‘Scream & Stay’: Britney Spears & Rihanna Dominate UK R&B Chart

Published: Monday 24th Dec 2012 by David

Let’s face it, as far as loyalty goes- very few can say they show up and show out for their favorite act in the way ‘Team Britney’ does for Britney Spears.

Ensuring her last album ‘Femme Fatale’ topped the Billboard 200 with 276,000 units upon release, her fans continued to put their money where their mouths are with the release of her Will.i.am forged duet, ‘Scream & Shout‘.

Now, in enjoying the fruits of their digital labor, yesterday saw them take the cut to all new heights in the UK.

Chart check below…

Believe it or not, ‘Shout‘ now sits at #1 on UK R&B chart and #3 on the nation’s overall tally, one spot down from last week’s position.

Marking her first #1 in the country since 2004’s ‘Everytime‘, Will & Brit‘s chart win comes two weeks after Grammy nominated songwriter Elijah Blake revealed that he had begun working on the icon’s 8th studio album alongside ‘Telephone’ producer DarkChild and the singer herself.

Elsewhere on the charts, Rihanna‘s ‘Stay‘ comes in at #2 on an R&B tip, while her Platinum single ‘Diamonds’ snaps at its heels at #3. Meanwhile, on the ‘main’ chart, ‘Stay’ sits at #4- making her the second Roc Nation act to score two or more UK Top 5 singles from an album released this year, after ‘Crazy Girl’ singer, Rita Ora.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pop Royalty December 24, 2012

    how did rita’s name find it’s way to this post tho ?

    • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

      like really b****

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      always the same with this unknown girl … I really dont understand what Rita doin in this post

      • YES December 25, 2012

        cant wait for brits #8 album!

        Im hoping for some hot collabs. Finally a missy collab?

        Maybe a gaga collab?

        maybe some hot female rappers – azaelia banks beats and britneys vocals would be H.O.T

  2. MONSTER-HIVE December 24, 2012


    • Lax December 24, 2012

      Monster Hive That is Quite all right we are still going to
      keep right on “Riding That Beat'” DEERY!

    • kyla December 24, 2012

      You can scream and shout all u want but Rihanna keeps slaying and is the worlds fave right now. She will keep on slaying yr faves.billboard record breaker and world charts topper, any day!! jealous haters will deal!!

  3. Trudy December 24, 2012

    There’s nothing R&B about either of those songs wtf!

    • Lax December 24, 2012

      But the R&B CHARTS SAYS THEY ARE R&B,,,

      • Jeff December 24, 2012

        Well me and Trudy say otherwise. Some people need some music schooling, not everything with or featuring a black person is R&B. KMT

    • Touché December 24, 2012

      I know, the music industry is completely f***** up at this point.

      • irene46 December 24, 2012

        f*cked up and bought up!!!

  4. RICHANDBLACK11 December 24, 2012


  5. Love on top December 24, 2012

    What I wanna know is why is Unaflopegtic flopping so hard #1 hit (payola?) I mean she just had High profile slots (VS. Voice. SnL etc) damn rih rih

    • Lax December 24, 2012

      @LOVE ON TOP As soon as you get it figured out
      would you let all of US KNOW, THANKS,,,

  6. Sierra December 24, 2012

    These songs are considered r&b in the U.K ? O_o hmmm well congrats …

    • Jeff December 24, 2012

      Jah know!

  7. Ren December 24, 2012

    F*** the UK. They have no musical sense there. F*** a bunch of “limey” frogs with bad teeth know about R&B?

    • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

      Boooo where have you been???? I’ve missed you daddy kiii

    • J December 24, 2012

      b**** Diamonds is #1 on the US R&B chart so why are you moaning.

  8. SLAYRIAH CAREY December 24, 2012

    At first I didn’t like ‘scream and shout’ but I’m starting to like it now. Congrats to rihanna and Britney.
    What does Rita Ora have to do with this?

  9. The real xoxo December 24, 2012

    Neither are r&b

    • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

      billboard is clearly helping to kill r&b….like s&s is a euro pop song….

  10. Phresh…. December 24, 2012

    Wtf does Rita Ora have to do with anything!?
    Anything to plug her basic ass in…

    • Touché December 24, 2012


  11. Evan December 24, 2012

    Congrats to Rihanna & William & Britney! All jokes so aside, i have nothing against rita but you can’t shove her on every single post especially when they have nothing to do with her. I don’t see why you don’t just give her a special post of her own. That would make more sense.

