Exclusive: Rita Ora Talks US Debut (2nd UK Album) / Says “It Will Shock People”

Published: Wednesday 16th Jan 2013 by Sam

Rita Ora is wasting no time capitalizing on her success-filled 2012.

The Roc Nation star is gearing up for the release of the follow-up to her debut LP ‘ORA’ – which not only hit #1 in the UK, but also spawned three chart-topping singles too. Set also to serve as her official American debut, the project is already one of Pop’s most anticipated.

We caught up with the 22 year old in London last week, where she was in full promo mode for her exciting new competition with Mastercard and the BRIT Awards which gives fans the chance to remake one her videos (click here for more details).

Watch above as Ora, who is nominated thrice at this year’s BRIT’s, dishes on her plans for 2013 – most of which revolve around her new album.

Currently due this Summer, the singer predicts that the record will shock with its heavy Hip-Hop and R&B influences.

We’re amped…are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Britneyßitch January 16, 2013

    This time hopefully it will shock me in a different way, it wont be shockfully bad this time. WIth so much money Roc investing in you

    • HALF AMAZIN January 16, 2013

      She needs to find her lane and a style makeover. The US isn’t here for that tomboy b******* unless there’s some s** appeal with it (see Aaliyah)

      • The Real Fat La Qeefa January 16, 2013


        If I were a stripper I would want a muhfucka to throw burgers and fries on stage and be happy.


  2. Cream January 16, 2013

    she needs to go and lick King bey’s c*** some more. s****.

    • The Real Fat La Qeefa January 16, 2013

      Boring news…I might try Tesco’s meatballs… I hear they’re the dogs bollocks and be interesting.

  3. blue January 16, 2013

    it will shock me if that album actually sees the day of light

    • otis January 16, 2013


    • MEL January 16, 2013

      WE WILL SEE LOL some funny people here

  4. Mother January 16, 2013

    *rolls eyes* okay Rita…

  5. Cream January 16, 2013

    Go sit down h**. King bey will slay you, you flop.

    • The Real Fat La Qeefa January 16, 2013

      Bey is nothing without her Burger King husband. 🙁

      • TYLER* January 16, 2013

        neither is Rihanna
        Rihanna Needs Jay more than Bey

  6. Arie January 16, 2013

    I’m confused didn’t she say everyone else must sit because Beyonce is releasing an album?

    • Lax January 16, 2013

      @ARIE, EXactly!

  7. BEYONCE KNOWLES-CARTER January 16, 2013

    Wasn’t this the same h** that said everyone else should take a seat because Bey is back?? B**** follow your own advice!

  8. House Mother Kanye January 16, 2013

    What is so shocking about R&B and Hip Hop influences on an album? Great albums are the ones you don’t hype or talk much about it. Just do it!!

  9. Mr. Mister (BEYONSLAY, SLAYDELE & SLAYNO MARS!!!) January 16, 2013

    POOR SLUTa WHORa – FIRST it was Beyonce’s album who would put make people “Sit” and now it’s her album that will shock people???????


    You DON’T just pick and choose TIMELESS MUSIC, let the album speak for itself.

    See: Beyonce, Adele and Bruno Mars!!!


    • The Real Fat La Qeefa January 16, 2013

      Jealous much because your h** t***** voice doesn’t deserve even to be in McD drive- through PA system?


  10. JJFan1814 January 16, 2013

    Chiiiiiiiile….She wants to do R&B??????????!!!!!! Unless you’re an established act (Beyonce, Alicia, Usher) you CANNOT help R&B!!!


  11. MrTooIncredible January 16, 2013

    Stop it Ora … just STOP.

  12. Jahlal January 16, 2013

    I like how shes always sucking King Beys d***!!

  13. HOTSTUFF January 16, 2013

    in oder to shock people, you need to have their interest, which she obviously doesn’t have. This pretentious B**** needs to have a f****** seat, she is way to up her ass! Before trying to shock( i would expect this kind of talking from an artist whose career is already established, like Britney doing RnB lol) ,bring out music that will make you known, YOU A NOBODY!

