Beyonce Performs Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ Live In Warsaw

Published: Friday 31st May 2013 by David

If you’re one of the many fans who caught tickets to Beyonce‘s sold out ‘Mrs.Carter Show‘, you would know that her set sees her tribute Pop icon Whitney Houston with a performance of ‘I Will Always Love You’ towards the end of the show.

Followed by a moving rendition of her number ‘Halo’, her tribute to the entertainer moved many a heart in Warsaw recently when she arrived at Berlin’s 02 World to perform in the city.

Press play after the jump…

Your thoughts?

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  1. meema mathers May 31, 2013

    dont like her version

    • ELENAI333 May 31, 2013

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    • ADMIT IT May 31, 2013

      Bey Please Please Don’t try that AGAIN….Thank you very much!!!!!

    • Keittt June 2, 2013

      Sorry….No…Whitney she not…I admit she can sing…but Whitney…No…and no where close…Whitney had a voice that made heaven ring…and her audience stand to they feet…Beyonce is entertaining, but not like Whitney…Sorry

  2. NΛVI May 31, 2013

    poor hood hive, no snippets this week *flips hair in face* …the heaux STAY covering other people’s songs as usual.

    • Ballsy May 31, 2013

      Whys is Bey doing other people’s music?? She has her own catalogue!

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013

      just because the goat cant sing for s*** doesnt mean, other singing singers dont have to cover other artists songs

  3. MRTOOINCREDIBLE May 31, 2013

    She can sing but she’s so …. BORING.

  4. Super Cisus May 31, 2013

    We don’t care!!!!!!

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013

      Yea you are right! thats why BOdy Flop is no where near the Hot100 top ten

      f****** Basic Instict

  5. Shauwndapooh May 31, 2013

    In the words of whitney on g2br “every u open your mouth to sing my songs th e publ ic will miss ME more”

  6. Alex May 31, 2013

    I hate the fact that she’s trying to put herself in the shoes of the legend that is WHITNEY HOUSTON. Nobody on the face of this earth will ever challenge Whitney, so why does this b**** feel the need to be superior. NO.

    Boring rendition of the song.

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013

      she is NOT trying she is singing it !

      never forget Bey is the best singer out today, yo faves cant touch her

      • Keittt June 2, 2013

        She can’t hold a candle next to Janet Jackson…are you serious…Janet was entertainment all by herself…I would never pay a dime just to hear Beyonce….The greatest of her time…say who…the self proclaim

  7. Shauwndapooh May 31, 2013

    This isnt the 1st the first time she everything she does is rather repetetive boring or stolen and whitney is a legend

  8. DIGGER BEY May 31, 2013

    ^^^^^^^^ LMAO @ ALL U B****** ABOVE ME. U MAD THAT UR FAVS DON’T HAVE THE VOCALS TO ATTEMPT TO SING AN WHITNEY SONG Bwahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha. #THE QUEEN > ur favs

    • MRTOOINCREDIBLE May 31, 2013

      says the person rockin’ nocalist kelly rowland …

      • Chillin May 31, 2013

        Exactly..they are #MAD…their fav wouldnt even attempt to..and for MRTOOINCREDIBLE Kelly Rowland has sung quite a few Whtiney songs and KILLED it…do your research boo

      • KEY May 31, 2013

        Nocalist? Don’t you think that’s a stretch? lol

      • Keittt June 2, 2013

        That’s the truth…Kelly Rowland is a nocalist….

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013


  9. Brandys Starr May 31, 2013

    This is a nice version. Stop being unnecessarily bitter and bitchy well done Beyonce.

    • eqvilim May 31, 2013

      they mad. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN BEY

  10. Cancellation May 31, 2013

    Her version was so much better than what we got from other people’s tribute.
    Why is a Ciara Stan and Navy Member so pressed? This early?
    I mean D.I.L has ciara’s whole career
    Meanwhile payola,false numbers, and lack of any talent continues to be an issue for poor RiRi!
    @ NAVI hands you some shampoo, for that lice infested wig you call hair. Stop worrying about the Hive b****!

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013

      you destroyed the navy right there (+1)

  11. LDN Chick May 31, 2013

    Shes paid trbute to Whitney on every night of her tour so far and has done since Revel. I dont know why this is news. It was nice though really emotional when you’re actually there <3
    Dont be mad your fave could never cover this song.

  12. yea it’s her May 31, 2013

    Ok are you guys really getting sassy over 12 seconds of I will always love you (which by the way also isn’t Whitney’s song). How can you scream “I hate her rendition” based on 4 lines being sung. For the love of Zeus just say outright that you don’t like Beyonce instead of coming up with these insane reason (like doing the same thing every artist has done). It’s to early to have your panties ina bunch.

    • Keittt June 2, 2013

      Those four verses…came no where near Whitney…a person can give their opinion and still like a person…Whitney she not bottom line

  13. NΛVI May 31, 2013

    Aw poor you, don’t take your anger and frustration out of me boo causeyou didn’t get a new snippet this week Kiiiiiii.. the struggz is real. so the heaux cover a legend song to make up for it..aww at least she tries to keep you roaches happy 😉 *plays right now*

    • Iz (Queen Adele) May 31, 2013

      Why are you always doing the most on Beyonce posts sweets and the wonder why the Hive then drag Rihanna? Ijs.

