Beyonce Defends Pepsi Deal: ‘I Wouldn’t Encourage Any Child To Live Life Without Balance’

Published: Wednesday 10th Jul 2013 by David

It’s the deal that’s already seen her dominate television screens and beverage aisles across the globe.

Now, after inking a lucrative arrangement with Pepsi that will ultimately see them serve as one of her many investors, Beyonce has defended her decision to get into bed with the company, after coming under fire for her alleged endorsement of their allegedly unhealthy products.

Find out what she had to say on matter via ‘Flaunt‘ below:

Excerpt via ‘Flaunt’:

Some were critical at your participating in a Pepsi campaign after you moved your body for childhood obesity. Where is the balance between your career objectives and your philanthropy? 

“Pepsi is a brand I’ve grown up seeing my heroes collaborate with. The company respects musicians and artistry. I wouldn’t encourage any person, especially a child, to live life without balance.

When you work out, take care of your body, rehearse as hard as I rehearsed in the commercial, I think it’s great to have a Pepsi or Diet Pepsi when you want one. It’s all about choices.”

Well said Bey!

While the argument against the deal some hold weight, it all boils down to- as she accurately put it- choices.

Quite simply, endorsing a product that some may consider sugary is not the same as popping open its bottle and forcing it down an unsuspecting throat.

Perhaps, in a bid to make public figures accountable for every move they make, society’s forgotten to look at ‘self’, blaming obesity on the companies who churn out the sugary delights, instead of questioning those who choose to fill up on them.

However, the question still remains….

Is Beyonce right to endorse Pepsi?

You know what we think, so share your thoughts below!

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  1. Mother Mariah July 10, 2013

    Shes such an amazing woman & role model Mariah could learn a few things from classy respectable Beyonce 😉

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      Rihanna could learn from her mamma bear too. I hope shes taking notes.

    • Pon_de July 10, 2013

      Girl please. For $50 million she better put out that PR fire. That’s not class. That common sense. Some of you confuse the two.

    • Jasmine July 10, 2013

      Now critics want to scrutinize Pepsi for having a black woman get the big endorsement deal. Same old drink year after year so why scrutinize Pepsi by itself without scrutinizing all soft drink companies. Plus Pepsi has a diet line out if the complaints are about the sugar. Pepsi is not forcing anyone to buy their drinks.

    • Nivea July 10, 2013

      she has every right in the world to endorse that company!!!

      they put millions in their pockets, and also help her with her world tour….and she only has 1 child…..

      everyone else needs to hold accountability for their children, and stop fussing at these celebs!!

      hell if pepsi gives me 50million, u damn right, im going to gulp a can of soda down…lol

    • xcberyrey July 10, 2013

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  2. KrissKross July 10, 2013

    Such a liar and a traitor!

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 10, 2013


  3. Yaz July 10, 2013

    Of course not she stated what everyone SHOULD already know and shes not responsible for the fatties that take her face on a can to the extreme

  4. ArtOfLettingGo July 10, 2013

    Fake b****

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 10, 2013

      hatin b****!!

    • Kim Kardashian Stan July 10, 2013


  5. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 10, 2013

    She’s a great role model. My role model. My god!!!
    I want my kids to be like her.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 10, 2013


    • Stop Idolizing these celebs! July 10, 2013

      PATHETIC…. But your “God” Beyonce makes mistakes just like you and everyone else. Why would you worship a flawed human being?

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      If shes such a great Role Model then why don’t they give her the role model crown and leave Rihanna the hell along about being one.
      And if she don’t want it then give it to Baby Blue to wear.

    • JER July 10, 2013

      B**** you did not just call BeYAWNce a God. B**** I hope Jesus scalps your 4lop fave in front of you as your sorry ass clings to the last fake blonde weave strings and is thrown into Hell!!!

      • MuiMui July 10, 2013

        JER They are nuttier than a fruit cake with extra nuts.

  6. truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 10, 2013

    honey she a GODDESS!! she can do NO wrong. YEA B****** I SAID IT!!!!!

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      TRUTH Maybe so but each to their own, the Lord did not break the Mold after he made Mrs Beyonce Knowles Carter,
      because he made You and Me,Love.
      He even made Baby Blue ,Nicki, you get my drift.
      Now i could care less about who’s ass you want to Kiss don’t get me wrong keep right on Puckering Up to Beyonce ass I am not mad at You.

