Hot Shots: Chris Brown Joined By Rihanna & Karrueche Tran At ‘Greystone’

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Hours after Beyonce stunned the world at Super Bowl 2013, her former opening act Chris Brown was snapped on his way out of West Hollywood’s Greystone Manor.

The very club, believe it not, that also played host to alleged girlfriends Karrueche Tran and perpetual poser Rihanna…at the same time.

That’s right, in what may have made for an interesting night out, the threesome all hit the same venue- with Tran arriving shortly after Chris with another man in hand.

All the pics below…

Your thoughts? 

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  1. You Wanna Bey Me February 5, 2013

    Yasssss! RiRi looks stunnnnnnning in that red dress, rice cakes don’t stand a chance.

    • HALF AMAZIN February 5, 2013

      Rihanna just oozes sexiness from her pores!!! omg! Her legs are amazing. If she had a bigger booty she would be PERFECT! But I guess the bish can’t have everything lol
      She is my girl crush lawd!

  2. OVOSFTB February 5, 2013

    What do they see in this scrawny scarecrow?

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      F**k you and Drakellen! …..mwah 🙂

  3. Breezyizdaman February 5, 2013

    love love CB i want him to get professional help and get sobder before its too late him & rihanna being weed buddies doesnt help his career it does help Rihannas career tho we tried to support him where is fortune struggling to hit the 1million mark concerntrate on you boo Rihana ainy going nowhere she will be waiting for you stay away from drama and weed you were lucky this time that Frank decided not to press charges listen to Mike Tyson your mom is your mom but she aint helping you either

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      F*** A** Ocean! If the sh*t went down as he claimed then press damn charges! I’m tired of this fake bullsh**! A** Ocean instigated whatever happened. Funny he attacks Chris then drops stills of a video shoot followed by the release of the new Single, Forest Gump! Coincidence…..I THINK NOT! Just another cheap ass PUBLICITY STUNT!

      NOT EVERYONE is blind or STUPID! He drops an open letter admitting he has been FOOLING WOMEN and f**king men! Then he drops “Channel PINK”. The horribly feminized media and some gays are just beside themselves happy to finally have a CONFEDERATE among the Hip Hop masses! He relases the 1st single to *CRICKETS* so he devises this ridiculous caper (The Chris Brown Chronicles) to promote himself & his noise yet again! Frank Ocean is disgusting!

      As for CB, I’m going to need him to PULL A MICHEAEL JACKSON and leave the USA for a year or two. Rihanna is only here because Chris is. They can live anywhere in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America were ppl and music media respect artists of their CALIBER! F**k the Jim & Jane Crow states where nothing really changes but the damn date!! Yet we pretend!

      • PSA (FAF) February 5, 2013

        ^Shut the f*** up, d***…

  4. Monstarebel February 5, 2013

    Omg. Rihanna leave this foo alone wtf!!!!!!! Smh… hes still f****** rice cake just walk away from this dude grrrrrrl you look f****** foolish….

    • zania February 5, 2013

      Who said he is still messing with Karrueche. Only been seen with Rihanna at all major events, since Halloween. Only been seen with Karrueche for business purpose only. Rihanna isn’t fool,I don’t think she would share a man with another woman, stop believing these blogs. Rihanna is looking real s*** in her red Dress

      • BeyWhoUWanna February 5, 2013

        Girl, the blogs didn’t have to say a damn thing. The proof is in the pictures.

      • danny b February 5, 2013

        @zania but she was tho. She don’t give a s*** about Karrueche, hence why she started f****** wit chris again even while him and Kar were still together. And major events do you see them at? A basketball game and some clubs?? delusional ass…

      • zania February 5, 2013

        I read on other blogs that as soon as Karrueche showed up CB and Rihanna left. No I don’t think Rihanna would allow a man tto be with another woman while she is dating him. CB and Rihanna was together , Halloween, Thanksgiving and haven’t seen not one picture of Karreuche and CB all hugged up since last summer. So you are the delusional one want to believe that he is still messing with her because they have a business together. Russel Simmons still works together on her line Baby Phat, do that mean that they are still messing with each other.

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013

        Girl there are pictures of rih and chris together laughing and joking with eachother. There are tweets from eye witnesses said that chris and rih left as soon as they spotted kae! So i belive what rih and not blogs say. Kae is a non factor in their relationship but to the blogs its all lies!!

      • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013


        Girl, you can’t talk to these hating ass fools when it comes to Chris Brown! They believe whatever bullsh** the media says or prints! They wont accpet that CB was doing just fine before he allowed Rihanna back in to his life and now sh*t is upside down for him all over again!

        Chris no doubt truly adores Rihanna to put himself back on RACIST AMERIKKKA’S “meat hook” to be with her again! I respect that type of love and believe they share that type of love for each other EQUALLY! If Chris had wanted Kea Tran, he would be with her. He loves Rihanna so he is with Rihanna! Haters need to find something else to focus on. They are both young and trying to live their lives without the hateful bullsh** that everyone keeps throwing at them!! If you don’t like them STOP WATCHING THEM!! ….plain & simple….

      • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013


        What proof in what pudding? The same proof in the pudding that said BEYONCE never GAVE BIRTH TO A CHILD? The same proof in the pudding that said BEYONCE was merely using Kelly & Michelle for ratings for her performance? The same proof in the pudding that claims Jayz is cheating and beating Beyonce like he did Foxy brown & Amil Lion?

        Stop believing bullsh** and lies!

      • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

        @danny b

        The KORA Awards (aka The African Grammy’s) in the Ivory Coast, Africa

        The opening of the new Picasso Exhibit in Paris, France

        Dinner and dancing at hotspots throughout Berlin & FrankFurt, Germany

        ***Chris and Rihanna have been busy living their young lives and having fun! They need to do more of it outside of the USA! These hateful, racist, sons-of-b****** have an agenda and it’s not a good one for either of them!

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013



      You read a blog and assume the FACTS? Chris and Rihanna watched the SUPERBOWL together at the SB party thrown by Greystone Manor. Kea Tran was there with her new friend(s). That venue is HUGE with multiple rooms and MULTIPLE ENTRANCE – EXISTS! Chris & Rihanna more than likely had no idea Kea Tran and her friends were even there! Stop believing bullsh** about a person you claim to be “down for”!

  5. U Aint About Dat Life February 5, 2013


  6. hummm February 5, 2013

    There in a three way is anyone really believing chris is in a low budget fashion line deal with an ex girlfriend who has know business credentials that noone knows about plz he seeing her under the guise of we business partners rihanna aint gonna say s*** cse she just as desparate for chris is love n attention chris aint gone wife niether of these chicks cse if he loved any of them he would not need to have them both in his life he would just cutt of one of them his had months to makeup his mind who he wants but he still goin bck n forth

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      Rihanna is Love
      Kea is Business

      But let me quote @ZANIA who said it best:

      “Russel Simmons still works with his ex-Kimora on their line Baby Phat, does that mean that they are still messing with each other?”

    • i&i(bare badniss) February 5, 2013

      I will be happy the day Karrueche leaves this mess fully behind her. Gorg gal.

  7. House Mother Kanye February 5, 2013

    They were not together…Kae came with another guy and as soon as Chris spotted her, he and Rih left the club. But yeah this whole thing is so messy.

    • House Mother Kanye February 5, 2013

      Oh s*** I posted the wrong s***…Need some coffee. My bad samantha, you already said they came separately.

      • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

        Thanks for the information because the way it reads one would think this blog was trying to be messy. 🙂 Who cares if Kea is at the same Superbowl party that Chris & Rihanna attended? I’m glad they left once they discovered she had arrived. Not that it would have been drama becuase that venue is actually huge with several large rooms, but you know the MEDIA WILL HAVE A 3-WAY FIELD DAY behind the idea that they were within 20 feet of each other!!

  8. NOBITCHASSNESS February 5, 2013

    Interesting triangle… But RiRi looking gooood.

  9. Blue February 5, 2013

    It must be akward for chris and the new guy, but im sure the girls were ready to proof to the world that to them the other did not exist

  10. NΛVI February 5, 2013

    rihanna looks great..whose the little coolie boy with the red bandana around their head??

  11. cake like lady gaga February 5, 2013

    “Hours after beyonce stunned the world at Super Bowl 2013”

    I think you meant “Hours after FRAUDyonce FLOPPED at super bowl 2013”

    @Sam? REALLY? I MEAN, SERIOUSLY? ARE WE EVER GONNA HEAR THE END OF FRAUDYONCE’S SUPER BOWL PERFORMANCE? What does her super bowl performance have to do with this story?

    You are so pressed that she flopped, its not even funny anymore.. Shame, but you will remain pressed

    • hummm February 5, 2013

      U r very deluded my friend u knw damme well beyonce shut ishh down at superbowl

      • cake like lady gaga February 5, 2013

        Keep telling yourself that, you will end up believing it

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013

        Um only 90 million watched halftime but 182 million watched the game that means people turned the channel

  12. BADDIE BEY February 5, 2013

    i don’t find Ketchup attracted whatsoever. What did chris see in her to begin with, they’re all are a hot mess with stupid love triangle.

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      Stop it. Kea is attractive and the 3 are not in a love triangle that’s simply ridiculous!

  13. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

    OMG I thought for a second the guy behind Chris was Frank Ocean. You can imagine my surprise.

    • S* February 5, 2013

      hahahaha u really made me laugh
      IMAGINE if it were him!! HILARIOUS!

