Must See: Rita Ora Strips Off For ‘GQ’

Published: Monday 1st Jul 2013 by Sam

{Image Removed As Requested}

Cop a gander of Rita Ora!

The Roc Nation chart topper blazes the cover of British GQ, cranking up the heat to daring degrees in this skin-baring snap.

22-year-old Ora continues to keep her media visibility on a ‘ten’ as she records her second studio album (which’ll also dub as her US LP debut). Exciting times!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Dayummmmm! July 1, 2013

    Dayuuuuum. S*** as f***!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 1, 2013

      PHOTOSHOPPED as f*ck

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 1, 2013

      s*** rita

    • dsgxcbery July 1, 2013

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    • Ball So Hard July 2, 2013

      Photoshopped to the gawds!

  2. JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 1, 2013

    But Rita… You are still NOT going to happen.

    Rihanna’s “Pon De Replay” generated much bigger consumer interest and has outsold every record you have released thus far.


  3. Love Life July 1, 2013

    I thought it was Beyonce

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 1, 2013

      It’s alright… Lot of people can’t read

      • Mark111 July 1, 2013

        H2O!!!!! That comment punched me in the gut. lol

    • tatjana July 1, 2013

      I thought it was merylin monroe

  4. . : : h 2 o : : . July 1, 2013

    The impression Sybil gave me on the other thread led me to think we were gonna get a Playboy mag cover or something SMH

    I’d say cute but she gotta do something with her eyebrows..

  5. #Hive July 1, 2013

    Yaaas gurl you better F*** your way to the top.

  6. Cici slaaaaaays July 1, 2013

    The best shes ever looked.

  7. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 1, 2013

    PHOTOSHOP, MAKE-UP, AND LIGHTS CAN DO ANYTHING!! Payola has been good to this girl but revenue/sales has not. Rita you can, cut, copy and paste a new body and face on a magazine with your name under it but you will still be a flop. I’d by a Rasheeda album before ANYTHING Rita, and THAT’S the lowest of the low….

  8. Cici slaaaaaays July 1, 2013

    But seriously what has this girl done to earn this cover?

    • @MRSORACARTER July 1, 2013

      3/4 of her singles all sold 100K first week and went to #1 in the UK.

      Her solo single hit iTunes 1 in 55 minutes.

      Her album debuted at #1 in the UK and is PLATINUM-CERTIFIED in the UK.

      She’s sold 1.3 million units plus in the UK.

      And mind you, this is a UK magazine. All of those stats are well-deserving of the success she’s had in the UK.

      • HONEY BEE July 1, 2013


      • Ball So Hard July 2, 2013

        Liaar! Stawp making up fake stats !

  9. @MRSORACARTER July 1, 2013

    Slay. Slay. Slay. This is beautiful Rita.

    Some of y’all act like y’all faves popped off mainstream-wise in their debut year. If y’all gonna use Rihanna’s name in this, don’t forget how people weren’t REALLY checking for her until Umbrella and after.

    • ^AKA^ July 1, 2013

      Hm I don’t think so. Pon De replay was bigger hit than any Rita’s song, she had SOS/Unfaithful after it too and they were successful worldwide, not just in the UK like Rita’s. Plus Rihanna did it with less promo/label support. Umbrella made her a huge superstar, that’s true.

      • @MRSORACARTER July 1, 2013

        Ah, I agree with you actually… I just hate when people mention Rihanna on ALL of Rita’s s***. Rihanna doesn’t care about what Rita’s doing, why should her stans?

      • tina July 1, 2013

        yes umbrella, made her fameous because she sang it with J zay, it got famous because of J zay and not on her own
        dear, but rita sings better and is million times prettier than rihanna,

      • ^AKA^ July 1, 2013

        Oh shut up please. If Umbrella made Rihanna famous, Rita will never be known. Pon De replay has sold 2 million in the USA alone, more than 1.3 million units that Rita did in the UK. Lets not act like SOS/Unfaithful didn’t happen and they were global hits, not local. Umbrella made Rihanna a superstar. And when it comes to beauty and singing, it depends on your personal taste. Rita looks basic to me and she’s an average singer.

  10. JJFan1814 July 1, 2013

    Harpo, who dis gurl be?

  11. Ke$has Crazy Kid July 1, 2013

    Looks like Gwen stefani… You can tell its Photoshopped lol

    • Rosie July 1, 2013

      And all of the photoshop in the world won’t help Ke$hit look good.

