2012 MTV VMA’s: Red Carpet Arrivals

Published: Thursday 6th Sep 2012 by David

The stars shine for popular music’s biggest calendar night – the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards! Hosted by comedian Kevin Hart, the show airs live tonight from Los Angeles’ Staples Center! As some of the industry’s biggest stars arrive to the scene, see and sound off on the fashion hits and misses below…

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  1. truth tea September 6, 2012

    frank looks like he is going to a picnic with kingsley.

    • ARFA September 6, 2012


      • Kiss my a** September 6, 2012

        She is A worker you f****** dumb ass she’s supposed to be there stop being such a d*** head

      • ARFA September 6, 2012


      • ENOUGH ONIKA September 7, 2012

        That black woman you’re referring to is Samantha, who’s pressed about knowing Rihanna and Chris are back together… #Pressed.

  2. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! September 6, 2012

    Queen Taylor is yet to arrive.

    • ARFA September 6, 2012


    • Rihanna Navy September 6, 2012

      lmao i always laugh at your ass every time you make comment here, you see so out of place commenting on this blog.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA September 6, 2012


    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! September 7, 2012

      Hahahaha Im to stay folks!! wow -14? You lot clearly hate how much better Taylor is then yoiur favs!

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! September 7, 2012

        Omg there is a pic of Taylor swift up on the pic!!

        Grapejuice loves Taylor <3

  3. truth.com September 6, 2012

    Frank looks a messy!!!! No Stylist?????

  4. Auntie_Jackie September 6, 2012

    Frank looks cute!

    • toohotfortv September 6, 2012

      i understand that his statement is, the perpetual understatement but honestly… i love the era of when performers were fully fleshed out with a mind toward their appearance, as well as, their lyrics and music. i want all around artist. for me, it should be leaking from ones pores. And while i understand that this is his perspective/point-of-view aesthetically… it doesn’t do well to represent his artistry as a lyricist. i’m underwhelmed and over it.

  5. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 6, 2012

    Frank, was it laundry day?

    • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012


  6. kelly September 6, 2012

    They said that Rita Ora will be presenting best male at the MTV awards. They are really trying to make this VMA All about Rita Ora.

    This is so insulting to the American public. She is a new act, who flopped twice in our country and she walking around like she this Huge A lister, presenting best at an American awards over Taylor swift , Carly Rae Jespon, katy perry and all other acts who are FAMOUS IN OUR COUNTRY.

    Yet she cannot get a song on or charts. How many new flops present the biggest awards at the MTV?

    Is Misha B gonna present best new artist, these flops from the UK coming to uor country to present the biggest prize over Top American actors and singers?

    Anyway, she still won’t sell records in the USA, nor will she stop Americans from buying Rihanna’s records. She making a fool of herself for all to see. Everyone is laughing at this flop presenting an award to an act that has outsold her.

    • mkigz September 6, 2012

      I am in no way, shape or form a Rita ora fan but do you really have to go in so much on her? I’m more of a Riri fan but I’m not going to bash another artist – it’s pathetic. Rita’s trying to do her thing so why not let her?

      • Rihanna Navy September 6, 2012

        IKR this chick is so f****** annoying

    • James227 September 6, 2012

      Rita Ora looks great!!!

    • IOU September 6, 2012

      What the f*** are you smoking? The VMA’s might be held in America but they’re not an exclusive American artist ceremony.

      • toohotfortv September 6, 2012

        actually, MTV holds video music awards in different parts of the world. This one is for us (Americans).

    • Peter Griffin September 6, 2012

      I was about to like then you dissed Misha B! Misha ain’t big because she ain’t got the budget but Rita got A-Listers promoting her shapeless ass!

  7. kelly September 6, 2012

    This girl is trying any thing to be famous in America. Rihanna did not need to try to be famous n America. It came naturally. Us americans do not like desperate people/, Rita Ora is becoming thirsty like a groupie for fame. Now, it is just thirstiness.

  8. the real xoxo September 6, 2012

    Rihanna is going for the elegant and classy look?
    girl, you were tweeting brazilian pornhub links not long ago.
    this sudden change in attitude means that another tired era is on the way.

    • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012

      mad??? LMAO There’s a seat in the corner waiting for you.

    • FAF September 6, 2012


      • Offspring September 7, 2012

        The Real OX knows the deal. She has been pulling this stunt for 7 years now, its not that hard to spot.

        She looks nice in the face, but I don’t like the dress

  9. Suicide Blonde September 6, 2012

    Horrible!…what the f***….this guy needs Armani.

  10. MC September 6, 2012

    Frank, you are going to the VMA’s and performing probably for the one and only time, because your letter stunt will probably have cooled down by then, so you should have been dressed better for this occasion. Pink and her husband look great, as does that bold blonde child whose name I just forgot.

