Hot Shots: Chris Brown Spends Halloween With Karrueche Tran

Published: Tuesday 30th Oct 2012 by David

It seems Karrueche Tran has well and truly ‘flown above her haters’.

For, after being on the receiving end of a allegedly racist verbal assault from Rihanna‘s shadow Melissa Forde, she put on a brave face on Sunday night… when partying with Chris Brown on Sunday night.

She Is Diva explains below…

“I’ve gotcho man and you can’t do anything about it.”

In what kinda makes Rihanna and gal pal Melissa Forde look a little…foolish, the former’s alleged love interest Chris Brown is seemingly back on with Vietnamese beauty Karrueche Tran.

Yes, on Sunday night, Brown and Tran enjoyed each other’s company at the GreyStone Manor Halloween party, days after Tran was attacked by Forde over her reported reunion with Brown.

Arriving and leaving in separate cars, the stunning pair were all smiles as they left the get together, seemingly unfazed by the hoards of paparazzo waiting to catch a snap of them together.


Poor dat?

Your thoughts?

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  1. tbaby October 30, 2012

    attacked ? was she? chris brown is having them when he feels like……..those ladies smh!!!

    • Frostbitten October 30, 2012

      Is it me or am I missing something? we’re exactly is the “together” in these pics? I mean if the separate cars wasn’t enough for you to get the picture….

      • HALF AMAZIN October 30, 2012

        What’s missing is that they were NOT there together. Sam, you tried it you thirsty ass pseudo blogger. You hate Rihanna so much yet everything surrounding her life is the center of your tired ass blog. Write about those lames in the UK

      • kingbey/rihanna October 30, 2012

        If they were not together y was big pat chris bodyguard escorting karrueche to her car

      • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012


        How is Big Pat escorting this chick to or from her car? So they are in th same frame okay…

        And if he did perhaps CB caught wind of the media freenzy and instructed him to help her wade through the crowd. Chris does not hate Kearruche, he just very much enjoys the company of his ex-gf (his 1st love). When given a choice he choose Rihanna. it’s just that simple!

  2. i&i(yardie) October 30, 2012

    She is such a cutie. I am not really feeling CB at this moment – hope that will pass soon 🙁

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      Not if you keep believing the media lies about him it wont. They haet him so they report anythig to make him seem like the “ANGRY, ARROGANT, AGGRESSIVE BLACK MAN”! This is a great example! He’s just out at a party with his friends yet because this cick attends the same party the media makes the claim that they are ou together with no proof what so ever! Of course ppl beleive bullsh*t so they call him names when he has done nothing wrong!

  3. NYMARUS October 30, 2012

    typical hollywood w**** decent looking not much else going on

  4. FRESH (Navi) October 30, 2012

    OK! so since rihanna has been busy recording UNAPOLOGETIC for the past 3 Days…..

    SAM has to put her with the FLOP couple to generate hits….

    YOU MY friend are pathetic?????




    clearly there is no competition …. proof in the pudding beau beau BIRTHDAY CAKE “Sweater dan a Rice Cake!”

    • Lax October 30, 2012

      @FRESH (NAVI)
      ITS ALL IN Fun to Me but then again Others see it as
      a Bad thing..

      • James227 October 30, 2012

        This party was probably in efect way before Chris & Rihanna started really talking in front of the public. So

    • James227 October 30, 2012

      I want to know 50 mil doing what? Anyway I can’t wait to see if Chris is going to be in the video and to see the both of them at her holloween party. They are going to look very well together.

      • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

        Yes, I know they will ACTUALLY BE ATTENDING AN EVENT TOGETHER! They should go as Edward & Bella or Beauty and the Beast (I love his warewolf mask rom last yr see N***er in Paris remix video) or superheros: Catwoman & Spiderman….LOL!

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      No, there are ot a FLOP couple. Two ppl would have to be together for that to happen. They both atteneded a party neither one was HOSTING yet the media claims they were partying together?
      OKAY as long as “together” is defined as:
      1) Arrive in seperate cars
      2) Leave in seperate cars.
      3) NEVER SEE OR SPEAK TO ONE ANOTHER ONCE INSIDE as the graystone Manor is huge with many enterances and exits as well as rooms.
      4) Did invite the other to attend. Didn’t care if they showed up. Because they were partying with their own friends.

      Then yes, I guess they were “together” under those circumstances. 🙂

      • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

        *not…..*attended…..*entrance…..*did not invite 🙂

  5. DOSSOME October 30, 2012


    • Lax October 30, 2012

      @DOSSOME,,,,Me too!