      • NΛVI May 31, 2013

        why do you hood hive members always posing as other members of other stanbase to drag Ri?? answer that h**! and stop askig me question this early morning.

      • Iz (Queen Adele) May 31, 2013

        Ok. So Im a ‘hood hive’ now because I asked you a simple question. Its not early in my country either. But I see you must be up sitting on blog first thing coming straight to a Beyonce post :/

  14. Iz (Queen Adele) May 31, 2013

    Beyonce looked so glowing and pretty in that orange dress. This was a nice performance.

  15. Super Cisus May 31, 2013

    Digger Bey eat my b*** you f*****

  16. Ms. Donte May 31, 2013

    This pretentious woman never acknowledged Whitney when she was alive but now she’s dead she’s acting like she’s the biggest fan to begin. People like this make me sick and Beyonce don’t fall short.

    • Miss M May 31, 2013

      She did actually. She always talked about her watching Whitney and saying to her mother I want to be like that and her mother saying ‘yeah whatever sweety’. Shes said it many times.

      • MS. DONTE May 31, 2013

        no she didn’t you acting like bey gave a ish about whit, please direct me to the sources ..she said this when she was dead cause she always feel the need to include herself into everything. brandy and jennifer always citied whitney as thier biggest inspiration from the get go but beyonce started with that s*** when it was convienent for her. she did the sam with etta james unlike christina who always said she love her. beyonce only did that because she doing a movie about her fo her own benefit!

      • Miss M May 31, 2013

        Why would i lie when you can look it up? You’re running up your mouth mouth without even knowing.

    • ADMIT IT May 31, 2013

      You betta Speak the Truth Ms. Donte!!!

      • I Will Adorn You May 31, 2013

        How is it the truth when there is evidence out there of her crediting whitney before she died? More like a lie.

    • CreoleBeyFan May 31, 2013


  17. truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 31, 2013

    I…SWEAR she makes Rhi look like an amature! She just amazing!!

    • ADMIT IT May 31, 2013

      You In Love with RIh RIh

      • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 31, 2013

        i love them both tbh but Bey just puts everyone else in her arena to shame and she does it effortlessly!! BUT…Rhi is now undergoing operation ‘THICKanna’. She putn her weight back on and THANK THE LORD (which OFCOURSE is GODDESS BEY) she is. She look ok skinny but she was shutting Bey down BODYWISE when she had that weight on her which was b4 and during the ‘LOUD’ era. after that she choose to try to be/appeal to white people (flat booty and alien skinny) One pic she has of her on the beach in yellow half unzipped shorts and a mini halter top while running her hands thru her hair shuts down Bey ENTIRE photo-ography (b4 the cq spreads) She’d make you go str8

    • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 31, 2013

      Which ever B****** thumbs downin me yall can suck my d***!!

  18. Ribbons Sly May 31, 2013

    Beyonce’s vocal > Rihanna, Ciara, Cassie, J-Lo, and every other basic ass chick you silly kids Stan for. I swear a Ciara fan and especially a navy member should never be allowed to comment when it comes to music and performances period! Boring is Rihanna walking about stage for about an hour, never dancing, never changing up her notes, and patting that disease ridden thing she calls a v*****! Or J-Lo doing the same moves she has done since forever and lipping for the gods. That’s boring, Beyonce…not so much…same moves yes!No new material! i get that criticism, But vocals, Energy, stage presence etc. there’s not a chick seeing her. not J-Lo, Not Ciara and most def Rihanna can’t even see solange, Kelly or Michelle on a good day

    • HONEY BEE May 31, 2013

      Not everyone is cut out for the ghetto booty shaking and church runs.

    • ADMIT IT May 31, 2013

      Beyonce just Gallops like a horse on stage and you call that dancing

      • Teah May 31, 2013

        Evidently so…because she can gallop circles around Rihanna’s stiff ass.

      • Keittt June 2, 2013

        Ciara….is more entertaining than beyonce

    • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 31, 2013

      DEATH @ jho lipping for the Gods (which is GODDESS BEY, Mariah and a few others)

  19. Miss M May 31, 2013

    She only did a few lines to introduce Halo it was really nice. Bey loved Whit she was one of the first people Beyonce said she said she looked up to as a child. And I read somewhere Whitney saying on one of her comebacks it was young people doing good like Beyonce and someone else (I think Xtina) who motivated her to come back. Theres no need for bitter feeling.

    • BRANDY NU NU May 31, 2013

      liesss.. reciepts???

      • Faith May 31, 2013

        Actually it’s true do ur research

  20. JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2013

    Beyonce girl, I´m glad you respect a true legend like Whitney The Voice, but this song is not for you hun, too much greatness for your level. She sings only the easiest part of the song and she can barely do it better than Whitney in her last years. Her voice doesn´t have it. Sorry. But tributing Whitney is nice
    How can Rihanna fans feel entitled to criticise anybody´s vocals, or concerts, or performances? Just asking

    • CreoleBeyFan May 31, 2013


  21. Vee May 31, 2013

    People on here are so presictable. She did a few lines, not even the whole song and people are going in. Shes not tryinhg to be better than Whitney, I dont see the need to compare. But she did a good job with the few lines she had.

    • Vee May 31, 2013


  22. Vee May 31, 2013

    And for those of you saying she didnt credit Whitney whe she was alive. She did actually. A lot. So stop making assumptions because you dont like her.