  11. Suicide Blonde September 6, 2012

    I can’t with this British invation, Adele was good but One Direction, Rita W****, i just can’t, their accent is eww!…

    • truth tea September 6, 2012

      better than the monotonous drivel accents from katy perry or ymcmb.

      • LIKICA September 6, 2012

        English language sucks, Spanish slays it. Hope it will dethrone it in the future. Italian is the most romantic, German cold harsh rough ugly trash.

      • Suicide Blonde September 6, 2012

        truth tea.
        I prefer my American accent.

    • MC September 6, 2012

      Boy, I can’t at Rita’s new found boobs o_O and that outfit, she has neither the curves or body to pull it off. Hot boiling mess! I have no idea why she is there to be honest, does anyone besides Roc Nation people even know this girl? I mean child, what is she going to say “Hi my name is Rhita Rihanna Ora and I love Beyonce, Jay-z, Cold play, *insert any celebrity* and I fought for my song ‘RIP’ ” I mean girl….

      • Ayo September 6, 2012

        Rita boobs have been that big for a while now

      • MC September 6, 2012

        @Ayo I never noticed them like that before o_O

    • Ayo September 6, 2012

      LOL, it’s spelt Invasion, just a bit of english for you American folk

    • Peter Griffin September 6, 2012

      Don’t make me cross the Pacific to smack your ass. Us Brits speak PROPER English which originates from England! You guys pronounce everything wrong!

      • LIKICA September 7, 2012

        b**** stfu! English language is fake, it had to steal German, Latin + French to become relevant. The most unoriginal language ever.

  12. Haute Hottie September 6, 2012

    I’m going to need That Grape Juice to get all the looks before they post the s*** so I can go in, and tell you what the streets are speaking. . . . with that said THEY ALL look like garbage. . . . Wiz those ankles are ashy, and you KNOW Amber Rose is used to looking like royalty don’t play her. . . One Direction gets no love from me. . . Frank Ocean look likes hes going fishing in the Florida Everglades, and Pink is giving me old RIhanna Rated R Looks bishh. . . its cute for what it is, but I need her to innovate and not recreate. . . Stay Tuned because a Bishh will be back with more opinions from the streets.

    • Crow LeNz September 6, 2012

      Lmao I’ll be back checking for yo comments 🙂

    • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012

      LOL, You’re just going in on everyone?

    • Haute Hottie September 6, 2012

      Yes Ma’am Ms. Rihanna *HOLDS UP CARDBOARD SQUARE WITH A 10 WRITTEN ON IT* this is a classic look that the girls can get into, she’s giving me old Hollywood Glamour, with a splash of Halle Berry Oscar Fabulousness This is the LOOK that the kids will be talking about. . . Ms. Ke$ha girlll. . . I’m glad you stopped shopping at the dumpster behind the party city after halloween, BUT this look is just frumpy. . . that dress just needed to be tailored and tightened, and that hair shoulda been pulled back in a classy bun with a nice diamond drop earring. . . and Tyga you blend with the carpet, but at least you appeared to have bathed this year. . and shout out to @Crow LeNz for the love 😀

      • Crow LeNz September 6, 2012

        @Haute Hottie Aye Thnx for the shout out you’re becoming my fave commenter 😉

    • Haute Hottie September 6, 2012

      *UPDATE* Ms. Keys why oh why are you wearing that asymmetrical silver trash bag, and why is your hair laid like an HBCU Law professor? No. Ms Nicki I digs the fit, I could do without that train conductor cap tho. . . Taylor Swift looks like shes going on a smart womens business luncheon. . those shoes? No Ma’am. . . and Ms. Demi YES GOD HONEY she is giving me early 90s looks paying respect to Madonna in the 80s, and Saved By The Bell in the 90s I can dig that bishhh #WERRRKKK

      • RichnBlack11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 6, 2012

        yasss good hunty

  13. BLUE the real HIVe September 6, 2012

    Rita Ora WTF S THAT?

  14. Monstarebel September 6, 2012

    This girl Frank ocean that y’all of a sudden stan for needs a stylist he looks like he just put anything on,

    wtf this queen just did that so people would talk about him like were doing now these celebs are attention whores!!

    • FAF September 6, 2012

      Maybe he doesn’t care, UGLY

    • BLACK MADONNA September 6, 2012

      Yes Ms. Ocean is and will always be a HOT MESS

  15. LTM September 6, 2012

    I confused Ke$ha with Gwen Stefani. She looks so good now, I hope she keeps the clean look. Kreayshawn, Rihanna, and Rita look good too. Pink’s dress is beyond ugly

    • Monstarebel September 6, 2012

      Yaaas!! I’m loving ke$ha new look to boo!>>

  16. mkigz September 6, 2012

    Im not a Rita fan at all but I dont exactly hate the girl – Let her try and do her thing – if she “flops” then she “flops” end of – alot of the commenters on here curse each other out so much and for what? some celeb that you stan for – it’s ridiculous.
    Anyway Im excited for the performances and too see who gets the main awards
    – I have a feeling Rihanna will take a few, i hope Drake does too.

