That Grape Juice Interviews Iggy Azalea

Published: Friday 24th Aug 2012 by David

She’s the scorching new edition to the Rap pack, rising to fame via the controversial yet well received number ‘PUY‘.

Now, one year after her explosive arrival on the scene, Iggy Azalea readies the release of her debut album ‘The New Classic’, set to launch later on this year.

So, ever eager to serve the content you love, That Grape Juice caught up with the MC days ago for an interview on music, fame, ‘Classic’ and… Azealia Banks.

Enjoy below…

Sam:  You’ve received an ample amount of buzz since bursting on the scene. Why do you think that has been?

Iggy:  I don’t think there are any Female rappers that sound like this sound, or are from where I’m from or [share] my story.

A lot of people like to just follow me on the music, but in this day and age people have an interest in the overall person, their overall package.

A lot of the fascination with me is “where the hell did she come from?”. That sort of thing helped me out.

Sam: You mentioned where you came from and a little about your back story. For those that aren’t in the know, what is your back story? Tell us a little about yourself.

Iggy:  I’m Australian. I come from a really small town in Australia. I grew up on the beach. (Laughs) I was kind of a wild child.

I came to America when I was sixteen to try and be a Rapper and during  that time I lived in like a million different  cities, just learning from some of the best songwriters- just learning how to write.

Eventually I moved to LA and put out a song called Pu**y. I put out a video for it and I guess the rest is history.

Sam:  Your debut album, The New Classic is set for release this year, what can fans expect from it thematically?

Iggy:  I don’t know. I feel like I’m still experimenting, trying to figure out exactly  how it’s going to sound.

Sam:  While you’re still figuring out the sound for the album, who have you been in the studio with as of late?

Iggy: I’ve been in there with the Bingo Players and Diplo.

Sam: To clear through the clouds, what is your label situation?

Iggy:  It’s Grand Hustle, just Grand Hustle. I have another company investing in me so I earn from my music. Like, I earn the rights to all my stuff, I have an independent person handling every cheque.

Sam:  Is that how it’s going to be with your movement going forward? Grand Hustle with private investment?

Iggy:  You know, I don’t know. For me labels do not provide a lot besides to bankroll your project now a days.

Most artists that you see that are successful have their own camp and do things internally.

A really good example of that is Lady GaGa –she has her own team. There’s, who is a really good friend of mine, and he too has his own team and  his own production and does everything internally.

That’s because people get fired and hired from labels. I just felt like if I can get a lot of money somewhere else and still own the rights to my music, why would I move to a major label?

There are reasons why, but for right now I don’t think it applies to me. I’m not Lady GaGa, I’m not Nicki Minaj, I’m not 50 cent, I’m not a big humungous  superstar to the point where I’d need all the other outsources right now.

I just handle my sh*t, I have a team we are doing just fine.

Maybe in time I’ll choose a major and have major distribution. It’s a possibility but may not be needed.

Sam:  In a perfect world what would an  Iggy Azelea contract look like?

Iggy:  (Laughs) Do whatever you want and use the money.

Sam: We’re loving you in business mode. Run us through the creative process when you’re making a track.

Iggy:  I like to hear the beat, I’ll be in there when they make it, I make up in mind and decide how I’m going to Rap.

I do a bunch of mumbles, I get that going then I put words to it, I don’t know. It really depends on what I feel like.

If I’m is regular mood ill talk about stupid stuff and have fun wit it. If I’m completely and utterly depressed I usually talk about love and that usually works.

That’s it, it’s pretty easy. In between that is like 6 hours of p*ssing about with your friends.

Sam:  You are renowned for your style, as you said you are at the infancy of your career or at least your mainstream career. As an observer, and also as an artist ,do you feel there is pressure on Female Rappers to sex it up to gain notoriety or to gain attention?

Iggy:  No. I think there’s a lot of pressure on women in society it’s the same of you’re a rapper, your a singer, an actress or a girl that works in the coffee store to sex it up. I think, you grow up and they tell you that on the television and you owe it to the f*cking universe that you should look a certain way.

 You’ll get a good man, then you’ll have a successfully job. I mean, just look at all the shows.

I was watching  one called Single Ladies the other day, and I think its so funny because they wear in the day what they would wear to the club at night, and I think, why are you wearing that.

