Nicki Minaj Fragrance Surpasses 1.1 Million UK Sales Mark

Published: Thursday 18th Jul 2013 by David

To Joe Public, 2010 saw Rap firework Nicki Minaj pop out of nowhere with her debut album ‘Pink Friday‘.

Selling 1 million copies in the US in its first month and enjoying global sales of 3.8 million, the months that followed welcomed news of a fragrance named after the #1 album- hoping to capitalise on the hype surrounding the star’s long running brand- birthed in NYC circa 2007.

Now, after launching the scent with Elizabeth Arden‘s ‘Give Back Brands’, the light lyric soprano has seen its sales surpass that of 1.1 million individual units in the UK.

Facts and figures below…

Since its May 14th release in the market, ‘Friday’ has become the highest selling women’s fragrance in 2013’s second quarter, with 1.1 million sold- beating every other new release placed on shelves during the same period.

In celebrating the news, the Rapper shared the following message on ‘Instagram‘:


If there’s anything to be learned from Minaj’s standing as a celebrity, is that her bread and butter lies in her positioning as a life style ambassador- graduating from the trend setter status she scored circa 2009.

For, as polarising as she may be, she’s found a unique way of capturing the attention of the casual listener/buyer by aligning herself with ventures that-at least at face value- are organic to her cause.

In doing this, she creates products that fall in line with her public persona‘s script, thus drawing in consumers in their millions…even if they don’t consider themselves fans of her music.

So, with her third studio album on the way, here’s hoping Camp Minaj pull out all the stops to ensure it fares just as well as her debut, and the product range the world just can’t seem to get enough of!


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  1. Ciara is everything July 18, 2013

    Hmmm dont care the fact that the barbz didn’t support Ciaras album im over them & Nicholas Garbaj.

    • NickiQUEEN July 18, 2013

      GIRL, Ciara Is NOT Our Fav, Nicki Is, The Barbz Bought “I’m Out” & “Livin It Up” Because NICKI Is On It. It’s Not OUR JOB To SUPPORT Ciara.

      • Ciara is everything July 18, 2013

        Gurl bye you barbz are so fake acting like yall was supporting cici with this album on this site & all over Twitter…. anyways b**** your dismissed.

      • DavidSmit554 July 18, 2013

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    • Os July 18, 2013

      Ciara is everything i did support ciara,you can’t put all Nicki fans under the same umbrella,some like Cici some don’t sum support Cici some don’t,and did you know that Nicki and Riri sear some of there know were i am going with this right,so show love to the nicki fans that support cici,instead of running on here messing with all nicki fans……and i did buy Ciara,s album and them two singles with nicki…..jusr the same with ciara there are some of her fans that like nicki and some don’t see were i am coming from.

    • zxcbereru July 18, 2013

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  2. Music July 18, 2013

    What about her 193294323 singles tho?

    • MCThePlaceToBe July 18, 2013

      There’s a difference between shade and stupidity. She’s done a good job this time so the right thing to do is either say well done or keep quite.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

      @music ur short about 10 singles

    • Music July 19, 2013

      @mctheplacetobe b**** ur the last to talk about stupidity. I’ve seen ur tired comments. BYE. And what’s stupid about stating facts? Her singles r flops and so is she. Y would I care about f****** perfume on a music blog. F*** u h**.

  3. Bey Reigns!! July 18, 2013

    Keep clinging on to Nickis 2010 sales like the Csquad clings on to Ciara’s 2007 sales. As of 2013, Shitcki Garbaj and Struggleara are FLOPS. One can’t go platinum and one can’t go wheat.

    • Ciara is everything July 18, 2013

      Like the hive has to cling to 2008 singles b**** Beyonce done yall know it

      • Darianna Jones July 18, 2013

        Oh, you mean the singles that SWALLOW Ciara’s entire discography? #TriedIt

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 18, 2013

        ^^ tbh

      • FAF July 18, 2013

        U mean the snippets and the tour vid where she copied Ciara coreography?

        Keep swallowing, A*** h**

      • The Boy Toy July 18, 2013

        Lmao @ FAFs delusional ass accusing everyone of stealing from Cierror. 57K.

