Beyonce Ticket Demand Causes Stampede At Manchester Box Office / Injured Fans Speak Out

Published: Tuesday 26th Feb 2013 by David


The above might be one word to describe the record breaking demand for tickets to Beyonce‘s forthcoming world tour, ‘The Mrs.Carter Show‘.

Indicative of the singer’s undying star power even 16 years after her debut, the hype surrounding the show reached fever pitch hours ago when fans cueing to buy tickets in the British city of Manchester found themselves in the middle of an uncontrollable stampede- injury and wounding many.

Full story below…

After spending the night outside the Manchester Arena Box Office, the ‘Be With You’ singer’s fans were hoping to be the first to purchase the tickets come 9.30 am the following morning.

Unfortunately for them, an announcement from the Box Office revealed that it would not be opening due to health and safety reasons and that-according to some fans-is due to the events of the night before.

Billing it the scariest night of their lives, members of the performers ‘Beyhive’ revealed that large groups of mens began to barge through the cue armed with bottles- ordering them to hand over their tickets once they had purchased them. This, causing a mad rush as fans lower down in the cue attempted to push forward, which saw a stampede ensue.

On the night, a Ms. Sarah Miah explained:

“I stayed in the tunnel outside the arena to avoid being crushed when all hell broke loose at about 5am. Men were ripping open fire doors that were locked. Once opened, they fought to get through one side of a double door. Children were getting crushed and screaming. It was horrible. By far the worst night of my life.”

Sentiments, echoed by 15 year old Emily Hopkins– pictured in the glasses above. She shared:

It was really horrible. It was intimidating and frightening – one of the scariest nights of my life. These men were smoking drugs, they were so aggressive and more and more turned up into the night. They were pushing in and drinking. We were all so excited about seeing Beyonce – we love her – but this was more like a nightmare.”

A testament to the force that is Brand Beyonce, another fan said of the crazed frenzy to see her live:

At about 5.30am one of the security guards led us through the car park and into a corridor. As they opened the door people started running to get to the front of the corridor but the security guard wouldn’t open the other door. I had a panic attack – if it wasn’t for my friend I would have collapsed. It was traumatising, I couldn’t breathe and I could just hear screaming. In the end the doors came off their hinges.”

Forced to take a week off work after sustaining a bruised rib and knee, this fan added:

“We came home on the minibus in silence. None of us could believe what had happened.”

In response to the madness, the Arena released the following statement:

“Since the Beyonce dates were announced two weeks ago we strongly advised all customers not to travel to the venue box office as tickets could not be guaranteed due to the anticipated high demand.

‘Unfortunately, when we opened our doors at 5.30am what had been an orderly queue immediately stormed the box office windows causing a potential crush.

‘Despite the best efforts of our stewards and security staff we had to involve British Transport Police in an attempt to restore order. Even then the safety of genuine fans could not be guaranteed and, following police advice, the box office remained closed.This information was communicated via our PA system and customers were redirected to the official website and phone lines for tickets”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

    ppl are so blind that if they took a second to open their eyes. they might lose all vision f****** puppets. the ppl that like these artist are the ones supporting there own distrucitions . idiots one thing i do not agree with tho is that artist mock the church. not to pay respect to it they do this so that you will too, nikki dressing like this just proves to me that they fear good and will try to defame him at any cost. catholics are thos choosen by jesus no one else…

    • MadameBey February 26, 2013

      You love and believe in God right? If you do then you should know better than anyone that he’s always in control so you don’t have to worry about theories you’re unsure about. Focus on what YOU believe in and spread love, not silly conspiracy theories.

      • Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

        She shall come, bearing false prophecy.” This creature has the power to take a human’s form, read minds. Book of Revelation calls her “the W**** of Babylon (Beyonce)

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

        how do you know the bible wasn’t talking about yo funky mammy as being the W**** Of Babylon h**!? i think that’s who the bible was talkn about…YO MOMMA!! and this B******* about the catholics being god’s choosen is stupid ass hell. Then ARE the great Satan(that religion)

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013


    • bebeyoncee February 26, 2013

      find a moving car, run infront of it and let it smack you 🙂

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013


    • Dwain February 26, 2013

      Maybe YOU are the W**** of Babylon, cause you’re the only person I see preaching false prophecy.

