She’s Back! Lady GaGa Announces ‘ARTPOP’ Release Details

Published: Friday 12th Jul 2013 by Sam

It’s quite literally been years in the making, yet Lady GaGa is finally ready to unwrap her fourth studio album ‘ARTPOP’.

The info-packed announcement came courtesy of the singer herself on her official website early this morning, and, much to the delight of her millions of Monsters, confirms that new material is due eminently.

So why wait? Flip the hood for the latest on Pop’s most anticipated project of the year.

In true “GaGa” form, very little about the set is “traditional”. Indeed, the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Born This Way’ is being billed as an audio-visual movement, sewn together in an app – the lifecycle  of which will span more than the usual album campaign.

Confirming that the LP’s first single will arrive on August 19th, the 27-year-old also revealed that the album/app will be available to pre-order on September 1st. The actual project will be available to buy on November 11th.

Check out the full announcement below…

As longtime readers will know, few things excite us more than a well planned project — and well-plotted this appears to be. That said, we hope the material delivers, as that ultimately is what matters most.

Roll on August 19th!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Josh July 12, 2013


    • rIHBREEZY July 12, 2013

      i hope the album lives up to the hype born this way was a dissapointment as a Rih/Breezy fan i am only here for the telephone part 2 or ratchet coz her and bey a good together

    • interracialfishes435 July 12, 2013

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      • artPOOP July 12, 2013

        can someone at TGJ PLEEEEEEASE block the IP address that keeps posting this spam. I mean, seriously! You have time to silence folks for talking smack about your sponsored flop-artists but you can’t clean up your spam? BOOOOOoooo

    • toohotfortv July 12, 2013

      We see you, GaGa. Stealing ideas from Bjork and iamamiwhoami (Jonna Lee). Yes, you been seen’t 😉 Come original.

      • whenindoubtthetruthwillout July 12, 2013

        I agree. Bjork has already done this so it’s hardly original!
        She seems to base her career on following others – grace Jones,Madonna and now Bjork!!!

      • Belladonna July 12, 2013

        So no one can do apps now? She didnt say it was a new shes saying like Downloads did to CDs shes going to make music apps better then be4. Get over yourself. Gaga haters are so

      • Floponse July 15, 2013

        FlopGa stans are so 2008…she’s old news & her press release above is very pretentious. How very Gaga – always fake

  2. King B July 12, 2013

    King B is next!! #November

    • artPOOP July 12, 2013

      soon as she decides to leak a “good” single and her shift ends at H&M

    • Belladonna July 12, 2013

      Yesssssss!! Im here the most for Bey & Gaga this year!!!!

  3. dee July 12, 2013

    hope it’s more the fame than born this way

  4. King B July 12, 2013

    Rihanna are you still releasing November????? hahahaha i hope not! King B Gaga and Katy on your traditional month!!!! you better NOT

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      WELCOME BACKGAGA,Perhaps people will will settle down and let the party began. I mean after all you was Missed by me and many.
      Thanks you for always keeping it real like one of my Faves , and i know you are back because You stepped out the other day in Bra and Panties in New York and then hung your boots out the car window to air out YES we wait for the party to never stop.
      GAGA Being back will take some of the heat off Rihanna for living her life to the hilt.

    • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

      Unlike Beyonce, Rihanna isn’t afraid of competition.

  5. True love July 12, 2013

    If this album is like THE FAME you get my coins Mama but no BTW ish pls

  6. haute hottie July 12, 2013

    Beyonce, Rihanna, and Ke$ha better just go on an extended vacation, because Lady Gaga is going to snatch wigs!

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      Rihanna isn’t going any place just like Naomi did not go away when the other Models came on board.
      If Rihanna did not go away for Adele,and Alicia then i know she too can stand the test of time, they all appeal to their own
      crowd of people.
      I love Gaga ,Beyonce , and Ke$ha.

    • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

      But Rihanna isn’t afraid of competition, Beyonce sure is though.

      • Lou July 12, 2013

        And are you in either if their minds to know that for a fact?

    • Kate July 12, 2013

      Britney Spears will slay this b****!

    • fucl July 12, 2013

      Ke$sha is like an inferior Gaga, so Ke$ha has already been destroyed. Nobody bought her album and she lost tons and tons of money for the record label. Beyonce has alternative financing schemes so she doesn’t really need to bring in cash. Rihanna will always sell. Gaga is talented and artistic.

