‘Channel Orange’: Frank Ocean Rises 116 Spots On UK Charts / Heads For #1 Spot

With the 2013 Grammy Awards now less than a month away, one would think Frank Ocean had enough to look forward to this year- following the birth of his debut album last year.

However, before he’s set to win big at the star studded event, tonight welcomed news that cements his status as one of the world’s fastest rising commercial acts…and the unassuming saviour of Contemporary R&B.

Details below…

This week, his Malay produced cut ‘Lost’ rose by 116 spots on the Official UK Singles Chart, securing him a Top Ten position (#9) on the nation’s Urban tally, while its supporting album ‘Channel Orange’ rose 1 spot to #2 in its 27th week of release.

If it succeeds in rising by the same amount next week, it will dethrone Rihanna‘s seventh studio album, ‘Unapologetic’, which has thus far remained unchallenged on the chart since its November 19th arrival. Impressive, considering her 2010 effort ‘Loud‘ and 2011 album ‘Talk That Talk’ occupy #15 and #19 respectively.

Meanwhile, on the Official Albums Top 100, ‘Orange’ continues on its winning streak by jumping 16 spots to #19 in a single week, while Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘Good Kid Maad City’ leaps 22 spots on the chart in the same amount of time, indicating a renewed interest in Hip Hop & R&B in the competitive market.

A market, the likes of his Def Jam brother Elijah Blake will hope to fare just as well in upon the release of his debut album this year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HoneychildPlease.((BEYONCE’s Childern aka the hive are crazy Durlicks)))) January 13, 2013

    Oh i suppose…

    • HoneyBee January 13, 2013

      Don’t suppose s*** my b****, don’t suppose s*** at all. I count the days until B’s new era begins and the slayage she will commit. You thought Rih had it bad now, just wait until B comes back. Im literally shaking with excitement. I’m literally gagging at the image of the Titanic gworls sinking in the shade that her sales are gonna throw all the Pop girls.

      • FentySoSnatched January 13, 2013

        Dream on sister. The only thing Bey will be slaying is her phone bill when she’s calling Rihanna for advice.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 13, 2013

        why would she call rihanna when she is in charge of rihanna …..tricks are for kids hun

      • HoneychildPlease January 13, 2013

        @ Richard

        than why you over grown ass stay tricking?? h** rest

    • TaylorWins January 13, 2013

      But Taylor outsold both your favs though.

      • QueenOfTheNavy January 13, 2013

        Right after screwing the half the industry. Ooops.

      • TaylorWins January 13, 2013

        Ms b****, If Taylor is a s*** what does that make Rihanna?

      • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013


      • Common Sense January 13, 2013

        (Can’t believe I’m defending Rihanna) At least Rihanna doesn’t sing about how many d**** she’s had inside of her and then proceeded to dump.

  2. HOTSTUFF January 13, 2013

    i wonder if Frank has a big D**** he is so s*** ! even though he is gay he can have me all he wants…..

    • Fresh Navi January 13, 2013

      whats wieird tho sis.. i never found him hot until he came out

      now hes like so dreamy to me…

      he jus needs to up his swagg up a lil 😀

      his BF is cute tho!

      • Lana Del Slay January 13, 2013

        Just like your promiscious fave. Always thinking about d***.

      • Fresh Navi January 13, 2013

        u clearly live a very sad life.

        that is all… runn along to the hole u came from .

        sorry i mean Canyon ***

        kiiii 😀

      • HOTSTUFF January 13, 2013


        Ikr but i like his swag lol there’s something about it ! 😉

      • HOTSTUFF January 13, 2013


        you should think about getting some, it’s good for your health !

    • HoneyBee January 13, 2013

      Dirty whores. D*** d*** d*** d*** d*** d***!!! Give it a rest b******. I see Rihanna has you following in her footsteps though.

      • HOTSTUFF January 13, 2013


        B**** shut your dusty p**** up !

    • HUH January 13, 2013

      isn’t he Bi, where he’s also attracted to woman.

    • Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

      Frank’s seems like a power bottom to me…. #Noshade

      • HOTSTUFF January 13, 2013

        probably, with his hot ass BF lol

      • CSquaddie January 13, 2013

        Power bottom? Is that code word for Rihanna dear?

      • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013


      • Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

        Lol, flop, t*****, irrelevant, try again, no ones interested are all code words for C-ERROR!!!!!

  3. Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

    Honey the UK Navy don’t play!!!

  4. WET PUSS January 13, 2013

    Taylor swift is number 2 in the singles chart and number 8 on the album chart in the uk!
    The uk are loving Taylor!!!

    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 13, 2013

      Yes that is true!!!

      Wish so much Taylor could be number 1 in the singles chart next week

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Can’t believe the UK fell for her b******* romance with that One Direction kid. She just used him for popularity with the UK tweens, and it clearly worked.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 13, 2013

        She didnt use him to gain popularity in the uk, why would she need too. She sells enough in the usa not to care about the Uk

  5. King B>Rihanna January 13, 2013

    Anway I just held back myself from responding to ignorance………he is still over-rated but he is kinda of cute so I guess.

    • King B>Rihanna January 13, 2013

      plus his album still f****** flopped.

      • Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

        how much has his album sold? has it even gone gold?

      • King B>Rihanna January 13, 2013


      • Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

        bearly going gold I can’t

    • JP January 13, 2013

      Yes, he is very overrated.

  6. MCThePlaceToBe January 13, 2013

    The UK Navy are not to be f***** with. The US Navy ain’t s***.

    • That B*tch January 13, 2013

      Thats because the U.S. Navy is almost extinct. They are a rare creature these days.

      • Fresh Navi January 13, 2013

        is That the same Navy who Just made Diamonds Rih 12th Hot100 leader tying her with Queen of Pop Madonna

        for such a rare creature… it sure is powerful!

        god bless its soul…

        Beyonces hive is so vast yet ‘4’ Singles and Album sales wern’t reflective one bit

        sips coco and sashae passes Pepsi… no obese b****** here

      • That B*tch January 13, 2013

        4 = No hits, 3 million sold
        TTT = 3 top ten hits, 3.8 million sold
        Bye now, sip that nasty ass diarrhea coco you love. Us real Carribeans dont drink that nasty s***.

      • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013


      • Fresh Navi January 13, 2013

        im Jamaican and if you think we dont drink coconuts ALOT HERE





      • That B*tch January 13, 2013

        I dont know nothing about Carribean or West Indian heritage? Girl bye!
        I am half Haitian/half Dominican. You’re Carribean so you should know that if you want real coconut water most Carribeans would drink it from the coconut itself and not buy that nasty ass Goya or Diarrhea coco drink.

      • That B*tch January 13, 2013

        Disregard the last comment. I read your post wrong.
        You’re Jamaican? Girl I live for them Jamaican patties and jerk chicken.

      • That B*tch January 13, 2013

        No wait..I didn’t read your post wrong.
        I need glasses 🙁

    • Fresh Navi January 13, 2013


      The U.S Naavi are either Broke

      or enjoy free music

      caz almost erybody has unapologetic

  7. mobwife January 13, 2013

    “With the 2013 Grammy Awards now less than a month away…..”

    And the reason why thi sudden rise! Fixed, Rigged, Control total BS!!

    • OVOForever January 13, 2013

      Mad that Chris is still flopping?

      • KissingTremaine January 13, 2013

        Ooooooooooooh girl u mod! U real mod!!

      • mobwife January 13, 2013

        F*** YOU!

        Chris Brown is doing just fine! Neither he or I give a sweet ass WTF you have to say! Oh and f*** Drakevelyn’s ass too!

    • CSquaddie January 13, 2013

      B****** stay pressed tbh.

      • mobwife January 13, 2013

        Pressed about what c*** C-ERROR? Sit the f*** down!

    • RoyalNavy January 13, 2013

      All the boys are slaying except Chris. Poor zat.

  8. Cream January 13, 2013

    Beyonce comeing for that ass know that

    • King B>Rihanna January 13, 2013

      tell dem they ain’t ready for it.

      • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013

        Mkay! you bey bey kids said the same with 2012 yet only adele and rih and taylor slayed

      • King B>Rihanna January 13, 2013

        first 4 was 2011, tht only produced a #1 song and 4 outsold it in the US so bye.So Bey and Adele slayed your fav ass fool.

      • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013


  9. That B*tch January 13, 2013

    Good for Frank. Didn’t know he was doing well out there.

  10. Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 13, 2013

    I was about to congratulate my gurl Francine until I realized you’re talking about the RnB charts….YAWN…DON’T CARE.

    • OVOXOXO January 13, 2013

      Read it again mama. It was the main charts.

  11. JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

    So that was on the R&B charts again? Ok Sam
    Good that he is climbing on the main chart too. And is Lost a single in the UK then? It´s one of my fave songs on the album
    Frank Ocean is very indie, he´s not going sell big, not even if he wins 5 grammys. But he is doing good for the type of artist he is

    • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

      Frank Ocean is very indie.

      B**** please, he’s so far away from Indie, i’m a big fan of Indie Music and he’s not even close.

      • Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

        frank damn sure ain’t R&B….

      • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

        @Monstarebel (F** Boy)
        I’m sure of one thing, he’s not Indie.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

        You know what I mean b****

      • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

        No, i dont.

      • mobwife January 13, 2013

        He considers himself an Indie-R&B artists at least that’s how he described himself a year or so ago! He is more “modern Indie” than R&B IMO!

      • CHUDDS January 13, 2013

        Please. He doesn’t wanna be called an R&B artist at all. His music sounds like R&B to me.

  12. ARTPOPPINIT January 13, 2013

    116 on the overall charts?! Go Francine!!

    • TaylorWins January 13, 2013

      Hello sis. Is Gaga going to sell her albums for 1 dollar again to compete with Taylor again?

      • Common Sense January 13, 2013

        Is Taylor going to spread her legs to 10 more famous men to get enough material for her next album?

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      #19 in the overall chart. Learn to read

  13. HoneyBee January 13, 2013

    The kiis i will catch when B comes back and puts you little Titanic s**** in your place. ON YOUR KNEES!

    • Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 13, 2013

      Like she did with “4”??

      • HoneyBee January 13, 2013

        No you funky b****. Like she’s gonna do with this era. EVERY PEPSI CAN in the country will have her face on it and she’s doing the superbowl. If she outsold Ri with 4s first week sales whatchu think she’ll do this time you c***.

      • Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 13, 2013

        But “4” though

      • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013

        But i hear she is being boycotted!! yes her face will be on the can but only her stans will buy it

  14. Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

    David Bowie’s new single is top ten.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      Where? I´m just asking. Are you pulling a Sam? lol

      • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

        They say he’s gonna debut in the top ten in the UK of course.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

        But the main chart or the reductive ones???

      • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

        the main charts, i hope, he’s too big for Reductive charts.

  15. eric January 13, 2013

    I’ll wait on Avant’s “Face the Music” album for a real r&b winner, and without the gimmicks.

  16. QueenCeline January 13, 2013

    Good for him, but i wonder which executive he is f****** too get all this preferential treatment.

  17. MalikOnMyMind January 13, 2013

    YASSS for TGJ stanning for Francine Rivers!

    • TaylorWins January 13, 2013

      A 1D stan? Ugh.

      • MalikOnMyMind January 13, 2013

        No b****, a Zayn stan. I could care less about the rest. Taylor’s still a ho though.

      • mobwife January 13, 2013

        “Taylor’s still a ho though.” <—LMAO 🙂

        Well 1D better get prepared for the song she is about to drop slamming whichever one she was dating!! She broke up with him then declared a return to the studio! LOL

  18. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens to Nicki Minaj! January 13, 2013

    slow news day….

  19. the real xoxo January 13, 2013

    most overrated album of 2012

    • Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

      i agree it’s a f****** snooze fest….

      • CHUDDS January 13, 2013

        Yes! I know he already had a solid fanbase, but if he didn’t come out as gay, the critics would’ve overlooked him!

  20. Alex T January 13, 2013

    Do you have a deal with Elijah Blake to mention him on every post even when he is completely unrelated?

  21. KDreamer (Miguel Hit It) January 13, 2013


    • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013

      Yes cus Miguel shits on his wack music!!

  22. Music Soul Harmony January 13, 2013

    This is great news. Finally good r&b has a chance.

