New Video: Chris Brown – ‘Don’t Judge Me’

Published: Thursday 27th Sep 2012 by Sam

After dancing up a storm on the singles from his ‘Fortune’ LP,  Chris Brown switches gears for the project’s fifth release ‘Don’t Judge Me’.

The moody cut saw its accompanying video premiere moments ago. Directed by seemingly omnipresent Chris Tilley, the clip boasts an edgy cinematic feel.

Check it out below…

While we’d much prefer other tracks as singles, we can’t but salate the visual commitment to this one. Put simply, the video is stunning and really captures the essence of the song. Good stuff.

Tidbit: Brown’s European fans can catch him on his upcoming Carpe Diem Tour. Check out dates below…

Nov. 17 – Oslo Spektrum – Oslo, NO
Nov. 19 – Ericsson Globe – Stockholm, SE
Nov. 22 – O2 – Berlin, DE
Nov. 23 – Schleyerhalle – Stuttgart, DE
Nov. 25 – Spodek Arena – Katowice, PL
Nov. 27 – Westfalenhalle – Dortmund, DE
Nov. 29 – Festhalle – Frankfurt, DE
Nov. 30 – St. Jakobshalle – Basel, CH
Dec. 3 – O2 – Dublin, IE
Dec. 5 – Sportpaleis – Antwerp, BE
Dec. 6 – Ziggo Dome – Amsterdam, NE
Dec. 7 – Bercy – Paris, FR

Click here for ticket details.

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  1. lol September 27, 2012

    This song has one of the worst messages I’ve heard in a while

    he’s basically telling his main girl to “turn the other cheek” and ignore the fact that he is cheating on her or have cheated on her in the pas t and just “let it be beautiful” ??? This ladies and gents is how you blue waffle …disgusting song …sad excuse for an artist

    • BLUE The Real HIVE September 27, 2012

      That’s exactly whats happening etween Him and tran and R**** his f****** both lady chris a winning

      • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

        He is not screwing both his current & ex-girlfriend! All that blog generated nonsense is foolish! Rihanna is looking long-term. I doubt if she would put herself in that nasty temporary position and I’m not even one of her fans saying it!

        This song is about not holding things against a person that happened in their past. We all have one so let that go and focus on the new and positive thing that could be instead!

    • Yea Okay September 27, 2012

      Exactly… That’s why I’m judging this mildewed Pookie lookin’ mf!!!! Ugh..smdhlol

      • FAF September 27, 2012

        WHY R**** ON HIS D*** ???

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      WTF? That is not what this song is about! This song is about NOT BELIEVING THE LIES that the media tells on a regular basis about him and other celebrities. Case in point, yesterdays TOTAL LIE about Chris and Nicole Slesninger (sp?) kissing at the Supper Club. They were just talking and due to the loudness in the club , lend closer to one another to hear and speak to each other and NOTHIG MORE!

      A woman in his life or a MAN IN HER’S could read the headlines and flip out believing the worse when NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

      **I hate dumb people!

  2. Rihanna Navy September 27, 2012

    love it

  3. MC September 27, 2012

    Great visual, but he needs to eat something and quick.

    • Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2012

      yea he does look Hungry to me too!

  4. hunni2nice September 27, 2012

    Was really surprised at the video, didnt see that coming really like it! well done breezy! Don’t think it will do much on the charts ( though i hope it does) but happy with the video.

  5. Nate September 27, 2012

    I’m not even trying to be funny when I say that Chris Brown legit looks like he’s on crack. His face is sunken, and it looks like he’s aged six years in the past six months. Get it together, ma!

    • Yea Okay September 27, 2012

      Haha…never thought i hav 2 ever ever ever say Chris Brown Is Ugly.,. But in this video he is just that!!!

  6. Nika September 27, 2012

    NICE – let the haters HATE.

  7. DOSSOME September 27, 2012

    Nice video but the song,no…personally i prefer GRAFITTI to his last 2 albums

  8. sweetpea September 27, 2012

    love it great job

  9. AmandaPrincess September 27, 2012

    This song kinda makes me wonder was this for Rihanna; especially the second verse after she found out he cheated!

    • Musicfan September 27, 2012

      I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it’s either abt his gf Karrueche or it’s about how his relationship was with Rihanna and how he wished it would have turned out “beautiful”, like the song says. Either way, great video!

  10. BLUE The Real HIVE September 27, 2012

    Wow chris s video has grown this may win a Grammy I love this

    • FAF September 27, 2012


  11. i&i(yardie) September 27, 2012

    No mincing, no long talking, ME LIKE IT!!!! 🙂

    • CoCo September 27, 2012

      Yes and it is so sad that people are not really really getting the message because they are doing what they do best. Trying to judge .

  12. the real xoxo September 27, 2012

    this isnt going to help misfortune go gold.

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      B**** who cares? I am so tired of hearing about stats and numbers when its suppose to be about MUSIC! F*ck what the media says about numbers and artifical bullsh**! It’s about the MUSIC!

  13. zania September 27, 2012

    I love this video, its very mature video and i like that he put a black girl in this video as his leading lady.

  14. Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2012

    Keep on Chris. Please Eat though!

  15. Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2012

    Im Speechless. Not sure what the video is supposed to mean to honest!
    At the end were they making love in Jeans? 😛

  16. jme September 27, 2012

    i actually thought this was shockingly deep and very creative. almost made me cry a little bit.

    • leslie arnelle September 27, 2012

      same hear completely

      • leslie arnelle September 27, 2012


  17. Monstarebel September 27, 2012

    I love the song & the message of it, but this video has to be his boringest & most confusing yet ,like really you an astronaut now Chris?