  14. HOTSTUFF January 16, 2013

    and let’s not pretend like this is your very first attempt to drop an album in the US, you 20 men whoring FLOP faced man looking s***.

  15. Savannah January 16, 2013

    Thanks to this site, Rita Ora has left a sour taste in my mouth. I am NOT interested in ANYTHING she has to offer. And she better stick to Rihanna reject pop because her R&B album will NOT sell. Next!

  16. Kate Middleton January 16, 2013

    so beyawnce orded rita to hype Lardyonce before she (rita) hypes up herself. when will Lardyonce promote/hype O’Rihanna’s music /songs? never mind beyawnce is selfish she never even promoted her trio not even her blood and flesh. its all bout ME, ME, ME.

  17. otis January 16, 2013

    No1curr flop b****!

  18. THAT ONE GUY January 16, 2013

    It just seems that she’s heard what artists like Charli XCX have been doing (the 90’s revival) and thought THAT’S where I want to go.

  19. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 16, 2013

    She said the same thing last year. 90’s rnb like TLC, Monica and AAhliya, as well as 90’s rap like biggie and Blondie, No doubt etc . This time last year, I remember Jay Z took her z100 and all the black blogs who hate ( stalk ) rihanna ( necole bitchie, sandra rose and TGJ ) all said 2012 is the year RIHANNA finally comes to an end and Rita Whora was end rih’s career by by the 1/ 4 of 2012.

    Fast forward to 2013 it gives me so much joy to see Rita W**** struggle to like fish out of water. Know that she is on her way out. So much joy watching her ‘ career ‘ fall apart.

  20. Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 16, 2013

    Oh shut up girl, no one is checking for that STD infested album of yours. Go lick Bey’s ass some more because that’s the only way you can get your 15 mind.

  21. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 16, 2013

    Also I have heard her first hip hop collabo ‘ Lay your weapons down ‘ with some flop rapper signed to flop nation.

    LOL LOL LOL she fails to anything for the track. Not only can she not sing, she sounds as dry and boring as hell, she did not even hit any high notes. The track also is knock off, of ‘ run this town ‘ Unlike Rih feat TI, Rih feat Em, Rih feat Drake, Rih feat Nicky M, Rih feat Jay and Kanye, Rih feat Kanye etc.

    This flop w**** cannot sing a hip hop hook nor can take a hip hop song to some next level s*** in the way rihanna does when she sings a hook for rappers.

  22. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 16, 2013

    Remember before Diamonds dropped, she was singing Rihanna songs, talking shady about rihanna, mentioning rihanna all over the place, tweeing ” hating ass b**** ” to rihanna etc Since Rih came back and crushed her to hell and back. She does not mention rih’s name anymore. LOL She really thought she was end rih’s career, now that her career is coming to an end, she is left with egg on her face and choking on humble pie. UNA outsold her flop UK LP in one week and Diamonds is bigger than all of her 5 singles conbined.

    MOTS, rih’s debut was made in 6 months and was released in all countries. Did not need to pushed back or scrapped. It sold 1.5 WW and had Smash single, Lovin that u want was healthy hit too.

    AGLM sold 4 mill WW and had 2 mega number 1 globally. I will be watching what her second LP will do. Cis her 1st LP could touch MOTS and they gave her best writers and producers, as well as 3 years.

    • Lax January 16, 2013

      @FLOP CHEETA,,,,PREACH,,,,,

  23. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 16, 2013

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1! We foound love, Where have u been, stay, pour it up and Diamonds are still salying globally.

    That is the end of beyonce career.Has Nuclear even charted?

    • Lax January 16, 2013

      @FLOP NOPE,,,,

  24. Hilly January 16, 2013

    Well it better shock me in a good way, because Ora is pretty average! And please Rita, come back with badass music videos, no one needs this Radioactive mess! And don’t hype your album too much, that’s how you desapoint fans!

