Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland Teases More From ‘Ice’ Video

Published: Tuesday 13th Nov 2012 by Sam

Kelly Rowland is playing approximately no games.

The R&B diva’s video for new single ‘Ice’ is but 24 hours away from debuting. Hence, in a bid to whip up heightened buzz, the singer’s team have unwrapped new shots from the Matthew Rolston directed clip.

Writing on her official website, Rowland said of the visual:

I’m so excited for the release of my new video for “ICE” tomorrow. Thanks for being so patient with the release and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I loved shooting it. Watch the world premiere of “ICE” on BET & Vevo tomorrow morning. – xoxo KR #YOTW

Of course, #YOTW denotes the 31 year old’s upcoming 4th solo album ‘Year Of The Woman’ – which arrives early next year.

In the meanwhile, peep more pics from the ironically hot ‘Ice’ vid below…

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  1. Alex November 13, 2012

    I’m beyond excited!!! She looks phenomenally s***…but that’s Kelly for you 😉

    • williNalli November 13, 2012

      how did yall get here b4 me again 😛

      • Alex November 13, 2012

        You could always try and beat me tomorrow when the video premieres…;)

      • williNalli November 13, 2012

        it’s on!!! Mark my words 🙂

  2. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 13, 2012

    I love the first shot, hopefully the video pushes this lukewarm single…..

    I actually do wanna see Kelly win but It seems like she doesn’t want herself to win and that’s why Im hard on her I know she has the potential for greatness….Kelly please come hard the era make me eat my words for ever calling you a flop or irrelevant

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 13, 2012


      • EdwardPonton November 13, 2012

        Dang it’s cool to see that you have a normal side to you.

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 13, 2012

        @EdwardPonton lol thanks

    • williNalli November 13, 2012

      O_O TF!!!

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 13, 2012

        yes hun?

      • williNalli November 13, 2012

        No…i mean that’s good…I just didn’t see that coming! Big ups.

    • Mr. Rowland November 13, 2012

      Indeed; i’m feeling you, I really want her to win, to be great, to slam everything… but sometimes I feel like she doesn’t want it, I mean it’s been five months since the audio of the song leaked, and the song is hot but people are already tired of waiting

      I love her, but i really hope she’ss start to be more focus on her thing

  3. Lola November 13, 2012

    She Is Sooooo Damn Pretty!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MS.PIERCE# November 13, 2012

    Less than 24 hours away now! Kelly’s on her game, she has a live performance on Friday and I assume she will perform ‘ICE’. Once the video debuts on 106&Park it’ll pick up on other music channels fairly quickly. COME ON KELLY! #HurricanKelendria

  5. mhud November 13, 2012 baby is f****** s***.I cant wait to watch da video.One Love My Queen

  6. williNalli November 13, 2012

    LAWD I’m starting to have the shakes. OMG!!! Need to calm down.

  7. Thetruth November 13, 2012

    She looks like one of those back up dancers in the Alejandro video. Please take that retched wig off.

  8. tomuchenfo November 13, 2012

    LOL, Kelly is really acting like this song was on some Adele level type s***.

    The song was alright like 6 months ago. Idk if the song even gets anymore air play though

    • Jer November 13, 2012

      Ooo grrrllll u better go in

  9. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) November 13, 2012


    • rihanna November 13, 2012


  10. Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 13, 2012

    get it kell.

    • rihanna November 13, 2012

      U better get it kellz

  11. hood_star_06 November 13, 2012

    lol side note – i just noted that the top 4 stories of the grapejuice consists of 50% kelly and 50% rihanna – WHERE THEY DO THAT AT! LOL. Look how the times have changed! YOTW!

  12. Who IS STERLING INFINITY November 13, 2012

    Wow she is so s***!

  13. rihanna November 13, 2012

    Yaaaas shes looking fierce as hell hmmm i just cant wait

  14. Tru Voice November 13, 2012

    Is that Whitney’s wig from The Bodyguard?!?!?! Go head Kelly. You look good.

  15. Chile…. November 13, 2012

    Yaaasssss Kelly! She looks so good! The video definitely looks like it’s gonna live up to expectations…. I’m gonna be thinking about this video all day in class 2morrow.

  16. MACHIAVEL November 13, 2012

    B**** Please Give Us The Damn Video And Stop Annoying Us With BS Teaser!!!!

    • OOP November 13, 2012

      Gorl BYE! It’s been stated weeks ago that the video was to be released on Nov. 14, tomorrow morning.

  17. iluvmusic November 13, 2012

    Why is everybody steady sayin the single is lukewarm & falling now when it’s goin up the charts? I mean it is already a top 10 R&B hit without the video so imagine wat the video may do. & don’t forget Motivation was done almost the sane way & look how lukewarm it was. The biggest female R&B song of the year. Platinum & everything.

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