Report: Mis-Teeq Ready Reunion

Published: Wednesday 10th Apr 2013 by David

Are Urban Pop Royals Mis-Teeq making a come back?

Well, if remarks reportedly made by  former member Alesha Dixon are anything to go by, the next year may see the trio return to the Brit-Pop arena with new material.

Details below…

Speaking to ‘New Magazine‘, the ‘Breathe Slow‘ singer reportedly shared:

‘We’ve been talking for a long time and it’s happened quite organically. First and foremost we would need to make a hit record.’

Coming 12 years after they dropped their debut album ‘Lickin’ On Both Sides‘, Dixon’s teaser arrives 8 years they split in 2005, after scoring 8 UK Top 20 singles- 7 of them peaking in the Top Ten.

Their most renown hit?

While we’re not sure what a new Mis-Teeq LP would sound like-seeing as their sound back then was truly of its time- we can’t wait to see what they cook up if they have already started work on the project.

Your thoughts?

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  1. cake like lady gaga April 10, 2013

    im here for Alesha, not so sure about the reunion though. but i wish them luck..

  2. NT April 10, 2013

    Good luck to them

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE April 10, 2013

    Hope they don’t follow the sound of todays charts AKA POP/DANCE and they stick to what made them THEM! Originality in music!

  4. C April 10, 2013

    Firstly: YASSS!!!!

    Secondly: I never understood why they never let Su-Elise sing?

    Thirdly: If they are going to have a reunion they need to go to the studio and record music which is nothing like what is currently on the chart (e.g. make urban/pop records) and then they need to sign up the “The Big Renion” (show on ITV2) and gain hype about their comeback that way and following the end of the series, release something then!

    • Teflon Boy April 10, 2013

      Cos she couldn’t sing, not to be mean but she’s virtually tone deaf

    • Mitsu April 20, 2013

      Its not because she was “tone deaf” (cause she wasn’t) it was cause her voice was very unique compared to Alesha and Sabrina who had more of the same “light” voice, Su-Elise has a very deep voice almost close to a tenor-baratone (for those vocal gurus there). I feel that they could have given her more parts in their songs mainly in the middle 8 section where her voice would seem the most appropriate to fit songs. Her voice is heard ALOT in the choruses, and she has her own lines in the Roll On single version and a huge section in Just For You. 🙂

  5. the real xoxo April 10, 2013

    i liked them but they weren’t THAT big/good anyway.
    Why are all these has-been groups reuniting? Fair enough if you actually did break records, set trends and had impact but mis-teeq?

  6. Why, Why, Why! April 10, 2013

    I am about excited about this as much as I am about the original sugababes getting back together. Who wants to see a bunch of drunk old aunties dancing around a wedding they has lost it and should just give up now like keisha mutya siobhan should have done..!
    p.s. I am a strong BLACK woman not like Alesha and I dont need to play the black card!

  7. Teflon Boy April 10, 2013

    I loved this group back in the day cos they managed to sound ‘Black British’ without being white washed.., Scandalous to me is a perfect UK RnB Garage Pop record…, the popularity of UK garage really helped this group cos it helped set them apart and give them an identity.

  8. Matthew Charlery-Smith April 10, 2013

    They made good music, but like Crunk and New Jack Swing that sound is so yesteryear. They were a talented trio however, and I believe they can make a successful comeback (Top 20’s, Upper Top 10’s, Gold album, UK wide arena tour etc) if they do the following:

    Be mature: They are now grown women and the 16 year olds who bought their music back in 2000 are now nearly 30. A good Urban Adult Contemporary vibe with a respectful image (whilst keeping it fun for the young) will widen their fanbase.

    Be diverse: They had this on their first album with both Garage and R&B mixes. They need to show that they can do a range of material. Uptempos, ballads, dance numbers and genre-switching.

    Be seen: While other R&B acts are producing episodes of their music “career” once every 6 months, promoting albums with 1 single and then going on talk shows with a new weave etc! Mis-Teeq can’t be lazy saying we’ve done this before so let’s just have fun this time around. They gotta be ON IT, THIS IS THEIR BREAD!

    I see a mature En Vogue as the best formula rather than a DC3 attempt they tried back in the day.


    oh good…more hood rats on the radio…just another reason to listen to my gospel music and praise the mighty lord Jesus…. no doubt they will sell there soul to the Illuminati like the w**** rihanna

    • Denise April 10, 2013

      How are you calling people good rats and talking about reading the bible and listening to gospel in the same comment? Clearly you missed the part about judging. I’m not here for your part time/selective religious behaviour.

      • Britgirl April 10, 2013

        I will add to this. Praying with the tongue and in the same breath cursing with the tongue. Smh

    • Denise April 10, 2013

      How are you calling people good rats and talking about reading the bible and listening to gospel in the same comment? Clearly you missed the part about judging. I’m not here for your part time/selective religious behaviour.

  10. TheCreat1veOne April 10, 2013

    So ready for this reunion! I still remember listening to Scandalous the first time on the movie Catwoman and being instantly hooked! The song is still one of my all time favorite girl group songs, hope they make more material in that lane somewhat and don’t go the dance pop way.

  11. Cookie – Rihanna – Toni Braxton April 10, 2013


  12. Drew April 10, 2013

    I only know two of their songs…’This is how we do it’ (Montell Jordan cover) & ‘Scandalous’. I think the song was featured in the Catwoman movie in 2004.

    I heard that Mis-Teeq broke up because of Victoria Beckham had their label go bankrupt for wanting a huge advancement for her sophomore urban R&B album that she was working on with Daman Dash, which never came out. And the two singles that were released ‘Let Your Head Go’ and ‘This Groove’ failed.

  13. MISHKA April 10, 2013

    Scandalous was aimed to be a monster hit. Still bangin’. Alesha’s flow wass terrific.

    • Mitsu April 20, 2013

      The only thing I didnt get was “That’s why you know you should be scared of us” bit…cause it made like no sense at all to the previous line “You know you want to sing with us” I hope her rapping/writing skills has improved cause some of her raps in her Mis-Teeq days had really odd lyrics…

  14. tessitura April 10, 2013

    lets hope Sabrina’s giant jaw and big forehead self jealously of Alesha don’t spoil things

  15. TheOuyonB April 10, 2013

    Actually, I think this would be a great idea, especially with other U.K. royals stepping back into the game (Original Sugababes). Mis-teeq brought their own flavor to the game, which was essentially one of the main components to their success. Plus, the right Brit-Pop records. Although the ladies individually sought out solo stardom, however, just in a case like other groups such as The Sugababes, Danity Kane, they may each be wonderful solo talents, however they are stronger as a group. I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened sooner… Good for them.

    • Greg May 17, 2013

      I want Mis-Teeq, So Solid Crew, Sweet Female Attitude, Shanks & Bigfoot, Shola Ama to come back and bring back UK garage and real urban music not this dance-pop, P&R (Pop’s answer to R&B but you know it’s lacking R&B) that’s going round now a days, I know most people nowadays would pobably see UK garage as “urgh!” But for me, it’s one of my main genres that I grew up to, the question is if Mis-Teeq does come back will Alesha still rap or will it be Sabrina verses and both Alesha and Su-Elise sing the chorus/brigde like they did on the “Eye Candy” track 10 “That’s Just Not Me” (I love that song)? Or will they bring a new edge to UK garage a more drum & bass/R&B/dancehall vibe of UK garage; I don’t care if it sounds like it was left off of “Lickin’ On Both Sides”; I just want UK garage back! I’m all up for it

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