Ne-Yo On Beyonce Album: ‘ They’re Still Figuring Out What They Want That To Be’

Published: Wednesday 19th Jun 2013 by David

Whether speeding on R&B lanes or making waves on EDM seas, Ne-Yo– it would seem- is incapable of making poor music.

Perhaps with this in mind, he was enlisted by Camp Beyonce to submit material for her hotly anticipated new album recently after enjoying critical acclaim with his latest LP ‘RED’.

Now, in an interview with Billboard Magazine, the Grammy winning chart topper has revealed that Beyonce is still in the developmental stages of the album…and is yet to decide in which direction she hopes to take it.

Details below…

He revealed:

“I’m still putting stuff together for Beyoncé’s album. They’re still trying to figure out what they want that to be, which I’m not mad at. Beyoncé’s the kind of artist where you’re not gonna see it till it’s right. And her fans — they love her so they’ll be patient.”

Sure…while this is a little confusing considering fans had been promised new material at the start of the year, Ne-Yo‘s admission serves as the best piece of news to come from the album’s ’cause’ to date.

For, considering the fact that ‘4′ was able to shift 2 million units worldwide without a hit to its name, we’re sure Bey is itching to right the promotional wrongs committed during that campaign with an album that outperforms anything she’s done before.

She’s an artist….and she’s sensitive about her sh*t.

Truth be told, it’d be better for Bey to release a solid album in 2014 and arm it with all the tools it needs to fly, than to push a project she doesn’t completely believe in this year just for the sake of it.

For, as Sony will be all too aware of, Beyonce has all the creative and financial muscle she needs to spawn an era akin to Adele‘s ‘21′ and so -perhaps in understanding her need for perfection- have given her more time to craft material and a roll out that will see her outdo herself.

Think about it, it was only after four albums that Janet Jackson released her most iconic project to date…

Will Beyonce do the same?

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  1. HOTSTUFF June 19, 2013

    “I’m still putting stuff together for Beyoncé’s album”

    Oh…but if this was Rihanna….. Sam ugly ass would be ranting like a bitter old Heaux.

    • sdgsdgeryery547 June 19, 2013

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      • Draggin4MrsCarter June 19, 2013

        Some performers are ARTISTS and only want the best for the material. Some performers are PUPPETS and only care about making hits. Beyonce wants good songs AND hits so it’s worth the wait 2bh.

    • HerNameIsSasha June 19, 2013

      See here you stupid b****, while you’re running your mouth about the Queen she is spending Rihanna’s Umbrella money on a new winter coat for Princess Blue.

      I’m mad as f*** already so don’t start with me b****. I f***** mean it.

    • HerNameIsSasha June 19, 2013

      I used to think the biggest mistake of Beyonce’s life was when she borrowed Big Bird’s wig for Work It Out, but I now see that her biggest mistake was not having Rihanna deported back to Barbados when she had the chance.

      • FentySoSnatched June 19, 2013

        Yaasss b****, I could hear your fat fingers slamming down on your Windows 85 keyboard all the way from my penthouse suite. Stay mad sister.

      • PhuckYoFave June 19, 2013

        Bishes be madd!

    • Toto June 19, 2013

      From what I’ve read on other sites, the album was / is ready and they had some listening sessions and people HATED it. So, she had to scrap a lot of the songs and start over.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2013

      stupse rihanna isnt an artist she is a puppet!

  2. the best dancer June 19, 2013

    I like that grown woman song. I think Beyonce needs MATHEW KNOWLES back.

    She dont know how to manage herself cuz she got some good songs. I knew she was scared tho. Now Neyo has confirmed that she is afraid to release

    • BitchyBey June 19, 2013

      The only time you invite Mathew somewhere is if you want a magician. He’ll make that money disappear.

    • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) June 19, 2013


    • Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2013

      wow i have never seen so many thumbs down! wow!

  3. King B>Rihanna June 19, 2013

    Beyonce is over-thinking this album and it’s scaring the s*** out of me.

    By the way Ne-Yo needs to shut the f*** up but if Beyonce wouldn’t talk, somebody has to.

    *Kanye Shrugs*

    • Ball So Hard June 19, 2013

      Beyonce is just looking for “Inspiration” Neyo is just trying to warn the creative artists to hide their s*** ahead of time because this bish is on the prowl!

  4. Lamb4Life June 19, 2013

    Lmao….. Honey i been clocked this tea tho Theres to much female competition for Beyonce right now… She’ll probably drop her single after Mariah Jlo Gaga Katy & probably Rihanna drop their next albums and it is what it is byeee!!!

    • CandyWarhol June 19, 2013

      Sweetheart, Mariah can’t even be sure she’ll outsell Nicki let alone Beyonce so sit.

    • BitchyBey June 19, 2013

      Excuse me b****, why don’t you worry about Mariah and those payola deal she makes just so she can chart.

      Beyonce has no problem selling music unlike you Spongebob Square Pants shaped idol.

      • TaylorWins June 19, 2013

        Call me when Mariah learns how to chart without paying CC first.

      • JER June 19, 2013

        Ho call me collect when your fave has money to buy a clue much less a hit.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2013

      Not true. RIhanna will release her Bubblegum music until her body sags which will cause her fans to lose interest!

      Beyonce will release when she feels to. i think she should relax and enjoy her family and stop worrying! She is a millionaire and can live her life!

  5. Bey Fan June 19, 2013

    Love Bey… this is the norm for her.. she waits about 2-3 years before releasing her next project. I respect that.

    Cant wait for her next album tho….

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 19, 2013

      The shade was unnecessary but you look hot in that avi though.

      • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

        What shade??? And thanks =)

  6. Katy Kat June 19, 2013

    Her original material must not have been strong enough aka *Bow Down, Grown Woman, Standing on the sun* So the label probably didn’t want to release the album yet.

    • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) June 19, 2013

      honey SOTS was NOT going to be on her cd, it was on a soundtrack

      • Katy Kat June 19, 2013

        & b**** how do you know? What f****** soundtrack you ghetto h**? it was in a damn commercial

      • TeenageDreamer June 19, 2013

        Yes Katy Kat, drag ha.

      • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) June 19, 2013

        😐 dayum!! @teenage umm trick, altho i can EASILY tie @katy lice infected p**** hairs to her crab infected mammys p**** hairs and drag them by @katy unshaved armpit hairs i’m going to slay YOU!!! You dicksuckin h**!!! B**** YOU DRAG ME!! HOOOOE H** HOOOOOOE U A H** AND YO MAMMY TOO AS WELL AS @KATY!! B**** YOU COME FOR ME!!! adn @katy h** i though that was on the disney movie but either way you funky b**** DON’T YOU EVER FUCKN COME FOR THAT SOTS AGAIN OR I’LL SLAP THE F*** OUTCHO BEADIE P**** ASS!!

  7. TheTruth June 19, 2013

    All she needs to do is a single! I will be happy with that!!

    • CHILE June 19, 2013

      ain’t gonna happen boo. you have a better chance at a snippet lol

      • Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2013

        go get some cream for rihanna’s cold soressss!

  8. Super Cisus June 19, 2013

    LMAO I THOUGHT RITA ORA SAID THAT BEYOLDCE WAS GONNA SHUT B****** DOWN THIS YEAR!!! Lmao! All of beyoldces single attempts FLOPPED!!! She will forever be a touring artist. She may as well be a Vegas performer like Celine dion. SHE WILL NEVER HAVE AN ADELE ERA EVER EVER EVER. She is too trash lmao. SHE STILL BETTER THAN KELLY HOELAND

    • TheTruth June 19, 2013

      Where’s ciara Body flop on the charts? Yeah, silence.

      • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

        Where is beyoldce on any chart SILENCE

      • Katy Kat June 19, 2013

        B**** where grown woman & bow down on the charts oh no were!

    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      Grown Woman and Bow Down aren’t singles….. But the news and media went into a frenzy over a Beyonce snippet…

      Now I like Ciara a lot… but stay in your place.

      • King Bey/Queen Onika June 19, 2013

        @KatyKat Back to school you go. The word is W.H.E.R.E.

        For example, WHERE did Katy get dumped by Russel Brand or (clears throat) WHERE did Gaga hide Katy’s wig when she slayed the charts with PF.

  9. Super Cisus June 19, 2013

    Beyoldce might. As well release her single and flop gracefully like Kelly!!!

  10. HOTSTUFF June 19, 2013

    @BEY FAN

    “she waits about 2-3 years before releasing her next project. I respect that”

    Honey she waits til Neyo and the Dream among others can figure out what her album should sound like and for what they write like songs. Get that s*** right. cause y’all always wanna come for Rihanna the queen. Beyonce ran to Sia for a hit cause she was jealous of Rihanna’s Diamond BUT she produced a flop to be ‘rise’ LMAO. i thought it was so easy for people to write for you and have a hit….Oh.


    • Katy Kat June 19, 2013

      Oooop spill it guurrrrl!

    • GURL June 19, 2013

      and yet the music is upmost thrash…ie RTW.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 19, 2013


    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      Whatever you conclude …. the point is she waits about 2-3 years. …

      “Honey she waits til Neyo and the Dream among others can figure out what her album should sound like”….
      ^^^^^ This coming from a Rihanna fan….rich

      • HOTSTUFF June 19, 2013

        B**** what im stating is that you bitter bey stans (jealous of Rihanna’s success are BIASED AS PHUCK).
        The point is that artists can be given the same producers and the result will not be the same. Which i pointed out with Beyonce and Rihanna. So obviously producers/writers can only get as creative as the amount of talent an artist possesses and vice versa. BUT i know this is too complicated for a FLEA-H** to understand 😉

      • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

        Rihanna possess more talented than Beyonce??? STOP IT. And the point you’re attempting to make is null and void because none of the songs Sia produced for Bey have been official singles. Soooo ummm yeah….

