Winning: Rihanna’s US Sales Hit 9.8 Million / Scores 6th Million Seller With ‘Unapologetic’

Published: Sunday 2nd Jun 2013 by David

Let’s face it, while the likes of Beyonce and Lady GaGa have seen their stars rise on the back of their undeniable talent, Rihanna has seen her brand soar on the back of marketing tactics employed by the geniuses that oversee her career.

Indeed, much like an empty vase Brand Rihanna is impressive at face value but a little disappointing when one scratches at the surface to find there is nothing there. No vocal skill, no real credentials as a writer and absolutely nothing to say as a live act.

Alas, thanks to notes pulled from the Mathew Knowles School of Star Making, Camp Riri have succeeded in turning the star’s fish sticks into Caviar…making her Pop’s most reliable chart topper.

Now, find out how this success story pens another chapter in its book below…

After her latest LP ‘Unapologetic‘ reached sales of 1 million units in the US, the star scored her 6th million selling album in the market- pushing her combined US sales t0 9.8 million.

Of course, while this figure is a little unimpressive when one remembers that Beyonce has surpassed this figure with only two albums and Usher with one (see ‘Confessions’), this feat should give the star much cause to celebrate considering she’s been able to achieve this with only the benefit of #1 album in the US.

 Sure, while it may have taken her seven albums to do what Lady GaGa did two (one of these being an EP), Riri’s latest chart feat stands a credit to the songwriters, stylists, execs and PR big wigs responsible for crafting the smoke’n’mirrors that is her cause. The smoke’n’mirrors, that has seen her win the undying support of the casual listener but still has some way to go before explaining the mess you’ll see below…

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  1. Special Delivery June 2, 2013

    Rihannas sales are basic if not below average in the US though. How you gonna let Beyoncé outsell you there with only 4 albums. *Shrugs and walks away*

    • CiCi Slaaaaays June 2, 2013

      If Rihanna sells are basic so are beys shes yet to sell a million first week…. Beyonce sells better than Rihanna but compared to people like Adele, Madonna, Mariah, Justin Timberlake, & Britney her sells look below basic so lets not act like Beyonce some major blockbuster seller or some s*** cause shes not i dont even like R**** like that but im not here for the biased b*******

      • Special Delivery June 2, 2013

        All I did was state facts though. Where did I say she was on the level of Madonna?

      • Truth Serum June 2, 2013

        But… Beyonce sold more albums than Justin… FAILED…

        Let’s try again…

        LET’S TRY AGAIN…

    • Jmac June 2, 2013

      keep walking..

    • delia888 June 2, 2013

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    • MuiMui June 2, 2013

      SPECIAL DELIVERY You miss the big picture because You and others say she can’t sell albums and her numbers are Impressive for a Untalented Artist to let you and Your Goons tell it.
      With this amount of Albums sold in the Us this make your Weak ass looks like You are, Hooked On Stupid and no place to Roost.
      And read who else Rihanna is compared to now isn’t that great for Her.
      Being mentioned in the same Music Topic as
      Usher,Beyonce and Janet it don’t get no better than that.

    • Rude B**** June 3, 2013

      H** just stfu n deal shes winning

    • breana June 18, 2013


    • brighton October 1, 2013

      Rihanna has accomplished alot in short amount of time.
      Personally I believe she is more talented when she is “uncut” (no backtrack, no dancers)..
      (Notice: Rihanna is the youngest among the legends)

      The Beatles

      Elvis Presley

      Michael Jackson


      Mariah Carey

      Celine Dion

      Whitney Houston



      The Rolling Stones


      Garth Brooks


      Rihanna (2005 -PRESENT


      Billy Joel

      Bruce Springsteen

      Barbra Streisand


      Britney Spears

      Rod Stewart

      Taylor Swift

      Bon Jovi

      Fleetwood Mac
      ******************MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT*************

    • Rihzealius January 24, 2015

      Okay, I just woke up and read this old bull and I just wanna address something. I’m tired of all you basic gays that don’t know ish about how sales work share your weak minded thoughts. Rihanna is NOT US bound artists. She dominates overseas. Her WW sales always slay. Why do you think she is POP ICON, Fashion Icon, best selling digital artist of all time?! Good Girl Gone Bad just went Diamond last year. Yet, yall are so focused on Beyonce whom only shines in the U.S! Beyonce hasn’t had a no.1 hit on Billboards since Single Ladies. Rihanna has the best selling ballad of all time by a woman and that’s STAY selling 8 MILLION. She can snatch multiple number singles, sell a multi-platinum album, snatch a damn grammy, and get multiple videos veto certified in one era and you compare to a basic b**** who’s only relevant when she on your or buying babies. SIT F***, SIT.

  2. Yaz June 2, 2013

    And the Navy cry about this site not posting her achievements.

    • Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 2, 2013

      yes i agree they are speaking about her achievements but it just sounds shady its like yea she got 9.8 sales “finally” it doesnt sound like a praise , it just sounds like that grape juice is being shady

      • Yaz June 2, 2013

        But you are just gonna have to deal with the shade. Its the truth most of the time. At least he reports on it. The Navy make out TGJ only report bad things Rihanna does, and he actually posts more on her achievements, shade or not.

    • brighton October 1, 2013

      just stumble here… World wide Rhianna is selling like Micheal Jackson. But her overall US album sales aren’t super high.. {Her total album sales stand at 9.8 million.} is a major breakthrough..

      Total sales there is no competition between Beyonce & Rihanna.

      worldwide Rihanna =150 million
      worldwide Beyonce = 55 million

  3. CiCi Slaaaaays June 2, 2013

    10 million in the US ugh that’s pretty good i guess…

  4. IDK June 2, 2013

    Go Rih!!!!!!! Congratulations! 😉

  5. pat June 2, 2013

    Congrats Rih while Your favs are now reduced to living off of her past accomplishments while Rih is still producing HITS! you will deal!

    • Aquarius June 2, 2013

      Its good that a persons past accomplishments are strong enough to carry them and they don’t have to keep rehashing themselves every couple of months to keep people interested.

      • pat June 2, 2013

        and that’s what they’re supposed to do when you’re no longer relevant

      • Aquarius June 2, 2013

        No longer relevant yet selling out tours, headlining major festivals, topping social media charts and still on your mind? Keep reaching.

      • pat June 2, 2013

        and obviously irrelevant in your mind in spite of all that u listed, because I didn’t call names dahling

      • Aquarius June 2, 2013

        Doesn’t take rocket science to detect shade whether you believe it not. Don’t try and be smart.

  6. Just To Say June 2, 2013

    Its not even 10 mill though lool

  7. RiRi Bad June 2, 2013

    Congratulations Rihanna… You’ve definitely came a long way

    • Rude B**** June 3, 2013


  8. IM A FREE B*TCH June 2, 2013

    Omg cant sam ever just let Rihanna have her moment without shading her or devaluing her brand? im not a Rihanna fan and i very much agree with the points made about her career but damn, let the girl enjoy her moment please

  9. TurnUp4Cici June 2, 2013

    Flop H**!!!! bearly 10 million with 7 albums pathetic should atleast be at 15 million

    • COCKINESS June 2, 2013

      and ciara has had four albums out and she hasn’t even sold more than 5 million in the US. SIT

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 2, 2013

      Ciara fans make it real hard not to shade her, and I like Ciara. But you speak about other artists as if Ciara has achieved even an ounce of what Rihanna or Beyonce has achieved….

