The Duplication Debate: “Inspiration” Vs. Swagger-Jacking

Published: Wednesday 28th Nov 2012 by Rashad

“To Catch A Thief”

Much like “epic”, “diva”, and “underrated”, recent years have seen the term “swagger-jacking” used in overabundance.  Indeed, even the slightest note, move, or visual reminiscent of art past has found fans defending their favorites against accusations of copycatting…

From Beyonce & Lady Gaga – the alleged Carmen San Diegos of Pop – to their faves Michael Jackson and Madonna, all have been subjected to public trial with charges of caricaturing.

But, where is the line drawn?

Some artists are quite vocal about who their influences are, yet still are ridiculed for their repeats.  And, given that we are in an “everything has been done before” era, is there a line between reinvention and borrowing without mention?  You tell us:

Seeing Double:  What’s the difference between “inspiration” and “swagger-jacking”?


Your thoughts?

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  1. king z November 28, 2012

    *you forgot justin timberlake on the right side of MJ*

    but yes, interesting topic. it all boils down to citation. the least you could do is CITE the inspiration. the girls today steal from all of pop/R&B’s ORIGINATORS, but think that because their audiences are so young, they think the stuff is new.

    YOUTUBE is our friend and constant reminder that NOTHING we see today hasn’t been done before. its sad that with so much access to the originals that people praise acts like Ke$ha and Rihanna, knowing good and well madonna, janet, paula abdul, and cyndi lauper did it TEN TIMES BETTER

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


    • Eric November 28, 2012

      I agree with what you’re saying, but these young people don’t want to enjoy anything “old” so to speak. Everything has to be in the “now”. It’s the same thing with all these movie remakes. Kids and teens don’t like the old unless you repackage and recycle it like new.

    • Trev November 28, 2012

      hmmm this is kinda reaching (on the women’s side)…none of these artist sound alike….Gaga def takes from Madonna as far as fashion but they are completely diff artist…and that Lil Kim and Nicki is DEF reaching…honestly the only thing they have in common is the wigs which Lil Kim stopped doing before her career ended…even the pics that are being compared don’t look alike except for the Sucka Free pic which Nicki stated was homage to kim

      that’s just my opinion though

      • Realtalk All Day November 28, 2012

        Wow where have you been. GaGa is straight jackin MaDonna with the shock thing and style of music and Nicki is a better looking version of Lil Kim but not nearly the rapper Lil Kim was. Those two are clearly jacking and so are many others like my girl Bey with the Tina Turner thing, etc.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        Lil Kim recited lines in rap that other people wrote esp biggie. Anyone can do that. She wasn’t the great rapper ppl hype her to be. Please.

      • Trev November 28, 2012

        this term “jacking” is not being used properly then…cuz if Beyonce is jackin Tina Turner then Michael Jackson jaaaacked James Brown…”jacking” to me is not equivalent to “inspired by”…in that case everyone is jacking, which is so FALSE

        also i agree with “prettigurlrockD bitchess” Kim only recited what Biggie and Maino told her to write…the reason why she sinked is because she was dependent on someone to write her lyrics…her career was at it’s highest when she was dating high profile industry dudes like Biggie, Scott Storch, and Maino (well he was just hot at the time lol)

  2. NOBITCHASSNESS November 28, 2012


  3. bob November 28, 2012

    [Angie Martinez:]
    It’s funny ‘cause, you know, we’ve been asking people what they wanted to know.
    I mean, clearly, you’ve been having this thing with Kim.
    And I don’t know, just thinking about you and where you were from and that you’re a rapper –
    and I’m thinking, sure, I know things have gotten crazy and people are assuming –
    even though you say it’s not specifically about her – that Roman’s Revenge is for Kim.
    [Nicki Minaj:]
    Umm, you know, she just really jumped and you gotta be careful when you pick fights.
    And that’s what I’ve learned in this business, you just never know –
    [Lil’ Kim:]
    SHUT THE F*** UP!

    [Lil’ Kim:]
    Who the f*** want war?
    Fed-Ex beef straight to your front door.
    It’ll be a murder scene,
    I’m turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th.
    Aight you Lil’ Kim clone clown,
    All this buffoonery s*** stops now.
    Time for you to lay down, I’m sick of the fraud,
    I put hands on this b**** like a spa massage.
    We all know your last name’s what got you your job,
    You’s a put together gimmick, somethin’ like a collage.
    Since you’re putting on a show you gon’ get the applause –
    Clap clap with your frame like a f****** garage (Yeaaaah)
    This hood s***, you and Drake ain’t built for —
    This the s*** the other b**** almost got killed for.
    I’m still counting what Hard Core generated.
    Bet my s*** keep spendin’ like a syndicated.
    Corny broad, I leave you bloody like you menstruated.
    You hot air ass b**** shoulda BEEN deflated.
    This ain’t a championship fight, I BEEN the greatest.

    See the fact is… what you doin’, I did it.
    You lames tryna clone my style and run wit it.
    That’s cool, I was the first one wit it –
    You’s a Lil’ Kim wannabe, you just hate to admit it.
    I’m the blueprint; you ain’t nothin’ brand new,
    Check your posters and videos,
    you’ll always be number two.
    I seen ‘em come, I seen’ em go, still I remain.
    Sweetie, you goin’ on your 14th minute of fame,
    I’m over 10 years strong still running the game
    Cut the comparisons I’m in the legendary lane.
    Fighting for a spot? Child please, I’m solidified.
    With my hands tied, you couldn’t beat me if you b****** tried.
    Either you high or sippin’ that s*** Wayne on
    I get top dollar for whateva my name on
    Go stick your head in a tornado – brainstorm.
    I drop bombs. Flex. Napalm.
    Black and yellow, will pull up in your ghetto,
    Giuseppes when I step out, post it up in stilettos.
    P**** so pink like my Kitty sayin’ Hello,
    If I whistle they’ll pistol whip you in all five boroughs.

    I’m from Brooklyn, I be everywhere comfortably.
    Now who pumped you and told you to come romp wit me?
    You the type to run your mouth and then run from me
    I’m poppin’ off in your hood wit no company.
    Come on, Queens ain’t showin’ you no love,
    I was there the other night poppin’ bottles with a thug.
    You like Washington. Heifer, I’m Benji.
    You got a buzz right now, and I had a frenzy.
    Oh yeah, welcome to the fam… Fendi.
    You needa stop, you’re not hot, you’re a burning match
    That means the end is near soon, copy that?
    Ho, I see…they really got you gassed
    Like I’m a thing of the past.
    Better slow down, dummy, you ‘bout to crash
    STINK P**** HO! I’m giving you a bath,
    Thermometer in hand and I’m comin’ for your ass.
    Who you think you gettin’ past?
    ‘I see right through you,’ your whole s*** is made of glass.

    [Snippet of Nicki Minaj’s “Right Thru Me” plays]

    I draw back, I’m a Brooklyn Borough b****,
    Rep for my borough b****,
    Never been the type to have beef and try to settle s***.
    I ride out ‘til the wheels fall off
    And my n***** squeeze ‘til the last shell go off.
    F*** your whole team, all I see is a bunch of weirdos.
    You’s a airhead b****… scarecrow.
    Ha, ain’t nothing old ‘bout my money b****. (Ha ha)
    This is grown liquid assets.
    Benjamin’s my daddy, you Young Money bastards!
    You and Diddy? Sorry, bunch of swaggerjackers.
    I mothered you hos, I should claim you on my income taxes.
    Bobby Fisch in the flesh, talk about a great.
    So on my next move, I’m yelling checkmate.
    I smell a massacre. I’m Charles Manson,
    You don’t stand a chance wit her.
    Jeffrey Dahmer, you lookin’ like lunch to me.
    ‘Bout to kill all you b****** like Ted Bundy.
    Leave your whole head red like Peg Bundy.
    You’re hilarious, thanks for all the laughs –
    You’re garbage, so I’m taking out the trash.
    You, s*** on me? C’mon baby girl…
    Ain’t enough ass shots in the world!
    You’re a nuisance, you’ll probably steal my new s***
    But you could never f*** with me, so chuck it up, deuces.
    All around the world I ball like a ball team.
    I stack chips, call me Mrs. Rothstein.
    Trix is for kids, silly rabbit, you’re my offspring.
    Kim more anticipated than a LeBron ring.

    [Lil Kim mocking Nicki Minaj:]
    “I mean I know… I know you guys asked me if Roman’s Revenge was about Kim…
    and no, I, it’s not about Kim…
    Actually if Kim thought it was about her, I’m so sorry.
    I’m so sorry, I apologize, Kim.
    I don’t know, I just had temporary insanity… I lost my teeth and my mind…”

    • msteefromdc November 28, 2012

      lol, hilarious

    • HOWYOULIKEIT November 28, 2012

      Yes! Expose that fraud

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      No life like ur fave lil kim. Nicki ended her career. No one checking for lil flop. Keep reaching.

      • D November 28, 2012

        I just wanna know how Krim can say that Nicki is “put together” when Krim didnt even write her own bars. Hell, I wonder who wrote this s*** for her. lmfao

  4. My forehead tho November 28, 2012

    Swagger Jackin is taking what somebody has done and repeated the exact same way they did. Lady Gaga & Nicki Minaj are this

    Inspiration is taking what somebody has done and adding your own twist to it. The Usher & Beyonces,

    In about ten years people will look at pictures and performances of Gaga and Minaj and see Madonna and Kim. When they look at Usher and Beyonce they won’t see Janet and Michael. The difference

    • KIM November 28, 2012

      gurl beyonce swaggr jack diana roos and tina turner whole persona next!

