Hot Shots: Rihanna Unwinds In West Hollywood

Published: Sunday 26th Aug 2012 by David

Rihanna hit West Hollywood on Friday afternoon, joined by long time friend Melissa Ford for what is believed to a shopping trip.

Fresh faced and casually dressed, the ‘Styled To Rock‘ star sported trainers designed by Mr. ‘Workout Plan’ himself, Kanye West.

More from the singer Pop sensation below…

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  1. Roman August 26, 2012

    Rihanna is gorgeous!

  2. RihannaNavy August 26, 2012

    she IS a singer, b******! a worldwide, verysuccesfull singer.

  3. Dede August 26, 2012

    Arrg ….i dont like her wearing trainers with skirts or dresses

  4. Benron (King Of The Navy) August 26, 2012

    The shade of not calling her a singer is not funny or true. Just because she does not sing with to many runs like Rita, has a career unlike Kelly, use WAY TOO MUCH autotune like Chris, and doesen’t screech like a parrot like Bey does nto mean you can take out your anger on her since you stan for flops!

    • whyohwhy August 26, 2012

      What you just said basically is that she has no talent and one correction she does uses what Chris does..

      • Lax August 26, 2012

        Cough*, cough*, cough* take cough* syrup
        and says this , no matter what just know that
        GLOBAL CHARTS will be yo Friend if you let it.
        Anytime, anyone can find their Name on a list like
        this and place like RIHANNA has it matters a dam
        what the Naysayers are YAPPPPPPIN Bout!!!!!!!!!!
        Six Singles and over 40 plus million sold…..HBIC.

      • Lax August 26, 2012

        Dannnnnng Rih has some KILLER great
        looking yams,,,long, lean and perfect for
        wrapping around yo ass if yo ass could
        ever get so dang Lucky!
        Because regardless to what the Naysayers are
        saying Rihanna has never been a Freeby and never
        will be. If she don’t CLAIM yo broke ass then you are
        desperately trying to clain her s*** booty!
        This is what a natural look like
        she has not been sliced and diced
        to perfection.

  5. Benron (King Of The Navy) August 26, 2012

    RIHANNA looks BEAUTIFUL she is talented, HARDWORKING and now is taking a summer break, good for her. People LIKE people they can RELATE to and who AREN’T FAKE, no wonder Rih is so big!

    While #TeamBreezy desparetly try to convince themselves Chris is innocent because Mombreezy tweeted about liars (even after she specified if she had something to say to Rihanna she would do so) and Rita fans continue not existing and just being Recycled Rih haters the RihannaNavy, just like Rih are CALM!

  6. Honestly Speaking August 26, 2012

    She looks great as usual. I don’t understand why this blog always has to throw some type of insult Rihanna’s way but that’s neither here nor there at this point. She will probably continue to be successful and Sam will just have to be content continuing to interview barely D-list “celebrities” for this blog such as Rita “I can’t get a hit” Ora and Iggy “I’m going absolutely nowhere” Azalea. Next.

  7. Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

    Rihanna>>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce and you will deal!!!!!

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      Dammmmmm baby i’ve missed the hell out of you.
      Time we get these “Looney Tune” clown settle in
      there’s always some of them trying to set the “Milkey
      Way” on fire are trying to Shoot at the Stars and the
      Moon! we can use extra help to try and even the playing

      • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

        I’ve missed you lax, and I’m ready for action!!!!

    • virtuoso intellect August 26, 2012

      lol Kerry your comments are so 2009. step it up boo. why u ain hit me up in a minute?

  8. Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

    KISS ME:)

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      Hey Kerry and when we get their diapers pinned
      on their lying asses then we get a dang call that a group from that dang Bey Hive be trying make a swing so they can
      swing from the “Pearly Gates”.

      • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012



      hey Kerry I miss you kissing my A$$ hole lips

  9. Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012


    • Lax August 26, 2012

      Kerry you are going to have to find somebody to
      flip and tip because we do need the help and besides
      that theres even a group of haters trying to sneak, and
      try and enter into the Glory land by climbing the back fences and coming over that way because they see the “Perly Gates” getting extra security wired to it.

      • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

        Yes….. 🙂

  10. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

    i never expected i will ever say it , but Melissa Out-styled Rihanna effortlessly !!! my Eyes went directly to her instead of riri.

    To Rihanna : Please change that Hot boiling mess of a hair on your Head. and where are your boobs in the second pic ?

    she looks like a Real size black barbie anyway …… Cute , but not up to her usual standards when it comes to everyday style.

    • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

      POP Royalty

      I’ve missed you so much, hug me!!!!!!

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

        *Gives Him a Hug*

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

        I missed U too , and u still Horny as i left you 😆

      • Angle August 26, 2012

        Guess they got you on the right H.I.V. meds.

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      @POP ROYALTY LMAO Where r her boobs
      i can’t stop lol.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

        she probably left them home , u can tell she went out so fast ” she didn’t comb her hair as well” , so i don’t blame her leaving her boobs home , i’m kinda glad she brought her ass ” literally” tho 😛

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

        @Benron :

        you are just as messy as me , I love it 🙂

      • James227 August 26, 2012

        Damn!!! Rihanna’s breast is as flat as mines and I’m a dude. lol

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 26, 2012

      Rihanna usually leaves her boobs at home, she forgets them 24/7. She remember them in We found love and WHYB but forgot them in You Da One. She remembered them in man down.

      • Lax August 26, 2012

        Hey yall all over a mouth full is a waist, anyways.

  11. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

    it is Funny NICKI’s Barb SAM don’t consider rihanna a singer.

    • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

      Hug Me

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 26, 2012

      And Chris actually isnt a singer (never sings) a he stans for him but Rih isnt a singer!

      • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

        Rihanna sings better than chris and beyonce !!!!
        You need a kiss babe?

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 26, 2012

        Kery Im being sarcastic.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

        rihanna > your basic b****.

        enough said.

  12. Lax August 26, 2012

    Rihanna is selling both albums and singles
    the uk along….
    It’s no secret that Rihanna has found commercial success outside the U.S. But she has achieved a new milestone in the UK, where she reached record sales of 20 million, according to the Official Charts Company.
    The controversial Bajan superstar has sold six million albums and 14 million singles since making her 2005 debut with Music of the Sun.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

      Hi Lax 😉

      Don’t give them the time of the Day , we’re WINNING and they know it , we don’t have competition , we are winning by default as usual since LOUD’s “Only Girl In the World”.

      • Lax August 26, 2012

        @POP Amen Brother, Amen, you had me
        cracking up about Rih’s boobs lol.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 26, 2012

        Loolz , i was just Surprised they are no where to be seen 😛

  13. Chachanana12 August 26, 2012

    Wow well now we got Kelly lax pop royalty n benron n dossome. Wow!!! Just to throw shade at people who can really sang n r know 4 that well oh we’ll. N @benron but all the people mentioned can ACTUALLY REALLY SING! Put all them on 1 stage to sing parts of a song n c or just falls flat n gets booed Rita does do a lot of runs but when she sings acoustic it’s really great Kelly like u said ain’t that successful but she showl can sing n beyonce.., I ain’t gonna go there but U KNOW SHE CAN SANG! N u no Chris is really good when he wanna b. don’t diss these people please cause u r in denial please rihanna can sing as well I think but I haven’t seem anything from her that is like a ha she can really sing great. It’s not good when blogs x out the word singer on a post.

    • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

      Kiss my soft lips 🙂

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 26, 2012

      I still think Kelly has so vocal ability and Everyone I mentioned is 10x better than her at least, including Rih. Of them I honestly thing Rih has the best voice but lack skill, which is the only reason Beyonce would put her to shame on stage.

      Kelly sounds like a monotone, nasal, whispering Rita ora.

      • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

        Rihanna and kelly sounds better than beyonce and rita orgasm

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 26, 2012

        It really is time we talked about her.

      • James227 August 26, 2012

        They may say Chris mom is crazy but the woman is making alot of sense. People are starting to listen to what she tweeted. @Lax keep posting this article because he want you people to think Chris mom is crazy also. But when you go on other sites people are saying that there’s more to this incident of 2009. But the truth will come out VERY soon.

        So @Lax YOU keep posting this article on every post but people have already started listening including Oprah who wants to get Chris side of the story.

      • Stephen August 26, 2012

        Now this blog is posting that Chris mother is crazy. Is it because this woman Ms Joyce, I really didn’t get her at first because I though the same thing but now I’m all ears.

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      Rihanna had a very successful Tour in 2011
      and was in the top ten # 7 to be exact and if
      she wasn’t SINGING then i wonder what was
      she SELLING to sell the 02 ARENA Full 10 times
      more times full then any other artist has did since it
      been in business!!!
      Rihanna ia a world renowned ENTERTAINER and no
      one can take that away from her , ever no matter how
      loud yo Bark is she will Bite yo ass back in that department.

  14. Lax August 26, 2012

    Wow well now we got Kelly lax pop royalty n benron n dossome. Wow!!! Just to throw shade at people who can really sang n r know 4 that well oh we’ll.
    No we are not here to throw shade on any one just know that we stan for Rih and you and others seem to think that you can throw shade and pass first blood and we are supposed to take it.

  15. Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

    I’m Feelin Frisky this morning 🙂

  16. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 26, 2012

    -Beyonce sits at table sipping fresh chamomile tea-
    Suddenly Rihanna sits at the table uninvited with beyonce.
    Beyonce: …….Where is the money?
    Rihanna: What money?
    Beyonce: The money from your latest tour…….or did you forget that 90% of all your money goes to me?
    Rihanna: My apologies King Bey….-kisses hand-
    Beyonce: Now….remove yourself from my sight.

    • Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

      B**** plz, its the other way around.

      Rihanna: Beyonce, B**** were are my fish sticks i order

      Beyonce: Sorry goddess Rihanna, their coming

      *Rihanna grabs beyonce by the weave*


      Beyonce: I’m sorry Rihanna, I’m really am

      *Rihanna release beyonce fake, as beyonce falls flat to the ground*

      • THE GAME August 26, 2012


      • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 26, 2012

        I hate rihanna but good god that made me LMAAAAAOOOOAOAOAOAOAOKMAIFNUWINFW

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      Beyonce’s ass is to dumb to count
      from one to ten, and she can barely
      string two sentences together it’s
      no wonder she got Wonder Man jay
      to count her money and control it and
      her booty pads. And that babt the

  17. Kerry Johnson August 26, 2012

    Kiss my ass

    • virtuoso intellect August 26, 2012


    • Angle August 26, 2012

      I would not touch you with a 100 foot pole. You back. You must be feeling better with the new H.I.V. meds

      • Lax August 26, 2012


  18. kelly August 26, 2012

    Bombaclaart! LOL LOL Rihanna is using the laws of power back at Rita Ora. She is f****** with girls head. SHE HAS JUST BEEN PAPPED ON A DATE WITH ROB KARDASHIAN – BOOM! BAD GAL RIRI, SHOW HER WHO RUN TINGS.

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      Yessssssss kelly is in the house, amen!

      • kelly August 26, 2012

        Brap brap brap. More Fya, ya dun kno!

        The wrinkle ora tries to run jamaican patois ting.

      • kelly August 26, 2012

        BIg up yaself Riri. Her date with Rob kardashian is on the TMZ list . Big tings a gwarn. Ya nuh can test dis. Dat p**** claart gal in the UK and ready for dis Riri bad girl ting. Rita needs to sit down and go suck her mudder dry.

      • kelly August 26, 2012

        Wid her dry up wrinkles, lines around the mouth and short fat legs, flat bumpa.