    • Ke$has Crazy Kid June 3, 2013

      B**** you Stan for a lessor stfu

  10. Little Monster June 2, 2013

    With 7 albums and being pushed in everyones faces every year this is basic af

  11. Tiffany8474505 June 2, 2013

    With 7 full lenth hit making albums. She only sold 9 million copies. BYE GURL

  12. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 2, 2013

    The ONLY two prominent, female, Pop artists, from this generation and century thus far, whose cumulative U.S album sales are high, are Britney Spears and Taylor Swift

    As much as I love Beyonce, X-tina, Pink, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa & Rihanna and co… There domestic album sales are pretty low when in comparison to others.

    Then again… At least they manage to actually recieve ‘platinum’ certifications unlike others also.

    Anyway, congratulations Rihanna. 😉

    ‘Rated R’ & ‘GGGB’ are still your best albums, musically. >>>

    • NΛVI June 2, 2013

      loud & rated r >>>>

  13. SwifTee June 2, 2013

    21 sales>>>> all Rihanna albums ! Lmfao

    • Common Sense June 2, 2013

      21=10+ million in the US alone. Oops poor rih rih.

  14. Slaylor Swift June 2, 2013

    Rihannas album sells are average & we all know that but she gets them to platinum status everytime what other black female is selling as good as Rihanna is today besides Beyonce…..?

  15. Iz (Queen Adele) June 2, 2013

    Not great. Her peers all do better than her in the US let be real. At least they were nice enough to put ‘winning’ they’re not that horrible.

  16. Shaniece June 2, 2013

    I’m not surprised that she barely sold 10 million in the US! Releasing a new album every year throws people off. People were still buying Loud when TTT was released, TTT when Unapologetic was released etc. if she actually stuck with an era her sales would be better but oh well. I’m sure shell throw this era away come November. But 6 platinum albums in a row is an impressive feat in itself. Especially for someone who releases every year. Shrugs

  17. makela June 2, 2013

    F*** u Sam u are a racist Piece of s*** u are nasty Human being rihanna is from the island u hate these people f*** u dirty ass racist

  18. Shauwndapooh June 2, 2013

    Thats good considering the fact she barely promotes the albums and release every year keep slaying

  19. #BEYINDEPENDENT June 2, 2013

    Since 2010 only 3 black girls have received platinum plaques Rihanna,Beyonce & Nicki that’s sad so instead of hating support stop degrading your own people … Just imagine how many white females have gon platinum since 2010… Not the biggest fan of this Gurl but hey shes doing her thing…

    • HausMuthaAdele June 2, 2013

      Its sad people rather be hateful then except the truth

    • muss June 2, 2013

      people compared biggie, tupac, shaq, kobe, mc donalds, burger king, kfc, popeyes, pepsi, coke.

      get a life b****, stop flashing race card cause your mad
      Rihanna went platinum AGAIN tell beyonce to copy better s***

      • Tash June 2, 2013

        But Beyonce goes platinum aswell.

    • Dezi June 2, 2013

      Now there are white female artists out there who aren’t selling good at all but we don’t hear about them because people such as yourself FOR SOME ODD REASON like to put focus on black female artists when they are at their worst.

      Realistically speaking the only white girls that are bringing in decent sales is taylor swift, lady gaga, Britney spears, katy perry and adele. What other white female artists are selling like them because it sure ain’t Keisha. Stop with the black on black s*** .. the lack of album sales ain’t got s*** to do with SKIN COLOR if so whitney in her prime wouldn’t not have gone DIAMOND. We are in an era where music SUCKS .. It’s about the QUALITY. It has nothing to do with being BLACK. Stop hating on black female artists DAMN.

    • Common Sense June 2, 2013

      I degrade them because 2 of them release absolute garbage and try to pass it off as music, and the third doesn’t release music period. I look at the quality of work not the pigment of their skin, so leave 1950 behind and catch up with us in 2013.

  20. christinastherealtalent June 2, 2013

    Only 9.8 million in the US with 7 albums in 8 years? Worldwide her sales are substantial but only 9.8 million people in the US are interested in her? I am so glad my faves came out when they did, in an era where you actually had to buy their album.

    But then again this is Rih’s fanbase who considered 9.8 million a milestone, slayage, reigning, or whatever retarded words they want to label her with. Lets talk when Rih can sell what adele did with 21.

    • Ke$has Crazy Kid June 3, 2013

      Where’s pigtina again?

    • dee June 5, 2013

      Adele is a huge exception – an anomaly. This is no longer an album market, it’s a singles market. Folks simply don’t buy albums the way they used to any more. Had Rihanna (the artiste we see now) been around during the Christina/Britney heyday she would’ve racked up 9.8 million PER album. So to compare her to the likes of Christina and Britney who were really pre-iTunes Let’s-buy-cd’s-at-HMV artistes is ridiculous. In an era where it’s all about singles and music piracy and free downloads, Rihanna is in fact the highest selling female singles vocalist EVER, no small feat. Her sell out tours and airplay paint the real picture.
      PS: Rihanna may not have the strongest voice, but she certainly has a distinctive and edgy one, which makes every track she puts out hotter than all of your “proper” singers.

  21. queenB-rules June 2, 2013

    Tgj is so going in overdrive with this basic b**** sales.. Relax! Riwhora is stil in the struggle whenit comes to ALBUM sales….

  22. kim June 2, 2013

    With SEVEN albums with hits!!! F*** that’s not winning? Average figure for seven albums is s flop. By the way her fans talk I would think she pass the 10 milli mark.

  23. COCKINESS June 2, 2013

    its so redic for me as a rihanna stan to have to see lesser come here and try to denounce what this gurl has done. i think we can all agree that Cerror stans need to leave this post ASAP and save to buy your fav’s flop album.

    Secondly lets get into Samantha and these pathetic excuses you come up with when rihanna is winning. your not in the studio with rihanna so u have no idea what she writes and what she doesn’t. while your favs Beyonce has had questionable and controversial song writing credits on songs. and you keep comparing rihanna sales with beyonce’s, beyonce’s highest selling album DIL was at a time when album sales were high and she has failed to do anything close to that since (see 4).

    • h2o June 2, 2013

      Ciara stans come to Beyonce threads and call her “irrelevant”, “washed up” and “old news” . .

      They even tried to come for Bey’s current stats when “Bathroom Party” went top 40.

      I mean . . . . .

  24. Taylegendary Swift June 2, 2013

    To be fair, Beyonce only sold more because she came from a successful girl group which she completely cockblocked. Rihanna didn’t. Yet she’s still the bigger star on a worldwide basis. As is Miss Taylor. Beyonce could only dream of accomplishing what Taylor has.

