New Song: Mario – ‘Killa’

Published: Wednesday 26th Sep 2012 by Rashad

Fans are definitely loving news that ‘Let Me Love You’ crooner Mario is readying a comeback via RCA Records.

Already teasing fans with mixtapes and guest appearances galore over the past few years, the forthcoming months are set to see the Baltimore beau return to center stage with a new, yet titled LP.  An LP whose first offering comes in the form of ‘Killa’, the Glass John produced slow jam that sample’s R&B veteran R.Kelly‘s ‘Your Body’s Callin’.

Already earning multiple spins here at TGJ HQ, is ‘Killa’ what Mario needs to regain reign over R&B charts? You tell us below:

Hotness!  While we definitely have heard our fill of oversexualized lyrics (see: Trey Songz), we must say that ‘Killa’ certainly has a flair that many of Mario’s contemporary crooners lack.  If the track will make a killing on charts – given it’s not the most radio friendly of tracks, well that’s yet to be seen.

But, if this is any indication of what’s to come on Mr. Barrett’s upcoming RCA venture…well, we’re all ears.
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Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde September 26, 2012

    Mmm….i love the cover.

    • MC September 26, 2012

      Lol I was about to say the cover is horrible. And boy you are into many things……your freaky……

      • Suicide Blonde September 26, 2012

        I’m Gemini haha.

      • MC September 26, 2012

        I am a Libra 😉

      • Suicide Blonde September 26, 2012

        You have Venus on your side B****!.

      • MC September 26, 2012


  2. millhouse September 26, 2012

    hang it up Mario…

  3. glum September 26, 2012

    Can’t see it blowing up…

  4. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 26, 2012

    The cover…

    is that even allowed?

    • thisguy September 26, 2012

      my exact reaction

  5. WatchitHere. September 26, 2012

    Nice Single cover … or ummm V***** shot …
    Quick skim through the headlines, thought this was Gaga’s new single cover 😉 LOL Jokes >> But if the new ‘bikini’ is ‘tasteful naked v***** shots’, guess whose puss will see next 😉

    … about the song tho. It’s good. Another Following Kelly Rowlands’s Motivation flow, with simple backing and sensual lyrics. Good song, but not to memorable. I like that ‘Just be friends’ flavour more tho

  6. CURLY SUE September 26, 2012


  7. Lax September 26, 2012

    That cover is the Business, glad that’s not
    a certain party’s cover because she would
    be hung and burned at the stakes, Love the
    cover shot, it’s fiyah.

  8. nickalus Randle September 26, 2012

    sounds good…

  9. michael September 26, 2012

    I love that cover. Its giving me life. But its about time. Imma big mario fan. I wanna eat him out

  10. My hip, My back September 26, 2012

    I had to do a damn quadruple take on this cover cause I was not SURE if I was seeing what I saw correctly!

  11. MRDIVABITCH September 26, 2012

    If you’re gonna show your p**** at least show pink

  12. millhouse September 26, 2012

    Mario is trying to tell us that he is a p****

  13. YEAKELLY September 27, 2012

    Ohh lawd that’s a Vajay!!! I had to get real close to the computer screen to know it was real. He really try a get his life I see. Hmmmm, I like the song though.

  14. the real xoxo September 27, 2012

    this is part of the reason why r&b is s***** now.
    artists from yester-year still think they have what it takes, and are not consistent. i want to see alot of NEW artists, not these artists who havent had a hot song in years.

  15. Lauryn September 27, 2012

    All I see is a lady blowing’ smoke??? Can’t see what everybody else is seeing??

    The song is not a single hopefully. I love Mario but this is NOT his niche!!!! Leave it to Trey, please.

  16. Lourdes September 27, 2012

    Not feeling it. I’m glad you changed that pic. I did not want to see a cooch all over my screen. Mario needs a new team because hes too talented to be releasing crap.

  17. tj September 27, 2012

    anytime somebody asked “where is mario” i say “somewhere getting his heartbroke and about to come out with a new sad love song” i mean dang..i didnt think the boy could sing about anything else…glad to see something has changed lol

  18. Lia November 30, 2012

    I love this song. It is soooo secy like Mario. When is the album gonna drop? I cant wait.

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