MTV Brings The ‘VMAs’ To Brooklyn’s Barclays Center / TGJ’s Favorite VMA Moments!

Published: Monday 25th Mar 2013 by Sam

MTV’s Video Music Awards has a new home.

The Summer staple, which serves as one of Pop music’s biggest calendar nights, is moving from the West Coast to the East for what is sure to be a blockbuster show.

Details below…

Confirmed in a new press release, this year’s show, its 30th anniversary, will take place on August 25th at Brooklyn’s new mega-venue, the Barclays Center.  

Held in Los Angeles over the last three years, the 2013 instalment not only marks a return to New York (it has previously been held at Radio City Music Hall), it specifically marks the first time the iconic event has been held in Brooklyn.

Needless to say, it’s a super coup for Barclays, which since being launched last September has seen the likes of Jay-Z (who has strong business ties with its owners) and Rihanna cement its “major venue” status. Beyonce is also set to play multiple shows there as part of her sell-out ‘Mrs Carter Show World Tour’ just before the VMA’s.

Speaking on the bold move, Stephen Friedman, President of MTV said:

“From a vibrant musical scene for up and coming artists to epic concerts by today’s biggest stars and the triumphant return of pro sports to the borough after nearly 60 years, Brooklyn has re-emerged as a cultural capitol where music, sports and entertainment history is made every day. We can’t wait to help write the next chapter on August 25th, when one of the biggest nights in music happens in Brooklyn… for the very first time.”

 Even the State’s mayor Michael R. Bloomberg weighed in adding:

“Brooklyn is home to icons like the Cyclone in Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge, and now it can lay claim to the MTV ‘Video Music Awards”


Anyone who has followed the trajectory of the VMA’s will know that New York has brought a brand of excitement to the show that has been hard to replicate in each of the other cities it has been hosted in. It goes without saying, then, that we can’t wait!

Check out some of our favourite NY VMA moments below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ERIN March 25, 2013


    • MC FAN March 25, 2013

      how you know?

    • 4nonreadheads March 25, 2013

      We can only pray HE doesn’t !I’m sure no one wants to here a t***** yelling runs on stage for 10 minuets straight.

    • 4nonreadheads March 25, 2013

      @ erin plz stfu you got one ok performance from rihanna to make her look bad.LAME

  2. Suicide Blonde March 25, 2013

    New York!!!!!!!!!….I’ll be there.

  3. ShadeNOShade March 25, 2013

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I’m Surprised Some Of Beyonce’s Performances @ The VMAs Didn’t Make Your Favorite VMA Moments List. Since Ya Are ALWAYS Dickriding Her.

    • gr March 25, 2013

      You cleary didnt read the part that said ‘NY VMA Moments’.. But you’re a moron that’s just thirsty to spew hate so it’s ok.

      • NavyDiamonds March 25, 2013

        so I guess the Single Ladies Performance and the Baby Boy and Crazy in Love performance at radio city music hall in new york city wasn’t good enough for thatgrapejuice

  4. J March 25, 2013

    I need that full version of Bow Down asap!!!!! My JAM

    And that lil kim remix of bow down is THE BUSINESS

  5. From the Legends Panel March 25, 2013

    Michael, Janet, and Brit is my all time favorite performers from MVA’s

  6. Xoxo March 25, 2013

    Bow Down should be her opening song of the tour!!!!
    While the song goes: coming down coming down. I’m coming down dropping candy on the ground!!!
    She comes from above or from the stairs
    And some crazy routines
    Gurlllll I cant wait! Thats all I know

  7. phillydoinit March 25, 2013

    Where is Beyonce?

    • IAMSASHASH*T March 25, 2013

      NOWHERE where she should stay.

  8. gr March 25, 2013

    Welp there goes keyshia cole’s chance of an invite. i know shes spoken out in the past on mtv refusing to invite her to the vmas cause shes not an ‘mtv artist’..
    Chances of them changing their minds are now gone with the vmas at barclay’s aka Camel’s backyard.

    • Notlikecrazy March 25, 2013

      I see no lies

  9. Sass March 25, 2013

    Oh you KNOW this is gonna be Beyonce and Jay Zs VMAS AGAIN this year. Jay stay #winning!

  10. GAslickmouf March 25, 2013

    Hands down the cake goes to Brit Spears oops I did it again 2000 awards.

    She slayed that s***, wasnt live but who gives a f*** these days. If Beyonce can lip so can everyone else.

    She killed that stage, everybody thought she was naked!!!

    Now look at wat yo favs are doing… Naked s***! NS was the s*** back then lippin and all.

    That was the best performance!

  11. Yeah I Sais It March 25, 2013

    Im 99% sure Beyonce will be performing there now. The summer is hers.