    • Lena June 2, 2013

      Thats no excuse. Sorry. She has 7 albums she should technically have outsold her because she has enough exposure.

    • Touché June 2, 2013

      And that generic country girl is light years behind of accomplishing what people like Madonna, Michael, and Mariah have done. Let’s not go there.

    • Common Sense June 2, 2013

      Last I checked Taylor is a local act lol. NO ONE apart from 1D fans in the UK (who were invested in Swift’s relationship) give a f*** about some random white stick insect. The rest of the world isn’t interested in the god awful genre that is country or the bastardization that is Taylor Swift’s Country/Pop Lite.

    • queenB-rules June 3, 2013

      u need to whipe ur mouth coz the s*** u just spoke is spilling over

  25. h2o June 2, 2013

    Well, this’s just not very good . . 7 albums later still not diamond?


    Anyway . . .

  26. Career Ender June 2, 2013


    The struggle to hit 10mil in the U.S just won’t let up either *sigh*

    • Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 2, 2013

      thats because people in the united states dont like her and wont admit it, look how they treat her in europe and brazil and all these other countrries they go mad for her, her songs reach number one faster in the Uk then in it does in America., they apperciate that music even people like kelly rowland and even ciara are bigger over there and of course Beyonce in Glastonbury she did so good there she was huge your music is better of in other countries then America. Beyonce 4 album had no number one songs in the untied states, only the album reached number one but i am sure in the UK it did probably..

      • Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 2, 2013

        * countries
        *some people in the united states dont like her

  27. Career Ender June 2, 2013


    The struggle to hit 10mil in the U.S just won’t let up either *sigh*

    • Tresa June 2, 2013

      I thought Rihanna was an international artist…

      • Tash June 2, 2013

        And so is Beyonce.

  28. Lena June 2, 2013

    A fine example of how #1s can only take you so far.

  29. Georgie June 2, 2013

    The amount of exposue this girl gets and people still dont wanna drope the real coins for you. But then I guess the Navy are barely out of diapers so they can only affort their $2 pocket money to purchase her singles and have to save up all year for her tickets, the reason why they take so long to sell out, even though some are still not sold out. Diamonds tickets were released November 2011 and you have others that can announcs their tour a few weeks before and they sell out in a day.

  30. the prince June 2, 2013

    Wtf?? Bey has surpassed taylor on so many levels and she’s def left ri in the dust. BEYONCE GETS PRAISES FROM THE GREAT LEGENDS BEFORE HER, beyonce entertaines with talent taylor gets on stage and cries nor her or ri can keep a man, try again.

    • IDK June 2, 2013

      Your post is so all over the place it doesnt make no sense.

    • h2o June 2, 2013

      Also, Bey and her band sold more albums than Rihanna and Taylor combined . .

  31. King B>Rihanna June 2, 2013

    why is everyone surprised tho

    it has been established that Rihanna is a single artist who does well enough in album sales.

    anyway congratulations.

  32. HOWYOULIKEIT June 2, 2013

    To the navy. Now yall see sam is congratulating rihanna.

    • King B>Rihanna June 2, 2013

      they probably try fins some way to say he’s not

  33. Tiffany8474505 June 2, 2013

    Also, thats one of my favorite Janet Jackson Vidoes & Song. Rhythm Nation album is classic.

    • King B>Rihanna June 2, 2013


  34. CandyWarhol June 2, 2013

    This is bad. Only 10 million after seven albums?

    • muss June 2, 2013

      ONE ALBUM UN-APOLOGETIC SOLD 10 MILLION COPIES.. DUMBASS. in the music industry you are good as your last album

      Rhianna last album= DIAMOND in the US ALONE.

      Beyonce last album= Flop, NO.diamond sales in US

      • Tash June 2, 2013

        No boo its her total album sales.

      • Common Sense June 2, 2013

        LMAO the amount of reaching one would have to do to believe that Rihanna could ever go Diamond is out of this universe LOL

  35. truth June 2, 2013

    ok soo this is how it is… let beyonce, adele, gaga, katy or whoever else try releasing an album every year and see if they all go platinum.. the thing here is CONSISTENCY and thats what rihanna has, 12 #1’s and 6 platinum albums which are released every year means people love her and dont get tired.. beyonce flop ass took a little break and already no one cares
    #THATREIGN and you all will have to deal.

    • Georgie June 2, 2013

      No one cares yet she sells out her tour in a fraction of the time it took Rihanna and her tour was announced last year.

    • Common Sense June 2, 2013

      LOL Hilarious the way the navy try to spin off flop sales into something positive like “consistency.” Face it, Rihanna is a singles queen and a flop when it comes to album sales.

  36. Tresa June 2, 2013

    That a dam shame you got to compare Rihanna and Beyonce album sales. I would think longer as Beyonce been doing this she will be compare with the likes of Justin, Britney,and Christina. It’s a dam shame that these are only black female artist, going platinum, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj. Why you keep putting one down to build the other up is sad, for a black female artist,it’s a blessing to have them three.. What really it can’t be but one black artist on top..

    • valleygirl June 2, 2013

      hypocrite, you just did the same thing that Sam did by putting Beyonce down.

  37. JOHNVIDAL June 2, 2013

    LOL Not even 10 million copies in the USA after 7 albums? That has to be a new record or something lmao

    • RiRi Bad June 2, 2013

      How is that a bad thing that just shows each album sold a million copies & then some..

      • JOHNVIDAL June 2, 2013

        Are u serious? You really think this is impressive for a superstar? (or someone who is supposed to be). Any other superstar has done it with 4, 3, 2 or even 1 album. Unless you are admitting she is not on superstar level. More on Ke$ha´s or Demi Lovato´s level lol

    • MuiMui June 2, 2013

      Say John and there’s Twenty Artist who has not done as well as RIHANNA has in the US,SO.

  38. I Will Adorn You June 2, 2013

    Tbh the only 3 black females that are going platium these days are Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki so I give them all props. The fact that Rihanna has so much exposure and her music is very POP I would expect a bit more but all the girls are winning in their own way.

    • I Will Adorn You June 2, 2013


    • RiRi Bad June 2, 2013


  39. RiRi Bad June 2, 2013

    Lol like any of you worthless b****** could even sell 100 albums stfu every album has scanned platinum stay pressed she’s the top black b**** in charge right now deal Beyonce had her turn already let Rihanna shine.

    • Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 2, 2013

      yassssssssssssssssssssssss lets get it

    • h2o June 2, 2013

      Beyonce had her turn already so let her LIVE.

  40. Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 2, 2013

    happy for her, she keeps growing as an artist

  41. Queen Barb June 2, 2013

    6 platinum albums in a row tho….. say what you want that’s great for a black artist

    • Common Sense June 2, 2013

      No not really. MJ was selling diamond albums. Janet was selling multi-platinum albums, as was Destiny’s Child. Usher had a multi-diamond album in the 2000’s. These numbers are NOT impressive for any “superstar” of any racial background. Keep beating that dead (race) horse though.