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      LOL stop it! That guy looks 10 times better than Fugly Ocean! It would have been crazy to see them try to explain that tho…..LOL 🙂

  14. Mariah Carey mothered you H***… February 5, 2013

    Aww how cute. But why he didn’t invite his third girlfriend, Frank Ocean? And Chris u got three cute chicks, stop beating up yo women! Damn Karreuche bout the only one who ain’t got an ass whooping yet… shade chile

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      LOL… I was going to same something snide about Mooriha Scary but this comment made me laugh so hard until I cried!! 🙂

  15. kaira February 5, 2013

    LooooL this blog is dumb as f***
    Why you dont show the pic into the club with Chris and Rihanna together? The announcement made by the dj ?
    I dont understand why some people continues to believe in “love triangle”. There is not Rihanna and Chris are together Karche need to move on or still relevant as usually

    • zania February 5, 2013

      Because they want to continue on making Rihanna look stupid and CB look like a cheater. They want to add mental abuse and cheating to his image to finish his career off. But just like Rihanna said in her Rollingstone interview, CB is a good man, I believe he is a great man, he does so much for people and the ones he love. I don’t believe anything negative they put out on him.

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      What did the DJ announce?

      @Zania yep that just about sums it up! All the blogs need to give up the ghost at this point cause the triangle lie is just boring consider the actual proof to the contrary! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *Kanye shrug*

  16. Tisha February 5, 2013

    Splitting the d***.

    Whistles and walks away.

  17. BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 5, 2013


    • cake like lady gaga February 5, 2013

      FRAUDyonce: LIP SYNC MASTER with a dead career

    • zania February 5, 2013

      Go back to Beyonce post and finish worshiping her. She had to create some type of PR just for ratings and still her ratings didn’t beat out Madonna, who didn’t have the media covering her up to the event.

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013

      Beyonce= a pill popping used to be h** but her stank breath ruined her with alot of d****!!!

      • BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 5, 2013


        RIHANNA: H** ON DRUGS…

        YOU MAD?

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013


    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      PRSSED ABOUT WHAT Fraudeyonce? Have a seat.

      I have now seen chickie upstaged by 2 ppl no one would ever expect. KELLY CLARKSON, who sang the hell out of “My country Tis Of Thee” LIVE!! And KELLY ROWLAND, who took all attention away from Bey when she popped up out the damn floor looking all sorts of lovely. Hell, men and women were commenting on how well she looked and speculated that her MIC was turned down low as to not outshine Bey!!

  18. Arie February 5, 2013

    Well that’s awkward, do they not have dress codes in LA clubs? Karrueche is dress like she just finished doing laundry. She just proved to Chris that he made the right decision.

  19. Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

    man , i can but i won’t!

    when rihanna dress to impress tho >>>>>>

  20. RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013

    Rihanna looks gorgeous!!! Chris looks healthier and his cheeks are no longer sunken in!! I cant wait for RIHANNA to slayyyy the red carpet for the Grammys!!!

  21. lexi February 5, 2013

    The kae girl wasn’t with them, chris was with ne-yo and rihannam she looked gorgeous by the way.

  22. gold dagger February 5, 2013

    what is this post about? triangle my ass. chris and rihanna are together. it’s usual party out photos. but karrueche is living from that news. wasn’t she there to be photographed to leech the “his ex was there too” part of the story just to be named. you might call that stay relevant. yeah. but she got nothing to sell yet. so what for? endorsement deals right? how long will that work for her without own exposure?

  23. zania February 5, 2013

    Blogs who constantly post negative articles about Rihanna and to uplift Beyonce because they are jealous of Rihanna success over the pass few years. They want Beyonce to slay the charts over Rihanna so bad. That now they will try to paint Rihanna as this stupid woman, who shares a man with another woman. How about post her magazine shoots, or the fact that she has more top 40 hits in mainstream 20 year histroy or the fact that Stay is #1 in Ireland. How about posting some of this woman accomplishments over the past two months.

    • DragginForMrsCarter February 5, 2013

      OH F*** off you dirty b****. Nobody is jealous of Rihanna. Where was Rihanna when Beyonce won her first Grammy. Nowheretobefuckingseen and that’s the motherfucking rice and shrimp of the jumbalaya honey.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        Winning a whole lot of Grammys doesn’t justify being an icon or any better than the next. Some of the top Icons in music Diane Ross and others haven’t even won that many grammys and still will down in history as an icon. Rihanna has broke records that Beyonce wish she could have.

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013


    • F****** Hairy (Riherpes stole WFL from Leona Lewis) February 5, 2013

      Nobody outside of the ass kissing media likes Riherpes. Get over it.
      Chrianna fans are so fake. Chris’ fans hated Riherpes before they were rumored to be together again & vice versa.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        Not true, I am a huge CB fan and bought several copies of all his albums and been to all his tours. I love Rihanna. If you follow Rihanna on twitter she is following a whole lot of team breezy. So no all his fans doesn’t hater her, the same as her fans.

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

      TBH with you honey, Rih is the Queen of Pop. She date on her level or a nice Bajun boy from good family.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        CHRIS BROWN AND RIHANNA WILL BE OUR PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF R & B once they fully commit to a relationship.