      • HOTSTUFF June 19, 2013

        Learn to read u dumb ignorant Bey-fly . Ive never written that Rihanna has more talent than Beyfraud. i made a general statement to people (the H.l.V mostly) claiming that Rihanna can be replaced and all the b*******…

        (But this is MY opinion if u wanna know it: when you can sing from russian roulette to man down, to we found love to diamonds, in my opinion Rihanna has more talent than Beydraud. #DEAL)

    • big lol June 19, 2013

      HOTSTUFF, why this lie?????
      Beyonce meets Sia and made songs like rise, sots & others before rihanna & diamond (that i like a lot)
      Why are u constantly hatin on a bey post? And so many times, first to comment a singer that u hate? i really don’t understand.
      Have a nice day tho….

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Last time I checked, there’s nothing about Rihanna to be “jealous” of but her fashion… Everything else about her is a mess.

      Oh, and Sia said by herself that she’d always wanted to work with Beyonce. Nice try!

    • JER June 19, 2013

      Exactly. If it’s SO EASY for Rihanna to have people write her hits then why aren’t your faves smashing? C-error and BeYAWNce have had the same writers and producers as Rihanna yet ive seen no hits. All i see are struggles. I guess it’s not that easy

    • XXX June 19, 2013

      Girl shut up with that nonsense. How can something flop and its not even been released.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2013

      uneducated fool!

  11. rih rox June 19, 2013

    That so-called album is not coming anytime soon. She will be giving you snippets and will give you your long overdue single in 2015.

    I wonder if she will have new snippets to play at her US leg because OLD woman and flopping in the sun are pretty much garbage and dated.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2013

      like ur body! old one!

  12. truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) June 19, 2013

    Take your time Bey…SOTS (live) will give me all lthe life i need til u drop yo cd. #replays STOS performance and droools honey

  13. TheTruth June 19, 2013

    Beyonce just release the album your music is always on point, it’s the promoting thats the limiting your success. Now let’s be real Beyonces’ music is an event.

    • GURL June 19, 2013

      No it’s not!

    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      Beyonce steals writing credits she does not write her own music. Retarded fat country bumpkin

      • TheTruth June 19, 2013

        Call me when ciara gets a number one 🙂

      • Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2013

        and ri-fool steals fashion and hairstyles. She is copying Cassie All now!

  14. NΛVI June 19, 2013

    MESSESSS up to this day she has no direction as to which way she want her album to go in, sounds like thy’re just throwing ideas around and nothing is working. SOTS &Grown shouldn’t be on the album either those are mediocre and tierd.

    • Yaz June 19, 2013

      Any why should she listen to you?

  15. CiCi Slaaaaays June 19, 2013

    Shes obviously lost and dont know who she wants to be this album lol Gurrrl bye you been teasing your fans with these snippets getting them hype for nothing they paying you all this money you can atleast give them a damn single already you selfish b****.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      she isnt lost. she doesnt want to be a ho and a fool changing her hair like rih to try and be relevant!

  16. pat June 19, 2013

    mmm duuh…the pepsi deal, superbowl, tour, it was all the perfect set up for a HUGE album….only problem is …no one but her stans was checkin for it…….i’m not a bey stan, but i know she is capable of producing another worldwide smash …i dont know what the problem is

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      Beyonce needs to enjoy her life and relax and then come back!

  17. My Forehead Tho June 19, 2013

    Two of Beyonce’s albums set/tied records for the most wins at the Grammys?

    Dangerously in love- 5 Grammys
    B-day- 1 Grammy
    IASF- 6 Grammys
    4- 1 Grammy

    Going by this pattern, Beyonce will either break another Grammy record with this album or tie it.

    I think it’s worth the wait seeing as, unlike her peers, she produces quality ALBUM, not a compilation of singles.

    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      Quality albums? LMAOABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP I see all lies!!!!

    • ART OF LETTING GO June 19, 2013

      “quality ALBUM” i guess jokes do write themesleves. Plays Run the world (girls)

      • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

        You named one song of an album that was a quality album… Should we dismiss Imperfect Angel because of Up Out My Face and Obsessed???

    • NickiSaidDis June 19, 2013

      @SuperCisus You must be looking at your mom’s paternity test.

    • JER June 20, 2013

      How can you win something you paid money for?

  18. rih rox June 19, 2013

    Your so-called “KING” is apparently a CHICKEN!

  19. Britney Stan June 19, 2013

    Her music of lately has been horrible i honestly feel like shes lost musically.

    • My Forehead Tho June 19, 2013

      While I agree, this isn’t about your fave. Stick to the topic at hand….

      Thank You.

  20. Common Sense June 19, 2013

    So no new album in the foreseeable lifetime right? The hive better have a stadium worth of seats next time they shade other artists that at least have the balls to release something.

    • slayanna navi June 19, 2013

      Still shits on a 55-year-old mommy (tomb version) riding Miguel’s d*** for dear life.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013


  21. ART OF LETTING GO June 19, 2013

    The bey hive is gonna suffer from relapse when they hear about this, they been having meltdown since feb..i though 2013 was the year of immortal beyonce DEATH

  22. TheTruth June 19, 2013

    Why is everyone that is not a Beyonce fan on this post? You guys are ALL checking for her music because when she comes back BOOM, all your faves start worshipping her again. And Ne-yo imma need you to stop talking about Beyonces’ album and worry about yours. Thanks.

  23. Twerk 4 Miley June 19, 2013

    She needs to get it together what is she scared of? flopping again?

    • ameriie stan June 19, 2013

      nobody is scared of her anymore. shes an old dried up repetitive prune.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Order “We Can’t Chart” on iTunes today!

  24. BeyWhoUWanna June 19, 2013

    I was scared but now I’m not. TGJ got me thinking and they’re right. Sony are making her work harder and that’s only a good thing because she only strives for the best and nothing less.

    • GURL June 19, 2013

      yet the music still is wack

      • BeyWhoUWanna June 19, 2013

        Yet your mom is still tricking for Cheetos.

  25. ameriie stan June 19, 2013

    thats what she gets for stealing my favs sound back in the day. 🙂 her time is up. too many real artists out here to support her fluff.

  26. XTINAALOVEE June 19, 2013

    These Beyonce stans are jokes they themselves have been hyping new Beyonce music up since they found out she was performing at the superbowl.. #DumbAsses

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Coming from an XtinKa stan?

  27. pat June 19, 2013

    the difference between janet and bey is that janet evolved artistically with each album between control and all for you…..

    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      And Beyonce evolves vocally every album…. as well as musically… she doesn’t change her hair color, but that doesnt mean she hasn’t evolved

      • pat June 19, 2013

        vocally is not enough….mind you I’ve purchased every album except 4……SF was a good, solid, album, but her artistic growth stopped at BDAY…

  28. Draggin4MrsCarter June 19, 2013

    Do I see Amerie stans in this thread?! Wonders never cease do they. Your fav is the unchallenged Queen of Flops and has been reigning supreme since Ashanti snatched her wig only for Beyonce to snatch BOTH of their wigs with Crazy In Love.

    Take my advice and run back to the s*** hole you crawled out from before I use Mya’s sales to embarrass you. B****.

  29. OVODasher June 19, 2013

    At this rate she might as well finish the tour, go home, spend a year at home with Blue and then come back next year.

  30. TheTruth June 19, 2013

    Even though i am disappointed about the lack of information on the album i have NO doubt in my mind that it will be great. However, im gonna need Beyonce to communicate on the album because going on tour and not release an album or any new singles isn’t going to go down well with everyone. And Ne-yo i would appreciate it if you worried about your own album before talking about Beyonces’.

  31. #rowlandstone June 19, 2013

    I love my girl Beyonce but she will never have an Adele type era… Beyonces star power is still their but it has gone down tremendously as well! It doesn’t matter how much promotion she do she still will sale off her name alone… she’s not gonna get crazy crazy sales like Adele so I don’t know wth who ever wrote this is talking about… we live in a world nowadays where ppl don’t buy music like they used too! I do believe Beyonce has done so much she doesn’t know what sound to put out…last album she did an all r&b album but it wasn’t her best selling album… Grown Woman got mixed reviews and the other singles weren’t really single worthy. I think she needs to go the B Day album route… stay away from too much r&b… Pop with a lil splash of R&b and uptempo songs is her niche…. she has to remember shes a pop artist not r&b artist! She has to cater to what most of her fans are used to loving her for!

    • Lana Del Slay June 19, 2013

      I know a Kelly stan isn’t talking about what Bey can’t do when Kelly’s overall American sales don’t even reach 1 million.

      • #rowlandstone June 19, 2013

        Yes I am talking!! YOUR POINT ISSSS????? I have always been a fan of DC3 period!!! I support all 3 ladies!!! what I wrote was not offensive or negative to Bey n no sorta way. I was just stating my opinion about the direction & sound she should go forward with! According to Neyo it seems she doesn’t know what direction her album should go! I will tell Kelly a** as off just as well if im not satified with what she’s doing!

        @Jared (White Dude)

        I don’t think she should go back to that actual sound of tht album im saying she does best with pop with a splash of r&b type music! I agree, she should be able to make music she wants but at the end of the day her label expects her to sale & sale big tht sound works for her… idk wth this b**** up top angry for when I clearly said nothing mean towards Bey! People forget tht you can be fans of other artists! I want Bey to win just like I want my fave Kelly to win! I love them both tho!

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 19, 2013

      From “I think she needs to back to the B’Day route” onwards… I completely agree.