  7. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 12, 2013

    Good Morning @sam. 😉 (well, it is 10:15 in the morning here)

    I’m XD, Love the Pic and can’t Wait for her Single. 😀

  8. tribaljudas July 12, 2013

    She is coming WIGS and EVERY RECIEPT!!! The b**** has learned from the mistakes she made with Born This Way. She’s focused and her aim is to SLAY every b**** out there!!!! Hide your talentless basic c*** sucking faves!

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      She might snatch wigs but she will never be able to snatch them all, theres some chicks other than her who are in the wig snatching business you know.
      Think back when she made 90 Million for the year and was the highest paid , there was nine other Women who was on that list to make up the top ten of Highest paid under 30 Remember..

  9. tribaljudas July 12, 2013

    Hurricane Gaga!!!! We are owning the last half of 2013 and all of 2014!!!! HIDE your faves!

    • Belladonna July 12, 2013

      Damn Right!!!! And Not Playing any games!lol

  10. DESPERATION July 12, 2013

    Aint nobody got time for this B****…

    Anyway, the folks over @ Paws Down are going IN.

    That has to be the most shadiest site in history. LMFAO!!!

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 12, 2013

      He’s SO Cool Tho.

      But that is The Normal of Madonna’s Fans , We Are Shady M************.

      But I’m All #Observer for gaga This Era……

  11. . : : h 2 o : : . July 12, 2013

    I’m soooo readyyy!!!!!

    • cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

      B**** NO ONE asked you.. Stop being fickle, you aint a Monster.. Scared that GaGa will snatch your flop faves weave so you ditch her just like that? H** please!

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 12, 2013

        1- Neither did anyone ask you, yet why did you enter the thread?

        2- I’m not frickle, I’m a GaGa fan and always gave her props. If anyone is frickle it should be you and your stanning for Rihanna.

        3- If Beyonce with 65M+ albums is a flop, what does that make GaGa?

        A commercial disaster? 😆

  12. Anon July 12, 2013

    If it looks and sounds like The Fame, I will buy.
    If it looks and sounds like Born This Way, I will cry.

  13. KING RIH July 12, 2013

    Oh look her stans have awaken. Where have yall been? or perhaps its other stans posing as Gaga stans to cover up the fact that their fave is a flop mess.

    LOL at the Bey stans coming for Rih. This post is about Gaga. The King stays on yall mind. Did Beyoncé and Gaga stop Rude Boy with Telephone????? Never doubt the king.


    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 12, 2013

      Yes the King who ranked @ #4 on Forbes with $53M+ earnings stay on her fans’ minds……… What do you OR your fav have to do with it?

      And “Telephone” outsold “Rude Boy” worldwide by millions, so……..

    • cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

      SLAYDY GODga > everything else

      But you tried hey…

  14. trainwreck July 12, 2013

    Porcelain Black >>> Lady Gaga! PB might not be famous as LG but she is talented n creative! Her music has emotion n is different! Gve PB a LG bugdet n she will blow up!

    • blooper July 12, 2013


    • fucl July 12, 2013

      OMG you have to be kidding. Gaga stoled PB’s look and sound in one day and destroyed her. No one knows who PB is or was an no one cares. Her songs were HORRIBLE.

  15. cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

    The QUEEN!!!!!!!!!

    I have waited my whole life for this. BTW was a masterpiece, ARTPOP will be even better.

    Charts around the world will be slayed.

    • Belladonna July 12, 2013

      Yes they willl be And Mother Monster Will Top Them All……..Like she did with Born This Way ( witch went number1 in over 20 countrys)

  16. beysus walks July 12, 2013

    leave beyonce,rihanna alone,i love gaga but bey and riri can also snatch weaves

  17. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 12, 2013

    damn I forgot gaga even exist…lol

    ill wait for her new single, before i jump on the gaga is going to slay your fav band wagon….

    she needs to come harder this time around

    • cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

      No one even knew you existed. So no one cares what you have to say.

    • Music July 12, 2013

      You always talking b******* rated xxx. Stfu.

  18. Bey Is Grown July 12, 2013

    I want ‘paparazzi’ vibes from this album.

    • cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

      Why don’t you go demand 4lop vibes from your fat fave? The Queen has no time for lessors that stan for flops

      • Tyler July 14, 2013

        B**** shut your fake Salvation Army stanning ass down. Worry less about Beyonce and more about your Splice looking fave. Your’re not no real lil monster you identity thieving b****!