    • Ezra December 24, 2012

      Her posts are going to flop. Let’s be real, she’s not everyone’s cup of tea right now.

  12. Forever December 24, 2012

    Britney and Rihanna always and forever still THE QUEENS!

    • Lax December 24, 2012


  13. Fierce P**** December 24, 2012

    Disappointed in the UK. They don’t know what r&b sounds like?? And neither of those songs charting on the wrong chart is barely an accomplishment. Let’s not get overexcited. How are those songs doing on the US charts??? That should be interesting….

    • J December 24, 2012

      the country as a whole dont choose what songs go where..

  14. Scars December 24, 2012

    S&S is not a great track but is the only new britney song this year so is a smash hit worldwide

  15. Monstarebel December 24, 2012

    scream & shout tho???!!!! lol ATLEAST the other 2 are slow songs…s&s is straight dance music tho!! lol whatever go Britney & Rih

    • Ezra December 24, 2012

      Girl…. Drakeisha is killin that Keyisha Cole lace. Yess Hunty, get it girl

      • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

        lol Yaaas b**** Drakeisha hair is laid like woman to woman honey xoxo (:

      • RICHANDBLACK11 December 24, 2012

        ^^^^my hair is layed like woman to woman yas gwad nessa girl lol

  16. NAVI December 24, 2012

    lol two “TRUE” pop icons dominating the r&b charts?? lol i guess jokes do write themselves, congrats anywho..love them both.

  17. Monstarebel December 24, 2012

    R.I.P. R&B<333

  18. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 24, 2012

    Well, congrats I guess even though they are not R&B songs.

  19. I.D. December 24, 2012

    Since when was Scream & Shout an R&B track?

    • mobwife: Lovin’ that boy Beezy no matter what! December 24, 2012

      LOL because Will I Am is black! Haven’t you learned the game this sick, fixed, disgusting “music-media monopoply” has been playing for some time now?

      • irene46 December 25, 2012

        how does the music industry determine what chart to place an african american artist? do they have to sell so many copies of a song or album to move to the pop chart?

        how can an af am artist be #1 on pop chart and maybe #5 on the r & b chart?

  20. mobwife: Lovin’ that boy Beezy no matter what! December 24, 2012

    I hate “Scream” but you better “werk” Brit-Brit…..LOL 🙂

    Now on the other hand, “Stay” is just that song! It’s like “Don’t Judgement” I simply can’t help but listen to it. Both songs are sung with such passion, heart and emotion IMO!

  21. Fierce P**** December 24, 2012

    ^”both songs are sung with passion heart and emotion” LOL…

    In response to J: well then that could explain A LOT if that’s the truth. Don’t understand y the navy and Stiffany fans would rejoice if both are supposed to be POPSTARS in the first place. Again, how are those songs doing on the US charts??….

  22. Ezra December 24, 2012

    R&B needs to reinvent itself before it is left behind completely. Like maybe incorporate some reggae elements or sing about more current things. The 90s, 00s are not going to listen to music that they cannot relate to.

    • Pop Royalty December 24, 2012

      it is Too late.

    • Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 24, 2012

      They already did the Reggae thing in the 00s. R Kelly dominated with this, his songs like Snake, Burn it up were smashing in the 00s. Like Crunk music, it got boring very fast.

  23. Ezra December 24, 2012

    Though why is Rita in this post? She has nothing to do with this.. thatPressedJuice is at it again.

  24. Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 24, 2012

    IT’S BRITNEY B****, bow down to the Queen and kiss her ring b******. Even with just about 4 lines, Britney is still snatching wigs, WINNING. That is a real chick right there.

    Also congrats to Mzz Riri, Stay hasn’t even been officially released and it’s already snatching wigs, that reign.

    • irene46 December 24, 2012

      britney’ handful of killer fans are the one’s snatchin’ wigs by a few workin’ over time to keep britney out there. not to mention the music industry and media out there pushin’ to make everything she does appear she’s a mega success. britney’s record sales ain’t really hittin’ on sh!t.

  25. JOHNVIDAL December 24, 2012

    And neither of those two songs are R&B!
    And also I can´t believe what a crap taste the UK puplic has developed these last years when it comes to singles. Ok, Diamonds is a good song even if a nocalist sings it. But how can it be that the mess that is S&S is the most succesful Britney single in the UK since 2004???? Really, most of Britney songs are not good, but this mess??? Any Britney song is better than this generic s*** this William guy created
    Damn the UK… at least they still have some credibility when it comes to albums…

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 24, 2012

      How Ironic! Can’t Believe This Is The Same Country Who Give Us The Biggest Artists Ever, Like Pink Floyd, Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Dylan Dylan, Beattles…., Yes Very Sad!