  23. Jewell May 31, 2013

    This was a nice lil cover Bey good job 🙂

  24. DIGGER BEY May 31, 2013

    Lies @ the c*nt Miss Donte. Bac when everybody was talkin bad about Whitney and her drug habits. KING B did put out an statement praising Whitney and all she acomplished. So go bac to hell h**, with those lies. Bwahahahahahhahahaha @ Super Ciflop…..U wish Raggedy Ass Peasant. My life is to Wonderful to eat ur rotten ass and die of a*ds. Nice try f**. Shouldn’t u b somewhere gettin ur coins up, to purchase Ciflop next Atomic Flop. Let’s see if Fantasy Flop + Basic Flop + The new album all combined togather = 200k lmaoooooo

    • MS. DONTE May 31, 2013

      NI-GGER BEY reciepts??? and more liesss

  25. DIGGER BEY May 31, 2013

    Lmao @ The Mooriah stan. Child her ass can’t hit the flawless notes of her own old songs and u have the nerve to come for THE QUEEN. Sit yo ass all the way down C*nt.

  26. mr.m May 31, 2013

    LMAO!!! Gurl STFU!!!
    That was a total MESS and she only sang the beginning
    She just showed the world the limitation of her voice
    How she’s nothing compared to Whitney’s voice ..
    No soul, No emotion, Average tone. #TRUTH
    Xtina is the ONLY singer from Beyonce’s generation
    Who can be compared to Whitney’s voice. #FACT

  27. RoyalKev May 31, 2013

    Leave it to Bey haters to manipulate a tribute given to the greatest Voice of all by turning it into an attempt for Bey to make herself superior. The reach! Bey sounds awesome and she doesn’t even sing most of the song. Calm down! I swear some of you are too pressed for your own good! Its always the same people shading that have a meltdown when you give them a dose of honesty about their favs.

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013

      the haters never rest just like the devil

  28. Kent May 31, 2013

    Bey and whitney are great vocalist on their own so are other girl that can blow so no need to put one over d other cos God didnt stop giving people excellent vocal talent after he created whitney grow up ppl

    • MC IS THE PLACE TO BE May 31, 2013

      yes there is a need to put one over the toher cause theirs one whose vocals is 100x better. so keep it cute.

  29. h2o May 31, 2013

    Only a bad b****.

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013


  30. Kent May 31, 2013

    I wonder why rihanna doesnt cover other artist song? okay i 4got she did mariah hero

    • turquoise. May 31, 2013

      because she isn’t a vocalist.

    • TeamBreezy May 31, 2013

      She covers Bob Marley songs all the time .. don’t try it

      • Navy Sailor May 31, 2013

        Exactly. She also covered DC3 and Madonna. I’m sleep though….

    • Teah May 31, 2013

      Rihanna never covers vocally challenging songs because she sucks. Navy stans have the audacity to talk about Beyonce’s singing/performing when Rihanna couldn’t hold a candle to her on her worst day. I can’t with the fuckery! Like seriously lmfao.

  31. Demi lovato lover May 31, 2013

    Ewwwwww she’s fat!!!

  32. DIGGER BEY May 31, 2013

    Lmao @ Broke Bastards….@ Navi B****…u better b glad I don’t know where ur f***** ass stay. And I don’t have to show ur delusional ass nothing. F** u stan for Rihoeanna. So nothing I show u will get thru ur ass, cause ur ass is from The Delusional Salvation Army. @ Mr. M….B**** u mad bwahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahah. 2003 Thru NOW Vocals KING B >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mooriah Fat Chubby Luppy Ass. Don’t get mad f** lmaooooooooooooooo. U wish that was an hot mess. The hot mess only comes from ur fav b****.

  33. turquoise. May 31, 2013

    The navy and c squad have no right to talk about vocals lmfao gtfoh

  34. Jessie May 31, 2013

    This was lovely!

  35. DIGGER BEY THEY MAD May 31, 2013

    Lmao @ this poor c*nt @ Mr.M…Hell R**** non existent vocals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sealiah Cowarey Vocals

  36. Kyle May 31, 2013

    People turning a positive into a negative as usual just because its Bey. Ironic how the people who are stanning for non vocalists are doing the most talking. Funny really. Nice cover Beyonce.

  37. DIGGER BEY May 31, 2013

    lmao These b****** are mad that there fav can’t handle an Whitney song lmaooooooooooooooooooo. 1 thru 10, on the Whitney Singing Rating. With Whitney being the 10. THE QUEEN put on an 7 or 7 1/2. Whitney is THE QUEEN OF VOCALS! Nobody can’t touch The Prime Whitney! But KING B did put on an great vocal showing. Nobody is saying its up to par to Whitneys, cause nobody can do it like her.

    • mr.m May 31, 2013

      7 or 7 1/2 ??
      Erase the 7 , keep the 1/2 .. LMAO!
      You tried it tho 🙂

      • Career Ender May 31, 2013

        that 1/2 is porktina’s ratings as a singer nowadays

  38. turquoise. May 31, 2013

    the navy fails to realize that rihanna isn’t a vocalist. she is merely a pretty, fashionable singer. she does not understand nor does she respect the art of singing. she never rearranges her songs, she doesn’t take any risks with her voice and it sucks because she actually has potential. now beyonce is a supreme vocalist. she IS music. her technique is flawless, her runs are crazy and she has crazy control. she knows her voice and its limits unlike christina aguilera. ciara has been singing the same flat note for ten years. she isn’t even worthy of critique. i’d listen to rihanna before I listen to her.