    • blue July 12, 2013

      i want fame gaga, but that sound is starting to die out…
      guess i just want the vibe, the freshness that was her…the vibe she gave in the eh eh eh video

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      @BEY IS GROWN I loved Paparazzi.

  19. blue July 12, 2013

    November is gonna be a mess…a great freaking mess im sure, but a mess no doubt…hopefully riri sticks to her guns and resists the temptation to release this year…
    i want #justdancegaga and not #stickupmyassbtwgaga

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      Waiting to see what the run way is going to look like too.

  20. blue July 12, 2013

    imagine if gaga, riri and bey decided to release in the same week,

    they could theoretically be looking at their strongest opening numbers ever, rihanna might do over 300k, gaga do that mil and bey over 600k…#dreams

    • JOHNVIDAL July 12, 2013

      Yeah Gaga would be the biggest seller that week again.

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      BLUE all three dropping at the same time would be like Show down at ok coral,for sure.
      @JOHNVIDAL you are always right on time with being the among those who always name who you feel the Winner would be,when in Fact it would have to happen to be for sure,always offering
      comments to divide things up.
      I am sure that as long as there is a artist who is seen as number one it’s okay and so that will always mean that the others who are in the number two, three and four slots are find as long as they don’t try to over step the Number One spot Right,

      • JOHNVIDAL July 12, 2013

        Love you back!

  21. cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

    All the people here saying “I want”, why don’t y’all worry about your faves??

    Born This Way was a masterpiece. Of cause the bandwagon stans didn’t like it cause they were never fans in the first place, so don’t come and demand what you want ARTPOP to be.

    So remain staying away, the real Monsters are still here for the Queen.

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      CAKE LIKECAKE AND it is good tosee that you are a realperson who acts that way You know we can tell a lot about a person on here the way they comment and the way they see things,and you are appreciated for it.
      And i know that people are not always forgiving as they should be on here but giving a person the benefit of the doubt without tearing them down is key to your mind set and you seem fair in your commenting.
      To sad i can’t say the same about many because many will try to tear through a brick wal lto try and pounce on anothers
      dreams and aspiration’s which is sad.

  22. JJFan1814 July 12, 2013


  23. Super Cisus July 12, 2013

    Weak gimmick B****!!!!!

  24. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 12, 2013

    there’s a huge difference between being a stan and a fan..there’s a fine line…

    stans worship the ground their fav walks on, they make excuses, when their favs f*** up, they bring other other b****** that aint got s*** to do with the topic at hand, just to bashed them,

    they cannot stand to see anybody doing better than their favs….

    they will brag about their fav getting a number 1 hit on the dance charts, but bash people who gets number on the r&b charts

    they will call other people whores, s***, meanwhile praise their fav for selling ass..when their fav gets naked on every magazine, its call class, but for other peole they are whores s***, so on

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      Good comment.

    • STONY July 12, 2013


  25. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 12, 2013

    so if you are a fan of gaga and didn’t like born this way, that makes you a bandwagon fan….

    if that’s not the dumbest s*** that i’ve ever heard, i don’t know what is….

    born this way was garbage, I don’t give a f*** if it out sold all my favs albums(it hasn’t, not even close)//it was garbage…

    sales ain’t got s*** to do with how great an album is..because alot of basic b****** out there are selling, with limited talent, and payola,

    but gaga has actual talent, it’s all the extra s*** she does, that makes people forget that she can actually sing….

    you stan for gaga, that nice and s***, but don’t bash her fans because they are not licking her asshole 24/7

    • JOHNVIDAL July 12, 2013

      That album was not garbage. One can understand not everybody likes that, but it was her most complex project and had the best vocals she has ever recorded.

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      People have so many reasons why they like are dislike a portion of Musicians Music.They can love cuts off a albums and then not love all of them that’s life to agree and disagree.

  26. rih rox July 12, 2013

    I dig the disguises she wears. She know she is ugly so by using disguises, your eyes will be drawn to the object and not hideous creature behind.


    • miao July 12, 2013

      Someone is scared by the force that Lady Gaga is! Your faves are little basic b****** compared to Lady f****** Gaga. She’s not a model like some p**** poppin’ s****, she is an ARTIST with integrity, not corporation puppet w****! Stay pressed.