  23. NW007 January 13, 2013

    Miguel is way better. I’m not here for dudes who like other dudes. That s*** is warped.

    • KissingTremaine January 13, 2013

      And you think Miguel is straight?

    • That B*tch January 13, 2013

      Who cares about Frank’s sexual orientation? Miguel is probably gay too.

    • RoyalNavy January 13, 2013

      Everyone knows the tea on Miguel honey. EVERYONE does.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      B**** you are retarded. just what i thought. Most peopel hating on Ocean are homophobes with no other real reason

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Dudes with dudes is warped, but zombies rising 3 days after they die and invisible sky daddies are normal?

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 13, 2013

        yassss I love that shade..

  24. Nope January 13, 2013

    Meh. Frank sucks figuratively as much as he probably does literally. His music is garbage. And his album sales DO NOT match the hype. You would think he’d be shadowing Adele’s #’s but he’s not even gold and yet people acting like slays. F*** outta here. Don’t nobody want his s***.

  25. CHUDDS January 13, 2013

    How is he the “savior of contemporary R&B” when he doesn’t even wanna be considered an R&B artist (even though his music IS R&B). I’m so tired of this overrated guy. Miguel is so much better…musically, physically and artistically.

  26. Shawn242 January 13, 2013

    Whos d*** did he suck for that position? Cause we wasn’t checking fo that damn Channel Boring album no more.

  27. mobwife January 13, 2013

    Is MAXWELL, the real KING of R&B okay co-KING with R. Kelly LOL , releasing a CD in 2013? I reaaly miss Max…..a real Marvin Gaye type soul singer…..straight no chaser type of crooner 🙂

  28. SLAYRIAH CAREY January 13, 2013


    If Frank Ocean is “hot” then Rita Ora is a virgin, Christina Aguilera is thin, Nicki Garbaj has a 7 octave range, Adam Lambert is a top and Beyonce sold over 300 million records.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      Frank Ocean is hot to many people. Everybody has different taste hun. Look at you: stanning for Mariah Carey and Rihanna at the same time lol That´s f****** weird 🙂

      • NAVI January 13, 2013

        i stan for whitney, rihanna, janet and mariah..do you have a problem with that too…and frank potion ain’t hot IMO..i respect yours… you respect ours.

      • Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

        & i Stan for Mariah Nicki Rihanna & Keyshia Cole I’m guessing theres a problem with that huh?

  29. aynon January 13, 2013

    Nothing on Britney and Will.i.ams #1 with Scream and Shout…

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Garbage music shouldn’t be worth mentioning.

  30. OMG (Celine Dion) January 13, 2013

    His album was good and to those who think this album was a snoozefest clearly is into Rihanna type music. #UnpurchasedIsAmess

    • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013


    • CHUDDS January 13, 2013

      Oh is that so? I love love loooove Rihanna AND R&B music (which Channel Orange is FULL of even though Frank tries to deny it), and I thought the album was utterly boring. Your statement was SUCH a generalization.

    • SlayDeleAdkins January 13, 2013

      LOOOL! Unpurchased! Didnt it take that album over a month to go gold yet channel orange hasnt even sold half in over 5 months? LOOOL! Im not even a big fan of rihanna but come on!!

  31. Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 13, 2013

    ^^^^^ punk B****** scared to @ me. @OMG(Celines Irrelevant) Unpurchased as you call it has already outsold this f*** boring overrated ass CD so I see why your mad honey….

    • That B*tch January 13, 2013

      Who cares? Rihanna is a “veteran” thats been in the game for 8 yrs, releasing a new LP every year. Frank just made his debut.
      Secondly, male singers normally dont do as well as their female counterparts.
      Lastly, Celine has 6 diamond albums with one of them being very recent in 2012 (France).
      When will Rihyawnna?

      • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013


  32. RICHANDBLACK11 January 13, 2013

    I love this album …..

  33. I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 13, 2013

    miguel does it better

  34. 0123 January 13, 2013

    I don’t listen to music made by homosexuals. Sorry.

  35. BEYHIVE MEMBER. January 14, 2013

    My Black master is slaying. I live.

  36. BEYHIVE MEMBER. January 14, 2013

    My Black master is slaying.

    I live.

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