I don’t know any girls that dress like that real life. It’s just really stupid.

There’s this under current thing that gets put in everyone’s mind to the point where they think that, and buy into it.

I’m not sexy or sexual because I don’t think I owe it to anyone or that’s the formula. I will do it to the extreme because it’s f*cking stupid. I control my sexuality and what I think is sexual, I’m not going to do it in a way that you set the limitations for.

Sam:  Definitely. Who would you say are your biggest musical inspirations?

Iggy:  I like David Bowie, I think he’s really cool. I like Pink Floyd, I really like Andre 3000. Who else?  I like Tupac, I love Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes.

I love Method Man and Redman, I think they’re technically great but they’re  not afraid to  say silly shit and say whatever they want. In Rap a lot of the time people are really afraid to say stupid stuff because there’s always a critic to question them.

Raps are supposed to be story telling. The Rappers I love are the ones who have fun with it what they do but who are also really good. You know, the ones who never had the standard videos. I mean, Busta Rhymes was just the f*cking coolest in videos like Break Your Neck– which I think was one of the best videos ever.

To be honest, I just like people who aren’t afraid to have fun and do what they think is cool.

Sam:  With a lot of praise comes a lot of criticism. What is your response to people who attribute your buzz to color of your skin?

Iggy:  If it was entirely based on skin color then you would have to ask yourself… Am I the first white girl ever to rap? The answer to that is no. If it was solely based on race we would have seen what’s happening now a long time ago.

Sam:  I agree. What’s your take on the Female Rap game. Lets say now compared to 5 years ago. Do you think that it has regressed? Do you think it’s improving? What’s your take on it?

Iggy: I can’t give really give you a take looking back in retrospect because I was never a part of it.

I was 15 at home in my lounge listening to ladies night with Eve and Rah Digga you know (laughs).

From the outside looking in, you really don’t know how it is. I really wasn’t a part of it, so I cant say how it’s different now. I was just a fan then. In saying that I don’t think Female Rap ever left, and if it did it was only for about 2 years.

I mean, I know is I was listening to Eve songs in 2005 and then in 2008 I heard about Nicki, so it’s not like it came back from the dead- like it was gone for that long.

There wasn’t some epic journey to find the next Female Rappers. There have always been Female Rappers out there. I’d compare it to Rock. Where are all the solo Rock singers? They didn’t disappear. They’re out there, but I feel it’s a case of them not being on the radio as much as they used to be.

That doesn’t mean they’re dead. However, it does mean that when artist from that genre does really well everyone assumes there’s a ‘second coming’.

Sam:  You mentioned that there are a lot of Female Rappers out. For me, as someone that runs the site, I definitely identify yourself and Azealia Banks as two of the of the girls everyone is really buzzed about at the moment.

She’s said a few things about you in the past, what’s your take on her?

Iggy:  I think that she has a lot to say about everybody and everything.

She, for some reason, wants to share the way that she feels about different artists with the world, that’s fine.

I was talking to my friend the other day and he said to me: “What you want to be is water. You don’t want to be fire, because it’s ugly and burns out quickly, it can only ever be fire- it can’t be anything else.

 If you’re water you can be anything you want, you can be steam, you can be liquid you can be ic. You can’t destroy water because it’s fluid and just chills. You should be water, water lasts forever”.

 There’s so many fiery people and it’s hilarious to me when people like that are respected. It’s almost like a shock rider when they say stuff, and there’s this idea that they should be loved because they say whatever it is they want to say.

Saying reckless sh*t, that’s really easy. It doesn’t take self control. It doesn’t involve any poise and I don’t really respect people like that. It’s much harder to keep your mouth shut and focus on your own thing.

That’s something that I respect and think more people should respect too far more than they already do. I don’t really take too much to what she says. She just says it to be shocking.

Sam:  In a year’s time, what career achievements would you like to have under your belt?

Iggy:  In a year’s time I would love to have my album out. I’d love for it to be a success and have it become something people have heard of and really  anticipate.  That’s my hope.

I hope I feel good about it by the time I put it out.

Whatever the result of it is.

Sam: It’s been great talking to you Iggy.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Viciousss August 22, 2012

    I like her, period. Like her rap style. Her honesty. Her sense of humor and her intelligence. It is VERY important to be an intelligent person in this business because if you sit back and let other people run you you’ll end up broke and helpless with the rights to your music stripped away.