      But then again, there lies the paradox… Why is it that she may need to revert back to an ‘old sound’, thus abandoning her chances to ‘grow’ as an artist [Musically & Sonically], just to continue to make sure that she ‘sell records’ to the young, tasteless and fickled public?

      I sometimes hate the boxes that these record labels keep their artists in. You truly do have fight in this industry to be heard.


    • Super Cisus June 19, 2013

      And Kelly won’t even outsell Elle Varner trick shut up. Beyonce is old and played but Kelly is beneath her!

      • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

        And C-Error is a bathroom act with no 2x paper album since 2007?

  32. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 19, 2013

    I love you Bey… But I just do not know.

    In all honesty, I’m not even that bothered about the ‘album’ as a whole, that will come in due time; I’m, more or less, irritated at the fact that “Standing on the Sun and Grown Woman” haven’t been released as singles.

    Whatever, I suppose.

  33. ghassane ghf June 19, 2013

    she already released her best work ever I AM SASHA FIERCE is a masterpiece . love all her albums but that album was ICONIC . grown woman should be released as single soon , standing on the sun too

  34. ratedxxx(my favs stays on)) June 19, 2013

    first of all with the album 4, beyonce was trying to create a carbon copy of adele’s album 21…any idiot can see that…

    and to say 4 sold 2 million worldwide without a hit is b*******…why, because it did have a hit, love on top, was number 1 on the R&B and hip hop charts for 7 weeks..

    actually 2 number one hits, run the world peaked at number 1 on the dance charts….

    how I know all this, because I remember the stans bragging about it….when somebody else has a number one hit on the r&b charts, they claimed its not relevant, but when beyonce has a number 1 hit on the dance and r&b charts, she’s snatching wigs..

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 19, 2013

      Off Topic:

      “10 Seconds” is my favourite Jazmine song. 😉

      • ratedxxx(my favs stays on)) June 19, 2013

        redemption is my favorite song……….her last album was amazing….

        she’s a true r&b artist..and because she’s not selling any ass to get hits..of course they not going to promote her….

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 19, 2013

        I do like ‘Redemption’ also.

        There is only one song I dislike of hers, and that is the one she recorded with Ne-Yo. I couldn’t take that song. LOL

        In saying that ‘Bust Your Windows & Need U Bad’ are modern-day Contemporary R&B classics, in my opinion.

        I’ve always liked Ms. Sullivan – I actually bought her last album on I-Tunes. She is very talented and her voice is stunning; female singers with low, husky voices {Toni, Tina, Rihanna etc.} is a beautiful thing.

        Either way @RatedXXX – Jazmine will get her comeuppance, sooner or later. She just needs the correct management. 😉

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Oh my god, how delusional can people get!

      How was “4” a carbon copy of “21” when Colombia were already done with choosing the final tracklisting months before “21” was released?

      You must’ve let Beyonce mentally r*** you in ways you would never think of….. That you couldn’t even do any kind of basic math anymore!

    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      A carbon copy of 21??? Oh well yeah I guess I can see that, I mean Run The World(Girls) sounds just like Rolling In The Deep…(rolling eyes).

      The hell… those albums were nothing a like.

  35. MiNG XX June 19, 2013

    … album like ADELE




  36. Selena Stan June 19, 2013

    After Shasta fierce her music sucks

  37. slayanna navi June 19, 2013

    I feel an IASF-type of slayage coming.. Go B!

  38. TeamBreezy June 19, 2013

    Beyoncé has been put to shame by the likes of Kelly Rowland and even Ciara . She is over thinking this project and its going to backfire on her because there is no “demand” for Beyoncé music . Good luck girl

    • NickiSaidDis June 19, 2013

      And you sir stan for a crack head.

      • TeamBreezy June 19, 2013

        At least the crack head releases music. There’s no demand for Beys music Nicki and you know it!

  39. Gaga 4 Gaga June 19, 2013

    She’s scared to flop again duh.

  40. Just meeeee June 19, 2013

    Dangerously In Love && 4 were Beyonce at her best. R&B is her comfort zone. It’s her heart & soul. She’s at the point in her career where she can finally be comfortable. And with that being said, I would love for her to find new writers, producers, choreographers and stylists. This album should reflect where she is at this point in her life (happily married, filthy rich and a mom). The female empowerment anthems are overdone and the ratchetness should be left to less mature artists. I’d love for Solange to join her writing team…

  41. . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

    65 million albums later, I wouldn’t say she gives any more f**** about album sales. She’s now more of a growing touring force and money-maker than anything. And even if she stopped releasing singles forever and her albums – as “4” proved – will still go platinum in the states and sell at least 3 million worldwide.

    Go B!

  42. TeamBreezy June 19, 2013

    ‘Got a thing for a KING but you aint a KING’

  43. Dev June 19, 2013

    The problem is that Beyonce has faced a lot of backlash these past few years and she’s scared. Beyonce has done Instagram, tv and magazines but still her popularity was questioned so she decided to go on a tour to build her confidence and see all her stands adore her, if she could record the tripe that was b day in two weeks you’ll get an album by the end of the year.
    Grown Woman was the usually Beyonce juvenile rubbish and standing in the sun as well as rise up were uninspiring and forgettable so she knows her market has changed and success is not guaranteed.
    I’m hoping she doesn’t bring out a song of shouting vocals and limp songs and maybe something that reflects her age and maturity as an artist.

  44. TeamBreezy June 19, 2013

    Beyoncé is NO ADELE, she’s not even Rihanna . Why all these dramatics to release an album? Her team is weak! What a waste of publicity (Superbowl, Oprah, Tour, H&M , Pepsi ) … What a JOKE

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Yeah she’s not Rihanna or Adele, she’s light years ahead of them.

      • TeamBreezy June 19, 2013

        Go drink some H2O because you are clearly parched and delusional .

      • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

        Where are the lies?

        Beyonce’s networth was over $400 million even before she started her massive world tour and signed that number of lucrative deals, and as you know :

        Your career = Your financials.

        It’s as simple as that. If you have achieved something, you’ll get paid for it.

        And considering Rihanna and Adele and add a third artist are yet to hit the $200 million mark combined, much less $400 million, I don’t see the crime in saying Beyonce is already more successful than them.

      • Dev June 19, 2013

        Adele is on album 2, Beyonce is on 4 and thats not including the Destiny’s Child money. She had a head start on both these ladies

  45. Mother Mariah June 19, 2013

    When i go to the club the dj never plays any Beyonce tracks they Always play Rihanna & Kelly Rowland

    Beyonce is so scared of flopping which is sad she cares to much of what people think.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Your fav keeping her nose stuck in between Miguel’s ballsack and asshole is not that much better tbh..

      • Mother Mariah June 19, 2013

        lol lame h** are you mad beautiful charted higher than any single from 4? lol. Mariahs a legend something Beyonce will never be her music is trash just like you b****

      • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

        Why would I give a f*** where Mariah’s last featured single peaked on a local chart for $1 sales lol? Beyonce’s on a sold out global tour, her gross is close to half billion if you include her collaborational tours. Does Mariah even know what a $100M tour smells like?

        And you wanna be talking about “RECENT” achievements but when the talk is about your fav you run back to 1940? Why can’t you stay on topic?

  46. HONEEBEE June 19, 2013

    Why are all these non-beyonce fans checking for beys single/album i mean y’all seem pressed as f***. And the stans out here acting like this is something new THE WOMAN ID A VIRGO SHES A PERFRCTIONIST OF COURSE SHE WON’T RELEASE A FULL BODY OF WORK UNTIL SHE’S CERTAIN ITS TO HER AND THE BEYHIVES LIKING.Ciara fans please be seated somewhere ciara has a looong way to go to catch up to beyonce hell even kelly rowland she has to catch up to, let’s see where she goes after body party.

  47. KELLY June 19, 2013

    This isn’t news.

    It’s obvious there have been a change of plans including the release date of the album from summer to the 3rd or 4th the quarter of 2013.

    I think she is waiting to release the right material at the right time. Furthermore it makes no sense to release an single and album when she is touring and can’t promote it.

    Timing is everything. And I’m glad she learned from 4 and trying to do get mostly everything in place before the new era.

    Haters will continue to seethe and wait patiently on the sideline with the stans and fans.

  48. JER June 19, 2013

    AKA they are waiting til the last minute to see whats hot and try to recreate that for BeYAWNce. I dont understand, Rihannas album has already died down do they should hve released a single already. I mean thats what they were waiting for, right?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Considering she hasn’t released anything yet EVEN after Unapologetic became Rihanna’s 5th flop album in less than a decade, I wouldn’t say she even considers Rihanna’s whole existance.

      • JER June 19, 2013

        Oh yer right. Not at all. Shes too busy scouring youtube for inspiration

      • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013

        Considering that Unapologetic is still selling and 4 has yet to reach 3 million.. And considering the fact that your put Rihanna’s albums in the same category like Lotus/The Spirit Indestructible as flops is even more shameful tbh since all of them went at least Platinum in the USA/2xPlatinum in the Uk beside Music of The Sun.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

        @ Jer

        Yes, and making that money for David LaChapelle’s lawsuites… :mrgreen:

        @ AKA

        According to the Navy, “4” with 2.9 million worldwide is a flop. So…. I guess the same goes for Rihanna’s albums..

      • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013


        No, 4 is not a flop. Its album sales are pretty good considering that we live in 2013 when album sales declined dramatically. I don’t consider it a flop at all. Maybe they do it because it didn’t have successful singles (even though BTINH did pretty well, it was a good hit in the UK). It’s very hard to sell 5 million today in this piracy world. Anyway, why do you talk just about album sales? Singles count as well, they make part of total records. And if Unapologetic is a flop, then all these albums must be flops too.