  12. Queen Barb July 1, 2013

    Sucking D*** to get on magazine covera I see.

    • Queen Barb July 1, 2013


  13. Lovebird July 1, 2013

    Wow, very hot, love it Rita Offals.

    RihMarijuana wishes she looked as hot as Rita Offals on that cover, damn gurl….#i’m out

    • Fresh navi July 1, 2013

      Rihanna Blocked a b**** a days after there are still signs of a meltdown

      poor you boo

      no one takes your opinion for anything HATEBIRD

      and if you liek rita to shade rihanna your even dumber than i thought

      #WhenWillRita be a star and i will wait…

      no amount of payola to creatwe the impression that this btich is a star will work for whora belee dat

      cici killed BET but we know for damn str8 on the B200 she will be killing the top 20 debut if i cici ciara shift more than 50 k i’d be baffled

      s*** id oust myself from the NAVI

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 1, 2013

      You’re more delusional than when you stood for Rihanna! #MentalBreakdown

  14. Suicide Blonde July 1, 2013

    First pic of her that i like, mostly because she looks like a mix between Gwen Stefani and a young Madonna.

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 1, 2013

      or simply the original one: marilyn monroe.

      • Suicide Blonde July 1, 2013

        The original one was Jean Harlow 🙂

  15. tina July 1, 2013

    elle est très très belle.

    she is a merlilyn monroe, like no other

  16. Rosie July 1, 2013

    It’s a cute cover.

    • Lovebird July 1, 2013

      And she didn’t need plastic surgery nor Dr 90210 to look that hot, just saying….#i’m out

  17. tina July 1, 2013

    she could only be compared to merilyn monroe and not to the others

  18. Twerk 4 Miley July 1, 2013

    She looks AMAZING

  19. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 1, 2013

    guys guys guys, don’t lie to yourselves, She looks Hot in here , i’m sorry.

    I Love it , she’s coming to her style i see.

    U go Rita.

    @sam :

    that was fast, buddy.

    Love you.


    • Suicide Blonde July 1, 2013

      Her style, i hope that was a shade.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 1, 2013

        No it Was Not, Actually it is so hard to find your Own style in this industry without being labelled ” a copycat” , of course madonna had that Back in the day. 😉

  20. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    * sighs* I have just seen the new UK GQ COVER WITH RITA WHORA! Rob was right, she is a h**. SHE IS TOPLESS ON THE COVER AND IN THE MAGAZINE……….
    This is sad. She was touted as this super talented better version of rihanna, now she is sitting in with her legs wide OPEN WITH NO Panties on. Rih never had to do this for attention. She sold without s** appeal. Also why is RITA copying rih’s s*** GQ pictures?

  21. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    Beyonce needs to stop being so naive and watch herself. BEYONCE IS MUCH OLDER THAN TYHIS DESERT thirsty h**. If u see the inside if the mag, u will see she is naked with her legs open – buss wide open like plies. YOu can see the boobs and the v*****. And we all know she is proven h**, who sleeps around. she will do for jayz what bey cannpt do in the bedroom. WATch HER GET dropped and do a ” kiss and tell ” and say she was having an affair with jay. I can see her planning how to hurt beyonce.

    Look what happened to naomi campbell, the girl from her team naomi, the chinese model, RAN OFF WITH HER MAN. RITA WILL RUN OFF WITH JAY AND LEAVE BEY LOOKING STUPID.

    WHAT A FOOL ! DONT BRING DESERT thirsty h*** around your MAN

  22. Lovebird July 1, 2013

    Honey, Beyonce is the definition of basic has-been struggle this era. From scalping her own tickets to releasing commercial jingles and snippets to giving tired and recycled performances…I cannot.

    It has all be struggle for Beyonce this whole era.

    • LaLa July 1, 2013

      Not with Ciara in your f****** avi!

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        But I didn’t lie honey.

      • LaLa July 1, 2013

        Yes you did, since Beyoncé is the most relevant b**** from her generation. Selling out a tour that’s getting bigger and bigger with demand and excellent reviews (despite your opinion of her performances) so yes, technically you did.

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        I didn’t though, she is giving tired ass recycled performances regardless of what the reviews say. You see the Beyonce Experience DVD, you’ve pretty much seen 100% of the Mrs Camel tour.

