Watch: Justin Bieber Performs ‘All Around The World’ Acoustically…On ‘Let’s Dance For Comic Relief’

Published: Saturday 2nd Mar 2013 by Sam

As the age-old adage goes, all promo is good promo.

Clearly, this was the M.O for Team Justin Bieber who arranged for the Pop pin-up to promote his ‘Believe (Acoustic)’ LP on the BBC’s ‘Let’s Dance For Sports Relief’.

Having wrapped just moments ago, watch the teen sensation’s performance of ‘All Around The World’ below…

Given the length and breadth of Bieber’s success, it’s shocking to note that he only turned 19 this week. What’s also shocking, though, is how markedly average a performer he still is. All that marketing muscle and the end product sounds like he’s been gargling concrete. No bueno.

Are his vocal showings textbook “offensive”? Of course not. Yet, when as many dollars have been pumped into you in the way they have JB, his complacency almost becomes more offensive. For, surely there should come a time when one must justify the hype created by skilled PR spin. Our stance being one the Grammy committee clearly agree with.

Your thoughts?

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  1. King B>Rihanna March 2, 2013

    Justin Bieber literally sings one note.

    • YES March 2, 2013

      beaver queen is so far in the closet he is taking black d*** and thinks its what straight guys do. gworl needs to stop.

  2. speechless March 2, 2013

    What I wanna know is why his fans spend so much time creating trending topics but couldnt save his album in the 2nd week.

  3. Cream March 2, 2013

    Beyonce Eu and Na dates are all sold out she is getting ready to announce the new legs yesss ps 47 Rihanna shows are unsold she also have tickets going for 4$ she also has tickets buy one get 5 free

    • AdeleAdkins- Oscar Winner!! When will ur fav??? NEVER!! March 2, 2013


  4. Adam March 2, 2013

    Listen, I’m no Justin fan and never will be, but this thread is so embarassingly bitter with regards to all the shade it throws. Criticising his vocals, dudes, the kid can sing, and can sing his songs well. It just screams jealousy and envy. Everyone deserves any good they get, just because they have something good doesn’t mean someone else can’t have the same. Why have you always got to bring it back to there being “other” acts more worthy, and so unless his talent is astronomical then he doesn’t deserve to be where he is. The kid has worked since he was 13 or whatever, give him a break you losers.

    • Dev March 2, 2013

      Sorry. If you want to say that he can sing that is up to you, but don’t make statements about his singing as if all do or have to agree. As far as i am concerned Justin and Connor can (possibly & sometimes) hold a not, but they both cannot sing. I’m not saying that all people have to have a diva Luther voice, but his vocals are just bland and was sold on his teen appeal. I’m from the 90’s era. we had a 14 year old Monica, and 15 year old Brandy and also Aaliyah. there aws Mona Lisa, Tevin Campbell, 14 year old Usher. In the U.K Joe Mc eldry from xfactor fame could sing but Justin cannpt…. This is my opinion.

    • iguess March 2, 2013

      Say what you want, but I don’t like people act like he’s this amazing talent when he isn’t. I give him props for playing instruments, but no. I’m also from the 90’s so maybe it’s just me listening to Usher when he was a teenager slaying those vocals.

    • Eye Candy (Afro-Nation) March 2, 2013

      He can sing? Do you mean he can talk through his songs in a sing-songy melodic tune?
      We all can do that. Bruno Mars can sing, Usher can sing, Ryan Tedder can sing, Miguel can sing, etc. Justin Beiber can’t.

    • Adam March 3, 2013

      Whether or not somebody can sing is not an opinion, it is a fact. It is a fact that the kid can sing in key, he can stay in tune. Whether or not he has a “good” singing voice is down to opinion. I remember watching a youtube video from when he was young, the one that Usher found to sing him, he had a lot of control for his age and pulled off runs with ease. I don’t know how his vocals have matured, but from that video he can still sing. I don’t think anybody acts like he is amazingly talented, but he is talented enough to be an artist.

      Not everyone has to have as good a voice as Usher either. There really is enough room in the world for any type of vocal, as long as it can hold a note. Sometimes a less advanced voice is the more marketable and easiest to listen to. Would you have wanted Beyonce singing Cassie’s Me and You? Or Christina singing Britney’s Slave 4 U? Or Whitney singing Janet’s That’s The Way Love Goes?

      Guys, stop with this envy and jealousy, because that is exactly what most of you are saying when you compare him to other singers. Don’t concern yourself with his success, good or bad. It doesn’t affect you or anybody else.

      • Dev March 3, 2013

        Errrrm, contradicting yourself but oh well. If you can really sing you can sing anything. The songs you mentioned are popular because we know them by those artists, but if you really think about it those artists could have sounded those songs and they still would’ve sounded okay.

  5. tgj doing roc sux March 2, 2013

    who’s jb again? why’s he on that “urban blog” here?

    😆 give up. this is just the wrong side. 😉

  6. JOHNVIDAL March 3, 2013

    LOL He can´t sing. Anyway, great necklace gurl Lmao

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