        Top 40 Best-Selling Albums of 2013
        1. Justin Timberlake THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE 2,841,000
        2. Bruno Mars UNORTHODOX JUKEBOX 2,566,000
        3. P!nk THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE 1,928,000
        4. Mumford & Sons BABEL 1,733,000
        5. One Direction TAKE ME HOME 1,661,000
        6. Daft Punk RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES 1,562,000
        7. Rihanna UNAPOLOGETIC 1,487,000
        8. Taylor Swift RED 1,366,000
        9. Soundtrack LES MISERABLES 1,351,000
        10. Michael Buble TO BE LOVED 1,313,000

        As you can see, album sales are terrible nowadays.

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      WTF cares about Rihanna?!

      Why do you guys think she is some kind of musical genius or something?! 🙂

      Her formula is easy, cute generic pop songs, itunes and radio payola with a release every November to ensure her album sales are average.

      Beyonce doesn’t care about Rihanna. Beyonce is doing Beyonce. Stop worrying about what Beyonce is doing if you are a fan of Rihanna!!

      • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013

        As if Beyonce doesn’t release generic R&B songs and doesn’t use radio payola. I mean, she performed Run The World million (she did huge promo for 4 – American Idol, Oprah, French X Factor and million shows) times and it still flopped :/ Imagine if Rihanna milked all of her eras for at least 2 years like Beyonce does… Ohh.. And the fact that B day was made in just two weeks and that Beyhive have nerve to call Rihanna’s albums rushed :/ Plus the way that you act like her music is something that screams quality LOLBown Down/Been On, Run The World, Video Phone are worse than any generic pop song that Rihanna has released so far.

      • NΛVI June 19, 2013

        @SMELLY says the heaux whose always trolling the empress post. she cares about I BEEN ON *sips tea*

      • Yaz June 19, 2013

        So you admit your fave is a b**** then^^^

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      I Been On has more to do with Keri Hilson diss track
      ‘Turnin Me On’ than Rihanna 🙂

  49. ratedxxx(my favs stays on)) June 19, 2013

    beyonce hasnt sold 65 million albums…how do I know this, alicia keys has sold more albums than her….

    the majority of the 65 million(if she sold that much, cause we all know, its all smoke and mirrors when it comes to her)

    comes from singles sales and re releasing all her albums at least 2, 3 times…

    and to say beyonce is at a point of her life where she doesnt need a hit album is b*******..because if beyonce wasn’t looking to get a hit, she wouldn’t release the majority of her album singles…

    and alicia keys has more grammys than her..i’m talking about solo artist grammys, not including destiny child..
    lets see she sold more than her, has more grammys, and yet beyonce is suppose to be the bigger artist.

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      And all this is pointless and irrelevant to the topic.

    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      sigh…. sir, when has Beyonce EVER released an album 3 times???

      And are you debating that she’s a bigger artist than Alicia Keys??? You might think Alicia is more talented, but Beyonce is definitely the bigger star.

      • SPILLNG THE TEA June 19, 2013


      • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

        The Deluxe was released the same day as the original…. EVERYONE has done that. She didn’t release that album 3 times.

      • ^AKA^ (Ја АКА ти небитан) June 19, 2013

        B Day had Reloaded version too.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Are you retarded lol? Clearly I counted Destiny’s Child albums and live albums, not solo.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      No Rihanna does s** favours for hers! Bey won hers, not paid for , sorry!

  50. Slaylor Swift June 19, 2013

    Lol at Beyonce being dragged to hell & back by the navy csquad & lambs lol now that’s team work haha 😉

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      CSquad is at the bottom of the barrel like their fav.

      The navy is worst then the Hive in 2006 (which I was not a part of) The downfall of their talentless ratchet queen will be Epic and will drive them insane, but I don’t think they’ll won’t care afterall they are POP fans, no loyalty and they Dosen’t give a f***

      The Lambs are followers in the situation. I pity them

      • Livin It Up June 19, 2013

        B**** u at the bottom of the barrel!!! What your coins looking like chile????!??!!

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      LOL @ FaylWhore getting gangbanged and bukkaked by the whole football team . . .

      Tell me when that toilet p***-water – drinking local flop failure makes it to 30 million albums, much less 65 million.

  51. BEYONCES MACBOOK June 19, 2013


    • Lil mo stan June 19, 2013

      Lmao now dats funny

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      At least she searches for her own s*** and does not have 982348374 people doing for her.

    • NΛVI June 19, 2013


    • Livin It Up June 19, 2013

      Lmao haaaaaa yes she is forever inspired by something. B**** u a copy cat a modern day fraud!!!

      • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

        not a w**** and puppet like rihanna so Bey is good!

  52. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 19, 2013

    Watch those songwriting credits Ne-yo, you know WHALEonce likes to steal them 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      The songwriters gets their credit on all Beyonce’s song … and she will take hers if she has any input in it and you will continue to seethe.

      • GURL June 19, 2013

        excLamition marks are not imput boo, ne yo will clocked her ass again, if she try that s*** again LOL

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      Yes it’s input. Beyonce is smart and she knows how to continue to collect her checks until she die. Those royalty checks will come in handy when she is 60, what about your fave?

  53. Melanie Fiona June 19, 2013

    Everything about Beyonce is tired and recycled. It’s time for her to disappear!

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      time for puppet rihann to disappear! take miley cyrus too!

  54. KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

    I cant at the Navy trying to shade Beyonce for taking time to make her album, I mean I know yall fave dont really get involve in her albums people just write the music for her and she just put it out. Yall know by no BEYONCE is a BOSS B**** she doesnt have to rush albums to stay relevant(look at her tour) she always takes tie to do albums what I dont get is why yall bothered?

    • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

      *takes time*

    • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013

      This is a lie. I mean, how can Beyhive come for Rihanna because she doesn’t write her music when Beyonce doesn’t do it either? If co-writing counts for Beyonce, then The Navy can and should count it for Rihanna too since she co-wrote all singles on Rated R, Unapologetic and some of them on other albums. Plus, she is executive producer on most of them.

      If Beyoncee doesn’t rush her albums, why B day was made just in 2 weeks? And why do they albums have pretty much the same Metacritic score if Rihanna’s albums are not quality? And don’t act like she didn’t have performance at Superbowl, that was the biggest promo she could get for her tour.

      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

        @AKA We both know that Beyonce takes more time too make sure the albums and songs are what she wants them to be. Beyonce gets more involve in what SHE WANTS, she tells the producers what she wants, B day was 1 album she took longer to make I am and 4. People write the music for Rihanna all she really need to do is sing them Diamonds and stay were written for her. And please dont give me that Superbowl s*** if someone wants to pay to see yo they will dont matter what promo you have dont act like Beyonce needs the superbowl to sell out a tour cause she dont.

        Plus she had a huge opportunity with the superbowl but didnt release anything either that just shows she not just studying a hit she wants to make a good album and will take her time

      • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013

        But once again, if her albums are that good and they are quality, why all of them have the worse Metacritic score than Rihanna’s?

        Rated R 75 – 4 73
        Good Girl Gone Bad 72 – B Day 70
        Loud 67 – Dangerously In Love 64
        Talk That Talk 64 – I Am.. sasha Fierce 62

        I can’t at Rihanna’s rushed albums scoring better critical response. And it doesn’t mean that if you will be making you album for 2-3 years it will be good.

        How do you know that Rihanna doesn’t choose her singles? Are you in studio with her when she is recording? And people write music for Beyonce too, I don’t see what you want to say exactly because that post has no point. Once again, if co-writing count for Beyonce, then it counts for Rihanna as well.

        And yes, I think she needed that promo considering that I Am.. Tour wasn’t sold out and some shows had embarrassing attendance with less than 60-70% people 😉

      • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

        She didn’t promote the tour til after the Superbowl …. And Bday was done in two weeks, but her first album was in 2003…Bday in 2006.

        And miss me with that metacritic stat… you know damn well thats BS… the Navy will pull ish out their asses

      • Lena June 19, 2013

        Yawn and some Rihanna albums scored more than some classic Mariah but it will never be seen as better so go somewhere. Its not a FACT that they are better.

      • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

        jealous salvation army stan!

  55. Lil mo stan June 19, 2013

    I love bey but shes need to release music already she seems nervous or something whats goin on.. the dream said a while ago everything was ready smh

    • Keyshia stan June 19, 2013

      B**** f*** you

      • Lil mo stan June 19, 2013

        Make me offkeyshia Stan lol

    • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

      That’s what the dream assumed both the dream and Neyo dont no when Beyonce will decide to release her album thats why they should keep they mouths shut. Beyonce never once said anything about when she will release her music the dream just gave the Hive a reason to get hyped up without knowing anything..

      • Lil mo stan June 19, 2013

        Wow smh the dream just should stfu the same with neyo smh

      • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

        thank you…. ppl act like Beyonce has pushed back an album release date. Nothing has be officially stated. Ppl need something to say simply because she’s winning in ever aspect you can think of

      • ART OF LETTING GO June 19, 2013

        Well GQ says diffrent boo “Aprl 2013” the album will be release. april come and went ,still no album..looks like a push back if you ask me *sips tea

      • Lil mo stan June 19, 2013

        The art of flopping should be the title of Mariahs album

      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

        @Art GQ said that the album was coming in April but Beyonce nor her team said anything about a release date. There was no official press release or anything gurl be gone

    • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

      @Lili Mo Ikr that’s what I’m saying they keep giving the Hive a reason to hype up for an album that no one only Beyonce and her team no when it is coming that’s b*******..

      • Lil mo stan June 19, 2013

        Yas gurl thats some b*******

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      go look at rihanna scratch her cat and bleat like a Goat! Keep Bey out your mouth!