  7. KrissKross July 10, 2013

    So drinking sugary ass soft drinks contribute to living a balanced life? This tramp is so delusional. Michelle Obama is against sodas because they are a part of the reason why American children are so obese. Why join her “Move Ya Body” campaign if you’re just gonna endorse one of the very things it speaks against? Oh yeah, Beysmokeandmirrorsyce and her camel partner are all about the dollar dollar bill yall!

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      KRISSKROOS Only for Beyonce and if it was any one else they would get the riot act read to them,for this huge Endorsement deal.

    • Bey Fan July 10, 2013

      You completely missed the point. Having balance means that one can drink soda, but that should be balanced out with exercising and eating healthier meals.

      Beyonce’s part in the move your body campaign was to encourage kids to exercise. And to show that exercising can be fun.

      You ppl grasp at straws every chance you get

  8. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 10, 2013

    I pray for blue ivy everyday…
    Damn I love them Carters!!!

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      I love them too.

  9. JANHOVA July 10, 2013


  10. Lovebird July 10, 2013

    B**** you wouldn’t encourage a child to live without diabetes. And dead at working out, Bey, we all know them flabby hands and jelly thunder thighs don’t work out honey, be seated. Your claim at working out is as credible as fat ass’ Oprah’s claim at working out which we all know is a lie.

    Taking a walk from your house to the nearest KFC to get your bucket of chicken is not working out.

    We can see the results of people that work out, you don’t, now wobble and jiggle your way to the newest gym fatty.

    • KrissKross July 10, 2013

      I hear she just signed a $20 million deal with Popeyes, and is currently being inspired…I mean writing a jingle for Kool Aid, extra sugar.

      • JER July 10, 2013


      • HONEYCHILDPLEASE July 10, 2013


    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      LOVEBIRD i hear you

  11. Krissy July 10, 2013

    Well DUH people are so dumb she shouldn’t even have to explain herself. Pepsi alone doesn’t make you fat. Shes got a brand and career she shouldn’t be put in a box people just exaggerate and want to complain because its Beyonce. If people want to over do it that’s their stupid mistake and parents responsibility to say no end of.

  12. Ciara is everything July 10, 2013

    Oh Beyonce just stfu your such a money hungry phony….

    Anyways Ciara NEW Self entitled Album is out now make sure you get a copy guys 🙂

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      Beyonce got her mind on nothing but her Billions,thats all.

  13. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 10, 2013

    Miss Monroe will inherit her Mom’s 5 octave vocal range and leave Blue Ivy and North South East West in the dust.

    • Krissy July 10, 2013

      Stupid child. She also inherit her moms weak nodules too.

      • TLCstan July 10, 2013

        North West>>>>>>>>>>Blue Ivy

    • Kim Kardashian Stan July 10, 2013

      Delusional b****

    • Yolo July 10, 2013

      Blue Ivy>>>>>>> the rest.
      Most famous, wealthiest and most impressive bloodline #Deal.

  14. Xtina_Slays July 10, 2013

    The number 1 hypocrite in this industry

  15. Yeah I Said It July 10, 2013

    I agree Beyonce. She said it well.

  16. christinastherealtalent July 10, 2013

    Beyonce, it is bad enough you suffer from illiteracy. Do yourself a favor and just shut up!

    • Kim Kardashian Stan July 10, 2013


    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      Rotf lmao.

  17. Lovebird July 10, 2013

    Beyonce is the queen of smokes and mirrors, her dance routines are not as complex as Ciara, Janet Jackson, Britney (s**** 4 u era) but her fans think just because she blows her weave around and has seizures on stage, she’s slaying, and yet any t***** in a wig can do that s***.

    She cannot even take instagram pics without the use Photoshop and now she wants to lie that she works out. Gurl sit your ass down somewhere, with those jelly thighs no one is doing to believe that s***. You tried it though, you really did.

    • Hadley July 10, 2013

      Don’t you ever get bored of saying the same thing?

      • JER July 10, 2013

        Coming from a BeYAWNce stan.

    • TLCstan July 10, 2013


    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      HADLEY put you mussler over your mouth,
      and Quietly stfu.