  24. BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 5, 2013

    #WeWantBeyonceNewSingle is trending worldwide!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

    OMG! What the F**K is the problem @SAM?

    So what? Now people who are no longer involved romantically have to GPS track each other to ensure they do not show up at the same few clubs in the same town? Obviously Chris & Rihanna were there to watch the SUPERBOWL as many coupes went out to do that evening. I can only assume that Kea Tran and her male friend (new man or gay hair dresser) were out doing the same!

    Anywho, Chris is looking like CHRIS BROWN AGAIN…. CUTE AS EVER…. and Rihanna is just smoking HOT in that red dress. STOP HATING on the 3 of them! Chris & Kea are just business partners (The Kill) and Chris & Rihanna are something MORE (#chrihanna)!! LOL 🙂

    • TheTideIsHigh February 5, 2013

      The feminization of men? I pity you. Where did being a thoughtless heartless brute get ANY men other than jail or an early death.

      Men are not being feminized, the world is just learning there is MORE to being a man than chasing girls or knowing how to kick a ball. Men have feelings and they SHOULD NOT be afraid to show it.

      Maybe if your fave knew that he wouldn’t be in such a dark place and seek the counselling he needs. B****.

      • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

        B**** are you insane?

        First of all, it is my opinion that racist femiNAZI WHORES have ruined men from “pillar to post”. Unfortunately there are some silly black women who are following the crowd not realzing that the agenda being advanced isn’t suited for them! An agenda that includes the uplifting of all in the community (women, men, teens and children) is what is needed to off set the challenges facing the community. No one every said – least of all ME -that chasing skirts, gang banging, athleticism or not showing feelings & emotions makes a man!

        You have assumed a great deal from a heading dearheart. You should pay closer attention and understand the angles and the trajectories before you attempt to chastise me about some bullsh** you don’t understand! ……smoochies 🙂

  26. zania February 5, 2013

    Its funny how they post allege girlfriends after CB put out a video saying that he is only friends with Karrueche. Blogs are really trying to keep this love triangle going on.

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

      I do not want this girl mentioning Rih. And the only way that can stop, is when she drops that thug who is going nowhere.

      • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

        She’s no longer mentioning Rihanna so WTF are you blathing on about? And who are you calling a thug “bad girl Riri”? STFU & GTFOH

      • PSA (FAF) February 5, 2013

        He said he was only friends w/ R**** too so whats your point, b**** ?
        Y’all rishitta stains are retarded
        a n**a nearly beat you dead & u still out w/ him tryna get between him & his new b****… SMH BASIC !

  27. RICHANDBLACK11 February 5, 2013

    Rihanna is looking s***, Karrtan is a very pretty girl…..Chris seek help man, don’t waste your talent.

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013

      Damn your very positive!! I will never shade you again!

  28. MISHKA February 5, 2013

    KunteKinta came with another dude?

    Well GOOD FOR HER. Girl, get out of that nonsense.

    And i know Chris wasn’ t about to cry…boy, stop.

  29. RG2 February 5, 2013

    Rihanna is way sexier than Cookie Tran

  30. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

    Dear Robyn,

    You are the queen of pop: the youngest, most powerful black entertainer. You have Fashion, TV, Music and movies on lock. You are also a Business woman. At 24. You was not even born in America, nor are your parents rich. Beyonce was born in the USA, she is older than you and her parents were upper middle class and you have blown her out the water.

    Either be single, or STAR DATING ON YOUR LEVEL. There are are more powerful men for you to date. CB is not on your level . He is broke ass loser with no career left. He will never sell again – he was not even that big to begin with, you were always bigger. Then he has that 9- 5 asian boy from the nail salon, walking around like She is Anjelina. End it. Take them off life support. Pull the plug. Without you, they are nothing. They cannot live without you.

    Chris is running out of money: his tour left him owing millions and he is now in debt. The leverage he has is his house and we do not know if he can make the mortgage every month. The Asian boy who was working a 9 – 5 has drained his last remaining cash on her lifestyle, cars, clothing line; she also got him on molly. He running out of cash, he begged Lil Wayne to be a support act on Wayne tour. Wayne said, ” only if you say sorry to drake” . Chris accepted. He is broke, ghetto black boy. There are men you could roll with that s*** all over him.

    He does not sell record and his tours flop. He has no income. White girls will never buy his music, so will never be commercial. He keeps making fun of dark skin women or pushing them away when they want a picture, so he will lose the last black fans he has. No one in hollywood or fashion wants him. At 23 there is no way out. All he has is partying his sorrow away and hangin n with that broke asian boy, t make you and power feel jealous.

    End it now. Pull the plug and let him slip down the drain where he belongs and never ever date beneath you AGAIN.