  42. Jasmine June 2, 2013

    The fact remains. This is not good.

  43. HausMuthaAdele June 2, 2013

    The black community is just to f***** up like seriously yall all look pathetic yall should want up lift your people more especially when theres only a few doing big things….. Only 3 black females going platinum these days? yet all 3 of them get so much f****** hate from you judgmental people no ones perfect you people try living your life in front of the whole world… anyways congratulations to Rihanna 10 million with 7 back to back albums isnt that bad for someone you people call a singles artist….

    • Common Sense June 2, 2013

      As opposed to only 4 white females going platinum these days when Caucasians are the majority of the population? Seriously, stop playing the race card.

  44. MING truth June 2, 2013

    F*** YOU,

    BEYONCE is a thief who relys on stealing song ideas, images and performances. She DID NOT do it own her own she is a thief ducking under copyright laws.

  45. Gilberto June 2, 2013

    Let’s be honest here. Her sales are pretty basic and unimpressive. After 7 albums, many hits and s***, she shouldn’t be struggling for a Platinum album. Actually, she should’ve been shipping Multi-Platinum #1 albums since GGGB.

  46. Love Life June 2, 2013

    This is totally basic. Has nothing to do with skin color because Rihanna doesnt sell off black music like R&B. She sells off generic pop. Her songs go to #1 and that still doesnt persuade people to go buy her album. As stereotypical as it might sound but her whole image is crafted for white appeal aswell. And the amount of publicity she gets… I cant. Its a thing called fast food music because of most of her #1 singles are forgettable.

    • HausMuthaAdele June 2, 2013

      Shes makes pop music but shes still a black entertainer you people are so dumb i swear.

      • Love Life June 2, 2013

        But music is music. Majority of people dont look and think Im not buying it because she ls black come on now.

  47. DOSSOME June 2, 2013

    add those basic sales to the fact she hardly writes or even produce her music coupled with thoroug hly discounted singles,DAMN,those royalty checks shall continue to EVADE her…& Beyonce’s US sales are just as mediocre that’s why you see her stans clinging onto DC sales for dear life but it’s hilarious to see stans of average selling superstars fight here everyday…I expect Rihanna to gloat over these stats on twitter and throw some subtle shade as usual..

    *plays IF I AIN’T GOT YOU from the far better overall album seller Alicia Keys*

    • JOHNVIDAL June 2, 2013

      You always on point! 🙂

    • MC June 2, 2013

      MESS 😆

  48. Britney Stan June 2, 2013

    Beyonce fans have to compare her album sells to Rihannas to feel good & superior why not compare them to Beyonces real peers like Britney Justin or Usher…

  49. xedos June 2, 2013

    Gaga sell her album for .99 cents. and she’s white so of course she will sell more. Beyonce will not sell music like Taylor swift even thou she’s the better artist. reason,she’s black. so in this market what rihanna has done is impressive

    • Common Sense June 2, 2013

      Um no logic seems to elude you. Taylor Swift talentless as she is, sells massive numbers because she double dips into both the country (massive market) and pop (massive market for singles) genres. Beyonce while infinitely more talented, makes R&B music which has seen a decline over the years.
      As for Gaga, she’s a passing trend and the gays are supporting her. She peaked way too soon and is on her way out unless she really impresses with Artpop.

  50. Alex June 2, 2013

    I really couldnt care about all stats and s*** bla bla bla the music industry is f***** up these days and very deceiving. The fact remains Beyonce and Rihanna are the top black females in the game and have been cumulativley for a long time now. They are bigger and have had more impact than people who sell more than them and will be remembered over some people who have sold more than them.

    • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

      SOOO F****** TRUE!

  51. Britney Stan June 2, 2013

    At the end of the day Rihanna is a black artist in the age where people hardly buy albums so that’s great for the black community.

    • Alex June 2, 2013

      You said that but then you diss beyonce who is a black female who had to compete with white females like Britney at the time and still made a massive name for herself. It swings both ways.

  52. Jay June 2, 2013

    You are the most hateful and ignorant bloggers I have seen. Stop comparing her to other artists. She’s not Beyonce and she’s not Lady Gaga. She’s Rihanna and she’s carved out a niche for herself. Stop trying to analyze her success like you have the merit to do so. You are a blogger…not a music analyst. Give the girl her congratulations and stop the hate. You kiss Bey’s ass and she’s a steals every hot concept you have ever seen her put out. At least Rihanna is setting trends, that even Bey tries to follow.

  53. Alex June 2, 2013

    We all know the reason people like Britney did well because of the white teen bubblegum pop phenomena that catapulted her at that time. Not genuine musicality and talent. If Beyonce and Rihanna were white females with blonde hair Im sure they couldve done the same.

  54. Navy/Hive June 2, 2013

    This is a Beyonce & Rihanna world we know that already. Rihanna dominates with the hits .. Beyonces dominates with the stage performance can’t no one see bey on stage… & Tbh their both average album sells but they both get their albums to platinum thats all that matters.

    • Alex June 2, 2013

      Thank you I agree!

  55. Navy/Hive June 2, 2013

    I love Beyonce but its Rihanna time to shine right now Beyonce been there done that idk why majority of the hive wont just let Rihanna do her thing Beyonce is already a legend & icon

    • Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 2, 2013

      yes i agree beyonce time is up now i wouldnt go to far with the legend and icon part, she is not a madonna or michael jackson or whitney houston shes not even prince .
      However, yes she has done alot and i do respect her ..

      • Kendall June 2, 2013

        Beyonce will be a legend out of her generation of stars mark my words.

  56. Tash June 2, 2013

    I agree with what the last few people are saying. You can shade them but at the end of Beyonce and Rihanna still remain twi of the biggest stars of their generation. Whose remained the most relevant out of the late nineties/early noughties females? Beyonce. Whose the one who can get a hit with ease. Rihanna.

    People need to let stars co exist they all shine for their own reasons.

    • Tash June 2, 2013


  57. Katy Kat June 2, 2013

    Why is this even news its not even officially 10 million yet.

    • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

      why are you here?

      katy has releaed 3 albums and has only sold 8 mill globally

      rih 45 mill…

      do we see the disparity and whats even worse though

      katy has 6 #1 songs on a repacaged album which has yet to outsold GGGB which had only 3

      i smell a singles seller as well dont you b****?

  58. Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

    LOOOOL! well 6 platinum albums in an age where music does not sell… GREAT!

    I wont even shad beyonce who has had prior promo for her debute and albums that ensue…

    people used to say bey the female MJ

    puting her album sales in comparison to Taylor swift and MJ will leave you LOLING




    ADELE had typical everyday people buying her music not internet bloggers she had cross appeal adults young people everyone was receptive of that album

    so to compare it to a Rihanna album which is clearly crafted for females in the demography of 16-26 makes you seem bitter an inept at anything relating to music and charting.