  17. Tasha32 September 6, 2012

    Rita looks STUNNING get ya shine on Rita block the haters and the naysayers just keep pushin. I was Amber looking cute rubbing that belly. And this performance is horrible she sounds a mess but I like the song

    • RIH&BEY September 6, 2012

      B**** shut your old ass up! Nobody is hating on no damn Rita! She’s a nobody hear in America. Go choke on a d***!! You are always on blogs sweatin’ b******! Go take care of your damn kids you f*****’ s***!!!!

      • Get it togetha September 7, 2012

        you clearly have issues! It is never that serious it is ONLY a blog.

  18. Auntie_Jackie September 6, 2012

    Rita looks great, glamorous. Damn what you all say, Frank is dressed down because he doesn’t like attracting a whole bunch of attention (he only cares about his performances and music, etc.) P!nk looks pretty, as always.

    • Monstarebel September 6, 2012

      Him dressing down is guna get him more attention dumbass!!!! now everyone’s guna be talking about how bummy he looked!

      • Auntie_Jackie September 6, 2012

        You’re a fool. That’s his style–and everyone knows that. What did you want him to do, put on a silver and gold Tom Ford suit? Get the f*** outta here! You are a bum, and so are your favs.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 6, 2012

      Its not a matter of attention, when you go to prestigous ceremonies where you may even be Accepting an award on national television you try to look your best. He clearly has no sense.

    • truth tea September 7, 2012

      “he doesnt like attracting attention” funniest joke ive heard all day.

  19. Monstarebel September 6, 2012

    RiRi looks so young beautiful and fresh to bad I CANT say the same about Rita that b**** loooks old as s*** cuh * lights blunts* it must suck to be 20 and look 40 #PoorDat

  20. Suicide Blonde September 6, 2012

    Rihanna looks stunning, so far the best, like a Goddess.

  21. Crow LeNz September 6, 2012

    They all look Like s*** Ewwww to Rihanna’s hair that s*** is not cute what the hell was she thinking looking like a lesbian Girl bye…..

  22. kelly September 6, 2012

    Rihanna is the best dress, she looks like a serene movie star. Her pixie cut is like nattalie portman and Halle Berry. Her skin and that glamorous dress.

    Rita Ora has that same fake blonde hair and look s like a tacky street walker. Look her showing her boobs at an awards. How thirsty does Rita look with her boobs hanging out? She looks older than 21. Rita Ora looks as tacky and cheap as Amber Rose. So thirsty like a groupie at all star, even with your boobs hanging out, you still won’t in America. You are againts Rih, and look how glamorous and classy she looks.

    Fake bleached blonde, 41 yrd old caked in makeup rocking a trashy catsuit with all her saggy boobs hanging out.

  23. yeah yeah September 6, 2012

    Where is the link to watch it live? TGJ you never fail me.

  24. DENIAL=SHADE September 6, 2012

    Rihanna…uhm….WOW just WOW!!!!!

  25. Honesty September 6, 2012

    MTV your not doing your job right. If it wasn’t for thatgrapejuice I wouldn’t know it was tonight. Lol. Award show on a Thursday?
    Was Friday or Sunday just too ordinary for you?

  26. Auntie_Jackie September 6, 2012

    Rihanna looks good, I like her dress, she’s very dressy for the event! I’m not a fan of the make up (a bit too much) or the new haircut. There is something a little off about the cut–maybe her hair is not thick enough. She still pulls it off though. A new era is on the way…

    • RichnBlack11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 6, 2012

      Its the bang…she does look good thou no shade I like the white dress with the red lip.

  27. BLUE the real HIVe September 6, 2012

    Rihanna looks nice

  28. Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012

    Frank Ocean looks cutsey.

    Rihanna looks stunning. I cannot fault her look, she looks amazing.

    Zayne from One Direction looks so cute.

  29. Suicide Blonde September 6, 2012

    LMAO!…Rita taking pics with famous people like Pink, i bet Pink doesn’t know who is the woman, i imagine:

    Rita: Can i take a p… with you?_____Pink: of course!..anything for my fans.

    • Monstarebel September 6, 2012

      Lmao DEAD!!! I F****** LOVE UR COMMENTS!!

  30. Auntie_Jackie September 6, 2012

    By the way, Nicki Minaj looks silly, as usual!