      • WJ November 28, 2012

        I don’t think Tina Turner would release songs like “If I Were a Boy”, “Check On It” or “Irreplaceable”

      • RoyalKev November 28, 2012

        Those are two of Bey’s inspirations, but you can clearly see what sets Bey apart from them. Diana was a extravagantly grand “diva” and that’s what many female singers have borrowed from her. Diana and Bey have that in common, but there are so many differences as well between them.

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


    • @_NoFucksGiven_1 November 28, 2012


      • UNFLOPOGETIC? B**** NUMBER 1 IN 40 COUNTRIES FLOP DAT BITCHEZ!!!!!! November 28, 2012


  5. ABCD November 28, 2012

    Brandy is AN ORIGINAL ARTIST!! SHE IS AN ARIST, EVen tho she was inspired by Whitney, her SOUND IS ORIGINAL!! Her TONE IS SOOO SIGNATURE!!! Her Artistry and VOCAL STYLING IS ORIGINAL AND HERS!!!! Everyone KNOWS that is BRANDY when she SINGS!!!

    • Jeff November 28, 2012

      Jah Know!

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ November 29, 2012

      Absolutely! Brandy’s voice is an one of a kind voice. Nothing like it. This is an original artist.

  6. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 28, 2012



    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      Her dumbass stans think she is inspired!!! Just like the post from the other day the hive thinking that poem she wrote was her song lyric and she wrote it!! But she copied from david grayson but you couldnt tell the that cus their iq level is the same as beys!!

    • MACHIAVEL November 28, 2012

      B****, What’s About The H** Goat, The B**** Swagger Jacked The F*** Out Of Fefe Dobson, Her Music And Her Fashion Style??? R****** Go Far By Copying Even Fefe’s Tattoos, See A Basic B****!
      But Still Lady G Never Had A Law Suit, But Dave Lachepelle Slapped R****** Ass For Her “S&M” Video And Your H** Lost. So You Can Sit Your Hypocrit Ass Down!

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        Rihanna also copied photography for you da one and another director’s MV concept for WFL.

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        Shut your retarded ass up!!! Beyflop is known for copying s*** and her lies are catching up to her!! People are tired of her ass!!! Her only fans base are f*** like you and hood queens like ugly girl rocd!!! Her reign was over in2009!! Get over it!! Your stanning ass complaining on a blog about RIHANNAS WINNING STATS AINT GONNA STOP HER REIGN B****!!! LOOK AT HER STATS B**** SHE IS SITTING WITH THE LEGENDS ON THE US CHARTS AND GLOBAL CHARTS!!! WHKLE YOUR FAVE IS COPYING AND STEALING FROM THEM!!!

      • @_NoFucksGiven_1 November 28, 2012


      • UNFLOPOGETIC? B**** NUMBER 1 IN 40 COUNTRIES FLOP DAT BITCHEZ!!!!!! November 28, 2012


  7. RoyalKev November 28, 2012

    I actually think it’s fine for newer artists to create something that may draw comparisons to legendary artists simply because most of them are inspired by the “80’s Five” (MJ, Whitney, Janet, Madonna, Prince – this guy is always left out). I just don’t care for some individuals that mirror previous creations from the past. That’s extremely lazy! You still have to carve out something of your own, something that represents you.

    If your a clone, then you should pay homage. For example, Gaga and Nicki have been taking pages out of Madonna & Lil Kim’s hand books for most of their careers. It was necessary for them to praise those people responsible for their own artistry. I would gain more respect for them if they came into their own more (which is possible). It just would need to happen sooner than later at this point.

    Mariah was similar to Whitney in the beginning and then later on in her career her music eventually set her apart from Whitney. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the same thing with Rihanna and Beyonce, there was a link there. Rihanna found a way to get her own identity.

    Even the very best entertainers were inspired by someone. There will be some common ground ,but eventually it’s every artists obligation to have their work define who they really are.

    • RoyalKev November 28, 2012

      I may be reading too much into the pictures, but if it is in any way being implied that James Brown , Diana Ross , Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin , Donna Summer, etc were inspired by the people in the main photos that would be off. Like I said there must be some other way to look at what’s being said with this collage.

      • That Grape Juice Team November 28, 2012

        the collage is to be read left to right. The people on the left influenced the person in the center who, in turn, influenced today’s top artists

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      Nicki Minaj gave shoutouts to lil kim on lot of radio interviews before their beef. But biased ppl will keep overlooking this.

      • RoyalKev November 28, 2012

        @prettigurlrockD bitchess

        You’re right, she has! That’s why I did want to acknowledge that by stating that it was necessary for them to praise their mentors. Nicki and Gaga both mentioned Madonna and Lil Kim, I just think it would be wise of them to start separating themselves from that comparison.

    • Saetana November 28, 2012

      Gaga credited Madonna as an inspiration in the credits of her first album The Fame. I’m sure we can all understand why she no longer does so, given all the vitriol directed her way from a woman she used to admire, and in any event her sound isn’t anything like Madonna’s anyway for the most point. What makes me laugh is all these “greats” up there weren’t the first people to do what they are famous for anyway – Michael Jackson did not invent the Moonwalk, Madonna did not invent Vogue, nor was she the first to wear a cone-bra (decades old) or a suit. Gaga said it best, I’m paraphrasing but it was something along the lines of “taking something old and putting a new twist on it”, frankly there isn’t much else modern artists can do as its all been done before ;o)

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        @Saetana yes you’re right. Ppl will always be doomed to comparisons no matter who they are.

  8. Matthew Charlery-Smith November 28, 2012

    One reviewer said, “We each stand on the shoulders of giants”. There’s nothing wrong with inspiration. It’s when that “inspiration” becomes duplication without recognition (of the originator) we have a problem.

    After the airing of Bad 25 we can clearly see how much MJ used ideas and cinematography inspired by old Hollywood movies. He also borrowed Frank Sinatra’s wardrobe ideas and choreography style to craft “Smooth Criminal”. If there were social networking sites like Twitter and YouTube back then maybe he’d have faced “stealing” accusations too.

    Where Beyonce went wrong is that she took ideas and publically didn’t credit which she could EASILY have done via her FB, Twitter or YouTube accounts. Even in the “Countdown” video she could have just had a picture on the wall of the Belgian choreographer who originated the piece. Coupled with the songwriting mess that surrounds her she came off worse for wear. Say what you want about the previous “swagger-jackers”, icons like Janet and MJ didn’t need to steal credits to prove their relevance. “Man in the Mirror”, “Rock With You” “Thriller” and “You are not Alone” are huge hits he took no songwriting credit for and Quincy is only credited as a producer, not like RedOne and the rest who change a few chords and claim they wrote it.

    So the problem is more to do with the fact people are hijacking other artists to claim originality when in fact very few of them are original. How can Nicki Minaj claim to be original when it’s clear Lil Kim’s artistry is all over her and there are 5 writers on a song like Va Va Voom?

    As MJ said “You study the greats to become greater.” But if you are arrogant and secretly after fame more than the quality you put out you will accept the worship of shallow stans who know nothing and fail to attain any real credibility, especially from the wider music community who, besides the deaths of Whitney and MJ, KNOW authenticity when they see it.

    Just to add, Whitney ALWAYS spoke with the utmost respect of her predecessors like Aretha, her mother, Chaka, Dionne, Gladys, her contemporaries like Janet, MJ, Prince, Mariah, Celine etc and her successors such as Brandy, Monica and even Britney. To see someone with her talent hug Brandy and say “Babygirl” I’m so proud of you!” was like WOW! Can you imagine some of these others doing that today? Nope. They saw MJ and WH level of fame and pursued that, very few pursued the level of talent behind it which is why no they are vacant, vapid and having to lie to everyone to claim originality they DON’T have!

    • King Z November 28, 2012

      one of the best and most thought out comments ever! VERY WELL SPOKEN and RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!

    • msteefromdc November 28, 2012


    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


      • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 28, 2012

        Thank you, guys! I like to contribute stuff that’ll make others think rather than join a stan war!

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      Beyonce gave credit to Tina Turner and the single ladies video though on 106 n Park. Okay so not everything she’s done has been directly given credit like the two I just mentioned but I doubt she meant anything bad by it. Accidents happen and sometimes within a person’s team, they may take things the artists doesn’t know about as well. Happens to a lot of artists.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012


      • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 28, 2012

        @prettygurlrock I understand but here’s the problem; I think Beyonce does stuff from a standpoint of entitlement. As in she believes it’s ok to take because fo who she is. The Belgian choreographer said “She isn’t the worst copycat, but I can’t imagine a person in her position doesn’t know there are a protocols for this kind of thing.” I think Beyonce believes people will be honoured to have her name attached to their work which is why according to producer Soundz “She will take 20% commission, no questions asked”. With her father’s business savvy I think she is very business minded. Also, she didn’t blink twice about being lead singer of DC. True she was the best singer (although Kelly had the better voice) but groups are about functioning and representing all members, not 1 + the others. So seeing her behaviour and lack of conviction it leads me to believe that she believes it’s ok because she’s Beyonce and has been worshipped as such for half her life. It’s so much more real when an artist points you to their inspiration and says “Wow! That’s where I learned it from”. As opposed to “Oh I just work hard!”. Vapid and vacant!