    Rihanna is a f****** LEGEND and funny the hive complain about her labum sales.. but the HIVE SHOULD BE HAPPY REALLy

    if Rihanan slayed in ALBUMS + SINGLES beyonce’s whole place in music would eb absolete so take comofrt in the 10 million Rih has sold domestically 😀

    i cant wait for ya’ll to spazz when DIAMONDS World Tour outsells the Mrs. Carter tour i shall be waiting for the excuses… ohh but rihh did stadiums but rihh is more popular in eurpoe but shes a flop in the u.s.

    yall shall be drawing for every excuse in the book

    • h2o June 2, 2013

      Rihanna slayed Beyonce on albums?

      When did that happen?

      Last time I checked, Beyonce has sold 30.5M albums + 2M DVDs in the states

      What about Rihanna?

      Can she even make it to 30M around the entire globe after 7 albums?

      And wait b**** . . . Rihanna is a legend?

      This cannot be life! Am I really reading Rihanna’s name and the word “legend” in the same sentence?

      Legend at what? When it comes to scoring flop albums?

      Death @ this b**** thinking her fav is anything but the Black Katy Perry / another $1 digital tracks clown making highschool music for British 8-year-old girls!

      And wait . . . Did you really depart your creamy skinny flop ass failure 3-year-old lips to compare Faylor’s basic, LOCAL album sales to this 65M+ albums global Goddess’ name?

      GTFOH and don’t let me take off my shoes and slap the strawberry-flavored Katy Perry cream outta your 5 holes now okay?

  59. Molly June 2, 2013

    Rihanna & Beyonce can co exists both stan bases are pressed hypocrites & hateful

    • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

      im really not…

      Rihanna and Beyonce are both Legends to me

      and Beyonce is The best female performer of this generation overall i would be MADONNA

      MODANNA SUPER BOWL PERFORMANCE in terms of coreo and evrything made beyonce’s stint look basic

      Howeever i have a problem with the HIVE evey minute of the day comparing their fave to mines

      they are in two different lanes i dont see katy fans clashing with gaga fans


      and its retarded as f***.. Beyonce had her turn and it was brilliant LET RIH HAVE her MOMENT

      Billboards Rolling Stones everyone who is a musical authority things Rih’s career is flawless but the hive will continue to deravel everything RIHANNA DOES



      The Hive needs to focus on Beyonce… her time IN-CHARGE is over her LEAGACY WILL LIVE FOREVER and that is it at the end of the day.

      • Heavy Metal Lover June 2, 2013

        Madonnas superbowl was s*** b**** lip synced the whole thing only thing better than Beyonces was staging.

      • Tash June 2, 2013

        @Fresh Navy Pot calling the Kettle black when the Navy do the same. Just admit both Hive and Navy are as responsible as eachother @Molly agreed.

      • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

        i prefer her lip syncing and slaying and booking the super bowl than GAGA ON HER LAST TOUR


        Madonna MDNA Tour> your flopppp f****** FAV!

        Madonna Lip Syncs & GaGa tries to sing…

        but as numbers suggest the POPULOUS is more interested in attening Madges tour where she doesnt sing than to watch Gaga try

        enjoy your day SIR.

      • Molly June 2, 2013

        Yall both do the same s*** #SaveIt

  60. Heavy Metal Lover June 2, 2013

    Basic as F*** honey. Most overrated person because her sales are basic and she doesnt even have talent speak for her. To think my friend was going to books tickets to see Diamonds yesterday (seen as its been on sale for AGES now in my country) but her basic ass performances are just ugh. No i am not going.

    • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

      lol ok boo

      how is gaga’s come back?

      b**** been on pause since 2010?

      will she ever be back???

      ohh the days when they herald her the NEW QUEEN OF POP..

      what happened SHORT LIVED?

      i Beleive soo

      *sips tea*

      monster…t he f*** is this DISNEY? IDHTT

      • Heavy Metal Lover June 2, 2013

        Prepare for Gaga to s*** all over your fave and actually SELL OUT her stadiums.

      • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

        looool ohh will she break something else to excuse the rest of her tour?

        but then again your acting under the presumption that music lovers will be interested in a GaGa tour this go around…

        Looks at Ke$ha’s floppage with her new era… i see the same in GagMe’s Future , wait it kinda started .

      • Heavy Metal Lover June 2, 2013

        You should not be talking at least Gaga was serious while your fave claims to have laRIHyngitis then parties the next day. You betta hope and pray Gaga flops this era B**** she coming for Rihanna red, blue, brown and blonde wigs!

  61. Likica June 2, 2013

    Congratulations to Rihanna!

    All Navy memebers know that The USA is her weakest music market and we know that she is an average album seller there. But if you looks at her sales in the UK, she really slays. I mean, Mariah Carey has sold around 7.5 million albums and most of them were released when music market was bigger, plus she has more studio/compilation/live albums than Rihanna, but Rihanna is at 6.93 million. She slays Bey + DC combined (In France/Germany and most of European markets), she has sold more albums than Britney and Xtina there, more than Prince and some of legends.

    I see Beyhive are the first to comment. If you compare Beyonce album sales to her peers, that is even more embarrassing. Britney Spears outsold her entire album discography with 1 album, Xtina did it with 2, Avril did it with 2, Alicia with 3, P!nk is a better album seller than Bey as well… So she is no one’s King, if someone is a King from 2000s generation that is Legendary Miss Britney Spears. Plus 25%-30% of Bey records are albums are the rest are singles. Is she a singles artist like Rihanna? I don’t see that she sells albums so amazingly like her fans think.

    Rihanna comes from a different generation when album sales declined notably, but she is at least in top 5 best female sellers of her generation, behind Adele, GaGa and Taylor.

    Anyway, album sales don’t define your iconic/legendary status. Toni Braxton/Cindy Lauper/Bjork are all icons for me, but all of them have sold less albums than Rihanna.

    • Tash June 2, 2013

      You are big hypocrite because you talk about sales not defining your career yet your using it shade at the same time?

      • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

        TASH have you not been READING the comments

        The hive is DISCREDITING Rih sales…

        where people lie numbers dont

        and Rih album sales GLOBALLY is soo snatched

        the u.s is her weakest market and everything she does there turns to platinum

        i really dont see the problem

      • Tash June 2, 2013

        Im talking about THIS persons comment though darling. And its sounds hypocritical.

      • Likica June 2, 2013

        Why Beyhive come for Rihanna then? Since they act like Beyonce is such a huge album seller, I had to put them down on earth. Beyonce is an icon anyway, but be honest, neither her nor Rihanna are that good album sellers, but that is not the only thing that matters. They are among the biggest artists if the world!

      • Tash June 2, 2013

        But its true that Beyonce has outsold her in the US with 4 albums. Since the Navy call Beyonce a flop all the time just because of 4 are you surprised? No one said shes as good as Britney.

      • Tash June 2, 2013

        But I agree that Ri has achieved a lot and its not necessary to down her. Bey and Ri should be able to co exist. Its a shame really, they shine for different reasons.

    • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

      LOL you would think BEYONCE was getting an award in the post they way the HIVE HAS BOMBARDED IT


      *Plays Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary* which slays beyonce’s entire discography

    • Drew June 2, 2013

      Know the Hive dont call Bey a King purely based on sales honey. And clearly its not only the Hive that call her that if you look into all the media sources celebs politician even legends that call her Queen Bey so we cant be that delusional.

      • Fresh Navy June 2, 2013

        and you are?????

        oh #No1Cuuuur Boo

        Bye. IDHTT .

      • Drew June 2, 2013

        Why are you responding to me then? #BYE

    • Pour it Up June 2, 2013

      B**** yo ass stays shading Mariah at any opportunity I cant Lmfao

  62. Drew June 2, 2013

    Wheres Sybil? I thought ‘White America’ loves Rihanna sooo much LMFAO

    • Tash June 2, 2013

      A mess.

      • King B>Rihanna June 2, 2013

        yes Drew

  63. XtinaaLovee June 2, 2013

    Those numbers are pathetic.

  64. King B>Rihanna June 2, 2013


    Know the Hive dont call Bey a King purely based on sales honey. And clearly its not only the Hive that call her that if you look into all the media sources celebs politician even legends that call her Queen Bey so we cant be that delusional.

    • XtinaaLovee June 2, 2013

      gurl shut yo flip flopping ass up didn’t you call her a dumb h** sayin she had a 5th grade education stfu

      • King B>Rihanna June 2, 2013

        lol ^ hello my fan

      • XtinaaLovee June 2, 2013

        Your fan? gurl please… calling you out on your b******* tbh….

      • King B>Rihanna June 2, 2013

        still my fan always stalking my comments and Beyonce being dumb and having a fifth grade education has nothing to do with the fact why I think she is King and that had nothing with why i agreed with the statement. you just wanted something to b**** about.

  65. KELLY June 2, 2013

    Rihanna US albums sales is bad bad bad, no matter how you look at it. She is on the 7th album for Godssakes and still not yet sold 10M? She should have sold 10M after the release of her 5th album TBH.

    BTW, Her ww sales is also pitiful.

  66. XtinaaLovee June 2, 2013

    10 million 7 albums???????????? tf B**** you a #FAIL LOLOLOLLOLOLOL

  67. MISHKA June 2, 2013

    Congrats to Bu Thiam.

  68. Raissa June 2, 2013

    13 million …..with 4 albums !

  69. Touché June 2, 2013

    You know what,congrats to her. I’m not even going to shade her, especially given this day and age for music sales.

  70. Just To Say June 2, 2013

    First off, I am not here for Hive and Navy acting like victims on their faves post. The Navy stay on Beyonce posts as much as the Hive stay on Ris and yall wanna complain about each other. You are both terrible and full of hypocrisies. BOTH of you. Just suck it up and deal.

    And with regards to this post, well lets just say this is kind of pitiful considering the way her fans carry on like she is the biggest popstar since Madonna. If the Navy didnt carry on that way no one would be dragging right now. Thats all I am going to say.

    • Touché June 2, 2013


    • Rosie June 2, 2013

      Exactly. The Navy acts like there has never been a bigger popstar other than Madonna when others like Gaga and even Taylor Swift are already more successful than Rih has ever been.

  71. staph June 2, 2013

    These are just total U.S. sale does not include international totals (please reread the article, Sam is great at pitting fool against fool, he doesn’t provide full information). She is not even American, she’s from Barbados — the sales are good just for America. It is stiff competition in the States. I like Beyonce, you can’t diss Rihanna because she is not your fave, she is getting compared and mention with your fave so she is on the same level. The shade is so unnecessary, because she is winning — The girl knows her market and delivers to her fans. The same “smoke & mirrors” pushing her is pushing Beyonce brand, but I honestly believe that Rihanna has more control of her image and doesn’t want to be the perfect flawless artist that Beyonce portrays. Give props where it is due, so what she doesn’t write. I can honestly say her music is very revealing about who she is as a person, her struggles and her thoughts more than Beyonce’s music (and she allegedly writes this music, but I don’t find it revealing. She even wrote a song about her loss in a miscarriage but I have yet to figure which song that is. I continue to still listen because she is only in her early 30s and last time I check people still can grow and have lots of living to do). Can’t wait for Gaga, it sucks about her hip but I believe the break will allow her to write good music. They all winning.

    • Heavy Metal Lover June 2, 2013

      The Excuses.

      • staph June 2, 2013

        LOL, not even — I give props where it is due! She winning, along with Beyonce and Gaga. Are you winning? Beyonce is on tour selling out with her old music. Rihanna is on tour selling out with her new music. Gaga will be touring hopefully by the end of the year/next year– I think she will be selling out too! The girl is selling is the digital age where it is easy to steal music instead of buying. That fact that people are still buying music when I can get it earlier or just as fast as those who buy, it is amazing. Think of how bigger the sales would be if those who didn’t buy music actually purchased their music library.

    • Lou June 2, 2013

      Beyoncé portraying herself the way she does is what makes her Beyoncé. She wants to portray herself in the best light possible is that really anything to critique her for? Beyoncé is old school the whole ‘I am a bad b**** and don’t give a f***’ thing wasn’t ‘in’ when she first started out. And we all know Rihanna started out pretty much the same way until her teamed realized it wasn’t working for her so underwent an drastic change in image, que, ‘good girl gone bad’. Beyonce didn’t need to do that. Not her fault. And as for the whole music thing, noone really knows much about Beyonces personal life and much as she thinks shes opening, shes still meticulous about it. Her struggles with Jay Z, how she REALLY feels about all the s*** people say about her, so whose to say what is and isn’t about her really. Just like people didn’t think much of DC’s song ‘girl’ until Kelly revealed ‘Dirty Laundry’.

  72. Davis June 2, 2013

    Its shitty. US is a huge market and its her domestic market since she is signed to a US label this is below average no matter how you twist it.

  73. reign reign go away June 2, 2013

    ahuh. yeah. interesting (not). only us numbers. lame post. and is that post bumped? wtf. that s***’s blah. why bump? lmao

  74. Davis June 2, 2013

    Like @Just Sayin said its not even Rihanna its the way her fans hype her up which cause people to go in.

  75. Suicide Blonde June 2, 2013

    She might catch the total record sales of some legends in the future because of digital singles but not when it comes to albums sales, Digital sales are inflated to me, how the hell a single would sell millions and millions when we are living in the piracy era, there is no way a song sells that much nowadays, lies, lies, lies to make the artist looks like A-listers best sellers, how many of us has downloaded free music from internet, someone buy the song on iTunes, another 1,000 people download the same song ARES, eMule, video converter ect, ect…Congrats to Rihanna and the NAVY, i guess.

  76. Rosie June 2, 2013

    The way her stans overhype her and everything associated with her, acting like she is the biggest pop star the world has seen since Madonna, this is pretty unimpressive. I love how stars who are apparently less relevant than her such as Gaga and Bey have sold the same amount in less time, and she let stars who are either local or flops outsell her worldwide.