    Also this: “Iggy:  I think that she has a lot to say about everybody and everything” SHADE, lol. Can’t say Azealia doesn’t deserve it. She took it pretty far with insulting people and sharing her opinions. Also I agree with the fire comment. You go too hard, too fast you WILL burn yourself out. I think AB has come close a few times with saying she didn’t want to be called a rapper and deleting Twitter.

    I like her. I wish her well and I’ve actually loved the majority of her music so if she can keep that up…then hell yeah I’ll f*** with that.

    • Isabel_T August 23, 2012

      Uh, the hilarious thing is, Iggy is the one who spends half her interviews talking about Azealia. I like both and have been following both, but I’ve noticed that Azealia never brings up Iggy in any interview. Yet Iggy, who sometimes plays like she is “above it all”…can’t seem to help bringing up Azealia in every damn interview, and always negatively- especially when Azealia is going well for herself. And Azealia never responds. I’ve been noticing this for a while.

      She even throws shade on twitter, which Azealia doesn’t respond to. I’m so close to not following her anymore.

      • Terrell August 24, 2012

        No the interviewers always bring up Azealia Banks

      • Kuntbrigade August 24, 2012

        Azealia tweeted a while back “Talking about me in interviews won’t make your music any better” and she’s right. Iggy’s EP Glory was terrible. Why is the best part of her EP is when she is not rapping. She has hella features but she cant stand on her own two feet and rap. Now she’s promoting Trapgold and working with Diplo (Whom Azealia has worked with) about how its going to be “Electronic.” Girl bye.

        Meanwhile Azealia has Dazed & Confused cover, Vibe cover, A Wang campaign. Lady Gaga is working with her, And Kanye West personally requested her to come to hawaii to put a verse on Cruel Summmer.

    • Lax August 24, 2012

      I love her style and her do something Attitude.
      @VICIOUSSS i so agrees with yo comment, good

  2. Paole August 22, 2012

    I LOVE Iggy, she’s amazing and has a fantastic personality.
    This interview was classy and intelligent, thanks for posting 🙂

  3. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 22, 2012

    I like her personality and I think she’s very promising. If she enhances the quality of her music a little, I’d definitely be checking for her even more.

  4. Auntie_Jackie August 22, 2012

    Her personality is awesome! If she’d loose the “hood accent” when she raps, and let more her Australian personality, herself come through in her performance, she’d be golden.

    • Terrell August 24, 2012

      Is this Digi

  5. Quetta August 22, 2012

    I will always remember that comment about the water and fire that gave to her. Overall, nice interview.

  6. Lax August 22, 2012

    Love the chick she sort of make me think about
    Taylor Swift, she’s a classy chick and her swag
    is something to think about.

    • JoJo (istan4rihanna) August 22, 2012

      Gorl Bye

      • Baps August 22, 2012

        ok lol

  7. YESIDIDBITCH….THE KING IS DEAD,AND BITCHYONCE IS Alive and a flop!! August 22, 2012

    There is enough room in the game, for more than one female. STOP FIGHTING, and unite

  8. nicko August 22, 2012

    She’s clever =D & she kinda like Nicki I think , unlike Azealia who disses everyboody =D !

  9. aishaaguilerakeys August 22, 2012

    Nice interview. I like Iggy.

  10. MELODY2012 August 22, 2012

    That’s how you do it Iggy, focus on the music and let it speak for you. I love you and wish you all the best.

  11. AMAZINJALEN August 22, 2012


  12. Fleur August 22, 2012

    This woman is starting to get under my skin a little bit:). I smiled while reading this interview [especially during her take on the water and fire comparison shared with her.] I enjoyed this interview Sam & Iggy.

  13. Flohno August 22, 2012

    The difference between this chick and A Banks is that AB has a lot of product out there. She’s not just hype. I’ve only been following A Banks for a few months and in that time span she’s released 1 or 2 songs a month, a ep, a mixtape, 2 vids, and she’s always doing shows. A Banks is grinding. I want to support Iggy, but she has nothing to support.