    • Jeff November 28, 2012

      It’s so refreshing to see something articulate and well written on this blog, we usually get illiterate brats swearing and stanning with no real cause.
      Continue writing and i’ll keep reading.

    • BILL November 29, 2012

      MJ is better then everything you listen to moron.

  9. BEYONCE’S WEAVE November 28, 2012

    Beyonce inspired? Let’s not go there, it’s too early and I just got up. There is too much evidence on the internet that implicates Beyonce on her trail of theft in the industry.

    Lady Gaga straight up Swagger Jacked Madonna, there’s no question about that.

    • WJ November 28, 2012

      Why don’t you talk about Justin Bieber swagger-jacking Justin Timberlake?

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        Um cus jt swagger jacked usher and nsync swagger jacked new edition

      • mob November 28, 2012

        Justin Bieber has been positioned to displace Chris Brown as the person to continue the legacy of Michael Jackson. IUsher is not even considered in the same class as Justin Bieber at this point as evident by the CRACK SMOKER, FORMER PROSTITUTE Oprah Windfrey’s disgusting rmarks concerning his relative importance to Music/Pop Culture. Justine Timberlake will never be displaced by anyone. The industry needs JT to combat Usher’s influence on music.

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 28, 2012

      Gurl bye! You have Justine Beiber in your avi.

      • Vandrea November 28, 2012

        Really. That this little girl has the audacity to try and play Rolling Stone critic is damn near astounding considering who she co-signs. That’s like a fan of Peewee Herman’s calling shenanigans on Oscar picks.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      She said she was inspired on 106 n Park as well for the single ladies video. She got caught swaggerjacking on the countdown video and billboard awards. Rihanna has swaggjacked S&M, you da one, fefe dobson without giving credit. so lets not act like Beyonce is only suspect in theivery.

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


  10. Christina Aguilera November 28, 2012

    I’m an original cow.

  11. WJ November 28, 2012

    If you say the source of inspiration AND add something from your own, it’s ok.

    However, that’s not what all artists do. Lady Gaga used said Born This Way would be a revolutionary song, then she gave us an Express Yourself-esque tune and acted like all the similiarity was an incredible coincidance. If she has given Madonna some credit since the very beginning, there wouldn’t be this stupid rivalry between them that we’re watching now.

    • Bre November 28, 2012

      But Madonna herself stole A LOT. Express yourself is a rip-off of the Staples Singers “Respect yourself”.

      • WJ November 28, 2012

        That’s true, but at least Madonna has never said Express Yourself would be revolutionary.

      • B. Hill November 28, 2012

        Express Yourself is not a rip off of Respect Yourself. Listen to the songs back to the back. The melody, progression and chords are completely different. EY borrows like an insignificant line from it. If you deleted that line, Madonna would still have a song. BTW on the other hand is completely built around the structure of EY; right down to the melody. You can’t delete EY’s references from BTW and still have a song.

  12. the real xoxo November 28, 2012

    the Madonna gaga situation is inspiration.
    the Kim and Nicki situation is swagger jacking. Nicki’s rise to fame was a cold, calculated agenda to reenact the success of lil kim.

    • msteefromdc November 28, 2012


      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        Nicki showed love to Kim on several interviews. This is the thing that many biased ppl like to overlook. Nicki Minaj was more influenced by Harajuku culture tho than Lil Kim. But since that is overseas and ppl donn’t like to do research I guess it is more convenient to say everything nicki minaj does is a lil kim inspiration when that is only HALF true. But believe what you want. That horse was beaten to death years ago in 2010.

    • MRB November 29, 2012

      Its funny how people forget this!
      @prettigurlrockD You say Kim’s lyrics are written by someone and recycled in every rhyme she has out yet you forget drake and wayne are writting Nicki’s rhymes as she recycles them as well and look at how many times she is rereleasing her PINK FRIDAY CD!!!! I got her writting somethings just like Kim wrote somethings but everyone in the business has a ghost writer because they might can tell the story better then you! But its plain as day Nicki is a modern day Lil Kim! No matter how you Nicki stans say how Kim is this or that the truith is THERE WOULD BE NO NICKI IF SHE DIDNT SEE KIM DO IT!!!! HER LIFE IS COPY OF SOMEONE ELSES!! SHE JUST HAS A BETTER TEAM TO DO SINCE THEY BEEN IN THE GAME FOR ALMOST 15 YEARS!!! KIM DIDNT HAVE THE MONEY THEN TO START OUT YET SHE CREATED PERFECTION THAT A LIL GIRL TOOK AND RAN WITH IT!! SWEETIE YOU KNOW THE TRUITH U JUST WANT TO ACT LIKE ITS NOT IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!

  13. the real xoxo November 28, 2012

    there are probably alot of original artists out there, but record labels cannot afford real risk-taking artists.
    They want to repeat a successful formula.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 28, 2012

      Very true! They only seem to take chances on people who “remind” you of someone else.

    • bob November 28, 2012

      leona lewis debut album was modeled on mariahs career even her interviews the black kids wont play with me neither will the white kids ha ha please leona u not living in america

  14. White girl mob November 28, 2012

    Lady gaga jack kreayshawn style gaga is rapping now she trying to be kreayshawn so bad it’s sad. Nobody can walk in her shoes she is setting the bar high for the next white female rapper.

    Lady gaga is trying a little to hard to fit in kreayshawn ain’t ducking with you like that gaga. Kreayshawn is a real artist you a clone clown who swagger jack Madonna & kreayshawn.

    Gaga career will be over before you N****** know it ok then kreayshawn will be the last one standing laughing at gaga with egg on her face.

    • Jessica November 28, 2012

      you sound stupid, come off the site, smh!!! This is grown folks convo, dumbass.

  15. Carly November 28, 2012

    SAM ARE YOU DOING THIS START A STAN WAR LMFAO. I can feel the blood boiling already haha.

  16. RITANATION November 28, 2012

    Now a lot of pressed navy skanks will say my fave is a swagger jacker But that is not the case.. Rita is building her own lane she is becoming a pop superstar and the navy is getting b*** hurt over it they wanna threat Rita life saying that gonna kill her and her family. That is not how a team is suppose to act when a new artist is coming up have a little respect U s**** ass ho’s always gotta threat somebody live cause they creeping up on a artist who got her ass beat in a BMW smh.

    Rihanna navy you guys need to better you’re selfs you guys can’t be on twitter threating people lives it ain’t a good look. Just get some serious HELP! please.

    • WJ November 28, 2012

      But Rita and Rihanna are two products of Roc Nation. Roc Nation decides what will be the inspiration for each Rihanna album.

      Since Rita stated she will be writing her own songs for her sophomore album, I think we’ll find out who she really is, as it happened to Xtina in “Stripped”.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 28, 2012

        Uhhmm read the album credits. Rihanna has been the creative director on her albums since GGGB. ROCNATION is Rihanna’s management, not her label. There’s a difference.

      • wrinkle flop ora November 28, 2012

        The second album is not coming out. it will pushed back till she is dropped. No one is here for this old flop clone.

      • WJ November 28, 2012

        Beyoncé’s Weave, they giver her CREDIT for it. A credit that is absolutely not true, except if her lack of personality is so big at the point of having a brand new persona every single year.

    • King Z November 28, 2012

      sad but true. rita is a repackaged, ghostly looking rihanna, but with talent.

      if rihanna had talent, looked like casper with a blond wig on, she would be rita ora.

      verdict? swagger jacked!

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        Rita does not have any talent but looking like a white ugly old version of RIHANNA

      • kythaman2u November 28, 2012

        I find Rita to be more technically talented and better looking than Rihanna. The problem is that she has no niche or discernible style, and her music is forgettable. Rita comes off like Roc Nation’s wings waiting replacement for Rihanna should things ever go sour with her.

    • commanderofthedancefloor November 28, 2012

      After rita failed to even release an album in the US, and sold what less than 100k world wide, somehow you try to call the navy pressed, there are those mentally unstable people who act a fool on the internet but you want to try and label the navy that so i have to teach you something.

      rita as not been a threat to anyone since day one, i have said that, if anything you might find navy members pressed over someone like a beyonce, or gaga, katy perry, you know someone who can sell millions of albums.

      you rita stans swore that rihanna was over and rita was her replacement, before she released that album. Now you are trying to change your story because you know that will never happen, look at rihanna who scored her 12 #1 which you guys said would flop, she fnally got a #1 album, which doesnt even matter to me because she still sells millions. i thought she was over yet here she is, like we said earlier this year, you dont know until the albums come out.

      • wrinkle flop ora November 28, 2012

        And Rih sold 100 k of her new album in the UK. Rita only sold 40k, Even music of teh sun sold 69k. TTT is the 7th biggest selling LP in the UK 2012. So Rih’s old albums are outselling Rita Ora. HA HA

  17. What u sayin November 28, 2012

    To be honest people can come for Beyonce for thiefing a few bits here and there from different sources, which she quite frankly gained them some publicity because of it anyway even though it is wrong but she don’t straight up swagger jack a particular person like the likes of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj AND even have the nerve to diss the person they are taking from in some circumstances. Nobodys really completley original if you think about it, even MJ wasn’t the first person to do the moonwalk and took a lot of influences from Fred astaire and people like that *shrugs* doesn’t change his ultimate superiority and genius.

