New Video: Misha B – ‘Here’s To Everything (Ooh La La)’

Published: Wednesday 20th Mar 2013 by Sam

Misha B keeps her buzz a’buzzing with booming new single ‘Here’s To Everything (Ooh La La)’ – the video for which was unwrapped moments ago.

The cut is the third to be lifted from the X Factor graduate’s debut album, following the success of its predecessors ‘Home Run’ and top 10 hit ‘Do You Think Of Me’.

Does ‘Everything’ have what it takes to follow suit? Judge for yourself after the jump…’

While we’re bigger fans of Ms. B’s prior singles, this is easily her best video yet. And with her being one the UK’s most promising Urban prospects, here’s to heightened success!

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  1. @psychostoner_ aka @091094 aka lana del rey victim March 20, 2013

    I love me some misha b, she is just one hit away from stardom, she should fill the gap in her teeth and sell out, its a small price to pay for more success

    • Matt101 March 21, 2013

      Ikr , I was just thinking the same thing, the look that she’s going for leans to superficial , so just to set her off , just fix the teeth and tweak the weave and she’s good

  2. arjun March 20, 2013

    I am delighted that she’s succeed after that s*** b**** tulissa has done everything to her to leave and be out of x factor with lies , she had everything to be the winner, now she proves that she has the talent and more successful than this white s*** tulissa
    misha b, continue your way gradually.

    • Bye Girl March 20, 2013

      F*** you RACIST C***!

    • WTF March 20, 2013

      Misha is too dark lets hope she does what every other black woman does and bleach her skin like what all the other black artist do to show how ashamed they are too be so DARK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • Matt101 March 21, 2013

        Hahahah , I STRONGLY DISAGREE , but this was funny

      • raingurlk March 22, 2013


  3. HLOVE March 20, 2013

    Great Video… Love the Janet “Feedback” throwback.

  4. hellioss March 20, 2013

    Misha B is undeniably talented but the garage european techno road she is choosing is not what suits her the most I think.

    However, the video clip is great and I look forward to her album, hope there is more urban sounds on it, more rap.

  5. Lovebird March 20, 2013

    That’s an OK vid Misha Bully, wish the song could have been better but I respect Misha Bully’s hustle. Good job Misha Bully.

  6. Bye Girl March 20, 2013

    What a FAT clown
    Misha Bully is a f****** twat he looks like he is lazy, frumpy, fat and just annoying. Would it kill him to get a wig cos no one wants to see that hot mess on her head. He won’t make it big, no way no how. How can people not make fun of the song Home Run, but of him too?
    He needs to stop tryna sing now this thing is shouting out every note he just messed up again. I don’t think many people like him because we all know that he is a bully and a big headed f*****. He hasn’t even reach #1 when shitie swagger jagger hit #1 LOL?
    And he thinks he is Missy Elliot. But Missy is a talented singer and rapper and has personality as well. How dare he try to ACT s*** when he is a hot fat mess why try and put yourself in the same lane as Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Cassie & Dawn why..! But he really makes me understand how talented Nicki Manja is hahaha

    • cocobutta March 21, 2013

      Sit down in your box room with your no money & dismiss yourself by putting your name into reality, because its time for you to go BYE GIRL…

      Class Dismissed

      • Bye Girl March 21, 2013

        Bit*h I own my house and have my own money i highly doubt u can say the same. dont hate cos u look even more ugly then Misha B-itch oh well child boo hoo!

  7. cocobutta March 21, 2013

    Misha B has no need to worry about stereotypes and do her own thing.
    Lanes are not made by puppets and followers with no vision!!!


    • Bye Girl March 21, 2013

      What kind of dumb CU*T are you..? Of course she is in a lane and she is in last place because she cant keep up cos she is sooooooo FAT like you i guess HAHA

  8. Lana Del Slay March 21, 2013

    She’s so beautiful. Like I didn’t know how pretty she was until i saw this.

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