    • Just Sayin’ August 24, 2012

      Iggy Azalea has released a mixtape. Filmed a video for Murda Bizness and has been overseas promoting her song Beat down with Steve Aoki. Just wrapped up a tour and now she’s back on tour with Tyga. She’s grinding as well. She’s just not twiddling her thumbs lol.

  14. Peter Griffin August 22, 2012

    Why is everyone licking her ass? She’s still a future flop fapper who shouldn’t be a rapper!

  15. JoJo (istan4rihanna) August 22, 2012

    YAASSSS IGGY i can not wait for Trap Gold ,which is going to be an Electronic Mixtape solely produced by Diplo

  16. Baps August 22, 2012

    IM SORRY I WILL NEVER FORGET HER SAYING SHE IS A RUNAWAY S**** MASTER. Man we so quick to crucify each other, but a white person can say the must disgusting and races comments over a Hip Hop beat, which hip hop was a voice for the voiceless(blacks), but now I cannot stand it anymore. Thanks alot mainstream!!! IDC how cool of a interview she gives, I refuse to watch it or support this b****. Everyone praises other races for doing what we do best, but we down each other smdh!!!

    • Terrell August 24, 2012

      Now u know damn well she didn’t mean it like that, DAMN it’s wordplay, get over yourself. Why do black people still decide to get mad over the b******* that happened years ago. Get over it this is a new damn age.

  17. CK1 August 22, 2012

    I can get into her look but not her music. Thank god she’s hot shell make a lot of $ modeling cause NO one is going to buy her music.

  18. Fleur August 22, 2012

    The lyrical and the visual contents of the 3 Iggy-work that I’ve seen are disappointing though. Plus, why is she into involving & exposing children in videos like “P****” & “Murda Bizness?” I also agree with
    Baps on not forgetting the “She’s a runaway s**** master” line.

  19. MACHIAVEL August 22, 2012

    You Do See Miss Banks?! This Is Intelligence And Class At The Best! Please Let Your Ghetto Ass Takes Note From The Smart Iggy!!!!!
    And The Shade Iggy Trowed, Lololololololol I Just Can’t Haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. pocketbook princess August 22, 2012

    Sam…why didn’t you ask her about her Runaway S**** comment? You are a terrible interviewer and a phony. Why did Azeilia Banks mention Iggy in the first place? Oh! You gonna skip all that and pretend like Banks is a trouble maker. That’s a f***** move. But that’s what you do with minaj all the time.

  21. Kate August 23, 2012

    That’s all well and good Iggy but where the f*** is your music? GOOD music? I honestly don’t remember the last time this girl did an interview where she didn’t talk about Azealia. I also don’t remember the last interview in which Azealia was even ASKED about Iggy.

  22. Massa Is Upset… August 24, 2012

    LOL This b**** stays pressed about Azealia. She is obviously hurt because Azealia has already surpassed her flop a**. This girl is horrible. And LOL @ the Bruce Lee comment she is crediting WIll. I.Am for. She should read the article where Azealia calls men in Hip Hop bird brained and how she doesn’t make music for them. That applies to Iggy too. She needs to take notes STFU and have several seats. Azealia is not focusing on this trash she is working with Gaga, Kanye, and etc while this runaway s**** master is still trying to find a label. Azealia is causing this flop to change her style and work with A.Banks producers. Fail. Girl stop, AB been moved on from that. Catch up. No amount of trash talk will hide the fact that you’re garbage.

  23. Dollar$ign$kills August 24, 2012

    I liked the interview but some of you A.Banks fans need to shut the f*** up and sit the f*** down. Iggy has never brought up Azealia in an interview, it has always been the interviewer. And trying to say she isn’t doing anything? B**** please. She just released a successful EP, joined Tyga and others for an MTV sponsored tour, shot an ad for LEVI’s Jeans out in September and is going to be on the cover of Nylon Magazine. She is making moves just like Azealia. And please stop with saying she is doing electronic music on her next project cause Banks does it. Ignorant Art had electontic influences and she did work with Steve Aoki, an electronic artist. Plus Diplo produced songs off Glory., Banks didn’t invent or craft that lane. And I love Banks but she’s claimed that Kanye had work with her before and she later said it was a lie. Tweeting GaGa and Katy Perry on Twitter doesn’t mean they will be hitting the studio together. It is possible for more than one female to make it.

  24. game of thrones quotes July 8, 2013

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly loved browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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