      • Lala July 1, 2013

        In your opinion. Critics say otherwise (Id rather listen to them)

    • BEYKING July 1, 2013

      Even with struggling era Beyonce can make Forbes Top 100 list. Did Ciara manage to do it with Goodies/The Evolution, her most successful albums? Hm?

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        Honey, she made the list because of endorsements, that’s where the money comes from. She is still struggling everywhere else especially with her music.

        Why release commercial jingles??? Is she still looking for “inspiration”?

      • Lou July 1, 2013

        Struggling? B**** her tour is slaying with no new music you will deal.

  23. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    A year ago, she was touted as this amazing singer songwriter, who was gonna end Rihanna. She could sing better, had better album and better sings – which they claim she wrote.

    Fast forward to 2013…….

    sHE IS singing rih rejected songs

    She flops in the USA

    She copies rih tweets and instagram pictures – even on the same day, even within hours

    She is outed as a w**** u cheated on ROB with over 20 industry dudes

    Then I see her coming out of david beckham BBF house

    A week later, She is kissing on some dude in vegas – not david beckham’s BFF

    Then, she is kissing up on calvin haris

    Then. topless on GQ, with her legs spread wide open with no panties and bra. Check the full phostohoot. 100% NUDE

    And u have the nerve to compare this p*** star w**** to rihanna? A stadium selling SUPERSTAR?

    I am calling it now – She will ” leak ” that she had an affair with jay z and leak a s** tape. She is going out the Kim k WAY.

  24. rih rox July 1, 2013

    Yuck saggy grandma tits that hang down to her waist.

  25. HONEY BEE July 1, 2013

    what have she done to be on GQ, this force feed with this girl from jay Z is beyond me. Shoving her down one’s throat is just turning people off.

    • Ccfan007 July 1, 2013

      Yet Beyonce h** ass is force feed to us aswell Beyonce is the most over exposed artist out there.. So stfu

      • tatjana July 1, 2013

        beyonce is 33 or 35 years old, rita is only 22. can you make the difference

  26. Ccfan007 July 1, 2013


    • ^AKA^ July 1, 2013

      If you talk about beauty, big No
      If you talk about success, even bigger NO
      If you talk about impact, go kill yourself (I’ll pass you a gun)

      • Mya July 1, 2013

        Put it in reverse order and you’ll be on the money.

      • Mya July 1, 2013


    • Jas July 2, 2013

      B**** Bye! I think you meant :
      Beyonce>Rihanna>Rita>Ciara. And that goes for looks, success, and impact. If it was based on talent alone:
      Beyonce>Ciara>Rita>Rihanna. So lets keep that s*** real.

  27. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    This proves that rihanna has talent. Rih did not have to strop off and sleep around in 2005. She relied on her talent and natural good looks to BUILD A REAL CAREER and fan base. That same fan base and talent turned her into a star. ONly untalented people have to go this far for attention.

    Rita Whora knows she will be getting dropped, so she is using s** for one last chance. STILL GONNA FLOP. Miley Cyrus is now the new white rihanna and she is slaying the charts in ways, Rita w**** can only dream of.


    • Rosie July 1, 2013

      LMFAO at this entire post. Rita’s legs aren’t even visible on the cover, sit the f*** down. Rihfund didn’t even have a career until she stripped down almost naked for hits in 2007 as soon as she turned 18. No one sees her as talented, just a piece of ass.
      Same thing for Miley, her ass had to white girl twerk and attention w**** all over Instagram for a local ass hit.

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

        aYOU SIT DOWN F****** FOOL. I am taking about the pictures inside. Rih had bigger hits in 2005 and than any of the white b****** u stan for.

        I though we agreed no to talk to one another? Still on my nuts like a stalker.

        pon de replay

        Loving that u want


        Unfaithful and



        disagree that rih was not selling . she was selling BIGGER AND BETTER THAN THIS W**** PORNSTAR WITH HER LEGS OPEN IN GQ

      • Rosie July 1, 2013

        If that’s p*** then what the f*** is Herprih’s Complex spread? You’re the delusional b**** who decided not to speak again, who thinks that every b**** who hates Rih personally knew her back in her Barbados goat farm. And all of those songs after IILTYW came out after 2005. You lost.