    • wt February 26, 2013

      catholics is the chosen ones you say,guess that father d-ck is getting to your f-cking head,i know beyonce is Illuminati i an’t d-mb but you talking about f-cking devil worshiping catholics is the chosen ones,you Gay @ss is really confused.

  2. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

    I am sorry but Rihanna has sold her soul ever since joining to Jay-Z’s record label, they call themselves the Rockerfellas I know its their clothing label, but who were the Rockerfellas? I think you need to do some research. Her hit single ‘Umbrella’ was penned originally for Britney Spears she refused to record after its hidden meaning and lyrics and her Christian faith. I am referring to under my Umberalla-ellah-allah under being symbolic of no Ellah which in Hebrew means God and Allah in Islam also means the same and she chants this several times. There is also a video of Rihanna confirming there is a deep hidden meaning to the song on youtube.
    Beyonce has also since her debut sold her soul to the freemasons now she is just simply a puppet for them, I am certain they forced her to get rid of baby weight within 4 months to take centre stage to not lose her importance and of them conveying their message through her songs, Just take a look at Run the World what does this signify, new world order. Members of TLC have confirmed this indoctrination and mind control does exist by Clive Davies but they broke free and once the artist is no longer of the same significance they are disposed off, 1st by showing they have corrupted themselves stripping them of their fame and then killing them like Micheal and Whitney. The new world trade centre is almost complete signifying the world order is forming this very year of 2013 and this being a monument to signify this its all been calculated.
    Beware of Satanic Influence
    Beware of Satanic Influence
    Beware of Satanic Influence
    Beware of Satanic Influence

    • bebeyoncee February 26, 2013

      i hope she sacrifices you. we don’t need you in life.

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013


    • Dwain February 26, 2013

      This just in: Momma Skorpion is the W**** of Babylon.

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

        fell dead on side of street, coffined, furneraled and buried chile!! you just slayed that DEMONIC h**!!

  3. BitchyBey February 26, 2013

    The Queen reigns supreme. Poor Navy.

    • FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud February 26, 2013

      What the f*** does this have to do with Rihanna????

      Keeping her name in your mouth proves her relevance.

      Stay mad

      • Beyonce BodyGuard February 26, 2013

        b**** calm yo ass down. If this was a rihanna f****** post the navy would bring they stupid ass in here hating on beyonce. so b**** sit.

      • sierra February 26, 2013

        beyoncebodyguard you better bring that “TRUTH!!”

  4. wow bey is unstopable February 26, 2013

    Beyonce next ablum will sell like f***,and I don’t want anyone comparing r**** with beyonce.cus pe have never gone to this lenght to buy rihanna ticket and they will never.still doubt BEYONCE IS THE QUEEN?I guess

    • Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

      Beware of Satanic Influence

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013


    • mob February 26, 2013

      Look at all she has had to do to sell a CD though, whenever it does drop! Damn she is a bit oversatuated at this point. I just want a single to drop with a great original video.

  5. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

    the lord as open my eyes on what I watch, see, and consider as a role model. So many devils disguised as human beings. I beg any one reading this, BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AND REPENT OF YOUR SINS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Jesus Christ is the only path to salvation, don’t get fooled by the world and satan. Repent and be save before the door closes on you. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY.

    • bebeyoncee February 26, 2013

      shut your eyes again, it would be more relaxing for us

    • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

      F*** YOU B****!!! BRIDE OF SATAN!!!

  6. Lana Del Slay February 26, 2013

    And people say she’s local.

    • Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

      beyonce sacrifice her first born

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit February 26, 2013

        ^^^^SEAT YOUR RAGGEDY ASS DOWN!!! You need to be in the church preying for yourself if you believe that.. People kill me this BS. I LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEEESSS BEY. GOD KNOWS I DO!!!!!… I’m a LIFETIME BeyHIVE member.. AND I stay “STING THESE B****** BEY!!” However Beyonce is not my lord and savor!!!… I worship JESUS CHRIST NO ONE ELSE!!!!!… Don’t get it twisted I will go for BLOOD behind my Bey tho!!!

