Drew Scott Opens Up On Dawn Richard Friendship: ‘It’s Broken’

Published: Monday 5th Aug 2013 by David

Since parting ways with Diddy Dirty Money, Dawn Richard has embarked on a difficult but no doubt fruitful Independent journey, birthing many an impressive project.

However, much to the surprise of her loyal supporters, this year saw her part ways with long time collaborator Drew Scott after what some were billing an ugly feud between the pair.

Opting to keep mum on the matter for the longest, Richard may be interested to learn that Scott is now opening up on the demise of their friendship, as is explained below…

Speaking to Kempire Daily, the ‘Places I’ve Ever Been‘ maestro said:

“We had a really good run. We were working together for like two years and I just feel like it came to a point at a time that, I think that it’s unfortunate how we ended up not working.

When you’re in this position you go through a lot of sh*t to get to where you want to be, or where you desire to be, or more where you need to be.

I think that at those times we become vulnerable and at those crucial moments it’s the people that surround you that are either going to make you or they’re going to break you.”

“Unfortunately in this situation it’s broken. I invested time, she invested time. It hurt when we stopped working together but it was one of those things that I think, it needed to happen.

“I wish that it could have went a little bit different than what it did and how it ended up happening, but that’s the nature of this business. You work with people today and tomorrow it’s not always the same. I definitely wish her the best of luck.”

Aiding the star to shape her ‘Goldenheart’ LP, Scott was reportedly invited back to work on her forthcoming ‘Blackheart’ project and- according to reports- crafted a number of pieces for the release. However, following their split, this material will no longer appear on the project.

He confirmed:

“That material won’t be coming out. It’s out of respect for those that devoted their time and put in talent to her project and moving forward with the project. I know that she’s teamed with a new group of producers and writers, so we’ll see how it sounds….. I don’t think we’re in a space where either of us would probably return and work with each other.”


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  1. Mr.C August 5, 2013

    I LOVE me some Dawn Richard, but I think this is a mistake. I was not a fan until I bought/heard Goldenheart, which I understand he did a lot of work on. That’s an awesome and criminally underrated album. Hopefully, they can work it out; they make excellent music together!!

    • Opps August 5, 2013

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  2. Thorne August 5, 2013

    Andrew “Druski” Scott is the only producer on all her releases since Dawn has been solo.
    “Tale of a Telltale Heart” “Armor On” “Whiteout” and “GoldenHeart”, so for you to not be into her
    Before GoldenHeart is “interesting”.
    Maybe you need to go relisten those releases again.


  3. Braveheaxrt August 5, 2013

    Thats really sad to hear. I really enjoyed the concepts of Armor On and Goldenheart and hope they didnt flee once she and Drew ended there “working” relationship. CANT WAIT FOR THAT DANITY KANE ALBUM THOUGH!

  4. Daniel Teflon August 5, 2013

    Danity Kane is going to be my group Once ~Again I already have both of there Platinum Albums and I Pray D~Woods sit her ass @ Home!!…:)

  5. JanetXone August 5, 2013

    Dawn needs a major record deal 2bh. This independent hustle is not for her.

  6. Jonathan Gardner August 5, 2013

    This is devastating.

    Dawn and Drew together reminded me of Aaliyah and Timbo. I have loved every Dawn release from A Tell Tale Heart years ago 🙁

  7. Booboo August 5, 2013

    Drew is a cutie. Yes God!

  8. Gopit August 7, 2013

    Maybe it’s better this way. Maybe instead of a continuation, it’ll sound like a new journey…

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