  25. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 16, 2013

    TTT is around 3.3M-3.5M sold yes.

    Anyway if UA sells 600K in the US, 500K in the UK and 2M WW I would be VERY HAPPY!!!

    Total of 4M WW, 1M in the UK and 1.2M in the US

    I am sorry t o be the bearer of bad news for beyonce, but her career is over. Rih currently has 5 songs from pop, dance and urban all smashing all over teh world. She has 3 albums still globally selling……there is no way beyonce can drop 5 singles from various genre’s and slay, Beyonce last 3 albums are not selling in 2013 are not selling . Rih is media darling, who has the fashion world on locked, and she is s** symbol . Beyonce cannot stop rih now. Too late, i expect Beyonce to do xfactor this year. Her career will end after the superbowl, no one ( GP ) is gonna buy the single and her LP will be puhsed back, released, flop. All her deals mean nothing cos the GP KNOW THE pics are photoshopped and she is not hot anymore.

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 16, 2013

      I predicted that rita whora would flop and I was right. Beyonce career will come to an end after the SB, All the H and H, vogue etc will mean nothing because people will not buy her muisc anymore . You will all see next month.

    • Lax January 16, 2013

      School them and less see where Rita will end because there will be right at 50 new albums dropped this year and we shall see who the front ten Winners are by mid way the year. And Beyonce is going to have to drop Sooner then later because shes in a 360 with Pepsi so shes got to bring it all or nothing. Less see Ms Knowles carter sit this year of 2013 out and laugh about getting paid while sitting on her laurels…this year,,,,2013.

      • aynon January 16, 2013

        you guys are pathetic, really quite pathetic

  26. joker January 16, 2013

    yeh. we’ll see how it turns out. let the music do the talking. 😉

  27. Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 16, 2013

    She’s so annoying…..they need to just drop her already

    • Dennis January 16, 2013

      I agree! ….. she talks nuff s*** and i doubt that she recorded that album at 18.

  28. skintightjeans January 16, 2013

    Why does everybody hate her?? I’m being serious. I don’t know enough about her really.

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 16, 2013

      She came in the shading rihanna. Yet, she copies Rih every move from tweets,instagrram style picturues, clothes, stage set, blue print ( date a celeb, get beat up, be friending perez hilton, cutting her hair short, an album every year )

      Then she is like Chris brown is my best friend blah blah she takes rihanna rejected tracks then lies and said it is for her. She copies rihanna singin style and swag / sound ( roc the life, RIP, and shine ya light ) She tries to act west indian, even speaking patois and saying she group up on dancehall.

      Then you have her fans, who are really bitter, jealous beyonce fans, who got behind Rita because they wanted Rita to take rih out of the music game. Then you have black blogs screaming for the best part of a year that Rita will end Rih career, then you have Kyle Devolle, rita’s gay stylist dissing Rihanna on twitter. All this, and Rita flopped worse than any other singer in history.

      THAT IS WHY SHE IS HATED. Another reason she is hated is cos, her debut single peaked at 62 and her follow up, RIP failed to chart, yet she is given the level of A list promo that Tom Cruise would get. Her album got scrapped in the USA, yet she was doing all the big shows like Jay leno . A lot of people think that that racial bias, Ciara, Brandy and Keyshia Cole have more hits than her, and they CANNOT GET type of promo.

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 16, 2013

      Oh, and she ended up being nothing than a filthy w**** who cheated on Rob Kardashian – who she was using for fame. With Jonah Hill, Evan Ross ( diana ross son ) Elijah blake, Jay z, drake, Alex petteyfer an Actor, some black rappers from the UK and A&R’s from roc nation .

      Also she was hyped up as being more talented than Amy winehouse and a better singer than Mariah, but, she has basic American idol voice and she cannot sang.