      • Darianna Jones July 18, 2013

        I don’t recall Ciara getting into tribal dancing, or getting endorsements for that matter. And I’m not mad about the snippets unlike Beyonce’s brainwashed haterbase, but keep trying. And why is saying someone has A*** the default insult in here? Lmao


      why cant you be happy for her achievement instead of draggin ho, instead of wasting your time you can LICK MA P****! 1.1M AND A BEST SELLER EAT MA PUSSSSYYYYYYYYYYY AND STAY PRESSED

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

        Ewwww b****

  4. TheTRUTH July 18, 2013


    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

      F*** YOU U FUNKY B****!!!!

      • LIL KRIM JUNG UN, AND TRUTH, LICK MY P**** CHILEE July 18, 2013

        eat me out chillle, LICK MY P**** B****!

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

        Rolls eyes and lifts shoulder slightly chile

  5. VisionOfMimi July 18, 2013

    Good on her. RR could have done better but not everyone is out here selling 1 million perfumes so kudos to her.

    • miao July 18, 2013

      Lady Gaga sold 6 million bottles of FAME in A WEEK! So..

      • Music July 19, 2013

        @miao oop

      • channel_ROMAN July 19, 2013

        That’s 1 person. Name another. The quote was “not everyone is out here selling 1 million perfumes “

  6. dit you eber really lub me steebe July 18, 2013

    who cares about singles when your making REAL money? lmfao— yall think nicki is worried about her singles that she barely promotes? this b**** is ABOUT a CHECK, unlike you FAVE FEMCEES, nicki used the MUSIC industry as a step into the BUSINESS world, this b**** is only about her MONEY. Now if only these other rap b****** took notes!

    • k July 18, 2013

      i don’t think nicki is all about her money only,she loves everything she dabbles in,she an’t using none of it as a stepping stone for the other..she capitalize on appertunities,and be building her brand piece by piece.

    • Carpe Diem. July 18, 2013

      +Looks at Missy Elliott’s net worth*

      Nah she’s good! 🙂

  7. nicko July 18, 2013

    Congrats Nic !!!! These rap b****** should take notes ! TEAMMINAJ

    • FAF July 18, 2013

      QUEEEEEN!!! 😀

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

      😐 really?.

      • Rosie is an aggravating b**** July 19, 2013

        YAAs hoCHILEEw! Seethe in my honey p**** hoo!!.

  8. Ciara is everything July 18, 2013

    Body Partys number #22 This week on the hot 100 yaaaaaaaaaaaas! Meanwhile Mooriah at 23 with that weak payola made single R**** is at 27 with Be gone i mean stay & also im out is at 44 while flop right now is at 52…… & Grown Woman Bow down or Standing On The Sun is still no were to be found on the charts even tho they had commercial push Lmao.



      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

        Yo p**** stink

  9. . : : h 2 o : : . July 18, 2013

    ***scrolls down Forbes Cele 100**

    #OnikaNowhere2BFound #NotEven$6M


    • Ashley July 18, 2013

      NICKI is the ONLY RAP b**** on forbes wirh a 45 MILLION net worth sir. While LIL KIM is struggling with 8 MILLION and been in the game longer then NICKI. Do your research first dummy

      • GZ ONIKA! :) July 18, 2013


      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

        Gikiiirl icki aint thankn bout u u broke h**

  10. the real cake like lady gaga July 18, 2013

    WHEN WILL T*********????

    Lady GaGa’s The Fame has outperformed Pink Friday, but T*********’s fragrance could NEVER, and definitely NOT in the UK, the English hate this h**!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 18, 2013

      And yet :

      Beyonce – $53 million for 2013
      Onika Garbaj – #nowhere2Bfound

      Nice try though ..

  11. Rosie July 18, 2013

    Too bad the rest of the world isn’t using it.
    And dfjdjak; @ 3.8 million. Most “lessor” girls have outsold that with one album.

    • k July 18, 2013

      you are worse than a f-cking roach,f-cking pest.

      • FAF July 18, 2013

        Lana hasn’ t even sold 3.8mil though? ???

