girls are quick to throw shade with bad aiming… having a coner please!

  21. perhaps July 17, 2012

    Her voice OMG so awesome.

  22. Jay J July 17, 2012

    JoJo getting nasty this time around….damn girl. WORK!!!

  23. lolax July 17, 2012


  24. stony July 17, 2012

    WHAT IS AMAZING ON THIS SONG, ? she s spending half of her time to say demonstrate demonstrate pfff you guys are very pathetic except her voice which is beautiful theres nothing exceptional sorry

  25. bobby d July 17, 2012

    love it. reminds me of Kelly Rowland “motivation”

    good job jojo sounds f***** awesome!

  26. thatgirl July 17, 2012

    I’m LOVING THIS!!! it’s about damn time she hit the scene again. I really believe she’s one of R&B’s most underrated artist. Shes flipping amazing and this hit is HOT!!!! i’d buy!

  27. ENOUGH ONIKA July 17, 2012

    YYEESSS! The song, those vocals, that cover!! SLAYED! #Plain&Simple

  28. MeUCanH8MeNow July 17, 2012

    YESSS F***** MA’AM!!!! JoJo is a beast and I love it!

  29. JoArmy July 17, 2012


  30. Dai-On July 18, 2012


  31. commanderofthedancefloor July 18, 2012

    i love it, i almost passed this by and i am so glad i clicked on it. i am so glad she isn’t trying to hop on the dance train.

  32. YOOSONDALOOSE July 18, 2012

    2.02 in was it!

  33. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 18, 2012


    I love this girl. She’s getting better with each song she’s releasing. I’ve been waiting for her album for a long time, but I’m patient, because I know she’s going to BRING it! I wish she had a better label, because she’s been recording for years and they don’t give her a release date, but I hope it all works out in the end. GO JOJO! 😀

  34. donnell July 18, 2012

    I can’t wait for the itunes release, they should push it up while the track is still hot. And i hate when ppl throw the popular rappers of the moment on their track, but a remix with drake would set this s*** off. Urban radio (at least where i’m from) would love this s***. Flawless track. Eargasms for days….

  35. kelly July 18, 2012

    I know you are trying to indicate that she will snatch Rihanna wig. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! Jojo came before Rih and Rih blew up. By the looks of thsi promo pic, Jojo is still ugly, still unsexy and still knows nothing about fashion. Jojo can snatch Rita Ora wig, but in terms of Rih…..never ever. She is not a superstar – never has been – never will be.

    In terms of this song….sounds like something she would done in 2004. No artistic growth Whatsoever. I also know this song will not crack Europe.

    • JoArmy July 18, 2012

      Ewww take several seats cuz lately rihanna looking like a crack head

    • July 18, 2012

      Lmfao you are way too pressed

  36. i know July 18, 2012

    Despite popular or contrary belief….I truly believe that THIS is the BEST song of 2012!!! Real vocals, real production, real MUSIC. This is what R&B needs to SAVE IT….not that Frank Ocean controversy…BUT REAL MUST LIKE THIS!!!!!!!

  37. i know July 18, 2012

    Despite popular or contrary belief….I truly believe that THIS is the BEST song of 2012!!! Real vocals, real production, real MUSIC. This is what R&B needs to SAVE IT….not that Frank Ocean controversy…BUT REAL MUST LIKE THIS!!!!!!!

  38. Michaelangelo July 18, 2012

    JOJO is so under rated. The industry is sleeping on this girl. She has real talent!!

  39. truth teller July 18, 2012

    And *THIS* is what Beyonce wanted “4” to sound like. Who thought this white broad from Beantown would be the one reviving r&B? THANK YOU jojo!

  40. Mr.B July 18, 2012

    She did that! <3 This!!!

  41. Libra July 18, 2012

    She killed it!!!! Love this.

  42. TheDylaness July 18, 2012

    The Problem is JoJo is not JUST A Pop Singer Shes an Urban/R&B Singer 2 but ithey never send her stuff to urban radio and that’s why shes never had a song chart on the r&b charts.This song is dope hope they give jojo what she needs so that it’s successful

  43. Bubbles July 18, 2012

    Wow! This reminds me of a Brandy/Aaliyah track. Do you guys hear that baritone?!! JoJo’s voice is ILL! Hopefully her label won’t fk her around this time. HOT TRACK!

  44. Ellie Claude July 19, 2012

    Love the new single JOJO!
    you’re my favorite <3 waiting for your Album release :))

  45. antertain July 19, 2012


  46. B4REAL02 August 4, 2012

    3 snaps in “Z” formation!!!! LOL C’mon on JoJo!!!! Luvin this right here

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