  27. JOHNVIDAL July 12, 2013

    Wow I really thought they were going to delay it till next year. November is an exciting month so this is great news. Hope I like the new music. I´m sure it will be different from her last material (which I loved).
    ps: some Rihanna and Katy fans already pressed. That´s her true competition or her peers, and they are clearly inferior.

  28. Acem July 12, 2013

    What Madonna song/video/outfit will she be copying this time?

  29. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 12, 2013

    I bought The Fame, I bought BTW, I’m gonna buy ARTPOP!! Can’t wait for the Queen

  30. Dev July 12, 2013

    I agree. The anticipation for this album is the same I have at the thought of reusing toilet paper. I’m sure people are over this clown already, and we are going to see one if the biggest flops of the century.

  31. PDX July 12, 2013

    Meh@this homo s***.
    Eminem is going to take away her attention when he announces his new project.

  32. Pour It Up July 12, 2013

    I hope this s*** lives up to the hype cos.. thats all imma say

  33. Davis July 12, 2013

    Its either gonna go one way or the other. Do really well or flop. And at the moment generic dance is already becoming dated soo idk what she has to offer

  34. RIRI July 12, 2013

    Who cares besides uncool people from Nebraska still living in 2009 ? The ugly troll is a has been.


    LOOPY Lady Gaga is creating a fresh stink in the music business – because she can’t stop farting

    The fit-again Fame Monster, who last week staged her first gig since hip surgery in February, had New York fans swooning over her performance.

    But she also left her musicians and backstage staff gagging over the fumes from her never-ending flatulence.

    One member of her crew at the Gay Pride rally revealed: “The smell was foul, like a dumpster full of rotting food. And some of her farts were loud, so there was no pretending she wasn’t the source of the stench.

    “It was especially bad every time she bent over to change costume or made a vigorous move on stage. A fresh one would come cracking out but she’d just laugh when people held their noses.”

    Gassy Gaga, 27, blames a new diet that has helped her lose 2st 1lb since her surgery.

    But a source close – but not too close – to the Born This Way singer confided: “The real problem is she has been trying to crash diet by making modifications to the one her nutritionist and trainer devised for her.

    “Instead of following it to the letter, she spent a week eating hard-boiled eggs and another eating only spinach. Whose stomach and intestines wouldn’t be in turmoil?”

    Gaga’s pal added: “It’s gotten so bad it’s beyond a joke. The eggs-only week was especially bad and a vapour trail of sulphur followed in her wake.

    “She thinks it’s a hoot, especially when she drops a string of them, it seems to go on forever. It’s the silent ones that creep up on you that are the worst.

    “Nobody dares complain. She saw one costume girl holding her nose and sniffed, ‘What’s your problem?’ The poor girl was struck dumb and Gaga walked by giggling.”

    The outlandish singer, who had her post-surgery wheelchair customised into a gold-plated “throne”, couldn’t even contain herself during a speech she gave at last week’s gig to celebrate the US Supreme Court’s decision in favour of gay marriage.

    One observer claimed: “The mike picked up several farts, despite the fact the crowd was noisy. But she carried on regardless. It was surreal.”

    Sporting her blonde locks in a bob, Gaga waved a gay pride rainbow flag as she told the crowd on Manhattan’s Pier 26: “We are not a niche. We are part – a big, giant part – of humanity.

    “It’s time for us to be mainstream. I demand the rights!” She then sang an a capella version of The Star Spangled Banner.

    Gaga’s spokeswoman refused to comment on her flatulence, insisting: “That will not be graced with an answer.”

    But a road crew member declared: “Everyone is holding their breath and hoping she’ll return to a normal diet soon.”

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      RIRI this was very informative.

    • @psychostoner_ July 12, 2013

      WOW! more pressed than one of bree van de kamps blouses

  35. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    Now I know that Beyonce album is never coming out, way too much competition for her. Sorry hive but Bet hates competition, I guess you’ll have to wait until Artpop dies out to get that album, but then again Rihanna will be around, so you’ll have to wait indefinitely until there’s absolutely no competition around, lol, poor hive.

    • Monster Hive July 12, 2013

      Ho sit the only one that should be scared is Rihanna people will be bored of her by that time shes always around. Beyonce has released around the same time as Gaga, before Rihanna always peaks when they are on a break or about to go ona break so stop.

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      LOVEBIRD Nope you are wrong in your thinking BEYONCE
      has to release new music to see how close she can get to Adele,Gaga and Rihanna Numbers in sale,and Beyonce is not going out without a fight,we all can take that to the bank.