    • COCKINESS June 2, 2013

      i try my best not to comment on post like this to stop feeding into sam’s attempt to start stan wars. but comments like this i will not allow

      You a Lana stan talking about overhyped, your fav cant f****** sing to save her life

  77. christinastherealtalent June 2, 2013

    I really wish these crazy ass Rih stans will realize she won’t last forever.

    Sure Rih has had lots of success on the singles front and selling out shows but it won’t last forever.

    Just like Mariah, Madonna, Christina, Whitney, Britney, etc…Rih will eventually crash and burn.

    Eventually your act gets tired. Your fan base grows up and moves on.

    Rih’s worldwide sales may be quite impressive BUT her US sales alone say something else about her. A lot of the people I know that like her only like her because of her “visual”.

  78. Lou June 2, 2013


    June 2, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    ONE ALBUM UN-APOLOGETIC SOLD 10 MILLION COPIES.. DUMBASS. in the music industry you are good as your last album

    Rhianna last album= DIAMOND in the US ALONE.

    Beyonce last album= Flop, NO.diamond sales in US


    Honey you are going to get a nasty surprise but you are wrong, that’s her TOTAL album sales in the US. As in 7 albums collectively.

  79. ratedxxx(next broad) June 2, 2013

    Congratulation worked hard to get where you are now…..f*** all these bitter bishes, who stans for fake broads…

    I noticed rihanna and beyonce gets compared to each other alot…why is that?

    because according to the beyonce stans beyonce is the best singer, actress, entertainer(next to michael jackson)
    and rihanna is a s***, w****, who sounds like a goat…so why do they get compare to each other like that?
    because the beyonce stans are bitter, jealous, who can’t stand to see anybody doing better than beyonce.

  80. Kyle June 2, 2013

    LOL well this a slap in the face to that ‘Rihanna the black Madonna’ theory the Titanic’s cooked up amongst themselves.

  81. Cashhhhh June 2, 2013

    Beyonces highest selling album in US (DIL) – 4.8 million
    Rihanna’s (GGGB) – 2.9 million(probably 3 by now)

    I think that’s pretty pathetic for both of them. The arguments are dumb lol.

  82. ratedxxx(next broad) June 2, 2013

    and lets keep it 100…

    beyonce is nowhere near legend status, I don’t give two f**** how icons praises her ass…so comparing her to the likes of britney, mariah, madonna, janet, celine.all are b*******..beyonce cannot touch any of them..

    and you stans saying rihanna is flop for selling 9 million in the u.S..

    Beyonce is a local act, rihanna is world wide…even as a local act she’s not the best seller out there..
    Alicia keys murders her in sales in the U.S…also in grammys..

    • Touché June 2, 2013

      I was up with you until you said the name Britney. I’m sorry but that girl is NOT a legend and never will be. The rest of your comment is the absolute truth though.

  83. Laurie June 2, 2013

    Beyonce was so amazing headlining at The Sound of Change last night. Her voice is so brilliant when shes singing her ballads live, I see why she is so respected as a performer now and Rihanna isn’t. She killed it in 45 minutes.

  84. ratedxxx(next broad) June 2, 2013

    I hate when the beyonce stans come on a rihanna post talking all that s***….ok..we know beyonce can sing better, we know she can entertain her ass off better than rihanna…

    but thats where it ends…rihanna makes better music, her voice is versatile..she can go from rock, to pop, to reggae, to dance, to r&b all in one album..and she does it flawlessly..

    beyonce cant, as we saw with 4..her voice is made only for pop and some R&B..

    rihanna is not going anywhere any time soon…because the bish brings rock nation more money than any body on that label….

    you beyonce stans can call me all type of hater, blah blah ..but the truth hurts like a mother..

  85. Note June 2, 2013

    Not surprised. Something called fast food music. Cheap and disposable.

  86. HoneychildPlease June 2, 2013


    Life is far too short to be hateful…Instead of picking people apart how about you uplift them. I don’t hate anyone, and apologize if i offended anyone with my past rants..BEyonce isn’t fat, or a failure she is a gorgeous, successful woman just like rihanna! We should applaud them both for their achievements! I might dislike beyonce for some of the things i feel she does wrong or doesn’t deserve but i honestly don’t hate the woman that’s not in my heart! Everyone stay blessed, and keep love in your heart..later…

    • Suicide Blonde June 2, 2013

      I feel the same way but you know you’re a hater if you say something bad or negative about her and more if it is true.

      • HoneychildPlease June 2, 2013

        @ Suicide Blonde

        Yeah that’s true…I guess it’s in the way you say it! Sometimes when someone stans for someone so hard even little suggestive adjustments can be blown out of portion…Trust me i understand. I guess instead of insulting the women i can go about it a different way!

      • Suicide Blonde June 2, 2013


    • Kendall June 2, 2013

      Its true. They’re both winning in own their ways at the end of it. Flaws and all. Two successful black females, people should embrace that more instead of tearing them down.

  87. JCRM_Tymeless June 2, 2013

    Um this is actually bad not good. Rihanna is on her wat, “15th” album in less than 10 years. Each selling 1 million while ppl like Janet, Mimi, Madge & even Bey at 1 point sells that same amount with just 1 album & datz just in the U.S. Girl Bye!

  88. AmbeRussell June 2, 2013

    Alicia keys,


    Why can’t you b****** just congratulate the girl and keep it the f*** moving?
    especially Sam, and thirsty hive.

  90. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

    and B****** call her “Singles” artist ?


    Her Dominant success always get back to bite you in the ass and put you in check , I LIVE. 😆

  91. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

    This Post is full Of BS and lies , like i don’t know from where the f*** should i start , but it is an indication that someone is mad as hell his fav latest album is yet to be certified Double Trash bag. 😆

  92. HoneyChildPlease June 2, 2013

    Honestly rihanna, and beyonce are both winning in their own right! You can’t really compare them to each other! Where one is weak the other is strong ( both ways)…On a bigger scale though both of these artist are small compared to bigger sellers like Alicia Keys, Britney, Usher, Adele, and taylor though…Beyonce has great energy when shes live on stage, but needs better music to her catalog, As to Rihanna having a better stronger catalog( my personal opinion), and needing to work on her stage performance….Both beautiful, and not even in the same generation though. Rihanna is more open about her life which, and seems more authentic not worried about what people think about, and beyonce is the opposite! They are not the same people so even if you knock one down it still doesn’t take away from what they have accomplished!

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

      now we can be friends 😉

      no more falling for this scripted BS ?

      • HoneyChildPlease June 2, 2013

        Yeah we can be friends! Honestly i could care less about stanning for anyone….lol

  93. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

    Indeed, much like an empty vase Brand Rihanna is impressive at face value but a little disappointing when one scratches at the surface to find there is nothing there. No vocal skill, no real credentials as a writer and absolutely nothing to say as a live act.
    Said a F*****’ BARB whose fav is a cheap clone who steal looks from gaga , lyrics from lil kim’s ancient vault.
    Dear hater , rihanna has 12 #1’s , ppl love her voice and her tone , your opinion on her vocals doesn’t matter outside of this blog and it is obvious it will never affect anything.

