Hot Shots: Ciara Gets ‘Amnesia’ With Necole Bitchie

Published: Saturday 15th Sep 2012 by David

Thursday night saw Ciara take to Club Amnesia following the release of her new video ‘Sorry’.

Taking to the New York City spot to meet and greet members of her C-Squad, the ‘That’s My Boy’ actress found herself in good company when she ran into entertainment writer Necole Bitchie, pictured above.

Also partying with the likes of Flo Rida and Meagan Good, Cici sighting precedes the December 4th release of her new album ‘One Woman Army’.

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5 Reasons ‘She Is Diva’ Loves Ciara’s ‘Sorry’.

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  1. kelly September 15, 2012

    Ciara’s LP is going up against Rita Ora’s LP – RITA ORA’S LP HAS BEEN PUSHED BACK TO DECEMBER.

    • FAF September 15, 2012

      Ciara’s album comes out Dec. 4 when does Rita’s come out? Either way they’ll slay Rihoena… Goal Accomplished 🙂

      • RIHANNA NAVY September 15, 2012


      • kelly September 15, 2012

        They will slay Rihanna? Ciara got dropped from Jive and Rita Ora is on course to getting dropped? You were saying?

        Goal Accomplished ? Oh so YOU ARE ONLY SUPPORTING RITA ORA cos you think she will slay Rihanna, who u envy? It makes sense.

        Which part of Ciara and Rita’s career have slayed Rih, thus far? Looks like Rih has outsold the Ciara and Rita put together times 10.

        Also, can u tell us Rita Ora LP was pushed back from 25th september to Christmas? And why they are going to record new tracks for LP? Why there is no release date for….whatever their single is releasing?

        Why has Rita ORA LP flopped in the UK?

        40K WEEK 1
        17, 460 WEEK 2
        40 ON ITUNES WEEK 3


    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 15, 2012

      It will be so embarrasing when the worlds biggest flop tops the charts above Rita :/

      • kelly September 15, 2012

        It is very embarrassing for Rita Ora, I bet all the other record companies are laughing at Jay z and roc nation. She has sol d 57k in the UK! I mean, they are pushing her FLOP album to christmas….have u noticed they switch dates, when they heard Rih was dropping a single on monday. Now they are trying to find a month, that Rih is not releasing music. That would leave DEC – RITA ORA is scared to go up against Rita Ora. LOL LOL I thought rita was this amazing talent, drop the LP then? What u scared of?

        Benron, you know they are going back in the studio to record Rita more tracks……I thought her debut was the best thing since slice bread?

      • kelly September 15, 2012

        Ciara will slay the f*** out of Rita Ora when they go head to head in Dec.

      • mobwife: operation kill the B!+@# September 15, 2012

        You just worry about 5-HEAD and Ciara alone!

      • FAF September 15, 2012

        @Kelly Rihanna can’t sell s***. why it take a yr for this album to go platinum w/ all that promotion??

        Ciara without promotion still had a #1 single Lovesexmagic

        can Rihoena do that, ugly?? Who got dropped from Jive? Unlike Rihoena getting dropped from jayz label, Ciara’s deal was up, how she get signed to EPIC now??

        Ciara’s Talent>>>a borderline wash up mosh of styles she steals


      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 15, 2012

        All that promotion?

        You mean like 12 singles, about 9 videos and countless performances.

        Nope thats Nicki! aND SHE ONLY SOLD 600K

  2. LOLA September 15, 2012


    • msdaisy September 15, 2012

      lol i was thinking the same thing

      • the realest September 15, 2012

        every chick in the game is bi. Whats ur point?

        rih nicki gaga Britney Pink Missy Kreayshawn Trina Xtina Azealia.

        Only dry ol frigid beyonce is strictly camel d***.

      • msdaisy September 15, 2012

        you got me laughing hard with that beyonce piece

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 15, 2012

      to be american/british come with being ignorant+ judgmental at the same time , right ?

      they probably say they are “Bi” to win the LGBT on their side , please wake up !!!

      • mobwife: operation kill the B!+@# September 15, 2012

        to be american/british come with being ignorant+ judgmental at the same time , right ?
        LOL, You didn’t know? 🙂

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 15, 2012

        @mobwife :

        sadly i know now !!!!

  3. Queen ciara best performer ever is back September 15, 2012

    my girl looks good as usual!!!!!<3

  4. Tasha September 15, 2012

    I’m Sorry! Sorry that she’ll flop!

    • kelly September 15, 2012

      You’re not being a hater, you’re just telling the truth. And I agree with you. Apart from black girls from the projects….no one gives a s*** about Ciara new album. The new song / video has recEIVED ZERO attention from the mainstream blogs. She has been around nearly 10 yrs and she is not known outside the black community and do not get me started about overseas. I am half Swedish and no one knows she she is and what song she sings.