    • James227 October 30, 2012

      Yea and to say that Chris was broke. Ha! that’s a laugh but the car is the s*** tho

  6. CBE October 30, 2012

    Chris has a Island def jam manager and Rihanna is signed to the same label, its pretty obvious whats happening but what makes me sick is Chris playing along…when Rihanna falls Chris will sadly fall with her at this rate, if he people cant say Rihanna without associating her with Chris then his pretty much f*****! his too talented for this s***.

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      I agree but the media has put them together for the longest time. No matter what he has done to move past the association, they simply wont let him live without mentioning her! Chris I believe will be fine regardless because he is so talented.T he industry simply does not have too many like CB, actual talents that don’t have to be propped up by the media for the world to see his talents!

      1 direction, justine bieber, trailer swift, the list goes on. if the media doesn’t boost and boast about these ppl, they would simply fall the hell off the face of the earth like all the other media props! ijs…

  7. HOTSTUFF October 30, 2012

    Chris Brown is just a getto loser whose career is MODAFUKIN OVER.

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      What is a getto?

      Chris Brown is the man… just ask your favorite!! LOL

  8. Lax October 30, 2012

    I like Chris and Kae together, and here we go again with who’s giving Chris
    his kicks, that is his and who ever’s business and the pictures is showing Him and Kae, Kae.

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      I don’t! Where is the pic of Chris & Kea? I see one in a pic and the other in another pic but where is the “together” part of the show?? I just don”t see it 🙂

  9. Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 30, 2012

    Hold up….

    Melissa got into an argument with Karrueche’s best friend via instagram and this has to do with Rihanna and Kockaroachcoochie. This is why people avoid drama hungry queens.

    She looks nice, but she should try gettting her hair done again cuz that hairline <<<<<<<<<<<

    • Lax October 30, 2012

      About Chris and Kae and Rih,,,,

      Chris Brown, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran have decided to be in a relationship together and you will deal…

      Chris Brown was spotted at the studio with Rihanna on Thursday night and out in West Hollywood with Karrueche on Friday night.

      It’s also rumored that Karrueche is presently staying at Chris Brown’s abandon condo in Lake Hollywood, CA

      And in case you wondered who Chris Brown’s Mother is Riding with? She was Spotted at the Studio with Rihanna on Sunday.

      • James227 October 30, 2012


        LOVE IT PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      She needs to be on the phone trying to seek EMPLOYMENT! 🙂

      This story is complete BS. So what if they attended the same VERY LARGE & GREATLY ATTENEDED YEARLY FUNCTION? Graystone Manor happens to be a hot spot for al the young, rich folks in Hollyweird. He didn’t invite her and he has no control over where she shows up. The media needs to give it a rest at this point! “We all know what time it really is” LOL! And no I’m not buying that they are in a 3 way relationship!! That’s complete Bullsh*t too! 🙂

  10. I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 30, 2012

    ahhahahahhaah ohhhh SHAME ON R****

  11. I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 30, 2012

    once again chris show the world how r**** s just a stupid h** he get p**** there and abandon her loool

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      How by attending a party? Did he invite this chick to this Holloween Party or did she get an invite weeks ago when she was on Chris’ arm? STOP BELIEVING BULLSH*T!

      *Two ppl walk in seperate doors,
      *spend no time together and
      *leave in sepeartae cars
      *but they are TOGETHER 0_O?

      These 2 are not dating whether Chris & Rih are together or not! Besides he said that he and Rih are just friends rt now. They have not made anything official. The media just keeps reporting BS like this and you fools lap it up!

  12. J October 30, 2012

    who the actual f*** even is Karrueche Tran

  13. MC October 30, 2012

    I have nothing to say, so I won’t say anything at all.

  14. TeamBreezy October 30, 2012

    Yo Sam dont nobody give a flyin f*** bout this rice cake chick. Post something about Breezys photo shoot with XXL Mag, or something relevant….cuz THIS is not

    • Wendy October 30, 2012

      The only thing this chick is good for is threesomes like Chris ex Draya. I read one of Kae’s tweets that said the girls were hot tonight. Notice she has no ass, tits legs she just bones with a pretty face. Oh and her girlfriend who follows her everywhere is probably part of the threesome as well.

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      THANK YOU!!

      This made-up ass story just shows how low the media will sink to throw mud on Chris and/or Rihanna! WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE THAT Chris & this chick were T O G T H E R?……LOL

  15. Bad Bytch October 30, 2012


  16. Tisha October 30, 2012

    Its sad that pic above doesn’t look so different from how he looks on the daily.

    Boy is really killing off his last shreds of attractiveness.