    • zania February 5, 2013

      I guess CB is so broke that I see him with a new care every other month and his last album Fortune had two platnium singles from it and he is selling same as Usher, Frank Ocean Alicia Keys all around 400,00 to 500,000 for their album and CB didn’t even promote like those other guys. In 2011 he was the second highest R & B artist after Beyonce, so how is he doing that bad. CB and Rihanna is great for each other, R & B Prince and Princess.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        You see him with a new car every month? That is why he is broke. P2 Platinum singles? Well, if they are selling at 59p on the UK, there is not much money to be made. It is not like he wrote or produced the tracks 100%. Alicia Keys is an actual songwrtier, she wrote and produced a track for Emeli Snade who sold A MILLION IN THE UK alone. LOL LOL I know u are not trying to compare Alicia, who now is the creative director for blackberry. for this ghetto black thug.

        I do not care if he promotes or not. my point, he is onn his way Down and I want Rih OUT OF THE MIX. She will not go down with that ship, in jesus name. Let him rot. Rih is not rotting for no m***********. Second highest RNB is not not the biggest pop star – or even top 10. End Of.

        No, they are not great for each other, she should be dating A list men. I wis she could of got with Justin Timberlake, That is more her level.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        Rolling stone called her the biggest pop star of the decade. What is she doing with a broke ass thug with his asian lady boy from the nail salon. She needs a movie star or an MVP on her arm.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        please tell me , that you really do not think, that having a new care, proves you are rich. Come on. Did blacks not learn from Mike Tyson? Come blacks need to start saving like whites and stop splashing out on new car to front.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        Do you think being with a bigger star is love. You think money and power is what you call love. How many of those big super star are divorce. Didn’t Justin timberlake broke up with Britney and drove her crazy, so how is he so much better, because of his status in hollywood. Rihanna is doing right thing under God eye, having someone who really love you, not for your name, money, status, just for you as a person. So you think she should be with a white guy. Now name one white guy that can tame Rihanna.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        I do not give a s*** about his career. All i am saying is, he ail never match rihanna in terms of career. His conduct is disgusting. He is ugly ( they are way better loking men than him) and now that he is o that and with that Asian boy all in the mix.

        It is time for Rih to date A list. She should be rolling with men who are GOING places in life. That thug is going nowhere but down. I would rather her date Justin bieber, cos he has a career, he is sweet and he would not stoop this low and have some broke ass chick dissing his woman like this.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        I would choose love over power and money any day, I can be miserable by myself. Rihanna has a wild side, she needs a man that is her match. CB is her match, he may not have over 100 milliion, but he will one day, because he is talented.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        Why is CB friends with some broke ass girl that was working a 9- 5, and allowing her to diss rih’s nose and accent and talk s*** all over town about THE BIGGEST star in music ?

        Who does that? That s*** would never go down ! What random b****, could come and talk s*** and make fun of Selena Gomez being mexican? This asian man with no money was making racist comments about Rih’s nose? Huh? But the black girl has more money that you. And this is because CB thinks black women are ugly, so course he got some asian and blasian chicks dssing his own race.

        CUT HIM OFF AND LET HIM ROT. Black American men are the worst. Very low stock.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013


        You say you are chris brown fan. Are you a dark skin or light girl?

      • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

        @Beyonce superbowl ratings flop

        A MILLION IN THE UK is different then A MILLION in the USA or didn’t you know that? DUH

        “She needs a movie star or an MVP on her arm.”….. “I wis she could of got with Justin Timberlake, That is more her level” <—–now I am really LMAO! 🙂

        She is with a movie star (see This Christmas, Takers etc). She is with a MVP! Do you really think Justine Timberfake would have spent quality time with her or truly LOVE her? She would have been BEN AFFLECK's JENNIFER HOPEZ. Rihanna would have been Timberflake's "JUNGLE FEVER" dirty little plaything. He would have trouted her around for a "horse & pony show"! It would not have lasted outside of the bedroom. Hell, that's if he was any good in the bedroom!

        And you must remember WHO TIMBERFLAKE is and WHERE HE IS FROM…B*** f**k Tennessee. He is from a town in the deep south. He said himself he and his family didn't grow-up around BLACK PEOPLE! Don't confuse business (Timbo produces songs, JayZ rapping on songs etc) with a person's true nature! He might be a decent guy but we don't really know that now do we? But hey, if you think Rihanna shoud be used like a dirty little PET by some movie star/MVP okay, it's your girl right?

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013


      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        That is what you think. His merchandise does not sell around the world. Also, you may think you know his net worth, BUT DO YOU KNOW IS DEBT? WHAT HE OWES? That is something, that stars never like to leak. His net worth is very blwon up. I do not believe he was ever that rich. Anyway, times are tougher now. He is not selling as he used to, he cannot go to the UK and tour. He has lost out to deals and movies because he is ghetto and not marketable. Anq, TBH, He does not know where his next income is coming from. You are the dummy!