    Rihanna wrote songs in Rated R and unapologetic and both are critically acclaimed , she actually get involved in writing her songs and u can see her name in the credits of those aforementioned albums , and no one called her out for lying, also she write treatments for her videos , just because she don’t brag about them like beyonce or gaga doesn’t mean she can not do it.
    “thanks to notes pulled from the Mathew Knowles School of Star Making, Camp Riri have succeeded in turning the star’s fish sticks into Caviar…making her Pop’s most reliable chart topper. ”

    I’m sorry , but Mathew Himself managed “Solange” , “kelly” and ” michelle” and More , why his tactics never worked with them ?!

    Why Why why ?! *mariah’s voice*

    that is because that is BS and lies , anything to discredit the girl’s hustle.

    Of course, while this figure is a little unimpressive when one remembers that Beyonce has surpassed this figure with only two albums and Usher with one (see ‘Confessions’).

    one question : WHEN ?!

    in Ancient history clearly before the digital age.

    Not in 2013 or 2012 , because those 2 artists STRUGGLE to sell and get hits last time i checked.

    and you still Use Videos from when she was SICK and tired in that event?!

    she herself said she was Sick and thought about falling off in any given minute , how low of you ,Phaggot ?

    that’s all.

    Nice day.


    • Suicide Blonde June 2, 2013

      Where do you get this?…is in this post.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

        I’m addressing The BS and Responding with FACTS.

      • Suicide Blonde June 2, 2013

        But i don’t understand are those comments in this post.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

        I copied/pasted his BS and added my 2 cents, my response are the “Bold” ones.

      • Suicide Blonde June 2, 2013

        Okay, don’t be angry tho…your girl still wins regardless.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

        yes She Does.

  94. #Dirtylaundry June 2, 2013

    Lol this ugly b**** is a joke tbh….. Lololol can’t even do 4 million with one album yet your supposed to be some Queen.

  95. HoneyChildPlease June 2, 2013

    Honestly just congratulate the women Smh ! Why is it so hard to do that??? She has come far, and been very successful rather it be an album or singles….She is still young, and has a long way to go, and could drop a single or album that sky rockets her sales, than what will people say?? She has achieved things that people who have been in the industry longer haven’t! Stop denying her with your hate, and see the bigger picture!

    • #Dirtylaundry June 2, 2013

      Congratulate her for what being a disappointment.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

        i SEE what you are TRYING to do and I’m telling you :

        We won’t fall for It.

      • HoneyChildPlease June 2, 2013

        @ Pop

        Yeah i’m taking the high road on this…* walks away*

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 2, 2013

        *JOINS YOU*

  96. I AM RIHANNA June 2, 2013

    Cute,Billboard Hot100 says “Long time no see” to bey.

  97. Mark111 June 2, 2013

    “But she’s a singles artist, she can’t sell albums” is what the hater WERE saying. In an age where most can’t even sell over 200K, this woman goes plat ever year. Beyonce is not in the same age or gen as Rih, Bey is with A Keys, Ashunti, Kelly group, Rih is in the Ciara, Katy and even Gaga age group, and she out does them. Let’s see how Gaga does next go around when everyone is sick of her out of this world s*** and everyone is doing it now (see Nicki, Perry and Kesha). Rihanna is the only one in this gen that is breaking the greats records. Ya better respect it, cause for someone who been doing this 8 years straight and haven’t cracked means she’s meant to do this.

  98. For da luv of musiq June 3, 2013

    why does rihanna get so much shade? And for every accomplishment she earns, so many people throw so much damn negativity at her.. listen here haters
    1) 6/7 of her albums recieved platinum status, good girl gone bad reached 2X platinum
    2) she’s had 12 #1 singles, 24 top 10 singles, and 34 top 40 singles, including features
    3) since so many ciara, beyonce, Etc Stans like to talk s*** bout rihanna, since when were they last in the top 10?
    4) she actually sings live a majority of the time, give her kudos to that
    5) she’s has great live performances as well, whether it be her voice or choreography
    6) she’s got tons of endorsements and exposure which shows how strong her brand is
    7) she’s able to reach out to the mainstream audience who are the dominant group of people who buy any music
    8) people don’t buy that many albums as they used to, so it’s pretty rare to see any album sell more than roughly 2 mil in the US. So it’s actually pretty good for her albums to reach those sales
    9) I don’t see ciara, Adele, Katy perry, beyonce, or any other artists as of recently getting as many top 10 singles as fast as rihanna has

    And don’t get me wrong i love all the compared artists, but I like rihanna as well but she’s owning this music industry just as much as they are, just appreciate all of them for wut they can do and for wut they can offer.

    • Rude B**** June 3, 2013


  99. Ke$has Crazy Kid June 3, 2013

    Shes obviously winning.

  100. Ke$has Crazy Kid June 3, 2013

    I love rih people are so pressed when it comes to her

  101. Frank Ocean Stan June 3, 2013

    Yaaaaas king rih.

  102. Rude B**** June 3, 2013

    Will Ciara xtina or Mariah ever see a platinum plaque again??????????????

  103. cj June 3, 2013

    that’s quite an achievement for a singles artist like rihanna, especially when people aren’t so keen in buying albums anymore. but then again, adele’s second album outsold rihanna’s entire album discography in just two years (in the US). i love them both tho.

  104. Marley June 3, 2013

    Theres no excuse for the generation when people like Gaga and Adele have come and snatched her wig in the US.

  105. AVENNEI46 June 3, 2013

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  106. Krista June 3, 2013

    Justin is on the about the same level as Beyoncé when it comes to sales. 20/20 was hype sales but when Justified and Dangerously came out, Beyoncé did better than him. So I don’t know why people are acting like Justin is a great seller when Beyonces sold more than him.

    • Krista June 3, 2013

      Dangerously in Love*

  107. ciaralove June 3, 2013

    Congrats to ri, but I can not handle so many hypocrites. Ppl r sayin that we should congragulate her n move on wen the navy drag my artist like crazy. Ciara may not be more succesful, but she is successful to me because she never gives up. The purpose of succeeding is not giving up. I applaud beyonce, rihanna, ciara, and all other artists for doing what they love. Again congrats but ENOUGH WIT THIS HYPOCRYTICAL BS(WORST THAN CHURCH PPL) LOL JP

  108. Kizzo June 4, 2013

    Why do we care about this?? WHY are we all acting like we are record executives?? I don’t give a DAMN how many records she is selling. I am also not going to compare her record sales to others…because I don’t CARE!!! These people make music, they do not pay my bills. To all of you idiots arguing over album sales…get a grip. You guys are what’s wrong with music today, smdh.

  109. DRITA June 5, 2013

    She’s a consistent queen.

  110. DRITA June 5, 2013

    She’s a consistent queen.

  111. phresh out the runway June 6, 2013

    2 million to go!!

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