Must See: Rihanna Readies ‘Rogue’ Era / Enlists Britney Spears & Elijah Blake For Theme Tune?

Her voice may leave much to be desired, but when it comes to shifting branded goods…very few do it better than Rihanna.

Now, after leveraging her star power against her relatable personality to dominate MAC cosmetics, the Hot 100 Royal is now gearing up for the launch of her brand new fragrance, ‘Rogue’.

Full story below…

Shot by Mario Sorrenti for the campaign, Rihanna’s ‘Rogue’ will hit Macy’s, Dillard’s and Belk in September and will boast a price range of between $18 to $69- depending on which of the fragrance’s products you purchase.

On the release she shared:

“People are always changing and evolving and with Rogue I wanted to switch it up to reflect who I am today. I made it for all women, for every mood, because we all want to project our true selves.”

Confirmation of her new scent comes after a number of unconfirmed  reports claimed that the ‘No Love Allowed’ star had eyed Britney Spears to record a duet in its aid.

The song? Elijah Blake‘s ‘Running Blind’.

Addressed by the star when quizzed on the report last month, the song’s alleged addition to the campaign would come more than a year after Blake crafted the aforementioned ‘No Love Allowed’ for her seventh studio album ‘Unapologetic‘, and two years after she soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with the Britney backed ‘S&M‘ remix.


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  1. DanYiel Teflon July 12, 2013

    Lol that’s The least Ri-Whine-A could do her voice isn’t a GRAND SOUND TO HEAR!!

    • The Boy Toy July 12, 2013

      Here we go again. *in my Tamar voice*

      • etone July 12, 2013

        Rihanna voice has the best sound from a Carribbean artist ever. she can sing island music to pop music.

        There are not too many artist that are that versatile.

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        So just becauses she can sing pop doesnt mean she is the best Carribean aritist sit down. Have you not heard of Bob Marley?

      • etone July 12, 2013

        bob marley was not a Pop/Carribean/R n B/ Rap singer his talent was Reggae.
        not too many carribean artists voices can do that like Rihanna has.

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        But you said she was the ‘best’ just because she can do POP. Choose your words more carefully next time. Maybe you mean ‘versatile’. And you don’t need to school me on Bob Marley honey.

    • mixedmatching43 July 12, 2013

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  2. Ciara is everything July 12, 2013

    No one wants another wack duet like s&m

    • The Boy Toy July 12, 2013

      Like no one wanted another wack Ciara album sis? #55k

      • Ciara is everything July 12, 2013

        Say what you want f** but just wait until final numbers come out.

      • The Boy Toy July 12, 2013

        I smell a FLOP! *sprays Rebelle over the stench*

      • Ciara is everything July 12, 2013

        You need to spray rebelle to cover up the nasty stench of that p**** guuuurl.

      • Rita is Queen July 12, 2013


  3. Its Me July 12, 2013

    Why is she trying to make it look like the Chanel bottle? Its not like Chanel sit down.

  4. The Boy Toy July 12, 2013

    That pic is EVERYTHING! I’m sure it will fly off of the shelves like Rebelle 😀

    • blue July 12, 2013

      or rebl fleur before it and naked after it…girl can sell anything

      • The Boy Toy July 12, 2013


      • blue July 12, 2013

        new generation oprah…riri says buy and the world buys

  5. Aquarius July 12, 2013

    Cool. Get them coins.

  6. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    Yasss at Rihanna collaborating with the legendary Britney Spears again, I’m on cloud 9. Yes, this has made my day. Britney is a legend and the biggest pop star of our generation, and has sold over 100 million albums, and she is collaborating with my fav, yes.

    • #Hive July 12, 2013

      Girl calm down you giving Britney to much credit she ain’t all that

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      LOVEBIRD Yes and all i can say is “Rogue”.

  7. #Hive July 12, 2013

    That pic is hot. But idk S****** spears is the last person id do a duet with, Rihanna must be desperate.

    • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

      At least Britney can still get a hit. Where’s Beyonce’s single?


        At least Beyonce can still sell albums and tours. Femme Fetale is not even 2x platinum world wide while 4 is almost 3 million.

      • earth July 12, 2013


        beyonce last album ONLY SOLD 3 MILLION WW.

        that is nothing to brag about. that is a flop for beyonce who gets more exposure than any artist on the planet.