  56. Lil mo stan June 19, 2013

    The lambs are fake followers tho they talk s*** on bey but get mad when the Hive reads Mariah

  57. Keyshia stan June 19, 2013

    The new age rnb b****** like Keyshia, Sevyn, Elle, Kelly, Fantasia n Ciara will slay this thief h**

  58. KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

    WOW so many fanbases are awaiting the Queen’s album more than her own fans 🙂

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      i kno rite

  59. KELLY June 19, 2013

    The navy is just MAD Beyonce is coming for the 4th quarter sales and the last time she did her album sold faster than any Rihanna November releases. Seethe b******.

    P!nk and Bruno mars albums are still charting with $4M albums sold. Where is Rihanna’s? Oh she is all hype like her real Idol :), just with less talent and work ethic, yes REAL WORK ETHIC.

    Shouldn’t they be celebrating Rihanna latest irrelevant record like Youtube views and Selling out stadiums? *See Justin B and Taylor Swift*

    • Smelly Kelly June 19, 2013

      Bruno Mars has sold 3.4 million WW but you are correct about Pink. Rihanna is at 3.2 ugly trash

      • KELLY June 19, 2013

        Bruno mars album came out in December. Rihanna had a whole month ahead plus Black Fridays, Plus she you guys say she is the biggest Pop star in the world right now.

        Btw I like your username 🙂 It’s gives me purpose!

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      lol yesss drag them

  60. Bey Fan June 19, 2013

    Beyonce is old and tired yet she’s asked to do the Superbowl…no new music. She breaks HBO record…no new music. She has a sold-out tour…no new music. She has new endorsement deals…no new music. Did I mention she’s on a sold out tour….WITH NO NEW MUSIC.

    Now lets see if your fav can sell out a tour without an album being released for 2 yrs.

    But yet she’s old and tired. Well what does that make your fav??? lmaooo

    • JuanR June 19, 2013


    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      Yessssss!!! Tell the Salvation Army!

  61. KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

    I dont get how people who claim to hate Beyonc are awaiting her music more than the fans. These b****** are actually bothered that Beyonce doesnt have music out yet lol her star power is out of this world

    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      Right… and the fact that they think Beyonce is scared when clearly if she wanted to she could got her left overs from her previous album (like someone i know) and introduced them during her record breaking Superbowl performance. Or she could have done it during her record breaking HBO documentary.

      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

        LOL IKR Beyonce had so many big opportunities to release a single and make a hit but she wants to make a good album because if she just wanted a HIT she would have released it during the Superbowl or something

  62. B2B June 19, 2013

    I, as a Stan, don’t mind waiting as long as the material is good and worth the wait! But why are non fans angry? Y’all should be happy! I guess y’all are angered that Beyoncé is an actual artist and will be giving her fans an album rather than a collection of singles produced by a bunch of producers who want to show off their skills to the next artist! But to each it’s own. If you like artist that can’t dance, or maybe even sing, that is your decision! Me personally, I like an artist that can tear a stage down with vocals or dancing or, like in beyonce’s case, both ! Ha!

    • ART OF LETTING GO June 19, 2013

      well that’s you, not everyone is the same *plays coldplay*

  63. C** swallower June 19, 2013

    Lol even Michelle is releasing music

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      Dont worry Salvation Army, your fears will be realised very soon!

  64. KELLY June 19, 2013


    I speak nothing but the truth.

    Rihanna is s***. She is nothing special, stop pretending like she is. she does nothing special. She is a madonna wannabe.

    Her bad girl REAL image is FAKE. And she isn’t talented. Plus she does not give a f*** about the Navy, her twitter and social communication with you guys is PR that works effectively for her.

    She call you guys c**** and beat you arses with her mic. 🙂

    • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013

      and we love it. cake cake cake

      • ^AKA^ (Ја АКА ти небитан) June 19, 2013

        Don’t steal my name, thanks. ^^

      • ^AKA^ (ЈА АКА ТИ НЕБИТАН) June 19, 2013

        b**** you don’t own s***. this is the real ^AKA^ (ЈА АКА ТИ НЕБИТАН)

      • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013

        lease stop doing that s*** this the real ^AKA^

      • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

        no chris brown loves karruche’s cake ccake cake lol! Rih got DUMPED by Chris!!! LOL what a Fool she is!

  65. Fact_Check June 19, 2013

    Beyonce has 4 #1 albums and 17 Grammys. If Bey is scared of anything, it’s herself. It’s not Rhianna. It’s not Adele. It’s not Billboard charts. It’s Beyonce. When Beyonce releases music, the whole world listens; I can guaranty that a review of anything she does will be on every major news outlet in the world. In case you haven’t noticed, this doesn’t happen with other artist. But Beyonce knows this and she is planning to take advantage of it: she is on tour, and on billboards, and on magazine covers to continue to promote nothing more than herself because she knows that the “Beyonce” brand is what will continue to make her relevant—and not just relevant to Billboard charts, but relevant to pop culture as a whole (unlike Rihanna, she is so much bigger than the radio; unlike Adele, she is so much bigger than album sales). BUT even though her brand is bigger than music, she has proven that music is something that she’ll always do well :rather you like her music or not, she has produced four consecutive Grammy winning, platinum, #1 albums.
    ALSO who said that she was going to release a single? Jay-Z album just went platinum before it even came out. Why? Because he is bigger than radio, and I would not be surprised if Bey flexes her muscles in a similar fashion with the release of her album.

    • Fact_Check June 19, 2013


    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      well dammit you just spoke the TRUTH…..

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      Exactly, Beyonce is perfectionist and that has nothing to do with anyone but Beyonce. That’s her nature.

      • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013

        “perfectionist” Yeah perfect at making trashy ghetto hood rat anthems, next!

      • Livin It Up June 19, 2013

        Y’all say Ciara music is stupid well then what is beyonces? Ciara has her lane and f****** stays in it and she atleast has a signature sound!!! Beyonce be too busy copying I mean being inspired by other artists! That’s why she is stuck now!BOW DOWN TO THAT

  66. SOLANGES BABY DADDY June 19, 2013

    That album will be released Nevruary 16!!

  67. KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

    @AKA We both know that Beyonce takes more time too make sure the albums and songs are what she wants them to be. Beyonce gets more involve in what SHE WANTS, she tells the producers what she wants, B day was 1 album she took longer to make I am and 4. People write the music for Rihanna all she really need to do is sing them Diamonds and stay were written for her. And please dont give me that Superbowl s*** if someone wants to pay to see yo they will dont matter what promo you have dont act like Beyonce needs the superbowl to sell out a tour cause she dont.

    Plus she had a huge opportunity with the superbowl but didnt release anything either that just shows she not just studying a hit she wants to make a good album and will take her time

    • ^AKA^ June 19, 2013

      “We both know that Beyonce takes more time too make sure the albums and songs are what she wants them to be.” and yet the music is always upmost trash…nothing new same ole girl anthems, taking 4ever to make.

      • Emeral June 19, 2013

        Do you even listen to her albums as a collectibe to be saying that? They each are very different.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      She also copied Sia’s accent when she sang Diamonds, Rihanna is such a Puppet! She is whoever someone tells her to be!

  68. Tash June 19, 2013

    Um so why does someone who is being a perfectinost = Being scared. Beyonce has different intentions with each era she actually thinks about the message she wants to convey not how many times she can make it on the Hot 100

  69. Kim Kardashian Stan June 19, 2013

    Atleast Mariah &Ciara are releasing new music and aint trolling their Stan base yall better pray Beyonce gives y’all another snippet this week that will hold yall over for the next 3 months.

    • Fact_Check June 19, 2013

      At least Bey’s snippets are good enough to hold her fans over for the next few weeks. Other artists whole albums don’t even keep people’s attention of that long.

      • ART OF LETTING GO June 19, 2013

        cause her stans are just as stupid as the snippets she realeses, no surprise there.

    • NAVY101 June 19, 2013


    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      There is alot of things Beyonce can do right now that Mariah Carey (who I respect) and Ciara Can’t do.

      • Ccfan007 June 19, 2013

        Ciaras a better performer than Beyonce Rihanna Kelly &Mariah have a seat h**

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      Animal Crawl back into your hole.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      oh dear a salvation army on a bey post talking puppet talk! Fly away bug!

  70. Livin It Up June 19, 2013


  71. KELLY June 19, 2013

    Rihanna can’t take a break for one second, releasing an album every 11 months, but it’s Beyonce that is scared. LOL

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      she has to find a new hair color for this nov to stay relevant also!

  72. Madame Adele June 19, 2013

    Can’t wait!

  73. rih rox June 19, 2013

    She doesn’t care about her stan’s. She cares about the general public.

    • Livin It Up June 19, 2013

      She cares about her pockets. She don’t care about music or beyhive!!!

    • NΛVI June 19, 2013

      couldn’t say it any better. i would took by looks of hers stans..did you see the remake with the 3 phat black queens redoing her pepsi commercial on some sidewalk. mess

      • Fact_Check June 19, 2013

        She doesn’t care about her fans? But yet she puts more into her concerts and live performances than all other current artist put together? Just because she doesn’t want to drop a random song every other month doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her fans. Her drive for quality and perfection demonstrates her “care” about her fans more than anything else she could do. Be serious

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      Can be said about any singer including Rihanna.

    • Emeral June 19, 2013

      Says a Rihanna fan.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013


  74. Receipts June 19, 2013

    Beyonce… I mean Ne-yo please give us something new and different, her sound should be evolving. Grown woman is a good start, more songs with timberland please, better yet let Timberland produce the whole album tbh.

  75. Ccfan007 June 19, 2013

    C squad drags honey the navy nor hive can’t stand a chance against us.