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 28, 2012

      Did you just say a few bits? Try more like a mountain from an anthill. Beyonce is the biggest thief in the music business, and she does it shamelessly. She has no shame.

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        She also has alot of hush money to pay people as well but bey does make a couple of great songs though!

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      Lady Gaga hasn’t dissed anyone. I agree Nicki took it too far with the dissing of other female rappers but that’s nothing new in rap. She also gave kim her credit.

    • Jeff November 28, 2012

      I think my issue with thieving is that you’re not just happy with being talented in one or a few things. Whitney never wrote a note but no-one! No – one denied, and she let her voice do the talking. My love affair with beyonce was a slow dying thing, when she kicked members out of destinys child and then slagged them off in Vibe magazine saying they couldn’t sing, when she said that she wrote the bee gees emotions and then when she said that the wrote irreplaceable. Just be good with your singing and dancing

  18. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 28, 2012


    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      A wack ugly one at that!! And a flop one as well!!!

  19. Jamajama22 November 28, 2012

    Sam stop with the f****** Stan wars ok! You’re site is starting to go down hill now s*** everybody knows who is on top of the charts right now.

    Rita is better than Rihanna

    Ciara is a way better proformer than beyonce

    Lady gaga is slaying Madonna

    Adele is still a fat pig next to Christina

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 28, 2012

      Then why does everyone still come back to this site? Stop frontin’.
      You all feed off of these petty stan wars.

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      But rita still cant get that hit though!!! That b**** can sound like and angel but she will never be on Rihannas level!! Lady gag aint slaying Madonna on s***!!! Ciara can dance circles around bey but she will never ever be on Beys level period!!!

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      lady Gaga is better than Madonna who can’t sing. That’s y they mad. And I Ciara and Bey are both equally good performers and slay stiffanna.

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        But stiffana is outselling both of them in records and album sales!! So slayanna is still WINNING!!! Rihanna is tied with Madonna with 12 number 1 s and has 10 number 1 s on the global chart and she is tied with MJ can ciara and beyonce say that? Nope!

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        u talk about record and album sales. I talk about quality performances and talent. Rihanna is barely there in that department.

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        Thats your opion sweetie there is millions of people who think your fave sucks!! And the same with RIHANNA!! But your argument is nulled and void!! The charts put her with legends!! RIHANNA her status and her record breaking ass still is among legends!! Blame her fans cause we are gonna keep at the top!! She is 24 yrs old and she is number right now in over 25 countries with her new album and top 5 in 20 other countries as well so your complaing on this blog aint shading her reign babes!!! Sorry that RIHANNA aint never gonna end

  20. pat November 28, 2012

    beyonce has elements of janet and diana, but hi jacked tina’s style mainly…..also brit carbon copied Janet, but gets the madonna comparison because she’s white

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 28, 2012

      “also brit carbon copied Janet, but gets the madonna comparison because she’s white”

      THIS, folks, is what is called true tea.

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      Preach baby!!!

    • ADC143 November 28, 2012

      Britney gets the Madonna comparison because she instigates it. She’s spent her whole career talking about how much she worships at the alter of Madonna, so there you go.

      • RoyalKev November 28, 2012

        Britney’s whole performing style has Janet written all over it. She just gave Madonna all the praises because Janet became more controversial for Brit to be linked to after SB.

        As for Bey and Janet I never saw the connection. I think many female artists have some Diana in them, but Tina seems to be Bey’s biggest inspiration.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        Yall need to face the truth. Britney is a waterdowned Madonna and Janet.

  21. Hu November 28, 2012

    Rihanna don’t run s*** she is just Chris brown f****** jump off. Now Rita Ora has some flicking talent she gets my respect but that Rihanna b**** can suck my nut.

    Ain’t nobody kissing her feet she should just get on her knees and suck beyonce toes for all I care

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      B**** sit!!! Again numbers dont lie and you or haters wont take Rihannas accomplishments away from her ok!!!

    • J November 28, 2012

      I lost it at Rita Ora has talent

  22. msteefromdc November 28, 2012


  23. That B*tch (redbone) November 28, 2012

    Why is Beyonce in the category with Janet?
    If anything Beyonce has been most influenced by Tina Turner

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 28, 2012

      ahh nvm. I see Tina on the left side.

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      Um beyonce should be in the category with everyone!!

      • Girl007Bond November 28, 2012


    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      I agree. Beyonce loves Tina Turner. That’s y she did that tribute performance.

  24. ZANIA November 28, 2012

    I think CB has some of MJ style but CB has his own style with little added Mj. MJ didn’t do all the dances that CB does. Now I do think that Usher and Neyo copies MJ more than CB with no style of their own.

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 28, 2012

      Oh please. Just because you are a CB fan doesn’t mean you have to be so deluded. CB copies a lot of things MJ did, all the way from his dancing to SOME of his song choices.
      I love Bey and I can admit that she copies Tina Turner alot, all the way down to her costumes for performances and the way she tries to sing.

      • ZANIA November 28, 2012

        I said Cb has some of MJ still, read my comment some but not all. CB has his own style also.

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


      • irene46 November 29, 2012

        mj may have copied james brown when he was very young with the jackson 5. as the group got older hisjames brown moves were gone.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      jason derulo copies MJ to a T.

  25. That B*tch (redbone) November 28, 2012

    I’m sorry but nothing that most of today’s artists do is origibal.
    They should stop trying to be the next Madge or MJ and just be themselves.

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 28, 2012


    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


      • ADC143 November 28, 2012

        The difference is that Madonna and MJ had their own personalities and brought enough of their own personalty to whatever they were inspired by or straight up hijacked to the point where it felt like the public was seeing something new. Furthermore, who they were inspired by were either dead (Marilyn) or LONG out of the commercial pop area (James Brown).

        This latest crop of “superstars” have no personality. It’s like they’re talent show wannabe’s trying to be “the next…” version of what still exists (Madonna) or what hasn’t been gone for THAT long (MJ.)

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


      • ADC143 November 28, 2012

        Um, I said long out of the commercial pop arena…I didn’t say anything about when the man died. Aside from “Living In America,” James hadn’t had a big hit since the early 70s, and even then he had peaked years before that. Michael wasn’t stepping on James’ toes by incorporating some of what he did into his shtick, and Michael had enough of his OWN shtick to not look like a copycat.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      No one is original b******. Not Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Beyonce. Just stfu and stop getting mad cuz they are successful and no one cares about ur hasbeens. Every generation is inspired. This is a known fact.

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        U sound ignorant without those dead people my faves and ur wack ass faves wouldnt be s*** today without them paving the way for them!!

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        Those hasbeens i mean not dead*

  26. Nichole November 28, 2012

    Inspiration? How many times are the Beyhive gonna use that pathetic excuse? Just like when Beyonce started claiming to be “inspired” by other people’s work, to hide the fact that she is the #1 swagger jacker in the music business. She wouldn’t know originality of any kind, if it threw a bone and cracked her on the back of the head. She has lifted ideas from a number of artists, and even Youtube.

    Nicki Minaj is a fake, and a fraud. She’s more of a combination of Lil Kim, Lady GaGa and even Cher/Grace Jones( in terms of how outrageous she tries to be) with her insanely bleached skin to make herself resemble more of a white barbie.

    Britney and Christina had their days of straight swaggrr jacking. Britney did a,lot of with Janet, and Madonna in her earlier years, and Christina went from a huge Mariah wannabe to a Madonna wannabe. She used to bite Mariah’s vocal technique an awful lot, and even did the on stage hand waving thing. As soon as she released Stripped, she jumped on Madonna’s bandwagon. I can at least say that Brit is not a Madonna wannabe anymore.

    Mariah was called a wannabe Whitney just because her brilliant vocal chops were similar to Whit’s, but I never bought into it. Even Whitney herself stated that she doesn’t see the resemblance, with the exception of both being powerhouse vocalist. Mariah was always her own artist.

    Lady GaGa is just an extreme knockoff of Grace Jones, and Madonna. Born This Way was the first single from her last album, and she ripped Express Yourself. She takes her swagger jacking to new extremes, and I guess that is why Madonna always mocks her. She has done nothing new, and innovative to be frank. She just tries to be more controversial than Madonna, and she fails at it.

    All in all, there is always gonna be swagger jackers out there and a lot of these artists let it be known. We can all say that Usher, Chris B, and Ne-Yo are all MJ wannabes in terms of how they perform. Or how Justin Bieber is trying to be the wannabe wigger knockoff of Chris B, and Usher.

    • MC November 28, 2012

      Basically this.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      Britney always been a Janet wannabe. Just look at her dance moves and stage presence from back then. Beyonce already said tho that Single Ladies was an inspiration on 106 n Park tho as well as others. Stay pressed.

  27. MRDIVABITCH November 28, 2012

    Lady Gaga>>>>>>>>>>>>Madonna

    Madonna is the larval state of Lady Gaga

    • MC November 28, 2012

      Gurl no, Madge is in a class of her own but that is not to knock off Gaga.

    • J November 28, 2012

      no no no honey Madonna is a multi-platinum selling artist. Lady Gagas last album sold just 6mil worldwide, nothing compared with Madonnas records.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        I agree. Never liked Madonna. Just not my taste. But whatever. She’s still a legend as much as I hate saying that.