      Don’t be fooled Beyonce is doing Collabs with everybody and their pet to try and get her Numbers up higher and shes yearning for a another Hit so bad she can taste it that is why she has the best, Writer,Producers and Beat makers in the game lined up to Buy , Produce, write, are hunt her a Hit down and Bag and Sack it at any cost even if she has to do a single with Rihanna the Hit maker.

      Beyonce figures that if she can do at least ten collabs then she is sure to get some Hits even though she and her fans act like she have did all she need to do to stay on top , believe me that is a Lie she can’t stand seeing others get that shine at all. REMEMBER Beyonce is in the game for fun and sll the others are trying to pay their bills.
      Stillyet Beyonce is working as hard if not harder than Gaga them are working
      And don’t Over look the Power that ia Britney Spears.

    • Music July 12, 2013

      Ur the one obsessed with Beyonce hunny. She has millions of dollars and the right producers and exec’s to steer her career anyway she wants. She’s a boss in her own league. She will release something when the time is right. The fact u r stressed out over a woman u hate is pretty amusing. Get a life sweetie.

  36. Monster Hive July 12, 2013

    Why are the Rihanna fans soooo pressed!!! I know they’re scared. Slaydy Gaga is coming for wigs!!!

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013


  37. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    So these Gaga fans are overconfident once again lol, we will see. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, ask the hive, they know what I’m talking about.

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      LOVEBIRD I LOVE How your thought process revolves,
      around the minds of the weak and those who some artist who has been written off like Rihanna has clouded so many judgement,lol.

  38. Monster Hive July 12, 2013

    I really hope Gaga and Bey do a collab again. Pure life 🙁

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      Pure want to out do all the others,let us see them do another Telephone did great for them, not as well as “Umbrella” but still good.

  39. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    Monster Hive, Rihanna is not afraid of competition, she picks a date and boom, releases flop or not. Beyonce is the one who is scared of competition and as confessed by Ne Yo, clueless about which direction to take her music.

    Dead at the Beyonce fans stanning for Gaga as a safety net, you people are so transparent.

    • Monster Hive July 12, 2013

      Who said Rihanna was scared? I said she should be b**** is over confident. I never saw the word scared in Ne Yos statement. But hey. And the Hives have always supported Gaga

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      MONSTER HIVE Yes and there is nothing like a confident Black Bytch looking back at your hateful ass is there?
      The HIVE will hunt with any dog just as long as they can try to up root Rihanna.
      Remember Rihanna had Rude Boy Hopping when Gaga and Beyonce Tellie was out, okay.

  40. Monster Hive July 12, 2013

    Who remembers when Rihanna released Rated R on discount and it flopped harder than a fish out of water and Gaga realesed BTW and sold over a million? (Chuckles)

    Anyway Im ready for Gagas return its been so dead without her #ImDone

  41. Lou July 12, 2013

    This should be interesting

  42. Lou July 12, 2013

    Lovebird making everything about Beyonce as usual. #Beyonceonthemind

  43. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    Who remembers when Beyonce released every song from 4 as a single and couldn’t even scratch the top 10?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 12, 2013

      Who remembers when Rihanna released 6 albums in 6 years and couldn’t see #1 on BB200?

      • Touché July 12, 2013


      • miao July 12, 2013


  44. DIGGER BEY July 12, 2013

    Yessssssssssssssss B****! SLAY ME UNTIL THE QUEEN ARRIVES! Luv me some Gaga. The b**** SLAYS every female performer, except for THE QUEEN! @LoveStank……H** u are so funny bwahahahha. Hoeianna is an Insecure Scared Weak B****! Notice how all her albums are release during the “Coveted Holidays”???? The H** is scared to release an album from Jan thru October. Weak ass h**. And the funny thing is, she’s always releasing albums alongside real album sellers. Slutianna knows if she release an album on the same date as Yeezy, people will b n the store and most likely get her album to. #JOKEIANNA

  45. Ahhh_Mess! July 12, 2013

    Lol, I think Bey had a fall release but might have to reschedule again! Rhi may actually take that break afterall. I’m not a stan for Ga Ga, more like casual, but I did like BTW and I think that album was an classic. Why should she go back to Fame. That’s when she 1st came out. Artist like Ga Ga who’s looking to be one of the greats like Madge, Janet & MJ don’t go back they grow as an artist with each project and era.