    Skeletal, ugly clothes, looking like he needs a meal or 10. The only unique thing is the face paint..

    • Wendy October 30, 2012

      Hummm ugly clothes? I though he was at a holloween party. Now as being skinny this is how he wants to be because being to fat slows down his dancing.

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      The children at Judson Center (where he VOLUNTEERS) painted his face when he spent time with them earlier that day so I gues he just kept it on……….I guess that makes him a bad person right?

      Chris Brown is a handsome young man regardless of what you or the racist hateful media tries to say to put him down! You are talking sh*t but it’s a holloween party one of the many I’m sure he will attend. He can dress anyway he damn well pleases! You just pull your stank ass costume together!

  17. FAF October 30, 2012

    Sam is a power bottom, with a gritty ass hole….s*** be be stinkin #n**** clean yo ass b4 u get f***** #word-um-up

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012


      Where is the EVIDENCE they were together? Why was it reproted that they were NEVER IN CONTACT by another source. So now Chris can’t attend a party if this chick happens to show up? SMFH at the foolishness.

  18. kingbey/rihanna October 30, 2012

    Damme breezy has no shame in his game lol we had no pics of riri n chris all those months but ppl knew they were f****** so how is that any diffrent from seeing no pics of karrueche n breezy popping up same places all this week but no pics The fact is karrueche breezy n riri all in a three way

  19. MACHIAVEL October 30, 2012

    DEAD @ “Rihanna’s Shadow Melissa Forde” Hahahahahahahaha…….She’ll Coming For Her (Miss Tran) Jugular This Time!

  20. Cee October 30, 2012

    Rihanna is the dumbest chick ever. She is over here trying to be with a man who is clearly still seein’ his girlfriend/”ex girlfriend”. Rihanna is so desparate. What more does a man have to do to embarrass you and s*** on you. First he beat you, and left you in the middle of a street in the middle of the night beat and battered and now he is being seen all around with his number 1 chick, while you are steady proffesing how much you love him. Mind you, this is all after he whooped your ass. Rihanna how does it feel to be a sideline h** fareal. You are so weak and stupid. You steady dealin with this man who continues to dog you out.

    PS: My girl Beyonce (who has the perfect life by the way, with a man who loves her and respects her) is gonna be the halftime show at the super bowel. Go Bey

    • Wendy October 30, 2012

      Frist off there was two old couple who called the police that night. The couple told the police that there is a black woman beating a white man which was Chris Brown. Also when the police got there Rihanna was talking all ghetto and loud according to the couple’s report. We never seen what Chris face look like but we seen a photoshop picture of Rihanna’s face (fake s***). It was also said that Rihanna went out partying that same week and was out jet skying with Chris Brown but the media cut her picture off to make it seem like Chris had no remorse. There are plenty of people that knows the night of 2009 this especially her PR team, this is why they are not saying nothing to Rihanna for going back to Chris. They were all behind this s*** including Jay Gay Z The real story will come out by Rihanna very soon.

      • Wendy October 30, 2012

        Why do you think Rihanna have that don’t care s*** going on? Right because she know that Chris did not beat her like TMZ stated and whom was the last ones to have that photoshop picture. Now who do you think photoshop that picture of Rihanna’s face? Ask yourself why TMZ with so much power could not get Chris mugshot like they do all the rest of the celebs. Also that leaked was that Rihanna was drinking very heavy because she did not want to tesify this lie in court. She was only doing what her handlers made her do or her career would have been over.

        Ok look how fast she dropped that restraining order.

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      WHERE IS THE PROOF THAT CHRIS & this desperate chick were T O G E T H E R? You actually believe this bulsh*t? TGJ/SAM HATES Rihanna and will report aything they think makes her look bad or haven’t you figured it out by now? LOL….damn some folks are just TOO SLOW 🙂

      I bet you however, Chris will be with Rihanna ,if she is in town, on HOLLOWEEN! And you will see them T O G E T H E R!

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      Beyonce is married to a DRUG DEALER WHO BEAT FOXY BROWN & AMIL LION WHO ALSO STABBED UN RIVERA! Oh…. well we can give him credit for BUY her a little bundle….LOL 🙂

  21. Rihanna WTF is wrong with you October 30, 2012

    Dear Rihanna,

    You are stupid. You have been running around talking about loving Chris, mean while, he is still trying to have a relationship with his K Tran. You are trying to have a reationship with a man who has beaten and humiliated you. Your stans are so stupid for wanting and encourganing you to be with a man who beats you, and for some reason you think its cute and funny. Your ghetto ass banchie friends keep doggin K Tran even though she has done absolutely nothing to you. If I were Chris Brown, I would not want to be with a weak, ghetto classless broad like you.