      • Meena July 10, 2013

        ”she blows her weave around and has seizures on stage” lmao yessss

  18. NAVY HEART July 10, 2013

    F****** hypocrite one minute she’s in Michelle videos promoting healthy life style for kids then the next minute she’s promoting Pepsi. All this heifer cares about is money and the exposure.. Can’t stand her two faced selves, she just not genuine at all.

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      Beyonce and her Husbands worshippes their Money and could
      care less about anything else.

  19. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 10, 2013

    The Royalty Baby is related to Blue Ivy? LMAO….

    Hating doesn’t suit you babe 🙂

  20. Hadley July 10, 2013

    @Brazilian Beyonce IKR Beyonce literally DOES have royal blood. They tried though.

  21. Hadley July 10, 2013

    Beyonce said it well. Just because she did one little Michelle work out doesn’t mean shes chained to only promoting healthy stuff. B**** please. Shes got money to make. And she still did Michelle a favor.

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      Yes that shows that Beyonce will hunt with any dog if
      the Price is right.

  22. Kim Kardashian Stan July 10, 2013

    Can’t with her fakeness

  23. PRINCE CARTER FENTY July 10, 2013

    Exactly, Its your responsibility to take care of your own body.

    • Kim Kardashian Stan July 10, 2013

      can i have your body please?

    • MuiMui July 10, 2013

      Just like is people who have children its their place to raise them not Rihanna.

  24. PRINCE CARTER FENTY July 10, 2013

    Lovebird, Why are so pressed? Its like you’re obsessed with her. 🙂

    • KrissKross July 10, 2013

      Can I be your Monica Lewinsky?

  25. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 10, 2013

    Actually beyonces french ancestry is royalty and related to the French Royalty…
    Blue Ivy is a distant cousin to the Royalty baby

    • Hadley July 10, 2013

      I know. That’s what Im saying.

    • KrissKross July 10, 2013

      And Cleopatra was my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandmother. 🙄

      • Yolo July 10, 2013

        Could be true. Except its official with Beyonce.

    • JER July 10, 2013

      LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO French ancestry my motherfucking asshair! GTFO for life b****. More like French Guyana. Giving me s**** trade realness

      • Yolo July 10, 2013

        Its true. Google is your friend.

      • Yolo July 10, 2013

        She is decent of Joseph Broussard on her maternal side which is believable. Theres no way there isn’t a mix in her maternal bloodline. You gonna tell me she isn’t? What are your receipts?

      • Yolo July 10, 2013


      • S**** SWALLOWER July 10, 2013

        Who cares!!! They were still creole s**** n******!!!

      • Lou July 10, 2013

        Why is it so laughable she has French ancestry?

  26. Kim Kardashian Stan July 10, 2013

    Beyonce is a s***** flop person imo i loved her before 4

  27. Kim Kardashian Stan July 10, 2013

    She thinks shes better than people

    • Hadley July 10, 2013

      How do you know what she thinks?

      • Kim Kardashian Stan July 10, 2013

        i live inside her brain 🙂

      • Hadley July 10, 2013

        Lol you wish you did.

  28. XXX July 10, 2013

    I agree with her totally. You know have impact when everything you do gets blown out of proportion and over analyzed.

  29. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 10, 2013

    Lovebird secretly stans for beyonce. He’s always blubbering and commenting in every beyonce post ugh

    • LOVEBIRD July 10, 2013

      I never said I didn’t like her. I just don’t like how fabulous her life is! Shes so, ugh, I hate her. *Storms out crying uncontrollably!

  30. Black Juses July 10, 2013

    Don’t let her fool you to the depths of hell, She doesn’t care about anyone. only the evil dollar.

    • Yolo July 10, 2013

      Not when you cant even spell Jesus properly.

  31. JER July 10, 2013

    gurlbye. BeYAWNce has gotten so many free passes with s*** like this that others would have been ridiculed for. She can fool some but slowly the general public has seen past her foolishness and fuckery. BTW where is her 6th lead single from her as yet untitled 5th album?

  32. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 10, 2013

    @Kim Kardashian
    I really like kim too 🙂

    • Molly July 10, 2013

      F*** outta here

  33. Yolo July 10, 2013

    Beyonce, everyone knows this already only pressed republicans and people who have an issue with you will harp on it when there a farrr more important and disastrous things they should put their time and effort into. All these people preaching about what Beyonce is doing what have YOU done to help control the obesity issue?