  39. Lou May 31, 2013

    It was very tasteful tribute since she didn’t even sing the full song. She did a good job give the girl a break. She isn’t trying to be better than Whitney or compete with her. Beyonce always said how she looked up to Whitney as a child so this comes as no surprise.

  40. DIGGER BEY May 31, 2013

    Oh and on that 1 thru 10 Whitney Chart. Ciflop can’t put on an 2 lmao. R**** can’t go pass an 4 lmao. Pigtina has lost her voice. So she can’t get pass an 6. Mooriah can’t pass the 6. Pigtina >>>>>> Mooriah. KING B performance was an 7 1/2!

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013

      lol you are a mess

      i like you cause you never get dragged, you always, i mean ALWAYS dragging the titanic and the pork chops warthoguilera stans

  41. B2B May 31, 2013

    I love the little part of the song that she does, but I want her to sing the whole song lord yes!!! But why y’all tripping I vividly remember Whitney having her Beyoncé shirt during the DIL era, so she was a fan… But then again which relevant celebrity/ legend isn’t? She got Rih, Gaga, Mariah, KR, Alicia Keys, Nicki, MJ & so many others are fans and praise her! Why some of their fans hate Bey so much tho? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER????

  42. Lou May 31, 2013

    Theres a picture on the net floating around of Whitney in with BEYONCE T Shirt on. YES you heard right! She digs Beyoncé and Beyoncé loved her so stop creating unnecessary s***.

    • turquoise. May 31, 2013

      right whitney pretty much showed love to everyone unlike some entitled divas who shall remain unnamed….

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 31, 2013


      • Lou May 31, 2013

        Lol. And yet Mariah even shows Bey love too.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 31, 2013

        That Because Beyonce Is not a B****, Like a Real B**** when she’s around her.

  43. JER May 31, 2013

    pure struggle

  44. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 31, 2013

    she did it more justice when she was in that Casino called “REVEL” IMO.

  45. Special Delivery May 31, 2013

    Yassss @Lou pure life when I saw that picture of Whitney with a Bey T Shirt on.

  46. caribbean native May 31, 2013

    *flips weave and plays heather headley”s superior version on youtube* #caribbeanbitchesdoesitbetter

    • Career Ender May 31, 2013

      yea right? yo fave could never!

      thats why you keep listening to nobodies who sing better than yo fav

      • caribbean native May 31, 2013

        lil fool, my favs end your fav’s career, in fact you dont even know my fave and if you do then u must be stalking me on this site, so dont f*** yourself with a soft d*** thinking for one second your fave is running s***!

  47. pat May 31, 2013

    she always hits the notes…but lacks the rich tones and soul that someone like monica would have while singing the song

    • CreoleBeyFan May 31, 2013


  48. Special Delivery May 31, 2013

    And Bey did well with this people are trying it.

  49. Gilbert E May 31, 2013

    Why are you guys hating? If you don’t like it then don’t need to be so negative and write mean comments. It’s nice of her to be paying tribute and respect to Whitney, one of her inspirations! I like her rendition, not the best but definitely something i admire. Well done B!

  50. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 31, 2013

    Beyonce has a Good Voice. #FACT

    beyonce Can Sing. #FACT

    Give Beyonce her credit and Leave , you can’t accuse her for not giving any credit and go and do the same thing , ha ?

    she do covers so well.

  51. Bey Fan May 31, 2013

    She sung the easiest part of the song??? WHAT? The Beyonce hate makes ppl say the dumbest s***.

    Beyonce sounded good… end of discussion.

  52. Loyalty May 31, 2013

    You all know there was absolutely no problem with this really.

  53. DOSSOME May 31, 2013

    And it became a stan war…

  54. KEY May 31, 2013

    That was a nice cover. Stop B-tching.

  55. DIGGER BEY May 31, 2013

    Yes @ Beyfan. All of Whitney Prime songs are hard to sang. There’s No such thing as an easy Whitney song. U are right. Did dumbass delusional b****** will say anything. Just to discredit THE QUEEN lmaoooooo. If ur ass don’t have good to supreme vocals. U need to stay away from an Whitney song. That’s why u don’t see the Lesser vocalists like R****, Ciflop, Britney, Katy, Jlo and a couple others attempting to sing her songs lmaooo. Anyway I miss Whitney so much! I remember crying and n awe of her singing voice at times! Good Lord, especially The National Anthem. The best singing I have ever heard! #RIP THE GREAT WHITNEY

  56. Music May 31, 2013

    She’s not trying to be Whitney Houston, dumb b******!
    She’s showing respect to a legendary singer. She always sings the first half
    Of this song before Halo at all her shows. Grow up.

  57. dorota May 31, 2013

    Well, first of all, Berlin’s 02 World is (surprise, surprise) IN BERLIN. We, in Poland, have the National Stadium in Warsaw. Secondly, the whole show was great, blue balloons in the audience during Halo were just incredible and Ms. Carter gave a hell of a show. Love to TGJ, just check your facts :).

  58. Mother Monster May 31, 2013

    Lmao she tried & failed she’s not that strong of a vocalist to sing ms Houston’s legendary song

    • Holy Hive May 31, 2013

      GaGa could never tho…

  59. TurnUp4Cici May 31, 2013

    Nooooo bey you can’t sing every song sit down only thing that would make this worst is you bringing r**** out for a duet with that song….