    • ADC143 November 28, 2012

      Please. Madonna is the most successful female artist in history, as cited by both Billboard and Guinness. Her stats avalanche Gaga’s. Even if you compare Madonna’s numbers when she was four years into her career like Gaga is today, they were larger then too. Gaga isn’t even in Madonna’s zip code. Yeah Gaga is more ‘popular’ today, but comparatively Madonna’s always been bigger. Gaga saw a sales decline happen much sooner than Madonna did.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        Britney was more popular and sold more than Christina but we all know who was more talented. Same thing with Gaga and Madonna.

    • DJT November 28, 2012

      Madonna sells out stadiums and has had a very respected and strong career that has spanned over 30 years! And she’s still breaking records 30 years later… Gaga already peaked. She’s on the decline! Sorry but Madona >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gaga. No comparison!

      • DJT November 28, 2012

        And yes, Gaga definitely tries swagger jack Madonna’s blue print but constantly fails!! The clip she’s released for the “Cake Like Gaga” video looks like a cheap knock-off of Madonna’s “Erotica” vid! So lame!

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        Looks nothing like erotica. Stfu. Lol.

    • MRDIVABITCH November 28, 2012

      Ghetto b****** I ain’t talking about sales, I’m talking about artistry, creativity, musicianship, etc. In all those things Lady Gaga takes a huge gigantic green dump on Madonna.

  28. ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 28, 2012

      I am so glad that you are giving James Brown his respect–yes!!!!!

      My favorite male artist of all time is Prince and James Brown runs all up and through Prince.

      Like you said, it is THE GOD-FATHER first and the rest followed–yes!

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      Michael Jackson the best and slaying a lot of artist to this day. You will deal. I love James Brown too but he was clearly the King of Soul and would have never crossed over like MJ who could do POP and still be respected in the black community.

      • DenimJunkieKidd November 29, 2012

        but MJ lost a lot of respect in the black community when he crossed over, along with whitney, janet, etc…..they got it back after a while but it took death for MJ to get it back!!

    • Nana Yaw November 28, 2012

      MJ is the best!

    • BILL November 29, 2012

      Mj is better moron

  29. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 28, 2012

    Ciara is a swagger jacker as well since day one she’s been trying to be like the legendary Janet Jackson…but she fails effortlessly…(-:

    • Checory November 28, 2012

      When I first seen CIARA (during her goodies days) I didn’t think JANET.. I thought AALIYAH …but when she got to her second album. Colored her hair black and really showed out I started to see JANET JACKSON…

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      She loves Janet though. Has admitted this several times. Why u pressed? And I see some similarities but they are not the same artist.

  30. MC November 28, 2012

    Inspiration =/= copying. In the cases of Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki, Justin Bieber, etc its swagger-jacking and replication of their superiors (or sometimes their peers).

    The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: “flashes of inspiration”.
    The quality of having been so stimulated, esp. when evident in something: “a moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display”.
    stealingpresent participle of steal (Verb)

    Take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it: “thieves stole her bicycle”.
    Dishonestly pass off (another person’s ideas) as one’s own: “accusations that one group had stolen ideas from the other were soon flying”.
    There is a huge difference between being inspired and stealing/swagger-jacking but stealing happens so often nowadays.

    • IRONY! November 28, 2012

      MC well others are definately not exempt unfortunately as this website is overload with the youth,they may not know the shenanigans of certain artist other than the usual suspects.People’s so called Queen of Pop in action.I know you probably don’t stan for her,neither do i but here it is…

      • MC November 28, 2012

        I don’t stan for Madonna but I am a big fan and I appreciate her. I think in Madonna’s case she drew inspiration from her “idols” and made it her own…..she also cited her inspirations for the most part.

  31. MC November 28, 2012

    ^^^^^^^^^^What’s up with my avi?

  32. Cory November 28, 2012

    I love the mosaic of the ones before them on the left and the ones after on the right

  33. mob November 28, 2012

    Wait why is Ellvis Presley pictured when he was created as a way of displace the real “King of Rock N’ Roll” CHUCK BERRY? Or can’t we get that deep?

    1896 African’s created a sound which mixed blues, work songs, spiritals, freedom songs, and titled it “A**” so as to control it, the popular society copied and pasted it and called JAZZ! Wait….. once agian, perhaps you don’t want to get to deep!

    Let me bring it to modern times. The LIMITEDLY OWNED & TIGHTLY CONTOLLED MUSIC – MEDIA MONOPOLY has always been in the business of “duplicating” artists.
    From The Supremes -> SWV -> Destiny’s Child -> 702.
    From New Ediion -> New Kids On The Block -> N’Sync -> The Wanted / 1D
    From Sister Sledge -> The Jones Girls -> Cherish
    From The Jackson 5 -> The Slivers -> The Osmonds
    From Shania Twain -> TRAILER Swift
    From Marvin Gaye -> D’angelo -> Maxwell -> Raheem Devaughn
    From Amy Winehouse -> Adele
    The dupication of sucessful acts (singer or groups) can be seen in every genre of music!

    Nicki Minaj is clearly a cross between Lil Kim and Lady Gaga; one for hard core rap and the other for “funky” off-beat pop style. Michaal Jackons lineage is LONG but the key modern day players are Usher, JT, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Omarion etc. There was a picture online that showed the many ways Justin Bieber has “morphed” into Chris Brown (ex. overhaul, white shirt, tim’s, liver chain, hat to the back style copped from the Brandy video JB wore to meet the prime minister of CAN). It is what it is. Anything that is seen as successful will be COPIED!!

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 28, 2012

      PREACH!!!!!!!! Especially the part about Elvis!

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      Yep. Nicki Minaj was inspired by Lil Kim. She was also inspired by Harajuku culture in Japan which she has given credit too. Look it up. And Lil Kim is still a hasbeen so who cares. 🙂

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        Brooklyn does b****!!! We care brooklyn baby!!

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        She’s a flop and irrelevant. One city don’t equal the masses’ opinion.

      • mob November 28, 2012

        My point was made not to denigrate Nicki Minaj just to point out the facts! It is what it is….. 0_o

  34. Girl007Bond November 28, 2012


  35. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 28, 2012

    I agree with King Z. And who cares? Nothing is new under the sun. Everyone is inspired in one way or another. Ppl only get mad at this when they see an artist has succeeded and the other’s time has come and gone. New generations will always be influenced by older ones. Don’t care what anyone says. Am I gonna not like MJ just because he didn’t invent the moonwalk, copied James brown spin? No. Cuz he was a phenomenon and truly blessed. Imitation: form of flattery. Remember that folks.

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      Typical from a beyonce stan! Anyways i love your avi she truly was a LEGEND!!

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        Rihanna-WFL copied. FACT. You da one stolen from photographer. FACT. S&M lawsuit. FACT. Fefe Dobson’s style robbed in GGGB era. FACT.

        You can’t discredit Beyonce without the cold hard facts about Rihanna being unoriginal too.

        And thanks. 😉

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        I never said RIHANNA was orginal but RIHANNA gives credit beyonce just steals and lie lime she is invisible!! And ur welcome!

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        Rihanna never gave credit tho if it was a lawsuit. Nor did she to the photographer, wfl, and poor fefe dobson.

  36. whiteBoie November 28, 2012

    Mariah and Whitneys Music was never really similiar, either their singing style.. mariahs range and tone is different than whitneys..

    but to the nicki minadequate copying lil kim, yes thats a given.. gaga jacking madonna yes, but musically gaga is different for the most part and her own style and sound..

    this site really is for 12 year olds, ima have to move on

    • Mark November 28, 2012

      Mariah was supposed to be a new age/ rival Whitney. No, they did not sound alike cause back then you HAD to have your own sound. I’m 24 and remember very well.

      • mob November 28, 2012

        THIS!! MC was always pushed as the “new”…. replacement …blah, blah…..for Whitey. They tried hard!!

      • MC November 28, 2012

        The intent for signing Mariah was to find another “power vocalist” like Whitney since she EXPLODED on the scene with her debut, it wasn’t to replace her. Mariah’s music never sounded like Whitney’s, you obviously never heard both of their music, because the only similarity was their big voices and some of their inflections/runs and tone. Mariah was deemed the “new” Whitney with her debut by the media but that soon changed with Music Box and Daydream as she found her own specific sound/image.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      yes gaga can actually sing. Madonna hurts ears.

  37. J November 28, 2012

    Gaga DOES copy Madonna there is no which way about it. Theres nothing wrong with that but at least try and be a little original..

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      When you dont give credit to the originator who started it and is resposible for your success then houston we have a problem!! Then it becomes a massive problem. Gaga said WHITNSY HOUSTON INSPIRED HER TO WRITE BORN THIS WAY!! LOL BUT THE SONG SOUNS LIKE MADONNA FROM THE EARLY90S!! GAGA HER WHOLE CAREER IS MADONNA

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        Sorry for the poor grammar f****** kendal fire*

      • Saetana November 28, 2012

        Actually Born This Way sounds more like old 70’s disco classics than Express Yourself, and I’m old enough to have been there! Express Yourself isn’t even a particularly good Madonna song, why the f*** would Gaga want to copy it? There are small similarities but I’m convinced they are accidental – I’m in my 40’s and I hear songs all the time that vaguely remind me of older songs, its the price of 60 years of pop music. I don’t go around accusing all of these artists of copying so you can STFU about Gaga. With the possible exception of Black Jesus Amen Fashion, there are NO other Gaga songs that sound anything like Madonna songs, even that song is more Madonna-esque than sounding like any specific song of hers. Madonna stans are pressed because Gaga is far more talented than the current (but not for long) Queen of Pop ;o)

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012


      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

        The b**** copies madonna period you know it and her stans know it and the world knows it even gag knows it!!! Madonna has longevity gag doesnt period! !! MADONNA BEEN SLAYING SINCE THE MUTHAFUCKING 80S WHEN GAGA WAS STILL A LITTLE BOY IN DRAG!!!

