Ciara & Nicki Minaj To Unveil ‘I’m Out’ Video Live At BET Awards 2013!

Published: Wednesday 19th Jun 2013 by David

With an album campaign that’s been nothing short of epic thus far, Ciara continues to one up herself today…by announcing that she is to unveil the video for her new single ‘I’m Out‘ at this month’s BET Awards!

Good news below…

Sharing the above flier today, the ‘DUI’ darling confirmed the release of the video via her personal Instagram page, after watching preorders for the new LP rise in markets across the globe last night.

This, thanks to the news she was set to perform at the event…which will also see Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Elijah Blake, Chris Brown, R.Kelly and Beyonce perform and appear in the three day experience.

As fans of Ciara from the beginning, we can’t but be impressed by her subtle yet wonderfully effective repositioning as Urban’s ‘girl next door’.

From having her party with the ‘cool kids’ in ‘Body Party‘ to arming her with girlfriends in the cover above, Camp Ciara’s bid to push a more relatable, care free and down to earth Cici is no doubt working wonders for her on all fronts- no doubt the reason her core fan base has grown in the last year and ‘Party’ continues to storm the Billboard Hot 100.

Bring on July 9th!

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  1. Bow Down June 19, 2013

    Lol these flops tho. I really miss the days when Nicki was actual competition smh

    Nicki hasn’t charted in the top 40 in the the hot 100 in a while

    • vxcnxcnerureu458 June 19, 2013

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    • RiriStank June 20, 2013

      Last I checked Beyonce is the the flop right now and Ciara’s sitting in the top 40…how many of Beyonces new singles have charted?????

  2. brenda jenkins June 19, 2013


    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      Yesssssss hunny yessssssssss!!!! Wigs will be snatched next Sunday

      • brenda jenkins June 19, 2013

        ummm i meant nicki and ciara’s coffins hun

      • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

        B**** nail yours!!! You already look like a corpse ugly!!!

  3. Mimi Carey June 19, 2013

    Nickis been on so many songs & she doesn’t have not one number 1 single? #Shame.

    & Ciara is desperate as f***

    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      Desperate?But your square body ass fav is the one parading around in bikinis and barely there dresses. 56 years old and dressing like she 16 f*** off b****

      • Lamb4Life June 19, 2013

        Mariahs a legend what is Ciara?

      • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

        Mariah is a washed up B****. I cant wait to see her terrible ass performance next Sunday. That b**** doesnt even deserve to be on the mainstage she should perform at the pre show!!! Her vocals are torture deal!!!

      • Common Sense June 19, 2013

        LOL you talk about square bodies when C-Error’s man faced ass is a walking shoebox who was never relevant in the first place!

      • RiriStank June 20, 2013

        Ciara isnt relevant but youre commenting on a post about her…she was relevant to your day…now go do some charity work on Beyonces failed singles.

  4. JustCostWitHa June 19, 2013

    Yes CI

  5. Twerk 4 Miley June 19, 2013

    Omg ciara outfit in that pic is such a rip off of Rihannas dollar dress from her tour. Be original hun

    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      And Miley is a Rihalienna ripoff period. Little cokewhore in training FLOPPP

  6. harris boy June 19, 2013

    that song sucks!! is that really her next single?? she might as well kiss this era goodbye if thats what is next off her album.

    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      Whatever!!! I’m Out is currently blazing urban radio b****

  7. Twerk 4 Miley June 19, 2013

    Omg ciara outfit in that pic is such a rip off of Rihannas dollar dress from her tour. Be original hun!

  8. RiRi Bad June 19, 2013

    Overdose should be the next single not this song Ciara gets overshadowed by Nicki on this track.

  9. Blueivy June 19, 2013

    She better get that PROMO!

  10. King B>Rihanna June 19, 2013

    Ok, I’m here for it…get that promo Cici

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 19, 2013

      So your here for struggle??

      • Lamb4Life June 19, 2013

        lol obviously shes a fake b**** she called the lambs hypocritical.

  11. J June 19, 2013

    Yes Yes & Yes I cant f****** wait!!!!’
    Roll on june 30th

    Im Out!!!

    Beyonce by that time better slay me with new music/routine/video

    • RiRi Bad June 19, 2013

      Beyonce aint worried about giving yall b****** anything new if you haven’t noticed shes to busy collecting yall coins on tour.

      • Common Sense June 19, 2013

        If she wasn’t worried, she wouldn’t be releasing random singles that no one is checking for.

