Hot Shot: Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ Tour

Published: Wednesday 29th May 2013 by David

Peep this pic of Real Madrid soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, posing it up with ‘Battleship’ star Rihanna, back stage as last night’s Portuguese leg of the star’s ‘Diamonds World Tour’.

Snapped at Lisbon’s MEO Arena, the pair’s shot was taken weeks after the KFC Arabia spokesman scored his 200th girl for Madrid during their May 8th match against Al Thani’s Malaga CF.

It also comes after Rihanna‘s chart topping rival Beyonce saw her latest Box Office hit ‘Epic‘ gross  85 million dollars worldwide in its opening week.

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  1. AMANDA BYNES STAN May 29, 2013


    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013

      Wait… What?


    • Ballsy May 29, 2013

      Amanda go sit you Bi Polar self down and stawp it with that Blacc Chyna stuff.. She says that you’re embarrassing her!

    • RIRI>BEYHOE May 29, 2013


    • kikiuyy77 May 29, 2013

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  2. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013

    Oh Christiano…

    They’re both HOT & would make one S*** couple.


    • Mark111 May 29, 2013

      That would be one s*** tape.

    • TeamBreezy May 29, 2013

      Yes! I DONT care that he’s a gay, he can tap this all night

    • Ropeburn May 29, 2013

      Well Rihanna better watch out or he’ll knock her up and leave her with his b****** child like that waitress in San Diego.

  3. J May 29, 2013

    Whahahah lol at the first comment!!!!

    Pic is cute!!!!

  4. BEYSUS OVER JESUS May 29, 2013


    • Ballsy May 29, 2013

      That wasnt so hard was it.

  5. ERIN May 29, 2013


    • ADMIT IT May 29, 2013

      You just mad cause you’ll never look that good…even in your dreams..Deal!!!

      • ERIN May 29, 2013


  6. JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

    Too bad he, his team and his coach failed again this year 🙂 Not even all the money in the world can save that non-soccer mess of a club

    • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

      In such a racist country like Spain where even the Portuguese are discriminated, i’m not surprising, if the press don’t like the manager or the Soccer player, you are nothing, half of the population in Spain is team Barca so what do you expect?, The Real Madrid should ask the population if they want an Spanish manager coz otherwise, will always be the same thing, maybe things change a little bit if they hire an Spanish Manager haha, Mourinho continues to be a great manager and Cristiano, not a fan of him but he’s not that bad, God you’re such a bitter person, there’s so much negativity in you, towards some people.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

        Girl! You are so damn ignorant when it comes to soccer. SORRY! You just focus on looks and money, as usual. It´s not anybody´s fault that club is a mess, plays dirty soccer and they failed again this year, nothing to do with anybody´s home country. Messi is obviously the best player like… ever, at this point, and he is from Argentina. Don´t see anybody saying he is a self centered b****, cos he isn´t, those other two are. But don´t worry, even in Real Madrid there are decent people. Hard to find, but there are.
        I´ve never been accused of being racist on here. You have been though Ooops

      • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

        And btw, press from Madrid kissed his ass enough. Don´t worry they didn´t discriminate him, they kissed his ass and now that he has totally failed, he is going somewhere else and they are probably telling the truth, like they do with everybody else hun. I don´t bother with Madrid´s sports press, but I´m sure that´s basically what they are doing now. You truly think you know something about soccer, don´t you?
        Why does it hurt you so much Real Madrid always failing? Is your boyfriend a supporter? lol Cos if he is, he is not well informed. Any true supporter would want Casillas and the rest of nice guys and players to have a decent team and play decent soccer, not always be second best and be afraid of PLAYING

    • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

      Why did Rihanna fans thumb me down? I didn´t mention her gurls! lol messy queens…

  7. DJ May 29, 2013

    What was the purpose of throwing Beyonce in this story?

    • Miss M May 29, 2013

      For people like you to question.

  8. queenB-rules May 29, 2013

    Hate them both….. Christiano a lil bit more than riwhora…

    • Blue May 29, 2013

      B**** then why waste you life commenting on their posts?

      • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

        She comments on every rih post 🙂

      • queenB-rules May 29, 2013

        coz i can………… dont try and be smart when ur actually showing how stupid u are!

      • queenB-rules May 29, 2013

        yes!!!! #pouts
        i do!