    • FAF September 6, 2012


      • Auntie_Jackie September 6, 2012

        Nicki looks like a clown, and there isn’t a need for her to do that since she’s pretty and talented. Rihanna’s performance was meh.

  31. kelly September 6, 2012

    Have u seen the back of Ririr – the best dressed? Her ass looks stacked . Apple bottom. LOL Rita Ora went for tacky trash to get attention. She is rocking a catsuit, but her ass is flat ass a pancake.

    • Kiss my a** September 6, 2012

      @kelly you must really have something against her you are focusing on way too much on her

  32. LOURDES September 6, 2012

    Rita Ora is always dressed like a bejeweled trash bag. :-O

  33. StarBey September 6, 2012

    Rihanna girl I’m sorry but that hair is just awful!! You rocked that hair in 07/08 but girl it’s just not working here but that dress is flawless

    • Kiss my a** September 6, 2012


  34. mob September 6, 2012

    Rihanna looks LOVELY and y’all know I cant stand her but WOW you better “werk beesh”! 🙂

  35. StarBey September 6, 2012

    Miley Cyrus looks beautiful tbh 🙂

  36. RichnBlack11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 6, 2012

    Rita Ora looks really nice , Frank Girl what the hell you got on, us homo’s don’t rock s*** like that #whatthephuckyogoonbooboo

    • Auntie_Jackie September 6, 2012


      • RichnBlack11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 6, 2012

        I love him and I know that’s his style ……Jackie I just don
        t know hun



  37. mob September 6, 2012

    Frank Ocean and Tyga look TERRIBLE!

    pAnk and her panty waste of a husband look TERRIBLE!

    Rita Ora looks…….girl no!

  38. Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012

    Alicia Keys looks good, and so does Miley Cyrus. I just cannot get over how good Rihanna looks.

  39. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 6, 2012

    Rihanna’s boobs! You’re back! We missed you since the We found love Video! She looks HAWT as ever, btu I want brown we found love weave back from RIH!

    Rita Ora looks…. Ok…. and Katy looks curvy. Gotta go watch though!

    • StarBey September 6, 2012

      I agree even doa I dont like Rihanna but that hair is just awfulll!!!! She looks so old with that hair and her face looks sooo long but She definitely the best dress that dress is flawless

  40. Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012

    I cannot shade Rita Ora, she looks so excited it would be cruel to shade the girl. Not a fan of the outfit but do you girl and have a ball.

  41. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 6, 2012

    Nicki looks ok but her outift is stupid!

    • FAF September 6, 2012

      SHE’S THE QUEEN>>>>>>>

  42. nickalus Randle September 6, 2012

    THANK U LAWD RIHANNA cut off that long black mess she’s been carrying on her head, this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I usually love all her looks, BUT the recent looks of that long mane, is just awful, DONT GO BAK TO THAT RIHANNA, everyone looks good tho, I like what I see thus far……

  43. Suicide Blonde September 6, 2012

    I’m not a fan of Taylor but she looks perfect, so classy, i never noticed but she’s beautiful mmm…Nicki looks horrible as always and Kesha’s body is ugly even with clothes on.

  44. Are You Serious? September 6, 2012

    Is it just me or is Rita Ora dressed exactly like Jessie J would be if she were there?

  45. FAF September 6, 2012


  46. Kiss my a** September 6, 2012

    Rihanna look like a s*** mess with that lezzbo hair cut and everyone else look like meh nothing special to them at all. folks needs to stop idolizing these starz it gets real old real quick

  47. BLACK MADONNA September 6, 2012


  48. Ayo September 6, 2012

    Rihanna looks good but it’s a bit too sophisticated for the VMA’S, I expect her to bit more edgy, her outfit seems more appropriate for the emmy’s or something like that.

  49. LTM September 6, 2012

    Katy Perry looked soooo stunning!! Nicki should take notes

  50. king bey September 6, 2012

    Rihanna look pretty but she needs to make. The front a little bit longer rita looks nice facewise buh outfit urghhhh the rest mehh

  51. MACHIAVEL September 6, 2012

    Wooow Goat Looking Freakin Good, Do Love The Dress And The Hair!
    love Rita, Alicia Too!

  52. kelly September 6, 2012

    Rihanna was the best dressed and will grab all the headlines from the fashion blogs.

    Taylor swift was the next best.

    Katy Perry looks good
    Amber rose looks good

    Rita ora was the trashiest and tackiest on the night. Her desperate attempt to upstage Demi Lovato fell flat and she is just has to accept that she is a basic b**** who no one cares about.

    • kelly September 6, 2012

      Zoe Saldana shits on most of these women too/

  53. Teacher September 6, 2012


  54. Trini_Minaj September 7, 2012

    Rihanna gets best dressed but Nicki gets the sexiest look.

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