      The music, video and blonde weave is so 2002. RNB does not even sell anymore.

      • Africa’s Best September 15, 2012

        Like seriously get a life b4 it’s too’s funny how u being a hater happens to have the most comment on here,it’s retarded.

    • kelly September 15, 2012

      What will make Ci flop is the fact she worked with the same old dated RNB producers who last had a hit when Rih was 16.

      Ciara said she that she was gonna talk about pain; i was thinking she was gonna pull an adele or amy winehouse…….it is the same old RNB baller thug love s***. Not quite ‘ someone like you ‘ or, ‘chasing pavements ‘

      • SdotB September 15, 2012

        u dumbass, she’s not a “soul” singer…she’s an urban r&b singer…why would she pull an adele or amy winehouse?

        what rock did u crawl from under?? please go back!!

      • FAF September 15, 2012

        Ciara already accomplished what Rihanna scathing to get now , ugly whats your point???

        She got a grammy back in ’05 w/ Missy…

        Rihoena was flopping back then & she still aflop w/ a couple #1 singles.. LOL

  5. DOSSOME September 15, 2012

    Why Necole look cuter than CiCi? Not feeling that flannel Ci.

  6. kelly September 15, 2012

    Ciara only appeals to black girls living in the hood.

  7. MC September 15, 2012

    Sam, you m*********** erased my comment! Anyways, they looks hot.

  8. Suicide Blonde September 15, 2012

    She finally came out!

    • MC September 15, 2012

      Boy, you can see her in the first photo she has “ohhh let me act like I’m about to kiss this b****, but I am not” attitude. And if she is coming out as a “bi-sexual” then she needs to do it with a certain letter….*cough Frank Ocean cough*

      • Suicide Blonde September 15, 2012


      • Suicide Blonde September 15, 2012


      • MC September 15, 2012

        @Suicide Blonde
        I love this clip so much lol and Rihanna’s accent was on point!

      • Suicide Blonde September 15, 2012

        I love her accent haha.

  9. kelly September 15, 2012


    You are so shook and threatened ain’t you? You are buzzing in fear! Why have you refuse to report than Rihanna was in the studio with PHARELL Williams last night? Why have you refused to report that she has overtaken BEyonce In have a second american vogue cover, shot by Annie lebovitz? Why have u not reported that She is rumored to be working with Kelis on her new monster album?

    • kelly September 15, 2012

      Rihanna, Kelis, Pharelle, Labrith, Sia…….wow! what the f*** is the bad gal cooking up?

    • HeavyHeavy September 15, 2012

      I will be checking for this rihanna kelis song boy…Kelis is ahead of the fred when it comes to dance music and her rub is always on point (milkshake, millionaire).

      I like that rihanna is using different producers and writers. This could just top LOUD.

      • kelly September 15, 2012

        I love that. I wish Ciara could be more up to date and current like RIH. I cannot wait to hear what Rih and Kelis has done, as well as what the UK boys ( fazer and labrinth ) do too.

        Pharelle and Rih should be a couple IMO. They must of created HEAT last night in LA – they are both hot and talented.

      • kelly September 15, 2012


        TTT was rushed and made in all these hotels around the Europe. I KNEW that would be the root cause as to why it was not her best work ( lol lol at her still having some of her biggest hits of that LP; true star power ) Anyway, she has learned from that mistake ( always a lesson, never a mistake ) She is back to the LOUD writing camps, and she is back recording in STUDIOS in LA / London instead of the hotel rooms.


      • kelly September 15, 2012

        Kelis is a bad b****. She is dope. Her second LP is fire.

    • SdotB September 15, 2012

      how many times u gonna comment on ur own post?? get a life…

      • FAF September 15, 2012


  10. kelly September 15, 2012


    So what do we have ? We have a new hot American vogue cover shot by ANIIE LEBOVITZ

    An Album with Kelis, Sia, David Guetta, Labryth, Fazer, Eric Bellinger, Sean garrett, David Guetta, Pharelle Williams, Nicky Romero, Burns Neyo etc

    New Tour

    Two new movies

    Her fashion line with River island – the mega chain from the UK

    No wonder you and faves are threatened

    • kelly September 15, 2012


      That vogue cover shot by world renowned photographer, Annie Lebovitz, will be out to coincide with the release of Diamonds – her NEW ALBUM.

      • FAF September 15, 2012

        it will FLOP just like her head when CB smashed it

      • Africa’s Best September 15, 2012

        FAF LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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