  7. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

    Yes beyonce did sacrifice her babys because every sacrifice she does get her higher in life and she is going to keep on sacrificeing

    Beware of Satanic Influence

    Beware of Satanic Influence


    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit February 26, 2013

      Sam please block this B@TCH!!!

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013


    • bebeyoncee February 26, 2013

      and jesus told you to spam blogs? it’s the devil who is making you do that. beware of satanic influence. beware of satanic influence

  8. mc the place to be! February 26, 2013

    Crazy ass people crazy ass world

    • Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

      Jay-Z and Beyonce’s demon baby will enslave us all

      • Dwain February 26, 2013

        You need to get a life.

  9. MadameBey February 26, 2013

    The Queen! Who can compare? B****** causing stampedes and s***. They better buy her single the same way they wanted those tickets.

    • Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

      Satanic groups have been plotting and recruiting from the upper echelons in society for centuries. They have murdered those who have exposed them. They are brothers in blood and devour the flesh of mankind. They pay homeage to the obscene relics that Satan desires.These are powerful and frightening groups so it will be hard to escape from their clutches once your livelihoods, food and money are reliant on them. Also they recruit young people through pop culture

      • bebeyoncee February 26, 2013

        i hope you get eaten by a shark

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

        i hope she eats Rhi and Bey p****…since she all up in it!

  10. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

    Beyonce is a super phony shes a beautiful monster and shes going to pay before jesus one day for bow down to Jesus Money is not worth selling you soul thats whats going on with Puffy J-Z Lil Wayne Neyo and all the others they have sold their souls for fame and Money they seem to have it all but in reality they have nothing!!!!!

  11. TaylorWins February 26, 2013

    Call me when she can play stadiums.

    • Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

      Yes beyonce did sacrifice her babys because every sacrifice she does get her higher in life and she is going to keep on sacrificeing!! SHE WILL SOON SELL THEM AND MORE WE MUST CAST THE DEMON OUT OF HER

      • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

        how bout we just kick yo ass?

    • Adele February 26, 2013

      Lets get this straight, Beyonce was playing stadiums during her first tour. Live at Wembley anyone? She did stadiums tours on her IASF tour where she grossed over 103 million, and I promise you if someone can sell enough tickets to fill the O2 arena 150 times, (this is according to ticket-master, and not some crazy stan) 3 million people trying to buy tickets to be exact, believe me she can fill a 50000 stadium many times over. If you don’t believe 3 million people were trying to get tickets, and it wasn’t reported that she could fill the O2 150 times, google it, it’s clear as day.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

        ^^^ Combined with I Am… Yours total gross, it made $119.5 million.

        And go easier on that delusional b****. She doesn’t deserve all that slayage.

  12. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013

    beyonce sacrifice her baby for illuminati

    • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

      how bout we sacrifice YOU!!

  13. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 26, 2013


    • TheGospelchoir February 26, 2013

      the bible says do not jusge so what are you preaching who are you to judge Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay Z or any human being you are going to hell as well

      • BitchyBey February 26, 2013

        No b****. That only applies to a few things, ie when the person is a good person, NOT when the person believes or promotes the worship of dark forces. Beyonce is a Christian and believes and follows the word of God. RIHANNA may be of evil spirits but Beyonce is of God.

  14. beylover February 26, 2013

    I need to get layed

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit February 26, 2013

      ME TOO!!!.. Where you at?!?! lol

  15. Don’t_Start_No_Shit February 26, 2013

    I feel sorry for the people who were injured in this stampede… I ordered my ticket online b/c I didn’t want to catch a case at the box office!!!… My pressure plus BEY!! Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!.. BeyHIVE STAND UP!!!!

  16. Blue February 26, 2013

    Funny how sam made this seems that the stampede was due to the rush to get her tickets and not of pl being frightened by some thugs.

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit February 26, 2013

      What did you read??? B/c it clearly stated that they were stampeding for Bey tickets!!!

      • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

        She tried though.

    • yo February 26, 2013

      you nailed that. 😀

  17. MDNA February 26, 2013

    She aint doing stadiums becoz small venues = more money after expenses she is smart if she really wanted to do stadiums she would have filled them within minutes but whoever who is behind her finances kudos to that person very smart!!!

    • Adele February 26, 2013


    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

      Truth tea.

  18. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud February 26, 2013

    So they was running from thugs? Stampede aint had s*** to do with her. EXTREMELY MISLEADING TITLE.

  19. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    Yeap. BEYONCE IS THE NEW AND UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF POP/MUSIC! People are acting like Jesus is going on tour. One woman tried to sell her baby for KING B tickets. People realize that KING B is the only EPIC STAGE SLAYER LEFT after MJ died. KING B is feeling his footsteps literally stage wise. Music critics have been saying this for the last 6 years. That she will go down as the next Michael Jackson stage wise. And h*** the receipts are on her wikipedia page lmao. But yes KING B has reached that level. A level no one of her generation has reached. She’s a Icon and approaching legendary status. This tour could rival the greats. I already know it will rival them stage wise and performance wise. And Hoeianna stans please don’t come n here hating. Cause u and I know Hoeianna will never ever get reactions like this. U c*nts will just b embarassing ur selves. Most of u are already delusional and dumb ass hell. KING B IS DRAGGINGGGGGGGGGGGGG WITH NO SINGLE OR SONG OUT BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH #2013…….THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit February 26, 2013


    • mob February 26, 2013

      Leave MJ’s name out of it. She is a good peformer and I enjoy watching her do her thing but lets not get crazy.

  20. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    Dumb b**** that’s what u call a stampede @ Follow me. The thugs rushed the Box office. Causing chaos and people got crush trying to stay n line. U will never see a reaction like this for Hoeianna. No one of this generation can cause this. Pink is the only one that can come close. Hoeianna can only dream about this. People would probably run away causing a stampede. If she went out offering free tickets to The Flopiamond tour. #2013…….THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  21. mr.m February 26, 2013

    Theifyonce is a flop negro


    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

      When will Xtina IJS?

    • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013


  22. Adele February 26, 2013

    I feel bad for those hurt, but don’t try to downplay how successful this tour is so far. I am not even that big of a fan, but I think she is amazing, and is one of the best of all time.

  23. . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

    Well, this’s too shocking and disturbing.

  24. Mm February 26, 2013

    To all those talking about illuminati and about the men bursting through the doors and whatever else, I’m from the uk and I don’t know if this is done anywhere else but the reason those idiots caused all that trouble was because they want to buy the tickets now and then sell them 2-3 weeks before the proformance to get a lot of money from people who are willing to pay a stupid amount of dosh. I know a lot of people around my place that do it. I’m not saying illuminati is or isn’t true but what I am saying is that them lads are trying to get their own money out of this and could be £400 richer ( each ticket)

  25. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    I feel bad for those fans too. @ Mr. M I see u are one pressed c*nt lmfaooooooo. U mad that ur favs can’t do this?? Lmao

  26. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    No this Taylor fan didn’t. Call me when she Taylor becomes a Global b**** and stop sucking d*cks n Hollywood. She’s getting worser than Hoeianna and about to break Jlo’s record. Undercover H**.

  27. BEYONCE’S BODYGUARD February 26, 2013

    And that’s not even comparable to what will happen when she adds African dates. Specially here in ZAF.

    Well, maybe time to stop 20K arenas and go on with stadiums?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

      I know baby… I know.

  28. BIG DOGG February 26, 2013

    Well, if Bey plays her cards right, she could gross at least $400 million off this tour.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013


  29. Lala February 26, 2013

    And this was in Manchester UK, I thought Bey was local?

  30. Gregs February 26, 2013

    Beyonce is too beautiful for my eyes to handle! Congrats on your tour success!

