Hot Shots: Chris Brown Poses It Up For ‘Blank Magazine’

Published: Thursday 8th Aug 2013 by Sam

Chris Brown may have teased retirement this week, however the R&B force continues to charge ahead with promotion for his new album ‘X’.

Hot off premiering new single ‘Love More (ft. Nicki Minaj)’, C. Breezy styles and profiles in a dapper shoot for Blank magazine. Lensed by the acclaimed Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold, the edgy shoot was shot in the Hollywood Hills.

Peep more pics of the the 24-year-old getting his pose on below…

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  1. tits mcgee August 8, 2013

    really smoke coming out his mouth on the cover?? #smoking rock

  2. harris boy August 8, 2013

    he would be foine if he didnt have tatts and had muscles instead

  3. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 8, 2013


    But hey, I commend him for at least giving his fans new music, an album will be coming. This begs the question, if trash like Chris Brown can release an album, why can’t Beyonce, even after recording 100,000 songs according to Jay-Z??

    Did Sony/Columbia reject all 100,000 songs? I mean if the best you can do after recording 100,000 songs is Grown Woman than I would hate to hear the rest of the 99,999 songs.

    She said in her Diva song that she’s the one they call the queen, let her prove her worth by releasing that inevitable FLOP. Why is she scared?

    • Britney stan August 8, 2013

      You seriously have a sick obsession with Beyonce she stays on your mind.

    • Ke$ha crazy kid August 8, 2013

      Get a life please.

    • Bey Barb August 8, 2013

      Girl get over it… You’ve been saying the same thing over and over how bout get a job lose weight get a boyfriend .

    • #Hive August 8, 2013

      Damn h** this isn’t even about Beyonce you should seek professional help you have deep issues just like Rosie.

      • Ethan August 9, 2013

        But wait you stan for Katy Perry? she hasn’t released a good album yet LOL fail fail fail fail

  4. trish jackson August 8, 2013

    he is done cuz love more sucks ass!!

  5. Britney stan August 8, 2013

    So excited for his RETIREMENT!!

  6. Ke$ha crazy kid August 8, 2013

    Crack head ass n*****

    • The Boy Toy August 9, 2013

      Coming from a Ke$ha stan? That flop b**** looks like she sniffs rock, sips p*** and bathes in dirt.

  7. Ke$ha crazy kid August 8, 2013

    Jason Derulo >>> Beat a b**** down brown

  8. Bey Barb August 8, 2013

    Beyonce runs your life lovebird she’s all you think about smh no life having c***…..

    Chris looks a mess im ready for him to go…

  9. Rosie August 8, 2013

    That pic of him laying on the diving board will be him when he dies from a cocaine overdose.

    • Kim Kardashian stan August 8, 2013

      Omg no thats so hateful

    • #Hive August 8, 2013

      Now you done took it to far you white b**** i pray you & lana burn in hell

    • B****** ARE A MESS August 9, 2013

      Hateful ass crack head b****! SMH….

    • c squad August 9, 2013

      Your so sad… You must be fat white ugly & miserable.

  10. Your fave is a FLOP August 8, 2013

    I he aint retiring. He’s gonna take that one year break and claim he’s better. I see it now.

  11. Kim Kardashian stan August 8, 2013

    Rosie is evil… Smh

  12. #Hive August 8, 2013

    So many hateful people on here smh…. get that money Chris while b****** like Rosie are fat & on welfare hating.

    • Rosie August 8, 2013

      At a Hive member talking about someone being on welfare.
      Me = Getting a full ride at one of the top universities in the country
      You = Illiterate, Lean Cuisine-eating whale in the ghetto waiting for Beyhind’s single while struggling to get your GED.

  13. kingbey August 8, 2013

    I like it .. U all have no life

  14. Rihking August 8, 2013

    Crackhead flop

  15. mrtooincredible August 8, 2013

    chris brown seems so lost. He’s not going to be with us soon …

  16. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 8, 2013

    One of His best Photoshoots Ever!!!

    God the amount of Negativity in this post already. 🙄

    Hope God bless you all.

  17. rita whora will never make it big like Rihanna. August 8, 2013

    WHEN DOES THE push back album come out? Next week.? I will await his downfall…….

  18. ratedxxx(my favs stays on)) August 8, 2013

    so people are praying for other people’s downfall now?
    wow…..there’s a lot of so call singers I cannot stand for s***, but I will never pray for their downfall…

    so now we are wishing death, downfalls, and failures for people ?

  19. ratedxxx(my favs stays on)) August 8, 2013

    first of all if after feb 2009, his record label didnt drop him, trust me, they are not going to drop him anytime soon

    chris music gets played on the radio 24/7

    and even if he stop making music, he still going to be making millions,

    why because he’s a songwriter…..a real songwriter, a real song writer is somebody that writes music for other people…not just for them selves

    that’s where the moneys at..hence why so many fake ass singers always claiming song writing credits..

    dude is still making money of disturbia, and that song came out in 2008

    so I feel sorry for the people who were looking forward to see chris fail since 2009

    • LOOOL August 9, 2013

      The beyonce shade was real LOL

  20. Molly August 9, 2013

    Rosie that comment was very classless.

  21. B****** ARE A MESS August 9, 2013

    @ ROSIE

    I have a few D**** for you to suck b****..

    • Rosie August 9, 2013

      I’ve pretty sure they’ve all been in the mouth of the STD-ridden w**** of your avi though.

  22. B****** ARE A MESS August 9, 2013

    Chris brown is talented…Get the f*** over the rihanna thing..Plenty of white men in entertainment beat down their women( Not saying it’s ok) but they don’t get dragged like Chris Brown did..He will have an album that will be an ultimate comeback. Stop praying and wishing for his downfall smh!

  23. Timago August 9, 2013


  24. I&I(bare badniss) August 9, 2013


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