    • Livin It Up June 19, 2013

      Baby these b****** got us F***** UP!!!!!

    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      what have yall dragged exactly???

  76. KELLY June 19, 2013


    Ghetto. Hoodrat Anthems? And you stan for Rihanna 🙂

    Pour it Up and Phresh out the Runway anyone?

    But at least you acknowledge Beyonce is the queen of ratchet anthems and not Rihanna, like the Navy said when we heard Bow Down/I Been On.

    Eventually they will speak the TRUTH. I Like it!

    • ^AKA^ (Ја АКА ти небитан) June 19, 2013

      I didn’t write that, someone stole my name 😉

      • KELLY June 19, 2013


    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      No one is more ratchet than Chris’s w**** rihanna!

  77. Lovebird June 19, 2013

    Janet Jackson may have had her most iconic era after 4 albums but Ray of Light > anything Janet Jackson has ever and will ever release.

    In fact in the whole 90s era, there’s not a single album that comes close to Madonna’s Ray of light in terms of quality, production and impact. This is why Janet, despite having more talent than Madonna lost to her and is also why Beyonce will lose to Rihanna.

    As Rated R proved, when it comes to a quality project, Rihanna shits on Beyonce any day and Rihanna’s Ray of light is coming, I cannot wait for it.

    • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

      And Dangerously In Love shits on all Rihanna’s albums

      • ashley June 19, 2013

        Because Dangerously In Love is quality music, and in my opinin a classic. I love Dangerously In Love because it is a cohesive album with quality.

    • Suicide Blonde June 19, 2013

      How is Janet more talented than Madonna?, i give her the dance deparment but Madonna can dance too, it’s just that they are diff. dancers, Madonna play instruments, Janet doesn’t, Madonna write her own lyrics and produce and co-produce her own songs too, both are average singers but haven’t see Janet sing as well as Madonna in the 1991 oscars, i really want to know how is Janet more talented than her, i’ll wait.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 20, 2013

      cheesy name for an album!

  78. Ccfan007 June 19, 2013

    Rihanna fans talk s*** like Rihanna is somebody tho the h** is a non factor

    • ^AKA^ (Ја АКА ти небитан) June 19, 2013

      When will Ciara finally outsell Good Girl Gone Bad and Dangerously In Love worldwide sales with all her albums?

      • Livin It Up June 19, 2013

        Whenever Rihanna finds some talent and beyonce stops stealing and shaking her cellulite azzzzz

  79. Emeral June 19, 2013

    If Beyonce was so bothered about topping the charts she wouldve released anything around the inauguration/superbowl/docuemntary time when everyone and their moms was talking about her. She literally couldve released anything with all the publicity she was getting. Use common sense people.

    Id rather she waited and put out something worthy then something rushed to slay charts for a minute and then be forgotten about im the next few weeks. Wtf does Bey have to be scared of shes achieved so much and is at a stage in her career where she does not NEED #1s to be relevant and sell *Looks at Mrs Carter Tour stats* and she KNOWS this shes more bothered about getting acclaim not #1s kids. The only person Beyonce needs to out do is herself. Anyone that has followed Beyonce for years, her behind the scenes etc knows what shes about. Yes she is competative but its dictated by her standards not anyone else. The fact that shes been in the game 16 years and people are still putting her on level of the youmg kids in terms of relevance is enough. Beyonce just do you girl.

  80. Livin It Up June 19, 2013

    Ciara July 9!!! Beyoncé NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. fatusankoh June 19, 2013

    Why bothered hatters we her fans are waiting until she is ready as for Neyo he is fake he dontbey he dont care for bey behive continue our support for bey hatters are going all out to see bey fail all this hate lies they want bey to drope her album now so they will say she trying to compent with Kelly and frangipani her with their hate bey will always win good people love her god love her and we get fans love for life

  82. rih rox June 19, 2013

    LOL GAYz album is not going platinum because billboard said they will not be counting what Samsung is giving away! Lol! He was actually complaining about billboard new rules! Lol he thought he he could do what prince has done in 2004.

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      GAY z is paid regardless.

      Stop copying news from elsewhere and bringing here. Thats no the topic we are discussing.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      By “Gay-Z” are you referring to a billionaire who’s still gets a bigger share of Rihanna’s money than she does for her own work?

  83. Ccfan007 June 19, 2013

    Rihanna & Beyonce are overrated neither writes their own songs both are ugly & have to bleach their skin to get approval.

    • Livin It Up June 19, 2013


  84. Lovebird June 19, 2013

    Unapologetic proves thatRihanna has vastly improved her vocal ability, and she shows this off on “lost in paradise”, I cannot wait for Rihanna’s Ray of light moment. At an age less than 25, Rihanna was crafting albums like Rated R which earned her industry respect and had critics buzzing, Rihanna artistically has just started and she’s here to stay. Her She is now growing up a lot and maturing as a woman, her ray of light moment is coming and I cannot wait.

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      LMAO. Bless your heart!

      • NΛVI June 19, 2013

        bless his heart, dam right after such articulate comment, no lies ditected and you’ll just have to seethe *smooches*

    • BEE HIVE June 19, 2013

      anyway ciara album leaked get it on rnb exclusive se

      • Livin It Up June 19, 2013


      • BEE HIVE June 19, 2013

        where did you see me post a link lmaoo

    • Iz (Queen Adele) June 19, 2013

      Lol @ crafting and maturing.

      • KELLY June 19, 2013


    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      @Navi – Bless your heart too.

      • NΛVI June 19, 2013

        thanks for the blessings 😀

    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      “She is now growing up a lot and maturing as a woman”… is this the same woman thats tweeting immature s***… the same one who is fueling a beef with another female artist. The same woman who still drinks and parties, and then shows up hours late to a concert….

      I mean I like Rihanna…but she will NEVER have a Ray of Light. And if she takes a 2 years break, its gonna be a wrap for her.

      • Fact_Check June 19, 2013

        LMAO @ Lovebird. This is exactly why I don’t get how people can compare Rhi to Bey. After all, Rhi is still a “growing” and “maturing.” Do you think it’s going to take another 7 albums to see such minimal growth in her vocal and performance abilities? LOL

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

      Weren’t you seething @ someone for posting off-topic Beyonce news in a Rihanna thread yesterday or something?

      Wow . . just wow!

  85. Jessie J Stan June 19, 2013

    Who tf is Ciara?

    • Livin It Up June 19, 2013


  86. BEE HIVE June 19, 2013

    anyway ciara album leaked get it on rnb exclusive

  87. Bey Fan June 19, 2013

    The crazy s*** is, if she was to release anything, ppl would be saying she’s taking Kelly, Ciara, or who ever else’s shine.

    If she was so scared, then why is she touring at the same time with these artist???

  88. #Beyindependent June 19, 2013

    Ciara – Irrelevant

    Rihanna- A W****

    Mariah- Washed Up

  89. Iz (Queen Adele) June 19, 2013

    Ok Bey. I prefer her music to Rihannas personally her albums feel more like albums than a bunch of potential singles just thrown together with no theme unlike Ris (except Rated R). You can tell she really dictates what she wants. So take ya time girl I just hope your stans can wait the Hive are too damn eager with their melo-dramatic breakdowns.

  90. #Beyindependent June 19, 2013

    Beyonce can release her album whenever I’ll wait for her because im a real fan that truly loves her

  91. rih rox June 19, 2013

    They bought up venues etc because of the Obamas. NOW that the Obamas don’t want to be associated with them things are turning bad. She duped her fans through the hype.

    • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013


  92. Iz (Queen Adele) June 19, 2013

    Did Rih Rox used to be called Kate Middleton?

  93. Rita is Queen June 19, 2013

    She’s full of s***. Ritas 2nd album will be out before she drops a single.

  94. KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

    @AKA Beyonce makes great albums and the nerve of yall to call Beyonce music trash lol *thinks pour it up and pfresh of the runway*

    • ^AKA^ (Ја АКА ти небитан) June 19, 2013

      What about Run The World, Video Phone, Diva, Bown Down/Been On? I think that Rihanna makes good albums too. Btw that wasn’t me, someone stole my name. Beyonce’s music is not trash but it is far from beaing great.

      • KELLY June 19, 2013

        I like Diva and I Been On as URBAN tracks.

        We never heard Bow Down and I Been On in full though.

      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

        @AKA Run the world is a lil generate but not trash , I admit I dont like Video Phone its trash at, Diva is not trash and I dont think Bow down I trashy either. Rihanna makes music that can be consider trash I mean Red-lipstick, Pour it up, fresh of the runway (which is by far the trashiest and stupidest song I’ve heard in a while). Th both have good music cant deny that

      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013


      • NΛVI June 19, 2013

        @AKA Co.sign…pure TRASH.

  95. Rita is Queen June 19, 2013

    When will Rihanna go on break tho she scared to stop making albums cause if she does everyone will forget about her & Beyonces scared to release cause she knows no ones checking for her tired music besides her stans… The life of basic b******.

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      Rihanna fan, stop! . Thanks to Gayz Rihanna and Rita both have Careers and in both cases it was a miracle for very different reasons.

      Everyone is checking and waiting for Beyonce’s new music and that’s why Billboard is asking NEYO

      • CHILE June 19, 2013

        gayz lol….the last time i check beyonce entire fans base is made up of phat black quuens living on welfare lmao

      • Miss M June 19, 2013

        Stupid get out more. I am Ecuadorian living in the UK you were saying…?

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      @Chile – And this could not be further from the truth!

    • Miss M June 19, 2013

      Btw Kelly @Navi and @Chile is the same person I remember when he got exposed on another Beyonce post for trolling *rolls eyes*

      • KELLY June 19, 2013

        Thanks 🙂 I expect nothing less from the Rihanna stans?