  46. Lou July 12, 2013

    Rihanna is not insecure? So why the f*** are her albums always released during the damn holidays? #thestruggle

  47. DIGGER BEY July 12, 2013

    Watch and learn H***. When Gaga and THE QUEEN release their albums n November. They will sell more than 400k. Not no weak ass 200k and the stores are packed with shoppers bwhahahahahahahhahaahahhahahahahhahahahahha. #JOKEIANNA

  48. adc143 July 12, 2013

    Lovebirds ugly Mordor looking ass obsesses over Beyonce more than her fans do. Can we say “closet fan?” You’re no more a Beyonce hater than Ricky Martin was straight all those years he claimed to be. Come out the closet boo. Put on a mask first so you don’t scare the children, but come on out!

    • Stav July 12, 2013

      “You’re no more a Beyonce hater than Ricky Martin was straight all those years he claimed to be.”

      ROFLMAO. Ouch. Pick up your face Lovebird because it just got knocked to the floor.

  49. AdamMonster July 12, 2013

    Lol always coming out with an album during the Xmas shopping season isn’t bravery. It’s desperation.

    Rihanna always releases albums during the holiday season because it’s the only time she’ll sell. Let her try to come out with something in April and see how much it sinks like a stone.

    • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

      At least she actually RELEASES an album, Beyonce is hiding with so much competition out. Why can’t Beyonce also pick the Xmas shopping season? Where is the single? Is she frightened of so much competition?

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        Oh please. So you have to release an album every year like clockwork to not be considered scared? Its ok for Mariah Carey to push her album back to perfect but not Beyonce?

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        Lets put Rihanna as manager of her own albums and see how she would do. But then again, shes in the habbit of releasing an album only in November she plays it so safe, she will probably just carry on doing that.

      • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

        Well Marian had released every year and she’s a legend. Plus Marian can push back her album as much as she wants because she’s a perfectionist.

        Beyonce is the one who promised new music by April according to her in GQ, it’s July and I still hear no new music lmao, and now that Gaga is releasing, they’ll literally be no new music from Beyonce until the competition dies out.

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        Thats because Mariah actually writes her own music when she released it every year. And Mariah had a release date aswell whats your point? Beyonce is a perfectionist. Dont tell me she isnt you are not a stan so you dont watch videos of her work ethic enough (but then again, knowing your obsession you’ve probably watched every video of Beyonce there is on YouTube) Beyonce released 4 not long after Lady Gaga in 2011. But keep trying…

      • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

        Beyonce is not a perfectionist, she’s a thief, she’s probably looking for someone to steal from. And Beyonce doesn’t write her own songs, she steals other people’s music.

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        And shes still a perfectionist. Just like Mariah who is also song writing thief (although she can still write)…. Again. Your point?

  50. Suicide Blonde July 12, 2013


    • Belladonna July 12, 2013

      Yes it

  51. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    All I want to know is when is that Beyonce single and album coming out? Why is she so scared? We are due of a good laugh at her expense, release that floppy disc pushbackyonce.

  52. Aquarius July 12, 2013

    Can this disease ridden pigeons obsession with Beyonce get any deeper?

  53. Rob July 12, 2013

    I can’t wait for Lady Gaga’s comeback. #ARTFLOP

  54. Rita is Queen July 12, 2013

    Not interested in this s***** attention w**** t*****.

  55. Rita is Queen July 12, 2013

    Lovebird obsession with BEYONCE IS REAL

  56. WE ALL AGREED BEY PEAKED July 12, 2013

    rihanna, gaga??? i guess bey is gonna get pregnant in order to sell cuz that old b**** is already done

    • Music July 12, 2013

      Keep believing those lies and barking up that tree peasant….

      • WE ALL AGREED BEY PEAKED July 12, 2013

        Rusty Bey more like??

  57. Music July 12, 2013

    “It’s been a long time since u came around….been a long time but ur back in town.” Welcome back monster. Hope the music is good this time. F** the haters. They r anxious just like the fans anyway. Slay us girl.

  58. MC July 12, 2013

    So excited for this!

  59. mc the place to be!! July 12, 2013

    Yay!! And beyhive sit down y’all know y’all ain’t getting s*** until 2040 when the Mrs carter world tour of greatest hits and a snippet is over. #artpop

  60. quetta July 12, 2013

    Yasss!! This should be exciting. If she, bey, and rih decided to release in the same week, then good luck rih because if you sold less than what was predicted with unapologetic then..honestly, just good luck.