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

        You are a stalker white b****. I told u a month ago, I do not wanna talk to u, so stop commenting on my posts

        All those songs came out a year after PN de replay. Rita W**** has been out a year…who does she have to show?

        Complex? When was rih nude in complex in 2005 – 6? Rita has been out a year and she is already bussing it wide open with her boobs showing. RIH DID NOT NEED TO DO THAT 2005 / 6 – THAT IS MY F****** POINT;/

        Also, u can racially diss barbados. Rih is richer than your wrinkled what ass and I AM AMERICAN AND MY COUNTRY IS A SUPER B****.

        EITHER way I WIN.

        PON – may 2005 smash

        Loving that u want – Summer 2005 – hit

        SOS feb 2006 smash

        Unfaithful – May 2006 SMASH

        WE ride aug 2006 – decent, but charted globally

        All this is better than rita whora’s first 12 months in the game. iN FACT, rita is known more as being a w****, than a singer, at least in the USA.

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

        Why do u keep talking with me? That is what I am trying to understand. Like, if rih does not wanna talk to a fan, that fan would be dumb to still keep pressing her all day, everyday, in the way you do to me.

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

        Dont respond on my posts and I will not respond to yours, then we keep it moving!

        That is not hard, is it?

  28. Bey Is Grown July 1, 2013

    ‘Music’s most connected artist’ and that is so true,i like this girl.

  29. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    From Jay z to Cara D…..MORE NAME DROPPING. She cannot sell on her own name. she needs to name drop and I am sure Rih will be mentioned in this GQ spread. And she wonders why has not popped off in the USA?

  30. Mya July 1, 2013

    She looks pretty but her facial expression looks forced.

  31. tatjana July 1, 2013

    la plus belle. lots of love from Paris

  32. Ccfan007 July 1, 2013

    Rita shits on Rihanna & Beyonce tbh

  33. Lovebird July 1, 2013

    The three most OVERRATED, OVEREXPOSED b****** in the industry; BeyIlliterateYonce, Rita Offals and RihMarijuana.

    Clear example of PAYING your way to the top buy BUYING awards and magazine covers. Who ever said money cannot BUY you success. These whores do not deserve to be where they’ve gotten, they’ve pretty much CHEATED all the way.

    • Lovebird July 1, 2013


    • #DirtyLaundry July 1, 2013

      Awwwww f** your jealous you wish Ciara was on beys level haha

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        Honey, I think that’s your fav.

        **Plays Dirty laundry**

  34. tatjana July 1, 2013

    we have waited for a long time the hottest merilyn montro. here she is. the only one who could replace merylin since her death, is RITA

  35. Solange Knowles July 1, 2013

    These messy cerror stans need to stfu like forreals

  36. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013


  37. #DirtyLaundry July 1, 2013

    Ciara fans are so annoyin

    Rita looks great Ciara could never

    • Lovebird July 1, 2013

      Neither could your horse fav.

      • #DirtyLaundry July 1, 2013

        Is that why Kelly album cover slays Ciaraas

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        Kelly’s album doesn’t slay anybody, especially after she decided to put a horse on it.

      • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM July 2, 2013

        I’d rather her put a horse on it than a damn man in womens clothing *cough cough* Ciara.

  38. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    Rita Whora will never make it in the USA. You cannot use s** to sell in our country, without a solid career. In America, we already know off her being industry p****, a h** and jump off. Plus, we seen her practically naked, bussin it white open for GQ UK.


    • Rosie July 1, 2013

      B**** didn’t you just say like a couple of weeks ago that you were from the UK when you were trying to brag about R******’s UK concert/her River Island clothes?

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

        No, I said I was going to the UK for a vacation. STOP replying to me. Lord have mercy. I cannot imagine what Rih has to deal with. You are a stalker. I done told u – I DO NOT WANNA TALK TO U ANYMORE.

        Now you wanna know where i live? Get the f*** outta here, with that stalker s***. This is about Rita w****, not where I live.


        just leave me alone. I have nothing to say to you. Talk to the other bloggers.

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

        I am gonna ask you in a nice, polite manner. Please stop talking me, in any way, shape or fashion.

        Thank you!

  39. #DirtyLaundry July 1, 2013


  40. FAF July 1, 2013


  41. Navy Sailor July 1, 2013

    The best shes EVER looked. But whose d*** did she suck for the cover?