        We not talking about Pakistan, ugly d*** 😆

      • Rosie July 18, 2013

        Born To Die worldwide sales: 4 million
        Stay pressed.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 18, 2013

        Lana makes it so effortless … Only one album and without 55031927458 RedOne – asslicking singles

      • Rosie July 18, 2013

        With no US support and unknown producers, not Dr. Luke and Stargate. Only Lana.


      i doubt she sold 1.1M just in the UK for no reason, it was sold out in most US stores, so lick my p**** chillee, when will your fave release a fragrance, a*** del r*****, and if you reply with this BTD s*** and outselling peoples discography, dig yourself a grave AND JUMP IN IT B****”!

      • Rosie July 18, 2013

        Sis why can’t Icki make Forbes with 920394 endorsements?

      • stephy the lambily July 18, 2013

        Rose gurl even tho you stay coming for my gurl Mimi. I must admit you be cracking me the f*** up with your shade. You be shading everybody

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

        @lil krim bjtch eat my menastrating fat p**** u funky b****! Icki is done and so is yo WHORING mammy u FUNKY H**!!!

    • ATM JAM July 18, 2013

      @ROSIE **bornn to botox fell off the iTunes Top 100 albums list. care to explain?

      • Rosie July 18, 2013

        @ A*** Jam And it’s still Top 40 on Billboard 200? Care to explain what happened to Azealia Bankrupt’s album?

  12. Chile Please!! July 18, 2013

    Don’t nobody wants this Stink Friday perfume! GTFOH….so over her!

    • Music July 19, 2013

      Everybody is except her dumbazz fans.

  13. Os July 18, 2013

    Congartz to Nicki she is doing her thing everywere in the game.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013


      • The H** above my comment July 19, 2013

        B**** you is on every nicki minaj post ever posted on grape juice.. your ratchet ass just wont admit that nicki is killing the rap game and is becoming a very successful bushiness women.. don’t believe h**? look at the article above.. your fat ass is in denial get over yourself and get a life ya ratchet ass mess

  14. FAF July 18, 2013

    DAMN, QUEEN KEEP WINNING! 1.1 in the UK u f*** can’t read this not even the GLOBAL sales 🙄

    Ignoring u trolls who stan for thieves and b****** who can’t get a hit domestically EVER 😆

    • jAMILAA July 18, 2013

      awwwww poor that! riri done sell 2.7 million in the US AND UK combined h**,mac riri woo sold out in 3 hours..river island sold out in 2 days! clock that h**! buhahahaha LADY F***** GAGA HAS SOLD 23 MILLION BOTTLES SHE RELESED HER PERFUME A WEEK AFTER NICKI! b**** here \_\_\_ hv several! nofin new here b****…BRITTANY SOLD 100 MILLION BOTTLES OF HERLAST PERFUME! aint nothing new b****!

      • jAMILAA July 18, 2013

        hahahahhahaha this foolish dumb barbs think nick has achieved something! 1.1 my ASS! aint nofin new! buhahahahaha ama finna drag u ass holes!

      • YOUR FAVES GET DRAGGED July 18, 2013

        AYO , its 1.1M in the UK alone, that means there is WAY more sales in the rest of the world, so sit down ratchet b****.. take a seat, CHILEEEEEEEE IS OBVI A FAN

      • jAMILAA July 19, 2013

        shut the f*** up FAF cos i know thats your ass! it hasn’t sold up to 100k in america! POW! how about that? do your f****** research b****

  15. truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

    So fish p**** aroma is in now

    • The Boy Toy July 18, 2013


    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 18, 2013


    • #Hive July 18, 2013


    • YOUR FAVES GET DRAGGED July 18, 2013

      who even is yo fave HO, you are the thirstiest b**** EVER, LICK OUT MY P**** YOU STANKY B****. Have several CHILEE

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

        (Shaving p**** with one leg over the sink, rises head up and says) …girl shut up..(starts back shavn my fat p****)

    • Rosie is an aggravating b**** July 19, 2013

      P**** smells like fish you s****, #next. HAVE SEVERAL you floppy vag

  16. nicko July 18, 2013

    Nicki is successful as a musician AND as a business woman. She has 3 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 right now,, her albums r plat. n her MAC lipstick , pink pill headphones n fragrances r selling well. Im proud of her. :’)

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013


    • Music July 19, 2013

      Yeah becuz -100 on billboard is success….