    • Fact_Check June 19, 2013

      Who needs to check for her besides her fans? If just the fans that heleped her sell out a world tour in minutes would buy her album, she would probably have the strongest sales of the year. Why do people keep saying “ony her fans are checking for her” like her fan base is the size of Ciara’s? She only needs to impress her fans not her haters or anybodys else for that matter.

  96. Super Cisus June 19, 2013

    I know a ugly ass Jessie j stan isn’t coming for queen Ci!!! Jessie is a flop!! Where is her new single,o yeah no where to be f***** found!!! Shrill voice one hit wonder ugly b****

    • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 19, 2013

      What the f*** is a Ciara-man…I mean Ciara fan doing on this post? Only artist that are capable of selling 100000k in the first week are allowed to express themselves. And as long as Rihanna’s around it will always be that way for Floyd Mayweather…I mean Ciara.

    • BEY WHO YOU WANNA June 19, 2013

      what you need to worry about is ciara album being leak 3 weeks before it’s release day, if she’s lucky she’ll go triple sand paper k***

  97. Kendall June 19, 2013

    Im here for her regardless shes a great talent and has had enough impact for the past 10 years so she can take as much time as she wants. Not everything needs to be compared to others they are individuals and noticed for different reasons. As long as shes happy with what she puts out you’ll be surprised how that translates into the way you perform and how you connect with the song.

  98. rih rox June 19, 2013

    She keeps testing the general public with these snippets in hopes that they will demand it. She wants the same outcome as Rihanna’s diamonds.

    • Fact_Check June 19, 2013

      In case you haven’t noticed, there is more demand for Beyonce’s music right now than ever before. Hence, this article and the countless other articles of people wanting to know where her album is and when it’s going to be released.

      All this talk about Diamond and Rhi, but yet Unapologetic had lower first week sales than 4 (and that’s Rhi’s only number 1 album). This is exactly what Beyonce wants (yea right)

      • NΛVI June 19, 2013

        yet she outseels her ass in the long run..after just 6 monhs seethe 3 mill ww 4 closure 2 years

      • Lolz June 19, 2013

        With one album though? And she cant even outsell her in the states with 7 albums and is only 5 mill ahead WW with almost double. Lol a joke.

  99. Miss M June 19, 2013

    Damn people shes allowed to take her time. Stop over analysing. Its what happens when you’re serious in the long term you tweak and adjust. Its shows she doesnt take a slapdash approach.

  100. Jess June 19, 2013

    Oh okay, so b****** are bashing Beyonce all because she’s taking the time to master her craft??? Wow how ironic.

  101. KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

    4 was a FANTASTIC r&b album minus Run the world so yall b****** can stop.

    Dangerously in love- PERFECTION
    BDAY- WAS good to not great

    • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

      I agree with everything you said….Bday was her celebration album. Almost felt like she needed to get some s*** off her chest…

      4 was AWESOME…. I even enjoyed RTW.

      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

        IKR in my opinion she has never given me a lackluster album not ever. I loved RTW 2 haha that is my jam.

  102. KELLY June 19, 2013

    Anyway keep seething B is coming for that Holiday sales.

  103. CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 19, 2013

    I can tolerate every fan base but the FLOP ASS CIARA-MAN STANS…CIARA AIN’T S*** AND SHE WILL NEVER BE S***. Rihanna owns that h**.

  104. KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

    Rated R will forever be Rihanna’s best album she actually took time to do that album.

    Her Best albums
    Rated R

    Unapologetic- She failed with this album TO ME minus (Diamonds, Stay and Half of me)

    TTT- Man rushedd to the core

    A GIRL LIKE ME- WAS really nice

    Music of the sun- She was no starting (Pon de replay slayed tho)

    This is just my opinion

    • NΛVI June 19, 2013

      stay pressed, just 8 years into her career, bodying your fav entire discography, and she’s just getting started.. she has 20 more years to do her ray of light album. you’ll just have to seethe.

      • KELLY June 19, 2013


      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

        Pressed at what? LIL boy sit the f*** down, if your fave releases a album every year what the f*** do you expect are you dumb.. Maybe that why she only has 3 good albums out of 7 have a seat somewhere.

      • NΛVI June 19, 2013

        reality boo.

  105. Let me Enjoy the Original Destiny’s Child ’til they make up their wayward minds…HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY (REAL TALK) “GET OFF THE BUS” June 19, 2013

    They people tend to always stray from the above mentioned…Stick to Beyonce please and stop bringing up other artists…have nothing nice to say (REAL TALK) “GET OFF THE BUS”

    • Let me Enjoy the Original Destiny’s Child ’til they make up their wayward minds…HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY (REAL TALK) “GET OFF THE BUS” June 19, 2013

      n.b They should be *These

  106. CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 19, 2013

    I’m tired of John Cena’s…I mean Ciara’s stans always coming for artist who are 100000x better and more successful than them. Yeah I saw you body building loving ass b****** trying to come for Rih in yesterdays post…stupid c****.

    • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

      LOOOOOOOL at John Cena

  107. Sass June 19, 2013

    Fine with me. Dont see what the big deal is. I hope she tours with the album as the second part of Mrs Carter.

  108. MC IS THE PLACE TO BE June 19, 2013

    YOW Damm lol it’s messy in here, the navy dragging the hive as usual and what’s with the crazy ciara stans

    • Miss M June 19, 2013

      Hi Navi.

      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

        @MC Idont see the Navy dragging any but themselves

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      The navy dragging who?

      Another lamb follower…

  109. mrs carter June 19, 2013

    Epic has grossed $215 million worldwide, bringing $122 million over-budget profits. I can’t at even Bey’s animated movie making $30 million more than BattleFLOP.

    • Lovebird June 19, 2013

      But for a Flop movie, battleship grossed over $300,000,000 USD. So even on an off day, Rihanna sells more tickets than Beyonce.

      • KELLY June 19, 2013

        With a budget of $200M, $300M gross is a flop.

  110. Jess June 19, 2013

    Why are the Hive always in the minority on this site lmfao? I guess they finally gave up on this non credible b*******. Rihanna stans definitely have the numbers. I’m out.

    • NΛVI June 19, 2013


      • Jess June 19, 2013

        : D Back at you Chile.

    • KELLY June 19, 2013

      The Hive isn’t the minority, we just don’t have 958398899998 fanbases dragging with us. We drag lessers on our own. Can’t say the same for the navy.

  111. Bitchpleaseeeeeeeeeee June 19, 2013


    • NΛVI June 19, 2013

      Thank you but leave it to the hood hive to act like it’s second comming of christ, s*** gonna flop when it the fans cause her music is trash ie Groan woman and i was never on. if that’s what to come on this 5th LP

  112. . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

    I wonder if NAVI / MC the Place to Be would’ve changed her e-mail address to leave a comment in a reply section . . . 😆

    Instead of trying to push Rihanna’s worldwide album sales a little bit more towards the sales mark of 30 million – what Beyonce crossed in the states alone a few years ago according to Billboard – by purchasing UnaFLOPalogic or any of her 5 flop albums, I swear these bum b****** are letting Bey control their daily lives, sceduals and internet bills..

    • NΛVI June 19, 2013

      honey beyonce been in induustry how long?? Oh yeah and Rihanna has already slayin her entire career already. no wonder ya;ll hot and bothered everday over her constant success in such a short time. you’ll just have to deal 🙂 b**** you don’t even know if you want to be in navy cause one day you acking up and sucking the navy member c*** and then dragging bey then the next minute, you all gravy with her ass no loyalty whatsoever. let me know when you start acking up again for giiggles you thirsty b****!

      • RIH ROX June 19, 2013

        DRAG HER

      • Miss M June 19, 2013

        Rihanna hasnt slayed anything besides #1s. Who cares about them when over half of them are forgettable besides two or three. And stop with short amount of time this hows been around 7-8 years now and it took a couple flop albums and an image revamp for people to finally pay attention. Gaga is someone who came saw and conquered in a short anount of time.

      • Miss M June 19, 2013


      • Fact_Check June 19, 2013

        Rhi started her career just ONE year after Bey started hers. In that time Rhi has produced 7 albums and Bey has produced 4. Yet, other than #1 radio songs, Beyonce is by far the more widely celebrated and accomplised artist of the two. The whole industry will tell you that. The Grammys will tell you that. EVEN BILLBOARD will tell you that (hence, female artist of the decade, artist of the millennium). The point is, Rhi has had way more chances to make a mark than solo Beyonce (almost double), but yet she has yet to become the ICON that Beyone is. How do you not get that?

    • Miss M June 19, 2013

      You CLOCKED the troll aswell. I cant with his basic self. Doing more work on Beyonce posts than his own fave. The struggle that you have to post under different names though.

      • NΛVI June 19, 2013

        “plays obsessed* that’s all the attention you’re gonna get from me today so cherish the moment peasant Kiiiii

      • Miss M June 19, 2013

        Troll! 😀

    • ^AKA^ (Ја АКА ти небитан) June 19, 2013

      And you instead of worrying about Rihanna album sales that are actually over 30 million and dreaming about Beyonce’s 65 million albums that never happened, go buy some of her four albums so that she can finally outsell Baby One More Time, Stripped + Christina Aguilera, Let Go + Under My Skin, Songs In A Mirror + As I Am + The Diary Of Alicia Keys, P!nk albums since she is not even in top 5 album sellers in her generation. Help your ‘KiNG’ to stop that struggle.

      • Yaz June 19, 2013

        Who cares shes the most relevant, had enough impact and arguably the best performer out of all them! Justins sales were about the same as Beys too and funny how them two are still the most relevant out of all of them!