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      The TOY he designed is an ASTRONUT ….”DUM English” so what’s wrong with that?

  18. @cbDani September 27, 2012

    loved every bit of it!!!!

  19. ERIC September 27, 2012

    Video was ok until it became Star Trek.

  20. mkigz September 27, 2012

    It’s a cool video, defo one of his best direction wise. This is my first time hearing the song too, I really wasnt into fortune when it came out but this song blew me away. I felt a bit sad listening to it lol – It kind of reminds me of Open Road ( I love her) a little bit. Did anyone notice that the main lead girl was darker skinned? The last dark skinned girl in his video was back in Run It – not that skin tone is an issue but it’s rare to see…

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      The chick in the DWMU video is DARK SKINNED BUT SO WHAT? O_0

      We know he likes dark skinned he was in love (probably still is) with Rihanna!

      • mkigz September 28, 2012

        Ok but my general point is that dark skin IS beautiful and we need more of that in music videos, not just Chris’ videos…

  21. Honey CHILD please September 27, 2012

    Wow breezy honey child i’m trying not to judge you, but that crack you doing is putting some years on that face. I love the video, but imma need you to start eating.

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      Again STOP THE B*******! Chris Brown has NEVER BEEN A BIG GUY so stop acting like he has lost so much weight. He does not do crack or it would have shown up in his SYSTEM! He injuried his back a few months back was treated with a TEMPORARY supply of “M” along with frequent acupuncture & chiropractic therapy all recommended by his primary DOCTOR so STOP TALKING CRAZY!

  22. Honey CHILD please September 27, 2012

    I see Chris is also trying to pull the dark skinned sister’s in as well. Keep it real now yall. When have you ever seen a darkie in C.B video? The dramatics go well with the song…

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      ARE YOU SERIOUS? STOP THE B*******! His 1st love was RIHANNA AND she is not exactly Rita Ora or Beyonce! Chris has had beautiful DARK SKINNED SISTERS IN HIS VIDEOS, see:

      RUN IT
      WITH YOU

      To name a few.

  23. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare September 27, 2012

    Very nice song and video!

    & I agree with everybody about how thin Chris is–wow.

  24. Back2Business September 27, 2012

    Very creative and very original video ! I really wish people would judge Chris Brown based on his music and actually see how good of an ARTIST he is! An ARTIST who writes, directs, choreographs & produce unlike some of these “oh so praised” entertainers who just sing… ( & I use that term loosely). And people have the nerve to say he’s on crack? No it’s stress! Being ridiculed by millions of people around the world after trying your hardest to show that you’re truly sorry about a mistake you made, but still not feeling good enough after all of that and people still blame you even though they don’t know the story! That would cause any human being to loose weight and stress them the hell out!!

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare September 27, 2012

      I was thinking the same thing–it’s stress.

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      THANK YOU!!

      I mean he’s 23-years-old and this BULLYING s*** has been going on for 3 years now. Enough already! fUNNY, the ppl who are doing it are the LIBERAL MEDIA and LIBERAL organizations who are suppose to be about FAIRNESS, FORGIVENESS, AND ANTI-BULLYING. I mean get the f*ck off this boys SCROTUM!!

  25. Kayla September 27, 2012

    The only two scenes in the video didn’t mix with each other at all. It was like telling two different stories. And what’s up with the little matrix numbers on his body? IDK. The thought put into the video was very cute. And the part where he was going into space and he started cryyyyyinnnng. OMFG. I was bawling out in tears, at 2:00 in the morning (since that’s when he released it). He’s so huggable when he cries. But overall the video gets a 4/10 for me.

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      Wow a 4 out of 10? WTF for? This video is perfect what more could you want?
      1) He’s in love with a person who doesn’t know if she can love him back due to the mistakes he made in the past. 2)2) He accepted a mission to travel in space that might end his life but if it means saving everyone especially her, the woman he loves, he will risk everything
      …………………………………………….WAIT A MINUTE! Why does this sound suspiciously like what he did 3 years ago to protect Rihanna?

  26. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 27, 2012

    i just don’t care , i’m in the navy and I love Cb , i just like him !! he’s amazing and i see why rih is fighting every b**** to be with him.

    U go CHRIS !!!! 😀

    • mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

      PREACH!! 🙂

      I’ve said it in the past, she finally woke up to the bullsh** and realized they both were being used by the femiNAZI’s to further their agenda! They had 1 fight, it was wrong that they both laid hands on each other but let it go and move on. I see them both trying to do that although the femiNAZI’s and racist media are trying to take them down at every turn!

  27. mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012

    I LOVE IT!

    I love the song and the visuals are AMAZING!!

    I’m glad he has SHAVED and is a BRUNETTE again! LOL 🙂

  28. mob: TeamBreezy Always B!+@#es September 27, 2012


    I can’t wait to see his upcoming tour!! 🙂

  29. Oceanmate September 29, 2012

    Stress is a killer! 4 years of folks wishing ya death will take it’s toll. I wish the best for Chris. I LOVED the video with all it’s deepest “Messages” It went where tears are made “for a second” Made ya think of a world with out him….that would be horrible to TeamBreezy. We love you Chris……

  30. melody September 30, 2012

    I loved this song on his Fortune CD and this video puts it all together. Great Job Chris may GOD bless your talented heart.

  31. robbie November 26, 2012

    Did I realy watch the same video ??????????? The guy has a massive ego and a jesus complex – I wish we could actually send him into space

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