    • Lax January 16, 2013


      • skintightjeans January 16, 2013

        Oh ok ya’ll because I didn’t understand where the hate came from! Thanks for explaining!

      • skintightjeans January 16, 2013

        Ummmm LAX, you need to bring it down a notch. I’m not a fan of Rita Ora because like I said I don’t know enough about her. What the hell is your problem????

  29. mc the place to be! January 16, 2013

    Shock!! That s*** wouldn’t even produce static to shock me! She needs her own identity right now she’s the washed up we found love version of Rihanna

  30. Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 16, 2013

    at this rate rita
    i will be shocked if your album album dont suck(not really a tall order).

  31. Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 16, 2013

    at this rate rita
    i will be shocked if your album title dont suck(not really a tall order).

  32. MEL January 16, 2013

    You are all so worked up with envy hating on Rita but she does not care nor do normal people who love her and her music which I must say is better than most non-talented so called singers out there such as Riana no matter how much they sell, It is the truth.

    People do love Rita and do check on her hence she is in the press almost as much as your precious Riana is, so stay pressed for another year , best thing you could do with your live LOL

    • I LOVE RIHANNA!!! January 16, 2013

      And yet SHE WILL FLOP!!!

      • blue January 16, 2013


        and honey when rita releases a song to match pon de replay
        hola at me

  33. Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 16, 2013

    at this rate rita
    i will be shocked if your album title dont suck(not really a tall order).

    so knock me off my feet

  34. MEL January 16, 2013

    Rita against Riana vocally wins big time

    that’s what people appreciate her voice not her body which is sth Riana tries to sell every time

    so a bunch of low live rihtards judging on Rita or other talented signers is simply outrageous

  35. Neveah January 16, 2013

    Where’s the post on Alicia keys album dropping from #9 to #32 selling 12k copies? Unapologetic has sold over 600k in the US. Wait until her new singles start SMASHING!

  36. the truth January 16, 2013

    ok ok now i get it why this blog hyped her up just to get an interview…lol

  37. SAGAT January 16, 2013

    Rita Ora hot!!! She #1!!!

  38. The Real Fat La Qeefa January 16, 2013

    She will flop surrounding by rotten buns.. 🙁

  39. Suicide Blonde January 16, 2013

    I don’t even watch the video but why, why, why are people still promoting her?

  40. Wolverine Girls January 16, 2013

    The photo of Rita, at the airport yesterday in the sunglasses in the black leather coat, it was scary how much she looked like Rihanna
    i don’t know if she want’s to look Rihanna, or It was just uncanny
    but from a distance, you would have thought she was Rihanna
    apart from the height.
    We need some original music and musicians, i’m bored with manufactured artists
    & if see someone covering they’re eye, with their hand one more damned time
    yes i’m talking about you Rihanna in complex in your black leather,
    If Beyonce does the hand over one eye thing, at the superbowl, i won’t be buying anymore of her records, quit the one eye stuff, i’m bored with it
    everyone’s bored with it
    stop trying to brainwash us, We Are Not Your Slaves!!!!

  41. Taeys of house Targaryen Hive Navy (sorta) January 17, 2013

    Rita Girl I really think going the urban route in the United States is a terrible move! You are white! Use that s***! If Beyonce and Rihanna were white you would bet them b****** would be pulling Adele numbers easy. You have a chance to become a real pop princess if you play up your strengths. Being born white affords you further reaching appeal already! It’s the sad truth white teenaged girls will identify better with girls like them! There are over 300 million white people in the states and only 26 million blacks. She might be talkin out her ass Beyonce of all people will know better then to have a possible easy mainstream promo run with a white blonde European girl singing pop then a European girl making music appealing to only urban audiences.

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 17, 2013

      and even being white she flopped, globally so bad. This proves it was not meant to be. It was not in her destiny.

  42. Jason January 22, 2013

    She sings better than most pop stars but she needs better songs. Maybe that’s the surprise?

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