        We are not impressed

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 12, 2013

        ^^ Klokk ha sis


        Britney Spears and Rihanna have more exposure than Beyonce and they barely sell. If selling 3 million world wide with no singles on the BH100 is a flop, selling 3 million with hits is even a bigger flop

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      Who else has sold more than many people careers by the age of Twenty and has “Diamond” in her Arsenal, who better to serve you then Britney MOFO Spears with her Bad Ass….Who? Callit what you want to HIVE!

  8. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    And can we talk about how HOT Sexlijah Blake is. Much more s*** than Ricky Martin, damn what I would let him do to me.


    Rogue? She thinks she’s Sarah Palin now? I can’t with this STD b****

  10. Rita is Queen July 12, 2013

    Doing a duet with Britney cause Rihanna knows that’s the only person she can out sing.


      She can’t even out sing Britney

    • The Boy Toy July 12, 2013

      What exactly is Rita the queen of? Kelly Rowland’s last album outsold hers 😆 #220k

  11. Pour It Up July 12, 2013

    But didn’t she just deny the Britney duet a few days ago?

  12. blue July 12, 2013

    im here for another britney collabo…if handled right and britney doesnt sound as processed as she now seems to always sound

  13. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    I like how Britney passed the baton on to Rihanna with S&M. It’s like she was saying, “I’ve been dragging Mrs Camel by her fake blonde weave strands this whole time, time for you to finish the job”.

    Yes at Rihanna collaborating once again with the legendary Britney Spears.

    • Aquarius July 12, 2013

      And yet Beyoncé still overshadowed them when it came to them all performing at the Billboard awards that year.

      • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

        Yes, she overshadowed them with the tea coming out of that performance being stolen.

        Come to think of it, S&M was a #1 hit, where was Run the world again?

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        No her whole presence overshadowed them. She was the one being honoured with tributes from legends. And yet whos using S&M now? I hear RTW in programmes and everything even though it was flop more than S&M even the words ‘who the run world?’ is still endlessly quoted in press and everything. The impact Beyoncé can still have with a flop>>>>



        Clock her!

      • ^AKA^ July 12, 2013

        And Britney doesn’t care since Beyonce has been struggling for 10 years (and she is still doing it) to outsell her debut album Baby One More time with 4 albums. #SHAME

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        But Im not talking about Britney Im talking about S&M I dont stan for sales like you. Beyonces not inferior just because she doesnt have a Diamond album, she clearly doesnt need one to have as much impact and remain relevant. So once again bye!

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        just Britney*

      • MuiMui July 12, 2013

        AQUARIUS let us see her over shadow Britney 2 Diamonds,
        and Rihanna Digital sales of over 146 Million.

      • ^AKA^ July 12, 2013

        What about S&M? The song was a hit even though the video was banned. It certainly made more impact than Video Phone Remix. :/ And it depends on a personal taste if you like that performance or not. Britney got great ovations so people who were there probably liked it. The only pop performance in last 10-15 years that made huge impact was Like a Virgin, Hollywood by madonna, Britney and Xtina at VMAs. That kiss is still remembered.

        Anyway, Britney slays every other pop stars (her peers, new pop stars, yes even my fav Rihanna) when it comes to impact. Even Blackout was named one of the most influential pop albums in last 5 years. No one will never taste #BRITNEY MANIA. And ofc Beyonce has made great impact on music industry, everyone who denies it is delusional.

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        Shes already over shadowed them as a more respected and looked-up-to performer she doesn’t need a Diamond album or cheap digital sales she shines for her own reason.

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        @AKA stay on topic honey. This is about S&M and RTW at the billboard awards and once again you go off on a tangent. I respect Britney is the Princess of pop but that’s as far is it goes. And once again, who was the one who stared this mess?

      • ^AKA^ July 12, 2013

        1.Those cheap singles make 75% of her discography so yes, she needs them. And she is probably the biggest singles artist in her generation because all of her peers sold more albums than singles – Avril Lavigne, Xtina, Alicia Keys and ofc Britney Spears unlike Beyonce with 25 million albums and drastically more singles, 60-70 million.