  60. Holy Hive May 31, 2013

    Beyonce is the closes thing to Whitney in terms of vocals… yall act like Rihanna Ciara Or Xtina could sing a Whitney song without any isssue Beyonce did that she needs to do a cover of it and put it on the next album

  61. Tash May 31, 2013

    Oh leave her alone. She did it enough justice without trying to go overboard. The cover was cute.

  62. Goddess Whitney May 31, 2013

    I respect her for the tribute but Beyonce you coulda keep that sweetie… Leave those type of songs for the REAL vocalist you can sing but your voice is basic Whitneys was special.. You shoulda done Dance with somebody.

  63. Liv May 31, 2013

    She sounded very pleasant. Credit where it is due. Beyonce is very versatile vocally. Shes tributing Whitney not trying to be her. Not everyone can sing that song though.

  64. Queen Barb May 31, 2013

    It was decent Beyonce is a Whitney type of vocalist

    • hum February 7, 2015

      you wish. She can sing, she sang beautiful songs, she is a singer but she’s not, she has never been and will never be Whitney (nor Etta) and she knows it. Nobody is Whitney and nobody should sing her songs because that makes us realise the difference and causes prejudice to the one wanting to pay tribute to her. She so knows it that she sang the easisest part, the beginning.

  65. Navy Sailor May 31, 2013

    Lmao at the CList Squad coming for Rih. Have you b****** seen Ciara’s tribute to Michael Jackson? WORST VOCALS EVER LMAO! Imma need y’all go pick a seat and STAY THERE because rih could sing circles around Flopara.

    Anyway, beyonce did a good job. No hate over here. 🙂

  66. I Will Adorn You May 31, 2013

    It was very nice.

  67. Jesu May 31, 2013

    lmao! Don’t do it hunny! Just do what you excel at shaking your man cooch on stage, mmm k! 😉

    • Queen Barb May 31, 2013


  68. h2o May 31, 2013

    I do have a question . . . . .

    Why do

    * NΛVI
    * Ms. Donte
    * Honey Bee
    * Brandy Nu Nu
    * MC the Place to Be

    ALL have the same Gravatar?

    See :


    • Jewell May 31, 2013

      LOL and the troll tries to make out the Hive are the culprits.

      • h2o May 31, 2013

        I’m KIIIII-ing right now. I’m KIIIIIII-ing hard.

      • Jewell May 31, 2013

        Ikr. I guess it takes one to know one!

  69. sniff my balls May 31, 2013


  70. Kendall May 31, 2013

    This was a perfectly fine vocal performance. Well done Beyonce. Its a lie when people make out it was bad because its anything but that. The only struggle is people trying to drag a good vocal performance.

    • hum February 7, 2015

      It was not perfect there was no soul in it. It was technically correct and that’s it.

  71. bella May 31, 2013

    Rihanna Salvation Army – RiRi’s unwashed fleet of hoodrats genuinely believe their dysfunctional shero can SANG.
    Like, in their Molly-damaged minds, she sounds
    exactly like Whitney Houston, not tortured tropical
    birds. Loyal? Yes, but the most thoroughly ratchet of
    ALL stans.

  72. H2OSBABYMAMA May 31, 2013


  73. mr.m May 31, 2013

    Ya’ll so funny ..
    Comparing Xtina or Mariah to BeyFlop?
    Xtina n Man-iah are vocal supreme
    Rigth where Whitney, Cline and Toni is
    Beyonce can’t even reach them
    With her wack ass weave shaking her fat ass
    She’s an amazing “performer” with a very godd voice
    BUT nowhere near Xtina’s legendary powerful voice ..

    80’s-90’s = Whitney
    90’s-00’s = Mariah
    00’s-10’S = Xtina


    • XtinaaLovee May 31, 2013

      I agreee even Jennifer Hudson is a better vocalist than her ugly ass

      • Drew May 31, 2013

        Technically she is not. Jenifer Hudson is just f****** LOUD and shouts her way to the top. She can sing but needs to control her voice. Beyonce is better technically.

      • XtinaaLovee May 31, 2013

        B**** goodbye!!! Xtina is the voice of the generation for a f****** reason Beyonce cant see Xtina or Jennifer on stage they will out sing her anyday…

      • Special Delivery May 31, 2013

        I had to intervene. Really? Jennifer sounded like a mess against Beyonce here sorry. Just because you can yell doesn’t make you more supreme vocally.

      • Drew May 31, 2013

        @Special Delivery Thank you! Shouting does not equal better. While Jennifer is a better belter Beyoncé is much better technically.

      • CreoleBeyFan May 31, 2013


  74. XtinaaLovee May 31, 2013

    That s*** was horrible just shows that not everyone can sing a Whitney song Beyonce has always been an overrated vocalist shes known for performing aka her ass shaking more than she’s known for having great vocals…. Like someone said Bey can sing but her vocals are basic compared to Whitney, Christina A, Mariah, & Jennifer Hudson…

    Beyonce isn’t not a vocal goddess

    • Lil mo stan May 31, 2013

      B**** xtina sounds a mess shes worst than Keyshia cole

      • CreoleBeyFan May 31, 2013

        I have nothing but love for Lil mo, afterall she did stick up for Beyonce by dissing keyshia cole lame pitchy ass! just wanted to tell you that coming frm a beyfan! lil mo can sang!!