      • RiriStank June 20, 2013

        Right…Beyonce and all these flop singles…shes desperate for attention right now…guess she can always just have another baby

  12. Super Cisus June 19, 2013

    Mariah and Miley stans can stfu and deal with their square pants and confused faves!!! THIS WILL F****** SLAY AND I AM READY FOR QUEEN CI AND EMPRESS ONIKA TO F****** ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!!! Ladies dis yo sawwng

    • Lamb4Life June 19, 2013

      B**** i don’t wanna drag c-error this early in the day please keep it cute.

      • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

        B**** you couldn’t drag me even if I was tied to the back of your car you s***** lamb. U mad because mariah aint been poppin since 98?

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 19, 2013

      #beautiful is #15 on billboard Hun. Awaiting gold certification in a few hours. Miley is slaying Ciara too because I actually see her single in the iTunes top 20 and not struggling to break top 200. Ciara is done. Accept it and move the f*** on. she got people with 20 + years in the biz outselling her and all these Disney girls like Miley, Selena, And Demi doing just the same. <3

      • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

        Don’t you mean beautiflop??? Mariah’s album is gonna flop she can’t sing or dance and her body shape is f***** up. The lambs think yall the s*** but in reality yall are flops like your pie face fave!!!

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 19, 2013

        So if #beautiful is a flop, what does that make Body Party then?
        Lmao…you and that tired b**** Cici Slaays (wouldn’t be surprised if it were you under a different username) has been trying it with every single fan base from the lambs, to the navy, hive, and others. Funny thing is mariah, Rihanna, and Beyonce can actually have top 20 singles and don’t have to resort to relying on other gimmicks such as clown Minaj to have a hit.

        Funny how you worry so much about Mariah’s looks when Ciara has more muscles than anorld aschwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone combined.

        And where has Ciara’s vocals ever been??

      • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

        B**** mariah will never slay a stage like Cici

    • Common Sense June 19, 2013

      When has C-Error EVER been poppin though?

  13. Super Cisus June 19, 2013


  14. Lamb4Life June 19, 2013

    Lol both these b****** careers declined after the 2nd album hahaha straight up flop b****** they need each other tbh.

  15. the best dancer June 19, 2013

    great promo!

    I sure wish CiCi had a better song to take advantage of this promo. sigh

    Anyway, I hope she performs a little bit of Body Party cuz that is her REAL R&B HIT …

    This IM OUT song sound like rap and I dont listen to rap unless it is Kendrick Lamar or JCole or NAS

    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      I’m out is what the public has been craving from Ciara! A straight poppy urban club banger!!!!!!! SHES HERE TO SLAY!!!!

      • Common Sense June 19, 2013

        Retirement is what the public has been craving from C-Error. No one is checking for that man face of hers.

  16. truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) June 19, 2013

    chiiiiile WHO currr!!!!!

    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      You do UGLY QUEEN
      NICKI AND CI SAID THANKS FOR THE CONSTANT SUPPORT. U can be their personal toilet from now on s*** breath!!!

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 19, 2013

        Lol. I see you bowing down biotch. even though nicki is still on her 15 minutes, she still makes time to help out the lesser girls secure a hit. #PrincessNicki

      • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

        And Out my face still flopped!!!! But nicki got her coins regardless haaaaaaaahahaha Hagriah is done!!

  17. Bey Fan June 19, 2013

    ohh i cant wait….

  18. Common Sense June 19, 2013

    Do two flops make for one successful single? In this case, I think not LOL!

  19. TheTruth June 19, 2013

    The song is only good because you nicki. Lets be real LOL

  20. Dev June 19, 2013

    The album has leaked and is the same old stuff as before. Body Party really was a fluke

  21. Ciara Kelly Beyonce June 19, 2013


    • FAF June 19, 2013


  22. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 19, 2013

    Two FLOPS who will flop together

  23. navy nick June 19, 2013

    I am all for Ciara, this song is OK, BUT the TWERK videos made me like it more, I AM SURE VIDEO WILL B HOTT!

  24. POSTAL June 19, 2013

    KELLY ROWLAND>>>>>>>>>>THESE FLOP B******

  25. Livin It Up June 19, 2013

    Shut it dowwwwwwn CiCi I’m so amped!!!

  26. Hmm June 20, 2013

    It confuses me how people from other stan bases are quick to flock they ass to a post about someone so “irrelevant” . Cant be irrelevant if you talk about her. Watching her music vids and listening to her songs. and you will be watching her BET performance so stay bothered

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