New Song: Aubrey O’Day – ‘Wrecking Ball’

Published: Wednesday 26th Sep 2012 by Sam

Four years have passed since Danity Kane disbanded, yet each of the group’s members continue to grind for solo success.

Case, point Aubrey O’Day, who this morning lifted the lid on ‘Wrecking Ball’ – her first music video as a solo artist.

Penned by Pia Toscano, the cut was released independently many moons ago, which likely explains the delay with its accompanying visual.

 Does Ms. O’Day have what it takes to break that Bad Boy spell? The answer awaits below…


Although, one has to wonder whether “cute” will be enough to propel the outspoken star to where she should be.

For, after a many a play, the song just doesn’t resonate with us “like that”. It’s all a bit Jessica Simpson circa 1999. A fact which is as strange as it is unfortunate, for the Pop-Urban lane the singer was playing in during her show ‘All About Aubrey’ carried with it more potential for success.

Here’s hoping all works out for Ms. O’Day.

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  1. Rihanna Navy (DIAMONDS DEBUT ON ELVIS DURAN RADIO SHOW @ 8) September 26, 2012

    LOVE IT. Aubrey Looks great.

  2. jamilaa September 26, 2012

    i kinda like dis song!! not bad!

  3. James September 26, 2012


  4. GirlBYE September 26, 2012

    this is radio ready.

  5. MK September 26, 2012

    She clearly no longer has a record deal

    • lewminous September 26, 2012

      I didn’t think she did anymore either, but if it’s on Vevo she has to have one. I don’t think they allow videos from independent artists. At least according to Dawn Richard they don’t.

  6. BRINK Magazine September 26, 2012

    It’s actually really good,but you are so right, very “Jessica Simpson circa 1999.” She has a great tone to her voice.

  7. Casual September 26, 2012

    There’s nothing bad about the song or video, but if you’re going to release independently, you’ve got to have a MAGICAL single, not just a good one. If Carly Rae Jepsen put this out with her major label’s machine behind her, this would be a hit.

  8. Dinsyz September 26, 2012

    This is something most artist don’t do.. They wait for years for the label to promote them. And then they Start fading … If an artist doesn’t put out stuff independently then they loose out in the long run. Even with her 1st single automatic with the label she wasn’t being promoted. So sometimes you have a label but what are they good for…. And yes she is still signed.

  9. credits September 26, 2012

    she can sing. Hearing this, i wonder if she would have more appeal singing country music.

  10. V.I.C. September 26, 2012

    not bad.

  11. Mobwife: TeamBreezy Always b!+@#es September 26, 2012

    It’s not bad but the MUSIC INDUSTRY HAS ENOUGH OF HER TYPE — blonde, blue-eyed, mid-range singers. This wont stand out ‘coz’ lets be honest, she does not stand out. Turn on MTV or VH1 you can see and hear one just like her. ijs

  12. Adrian September 26, 2012

    She definitely needs to release an acoustic version of this because all she is giving me is cheesy here. The song is catchy, but I’m not sure what audience she was aiming for here. She has to remember that Urban fans are what Danity Kane lured in, so she needs to get it together. Her marketing is all over the place. I wanna see her succeed tho!

  13. nikko September 26, 2012

    It reminds me of Rock&Roll and Sometimes Video By Queen Britney… anyways if next single is good i will def buy the album….

  14. RoyalKev September 26, 2012

    Awesome! she looks great and I like the video. I do think she need to come just a little harder than this because she has to really make an impression and get noticed. She’s so talented and I’d like that to show even more.

  15. DA TRUTH TELLA B****** September 27, 2012

    I actually really like this song…but it sounds “Demo quality.” If she got a good mix of this song and got some more production work on it and layered more vocals to get that huge Katy Perry/Nicki sound that is a necessity in pop now, she could definitely get at least top 20 for this. She should do whatever she can to try to get in with the Dr Luke crowd…befriend his songwriting minions or something. She has a great voice. The song is high enough quality that I can still tell it’s a solid pop song without the production being “perfect.”

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