Official Teaser: Christina Aguilera – ‘Your Body’ Video

Published: Tuesday 25th Sep 2012 by Sam

It’s nearly here!

The video for Christina Aguilera‘s comeback smash ‘Your Body’ is due in a matter of days, and the petite powerhouse is in a teasing mood.

Check out the latest trailer for the Melina directed clip, which serves as the first to be lifted from Aguilera’s 5th studio album ‘Lotus’ (due November 13th).

We see wind, we see movement, we see diva! All that’s needed is an epic dance-break and we’re bought and sold.

Your thoughts?

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  1. all4u1 September 25, 2012


    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS nicki stans to liberate them from her poison u FUNKY b****) September 25, 2012

      I find it strange for her to sing a song called Your Body ehen she is clearly photoshoppin her OINK ass body on her photo covers. And i love her…cottage cheese and all

      • credits September 26, 2012

        “OINK ass” ……wow….

    • Öz Firdevs September 26, 2012


  2. christinastherealtalent September 25, 2012

    I’m already sold regardless if there’s a dance break or not!

    Christina is serving breakfast lunch and dinner and this is just the clip! Bring on the full video, and begin promoting the Hell out of this song to get it to #1 and show them lessers and haters how its done!

  3. Spunkypoop September 25, 2012


  4. PrettigurlrockD September 25, 2012

    Can’t wait!! Also can’t wait to hear what the album has to offer. I hope it’s better than floponic

    • HATERS STAN $ THE QUEEN September 26, 2012


  5. XTINASLAYSBASICBITCHES September 25, 2012


  6. Coco J September 25, 2012

    She is giving me Mariah with all the that touching of her body and wind.

    • mr.m September 26, 2012


  7. A September 25, 2012

    the song is hot and catchy, but theres something about the shoots/edit and her look that doenst feel on point at all.

    • all4u1 September 25, 2012

      I think once it all comes together, it will make sense. Mark my words.

  8. Beyonce’s Weave September 25, 2012

    Cant wait, this will smash everything. You better move if your house is in Xtina’s lane.

    • THE LEGENDARY LAX September 25, 2012

      why are you so obessed with beyonce pics??? weirdo

    • small_angel September 25, 2012

      You are Funny. Love Beyonce and Xtina..

  9. Nic September 25, 2012

    The similarities so far between this and Rihanna’s We Found Love video are shocking. Especially the car scene in this clip. Melina the director and all other directors in the industry for that matter really need to stop recycling and rehashing their ideas and selling them to artist. Nonetheless Christina has a voice that is unmatched in the industry today! Here’s to her success!

    • Magina Monroe September 26, 2012

      this video was directed by the same person who directed we found love lol…

  10. JJFan1814 September 25, 2012

    The song is #25 o iTunes. It lacks the commercial appeal to do well.

    Rihanna’s diamonds is going to swallow this song whole.

    • all4u1 September 25, 2012

      Now I understand why you’re so angry and bitter. Does “JJ” stand for Janet Jackson, who’s last three albums flopped?

      • MC September 25, 2012

        “who’s last three albums flopped?”
        Lol Janet’s 8th album “Damita Jo” was certified Platinum in the U.S. Janet’s “20 Y.O” is also certified Platinum. Its her 10th album “Discipline” that flopped. Yet your facts straight before dissing legends.

      • all4u1 September 25, 2012

        If you’re going to read, get your grammar straight! It’s “get” not ‘yet”!

      • MC September 25, 2012


        Oh, I didn’t know I was going to be evaluated on my grammar. You obviously got what I meant but couldn’t negate my comment so you focused on my grammatical error. Lol!

        “If you’re going to read, get your grammar straight!” I think what you meant to say was, “If you are going to write, get your grammar straight” but anyways, unlike you I am not here to grade peoples errors and grammatical structure; I am here to talk about anything pertaining to music. And again, you have nothing to say about the fact that Janet only flopped with her last album, like Xtina’s “Bionic”, and not her last “3 albums” like you claim. Come talk to me when your fave has been in the game for 30+ years, has 6#1 albums, etc. Good day. 🙂

      • all4u1 September 25, 2012

        First of all, when I said “read” I was implying that you were trying to throw jabs at me. You appear to be dumber than I thought.

        On another note, the reason why Janet received number one albums, back then, is because there was no competition like there is now.

        She tried to pull a publicity stunt at the SuperBowl and it backfired. So, you need to get your facts straight!

      • MC September 25, 2012


        “First of all, when I said “read” I was implying that you were trying to throw jabs at me. You appear to be dumber than I thought.”
        You value yourself too highly, no one was throwing jabs here but you. You tried, and failed, to throw a shade at Janet for flopping with her last album when Xtina flopped last time as well (I would think you Xtina fans/stans would be more understanding but apparently not). Your evaluation of my mental capacity is really flawed considering you don’t know me at all, but whatever floats you boat….

