Adrienne Bailon On Britney Spears: ‘She Can’t Hold A Conversation’

Published: Wednesday 7th Aug 2013 by David

After graduating from Urban Pop trio 3LW in 2007, Adrienne Bailon has risen to become one of television’s more popular staples, billed as an inspirational Latin American role model for her work in the positive series, ‘Empire Girls.’

Now, as a staple on hit show ‘The Real’, the ever upbeat beauty has taken aim at Britney Spears, with whom she worked with on Season 2 of FOX’s ‘X Factor USA‘.

Her estimation of Spears below…


While everyone’s entitled to their opinion, this stands as one example in which one’s opinion really should have been kept to one’s self.

For, as accurate as Bailon’s statement may have been, she did come across as a little insensitive, perhaps ignorant to how difficult the last few years have been for Spears, and the strides she’s made in the last two.

Basically, it’s clear that Spears suffers from anxiety related issues, rendering Bailon’s remarks blind at best, and misguided at worst.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly August 7, 2013

    And B**** you can’t hold a career.. 3LW to Cheetah Girls to Talk show host on a show no one watches gtfoh

    • Toto August 7, 2013

      She’s telling the truth. That’s why her management wants her interviews pre-taped, not live and all questions submitted to them ahead of time.

      You can try Till the World Ends, but you won’t be getting a live, unedited interview with Britney Spears—even if you’ve known her for approximately half her life.

      Carson Daly, who first met the now-29-year-old Spears nearly a decade and a half ago during their mutual pre-TRL days, ripped into her management team on his personal Twitter after being asked to pre-tape an interview with her (standard practice right now for the star, who has primarily been conducting interviews via email), and then submit it for approval and editing before air.

      In a series of frustrated tweets he wrote:

      “I was jst TOLD my @britneyspears interview tomm on @ampradio MUST b pre-recorded & submitted 4 approval by HER mgmt b4 it can air! F THAT!”

      Never that restricted. Even when I interviewed Michael Jackson, it wasn’t anything like this…it’s really insane.

      And to a fellow tweeter who called him an “unprofessional a–hole,” he replied:


      jst shocked her mgmt won’t let her do a normal interview. She probly doesn’t even know.

      I’ve known and supported her since she was 15. This has nothing to do w her. Just her ppl.

      To another responder he explained:

      hey ant, pre-recording it was NO prob- her mgmnt taking and editing the tapes overnight was the issue. Be well:)

      What do you think, Music Mixers—is Daly right to be outraged by the terms of Spears’ camp? What grievous harm would befall the world if Britney were allowed to speak live on the air, unedited and uncoached? Or would the harm be to her own reputation?

      • Diamond Princess August 7, 2013

        You know who needs there interviews pre-taped? Beyonce. And all mainstream celebs have their interviews screened, so you can’t ask them questions they don’t wanna answer.

    • RoyalNavi August 7, 2013

      My respect for TGJ just rose right now, you hit the nail right on the head. Making fun of someone with anxiety isn’t funny at all.

    • Divin’ August 7, 2013

      What the f*** does that have to do with anything ? The fact that she’s not on Britney’s level of success means that she’s less of an human being and that whatever she will say will never make sense or will never be the truth ? So we are all basic, stupid and not worthy to make a (true) statement ?
      Smh, you guys should think before you post.

    • Diamond Princess August 7, 2013

      “And you can’t hold a career” lol! You got that right! This chick acts all high and mighty and why I don’t know, she isn’t a household name. When her name is mentioned all you hear are crickets. I use to feel sorry for her but now I see she really is the winch that people say she is, you should never kick someone when they’re down.

  2. Kyle August 7, 2013

    Maybe she just didn’t like you

    • tits mcgee August 7, 2013

      That’s entirely possible. Adrienne seems like a total b****.

  3. miley cyrus STAN August 7, 2013


    • Fierce & all August 7, 2013

      Girl Britney is insecure and a cracked out mess….

  4. Shaytan August 7, 2013

    Its not that Britney couldn’t hold a conversation it that she didnt want to hold one with you!

  5. TheTRUTH August 7, 2013

    Was It Adrienne’s Place To Say This About A Legend? NO.

    But Was She Telling The Truth? YES.

    • Gopit August 7, 2013

      Not about your status, though. A human being is a human being.

      • stephy the lambily August 7, 2013

        LEGEND?!?!? Britney Spears is not a Legend.

      • FAF August 7, 2013

        What does being a legend have to do w/ it? DEADDD y’all the same ones who said Nicki couldn’t drag Mariah to hell in an argument bc she had no #1 single…

    • Fierce & all August 7, 2013

      Ain’t nothing legendary about her. She’s just a pop singer that had her success. Singing with auto tune and being a Janet and Madonna replica is not legendary. She’s somewhat iconic for her songs tho. That’s not saying much as any artist marketed right can be in her shoes such as Rihanna.

