Christina Aguilera On Weight Debate: “I Was Too Thin”

Published: Saturday 1st Sep 2012 by David

Whether her detractors will accept it or not, Christina Aguilera’s 13 year long career has enjoyed more ‘highs’ than the well publicized lows often blown out of proportion.

More recently, the singer has found herself on the receiving end of taunts targeted at her alleged weight gain which- quite unfortunately- has become all too popular topic of discussion.

Now, in an interview with Lucky Magazine, the ‘Your Body‘ vocalist has addressed the matter- opening up like never before.

Her comments below…

She explained:

Actually, the challenge I’ve always had is being too thin.

So I love that now I have a booty, and obviously I love showing my cleavage.

Going onto add:

Hey, if you can work it and you can own it, that confidence is going to shine through.

Peep Christina’s entire conversation with the mag when it hits news stands in October.

Your thoughts?

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  1. THE GAME September 1, 2012

    She can rock both (thinf and curvy) but i gotta say i miss thin tina…

  2. HoneyB September 1, 2012

    i just love this woman <3

  3. haute hottie September 1, 2012

    She need to lose weight.

  4. mr.m September 1, 2012

    She just don’t care 🙂
    She’s ALL WOMAN!

  5. Honey CHILD please September 1, 2012

    Honey child every since xtina stuffed her mouth with a two piece, and a biscuit it was R.I.P *RITA ORA’s voice* to that skinny b**** you use to know

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 1, 2012

    You go girl! Finally, a woman who cares about how she feels instead of how the tabloid media feel! “TOO thin” is never good, especially for a hard worker who has to stay up late, rehearse, promote and always have energy. I think she should keep doing HER!

  7. JER September 1, 2012

    Oh she was too thin? But she has no problem letting people photoshop 30 pounds off her in EVERY photoshoot. Gurl bye. She just wants to booze it up and eat whatever and say “i like my curvy body” then turn around and look 30 pounds thinner in all her pictures. Amd THAT b******* is why XXLtina is a godamn fake c***

    • Whoriah King Of Flops September 1, 2012

      Whoriah is a FAKER c***! Xtina don’t give a f*** about her body. she’s NOT the one who f***** decides how to be airbrushed! If she was fake, she would have been caught exercising secretly at mystery gyms, but she wasn’t! meaning she’s fckn happy with her pounds. EAT that you dumb OWNED uneducated c***!

      • MC September 1, 2012

        First of all he (@JER) is not a Mariah fan. And secondly everyone including Xtina use extensive Photoshop. And lastly, you are jealous that your fave could never do what Mariah did and calling her names won’t change that, it just shows how stupid you really are. Good day 🙂

  8. theman September 1, 2012

    Christina ia beautiful, but she’s one of those girls that looks better thinner.

    • irene46 September 1, 2012

      i think her weight is fine. what ruins her look is the pot belly. she just needs to keep the booty and lose the gut and she’ll look great.

      • xxx September 2, 2012

        exactly, i think she looks just fine – it’s just her belly that ruins it… a few workouts and she looks gorgeous

  9. ty September 1, 2012

    Jer best comment

    • Whoriah King Of Flops September 1, 2012

      Your a f*****/d*** enough said!

      • MC September 1, 2012

        Wow you are so obsessed with Mariah I see….oh poor you it must keep you up all night long knowing that your faves would never be on her level. Yes stay pressed and be mad while she makes more $$$$$ that you won’t even dream of……

      • mr.m September 1, 2012

        At least she’s BEAUTIFUL!!!
        Flopriah Scary’s is an UGLY FAT M***** ..
        she have a MAN body and she’s already a HAS-BEEN
        her single is out from iTunes top 1000!!!
        LMAO xD

      • MC September 1, 2012

        @mr.m ohhh need to bring down Mariah to make your fave look good? lol epic fail. Hey even when Mariah flops she never flops as hard as xtina. Even Mariah’s second Christmas album sold more that “Bionic” lets be real now. And Mariah having man body lol! I can’t with you being so pressed and depressed that your fave could NEVER…….

  10. ScreenShot September 1, 2012

    I’m so over singers When they were thin they were showing off every inch of their body and when they gain weight they Like Curvy girls rock. I was to thin etc but The h** was just flaunting her thin body yesterday Ugh whatever I love xtina But her clothes is not flattering!!! She is waaaaaay hotter when she has her KILLER BODY back If she wants to stay this weight wear clothes that flatters your body!! And you can’t have a song “F*** your body” when your body isn’t F*** able she doesn’t look bad at all but still SEXtina was everything

    • JER September 1, 2012

      LMFAOOOOOOOOOO you better go in!!!!!!!!!

  11. FanOfMusic September 1, 2012

    This bytch kills me. What other singer who Christina grew up obsessed with gained weight and was publicly criticized as well? She also loves to show her cleavage. Hmmm Christina is still ‘Obsessed’ with her

    • ronnoc September 1, 2012

      oh yea you caught chrissy, she gained the weight so she could look more like moomoo. stfu fool

      • MC September 1, 2012

        Lol trying to shade Mariah and calling her fat when Christina herself isn’t thin so…..#Epicfail lol

  12. MJ Lover September 1, 2012

    i don’t care about her weight. I just want to hear her sing 😀 <3

  13. Girrrl September 1, 2012

    X-tina looks good any size! I’m glad she is happy with who she is with no apologies.

