Cover Star: Damita Does Rihanna’s ‘Stay’

Published: Saturday 2nd Mar 2013 by Rashad

This week’s That Grape Juice Cover Star is delivered from Youtube sensation Damita. Watch as the soulful songbird soars with ‘Stay’ – the latest single from Rihanna‘s #1 album ‘Unapologetic’:

(Start at :19)

The beauty of the song is its vulnerability – the somberness in its lyric and sound.

And, to say Damita took that and ran with it is a clear understatement.  Maintaining the tone of the song, she lifted the lid on a cover that not only does the original justice, but also puts her signature stamp on it – providing a power that its original performer has yet to quite master.


For more on Damita, check out her Youtube page.


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  1. . : : h 2 o : : . March 2, 2013

    Who the f*** is this girl?

  2. PRIMA DONNA March 2, 2013

    sam you are an IDIOT ! ur hate for rihanna is what will eventually KILL U! stupid damn fool wanna bring the poor girl down every second u get! hungry nigerian PIG!

    • FentySoSnatched March 2, 2013

      You need help. He didn’t say anything bad this time.

      • beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 2, 2013

        He did diss rihanna as usual. He said this ugly looking willow smith weirdo had a power that Rih lacks. Well, rih has a deal and she is struggling on youtube.

        EPIC FAIL

  3. JJFan1814 March 2, 2013

    She can sing but I like Rih’s better.

    Sam, only Rih can make her songs hits because of her tone and Bajan voice is U-NIQUE!

  4. CHUDDS March 2, 2013

    Ooo honey she is pretty!

  5. Monstarebel March 2, 2013


  6. Damita March 2, 2013

    I understand y’all don’t like it but who cares. This wasn’t my best cover & negativity only keeps me going lol. So thanks for the opinions. I’m just thankful to be on this blog 🙂

    • beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 2, 2013

      well, then you are a fool. this wack no name blog is not gonna get you signed.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 2, 2013

      Oh it’s you!!!

      I liked the cover Damita, but the song don’t really do it for me..

      I’m anticipating a cover of “Numb”.

    • IBJuliet March 2, 2013

      Why take offense when people don’t like your rendition? It would’ve been better to keep it moving and say nothing, but clearly you wear your feelings on your sleeves.

    • Kim Kardashian Stan March 2, 2013

      your s*** was lackluster get over it

    • Oh Yeah!!! March 4, 2013

      I loved it honey! Keep singing and I think u sounded better than Rihanna. If unique means sounding like a goat, I like your Version!

  7. beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 2, 2013

    She is wack and I doubt she will get signed. She is ugly and willow smith freak look a like. Her version sounded harsh, masculine and more ghetto urban. She does not have pop crossover voice at all, nor does she have whitney voice. These youtube karaoke singers will never really make it.

  8. BEYONCE’S BODYGUARD March 2, 2013

    Great cover of a global smash hit! And Damita is SMOKING HOT!

  9. RhymeReason March 2, 2013

    The girl has a pretty voice and she can definitely sing but she was being extremely lazy. Rihanna can barely hold notes and is not known for her vocal poweress yet she belted that song from her gut and sounded good doing it. This cover was average. Sam you are reaching for the stars.

  10. Danny March 2, 2013


  11. cocobutta March 2, 2013

    She sung it nicely but definitely didn’t capure the emotion of the song.

    She showed that she’s got tone but that was all.

    Rihanna takes the song on a more emotional level.

  12. HoneychildPlease March 2, 2013

    I like her voice, but it just didn’t bring me in like i wanted it too…

  13. Anon March 2, 2013

    You can tell she can sing and she’s gorgeous. Eyes are a little scary though lol. But I’ve seen her other videos. This isn’t her best cover. At all. But it’s not terrible either so negative commenters are just haters. Good job girl

  14. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez March 2, 2013

    She has a nice voice but she did not do the original justice Sam. Stop always trying to downplay or find someone else that you think can sing a Rihanna song better than Rihanna, if they could then they would have had a record deal by now. If you could go on youtube to find this then you could go on youtube to find a cover by someone who can sing a beyonce song better.

  15. HOTSTUFF March 2, 2013

    this was just average…. after reading sam’s review i was waiting on something more mind blowing…..i wasted 3 min of my life –‘…

  16. soulmusiclover March 2, 2013

    her voice is not bad at all but she was sometimes off key and lacked emotion! or maybe it’s just me! i’m sure with more practising she will be fine! people need to stop hating seriously!

  17. Music Soul Harmony March 2, 2013

    Some of Y’all r trippin and extremely rude.
    Not surprising from Rihanna fans tho.
    It was a good cover.
    Obviously this song is not gonna show someone’s true range
    Since Rihanna doesn’t do that song in this song anyway.
    I thought it was good and she has an ear for good pitch.

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