  17. Rosie July 18, 2013

    Her own fragrance,two lipsticks, her own headphones, American Idol, 2869933 singles and features, her own tour, US support.
    All this, more than my fave has ever done, and she still didn’t make Forbes. Poor Icki.

    • Mrs B. July 18, 2013

      The year ain’t over boo. Nicki will be top 20 on the list of celebrity’s who made bank in 2013. when will lana?

      • Rosie July 18, 2013

        Still doesn’t change the fact that Zooey Deschanel is currently more relevant than Icki.

    • GZ ONIKA! :) July 18, 2013

      Neither has Lana , Nicki made Forbes in less than 2 years of her mainstream career. And she is very successful for her genre and what she does. She wont read these comments where you throw shade so you might as well stop. Can we just please pay attention to the fact that she has sold 1.1M ‘Pink Friday’ fragrances in the UK. So congratulations to Nicki on this accomplishment.

  18. lily July 18, 2013


  19. nicko July 18, 2013

    Nicki is the ONLY rap b**** on the Forbes list !!!! Ignorants !!!

    • Rosie July 18, 2013

      She didn’t make Celebrity 100 though. Even Danica Patrick is more relevant than Icki.

      • Teddy July 19, 2013

        Shame that BTD didnt even reach #1 on Hot 200 even with all that promotion, VG on Ringer, She did live performances at MTV Push and Bowery Ballroom. And on SNL, and we all remember that performance.


    • Trinarockstarr July 18, 2013

      But she not the richest.

    • jAMILAA July 18, 2013

      boo! she aint on forbes list! SORRY! 2013 forbes list..oprah..riri..gaga..bey and even kerry washington is on ! sicki garbage aint! deal with it!

    • Music July 19, 2013

      Shut ur 13 year old ass up. Nicki garbaj is last years news and u will deal.

  20. #She Won July 18, 2013

    She will own that forbes list at the end of this year. #SheWon

    • Rosie July 18, 2013

      Dropped from AI/face of the Earth
      Pink Pill flopping
      Lipstick flopping
      Singles/albums flopping
      Fragrance underselling everywhere except for the UK
      Icki will be lucky to make anything but the rap list at the end of the year.

      • #She Won July 18, 2013

        those checks still add up h**. Where are Lanas tho?? Ghost….

      • TurnUp4cici July 18, 2013

        Lmao read Rosie boo

      • #Hive July 18, 2013

        Rosie your such a little bitter b**** no our fault no one cares about drunk ass lana

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 18, 2013

        Lana still got time to make a lot …

      • QUEEN MINAJ July 18, 2013

        how you know that the fragance is underselling?
        when the fragance was just released everywhere else beside the us and uk.
        lmfaoo viva glam was the best selling lipstick EVER.
        stay mad cause lana’s hype is dying.

      • Mother Monster July 18, 2013

        Lana is as forgettable as all of Nickis features

      • Rosie July 18, 2013

        What about Icki’s hype though? The most hated female celebrity, she got negative reviews from everyone except bandwagon critics and stans on AI, her singles are flopping, the Re-Up hasn’t even sold 200k, Summertime Sadness will out chart Elementary School in a week or so.

      • YOUR FAVES GET DRAGGED July 18, 2013

        Payed $12M for American Idol, idgaf if she left it

        Pink Pill – Don’t know how theyre ‘flopping’ the sales weren’t stated.

        Lipstick – Was VivaGlams and MAC best selling product .

        Singles/Albums – both #1 on Hot 200, both Platnium. BITT 700k, IAYL 900K, SS 4.2M, PTA 1M, VVVV 1M, Roman Reloaded (song that was never released) 600k.

        Fragrance -Its not underselling, because ‘Friday’ was sold out in stores in America aswell ( im sure there was a post about that) and 1.1M is a huge achievement, even in the UK.

        The first person I always see throwing shade is you. You must love Nicki if you dedicate that much time writing about her.
        So i’ll try one more time, this post is not about Lana, its about Nicki. And her accomplishment is something she should be proud of.