  31. Blue February 26, 2013

    dont worry about what i read raher worry about urself cause it clearly says and sounds like, the stampede was due to ppl at the back pushing forword to GET AWAY from the thugs, not cause they were in a mad rush to get her ticket.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

      Somebody’s pressed 🙂

    • Lala February 26, 2013

      But they were queing to get her tickets in the first place, so sit down.

  32. Just Sayin February 26, 2013

    SMH, this is for the Hive and whomever else comes on here daily to fight. Ya’ll not tired of saying the same thing over and over and over and over? Ya’ll are no better than Beyonce and her “recycled” material”. At lease get clever with your dragging, but I guess you would have to know people on a personal level in order to dig deep, but since this is online you all repeat tired and questionable “reads” and stats, and always say your fav could never. I swear if I never heard that saying again…. The things that are said on this site,for the most part is just plain dumb.
    And to TGJ, just make this a Beyonce fan page, because that is all it is, or I should say whoever is hot at the moment. If someone is winning, this site is all about them. STOP BEING SO GAY and open your minds to different stories. This is a music blog,yes? So please more post about different artist. I love Beyonce, but this is how I get tired of her, every 30 seconds post, followed by stupid stan wars, and comparing. That is not music, that is childish game playing.
    ALL YA’LL NEED CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. peace and blessings.

    • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

      b**** shut up bfo u get drug

  33. Just Sayin February 26, 2013

    I want to break down why this stan war needs to end, and TGJ needs to stop encouraging it.
    Beyonce is global. She is bigger than her music, she is a business woman. Her singing voice is basic and very pretty and she has well control of her voice. She is a master at breathing, but she is not the greatest singer ever, but the best entertainer of this generation. She is the new legend, and people, in other parts of the world, there is more than one Queen.
    Rihanna, should never be compared to the likes of Beyonce. 2 different artist. If anything Rihanna is following behind the Mariah Carey handbook, just more raunchy. Mariah had a number one hit and album every year of the 90’s.
    Speaking of Mariah, ya’ll try to drag her so hard only because you see her as a threat. NEWS FLASH she already did it. What your fav is doing Mariah has already done. If some of you rude folks would do research on her, you would never talk bad about her losing her voice. That woman was a victim of abuse. Apart of that was to her voice because Tommy wanted her to sing sing sing. She is now enjoying her freedom and life and all you people see is a moment to attack her. Like she reads this s*** lol. Mariah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Janet, Madonna are all FINE & QUEENS! wELL Rihanna is honestly more like the Princess right now, because she is still new-ish. But the rest of them CHANGED THE GAME. Madonna CHANGED the game, Mariah CHanged the game, Beyonce with her style of singing CHAGNED the game, Janet…..YOU GET MY POINT. Respect people, not hate. These woman worked hard and all you do is say you love them by attacking and comparing. I am sure if they knew this, they would turn and drag you all for being so rude to each other. shame shame shame. think about it.

    • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

      F*** U U LOOOOOSER!!!!

  34. HOWYOULIKEIT February 26, 2013

    We at Thatgrapejuice love us some Beyonce

  35. Mother Mariah February 26, 2013

    Yesssss Just Sayin! Mariah has BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! I usually pay the Mariah shade because these young queens don’t know any better. Good for Beyonce! She has really built HYPE because it was sooo easy to get tickets to the I Am Tour. She’ll probably follow in (the modern day) Madonna & Janet’s footsteps. Modest album & massive concert sales.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

      Massive concert sales – YES (this s*** will easily make $300 million by this rate)

      Modest album sales – NO. We’ve all heard about the producers she’s worked with, it sounds like nothing but a f****** smash HIT album!

  36. Music Soul Harmony February 26, 2013

    Jus Sayin: u think Sam gives a s***?? U r still on his site regardless!
    Wake up babygirl/babyboy!

  37. Abdulaziz February 26, 2013

    Look what you’ve done you local m***********…!!