      • ADMIT IT May 29, 2013

        She’s an undercover RihRih lover…its ok gurlll

  9. Blue May 29, 2013

    Christiano has a pretty but dumb looking face.

    but the the things i could do to his body…

    riri girl i hope you lived the dream for all us ladies and f…ed his brains out

  10. Blue May 29, 2013

    Christiano like beckham are the show!
    honey i hate soccer but watch everyone of their games cause those boys are fine ass helll running around that pitch in their tight little shorts and some good days they let those boys hang…my bllod pressure

  11. Blue May 29, 2013

    Christiano like beckham are the show!
    honey i hate soccer but watch everyone of their games cause those boys are fine ass helll running around that pitch in their tight little shorts and some good days they let those boys hang…my blood pressure

  12. Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

    Love that hair color on Rih <3

  13. eqvilim May 29, 2013

    lmao i just died. people paying for this “performance” really? should could be home dancing in her mirror, or sleep walking and probably present a better performance

    • queenB-rules May 29, 2013

      blah blah blah……. try harder next time

  14. rihanna’s baby May 29, 2013

    SCREAMING SSSSSEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aah! Love Rihanna.

  15. Loyalty May 29, 2013

    Ronaldo is so f****** sleazy. They make a cute couple though.

  16. Lovebird May 29, 2013

    Cristiano Ronaldo is so f****** hot, if I was Rihanna, I would have f***** his brains out so bad the boy wouldn’t be able to play soccer for an entire season, then me and Rihanna can have amazing s** that I would just about lose the will to live.

  17. Super Cisus May 29, 2013

    She is a s*** and a flop!!!!

    • MuiMui May 29, 2013

      Hey super idiot and She own your Brains.

  18. MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

    She looks amazing. Really gorgeous Rihanna. Mr Ronaldo who isn’t inlove with this guy? OMG. I can even give him 10 babies he’s HOT. I know his gay though what a waste

    • dot May 29, 2013

      hhm gay??? man fu.. anithing in a skirt.. he does have a son and a mad girlfriend cause of all the affairs.. so i really dont know why u people calll him gay.. would love to meet half the women he mets

  19. ADMIT IT May 29, 2013

    Queen Rihanna..LUV her!!!!

  20. Rosie May 29, 2013

    Hope he didn’t catch some disease from that.

    • MuiMui May 29, 2013

      And just how safe is Yours,hun.

  21. Shauwndapooh May 29, 2013

    The QUEEN and her star power

  22. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 29, 2013

    B**** , marry him while you are at it.

  23. WILD DEBUTANTE May 29, 2013

    Yall are really something else….because before reading the comments, I just thought it was a cute picture but now that yall said something they would make a hot couple. lol

    Now that would be a good guy for RiRi! Not only would they be a power couple but there kids will be the most beautiful exotic human beings ever. Adorbz.

  24. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 29, 2013

    not at those b****** drooling over christiano 😆

    street hookers.

  25. WILD DEBUTANTE May 29, 2013

    Rihanna needs to leave these fake bad boy industry thugs alone. I know she’s humble and what not, but she has to understand her status is HUGE, she’s going to be iconic and I dont really think she understands completely…but how could she? Were looking in from the outside, she’s actually living it + its a fast pace industry.

    I believe every damn celeb ever has attended this Diamonds World Tour tbh, plus she plays her first stadium date tomorrow, like wow.

    • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

      No more celebs than those who attended the MDNA tour.

    • Rach May 29, 2013

      Not as many celebs as The Mrs Carter show honey. And when I mean celebs I mean A listers, Politicians and Royalty.

  26. Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

    They both look cute, Cristiano will be remembered as the most famous soccer player after Beckham but only because of their physical appearance not because they are Pele or Maradona, Cristiano is a better player though, i don’t think he is that great looking though, now Beckham is heavenly but he’s just a model.

  27. RiRi Bad May 29, 2013

    Such a cute pic of RiRi that guy is hot too!

  28. bibi93 May 29, 2013


  29. Woman To Woman May 29, 2013


  30. DOSSOME May 29, 2013

    *Weeks after the KFC Arabia spokesman scored his 200th *girl* for Madrid*

    I’ll pretend that was intentional and just say,”christiano gurl,score those girls”

  31. bella May 29, 2013

    “Chris brown needs to give this talentless tramp
    another beating I dont care how bad riri think she is”

    • MuiMui May 29, 2013

      Wish in one hand and you know the rest ,looser.
      Shoulda,coulda,woulda,you know the drill. Chris got plenty girls he can beat on their Behinds like a set of Drums if He so choses even a Billionaires Daughter who’s Winking and
      blinking why not try Her so if he slips up and put His hands on her that way he can say nighty nite sooner rather than Later.
      Now don’t get me wrong I love Chris.,its slicks like you that made me type.