      • irene46 December 25, 2012

        amy winehouse was huge and she sang r & b.

      • JOHNVIDAL December 25, 2012

        I know, that´s my point, they are truly bipolar. Last huge phenomenoms have been Amy Winehouse, Adele and Coldplay. And they are so great and all that. But what the hell is all that crap they release and eat non stop when it comes to singles? Rihanna does good in the UK, we all know it. If she releases the biggest pile of crap of her career right now as a single (for example something like this S&S song) it would become Rihanna´s biggest hit over there. I´m sure lol

  26. Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 24, 2012

    Why are people complaining, Britney and Rihanna have made the RnB charts relevant again. Without them charting on those charts, the RnB charts would be the FLOPnB charts (full of FLOPS). You should be sending them a gift basket for making those charts relevant again.

    Now all we need is a way to get Katy Perry to chart on the FLOPnB charts and it’ll be fully relevant again.

    • irene46 December 24, 2012

      oh, pleeeze. britney making r & b relevant? get real!!! taking the r & b of the r & b chart makes it relevant to who?

      don’t act simple. it would be needless because the chart would be nothing but another pop chart.

      unlike the pop charts, the majority of the artists on the u s r & b charts can really sing (which is why many don’t make it on the pop charts).

      i don’t know who’s checkin’ for briitney on the u k r & b chart but it definitely ain’t the case in the u s.

      • irene46 December 25, 2012

        correction: taking the r & b ‘out’ of the charts makes ‘the chart’ relevant to who?

  27. Lolax December 24, 2012

    My queen is #1 in 20 countries

  28. Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 24, 2012

    “And also I can´t believe what a crap taste the UK puplic has developed these last years when it comes to singles. Ok, Diamonds is a good song even if a nocalist sings it. But how can it be that the mess that is S&S is the most succesful Britney single in the UK since 2004????”

    I also see that the other problem is African Americans are ignorant about music other than their Beyonce hood rat anthems. Scream and Shout deserves to chart high on the UK charts because it follows a European culture of music. The dance, electro pop type of music has been a part of European culture for a long time, there have been many successful DJs who’ve done this type of music even when RnB was popular in the 90s.

    You have Swedish House Mafia, you had Darude, Basement Jaxx etc. The only reason you think it’s crap is because you’re ignorant. There’s nothing wrong with Electro Dance music, it has been a part of European culture for a long time, people embraced your trashy ghetto, baby momma problems RnB music in the 90s, it was a part of your culture, now that they’re embracing a different culture you call it trash. Simply shows how ignorant you guys are.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 24, 2012

      Were you trying to call me a guetto b****??? I´m not American (thank God), I´m European and I´ve never being in America. I´m white and live in a normal area, thanks. I just know when a song is pure crap, and this right is the biggest pile of s*** I´ve ever heard. It surpassed some of J.Lo.-Pitbull last offerings LOL

      • JOHNVIDAL December 24, 2012

        *this right here*

    • laytee December 24, 2012

      wtf? how are african americans ignorant about music? we have our preference, just like whites have their preference. a lot black people do NOT care for electro crap, as a lot of whites don’t care for R&B or hip hop. it is what it is. it’s not ignorance because we KNOW about the music….we just don’t listen to it!

    • Touché December 24, 2012

      Sweetie, either you slow or you are forgetting that this is an urban blog. With that in mind, why the f*** would the audience of this blog be ok with some Euro-pop garbage music trying to take the place of Rnb? Now, get your ignorance together before you get slapped.

      • irene46 December 25, 2012

        @ teenage dream…

        you really don’t have any idea how crazy you sound when you say african americans are ignorant about music. simply because african americans can’t relate to a thin or mediocre voice buried under a lot of loud ass studio electrical instruments doesn’t have anything to do with ignorance. the best electro dance song i’ve ever heard is timberland and hilson’s ‘the way i are’.

        you can talk sh!t about r & b but it’s doubtful that this electro mess will be around even half as long a
        r & b.

        i hope i’m right because when the britneys and rihannas start besting real singers like tamar (who is slipping fast) the music industry has really gone to hell.