    • hum February 7, 2015

      only whitney, she had everything and is the rare one you start to really love when she sings. The rest are fake (Mariah) or average or don’t sound beautiful (Xtina) or are full of auto-satisfaction (Beyoncé, ariana grande)

  75. Jlover May 31, 2013

    Whitney >>>>>>>> Fatyonce

    • h2o May 31, 2013

      And Beyonce >>>>>>>> J-H**

    • CreoleBeyFan May 31, 2013


  76. Drew May 31, 2013

    What was terrible about this? Stop reaching this is very good rendition. And Xtina screechy, forced voice is horrible always f****** up and s***. Beyonces voice is far more sonically pleasing. Theres nothing wrong with this. Nice tribute. Whitney liked Beyonce aswell.

    • XtinaaLovee May 31, 2013

      Honey have a seat Xtina is a vocal goddess she slays Beyonce weak vocals effortlessly… Xtina sings with passion and soul something Beyphony lacks.

      • Drew May 31, 2013

        Effortlessly? BWAHAHAHA! She puts so much effort in shes a f****** mess. Grovelling and Growling doesn’t equal soul. She sounds like amateur. People with real genuine soul in their voice are people like Adele and Amy Winehouse not Screamy Aguilera.

      • h2o May 31, 2013

        Beyonce easily shoots XtinKa’s 130KG ass back on her 5 nosebleed seats, IDK WTF you’re trying to do.

      • Likica May 31, 2013

        Oh please, Xtina is the voice of generation! Xtina in her prime >> Beyonce. And calling her ass 130kg when she lost her weight and looks better than most of pop girls now? Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson are also better singers than Bey. But she is a good singer as well, no one denies it, not as much as her fans think. Also, Hurt >>> Beyonce entire discography combined with DC.

      • Fran May 31, 2013

        Beyonce has better control, versatility and technical aspects. Christina has more range.

      • CreoleBeyFan May 31, 2013


      • Jas May 31, 2013

        Girl, if Straintina’s deteriorating vocals aren’t weak then idk what is. She’s regressed as a vocalist and at this point in time Beyonce is definitely the better vocal technician. Because she has only progressed as an entertainer. So stop being biased. Because I could care less about soul and emotion. That s*** is subjective and very broad. Nor can it be measured. Technique and skill however, can be. And in that regard, Beyonce slays your fave in every aspect. Because Christina wouldn’t know pitch/vocal control if it slapped her in the face.

  77. Lil mo stan May 31, 2013

    These bitter broke bald Christina fans<<<<<<

    Beyonce slayed this s*** xtina could never tbh

  78. Lil mo stan May 31, 2013

    Xtina is one of the most overrated vocalist

  79. Anna May 31, 2013

    This isn’t Warsaw – Warsaw is in Poland & Berlin is in Germany LOL…

  80. Lolz May 31, 2013

    Yes Beyonce good job girl!

  81. CreoleBeyFan May 31, 2013

    Christina’s vocals are just about gone if not, all of it lmao, Jhud doesnt have ANY versatility to her voice and she just belts on every damn song which is why nobody really checks for her anymore accept for that time when alot of black folks were trying to make her the next challenger to go up against Beyonce, bbut that didnt end so well as they thought because NOBODY challenges the Queen Bey like that even if you have an oscar lma!!! christina fans do the most because they constantly try to make everybody and their gay aunt believe that she’s the voice of our generation even though she never had a decent voice to last her through a two hour concert, you ciara fans just need to stfu and hang it up because beyonce shut her down back in 2008 when cic thought she had a massive hiton her hands and two months later Beyonce changed the game again with “Single Ladies” in November of that same year!! rihanna fans still fail to realize that end of the day, she works for both Jay-z and wife Beyonce, so you better believe that her money is their money!!! The Moral of the stry is that, no matter how much y’all try to bring down REAL VOCALISTS like Beyonce and Mariah, you will ALWAYS LOSE!!! Now go take your ugly asses somewhere and get some real teaching on what REAL SINGERS sound like!!

  82. Paula May 31, 2013

    Warsaw is in Poland and we have there a Stadium, Natoional Stadium. So You are writing about Poland or Germany ? because i don’t undrestand this post.

  83. Fran May 31, 2013

    I liked it she kept it short, sweet and on point. Beyonce is a perfectionist she wouldn’t sing a Whitney song without being on point but she still kept it cute because she is tributing her.

  84. Mimi Carey May 31, 2013

    Xtina who?

    Good Job Bey

  85. Rosie May 31, 2013

    The Christina stans are a bitter mess. Has Lotus gone 3x hay yet?

    • Drew May 31, 2013

      Lol @ hay.

    • Likica May 31, 2013

      Has Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant gone 1xPlastic? At least Lotus has gone Gold In Canada. Hey, it’s something sompared to Lana’s debut album. Anyway, Xtina has 2 10+ million selling album something that both of your favs don’t have and they will never.

      • Rosie May 31, 2013

        You’re such a stupid b****. Did you really compare the sales of an INDIE record to a major artist on a major label’s fifth album? Her first album wasn’t even availiable on iTunes or anywhere for that matter and she wasn’t signed to Interscope until the VERY END of 2011. It just really shows how bad you are at this. Oh and by the way my other fave besides from Lana and Marina is Gaga who is more popular than any of your faves could ever dream of, nice try.