    • KrissKross July 10, 2013

      But Beyonce and her daddy were very staunch republicans. She only supports Obama for image. Even Oprah stopped supporting that idiot.

      • Yolo July 10, 2013

        I don’t care what Beyonce was/is. My point is still true.

    • JER July 10, 2013

      What have we done? We weren’t paid $50 million to use our stringy lace front to sell diabetes to children thru PEPSI. And don’t even try to act like children and adults that drink 2 and 3 sodas a day aren’t addicted out of habits perpetuated by f****** PEPSI and others. gurlbye. BeYAWNce might as well be endorsing Marlboro because cigarettes alone don’t cause cancer, but they sure help. Same with PEPSI, it doesn’t’ cause diabetes and obesity, but it sure helps. BeYAWNce: queen of diabetes! Serving amputated foot realness!!!!!!

      • Yolo July 10, 2013

        Still didnt andwer my question. You can still do something you care so much. The exaggeration is real. Show me numbers that obesity and diabetes has increased since Beyonce has been the face of pepsi and i might take your opinion seriously. Until then you can sit with that over dramatic mess. I guess its not an issue that MJ and britney also promoted it aswell though?

  34. Bey > the industry July 10, 2013

    Let em know bey why the Ciara Rihanna & Mariah fans mad? Cant handle seeing the Queen get attention bey is one of the best there is

    • Beyawnce July 10, 2013

      Stay in school b****

  35. Bey > the industry July 10, 2013

    She’s an amazing role model im 16 i look up to her so much shes my idol

    • JER July 10, 2013

      Trust me, honey. We know yer 16. Probably 14. How’s summer school?

      • Beyawnce July 10, 2013

        No surprise there , just look at your grammar.

  36. Molly July 10, 2013

    She so damn fake man

  37. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 10, 2013

    You pressed because blue is royalty f*** off. You’re related to Cleopatra 🙂 now go away

  38. Bey Fan July 10, 2013

    Ppl over analyze the s*** outta this woman. For her to be so dumb, washed up, a flop, a thief, and whatever else yall come up with…she is sure as hell being watched. I mean this woman takes a trip and the NATIONAL news covers it. She falls on stage, and CNN is talking about it. She releases a snippet, and the who world is in an uproar. Thats POWER

    But on topic… balance is extremely important. I would hope everyone feels that way. Too much of anything (including water and especially gatorade) can be bad for you.

    Beyonce’s sole purpose in the Move Ya Body campaign was to promote that excercise can be fun.

  39. Emeral July 10, 2013

    Beyonce is a pop star not the poster child for healthy eating just because she did one work out for with Michelle Obama which as @Bey fan said was just to show exercise can be fun. Do you seriously think her being face of pepsi is going to change anything anyway? Yet at the same time you’ll be the first to say she has no pulling power. People need to sit. Like really.

  40. . : : h 2 o : : . July 10, 2013

    I see too many pressed souls on this thread though..


    Get Money Beyonce.

  41. Beyawnce July 10, 2013

    She is so stupid , She probably didn’t even understand. How do you go from promoting being healthy to something that Michelle is obviously against? , Beyawnce just saw the $$$$$ and signed her contract.

  42. Davis July 10, 2013

    She didn’t sign no contract to just promote salad after Obama. She wasn’t even promoting eating, it was exercise. I consider myself healthy and still drink a pepsi now and then? Am I a hypocrite? People need to stop reaching. All this comes down to is peoples reliance and expectation on celeb culture getting out of hand. And its the people that don’t even like her smh.

  43. Mark111 July 10, 2013

    You can promote budweiser, doesn’t mean you’re responsible for someone’s drunk driving. So Bey can promote Pepsi, doesn’t mean she’s responsible for your fat ass drinking it 8 times a day like water.

