Girls Aloud Star Nadine Coyle Hits Studio Solo

Published: Friday 5th Apr 2013 by Sam

With Girls Aloud officially over, all eyes are on what each member of the Brit-Pop outfit will do next.

And while the answers to such questions remain unknown (and bleak) for the majority of the group, lead and only singer Nadine Coyle is wasting no time and has returned to the recording booth…solo.

Details after the jump…

Taking to Twitter this week, the fiery Irish star wrote:



In their ten-year tenure, Girls Aloud proved themselves a group that were so unashamedly bad that they were good. Indeed, in many ways, they “owned” the cheese that is much of their discography and live performances.  What always pierced through this, though,   was the all-round amazing-ness of Nadine.

It was her vocal ability that not only served as the group’s glue, it lent them a coating of quality that “the other four” couldn’t muster up if they tried (and “try” they did not). Put simply, she was Girls Aloud – a fact highlighted even more during their brief and generally uneventful reunion.

As such, the prospect of her trying her hand at solo stardom again is exciting. Of course, there’s the Tesco Records debacle that was her first try in 2010; yet in the event that she rights the wrongs of that outing, she could be the singular force that her talent calls for. And by righting wrongs, we mean arming herself with the right team/major label, as well as opening herself up to the sound the fans want from her (hello Xenomania).

Time will tell what comes from these “sessions”, but pending then we’ll hit “Play” on the video below and bask in the greatness of her vocals, weave-flicks, and Naomi Campbell Walk.

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  1. nobitchassness April 5, 2013


  2. MeenaDelRey April 5, 2013

    No point , It wont even sell.

  3. Chris m April 5, 2013

    Her first solo album wasn’t amazing but it was still a solid debute album. I really hope she does well and get the airplay and recognition she deserves.

  4. Dev April 5, 2013

    TGJ give her an interview and suggest the route she needs to go. I think her sophomore could be great, but she needs direction and input. I agree that her debut was solid, I still play put your hands up.

  5. Matty April 6, 2013


  6. LaLaLoo April 7, 2013

    only waiting for a new Nicola Roberts album.

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