Hot Shots : Christina Aguilera Glows In West Hollywood

Published: Wednesday 1st Aug 2012 by David

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As the undisputed voice of Pop, Christina Aguilera has successfully whipped quite the buzz for her forthcoming album and its long awaited lead single.

However, before launching the new campaign, the star was snapped enjoying downtime  in West Hollywood two nights ago with boyfriend Mathew Rutler.

More from the Grammy winning vocalist below…

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  1. I.D. August 1, 2012

    Is this the look of someone glowing, as you so eloquently put it…..? :-/

  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 1, 2012

    She looks great. She’s getting back to shape for the new era!! Time for the new single now. We can’t wait any longer! 😀

  3. Sleazy August 1, 2012

    She better get in shape! Miss me so seXTINA woooooo bring it girl

  4. WTF August 1, 2012

    Secret Portion no more

  5. Lax August 1, 2012

    This is a picture of a s***, beautiful talented vocalist
    who have long ago sealed the deal in her music Journey.
    Xtina is winning and that is if she have mic in hand are
    just strolling looking beautiful & s*** as she is looking here.

  6. Lax August 1, 2012

    @Christina thin is in and fat is where it’s at
    So xtina wins either way.

    • 1MillionFirstWeekHoe August 1, 2012

      hey fatty boom boom give me a platinum album.

  7. MadameCunt August 1, 2012

    When Slaydy GaGa returns this pork roast won’t even matter.

    • 1MillionFirstWeekHoe August 1, 2012

      Pork roast?! You cruel b****!

      I cant wait to see Christina try to slay only to cower in the sheer glory of our Queen.

      The only way I can see Obesetina winning is if she agrees to be the Queens opening act on the Slay This Way world tour
      . I ‘m sure paying her in pork chops will suffice.

      • WTF August 1, 2012

        B**** please, Gaga was relevant in 2010.

  8. BionicHeart August 1, 2012

    Rather a pork roast than a crack fiend.

  9. christinastherealtalent August 1, 2012


    Wasn’t your fave supposed to have the “album of the decade?” When it only sold 5 million ww. It may have shipped 8 million but didn’t sell nowhere near that much. Remember when Adeles 21 ended up snatching that title from her after selling.over 20 million ww in just 1 year with only having 3 singles officially released and they all hit #1.

    The reason Flop this Way sold over a million the first week is because she gave it away for free with extra computer storage space as part of the deal.

    Who snatched every Grammy nomination from Gaga this year?

    Why hasn’t BTW tour begun in the states? Nobodys checking for it or her, here.

    Judas and Marry the Night both flopped on the charts for somebody of Gagas caliber.

    Soon it will be Gaga struggling to get a hit or sell her album once Christina returns to the charts.

    • LadyGaGasReign August 1, 2012

      In your dreams sister. and why are you acting like it was Christina and not Adele who slayed the charts. Beyotch please, there will never be time where Pigtina will beat Slayga this side of the millenium.

      Remember what happened with Bionic, Interscope did a pretty good job of ruining her buzz and they can do it again.

      • christinastherealtalent August 1, 2012

        You’re such a loser. I made it very clear who showed Gaga who reigned. I’m glad to hear you finally admit Gagas team destroyed Christina and her comments about her had nothing to do with it. If somebody feels they need to sabotage another artisans career to help boost theirs, then they should take that as a sign that they’re either irrelevant or have no chance at success. Gaga even said all the backlash Christina got made her bigger. WHAT A F****** B****!

        You know what’s so ironic about you monsters and Gaga? The fact that she preaches about social acceptance and ending bullying and all that jazz but yet you Monsters bully anybody who has the potential of upstaging Gaga and you’re the very epitome of evil.

        Just accept that Gagas well has run dry. Christina will make a powerful comeback and nobody will be interested in Gag-Me.

      • LadyGaGasReign August 1, 2012

        Did you say hung and dry? Sounds a lot like the producers Hotina used to screw around with back in the day. Can you say Scott Scorch baby?

  10. MRDIVABITCH August 1, 2012

    The undisputed voice of POP? LMAO, to be the VOICE one needs more than 3 notes in her throat – 2 of which she constantly screams and the other one, she whispers in a foggy manner.

    If anyone is the undisputed VOICE is WHITNEY HOUSTON forever and ever for aeons and eternity. And if we talk about who is the only true vocalist doing her thing in pop music? BEYONCE! all the other can have a seat.

  11. MRDIVABITCH August 1, 2012

    @ christinastherealtalent

    If “Born this way” is a flop by selling 5 million, then what does that make “Bionic” that sold 200,000 copies? The biggest most epic flop in the history of the music industry? Yeah, pretty much.

    • YousAStupidHo August 3, 2012

      She said it was a flop for someone of Gagas caliber. Read and understand what you read before you comment. Accept that your precious Gaga flopped and move on.

  12. irene46 August 2, 2012

    if another female artist was conspired against by having her airplay sabotaged and constantly hammered the way christina was, how well would they sell?

    by the way ‘bionic has sold over 800k ww. not bad for an album with virtually no promo, 1 single with little airplay and didn’t sell the cd for pocket change.

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