  32. MuiMui May 29, 2013

    Rihanna need to leave all thug boys along and give it all the way up to a Real Man,and the rest will be something to write home about.One of the smartest moves She has ever
    made in Her entire life was to not leave her home open to some children,boys and girls while Shes Touring the World,the best thing she could have ever done was to stop trying to change a Grown B*** man and let Chris Brown Live His live as He so pleases and She is now free to Living Hers and it don’t get no better than that. She can turn a Flip on top of her big head without any Drawers on, If She so wants to and don’t have to worry about Chrissy getting Hot over it Or starting a fight with someone He think is trying to Hit on Her,she will find somebody in due time and he’s going to be all that she has so desired in a Man. Those who don’t understand need to know that it is Better to have Loved and Lost then to not have Loved at All.

  33. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax May 29, 2013

    This is who rih should be with. Rih is world class, and she should not be with that gheto ugly nappy head thug n****. Time for her to star datin on her level. I am not saying she should be like Halle and Zoe sladan and only date white men, but, SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE THAT THUG N**** FLOP CHRIS BROWN ALONE. JT, Cristino are the types she should be with. Drake too!

    Look at That flop soon to be broke n**** Chris, ne is reduced to hangin with asian ladyboy fron mail salon and bunch of latina trashy bartenders. The reason? He is too inferior to hang with the QUEEN OF movie , fashion and movies. So, he can feel like a n**** man by hangin around these low class girls. Cristiano slept with Kim K then kicked her to the curb, but stupid BRAINLESS N**** MEN like kanye wife them up.

    Rihanna is too pure and powerful to be with a nugga man lower than her tier. Everyone on the white blogs is going nuts for this picture, they are saying that they would make the worlds most beatiful baby. More beautiful that ugly nugga nappy blue monkey ivy who is nugga baby.

    Rihanna, chose a black man on your level like Usain Bolt, an AROD, World class soccer player like Bolotelli. Or f**** with A class white man liek JT OR RONALDO. leave broke flop nugga men in the gutter with Kae and the rest of them bartendetrs

    • rih keeps winning – catch up heuax May 29, 2013

      BTW CHRIS AND RIH would officially BE THE HOTTEST POWER COUPLE IN HISTORY AND MAKE THE BEST LOOKING KIDS.MUCH BETTER THAN UGLY NUGGA BLLUE IVY . JAY AND BEY HAVE NOTHING ON RIH AND CHRIS. THEY are both old, fat, pork, nugga and ugly, hence why the made one of the most ugliest showbiz baby.


      BTW, we are in JUNE……..WHERE IS BEYONCE NEW SINGLE DATE AND ALBUM? THOUGHT she was gonna snatch wigs in 2013?

      • Lana May 29, 2013

        Rih and Chris? Power Couple? BWAHAHAHA!

        Too bad Chris aint after her loose p**** and would rather use her as punching bag than his queen.

        Jay and Bey have nothing on Ri and Chris? Maybe a Billion dollar couple? One of the most if not THE most [powerful back couples in showbiz. Ri and Chris could #NEVEA. They are a joke. Too bad they are no longer. You can come down to earth now.

    • rih keeps winning – catch up heuax May 29, 2013

      This picture will make chris and beyonce jealous. Rihanan has theainstream body and beauty to get attention from the baddest white boys. All the top white boys like rihanna . CB, JT, JB, RONALDO, James bond actor, vin diessel, Emimen, leonardo , Tom ford, Ricordo from Givenchy, Dicaprio, Colin farell, Ashton Kucther, R Patz, Ryan pillpe, Shia lebouf, Josh harnett. ALL these ALIST WHITE BOYS WANT TO STAND NEXT TO THE QUEEN. From spots, music movies, and fashion. BAD WHITE BOYS LIKE EM DONT EVEN F**** WITH WOMEN, BUT THEY MAKE EXCEPTION FOR THE QUEEN.


      • Rosie May 29, 2013

        B**** did you really just call Obama ghetto? #bye

    • Krissy May 29, 2013

      Chritiano is no man hes been accused of r*** and asult. But then Ri is familiar to the second part.

  34. bella May 29, 2013

    RIhanna is such a stuck up b****. Big forehead
    annoying accent cant sing raunchy ghetto trash

  35. HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

    He is not hot ewww….Rih Rih looks cute though

  36. Touché May 30, 2013

    O.O That first pic of Cristiano…..

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