  12. dee March 25, 2013

    the miming is something real on all these performances ….

    great performances for their time

  13. Suicide Blonde March 25, 2013

    MJ’s performance:
    Dangerous World Tour/HIStory World Tour.

    BS’s performance:
    At her best.

    NSync feat. MJ performance:
    The warning that something was wrong with MJ.

    BS, CHRA & Madonna performance:
    The most daring and defiant performance on TV history, still to this day, expected, Madonna always tries to bring something new and shocking to “Pop Culture” and and she always succeeds.

    JJ tribute performance:
    Energetic performance after the incredible speech of “The Queen of Pop” Madonna, truly epic.

    • From the Legends Panel March 25, 2013

      JJ tribute performance:
      Energetic performance after the incredible speech of “The Queen of Pop” Madonna, truly epic.


    • DOSSOME March 25, 2013

      LOL…Someone’s excited

    • Stella March 25, 2013

      You are sadly misinformed. Simple research would tell you that Michael’s performance was in the year 1995 which was before the HIStory world tour and after the Dangerous world tour. He didn’t perform the Dangerous dance sequence at the 1992/93 Tour. This was freshly rehearsed and choreographed by him and a couple of his backup dancers for that day. He received 3 standing ovations for this piece and an Emmy award nomination for choreography. It also won the award for the Greatest MTV performance ever by a huge margin.
      When he showed up with NSync it was last minute and for fun. He was great friends with Justin and wanted to show support. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with him. He went on to do the widely successful 30th Anniversary special (before or after).

      If you think that Madonna kissing Brit and Chris was the most daring and defiant moment in TV history you haven’t seen Elvis Presley’s first TV appearances. You really ride Madge. LOL

      • Suicide Blonde March 25, 2013

        B**** please!……i’m a MJ fan but unlike others i can see he was in trouble, it was the end, about his solo performance: he always did the same thing, is a critique, take it as it is, his tours were the same in the 90’s, every perfomance was the same, you teaching me about POP CULTURE, i’m an aficionado babe, and about Elvis I’M A FAN TOO and his performances were far to be as defiant as those of Madonna……I’m good at this, let me know if you want to start a debate about this.

  14. NavyDiamonds March 25, 2013

    I know Jay-Z will have a lot of involvement in the VMA’S this year. I think Beyonce and Justin Timberlake will have a big night.

  15. Eye Candy March 25, 2013

    BROOKLYN B****!!!! I was born there. I don’t live there anymore but I’ll make sure I’ll be at the next one (VMA Award show) since I still live in the state.

  16. DOSSOME March 25, 2013

    You remember back in the day when MTV stood for MUSIC TELEVISION?

    • From the Legends Panel March 25, 2013

      Oh! Yes i sure do

      • From the Legends Panel March 25, 2013

        and it is greatly missed

  17. Notlikecrazy March 25, 2013

    Maybe this will be a great show this time around…Justin,Beyonce and other good-great performers..
    Please god no tone death Rihanna, Justin.B,and almost every other person who performed last year.

  18. NOT GOING TO GET EXCITED March 25, 2013

    I will wait to see who performs before I give my official comment. Mtv awards haven’t been good since the 90’s and early millennium. THEY HAVE WORK TO DO

  19. Stella March 25, 2013

    Michael Jackson’s performance was a stunning work of choreography. Excellent mix of Broadway, Hip-hop and Fred Astaire’s ‘The Band Wagon’. He truly understood the fundamentals of entertainment. Probably the only performer who had the public witness the refining and sharpening of his skills. He went from Motown 25’s wobbly moonwalk to this. Wow.

  20. TUPAC LIVES March 25, 2013

    It makes sense The Illuminati would do this.
    Barclays stole one hundred trillion dollars through interest rates called the liebor scam.
    Did anyone see Jay Z’s facebook comment where he said he knew when Beyonce was 16, “she will be mine”.
    Love is not about possession.

  21. MISHKA March 26, 2013

    Where are Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Jay-Z&Alicia’s “Empire State Of Mind” ???? TGJ you sleeping.

    And definitely the best VMA moment ever was Kanye appearing on stage like a ninja and snatching that mic from Taylor. I was like whaaaat!? We’ll never get a moment like that again. Live TV at its best.

  22. Oh March 26, 2013

    Its about NY performances thats why Bey aint there.

  23. mob: Love my boy c breezy, f*ck the haters April 2, 2013

    MJ’s 1995 15 minute EPIC performance followed by Janet Jackson’s “If” performance followed by Madonna’s “Vogue” performance followed by Chris Brown’s 2011 WuTang/Nirvana/Beautful People performance are my favorite MTV performnces of all time!

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