  6. Gopit August 7, 2013

    Oh shut up, she’s not taking shots! Britney looks dead inside and this isn’t the first time it’s been said.

    • the best dancer August 7, 2013

      I think she might be telling the truth.

      Beyonce has some “anxiety” issues too… It is painful to watch her being interviewed too

      • Gopit August 8, 2013

        I don’t think Beyonce has anxiety, I think she’s just super private and very well trained for interviews,

  7. @MRSORACARTER August 7, 2013

    The tea has officially been spilt….

    *Takes last sip from my martini(

    *Lays in a casket and closes the lid*

  8. Super Cisus August 7, 2013

    And b**** who are u?!!! Your last hit was Playas Gonna Play ugly d***

    • Gopit August 7, 2013

      I like Ciara but it’s like you WANT people to start calling her a t***** lol

      • Super Cisus August 7, 2013

        Ci slays this basic b**** and you!!!

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 7, 2013

        (whispers) 57k chile

      • jAMILAA August 7, 2013


  9. Daniel Teflon August 7, 2013

    & who is Adrienne Bailon? oh I see that girl who got in a fight with the MAIN SINGER OF 3LW? OH OK I SEE I guess that’s how she will get her name out there but I Mean & Britney’s perfume sales are more then Adrienne whole career? DISMISSED!!

    • Fierce & all August 7, 2013

      Adrienne was always the main singer of 3LW. The dark skin chick naturi was second, I have their 1st album. Lbs….

  10. shauwndapooh August 7, 2013

    britney spears is a worldwide celebrity and icon this girl is on a flopass the viewwannabe show

  11. Kim Kardashian stan August 7, 2013

    This b**** is a f****** non factor i dont like this w**** at all she used Rob Kardashian for popularity shes beyond desperate for attention her peak was childish ass cheetah girls she’ll never have a real music career like Queen Britney.

  12. tits mcgee August 7, 2013

    Adrienne is really only successful at being a star f*****. She is an industry jump-off. Adrian where is the album you f***** Neyo to make?

  13. stephy the lambily August 7, 2013

    This is my f****** show. Gosh the chemistry of them is fire. They come on right after Miss Wendy Williams. FOX you better pick them up!!!! About that Britney Spears thingy… Britney cant hold a convo because she dont like you b****. Britney held a great convo with Ryan Secrest the other week sooo…

  14. 2bad2bme August 7, 2013

    she talks too much… it’s like she tries to say the most crazy things to get attention. it’s like “hey look at me i have something to say”!

  15. JJFan1814 August 7, 2013

    People’s been saying this for years. Nothing’s new. “Robotney” “Medney” “Druggedney”

    Yep. She’s controlled.

    • miley cyrus STAN August 7, 2013


      • JJFan1814 August 7, 2013

        In what world hun? You stan for Miley Cyrus, I won’t even start with you… :-\

  16. Bow Down August 7, 2013

    But she isnt lying people give Britney to much credit for no reason she has absolutely no talent she makes Rihanna look talented compared to her… anyways did yall not see deadney on x factor falling asleep during live shows and always f****** up peoples names

    • Toto August 7, 2013

      But beywhalece can’t even sing all that manly voiced b**** does is yell tbh she makes beyuglyce look talented its the truth

    • . : : h 2 o : : . August 7, 2013

      Rihanna is FAR more talented than Knee 🙄

      • glum August 8, 2013

        At what? Acting? Singing? Dancing? Giving Head? (Maybe lol)

    • Rihking August 7, 2013

      I kinda see it I mean I love Brits music but she does seem kind of awkward at times.

      • Rihking August 7, 2013

        Lololololol And rih is MUCH more talented.

    • Fierce & all August 7, 2013

      I agree. They give Britney way too much credit. She’s basic. Always has been. Her studio engineers are the real music geniuses tho.

    • Yeah I Said It August 7, 2013

      They stan for statistics that’s all it is. If Britney didn’t have them big sales back in the day when white tweens demanded their parents buy her bubblegum pop, she wouldn’t be s***. She would have 0 credentials.

  17. . : : h 2 o : : . August 7, 2013


  18. Sass August 7, 2013

    Oop… But I doubt Britney cares.

  19. Rihking August 7, 2013

    But it was bitchy to through her under the bus like that.she made her look awkward as hell

  20. JJFan1814 August 7, 2013

    The nerve for TGJ to say Adrienne was being mean….TGJ has said worse things about Rihanna and others they hate on regularly.

    Hypocrisy, bigots, etc.

    • BeachHouseBritney August 7, 2013

      Shut up. They drag Rihanna’s voice not mental state.