        But in the mean time while Lana hasn’t released a fragrance, stop throwing shade at Nicki’s.

        Have several and stay pressed #next.

  21. Trinarockstarr July 18, 2013

    Go head nicki!!!!

  22. the real cake like lady gaga July 18, 2013

    @Rosie has taken up residence on TGJ, s*** why aren’t you in class? Normal teens are at school, but you busy trolling TGJ all day, everyday, every hour.

    DAMN.. This f** though

    • Trinarockstarr July 18, 2013

      Are you mad? Why are you bringing up personal things?

    • Rosie July 18, 2013

      F** even if I was school age it is JULY. No one in the US or Canada is at school.

  23. nicko July 18, 2013

    I cant w/ this h** @rosie !!! B****, Nicki’s first MAC lipdtick is the best selling MAC lipstick of ALL TIME, (-it surpassed gaga’s lipstick) and she thanked her fans on twitter a while ago cause her pink pill is a top seller !!! *sigh* PLEASE DO UR RESEARCH NEXT TIME, idiot.

    • Rosie July 18, 2013

      So you would rather use twitter as a receipt than top sites such as Best Buy, Target, and Amazon? Barb logic.

  24. #Hive July 18, 2013

    No one likes Rosie #fact

    • Jewell July 18, 2013

      I like Rosie. She spills that tea tbh. And I am a Hive member.

  25. #Hive July 18, 2013

    lana is a disaster a drunk a forgettable boring b**** all around.

  26. Mother Monster July 18, 2013

    Lana lonely Stan is a Joke like Nicki album sales.

    • Rosie July 18, 2013

      And who takes Gaga seriously anymore except for depressed suicidal f****** with self-esteem problems?



    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

      F*** yoself with a catus plant b****



  29. . : : h 2 o : : . July 18, 2013

    See racism was never a good thing so…

  30. Kate July 18, 2013

    Why is Rosie always so angry and pressed? Is it because Lana is mediocre at best and after her gimmick wears off everyone will forget about the joke that is Lana Fel Ray. maybe that’s why He/She/It feels the need to attack everyone.

    • Rosie July 18, 2013

      According to the rest of TGJ the gimmick wore off last year yet she’s still selling more albums and is about to get her second US hit after her career apparently ended after SNL?

    • Music July 19, 2013

      The biggest gimmick is on this post airbrushed in pink tho.

  31. Carpe Diem. July 18, 2013

    Ultimate DEATH at this shemale cedric ass stan doing the most! B**** just STOP! Your TIRED!!!



  32. YOUR FAVES GET DRAGGED July 18, 2013

    How is Nicki the most hated female celebrity?(that would be hayden) Lana sounds like shes been drugged and will fall asleep at any minute. F*** this Lana stan she is literally feeding of BTDs sales and SS. F*** OFF B****!. Re-Up isn’t even an album, its a re-release. Please do your research! Nicki has only released two albums which both went to #1 and Platinum. We all know they don’t sell. But to sell 36k in the first week when only 2 shops were stocking it is pretty good. It sold more than Katy Perrys re-release. And when you say 15 minutes of fame? 2 #1 Platinum albums, 2 4x Platinum singles,Fragrance,Clothing Line, MOVIE, ELLE and VOUGE covers,American Idol,5 grammy noms, endorsements such as MAC,Pepsi, Adidas. Shall I go on? Nicki’s third album will hopefully get that troll Rosie to go away.

    #NEXT Have Several

    • Rosie July 18, 2013

      Nicki got WISESPREAD hatred from the GP during her stint at AI, that’s why ratings went down every week and that’s why she got fired.
      If Re-Up is a rerelease, so is Paradise since it is an EP and was only released separately in the US (in the rest of the world it is Born To Die: The Paradise Edition). Everyone sold more than Titty’s rerelease, that’s nothing to brag about.
      Roman Reloaded only SHIPPED platnium. So far it has only sold under 800k.
      Her only global single was Starships.
      Roman Reloaded only went #1 in 4 countries.
      Lana has endorsements too. Fortunately for her all of hers were successful.
      Lana has covered multiple fashion magazines including L’Officiel, Fashion Magazine, Glamour, and FOUR global editions of Vogue (UK, Italia, Australia, China) all in one year.
      Multiple respectable worldwide awards (Brits, Echos, EMAs, and many more).
      Icki is fading and has fallen off the face of the Earth since she got fired from AI. Deal.