    • Angle August 26, 2012

      Rob Kardashian will only f*** Rihanna just like any other man she dates. Rob, Chris home boy did the same thing to Jasmine. He did the 4 F’s on her ass. Find her, Feel her, F*** her, & Forget her. Who the hell wants a p**** that’s been around as much as Rihanna has. He probably have her suck his d*** and treat Rita Ora like a WHITE queen.

  19. kelly August 26, 2012

    WOW! Rih is on that Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie level – she is movie star bad. This is a bad b****. She is 24 – she looks younger, black don’t crack. Look how slim and toned she looks. Peep Rita Ora begging Rob kardardashian attention on twitter. LOL LOL LOL LOL .

    Samia, Rih is still in the top 20 in America. Even Cher Lloyd is still in the USA top 20. RIP by Rita Ora was released in America and canada – where is that song on billboard?

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      ROTF ,,,LMAO Black don’t crack! lmao.

      • kelly August 26, 2012


        LOL LOL listen to this! Rita Ora went to Germany back in July to promote her wannabe Rihanna music. None of her songs made waves in germany. last week, she went back to germany to promote RIP – Its was at 47 on german itunes…..after her SECOND visit last week….it crashed to 74 on german itunes. LOL LOL This girl is such a disgrace. Can’t she see that she is a flop and she only got signed to try and jack Rih, can’t she see that no one at roc nation believe she is a star, they are just promoting to stop riri train? She is a pawn. When they drop her, watch her have a breakdown and lose it. She will go off on jay z and beyonce.

      • Lax August 26, 2012

        Thanks KELLY for that, news!!!

  20. Chachanana12 August 26, 2012

    Lol @ that little skit Kerry but beyonce from HOUSTON TEXAS BABY!! N took boxIng classes she would beat her ass-ets. But @ lax I u understand but sometimes u say uncessery stuff n out of all those videos u posted none of them impress me. But maybe that’s because I’m into real soul singers or people who can really sing not saying Rihanna can’t. Rihanna needs to take a break n find her voice cause her label working her. Her vocal range isn’t anything n her voice had no power but u don’t have to considering shes a pop singer. N Rihanna’s never had a performance that blew me away not even billboard cause she cracked a lot n was barely dancin like half doing step but..,,,idk I don’t Stan 4 her.

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      @CHACHANANA,,,Then skip, hop and jump pass to
      read what you like, sweets! Learn to IGNORE what you
      don’t like in the BLOGOSPHERE and cling to what you LIKE
      and quietly keep it moving! I am not Bitter, Mad, salty and nor
      am i Pressed, over Words others say and tahy say way more then i do aganist Rihanna boo, boo.

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      Rihanna needs to take a break n find her voice
      Make me clap back at yo ass and that my haters is what time it is, theres always some SCAB, like you TRYING TO TELL rihanna fans what she need to do when yo ass STAN for
      beyonce THE biggest fraud, FAKE she have stolen her way to where she is, please, boo, boo.

  21. Chachanana12 August 26, 2012

    Lol @those skits but beyonce from HOUSTON TEXAS BABY!! N took boxing classes n would beat Rihanna ass-ets. N @lax I understand what u sayIng bout defending her but u say unessacery stuff like “…. Unlike beyonce” like wtf U don’t have to bring her name into it to compliment Rihanna but that’s u. N @ benron thank u 4 realizing beyonce WOULD put Rihanna to shame u n lax b switching its like one day u the one that can really tell the truth but then sometimes it’s lax as far as credit where it’s due n I’m a beyonce fan occasional Stan that can laugh at sOme of the stuff y’all say!

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      @CHACHANANA,,,,And when you say shes not talented
      in my view point, son!