  61. FutureCIARA July 12, 2013

    Very interesting, I hope Britney releases around the same time as #ARTFLOP She is such a fad in the past …. My coins are on who Madonna Deemed Legend!


    This will be good For Pop!


    • Rosie July 12, 2013

      Cedric isn’t slaying anything. Can’t sell 70k with her biggest Urban hit since 2006.

      • FutureCIARA July 12, 2013

        B**** comeback when ReRealeaseDelRay makes her first #1 anything……

        She’s one of those chicks that are good for recycling tunes.

        Ciara’s Evolution slays DelRASH’s entire career!
        Tell her to go get her nose touched up again, and while she’s at it, those cheeks are starting to sag a bit too.

        We all know she’s addicted to silicon surge, and botox!

  62. Rosie July 12, 2013

    Slay! This album better be like the Fame Monster.

    • FutureCIARA July 12, 2013

      DelTaco should take notes this time

  63. DOSSOME July 12, 2013

    Yes,finally some great songs,amazing videos & pure slayage…i’m really anticipating this album

    *plays You & I*

  64. DIGGER BEY July 12, 2013

    This LoveStank H** is so comical. B**** KING B is a Brave b**** unlike Rihoeanna. She’s not scared to release albums outside of the Christmas Day Sales bwahahhahahahahahah. And b****, the album will come out before this year end. And it will definitely sell more than some measly 200k, unlike R****’s sad first week sales during The Holidays. And THE QUEEN didn’t say a damn thing about new music n April. B**** why are u checking so hard for someone u despise. B**** did God give u an empty brain???? Is there anything clicking n that whop sided head of urs. #FIND UR LIFE

  65. DIGGER BEY July 12, 2013

    Bwahahhahahahha @ MC The Place To Bey…..Um H** I think u to reframe from using the words “not getting an album”. Didn’t Sponge Bob Twin Sis just push The Art Of Flopping Back b****? That s*** is gonna Flip Flop from month to month, until it finally get shelved. Nobody is checking for Nick’s Prized Porky.

  66. Roger Nelson July 12, 2013

    She’s gonna flop harder than her grandma tits on her father’s face when she rides his c***.

  67. Belladonna1363 July 12, 2013


  68. Belladonna July 12, 2013


  69. Belladonna1363 July 12, 2013


  70. Mark111 July 12, 2013

    Eh. This isn’t gonna work this time Gaga. People are sick of her out of space style, plus everyone done or doing it, so what’s gonna make her standout? And people want to bring up Rihanna? Don’t forget that Rated R and Fame Monster (sense y’all want to call it a 2nd album AFTER it was a success, but before it was a re-release) came out the same day and Rated R out sold it that week.

  71. PRINCE MACHIAVEL July 12, 2013

    It’s Good To See Lady G Back And She Looks Beautiful!!!!
    @LITTLES MONSTERS, Please Don’t Kill Gaga’s New Era By OverHypping Already!
    BWT,I’M F****** XXXXXXDDD!!!

    • Belladonna July 12, 2013

      No Chance in Hell are we going to do that Sorry………We love and support our artist aka

  72. Kate July 12, 2013

    I hope Britney will release something at that time!

  73. mr.m July 12, 2013

    Who is this?

  74. the voice July 12, 2013

    Yes this is a well planned campign. I love the competency and condifence of her team.

    I doubt that her release date or song choice will change like other artists that cant figure out their direction… lookin at u bey

  75. Common Sense July 12, 2013

    Well at least she’s copying Bjork now instead of Madonna. One step at a time…

  76. terrell July 13, 2013

    alll yalll h*** sound dumb first off telephone was assisted by gaga so ofcourse at the time it sold more that rude boy but at the end of the day my b**** rihanna is more popular than all yall faves and yall cant stand it so yall bash her all day while shes playing on yo upaid cellphones playlist yall b**** just make her that much more relavant haha navi all day

  77. Lady Bieber Ph.d (specializing in bieber fever) July 14, 2013

    Can’t wait for queen gaga to rule the charts. I am so excited to see what direction she goes. Man there are so many of my favs releasing new music this fall that I can’t wait!

  78. Tamartian July 15, 2013

    No one can touch Gaga on when she release music they can try but she’s the queen of charts. FYI why so many artist is pushing back their albums LOL their clamming for mercy.

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