      • Likica May 31, 2013

        Oh b**** seethe, seethe. Is it my fault that it flopped? It”s her debut album.
        Marina LOL, that must be a joke. Who is she and her hits are?

        Honey, Madonna is among my favs and GaGa will never reach her level. Why should I be concerned about that Madonna wannabe with generic music famous because of her meat dresses and crazy outfits? Beside, all of my other favs are more successful than Lana and Marina combined.

      • Rosie May 31, 2013

        How am I seething? It’s not my fault that you don’t know the difference between a major label and indie. For someone as big as Xtina it makes no sense for Lana to outsell Lotus. And b**** please, you were NOT stanning for Madonna unless Gaga was mentioned, and none of your other faves had yet to outsell BTD during the past year (MAJOR LABEL debut, something that you refuse to understand). Besides, no one pulls up Katy Hudson when dragging Shitty Perry, do they?
        And Marina has gone gold in Ireland/silver in the UK, both bigger markets than Canada.

  86. Drew May 31, 2013

    @LIKICA weren’t you the same person that said WHITNEY and MJ were OVERRATED>>>>>>> _/ _/ _/

    No time for your banter sweety.

    • Likica May 31, 2013

      Yes they are, especially after their death, any problem with that? I never denied that they are legends though. Xtina in her prime >> Beyonce.. So feel free _/

      • Drew May 31, 2013

        In your opinion sweety, in your opinion. Theres a difference between opinion and fact. Don’t preach to me unless its a fact.

      • Drew May 31, 2013

        It clearly matters to YOU since you responded darling. And its still an opinion, just like people don’t think Beyonce is the ARTIST OF THE MILLENIUM but has an award to back it up sooo….

      • Likica May 31, 2013

        You were talking to me, you obviously expected me to answer you. 😉 Well, she can have that award, but looking objectively, do you really think she deserves it? I mean, all her peers are commercially more successful than her. Britney, Xtina, P!nk, Avril sold more albums than Beyonce and some of them have also bigger tours, bigger singles. Isn’t Beyonce ironic when she calls herself a King but artists like Britney put her album sales to shame with just album? Or Xtina with 2, Avril with 2? She shouldn’t act so cocky and call herself a King when she is not even in top 5 most successful acts of her generation!

        Anyway, this was about vocals, and obviously Xtina recieved an award for them among all of her peers.

      • Drew May 31, 2013

        But you responded to me in my comment section are you forgetting. And I am no longer bantering with people who think Whitney and MJ are overrated in the slightest so bye.

  87. Emeral May 31, 2013

    I loved it. Im sorry but I would not trust Christina with that she’ll probably f*** it up like she has done with so many other classic songs. I don’t like her voice, never have sounds very forced and not pleasant to listen to. She tries too hard to sound like a soulful Diva and it doesn’t come across genuine. I could listen to Beyonce more, her voice might be softer but her control and smoothness is nicer to my ears. That’s my opinion. Christina is known more for her vocal fails than heights these days.

  88. MariahIsMusic1 May 31, 2013

    She nailed it. She’s better than Xtina

    No one will perform this song like whitney houston

  89. B2B May 31, 2013

    If Xtina is such a great vocalist why is it so hard for her to sell? The GP must not agree with you stans! What’s Xtina’s biggest accomplishment? Lady M.? Burlesque? & Wasn’t she over shadowed by Brittany, then Pink, then Beyonce & now Rih? SHE’S DONE! She can’t even sell more than Fantasia first week! & Tasia didn’t have The Voice, Radio Deals, nor did her singole break the BB Hot 100, but still sold more than Xtina.

  90. Rellz May 31, 2013

    She was great. Its not possible for some people to give credit where its is due is it? Instead they try and pick at flaws. Beyonce is a brilliant vocalist point blank period. No shes not Whitney or Mariah but the girl can sing and do it justice. Shes been praised for her voice by legends like Tina Turner, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Barbra Streisand the list goes on. Id rather take their word over haters on here.

  91. Riri bad May 31, 2013

    I think Beyonce did great Whitney would be proud 🙂

  92. Riri bad May 31, 2013

    I dont even f*** with Beyonce like that but Give credit when its due Beyonce wasn’t bad at all…

  93. Halo May 31, 2013

    Beyonce >>>>> Pigtina

  94. Career Ender May 31, 2013


  95. #DirtyLaundry May 31, 2013

    Yaas bey!!!!

    Xtina Rihanna & Ciara stans pressed cause they fav could never sing a Whitney song so flawlessly.

  96. Lotus May 31, 2013

    Thought this was a Theifyonce post tbh Yet all i see is Queen Xtinas name hahaha mutha fuckas mad cause xtina sings circles around Beyonce just because bey is a great performer doesn’t make her the best singer out there hell Jessie J, Xtina, Leona Lewis & Kelly Clarkson are way better Vocalist then Uglyonce that’s a fact

    • Rellz May 31, 2013

      No Bey stan bought Xtina up first its thanks to Xtinas pressed fanbase. Your names names Lotus, hows its doing?

  97. fatusankoh May 31, 2013

    Well don bey you have the best voice hate mongers are mad you are every woman you can do it all their favorites have no talente can sing god bless you proteict you from sick and hatters for lifelong live queen bey

  98. Lovebird May 31, 2013

    LMAO no snippet this week, she has now been reduced to covering other people’s songs lol. This is what happens when your catalogue of music is p*** poor, you sing other people’s songs.