      • Lax August 26, 2012

        Any time Rihanna can be seen doing this
        that make all that you and her NAYSAYERS say
        Null & VOID,,,,THIS

        Aug 10, 2012 … News: From August 18, major international acts including Rihanna, Green Day
        and New Order will be lining up at the Summer Sonic festival in Japan. … the
        same lineup, with capacities of about 80,000 at the Reading site

        @CHACHANANA,,,Therefore if i am supposed to believe that what you type is real then i can also just take it for granted that RIHANNA was in Japan to sell beer and work the SNACK BAR, RIGHT!

  22. Chachanana12 August 26, 2012

    Sorry bout reposting that but I didn’t mean it the way u though what I mean is of Rihanna took a year or 2 off her technique n voice itself would improve a lot n how beyonce steal her way to where she is. She got there by talent. People love her peers fans legends etc. she can sing n dance n is a great performer. U can’t steal talent she works her b*** of if u look at her behind the scences n documentarys but I know u don’t buy still..,, she didn’t steal her way to the top her talent shows on stage n like I said u can’t steal that. Oh this @lax n don’t call me boo boo ur boo boo is either down the drain or sitting somewhere watching tv or something

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      @chachana so now we are SENSTIVE RIGHT?

  23. Lax August 26, 2012

    More unnecessary stuff on/about Rihanna…
    Talk That Talk was released worldwide in late November to an opening of over 500,000 copies sold — easily clearing her career biggest launch. Following, just two weeks later, Talk That Talk continued to break Rihanna records by becoming her fastest album to shift over a 1,000,000 units. Having sold a career total of over 26,000,000 albums bodes well with her retaining her lead as the most successful album’s artist since her debut over half a decade ago.

  24. Chachanana13 August 26, 2012

    I never really knew what she sold n didn’t care n still don’t that’s not the point. I’m not going like an artist cause they sell a lot that don’t mean anything about their music or talent. Imma listen/like an artist cause I like their music I don’t care if my top 5 artists sell 100 albums put together if I like them that’s all that matters. Or my fave could sell a billion it’s not going make me like the artist more. Congrats to Rihanna I don’t dislike her it’s just u benron Kelly kerry n it’s like one or 2 more but y’all make me dislike her. Idk but she’s does have talent I never said she didn’t I just think she hasnt found her niche. Her voice n range aren’t powerful or impressive but it doesn’t matter as long as she can deliver what she can do n THAT’S what she has to work on she doesn’t have to be Whitney or Janet as far as dancing n singing but she should just get at a point where people don’t question her singing n performing. In short summary Rihanna does have talent n vocal ability she does SOMETIMES ( not all the time )sound monotone n isn’t that great of a performer. She’s getting better n needs to take about 6 months to work on her craft. No shade.

    • Lax August 26, 2012

      Being cited by Anna Wintour, herself, as being one of the leading artists in fashion today, Rihanna made her long anticipated debut on the covers of both American and British Vogue. Italia Vogue named her Woman of The Year. Rolling Stone and Esquire Magazine both published their first cover featuring Rihanna and the later elected her “Sexiest Woman of the Year”. Rihanna also made returned visits to the covers of Cosmopolitan and Glamour Magazine.

  25. Chachanana12 August 26, 2012

    Okay n beyonce was named most beautiful by people n her n lady gaga were named most influential. She has been praised n cited or whatever by Etta Diana Bono Stevie W. Janet Michelle n Barack Obama Barbra n peers babyface lady gaga usher Alicia brandy n everybody also MJB. She’s performed with Tina N Prince. N The Micheal Jackson came looking 4 her at a party. Sooo many more people have commented on her n I think MC as well u think of any artist n they have said something nice about her or at least people who r above her-legends. Beyonce won’t get all this praise especially from legends If she wasn’t as talented as she is. I’m not saying Rihanna isn’t but u named all those magazines do I decides to name all these legend n talented peers. This no shade to Rihanna just something positive about B.

  26. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 26, 2012

    Rihanna carries that ugly ass Melissa like a little pet. She just wants to look cuter next to her supposed best friend that she uses to boost her outer image.

  27. Abby April 8, 2013

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