    • Monstarebel October 30, 2012

      first off not all stans agree I DONT I rather see her away from Chris brown there relationship is unhealthy

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012


      Rihanna started that fight by layi ghands on Chris 1st that night but dam near 4 years later that sh*t is neither here nor there. You clowns need to let it GO!! Be a fan and let them live their lives.

      Rihanna and Chris no what’s really GOING ON! You bet believe they talk all the time as they use to do! All you know is what fake ass media outlets who don’t like Chris or Rihanna OR BOTH are reporting. For your information, Chris was NO WHERE NEAR THIS CHICK as was reported on anoher website! They arrived & left in seperate cars with their own individual friends. They NEVER SPOKE TO ONE ANOTHER. How is Chris wrong for attending a Holloween party (one he attends every year for that matter) with his MALE FRIENDS? There were NO WOMEN with him.

      So how was he to know this chick was also invited? She probably got the invitation weeks prior when they were still together. She knows he likes this spot s she brougt her dusty ass there for a PHOTO-OP! Stop believing bullsh*t by folks trying to hurt Chris OR Rihanna OR BOTH OF THEM!

  22. Nichole October 30, 2012

    Done with all three of these thirsty, media attention seekers. Boy, bye.

  23. James227 October 30, 2012

    I really see Kae as being a leach. She has nothing going for herself except for powering her noise. Funny how Chris own mother never text Kae but she would always text Rihanna.

    • Stupid H*** October 30, 2012

      Lol, And you know this how, do you have Chris Browns mums phone records?

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012


      IKR! This “STORY” is complete bullsh*t! WHEERE IS THE EVIDENCE that they were T O G E T H E R?

      1) They arrived in seperate cars.

      2) They left in seperate cars.

      3) They were no where near one another once inside per another publication. This venue is acually HUGE where ppl can be on opposite sides of the facility and NEVER SEE EACH OTHER! Remember when Chris & Rihanna both atended an affair at the Graystone a few months back yet NEVER CAME IN CONTACT with one another? It was reported on TGJ! I guess the saff and SAM forgot what they previously REPORTED! LOL

      * These queens are messy 🙂


  24. B_STANNING(BEY STAY WINNING) October 30, 2012

    Maybe this will teach Rihanna a lessons. The lessons should be to realize what Chris is about (no good) and move on with your life.

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012


      2 of his ex-girlfriends were there (DRAYA & this chick) so CHRIS BROWN is no good because he went to a party and his ex’s were there? Have you never attended a party, concert, a ballgam eor went to a mall and your EX was also there? DOES THAT MEAN UR NO GOOD TOO?

      *Don’t be a dumbass

  25. B_STANNING(BEY STAY WINNING) October 30, 2012

    i met a lesson without the s

  26. tru October 30, 2012

    its all pr stunt don’t believe none of it

  27. Tuesdy bluee October 30, 2012

    Doubt that they are just friend for now @ this point & the same thing with rihrih(Rihanna)

  28. mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012


    Where are the pics of them T O G T H E R? Oh right TGJ/SAM said they are spending time together so of course it must be true!


    **Anywho, I hope Chris & Rihanna go “trick or treating” together compete with photographs on HOLLOWEEN which is tomorrow by the way, LOL……TGJ/SAM = #FAIL101

    • B_STANNING(BEY STAY WINNING) October 30, 2012

      no h** you are the dumbass and like I said he beat her ass so she shouldnt have any associations with him. It is obvious Chris is playing both chicks

  29. Rihanna WTF is wrong with you October 30, 2012

    Dear Rihanna Stans

    You guys are so damn stupid and brainwashed. You keep saying that Chris never beat rihanna even though she did an interview on ABC with Diane Sawyer saying that he beat her and how embarrassed and hurt she was. She said it herself. Now her dumb ass is trying to get back with a man who beat her and you all thing its cute. On top of all that, he is running around with K Tran, making rihanna look even stupider. Rihanna is a side line h**. She isnt even the main chick. She is getting sloppy seconds. She looks like a damn fool no matter which way you slice it and yall cant deny it. At the end of the day, Rihanna is getting played by a man who beat her. WOW. She’s intelligent.

  30. RUDE NAVY October 30, 2012

    so if chris loved rihanna and wanted her so badly , why he still have it with karrueche ?!!

    why he even had karrueche ?

    chris , your actions started to be annoying, choose a f*****’ p**** and stick with it !

    rihanna , girl , the jokes on you , you are good at embarrassing your self i see.

  31. bibi93 October 30, 2012

    Life is good

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