        “On another note, the reason why Janet received number one albums, back then, is because there was no competition like there is now.”
        Are you seriously going to tell me there was no competition in the 80s and 90s? Those eras had the best music and musicians (i.e. Madonna, Whitney, Celine, Mariah, MJ, Prince, *insert anyone legendary*). Lol! Its today the music quality and completion is really low-standard. You really reached for the stars with this comment. Janet was competing against Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Madonna, etc for these accomplishments.

        “She tried to pull a publicity stunt at the SuperBowl and it backfired. So, you need to get your facts straight!” I won’t even try to explain to you what happened because obviously it was JT that pulled on her clothing and the whole accident happened. This statement alone greatly magnifies your ignorance. This is my last time commenting to you. Have a good delusional life. 🙂 #Bye #staypressed

      • all4u1 September 25, 2012

        Apparently you’re pressed because you wrote an essay to try to prove a point, which is not logical.

    • HATERS STAN $ THE QUEEN September 26, 2012

      R****’s can get all the commercial fruits in the fckin world, but that ugly box-headed alien will never have any f****** talent to save her bald-headed ass @ concert!

  11. Trendy September 25, 2012

    I can’t wait to see the final result but so far I like what I’m seeing.
    And she’s so beautiful too!

  12. Honey CHILD please September 25, 2012

    Attention *taps the mic * The prices of wigs have be slashed due to the ultimate snatching of your favs wigs. ..

    • Honey CHILD please September 25, 2012

      We know the demand for wigs are high so please be patient!

    • @091094_ Twitter September 25, 2012

      This is giving me life

    • HATERS STAN $ THE QUEEN September 26, 2012

      LOOOOOOL OMG ur comment, it tooo much!

  13. Monstarebel September 25, 2012

    Can we just see the video already sheesh how many teaser are there guna be f***.

    • LaLa September 26, 2012

      not as many as “Hold it Against Me” teaser for sure! 😉

  14. Dave September 25, 2012

    The single is #25 on iTunes with no official promo. It’s going solely off the love & support of her fans. She confirmed via her YouTube Channel that the full video will be released on VEVO in a few days. The song will serve as some success whether a full smash or not. I’m more concerned on how much she is gonna slay me. From what I’m hearing about the tracks on “Lotus” it is set to artistically & musically snatch all the gurls wigs without any receipts for returns.

  15. whocares September 25, 2012

    what’s hot about it? she look like s*** from where I’m sitting. omg so sick of trailers. Whole vids please. Kinda disappointment now, don’t think there’s much to her new vid than what I’ve seen here.

  16. ??? September 25, 2012

    @monstarebel So do you like Christina or no? all you do is talk negatively about her, and yet ur on every xtina post reading and watching vids of her. Now ur begging for this new video lol. You must get bored with your fave.

  17. White girl mob September 25, 2012

    Nobody cares bout this fat ass pig.. Anyway where is kreayshawn first week album sales I wanna laugh in these b**** n***** faces. Kreayshawn had one of the biggest album of the year so I wanna know so I can laugh in these n***** faces.

    • all4u1 September 25, 2012

      I think you care about Christina. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be in this thread commenting and checking for her.

      Get your mind right!!!!

    • small_angel September 25, 2012

      you’ve been saying this bout krishawn? krishaun? whatever… FOR YEARS NOW!!! what is that thing btw?

    • @091094_ Twitter September 25, 2012


  18. White girl mob September 25, 2012

    I really want TGJ to post kreayshawn first week album sales so I can laugh at these b**** ass n***** U feel me. Kreayshawn is gonna do the numbers for Oakland baby and a lot if ya b**** made n***** will hate cuz ya some hating ass n*****. F*** this fat ass miss piggy looking pale b**** hahaha I’m so hype about kreayshawn album sales she is gonna make me sooo proud when I see these numbers haha

    • HATERS ONLY STAN 4 THE BASICS, THAT’S WHY! September 26, 2012

      *and it was all a dream* stop devoting your life to some unknown White hoodrat & bow down to TALENTS like the Queen!

  19. @THE_MALEMADONNA September 25, 2012

    i dont understand… Why is EVERYONE trying 2 bash LEGENDTINA?? Like she is THAT B****!!! Period….

  20. x September 25, 2012

    Yess b**** bring on the slayage!!

  21. It’s Utterly Bizaar! September 26, 2012

    I love what i’m seeing, Baby Jane is lookin’ so phierce!

  22. honest September 26, 2012

    I feel like everybody is trying to use music competition shows to sell albums. J.Lo first. I bet Demi Britney Mariah and Nicki will have albums out before their respect seasons end. Why can’t people sell albums like the old days. Come out with a music video and keep it moving.

    • irene46 September 26, 2012

      because it harder to sell albums these days.

  23. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 26, 2012

    hmmmmmmmm …………… I’m crossing my fingers.

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