  38. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    STFU @ Just saying. THE BEYHIVE don’t go after nobody untill the Hoeianna stans start hating on KING B first. U never hardly catch anybody from THE HIVE hating on anyone inside other posts. Well I know I don’t. When these c*nts try to come for THE QUEEN. Just know I’m always ready to draggggggggg their asses. It has gotten so bad that even some Mimi stans try to come for THE QUEEN. I luv Mimi but ill drag her too. I agree on all the other stuff but don’t try to puut this sh*t on THE HIVE. Cause we mind our own business until h*** start hating on KING B. ANYAWAY………#2013…….THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

    • JER February 26, 2013

      ………… Stay seated b****

  39. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 26, 2013

    Like I said, it’s good she’s making this muchmoney because she’ll need it for retirement. Beyonce is on her way out and she knows it. This is most likely her last tour and will most likely be the last time her fans see the single ladies routine, we sure as hell know her fans are not getting new music.

    Beyonce cannot do anything.else, she’s a s***** actress, she’s no fashion designer, she can barely read or write, she cannot do reality tv because she’s boring and can hardly speak coherently, plus she married a drug dealer so really there’s nothing else she can do.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 26, 2013

      What sense do you think you’re making now?

      • Jess February 26, 2013

        Lol! @H20

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 26, 2013

      @Lovebird basically said that Beyonce is not good at anything else but performing and making music, so since she is on the decline and everything she has done has backfired so she will retire and come out the scene of music.

      • Xxx February 26, 2013

        Have you ever heard of little thing called sarcasm?

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 26, 2013

        Well I assumed that all DUMB HIVE members are intellectually challenged so I volunteered to answer his her’s question. It’s pretty hard to spot sarcasm through text since it’s easily perceived through speech but a dumbass like you cannot comprehend that level of critical thinking.

  40. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    Hoeianna will b on her way out before KING B. KING B will retire on her own terms. Hoeianna will flop her way out. It will b back to the Barbados for the stupid w****, broke n all. #2013……THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  41. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    Unaflopatic will not go platnuim here n the States. Her next album will flop. It probably won’t go gold. The w**** is the one on the way out. Her album sells are steadily declining. KING B on the otherhand; 5th album will most likely surpass DIL n sales. Yeap, Hoeianna is almost done. Stick a fork n the b****. #2013……..THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  42. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 26, 2013

    I like Beyonce and all but her stans are ratchet! I thought they were bad online but no! They’ll literally stomp your ass half to death over some nosebleeds seats to a live show. The hood truly loves Bey…

  43. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 26, 2013

    Enough Onika has a valid point though, only council estate trash, who cheat the benefits system were behaving ratchet at this box office. Those are Beyonce’s fans, illiterate, ratchet and ghetto to the core trash.

    • Jess February 26, 2013

      You really are stupid if you’re gonna generalise everyone like that. They cant be that poor if 3 million were after her tickets at £55 cheapest. And lets not forgot she sold out revel for $100 4 times! Hmmmmmm.

      • Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 26, 2013

        They cheat the benefits system in the UK, that’s how they can afford these tickets. This is a big issue in the UK, that’s why everyone is against immigration there.

  44. Dane February 26, 2013

    We have real evil people in the world yet we talk about people selling their soul to the devil because they’re using their GOD GIVEN TALENT. We need to stop this foolishness. Ugh.

  45. Lolz February 26, 2013

    @Lovebird please stop LOL you sound idiotic, you know every Beyonce fan and their lives yeah? In fact do you even know three that personally. FYI those stampedes were actually caused by ticket touts not stans. You tried though.

  46. JER February 26, 2013

    And the PR train rolls on. Manufcture that hype. The next smoke and mirror installment is publicized. I want you to know that you fake it so good. So good, so good, so good.

  47. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) February 26, 2013

    Kewl , can we get the new single Like ..hmm … NOW ?

  48. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) February 26, 2013

    The Beyhive is about that YOLO life , Most of her internet fanbase/internet stans are ACTUALLY Broke hoodrats , now it is a Fact for everyone , Stealing Tickets from People who bought it ? so classy of them.

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 26, 2013

      Beyonce is not classy by any means, so it makes sense that her fans are classless.

  49. S*** February 26, 2013

    ill NEVER go to another B concert ever again!