      • HONEY November 29, 2012

        @ Saetana

        b**** please, you’ve obviously never even listened to Express Yourself or BTW..they sound IDENTICLE! and don’t get me started on Dance In The Dark & Vogue.

    • mob November 28, 2012

      I would be okay if she copied and acknowledged the person that inspired her, Madonna and not try to credit Whiney Houston when the credit is clearly ot due! IMO

  38. Mark November 28, 2012

    When you see young MJ, you see Jame Brown, BUT MJ took that and made his own style. Same with Usher and JT, you see MJ, but not down to the tee. BUT Chris Brown wants to BE MJ. Justin B tries to sound like JT. Ok female side, when you see Aaliyah and Britney, you see bits of Janet, but you don’t see Janet 100% unlike Ciara. The differences form the 90’s act and now is that the 90’s came out and said they looked up to the one before, but today, the Ciara, Nikki, Justin Beiber and Gaga’s say they DON’T see why people compare them to the old. Think about it, MJ, Janet, Madonna and Tina worked (or wanted to) with Usher, Aaliyah, Britney and Beyonce, but Janet don’t even say Ciara’s name. I think it’s the record labels using old strategies and instead of molding a new act, they rather clone one. We live in a MTV world, so you wanted to be who you seen on tv.

    • ZANIA November 28, 2012

      CB doesn’t want to MJ, he just inspire by him. He has always said that he loves MJ. But CB has his own style with a little MJ.

      • irene46 November 29, 2012

        @ mark…

        i see/saw much more of janet in britney than i see in ciara. speaking of aaliyah and britney, the dance britney did with that snake on an award show was hardcore jacked from aaliyah’s video ‘resolution’.

    • mob November 28, 2012

      NOOOOOO! Chris Brown is not trying to be Michael Jackson! He has always acknowledged his idol and the wonderful ways hehas been influenced by hm MJ stands alone and CB is developing his own way!

      Usher, (like Ne-Yo & JT) is much more a carbon copy of MJ. If you watch Usher, Neyo & JT’s dance moves they endto slide and say exactly like MJ. Iou watch Chris Brown you see a few steps showing his love for MJ but you also see his love of MARTIAL ARTS, KRUMPING/ STREET DANCE, BALLET, MODERN DANCE,….CIRQUE DU SOLEIL <— LOL 🙂

      • Mark November 28, 2012

        You got it ass backwards. Chris even dresses like MJ, tries to sound like him and evn tries to call himself the “New NJ”. Usher and JT never tried to look JUST like him. I’m sorry, but you TeamBrezzy needs to wake up cause it’s as clear as water.

  39. My2Centz November 28, 2012

    Notice how the main fan base who spouts that “nothing new under the sun” line are Gaga fans? It’s like they’re used to hearing people accuse their idol of being Madonna 2.0 and come back with that same retort every time. No, nothing is “new” under the sun. Everything has been previously done in some way or another, but the key is to A) usually bring your own interpretation to whatever is is you’re “borrowing” and to B) be your own star/entity, with your own charm and wit. She doesn’t do that. Stephanie comes off like an Android beamed down from planet “Gaga” whose prime directive is to study Madonna enough to clone her. It’s like when Madonna’s not looking, Gaga sneaks into her house, goes into her closets and grabs 10 outfits she wore 20 years ago, cuts a few holes in them and then models them for her audience of 90s babies who don’t know better, and will take it at face value. And in the meantime she acts like any similarity to her and Madonna is more coincidental than deliberate, and exaggerated by mean people. Anyone over the age of 25 who has a long enough memory to remember when Madonna did it, and can spot her rehash, really is a fly in Gaga’s Chardonnay. From where I’m standing, it really seems like Gaga has books on Madonna’s career and she literally photocopies chapters out them to carry around in her purse.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      Madonna copied Marilyn Monroe though? And at least gaga can sing better.

      • My2Centz November 28, 2012

        Do you know how many stars have “copied” Marilyn? Madonna wasn’t the first or the last. Marilyn’s death made her a fashion icon to be emulated and paid homage to, like Elvis, James Dean and Bille Holliday. Plus Marilyn had been dead for over 20 years before Madonna came out; it’s not like she was some pop star (hell, she wasn’t even a singer, she was an actress) who was still around and then Madonna came along out of nowhere and tried to hijack her shtick from her while pretending that she wasn’t doing it. Which is what Gaga tries with Madonna.

        And so what if Gaga sings better; that doesn’t take away from her being a blatant Madonna wannabe and copycat, or excuse the fact. If it voice mattered so damn much, then let Gaga go mock and imitate some better singer and leave Madonna’s persona alone.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        it only reinforces the message No no one is original. That’s y I stated Marilyn Monroe. And ur right she should cuz unfortunately M doesn’t have a voice at all. However, Gaga has said nothing wrong about Madonna or has taken away from her legendary stats. The stans will always find something miniscule to compare. It’s ashame really. I think most of M’s stans are jealous. As well as Madonna. Lady Gaga remains unbothered tho.

      • My2Centz November 28, 2012

        Gaga is so unbothered that she cries on stage, on Twitter and in interviews about how she’s been lambasted by the media and public (and deservedly so) over this past year and a half; with a large chunk of that no doubt coming by way of the Madonna copycat scrutiny. I’d say she IS bothered.

        Madonna, nor her fans, has anything to be jealous of in regards to her. Like you said, Madonna’s a legend…Gaga is not. Gaga’s only had 2 albums; she hasn’t even proven herself to not be a passing fad. There’s no need to be jealous of someone who is nowhere near as famous, successful, accoladed, record-breaking or wealthy as you are. And based on Gaga’s trajectories, she’ll never truly match Madonna’s overall career stats.

        No, not jealous; I’d say more annoyed. Annoyed that some fraudulent wannabe is trying to forge a career on the coattails of someone else’s style and personality… simply because she obviously doesn’t have enough of a personality or innate charisma to carve out a lane of her own and excel in it. You don’t see Madonna or her fans getting mad at Katy, Taylor…or most importantly Adele, who has eclipsed everyone in sales and popularity. Why? Because unlike Gaga, they aren’t trying to be photocopy Madonna’s image and persona or steal her music. And I think that’s why Gaga’s sales have peaked so soon. Usually your second album is supposed to eclipse the performance of your first (that was certainly the case with Madonna)…yet BTW album only sold about half of what The Fame did. Hmmm. No one likes a fake, and the public is onto her.

        Far as Madonna not having a voice at all. Your opinion; I disagree. Madonna is a great singer; she wouldn’t have been cast as the lead in a movie adaptation of the musical Evita if she weren’t. I bet she can carry a tune better than you can. Yeah, I’ll admit though that Gaga is a better vocalist though, but that doesn’t matter because Gaga is still a a copycat, a wannabe, a phony and IMO, quite frankly her music stinks. When you’ve got all that going against you, a decent voice sorta becomes less impressive.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      So y do ppl claim MJ copied the moonwalk and spin from James Brown yet he did do his own interpretation?? How is that any different from what Gaga does? Yall just sum haters. Gaga is still a star in her own way and so is Madonna.

    • IRONY! November 28, 2012

      But Madonna’s not a saint either she’s done similar.It just hasn’t been exposed as much as Gaga.I don’t stan for anyone as they are all misguided.So accusing me from any stan base isn’t going to be effective.I’m just presenting facts for to be more openened minded,that you can accuse one but not the other of the same thing.

  40. ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      And u said Beyonce doesn’t give credit but u just called out ur fave Rihanna not doing the same.

      • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012


  41. Eric November 28, 2012

    I think the important difference is when you take a small piece and expand it into something bigger and specific to your own uniqueness. What’s happening is artists are taking BIG pieces of inspiration and making very few changes. It’s to the point that I don’t get as excited when I look at MJ because I’m so tired of seeing all these male performers slide across the floor and pop their legs and knees. Michael struggled many many hours to be different, but everyone now struggles to be just like him.

    • My2Centz November 28, 2012

      Thank you. I totally agree.

  42. king bey November 28, 2012

    Beyonce copies cause noone gonna call her out on it simple she got a lot of power in music industry thanks to matthew knowels so she will continue to be “inspired” just look at keri hilson she tried to get at bey n boom b**** got blacklisted

    • ILOVEMUSIC!!!!! November 28, 2012

      Stay out of grown folks conversation and go sit down some where with that dumb ass comment

  43. Let’s Be Real November 28, 2012

    Personally I think todays mainstream artist don’t know what REAL inspiration is.Lady Gaga(ESPECIALLY) Beyoncé, Rihanna, all the females really can’t be inspired and in some.cases its not entirely their fault.These creative teams are the REAL swagger jackers.look at lady gaga..nothing like Madonna until she got with these big shots who basically crafted tgis girl to mimic Madonnas every move.Michael Jackson stole A LOT OF HIS FAMOUS DANCES AND PHRASES BUT!!!!!!he made it his!flipped it.Diana Ross is an ORIGINAL through and through. Beyoncé has paid tribute well and has also just redid a a fan that’s her weak point.if Beyoncé learned to recycle yet turn it around? She’d be even more great. The point is to take it a step further! Not run in place.