    • Aquarius May 31, 2013

      Its got nothing to do with catalogue of music. Many people do covers at their shows if you actually go to many. Stop being petty. Especially not when you think The Sun is legit you are so biased.

    • Rosie May 31, 2013

      I don’t expect much to come from someone who uses the Sun as a source. #navilogic

    • JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2013

      Your thums up are obviously fake. This is becoming a joke

      • Teah May 31, 2013

        I know right! I can’t with these fake likes and dislikes that Sam has going on here. This site isn’t even credible. What is up with some of these negatively biased dumb ass comments??? I can’t with these drastic amount of likes and dislikes that Sam has going on. First Rihanna, and even Ciara fans,have the nerve to criticize an exceptional singers vocals when their faves aren’t even musically inclined….now this. That’s a damn shame *face hits palm*

  99. Aquarius May 31, 2013

    Why are people hating on her? She did really good. Total justice. Majority of the peoples faves on here could never sing Whitney without a flaw like Bey did so sit the f*** down.

  100. Mya May 31, 2013

    Love it well done Beybey and I love the pics she just put up of her and Jay in Berlin so cute.

  101. lia May 31, 2013


  102. lia May 31, 2013


    • CreoleBeyFan June 1, 2013

      hahahaahahaha! you rihanna fans stay thirsty!! kill yourselves!

  103. lia May 31, 2013


    • Dawn May 31, 2013

      whos that in ur avi?

  104. Georgie May 31, 2013

    Beyonce did great. The trolls need to sit. I heard it live in London it was very touching the way her voice carried across the O2 she did wonderful. I didnt want the show to end.

  105. Suicide Blonde May 31, 2013

    She did not learn anything from the last time she tried to sing this song, she has a good voice but even the greatest singer can’t sing certain songs, this is one of these songs, she can’t sing this song, period, btw, she seems tired in her last performances, she’s not the same on stage, still better than Britney but she has lost something.

    • Jas May 31, 2013

      When in regards to “not learning from the last time”, no I don’t think she did. And in all honesty I don’t think that she cares at this point lmfao…well if you haven’t noticed. But then again that’s just an observation of my own.

  106. DIGGER BEY May 31, 2013

    Biitch come out of delusional land. U think ur fav can put on an better show bwahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahahahah #KILL YO SELF

  107. Micks May 31, 2013

    People are making out she f***** up lol. People automatically put up a guard when someone covers a legends. Beyonces aim wasn’t to be better than Whitney on this song. But she sang (the small part she did sing) well.

  108. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 31, 2013

    Mariah is still Beyonce’s fave though.

    • My Forehead Tho May 31, 2013

      and vice versa…

  109. Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 31, 2013

    What is that? And who is that? all I hear is some man trying to attempt Whitney Houston. I heard a H** say BeUglyonce has the best voice of today!! LMAO you mean the most annoying and overrated voice.

    • Teah May 31, 2013

      Some man trying to attempt Whitney Houston? Its ironic that you should day that. The only man;y vioce I heard was your faves Pon De Forhead oops, I mean Rihanna during her failed attempt of “Hero”. Which sound 100000x worse than this. And it doesn’t come as a surprise since your fave isn’t capable of imitating anything but an extra terrestrial goat. But you wanna call Beyonce over rated? Overrated is when your persona, image, and controversy get more attention than your actual job/talent. Which isn’t too hard to do in RihSplices case since talent and a good work ethic is what she lacks the most.

  110. quetta May 31, 2013

    She did great but if some of you can hear..her voice is giving out. Its raspy.

  111. Teah May 31, 2013

    @JOHNVIDAL I know right! I can’t with these fake likes and dislikes that Sam has going on here. This site isn’t even credible. What is up with some of these negatively biased dumb ass comments??? I can’t with these drastic amount of likes and dislikes that Sam has going on. First Rihanna, and even Ciara fans,have the nerve to criticize an exceptional singers vocals when their faves aren’t even musically inclined….now this. That’s a damn shame *face hits palm*

  112. Anne May 31, 2013

    WOW! She did Whitney proud as expected. I just wish she would have finished it but the Halo part was equally as impressive. This is towards the end of the show and you can’t even tell she’s been singing all night prior to this performance. It seems that she really knows how to take care of her instrument. Good for her (& us fans)!

  113. Angela Wesley May 31, 2013

    Maybe she had been singing a little to much, but
    the Whitney Houston cover was not that bad, but
    it was good either.She probably should chosen
    anther song to sing instead of that one.

  114. rihking June 1, 2013

    FAT COW f**** everything up!

  115. Oh Yeah!!! June 5, 2013


  116. AAlan June 7, 2013

    this is another reason why i love beyonce she doe’snt do the same things as every f****** artise, she does it her way , she sang i will always love beauitifully bey’s way , loool rihannna do a cover , she’s too busy smoking weed

  117. da truth January 18, 2014

    all of riri’s lead singles are number ones, and bey…uhm lets not mention that… and rihanna can sing live look at the x factor uk we found love/stay and californa kingbed on american idol and umbrella on good morning america. rihanna is also a award-winning icon (ama’s) while bey wasnt even nominated for da price. beyonce will neva be da best period. she can sing tho but not like whitney or mariah…she can dance tho but not like michael or janet #facts. she will always be on step behind…always

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