        He is blowing a lot of money on that naught stuff. Then he has that Asian taking all his money. Moving forward………..I do not see him doing well.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        Yeah, chose love, but this THUG is HUbby material. He dont love her. Who is the chick in the Car? Rih marry him? Hell no! She is young, she can grown and find better quality than this. If he loved her, than asian boy would be dead and buried in his mind. He is not her match, he is violent and dangerous now he is hooked on theat issh. He will never have 100 mill. He has fans left, just a few black girls who accept his racist abuse. I have read all his dark skin abusive tweets. If that is what he thinks of his own fans. Cos no white girl is buying him., They love One D and Bieber.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        Is not hubby material.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        I think she should pick a nice Bajun Boy from her Island. She can pick Cam Newton type – or Ryan Bailey who is top sprinter and Rih’s type. Google hime. She can pick any black man WHO IS DOING WELL, will not beat her, is ot on isn, and does not have some chick running around chatting s***.

        I want her to also do A List white man like just to p*** him off and make him feel inferior. Serves him right. That is what u get when you disrespect a Black queen.

        If she gets a hit, famous rich white man, CB and the Asian will be left looking stupid, while Rih and the white boy will be on the rd carpet, posing for the camera at the Oscars.

        His flop ass will never be there.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        What do color has to do with anything. I am black and brown skin, not light skin. I love me some CB and he has all race buying his music. Fame album had at least 3 singles with over platnium status and fortune had 2 singles with over platnium status. Most R & B artist would love to have one single that sales over one million. Usher and Neyo is the only R & B artist and maybe Beyonce might have had two singles that sold that much from her last album,that has 2 or more singles selling over one million. CB is fine, he just needs to come back with a album a step up from Fame, because was really good, with hit after hits.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013


        Stop being so naive. First u say CB having cars every months, proves you are rich. That is why blacks are broke. What does Color have to do with it? Gee let see, if a white singer start making offensive comments about dark skin, they race card will pulled and they will get in trouble. CB often makes nasty comments about Dark skin people and calls dark people ‘ APES’ . The sad thing is, his fan base is black. Way to keep the customer happy. Ok, you are not light skin or white. Ok, how do u feel when u seen a 15 yrd old Brown skin girl pushed away from CB, but white and latin girls get hugged by CB outside the hotel?

        How do u feel when he is on twitter saying ” you saw black jokes” But does not make jokes about whites or Latins?

        How do you feel as brown skin woman, that he does not hire brown women like you as his lead? The vide above has mostly white women.

        And no, white women or asian do not buy his music, If other races were buying his music he would s*** all over One direction and Biber. You just said that he can barely go gold. He does not have the white girls. Makes me wonder why he is mean to black fans.

      • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

        Well she needs to be a Hallie Berry Type to deserve an Idris Elba type.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        If you went to CB tour you see him take pictures with black folks all the time. When he was in Africa, who do you think he was taking pictures with in the clubs and in the mall. CB just did a video last year, Don’t Judge me and the lead woman was dark. he doesn’t have to put Dark women in all his video’s I am not insecure, CB is allow to have personal preference in his personal life, It doesn’t take anything from me being a brown skin black woman. I still love him the same, because I am secure in my life. Why did Beyonce dye her hair blonde and lighten her skin, isn’t she proud to be black. It can go for everyone in the industry. CB love all kinds of women, black women who are dark , light, Chinese, Latin, white but he prefers exotic type of women, nothing wrong with that. He only insulted Sandra Rose, because Sandra used to come at him hard, even when he was doing positive things, she insulted that man so bad, so he came back at her hard about her looks. My cousin used call his brother black spook and they were dark skin, so just because CB said the same thing that my dark skin cousin said, he hates dark skin people. How about my cousin who is dark skin- does he hates his color. I think we as race shouldn’t used dark skin names as a negative but trust me CB isn’t the only young person who said foolish color things, I heard all the time from lighter brown skin folks calling dark skin folks all kinds of name back in High School. CB was single out because he is light skin who called a dark skin person a name. The was very immature at that time. I think he is learning. I think all the attacks is getting to him. People calling him Ike, woman beater, fistopher, crackhead, I think over time you get tired of all the name calling, he didn’t know how to deal with all the attacks he gets. I am sure CB gets hated on amongst his own black brothers, because he is light skin, I know too many guys who are light skin, get call all kinds of names and black folks see them as weak and not tough. Its a problem with in our race, don’t single CB out.

    • mob: the feminization of men…..ewww February 5, 2013

      @Beyonce superbowl ratings flop


      Chris Brown has streams of revenue not afforded Rihanna as he DOES NOT & NEVER HAS HAD A 360 DEGREE CONTRACT. That means that he has been banking and investing his money for YEARS!! He WRITES & PRODUCES SONGS for himself & others! He has a very profitable clothing line which is still in it’s infancy. He acts, paints, designs a toy line, direct & produces videos for himslef and others (riviting ent). This boy is FAR FROM BROKE! He just came off a mini tour throughout Europe & Africa in which he solid out Stadiums and Arenas. So WTF are talking about?