    • BEYHIVE July 1, 2013

      u the last to talk look at ur fav showing her ass on twitter

    • BEYHIVE July 1, 2013

      i think she look nice 😀

  42. Lovebird July 1, 2013

    The one Kelly FLOPLAND stan needs to explain to me why Ciara is #31 on iTunes and FLOP A GOOD GAME is #34.

    Can I also add that Ciara is not out yet, it has passed FLOP A GOOD GAME on pre-orders, please explain.

    GTFO, you stan for a glorified Beyonce back up dancer….#i’m out

  43. FAF July 1, 2013

    Where is a ciara fan shading Rita? I see rihanna fans but since y’all so pressed t must hurt for someone without a it in 4 yrs come back and s*** on both y’all faves tours and solange ain’t NEVER happened…

  44. Rosie July 1, 2013

    Can the Cedric bandwagoner explain why Body Party only went triple plastic after all that Urban radio payola?

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        Honey, your fav needs a lawsuit for those disgusting non existent vocals.

      • Rosie July 1, 2013

        Lame drag. Since you refuse to post anything from Paradise Tour (where she sounds exactly or very close to the studio version) I’m done replying to you today. Call me when Cedric can even dream about hitting the high notes in Cola.

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        Honey, even Ciara’s worst notes are 10x better than Lana’s best notes. Lana cannot sing, she has no talent, she cannot even write a decent song.

        Her face is full of plastic and botox, there’s nothing real about that Lana chick.

  45. Bow Down B****** July 1, 2013

    Though that was R**** for a second…NEXT!

  46. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    I have just come from Rih’s instagram…..She is back in paris and she looks amazing from head to toe. Her body is sick and her skin is glowing, she may smoke and drink, but so did naomi campbell and she is slaying. Must be an island ting, Grace jones looks young too.

    That is the diff between Rita’s GQ cover and Rih’s. Rih actually is hot and s*** in real life and rita is old fat, flabby short pork.

  47. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 1, 2013

    Lovebird isn’t a real Cici fan tbh!!
    No wonder rihanna blocked your psychotic self I don’t blame him.
    Ciara wouldn’t like you because ciara isn’t like you she’s not hateful,bitter or arrogant just like you.

    You just want other stan bases to bash her you’re really insecure. Grow up dude ugh

  48. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 1, 2013

    Lovebird isn’t a real Cici fan tbh!!
    No wonder rihanna blocked your psychotic self I don’t blame her.
    Ciara wouldn’t like you because ciara isn’t like you she’s not hateful,bitter and arrogant like you. she’s beautiful and talented and with a very beautiful personality and you at the other hand you’re just…

    You just want other stan bases to bash her you’re really insecure. Grow up dude ugh

    • Rosie July 1, 2013

      LMAO. Bigbird keeps dragging herself. Not even her own fave claims her.

    • Lovebird July 1, 2013

      If I’m not a real Cici fan then why did I and still buying her music?? You sound stupid. Fake Cici fans wouldn’t buy her music but I am. Keep it moving…#i’m out

      • Fresh Navi July 1, 2013

        AMEN. Hate Bird is bitter af..

        and the Im Out thing it does is over before it started.

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        @Fresh Navi

        You’ve been following me from post to post, why are you so mad?? #I’m out

  49. The Truth Will Set You Free July 1, 2013

    Strange…she looks kinda like Beyonce at first glance…
    Or maybe I got BeyHive fever lol

    • Tallb July 1, 2013

      i was thinking the same

  50. Team Tasia July 1, 2013

    She looks great!

  51. Love3 July 1, 2013

    She looks beautiful. I love the color of that lipstick or lip gloss. Hoever eith all that being said…….. Shes topless on a magazine cover already????? shes not even a household name yet! If it was Rihanna all the excuses TGJ pull.

  52. Mark111 July 1, 2013

    She looks like Beyonce, not only in this, but in a lot of things. I think she’ll find her way, what happen to her being a song writer? I heard that when she first came out. I still think she should do pop rock influenced songs.

  53. Nemo July 4, 2013

    Lmfao at some of the comments. Who gives a f. if she sold 1 album or 1 million? Who cares she’s a singer, a politician or a ninja? This is not about world peace, it’s about watching a hot girl in a very s*** photoshoot. Stop troubling yourselves with irrelevant issues, you f******.

  54. Bryce Wynder July 24, 2013

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