  113. Aquarius June 19, 2013

    Beyonces music is so trash, ghetto bladi blaa yet she has Royalty and Politicians from various countries coming to see her. People always try and fail so miserably with her.

    But Beyonce just you do what you gotta do. Keeping everyone on a string, and as these comments prove, haters included.

  114. KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

    @BitchPlease Every artist has expectations for there album but the public/fans are the ones who have the highest expectation.I have never once heard beyonce or her teamsay anything about this album PERIOD. Its the Dream, Neyo and even RIta who talked about the album, I mean when Rita said “Bey is coming back to slay everyone that alone make people think that well she must have a monster album and that will give people high expectations for the album and if it doesnt do as well as they hope its then called a flop.

    I think people working with bey on the album or close to her should just shut up and let the music speak for itself I mean even Beyonceis keeping her month shut on all the information

    • Bitchpleaseeeeeeeeeee June 19, 2013


      • Bey Fan June 19, 2013

        I dont think should just release “anything”. She has to be behind her project…especially since we all know that her projects usually stretch out for over a year.

        Im anticipating a new album too…but she has never disappointed me, and if she wants to take a little time, Im patiently waiting.

      • KingBeyBitch June 19, 2013

        My point is know one knows what’s happening with the album, Neyo knows what Beyonce and her team tell him he. She could say today she’s not ready to release the album and she can then release it next week only Beyonce knows. Plus no ones when the album was suppose to come out in the first place I mean GQ said april but they was no official nothing to confirm that. Which brings me back to the point where i said Beyonce nor her teamed talked about the album.

  115. KELLY June 19, 2013


    Boy, No one is bothered about Rihanna success even if that’s what the Navy want. No one cares. The Navy is more interested in Beyonce Business at the noment than the Hive is in Rihanna.

    Beyonce started her Solo Career in 2003 and her impact was so huge, Rihanna felt it all the way in Barbados, that’s why she called Beyonce her Idol in 2005 and the reason why she wanted the career she no has. Beyonce cemented her legacy with her first try as a solo artist.

  116. . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

    When did I ever suck a Rihanna Nazi’s d***?

    I’ve always said it and will always say it : Rihanna Nazi are the worst stanbase Ever.

    Yes I’ll always call Beyonce out for her s*** WHEN I want, but I’ll never be trying to join that GARBAGE stanbase called Rihanna Nazi… EVER!

    And speaking numbers – the only thing Rihanna Nazi can talk about all the time, like they’re getting checks or something – what has Rihanna “slain” lol?

    What part can you not understand?

    YOUR fav is yet to even sell as many albums as Beyonce sold in her HOMETOWN, much less worldwide, and you’re still telling me she’s “slain” her career?

    Get the f*** outta here BUM b**** and take your emo NAZI ass somewhere else before else.

  117. LDN Chick June 19, 2013

    Well people have a change of heart all the time. Whats wrong with a perfectionist!

  118. Bey Fan June 19, 2013

    But your fav loves my fav….. You fav is asked about my fav in interviews… you fav sang in honor of my fav… That makes you all fans by default. LOL

  119. . : : h 2 o : : . June 19, 2013

    I can’t drag Nazi stans anymore today . . I have exams to study for.

    Bye Samantha :mrgreen:

  120. Jamal June 19, 2013

    Wow, beyonce’s box office has surpassed 940 millz, congrats bey!

  121. Yaz June 19, 2013

    Bey take as long as you want people will be the first to complain if they felt it was rushed or not up to scratch.

  122. Savannah June 19, 2013

    Lol. Same tired debates. Do you guys ever sleep? Fact of the matter is: Beyonce and Rihanna are the only two contemporary black female artists who are worth anything right now. Could Ciara perform in arenas/stadiums as a headlining act? Brandy? Kelly? Fantasia? Huh? Didn’t think so. Beyonce will release when shes ready. Let these b****** be great.

  123. Lovebird June 19, 2013

    LMAO so for a Flop movie, Battleship grossed more than Epic, an animated movie. lol so even on an off day, Rihanna sells more tickets than Beyonce.

    • LDN Chick June 19, 2013

      Only the tickets that she makes available and Beyonce doesn’t. Plus Beys tickets are more expensive. SO whose to say who can sell more #3mill in UK after her tickets while Rihanna remains with empty seats at her shows.

    • LDN Chick June 19, 2013

      And are you seriously comparing a movie that’s still out in cinemas WW?

    • Jamal June 19, 2013

      battleshit had 200mill budget,epics budget was 93. so yeh do the math and youll find that epic is millions ahead of it

      • Jamal June 19, 2013

        209 million to be exact

  124. LDN Chick June 19, 2013

    YES to Madonna doing CIL dance moves at her tour screening!

  125. DIGGER BEY June 19, 2013

    Bottom lines is…………4 ALBUMS PRODUCED 118 MILLION RECORDS SOLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 7 albums bac to bac produced 100 million records sold. Even on her break, THE QUEEN continues to DRAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG every b**** n the game! And I know she isn’t worried about dropping music along side The Flop Pack = Citranny, Mooriah, Pigtina and J Hell to The Naw. Pigtina two cerified flops n a row. Citranny flops where so bad, they didn’t even register on the charts. And Mooriah and J Naw lmaooooooooooooo. No comment. Once again, why should THE QUEEN b scared to drop music n the mist of FLOPS?

  126. DIGGER BEY June 19, 2013

    Lmfao Now I get it. Now I get why The Flop Pack are dropping their albums this summer. They have the industry first hand news, that THE QUEEN was still wrapped up n her album lmfaoooooooooooooooo. WOW! These b****** are getting their albums out before THE QUEEN makes up her mind bwahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhaahahahaha. Too bad all of their first week sales combined will not see the numbers KING B will produce, when her 5th album drop bwahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. #THE OMNIPRESENT BEYONCE KNOWLES

  127. DIGGER BEY June 19, 2013

    If the news is true, that KING B will drop her 5th album n November. U can bet Worthlessianna will not drop her 8th album n November or December! She gonna push that s*** bac to 2014 to flop bwahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaha. # 2013….THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  128. HOWYOULIKEIT June 19, 2013

    Well haters will stay pressed. Beyonce never gave a release date for a single or an album.
    She is outshining your fav without a new album so stay pressed.

  129. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 19, 2013

    personally and honestly, i’m embarrassed by the lies-filled comments in this post.

    the woman will release the album when she feels like it , be patient and grow the f*** up yall , hive and navy members respectively.

    and i don’t know why robyn’s stage name is brought up !!!?

  130. DIGGER BEY June 19, 2013

    H** PLEASE @Aka. KING B has sold more records than all of them h***. Out of all those b****** u named. THE QUEEN is the only one to produce 3 albums bac to bac certified triple platnuim n The States. During the 2000s. So H** come again. And who was Crowned Billboards Female Artist of the decade???? #NOT THEM H***

  131. Navy Sailor June 19, 2013

    Kiiiii this post is a f****** mess. I know y’all fingers hurt from pounding on your keyboards/phones/iPads 😆 especially Digger Bey. Chiiiiile that queen is mad as s***. 😆

  132. RICHANDBLACK11 June 19, 2013

    This is a mess…..Crack babies grow up from both side Hive and Navy.

    Can we all just get along…..Plays Kanye West Blood on the leaves.

    • Navy Sailor June 19, 2013

      Hey boo!! Where have you been

      • RICHANDBLACK11 June 19, 2013

        Me and the hubby went on VAC chile.

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 19, 2013

      so If i am not in the Party , the party is messy as hell ?

      good to see you both keeping your coolness points still. 😉

      • RICHANDBLACK11 June 19, 2013

        I’m too old for this s***….I just sit back and watch it all unfold.

  133. Lovebird June 19, 2013


    “Resentment” was originally recorded by Victoria Beckham and written by Curtis Mayfield, Walter Millsap and Candice Nelson. Beyonce added a comma and notched herself a writing credit, now song-writers are stingy and she’s stuck.

    Talk of falling on your own sword.

    • Jewell June 20, 2013


  134. Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 19, 2013


  135. realtalk June 19, 2013

    I’m such a big fan of Beyonce and I truly see all the talent in her and Know she will deliver great music with this next album. Also I have my own opinion of what I think it should be about on this next album. I think Beyonce being a wife/mother should give herself more of a mature sound with depth. I also think Bey/Jay should rip a great collaboration together greater than that of De Ja Vu/Crazy In Love/Up Grade U/Forever Young vibe. Bey’s music on this next album should be next level of her album “4” songs such as 1+1/I Care/Dance For You/Party/I Miss You/I Was Here/Schoolin Life/Love On Top/Countdown/Lay under Me. This album to my expectatation should be of putting a stamp on her lengency and allowing inner feelings/heart be all over this album. If Beyonce do decide to collaborate with males outside of needing to collaborate with husband Jay-z a must, I see her collaborating with maybe Kendrick Lamar and Justin Timberlake and maybe Usher and if she has female collaborating I could see something with maybe Tamar Brandy and maybe Rihanna. This album Bey you need to come hard and with maturnity/depth.

  136. mulaah June 20, 2013

    hahahahaa…all this fight is f****** boring for me…since this post is about beyonce,um just gonna ask her real fans…which r beyonce 5 songs does she perform the best on live stage? for me its

    A) crazely in love
    B) till the end of time
    C) single ladies
    D) love on top
    E) irreplasable

  137. Ddeejj June 22, 2013

    Patient?! WTF is he talking about. In about two more days the hype will be way over for her and new music. Beyoncé is it really that serious!? I’m pretty sure she got a bunch of good music in her hands right now just give us something and stop waiting for GAGA an Adele cause we all know that’s what you’re doing!!!

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