      • London tipton August 7, 2013

        Rih can sing MUCH. Better than honky spears who can’t even sing

    • HerNameIsSasha August 7, 2013

      You sound stupid as all f*** sister. When have they ever made of fun of her drug addicted ass? If a b**** has mental problems why should we sit back and laugh when someone drags her for it.
      At the end of the day, Britney is known to be a nice girl so Adrienne was out of line for what she said.

  21. Cici Slaaaays August 7, 2013

    Welll i see no lies tbh

  22. Miss M August 7, 2013

    She kind of looks like Kim Kardashian in that picture

  23. FAF August 7, 2013

    She’s not dragging… she’s saying how Brit’s dad had a conservatorship and even now she looks sad if u look at pics of her from pre-2007 breakdown she had a light in her eyes thats not there. Her smile looks forced. I remember her Circus MTV documentary when her dad made her cheese grits like she was a little girl. It was sad how dark her eyes looked 🙁

  24. Lolz August 7, 2013

    I find it so bitchy when people say s*** like this. Some people are more shy and awkward in certain situations. They think too much about what to say and it comes out even worse. But when you know them personally its a different story. So I don’t judge people on that.

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013

      Beyonce Is a living Example that Embodies What you Say, she still Awesome to me regardless.

  25. christinastherealtalent August 7, 2013

    In my Christina voice “Britney, i think youre one dimensional”

  26. truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 7, 2013

    F*** u sam!! Drag that lipsycn b****!! Drag ha!!

  27. channel_ROMAN August 7, 2013

    I mean who saw her billboard award speech? AWEFUL. Idk who’s worst her or Kristen Stewart.

    • Your fave is a FLOP August 7, 2013

      Kristen is quite awkward also, I cant even lie!

  28. soulmusiclover August 7, 2013

    she’s still one of the most influent pop stars in the world and what are you? don’t worry i’ll wait

  29. BeachHouseBritney August 7, 2013

    Thank you Grape Juice for saying that, we all appreciate you for that. Britney has had problems in the past and we’re lucky she’s even brave enough to speak in public. Adrienne would know that and still decided to be mean about her.

  30. Anon August 7, 2013

    I don’t care about how many albums Britney has sold but I do care that this star phucker thinks it’s right to mock someone for having anxiety issues.

    I have acute anxiety and sometimes it can be really hard to function in public or even speak to people without feeling nervous and unless you’ve gone through it the best thing to do is shut your mouth.

    We should be PRAISING Britney for keeping her career going instead of laughing at her.

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013


  31. ShitGotReal August 7, 2013


  32. Navy Nick August 7, 2013

    she didn’t have to say that about Britney. We all know they are coached to say certain things, b/c thats just the business….

  33. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 7, 2013

    Britney is weird…

    Even her live performances

  34. Mark111 August 7, 2013

    She’s an X-men, Ex 3LW memeber/Ex Cheetah Girl member/Rob Kardashian Ex girlfriend. How you gonna be the failure of two groups?

  35. sam August 7, 2013

    Dumb c***. Britney’s p*** is worth more than that b****** existance.

  36. Auntie_Jackie August 7, 2013

    That’s really f****** rude. So you don’t have a career, and now you make yours off of talking s*** about other people?

    Adrienne sucks—even if it was the “truth”. Brit-Brit is a nice person.

  37. BitchPlease August 7, 2013

    Im sick of this dumpling taco faced H** keep Britney name out ya mouth!!! Your not on her level… Sell a record first! Have a mill in the bank b4 u come for the QUEEN!

  38. JER August 7, 2013

    And you can’t hold a candle b****. DOWN.

  39. Vee August 7, 2013

    And just yesterday she tweeted this 😀

    Adrienne Bailon ‏@Adrienne_Bailon 21h
    Such an amazing time last night at Barclays seeing King Bey KILL IT! Like Always… #BeyHive Yup!

  40. eqvilim August 7, 2013

    its crazy to me how LATE yall be with the “news” lately.

  41. Mark111 August 7, 2013

    BUT! I don’t get why these stans are getting mad when she MET Britney and SEEN it for herself. You guys are just BUYERS! You don’t know Brit, I know that’s hard for you all to believe, but you don’t and she’s not that ok. So stop with all the “Who is she, blah blah blah, she can’t sell.” Well b**** she can talk. Britney is a product! No different than this pepsi can next to me, yes it sells, that what it suppose to do. lol

  42. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 7, 2013


    That B**** is Ignorant,Heartless,and a Nobody and The other bunch of Judgmental nobodies around her are not any better for bringing up that “shaving” Pic of her, It is one Thing to talk about celebs, But don’t go Personal, keep it Professional as much as u can.

    Also Don’t Judge Someone who Has/had a Mental disorder,Parkinson’s, Autism, etc… that is a ‘NO’ Because doing so is so “LOW” for words. :s

    Actually Don’t judge at all, That will save your Time and Is not needed at all Most of the times.

  43. Senshi_NyNavy August 7, 2013

    Queen britney will always remain the queen

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