    I once read a comment on youtube, An Ex DC3 fan complained about becoming infatuated with Beyonce after leaving her houston rodeo concert back in the survivor days. She was a STR8 FEMALE & began having LUSTFUL thoughts about her on the drive back home. Anyway she got scared & is no longer a fan of hers

    I had a SIMILAR experience back in 05 (The pentacle of her vocal prime btw, her vocals were superb back then) I left her concert feeling HIGH Like I just saw a GOD! Her voice was sting Ringing in my ears!

    No lie, When I got home I immediately had to take a HUGE DUMP just because my nevers were so bad! I coulnt s*** right for a whole week!

    I havent seen this evil Satanic Witch in person ever since!

  50. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 26, 2013

    LMAOOO, so what? One Direction fans, Justin Bieber fans etc cause stampedes all the time

    Her team is really trying to put these stories out here like she is in high demand

    Yet the same fans will let her single& single FLOP(guaranteed) just like with 4orgotten

    FLOPonce is old news, all of her concerts in the past few years have all been pretty much the same..youve seen one youve seen the all

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 26, 2013

      single and album* 😉

    • truth(even tho im a PREEEGNET SISSY i draaags icki and keshia cole and their funky ass stans) February 26, 2013

      and yet YOU STAY checking for her…hmmmm

  51. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 26, 2013

    Why is this making news? I mean we already knew that Beyonce’s fans were hood, ratchet and broke. Like just read the comments they make about her on here; They only STAN for her because she has high energy in her live shows. Other than that she has nothing. She can’t dance (she looks hella stiff), she can’t act (Obsessed, Fighting temptations, that flop rap musical, Dream girl.. LOL)she doesn’t have any hits and if she does then they are mostly hood or woman empowering anthems.She really just recycles the same old routines and songs over and over again because her stans are too dumb and brainwashed to expect anything better. Just saying…

  52. Burmy February 26, 2013


    Remember-that “queen” she’s trying to emulate-these royals OWNED SLAVES. Why is the NAACP so quiet about this?!

    Bring back Rich Harrison, Scott Storch, and the old sounds…it’s been ten years, so WE WANT DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE 2! (the sequel to STILL the most successful album in her career)

  53. Chales February 26, 2013

    With this tour being in such high demand these fans better go out in droves buying the single and the cd. I have a feeling this is going to be her best selling album yet if these sold out tour dates are to go by.

  54. Xxx February 26, 2013

    Those men where ticket touts man, not fans, people too fass to judge! READ!

  55. NΛVI February 26, 2013

    Beyonce fans are such ghetto hoodrats, they were acting a ratchet mess which is no surprise and btw where’s her new single??

  56. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    ^^^^^^^^^ Just like your ratchet ghetto ass family. U all can’t even have family reunions because of all the hoodrats, crackheads, h*** and all kinds of f*ckery walking around.

  57. DIGGER BEY February 26, 2013

    And yet she’s one of the most richest powerful women n entertainmen, while u @ Blue Ivy Rodrequez is an Broke Fatass T***** c*nt. Stay Press child, while THE QUEEN continues to boil ur t***** blood. #MISTRESS OF THE UNIVERSE……..BEYONCE

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 26, 2013

      I got you mad now huh b****?

  58. mob February 26, 2013

    I heard the release of her concert tickets have been painful for even her most diehard fans. She is just now beginning to realize all the hard work her father did to get her and her career to this point. The stuff she never had to consider now falls into her lap!


  59. Suicide Blonde February 26, 2013

    So classic……..

  60. Ti$ February 26, 2013

    Stampede of fans??? That’s crazy! I just hope that she didn’t get assaulted by any of them lol. Anyways, congrats to her. Can’t wait to see her in concert again. She’s such an amazing performer.

  61. Cm February 27, 2013

    Very God like response.


    Everywhr i go seems like everything is all sold out 🙁
    Whr can i get 3 tickets for my friends n i? 🙁

  63. Blue Ivy Carter Rodriguez Is A T***** :0 February 27, 2013

    Idk if its a man or a woman but all i can tell is this Rodriguez is ugly as f***. Yuck. *spits*

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