      As for thier love life, remember it was RIHANNA who stalked and pursued Chris Brown until she finally got him back! She asked Chris to duet with her not the other way around! Chris had been in a 2 year relationship with Kea Tran and appeared to be happy and content. His life was good! The racist media was not riding his back as they are now because of Rihanna. The RACIST FEMINAZI WHORES were not riding his d** as they are now b/c of Rihanna. So stop acting as though Rihanna’s return to Chris’ life has been met with joy and delight! With that said, She loves Chris and he loves Rihanna PERIOD!!Stop following the media’s lies and bullsh** and let them live.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        LOL H**. When rih signed , they did not have 360 deals in those days, Anyway, guess what? Rih was signed to Def jam on 7 album deal. HER CONTRACT HAS NOW EXPIRED AND SHE IS MORE POWERFUL NOW, THAN IN 2005. SHE IS FREE AGENET WHICH MEANS SHE CAN NAME HER PRICE OR WALK., Trust EVERY LABLE IN THE WORLD WILL SPEND BIG BUCKS TO GET RIH ON THE LABEL. You tried h**. You tried.

        Who does he write for ? Any act that has been on the charts? He never on the forbes list. Even nice cute white boy Justin Bieber is richer than him and IMO, much better too. JB can sing and play instruments, all that thug can do is wack MJ played dance moves. JB is worth over 100 m. Clothing line? What? where? IN DA HOOD? His tour MAKE A PROFL LOSS: HE OWNS MILLIONS IT THE PROMOTERS AND IT HAS SENT INTO DEBT. Maybe that is why he is crying in the car: No career, no money and soon … riding riH for fame. He does not play or sell out satidums or arena’s. Do not like.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        You can black the so called racist white media all u want. He still going down and YOU cannot stop it.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        Rih 7 year contract at def jam has expired. So now she can do what she wants and name her price, so f*** you with the whole 360. BS. She is free agent, and and trust she has the BEST LAWYERS AND IS THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN THE BIZ, WHICH MEANS, HER NEW DEAL WILL BE BIGGEST IN SHOWBIZ. JANET WENT VIRGIN FOR 80 MIL, HAHA AHA RIH CAN DOUBLE THAT!

        F*** YO 360 MYTH. Still does not change the fact that CB is a flop. DMX sold 30 mil albums and was the bigger than JAY at def jam, but Def jam let him go after he started get his drug problems and flop. Jive will let CB go, he does not sell like DMX and has way to many issues and the general public HATE HIM, so there is no way back.

        Jive will cut their loses from this doped up flop.

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

      • zania February 5, 2013

        CB isn’t with Jive anymore, he is with RCA, the same as Alicia Keys and Usher. They are RCA big R & B artist so I don’t think they will be letting CB go.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        She is bigger and more powerfrul than Halle berry has ever been. She is also a good woman. Halle Berry is b**** and even the white boys called her out. LOL you tried h**. She is more sexier than Halle. Halle had nose job and boob job. Rih looks good and is au natural

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013


        If your cousins call your brother names because of his dark skin. There are some major self hated problems in your household. Your cousin can call your Bro a d***** bag or a dumb ass. But if he feels the need to attack his skin tone. That is problem. In terms of CB getting dissed by his dark skin brothers. Blah blah blah.. Who carers! Still does not give him the right to make racist comments. Then he has the nerve to use the race card of whites. As for Sandra rose, he racially abused her because she was dark. He paid the POINT to attack her skin tone VS her condcut. That is racist

        He does not have to like Sandra, but he should not racially abuse her because of how she was born. I do not care who you claim goes to his shows. The stats PROVED ONE D HAVE WHITE FANS AND HE DOES NOT.

        He can date who he wants, but if he is negative to dark skin women that is not cool . Also, he has never had a Dark skin woman in videos . But, I have seen the picture of him pushing the dark skin girl outside the hotel like she had germs. I have seen the picture of him ignore the dark skin woman at outside the club who wanted a picture. I have know he grabbed the phone from the darkk skin girl. I have seen him smile and laugh with white girls.

        His career is still coming to an end. END OF-

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013


        Your cousin could have called your bro a Dumb spook or stupid spook. The fact, that he called him a ‘ black spook ‘ alluding that he has nasty scary dark skin, proves why self hatred and skintone is rife in the Black American community. The fact that you as Black brown dark woman ( you are not light ) are cool and think is ok, claiming you are secure, is why Black american men can are being raised to abuse dark skin women.