      • Rosie is an aggravating b**** July 18, 2013

        1.5M WW and 18M singles for one album KIII. Nicki won best Female Hip Hop artist 4 years in a row. She lead the BBMA noms with 7 and won 3.She won Best Rap Artist and Best Rap Album 2 years in a row at the EMAs. Best Female Video at the VMAs. Her debut was Grammy nominated and sold 1,000,000 within a month. All you talk about is f****** album sales. She is the only relevant female rapper. First Female Rapper to perform on the Grammys stage. 2nd biggest open week sales for a female rapper (375K) First Female Solo Artist to have SEVEN SINGLES on Hot 100 at the same time. Performed at the Superbowl with Madonna. Lana will probably never been on idol (idc if nicki got fired).

      • Rosie July 18, 2013

        Not bragging about Billboard Music Awards. Kii.
        Dead @ me talking about sales only when more than half of my post included other achievements.
        First relavent female rapper my ass. Kim got a number one single before Icki even hit puberty.
        One fan voted VMA at their least watched show when she was completely snubbed at yesterday’s nominations while Lana got two in expert-voted categories.
        Everyone forgot Icki’s >10 second performance at the Super Bowl the next day, just like no one gives a damn about my fave’s “infamous” SNL performance.
        All those big openings and records for an “international superstar” and Lana STILL outsold her discography with one album despite it getting released over a year after Pink Friday.
        Until Icki gets a 4 million selling album and can properly chart on the Forbes Celebrity 100 with more endorsements than the amount of peen Rihfund has had in her ass, the Barbz have no room to speak.

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

        Slay deze s**** rosie!!

      • Teddy July 19, 2013

        Im done with this H**, she and her b*** buddy truth will do anything to deny peoples success, the post is about her success and you still call her a ‘flop’. 15 Minutes of fame? I’ll say it again. 7 singles on Hot 100 at the same time 1 year into her career. 2 #1 albums which are platinum. And for you h*** who are like ‘Only her pop songs sell’ Moment 4 Life topped the US Rap charts and US R&B charts. Its Platinum, Beez in the trap is at 800k. IAYL is at 900k. ‘Fly’ is 2x Platinium, sold over 1,000,000 copies. Did it On Em, 500k.Champion 550k. Thats just a few, not to mention her clothing line and movie, she is successful and your in denial. From now on, im not replying to rosie or this h** truth. Have several #NEXT!

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 18, 2013

      @you eat my p**** and stfu b****

  33. DanYiel Teflon July 18, 2013

    I’m not a fan of the Smell it’s boring~ she’s not my Cupid Tea!! But lol @ being on 2,009,768 singles & still not in the running for RAPTRESS of the year Oh well What Can ya Do? American Idol Anyone? Dismissed? Oh ok Fragrance USA? Dismissed hmm not really a Selling Artist~ I’ll pass

    • nicko July 18, 2013

      What r u talking about? Nicki is the ONLY female rapper selling and charting on the Billboard Hot 100, she sold 30M singles in the us as a featured artist znd 20M as a solo act. She has 46 Billboard hot 100 entries and has 3 songs on that chart right now, all her albms went #1 and are certified platinum.NICKI IS THE QUEEN OF HIP HOP whether u like it or not, shes officially the most influencial female rapper of all time and one of the most succesful EVER !

      • Carpe Diem. July 19, 2013

        How is she the queen of hip hop?? Hardly any of her songs are hip hop to begin with! So have a f****** seat and stop reaching!

    • Bya HO July 19, 2013

      But she won best female hip hop artist for 4th year in a row at the BET awards? And won best hip hop artist twice in a row at the AMAs? Won best rap artist at the BBMAs? Thats just a few. She got payed $12M for idol so she is laughing all the way to the bank. 30M singes? Out of both of her albums both went to #1 and are platnium? Have several #NEXT

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