  44. Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 28, 2012

    Rihanna Mariah, Whitney Houstoun, and Katy Perry are the most original popstars and ya’ll will deal. Lady Madonna, Theifonce, Marilyn Madonna, Lil Kim Minaj, Britney Aguilera and the rest will have to deal with this fact!

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      Katy Perry is not that original. I guess u don’t know who Bettie Paige is?? And yes I guess it is original to be some boring basic ass white chick on stage like katy perry who can’t sing!

      • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 28, 2012

        I don’t like Katy Perry, she is boring and cannto sing. No, I’ve never heard of Betty Page. Sorry for the mistake.

  45. Nichole November 28, 2012

    Uhm….Britney’s style of dancing WAS similar to Janet’s, but Madonna was clearly the path she was taking career wise. She has given Madonna 10x the praise than Janet, and the first 5 years of her career was clearly modeled after Madonna as she was the most controversial pop star to come along since Madonna.

    Every time the comparisons came in, it was always Britney compared to Madonna and that is because her career resembled that of Madonna in the 80’s. It was all about controversy. For example, Brit’s iconic 2000 VMA performance was compared to Madonna’s Like A Virgin performance from the 1984 VMA’s. However, her style of dance resembled Janet’s but that was all. Brit is no longer a Madonna wannabe, and her Janet like chereography has been out the window since 2003.

    I also agree about Elvis. Folks give this m*********** too much credit to be honest. Folks need to start reading up on how Rock, and Roll originated (African American). This f***** ain’t the king of s*** in my opinion.

    MJ idolized Jackie, and James but the man took it to a whole new level. King Mike was an original.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

      It is. Britney was influenced the MOST by Janet and Madonna. Says so wikipedia. And no I think they were mostly compared cuz they were white and blond. And britney doesn’t think of her own ideas anyway so it must be easy for her to be a little bit more original in her own way. After all who would wanna duplicate her terrible annoying singing?

      • RoyalKev November 28, 2012

        Britney wasn’t a controversial artists, she did a few things that had people talking, but it wasn’t anything so risque. Britney was safe and wholesome in comparison to Madge. Don’t get me wrong Brit’s transformed into a s** kitten later on in her career, which is still Janet’s story (so anyway you slice it their identical). Madonna was a rebel and her s** appeal was a little more vulgar. She was the definition of controversial , which seems to be what Gaga is striving for. IMO, Janet and Britney could actually cover each other songs at this current phase of their careers. I don’t see how one could ignore their similarities. Janet birthed Brit and Ciara. Gaga and Rihanna would be more in line with Madonna.

    • wrinkle flop ora November 28, 2012

      Sorry, But Britney was more molded on Madonna , than Janet.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 28, 2012

        ^^SAYS U. She was influenced by Janet as well. It shows in her music videos. And of course they are gonna compare britney to madonna in the early 2000’s. Since that was the only megastar pop singer those days. Gaga wasn’t famous yet!

      • irene46 November 29, 2012

        the only similarity to madonna and britney is they’re both blonde and white. that’s totally where it ends.

        britney’s choreography was completely janet. not a single move or dance step resembled madonna.

        black artists are seldom if ever given ‘ full’ credit for inspiring white artists. they even pulled elvis out to claim he was the inspiration for justin t. i think they even tried the same bullsh!t claim with eminem.

      • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 29, 2012

        Nope. Britney is WAY more Janet than Madonna.

        prettigurlrockD bitchess & irene46–yall betta preach!

      • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ November 29, 2012

        You’re going to have to let it go. Like @irene46 said, “the only similarity to madonna and britney is they’re both blonde and white.”

        Look, it’s okay that a black woman is the artistic blueprint for a white female artist. That’s called the history of American music.

        Ask the Rolling Stones, ask The (living) Beatles and read up on John Lennon’s influences, look at Elvis, ask Eminem, ask……you get the point.

        What needs to happen more often is Janet needs to be given her respect.

  46. Avenger November 28, 2012

    LOL@people disrespecting Elvis’s contributions and acting like Michael didn’t imitate him. It’s been documented that when Elvis and the Jackson’s were both playing Vegas in the 70’s, Michael used to come to every one of Elvis’s shows and sit up front. It’s how he met Lisa Marie. Michael may have more blatantly copied his performing style from James Brown and Jackie Wilson, but he wanted Elvis’s fame, adoration and mystique and studied him for it.

    • mob November 28, 2012

      LOL, Elvis had his moment but lets not be fooled into thinking he was an innovator when he was just created to displace the dancing, wiggling, gutair player Chuck Berry. THE POWERS THAT BE simply could not have their daughters swooning over this man so they invited a white version of him named Elvis to do the exact same thing……

      All GOOD students study the masters of the game. He also studied Fred Astire.

      • ABCD November 28, 2012


    • Beck November 28, 2012

      Michael definitely “took” from Elvis too. Elvis’s legendary performance of JAILHOUSE ROCK is the template for virtually every Michael video with backup dancers…from BEAT IT to THRILLER to BAD to THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL to REMEMBER THE TIME to THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US. Elvis was one of the first contemporary artists to do big choreographed numbers with dancers. Not even Little Richard, Jackie Wilson or Chuck Berry did that in their prime.

      I don’t know why some people get so mad at Elvis. Yes, he copied from a lot of black rock & roll pioneers who because of the racism of the day couldn’t have the kind of acceptance he did…but how was that Elvis’s fault? Be mad at society for placing those restrictions on people, don’t be mad at him. He didn’t keep them suppressed.

      Unlike other white acts of the day, like Pat Boone, who would take black music and repackage it for middle America, Elvis didn’t sanitize and turn it into a G-rated bubble gum farce. Elvis kept it as gritty and “true” as he could *****AND***** he always went out of his way to credit to those black artists who inspired what he did; at a time when he really didn’t have to and much to the chagrin of everyone who didn’t even want them acknowledged.

      I suggest you Elvis haters research the man and his history before taking bitter rumors and speculation and acting like he was some thieving racist shill. Elvis gave credit where it was due; it was the bigoted media of the day that was bias, not him.

      Say what you will about Elvis, the man definitely HAD talent (could sing and dance his ass off), charisma and swagger. Yes, he jacked a lot of it, but his charm was his own.

      • UNFLOPOGETIC? B**** NUMBER 1 IN 40 COUNTRIES FLOP DAT BITCHEZ!!!!!! November 28, 2012


      • irene46 November 29, 2012

        @ avenger & beck,..

        if it makes you feel better to delude yourselves that mj “took” from elvis…

        avenger, what is this supposed to mean–

        ” Michael may have more blatantly copied his performing style from James Brown and Jackie Wilson, but he wanted Elvis’s fame, adoration and mystique and studied him for it.”

        so what did mj copy from elvis??

      • irene46 November 29, 2012

        mj’s choreography was inspired by westside story. not elvis’ jailhouse rock.

  47. Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 28, 2012



    King or ROCK AND ROLL (a black created genre): ELVIS! A white man!
    LEADER OF SOUL MUSIC: ADELE, a british white woman who makes mediocre watered down soul music and is only here cuz of the media.
    JAZZ: Is now almost non-existant
    R&B: Now R&B ARTIST have been forced to “GO POP” for the promo and hype. If not they will FLOP FLOP FLOP! Now the LEADER or R&B is a random gay man who is used to say “BLACKS (CodeWord: R&B listeners) ARE HATEFUL AND HATE GAYS”
    RAP: Is LEFT ALONE cuz it makes blacks look ILLITERATE and GREEDY!

    • B. Hill November 28, 2012

      Aren’t you like 12? What the hell do you know about anything, kid? Shouldn’t your Sesame Street ass be in school, or have you already flunked out? I just think it’s funny that you’re trying to hone in on a conversation that’s way above and beyond your scope; or that you might actually think anyone would take your 2¢ about the authenticity of music and celebrity seriously. With your lame ass RIhanna avatar and reference to her in your name. Ha. Tell us again how she and Katy Perry are the most “original” pop stars of today. Hell, it’s ignorant brats like you that are part of the problem. You’re the reason why music is so bad today and that the stars of today think Twitter is all they need to be perfect in order to be successful. You know nothing about nothing. You’re an ultramaroon.


      • Pressed H*** like yourself November 28, 2012

        This^^^^^ Dead

      • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 28, 2012

        When replying ot my comments, please make sure to actually adress what I said. And no, I’m not 12 nor have a flunked out of school since your interested!

    • mob November 28, 2012

      LOL @B


      Hell, I want to add something to what you said but you just about hit the nail square on the head! To add to what you said concerning Ocean, there is an incredible need to place Black Men into 1 of three categories:
      2) Docile, femiNAZI controlled Black weakling
      3) GAY or Flaming Homosexual.
      These are the predetermined categories that all Black men are shoved into by the American media.

      • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 28, 2012

        And nobody is actually like that, these people are getting pathetic!

    • Pearly White November 28, 2012

      I actually agree with PARTS of what Benron is saying hands down and I aint no teenager. People are allowed to call the legends out aswell they are not ambrosial they are only human too. What he is saying about Elvis and Madonna is true sorry. But I also agree with what @B. Hill saying because if you are gonna call out the leges then you gotta take the heat when it comes to your faves too. Because saying Rihanna etc etc is original holds about as much truth as saying pigs can fly. And I know the Navy cant take the heat when it comes to Rihanna.

      • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 28, 2012

        Rihanna is original by comparison, some of these girls have their whole careers modeled of one person, Rih does not.

      • Michael November 29, 2012

        @Benron Look up Fefe Dobson, 90s clothing, grace jones, marina and the diamonds etc etc etc sorry Rihanna is not original she models her career off multiple people.

    • ABCD November 28, 2012


  48. MACHIAVEL November 28, 2012

    F*** You B******, I’m Not Here For STUPID Stan War!

  49. MACHIAVEL November 28, 2012

    F*** You B******, I’m Not Here For STUPID Stan War!

    Play “Holiday”

  50. Tokyo Lynn [Shibuya Donna] November 28, 2012

    All I want to say is that Brittany Spears was in the wrong picture – she def should have been in the one with Janet…that is all lol.

  51. mc the place to be!! November 28, 2012

    everyone in this industry is trying to be someone whereas in the 90s they had alot of inspiration too but they still did their own thing just cause we live in a generation where everything is at our finger tips doesnt mean we have to be lazy and not be creative its one word that describes this generation is just lazy everyone wants the fame and fortune but dont want to put the work and creativity to get it and thats why record sales are low and ppl dont buy anything the music is boring the music videos are boring everything is just business and thats not just music its with movies also

  52. honeychildplease November 28, 2012

    TO put it in a simple way…THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS FULL OF THIEVES, and some have taken something, or everything from someone..

  53. theman November 28, 2012

    Alot of this is off. A few of these artists had their own original style.

  54. Suicide Blonde November 28, 2012

    Everyone is isnpired by others but that doesn’t mean that you have to become an impersonator of your idol.

    MJ was inspired by James Brown, Little Richard and YES! MJ fans by Elvis.

    Madonna was inspired by Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde and Patti Smith, she has been saying this her entire career, most recently in the Ellen show, yet people want to focus on a Hollywood star like Marilyn Monroe.

    There will inevitably be a female or male pop star that matches they success because Billboard needs to stay alive, they will make Rihanna, Perry and Gaga surpass MJ, Elvis, Madge, Mariah and the Beatles but they will never be as great as them, another proof that charts does not define an artist, what is Rihanna and Katy Perry’s #1 singles in front of MJ, Madonna, Mariah and Whitney’s career, although Madonna is very easy to imitate.

    MJ and Madonna were the ones that broke the barriers, they set the trends, and they influenced all the pop girls and boys after them, there is no one close enough to the amount of social buzz that they created.

    They paved the way for most of the pop acts in today’s world; Music would NOT be the same if MJ and Madonna hadn’t pushed the social buttons they pushed, wore the things they wore, sang the songs they sung, this is why they are named The Kings of Pop.

    Why do they seem to think that they have to fill MJ and Madonna’s shoes? to be as great as they are, MJ and Madonna were inspired by the likes of Elvis and Blondie but they succeeded and separated from their images and sounds, of course MJ was inspired by James Brown but JB never ever did the things that Mike did, the same for Madonna it is stupid to say that Madonna was a carbon copy of MM of Blondie, no other female musician was as vulgar, controversial, defiant and irreverent as Madonna, no one has done the things she has done, Cher was singing Country songs all the 1960’s and 1970’s, no one was Madonna before Madonna, that’s b*******.

    It also should be say that a single cost 3 to 5 $, they have more merit because of that, they sold million of singles in a time were things cost more. We are never seeing that kind of superstardom and album sales ever again, We are never seeing someone as successful & innovative as MJ and Madonna. They remains the popstars blueprint.

    To the younger fans of Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, it’s okay to stand for them but another thing is make a blind eye to what it seems to be truth, no only they copy from the past with no mercy but they’re music is not as good as they want you to believe. They want to copy but don’t want to be attacked by it., specially the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

    • UNFLOPOGETIC? B**** NUMBER 1 IN 40 COUNTRIES FLOP DAT BITCHEZ!!!!!! November 28, 2012


  55. That is all November 28, 2012

    Im not dissing no legends here but I think it is A LOT easier to get caught out nabbing different elements that were not orginally yours nowadays with the internet, social networking and media intensity that has never been higher which is why the new kids have be more conscious. It was not such a big thing to always reference were you got something from back in the day I can think of few examples from legends that have not always been referenced but Im not gonna go there.

  56. KIngBey&QueenCi November 28, 2012


  57. Pop Royalty November 28, 2012

    Inspiration :

    is when you like the idea of something that someone before you presented and you try to REpresent it with your own added stuffs and REcreate it in a way that will look as if it is all yours in your own unique way, but the base will always be the other one’s own creation and you should give credit to them and cite them as an “inspiration” for you to do so.

    swagger-jacking is when you forget doing any of those mentioned above, like when you just do as they did without adding nothing at all , just copying.

  58. Jim November 28, 2012

    Here’s the problem. If you are going to swagger jack someone else creavity show some respect and give credit from where you got that creavity from. For those who seem to think that Nicki paid respect to Kim you are slow. Nicki has been dissing kim since 2003 but at the same time claiming she has respect for her while stealing not only her image but her lyrics as well. If someone inspired me I wouldnt say when asked did kim nspire me say, Kim did her thing but I can fill her shoes. Go watch Teamlilkim playtime is over on youtube all seven parts and hear Nicki diss Kim and other female rap artist by so call showing them respect. Drops mic

  59. Muenechenmeleaf November 28, 2012

    Its one thing that helps both artist because to me it would pull fans from both sides if you mention the artist or give reasons as to why you have chosen to be inspired by that person. I am clueless to why there is no NEW room. On a different note I also believe that you can have that moment where if you were the entertainer that you inspiration had a good time as your audience.

    • Muenechenmeleaf November 28, 2012

      Lol here Beysus Go lol and when beysus was in heels parading I at 8 was sewing and doing Interior design. I was helping in healthcare at 8 EIGHT. BEYSUS HAS THE FANS BUT DID’nt create it. THAT THAT right thur was like ’99.

      • UNFLOPOGETIC? B**** NUMBER 1 IN 40 COUNTRIES FLOP DAT BITCHEZ!!!!!! November 28, 2012

        You need JESUS!!!! SICK F**!!

  60. Muenechenmeleaf November 28, 2012

    *Coughing* You really are jealous that I was on Stage with Rod Stewart when I was little? OMG Grandma and her best friend were seamstresses? Her friends son was a dancer and They LEAD ME OUT.?????? WTF at the Nutter Center? That doesnt take away from U? And anyway the reference to Elvis was because of how much HE MADE THIS YEAR off of GRACELAND and the affiliation of
    Cirq du Soleil.He was THIRD behind Michael Jackson at 55 Million THIS YEAR and died in 77? Michael 145 and Killed Me Elizabeth 210 THIS YEAR lol. We worried about walking around and need to be cited where we will be buried lol. TEW TEN LOL

  61. JT November 28, 2012

    Can’t nobody funk with James Brown! He is one of the most important figures in music. Their would be no funk music, dance music, nor hip hop music without him. Who else could say that?

    • Muenechenmeleaf November 28, 2012

      So did I miss the documentary?

    • UNFLOPOGETIC? B**** NUMBER 1 IN 40 COUNTRIES FLOP DAT BITCHEZ!!!!!! November 28, 2012


  62. OMG (Celine Dion) November 28, 2012

    Rihanna= inspired
    Beyonce= inspired
    Lady gaga=inspired
    Everyone in the music industry = inspired

    I’ve grown to hate that word. Music industry is full of thieves and “INSPIRED ARTIST”.

    • OMG (Celine Dion) November 28, 2012

      Celine dion= ORIGINAL BISH!!

  63. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 29, 2012

    Nicki also gave shoutouts to Kim idiot and paid homage calling her an idol and queen so stfu.

  64. cocobutta November 29, 2012

    Thankfully Bey serves us well with live shows and can say Gaga also of the newer age.
    The others copy and are lazy with the craft.
    Rather party n f** up than truly dedicate to their work.

    What an excellent post btw.
    I wanna write I full length opinion but can’t be asked right now lol.

    Love these kind of posts on TGJ

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 29, 2012

      When I tell you that the LEGEND Jimmy Jam broke it down….yes!!!! Thank you for posting this! 🙂

  65. Shaquinisha-Rose November 29, 2012

    I don’t think the “Divas” section should really count as “swagger jacking”. As all of those women have incredibly individual voices/talent.

  66. BILL November 29, 2012


  67. TheChouxGirl December 1, 2012

    There is no such thing as swagger-jacking because a person’s personal style is influenced by the world around them. When you see a cute outfit in a mag you go a create your own version…same thing

    when you eat something at a restaurant and go home and make your own version of basically the same thing….is that swagger jacking?

    at the end of the day if you like the music so what we need more cher’s and madonnas and Diana Rosses b/c they are getting old and good music is hard to come by

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