        ” Beautiful black women, bet that b**** looks better red ”

        Now I know why black American women behave this way. Women like you think it is cool when their little brothers racially abuse their cousins for having dark skin.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        That last line is from Lil wayne song.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        There is a problem within black community with the dark skin name color not my household. I said I have heard stupid insults when I was in High School. CB had a dark skin woman in Don’t Judge me, did you see the video. The woman he push away was running up to him, even if she was latin, he would’ve acted the same way, he is a celebrity and if someone ran up to you like that , you would be nervous too. He didn’t take that girl cell phone it wasn’t proven and even if he did, what do that have to do with color, maybe he was hiding something and didn’t want to be caught on camera, had nothing to do with race. I think you have issue with color not CB. CB has did so much for Seven his artist and she is dark, he could’ve gotten a latin woman to put on his label but he didn’t. I wish people would stop all this nonsense about this man not liking darkskin people, when he is surrounded by darkskin friends all the time. What color is Teyana

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        Teyana taylor is light skin with Curly hair. And Seven has talent. If she did not, unlike many Cassie, she would not get signed, and i still think Sevyn will never make it big. due to her skintone. Unlike C Millian, she not get resigned if CN drops her. You are liar, you said skintone is not an issue in your household, yet your cousin called your bro a ‘ black sppok ‘ as appose to a dumb spook. Why did he feel the need to ADD the BLACK PART? So if a white girl calls u a ‘ black b**** ‘ you are not gonna use the race card are you?

        He has more light skin women in his video and You still did not answer why he pushed that dark teen away, but embraces white girls? He may have ‘ dar friends ‘ But he – and his dark friends still think darker blacks are less than, hence why they diss them.

      • zania February 5, 2013

        If she came running up on me all crazy I would push her away too. So I addressed it.

  31. zania February 5, 2013

    So CB doesn’t have a career, so I guess, R Kelly, Neyo, Trey Songz, Frank Ocean, Monica, Brandy, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Omarion, miguel, Cee Loo Green, Kelly Rowland and so many more sold less than 500,000 in albums. So I guest none of them have a career and they are all broke.

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

      well, if they are banned from touring from some countries, racially abuse their fan base;get hooked on substances; allow gold diggers and pals to clean them out; further behave in away that pisses off white america……then yes! they will not have careers EITHER!

      • zania February 5, 2013

        CB is banned until next year, he will be fine. He is still outselling his peers, along with the back lash and him being banned in some countries. So what is that tellling you.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

        Who are his peers?

  32. Career Ender February 5, 2013

    Lmfao Sybil hahahahahahahah

    • Touché February 5, 2013


  33. oops February 5, 2013

    I don’t know why people go back and forth trying to prove a point or arguing . I guess that’s why certain people have no lives spending hours comment bad mouthing and wishing hate on celebrities that have no idea who they are. It’s quite comical yet sad. Oh well. Chris looks cute and so does his both of his exes… looking forward to his new cd “X”.

  34. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

    TO all those hating ass rita whora, Chris brown and Beyonce fans who try and beat rih dow with the whole 360 myth.

    Guess what she signed a 7 album deal with Def jam. She has completed 7 albums. Her contract has now expired. LOL LOL LOL LOL She is more powerful, older and wiser now, than she was when she signed at 16 in 2004. She has the best, most powerful lawyers working for her. TRUST HE, if Janet went to Virgin for 80 mill. RIH WILL TRIPLE THAT ON HER NEW DEAL

  35. RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 5, 2013

    Um rihanna did NOT stalk Chris!! He wanted Rih back from day one!!

  36. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013


    You said your cousin goes around calling your brother a black spook. Well, he better not dare GET offended and pull out the race card if a white kid said the same thing. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    If you young black americans are going around saying ‘ black this black that’ DO NOT DARE GET ALL NAACP and go HAM on whites who say the same thing. Either you are proud to be black or you are not. You cannot racially abuse each other for then attack whites for being racist. Pot calling kettle black?

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

      Blacks are more racist than whites.

  37. Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

    Rihanna is so stupid, i will not tolerate something like this to a man if i was a woman, C’mom, this is sad.

  38. i&i(bare badniss) February 5, 2013

    Wat is this abt CB’s violating probation because of fraudalent reporting of community service? Man, i used to root for this boy! I dont know what has come over him. Cursed? Hexed? Don’t care attitude? Vendetta against? Hmmm?

  39. PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 5, 2013

    OMG! I’ll Kill Myself The Day That @Mobwife &@ZANIA Learn To STFU And Accept Breezy’s Mistake! Dammmn They Act Like Breezy Never Does Wrong, He’s Always “The Victim” Please Wake Up Your Delusional Ass!!!

    S.N. Goat Looking Hot With That Red Dress!

    • zania February 5, 2013

      I never said he doesn’t do anything wrong, he is human like the rest of us, but I don’t think everything that is posting about him is false. I think he is a easy target. He is a great guy like Rihanna said who knows him personally.

      • PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 5, 2013

        Exactly Dear, You Never Say It When He Did Wrong, It’s Always Media Fault Or Miss Tran Fault! Seriously @Aunty Jackie And I&I Are The Best Breezy’s Stans, Cause They Are Realistic!!!

  40. Touché February 5, 2013

    He looks like he’s about to cry in that first pic.

  41. I Love U The Way U. R. – STERLING INFINITY February 5, 2013

    I’m praying 4 him. He looks broken

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