  14. Honey CHILD please September 1, 2012

    She done did more DRIVE THRU’s at a BURGER KING, than a Compton GANG BANGER has done drive by’s…What will it be this time Xtina, some fries with that Flopper jr?

  15. virtuoso intellect September 1, 2012

    no Christina there’s such a thin as BMI and in any case you still havent learnt to dress for your new figure

    • virtuoso intellect September 1, 2012


  16. THE GAME September 1, 2012

    @Honey Child WHatever

    You look like Seal with a wig. Not a good look boo.

  17. PrettigurlrockD September 1, 2012

    But that chubby face is not the business. A nice cushiony b*** thick but firm legs, toned arms are okay and lil but of a bust but not a huge stomach. Sorry babe. To the gym u go.

  18. christinaslilfighter September 1, 2012

    *puts on Vanity*

    All you haters need to listen to that song. Most of you are probably overweight monsters who hate yourself and can’t stand that Christina is embracing her curves rather than feel shame and pressured to fit in. Christina has always stood out and that how she and her fans prefer it. Unlike Britney who had lyposuction right before her comeback to make it look like she hit the gym.

  19. Miguel September 1, 2012

    Sorry I love her but this is b*******

    She doesn’t look confident at all… Her latest magazine shots, she looks removed and distant. Not s*** & confident & glowing like she was during “Back to Basics” when she was thinner.

    During “Back to Basics” and even “Stripped”, she looked effortlessly glowing, not anymore though.

    Plus, her facial features clearly stand out more when she’s thinner, she looks slightly bloated now. Still beautiful, but not as flattering on her

  20. Dave September 1, 2012

    People always criticize. These last few months, maybe it’s me, but she has warn her new figure quire nice. Now back in mid to late last year (2011), she wasn’t. But she’s been rocking her thickness. I think she looks great both ways. Her face isn’t chubby, it just has meat on it. People act like her cheeks are so chubby you can barely see her eyes. This is the issue in society, y’all are just as critical as the tabloids. It’s little girls & women her size, that are struggling with image, & y’all are still going inn on her. Nobody knows about her BMI, you don’t know if she had issues with her health being petite, or is she perfectly healthy now. & BMI, don’t mean nothing, mine a few pounds ago said I was overweight, & I had a 32 inch waist, with a flat stomach, come again? I think she looks confident. I mean is everybody blind. She rocked title figured outfits all on the voice & other various places. Smiling, in interviews, she looks good. I think she looks great thin, & thick. Society is sad, really.

  21. MRDIVABITCH September 2, 2012

    She was too thin? LMAO, she was the right weight. Now she is TOO FAT. Ewww Cellulitina

      • irene46 September 2, 2012

        there was a time when she was so thin i wondered if she was becoming anorexic ( i believe it was in her video with ricky martin). that was many moons ago.

        i think she looked at her best in her movie ‘burlesque’.

        i still say she would look fine if it were not for that blotted belly (lose it or keep it covered…either is fine).

        britney may now be a way overhyped talentless empty shell of nothingness, but most of the time she keeps that body rockin’. and not by being skinny.

      • LaLa September 3, 2012

        In her debut, she is very thin & tiny! teens metabolism is very active & quick (I had the similar case). Plus you know her management pushed her to do 24/7 works. Anorexic? I dun think so bb.

        But tbh I love her tiny frame. because I love tiny petite girl. & yes.. like Ali indeed. (natural make up included)*

  22. linker nippel September 2, 2012

    xtina is a great women and a great mother
    she has one of the best voices in the world
    and i really hope her new single and her new album are succesfull
    cause im sick of those littel basic b****** like katy perry or rita ora
    she is a pop icon for now 13 years and she will slay

  23. Shade master September 2, 2012

    I don’t know how she can say she was to thin The b**** was Freakin hot That candy man Video her body was on point the dancing everything Her body is fine but her face isn’t A chubby face does not suit her at all

    • irene46 September 2, 2012

      you’re right her dancing and body was smokin’.

  24. Xtina does not give a shiat. Stay mad haters. September 3, 2012

    LOL at all the stupid imbecile haters PRETENDING to hate Christina because of her weight.



    : )

    Christina can do what your fav does and do it 329847629487629856738947 times better. Christina is a smart, talented, bad@** singer that doesn’t need anyone’s validation.

    You can stay mad and horribly envious. HAHAHAHAHAHA…….

  25. Xtina does not give a shiat. Stay mad haters. September 3, 2012

    I mean why do people spend so much foking time talking about celebrities weight.

    Who gives a flying fok???????????

    Who the fok walks down the street screaming and crying every time they see people’s weight??????????

    Do you lose sleep over other people’s weights at night????????

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Christina could be 988888885858585858 pounds!!!!!! I don’t give a shiot. She is still the best singer worldwide.

    You foking whiny imbeciles.


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