  29. TeamBreezy December 24, 2012

    That’s a unique point of view …

  30. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 24, 2012

    Wow the hate black people get on this site for simply being black SKIN color. Why is it necessary to pin-point black people for not liking S&S? It doesn’t matter if it follows the trend of Electro-pop/dance of “European culture” it still isn’t R&B so take your racist ass somewhere else with this comment @Mrs. Robyn Brown.

    Som e of you on this site are just….wow……make me lose faith in humanity as a whole. Why must we discriminate on people’s race, ethnicity, skin color, sexuality, etc to get our points across? Its disappointing because sometimes I’m guilty of using the “gay slurs” to make my points too. Wow.

    • laytee December 24, 2012

      and the thing about it is; a lot of these stupid f****** are black themselves. they hate their damn selves so they bash their entire race/music. it’s sad to see that r&b is damn near extinct these days, but i will forever support it. i’d rather hear a “boring r&b song” over a generic electro/techno/pop song ANYDAY! im eagerly awaiting the day when true vocal talent returns to the forefront!

      • irene46 December 25, 2012


    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 24, 2012

      @MC Honey Don’t Wast Your Time With Those Complexed H** With Low Selfesteem!

  31. junjou romantica December 24, 2012

    Sam do a post on beyonce second vogue cover plz

  32. 2013 Is the Year Beyonce’s Career Officially Ends December 24, 2012

    BB is trying to kill r&b

    r&b already died. r&b killed itself from becoming predictable and singing about the same concept and rap music helped to kill r&b as well. Why cant’ r&b artist do something out of the box other than sticking a rapper in their songs? Rihanna does different things. She sings with rock bands and rock artists such as Cold Play, Maroon 5 and Slash. In her new single Stay she collaborated with Mikky Ekko, a pop/rock artist. She even collaborated with Brittney Spears, someone out of the ordinary. Rihanna doesn’t do the predictable r&b thing, that’s why people are confused about her genre. Rihanna sells records because she takes r&b to the next level. If more r&b artists did this r&b would probably do well on the charts.

    • laytee December 24, 2012

      and dance music isn’t predictable and generic? almost every song on my local top 40 station sounds like a katy perry or david guetta reject.

      • 2013 Is the Year Beyonce’s Career Officially Ends December 24, 2012

        That’s what people want to hear now days, generic dance music. Times have changed. People don’t want to hear the same predictable r&b music.

      • laytee December 24, 2012

        ok, so basically generic dance music will be dead soon? it’ll suffer the same fate as disco did in the 70’s. and i can’t wait. 🙂 music with feeling will be returning soon….no sweat. 🙂

    • Touché December 24, 2012

      -_- If RnB is predictable then so is Pop, Dance, Country, and every other genre that exist. I mean talk about being a hypocrite.

      • irene46 December 24, 2012

        electro pop is so tired. r & b is a breath of freshness compared to it.

  33. Suicide Blonde December 24, 2012

    It’s Britney B****!

    • irene46 December 25, 2012


  34. PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 24, 2012

    I’ll Always Love Britney No Matter What, She’s The Sweetest Princess Pop Star!!!!

    Goat Can Try But She’ll Never Match Britney Star Power, Reallyness And Sweetness!!!!!!!!

    • irene46 December 25, 2012

      what you call star power in britney’s case is just over blown hype by media and the music industry’s because of their love for her when she was the ‘teen queen’.

      i’ll say it again…it’s nothing but hype.

  35. irene46 December 24, 2012

    i wonder how many of you on here blowin’ up this song as a britney song talked big sh!t about christina’s song with maroon 5 ‘mlj’ that was #1 on the hot 100 single billboard chart and for 6 weeks in the top 10 for about 10 weeks and remained on this chart for 30 some weeks.

    many blatherer about how she didn’t sing that much and how it wasn’t her song and other bs. she sang a hell of a lot more than britney does on this one.

    oh, btw tgj didn’t bother to create a post about it even though it was one of the most popular singles in history.

    • irene46 December 25, 2012

      correction: m5 and christina’s ‘mlj’ was #1 on the billboard hot 100 singles for 6 weeks and in the top 10 for about 10 weeks…

  36. CHUDDS December 24, 2012

    So since R&B is supposedly dead, a pop & a dance song can be #1 on the f****** R&B charts? You’ve gotta be kidding me. You queens are something else I tell you.

  37. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) December 25, 2012

    Love me a “photoshopped” Britney. Anyway, congrats to both! #MerryChristmas

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