Tamar Braxton Announces ‘Love & War’ Album Release Date

Published: Monday 1st Jul 2013 by David

It’s been a long time coming, but last night welcomed news of Tamar Braxton’s album release date!

So….when it’s dropping?

Find out below!

Speaking to Cleveland’s Z107.9, the entertainer revealed that ‘Love And War’ will impact the world on September 3rd 2013, via Epic Records and the Lady GaGa backed ‘Streamline‘.

She explained:

‘I’m so excited about it. This is the album that I always wanted to make. It best describes Tamar as a person.”

Spawning the album’s title track ‘Love and War’ and boasting cuts penned by the ever in demand TC, the album is set for release two weeks before her Hip Hop contemporary Drake drops his ‘Nothing Was The Same’ LP on September 17th, and 13 years after the release of her debut album, ‘Tamar‘.

Bring on September 3rd!!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lovebird July 1, 2013

    I wasn’t here for her last time but I love “The one”. Looking forward to hearing what she cooks up.

    • Gregg July 1, 2013

      WIth all that plastic surgery this chick looks like one of the muppets on sesame street now.

      • Lovebird July 1, 2013

        Weak shade, try again. Plus plastic surgery does not take away from her talent.

    • dsgxcbery July 1, 2013

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  2. COOKIE QUEEN July 1, 2013

    chhhile w/o a hit single that album aint goin no place!

  3. b**** I’m real July 1, 2013

    Who cares??? Obviously the album is going to flop.

  4. MISS REAL July 1, 2013

    Good for you Tamar. And don’t worry about the sales. It will still sell more than Ciara, even without a big hit.

  5. THETRUTH July 1, 2013


    • brenda jenkins July 1, 2013

      or itunes could just lower their fcking prices…..1.29 per song is b******* and u know it!

    • notadummy July 1, 2013

      RnB music is TRASH! That’s y they will never ever see my coins!

      • SBC19 July 1, 2013

        Go get fagbashed, you filthy q_eer.

  6. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 1, 2013

    Aint no body got time for a Toni wannabe.
    Toni >> Tamar
    She’s too ghetto for my liking, I didn’t even listen to her last single. YAWN

    • toohotfortv July 1, 2013

      How can you even comment if you “didn’t even listen to her last single”. That is the most categorically and aggressively ignorant thing you could have said. The worst part about it is, you actually think you’re being witty.

      • Yea July 2, 2013

        @TOOHOTFORTV, I agree. It just proves that most people who visit this blog are just miserable people who seek attention. They want to live the lives of the celebs they hate so they bash them for no reason at all. If you didn’t listen to the first single then why are you even commenting on the album at all?! It’s a shame, the devil is a liar!

  7. DanYiel Teflon July 1, 2013

    I hate to sound Haterish but her Vocals are never more then Toni Braxton’s & I Gave Love & War a B- especially after her saying she’s a upgraded Mariah Carey!!! HELLZ NAH MARIAH’S VOCALS SOAR OVER ALL THESE LIL POP WANNA BE DIVAS & Also her personality makes me not wanna go in on her album!! Then have the nerve to downplay Beyonce’s Love On Top Child Girl Ya ALBUM WILL FLOP ~ GOOD DAY!!

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (JLO? WHO IS THAT?) July 1, 2013

      YES!! About the Mariah part….

    • toohotfortv July 1, 2013

      I’m not really sure how one could deny Tamar’s vocal prowess. .. Well, especially not after watching the BET awards last night. I mean, c’mon… the last time Tamar hit the stage at an award show, she showed out.

  8. FAF July 1, 2013

    Hey y’all glad To see Ciara alive and well so much today .. After love and war hit #1 on itunes Why didn’t Tamar perform the one ???? Kiiiii u haters mad as f***… Kill yourselves! That single for a never been ain’t going NOWHERE.. K Michelle will outsell her going up against DRAKE

  9. Ugh July 1, 2013

    Don’t see it for her at ALL.

  10. Lovebird July 1, 2013

    My RnB itunes folder will be popping, copping music from artists with REAL TALENT.

    Going to be buying K.Michelle, Tamar Braxton (if her music is good), Mariah Carey, Chris Brown and of course CIARA.

    I love seeing my name on a purchase of music, it makes me feel superior to the fake stans and bootleggers. The stans who stan for sales but don’t actually go into the store or log on to itunes or Amazon to purchase the music. The fake stans who throw stats around but do not actually go out of their way to contribute to the stats, those fake stans. The Navy and Hive are full of them, oh and whatever Lana Del Drunk calls her stans.

    • Hush July 1, 2013

      Blah-blah-blah b****, shut up.


      All they do is bootleg their artists music then throw stats around like a merry-go-round. THEY ARE FAKE.

      The Gravy and the Wasp Hive (Wasps are more dangerous than bees….they are so mean)

  11. Maestro J* July 1, 2013

    You know its a shame. Y’all talking about her album flopping before even giving the damn girl a chance SMH. This is the problem with the music industry. An artist could sell an album with a hit single because people were actually interested in hearing a collective body of work. Whereas now a days most only check for the singles. How can u say you’re a WHOEVER fan and all u do is listen or buy singles… thats whack and tacky but its because of this Rihanna still has a career. Love&War may have not been a Billboard #1 but it was definitely a smash. I WILL BE BUYING THIS ALBUM because UNLIKE most of the music you chumps LIVE FOR their albums don’t usually amount to anything … give me a solid collective of music and youve got me sold

    • Lovebird July 1, 2013

      Honey, don’t mind these fools, most of the people who are saying it’ll flop don’t even buy albums anyway. I’ll be buying if the music is good.

  12. Maestro J* July 1, 2013

    OH and who are u delusional people who still think Mariah Carey is SLAYING anything beside a BAD LYPSYNC performance… GTFOH. Mariah aint slayed nothing but a big mack and the capacity of which a mini skirt should be stretched

    • Lovebird July 1, 2013

      Don’t come for Mariah, she is one of the few RnB artists who’ve had a top 20 hit. Like it or not, Mariah is slaying and you’ll deal.

      • Go Tay-Tay July 2, 2013

        I bought Tamar first album back in 1999 and I’m definitely gonna get this one.

  13. Team Tasia July 1, 2013

    This album will be good! I need to hear “Take Me Higher” . Anything TC touches is uh-may-zing!

  14. Ahaha July 2, 2013

    Tamar as a person? what? lol

  15. Gigi King August 28, 2013

    Love the first single: “Love and War” OMG, I think I love Tamar, look forward to September 3rd release date!

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