  44. BRAZILIAN BEYONCE!!! July 10, 2013


  45. DYB July 10, 2013

    Lovebird is responsible for about 70%of these comments..
    If Beyonce is fat, I’d love to see the ugly faces of those saying that…Im betting she looks better than you haters…
    I mean the delusions and foolishness of the navy is beyond comprehension..
    She gave a logical explanation and people are talking s***.
    I swear some of you are more obsessed with this woman than her stans.
    Balance is key..soda is gross!(my opinion)
    Everything we consume is potentially harmful if not used in moderation..duh

    • Beyawnce July 10, 2013

      Shut the f*** up

  46. Beyawnce July 10, 2013

    Fake b****

  47. Beyawnce July 10, 2013

    She wouldnt be nothing if her daddy didnt pimp the f*** out of her

  48. HONEYCHILDPLEASE July 10, 2013

    These comments though LMFAOOOoooooooooooooooooooo

  49. HONEYCHILDPLEASE July 10, 2013

    HUNTY this fat humburger helper ass b**** don’t know nothing about no exercise! The only thing she know is the dollar bill! B**** you can lie to your salty ass fans but we the public know your ass have a cold pack of pepsi waiting next to popeyes chicken in your fridge FAT B****!

    • Beyawnce July 10, 2013


    • Lou July 10, 2013


  50. I AM above U July 10, 2013

    FAT B****! Who does she think she fooling? YOu illiterate fat b**** could give MAN VS FOOD competition and shut down shop! Ol bopping for fried chicken ass b****!

  51. Lou July 10, 2013

    She said it just right.

  52. Suicide Blonde July 10, 2013

    I’m addicted to Coca Cola, it’s in our metabolism, if you tend to get fat then be careful with what you eat or drink, some of us can eat and drink all day without gaining a kilo, you don’t need a celebrity to tell you what to eat or drink, don’t blame her for your obese genes 🙂

  53. royalkev July 10, 2013

    It must be safe to assume that all these people jumping down Beyonce’s throat for endorsing this product must feel the same way about all our favs of the past that had the deal as well right?

    Mariah Carey
    Nicki Minaj
    Jennifer Lopez
    Elton John
    Taylor Swift

    Are all these people on the s*** list too?

    …right, didn’t think so!

  54. DIGGER BEY July 10, 2013

    Yet again THE QUEEN got these Dirty Peasants seeeeeeething. U stupid b****** don’t give a damn about what Michelle says, so why the hell are u here? Acting all “oh Didn’t she promote healthy eating with Michelle”? Bitchesssss please. Save it it no life miserable c*nts. Worry about Citranny new album flopping. Worry about why R**** tour is flopping. Worry about why Mooriah album have been shelved bwahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

  55. stephanie July 10, 2013

    Please research the ingredients on coke and pepsi and make informed decisions as consumers on what you want to put into your body – be your own role model!

    When money is involved morals and ethics are often times set aside!

  56. DIGGER BEY July 10, 2013

    Look at this b**** @ I Am Above U…..The only Fat b**** is u. H** why don’t ur fat ass go and bath. And try to get those maggots out ur fat rolls b****. KING B puts EVERY t***** looking woman n ur Family tree to shame. And b****,m I bet u wished u had some chicken lmao. Broke Rihtarted B****.

  57. JLove July 10, 2013

    Who gives a hoot the real T is that she decided to have a Endorsed deal with Pepsi because the Company Brand way huge then her Music Career. She decided to take out a 50 Million dolar deal for her music to be promoted on are screen’s for a anticipated Album where no one is caring for and 7 leaked Released songs from her Album been out and no one is giving life to it.

    Why you think her copy ass is on tour just in order to keep that deal going and pay back the dues and be relevant. Which her album is so not due for 2013 but 2014 and honestly her time running out.

    J.Lo knows way more about making a deal and being a Buisness woman to promote quality stuff for your music to be releavant. At this moment no one has been giving her life for 2013 it all about Ciara and her album she has made a Comeback and the BeyHives need to sit the f*** down.

    • Lolz July 10, 2013


  58. Lolz July 10, 2013

    She is not responsible for people and their dietary lifestyle. That is all.

  59. quetta July 10, 2013

    Why is that people always have a problem when bey does something but when someome else does it they get a free pass? Foh. You people don’t have nothing negative to say about this woman so you just make up anything to make yourself feel better. Smh

    • Aquarius July 10, 2013

      Its exactly that. Because she is Beyonce. Like I always say and like I have seen on here before, when Beyonce naysayers stop caring that will be the worrying time. You will know she is truly irrelevant.

  60. Aquarius July 10, 2013

    YAWN I cant even be bothered to go into one on this one all I can say is she stated the obvious and lead your own f****** lives and stop living through celebs and putting responsibilities on them its ridiculous. Stop to think would my blood pressure be boiled so much if it wasn’t about Beyonce? No probably not.

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