        2.I told you, it depends on a personal taste which perfomance you like more. IT”S YOUR OPINION that that perfomance was better than S&M, it’s not a fact. Both performance are forgotten right now so I don’t even know why you brouhgt them. You can keep replying as much as you want, but your opinion will change nothing. Britney is the biggest pop star of last decade and the most impactful one. One performance cannot take it from her (even though it’s not bad at all like you want to make it).

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        Yawn. I skipped over the first para. But the second, honey sorry but majority saw it that way too. I didn’t deny Britney of her success. Im just defending Beyoncé for her strengths which this person loves to downplay. I don’t see the problem because Im not lying with anything I said.

      • Aquarius July 12, 2013

        And I bought up the performances because its relevant to the topic at hand, something you have difficulty with sticking too.


        @ AKA

        Beyonce is struggling to outsell Britney’s first album? Britney Spears is struggling to outsell her own albums of the past.
        Britney didn’t even outsell 4 with her last album. Beyonce has sold 30 million albums with 4 releases.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 12, 2013

      Yet.. She’s earns more than both of them combined and can buy them for s** slaves anytime? 😆

  14. Suicide Blonde July 12, 2013

    I’m the only one who think Britney and Rihanna don’t fit together?.

    • ^AKA^ July 12, 2013


      • Suicide Blonde July 12, 2013

        I don’t know, it’s like Gaga and Beyonce, no.

  15. Valerie (Barb) July 12, 2013

    Beyonce would never duet with low budget talent like Britney

    • blue July 12, 2013

      honey, bey might have the pipes, but britney has achieved more in her lifetime then beyonce could ever hope for…pop culture is as it is today because of brit brit, britney is the american dream personified…might hate what she has become but i got mad respect for that lady

      • cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

        No one asked you though. DANG, this d*** is worse than the f****** here

      • ^AKA^ July 12, 2013


        I agree.

      • MuiMui July 12, 2013

        Britney and Beyonce are about the same age,but Britney has OUT
        SOLD, and OUT GUNNED Beyonce and DC put together,amazing to say the least.
        Let Beyonce stay with High Buget, Rihanna & Britney will do just fine. It is okay for Beyonce to Collab with Gaga But its bad for Britney and Rihanna, well you don’t say.

      • TeamBreezy July 12, 2013

        You mean like that time she didn’t do that pepsi commercial with Britney? hmmm

    • ShitGotReal July 12, 2013

      Yet Britney have more impact than Bey.

  16. cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

    If A*** had a smell, I’m sure it would smell like Rogue..

    @Waste-Water (h2O) might know how a*** smells like, since he……………..

    • blue July 12, 2013

      and if waste of fresh air had a face it would be yours

      • cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

        S*** get out my comment, no one addressed you. D***!!!

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 12, 2013

      Of course I know what A*** smells like … I’ve been detaining your mom in my toilet pissing on her and busting my nuts in her holes for almost a year now ………….

      ONLY to find out that if I hadn’t been using condoms, I’d be A***-infected too ……….

      • cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

        A silver star for you, just cause you put so much effort in that lousy “read”..

        The struggle continues *sigh*

    • MuiMui July 12, 2013

      Denial is a terrible Illiness, “Rogue” will do just fine because it has that Rihanna Minus Touch.
      Those who are trying to Down play Rihanna New Venture are Jealous and Envious that is all.

  17. P!nk Stan (Truth About Love) July 12, 2013

    Im pretty sure this is a strippers favorite fragrance tbh….

  18. . : : h 2 o : : . July 12, 2013


  19. Honnesty July 12, 2013

    Not sure about the bottle as a whole. I feel as if she shoulda used the same font style like on her unapologetic cover pasted all over the bottle or something.

  20. Bunmi July 12, 2013

    I’d love to check this out. I love beyonce’s frangrances but shes honestly the only celebrity fragrance I’ve smelled. I’m addicted to fragrances. Something about a good perfume is ESSENTIAL to true womanhood and the Art of Being a Lady. Find out how with The Oshun Lifestyle Products and Services

  21. Gilberto July 12, 2013

    B**** is so obsessed with Chanel that she is even stealing Chanel’s perfume bottle desings. Speaking of it, it’s ugly and tacky.

    • NAVY HEART July 12, 2013

      “it’s ugly and tacky.” coming form a beyond say stan. oh the irony lmao

      • Rellz July 12, 2013

        And a Navy commenting on ‘ugly and tacky’ sould be illegal.

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